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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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. now, new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. 3 correction officers attacked after a city claimed fewer attacks. but first new at 11:00, is presidential race has become. a pro trump statue set on fire just a few feet away from a home home. >> promises tonight to rehe build that display even bigger than before. meanwhile the homeowner is angry and wants answers of the. eyewitness news mallory is in the section.
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1:00 this morning and at this late hour tonight fire marshals are still out here on scene continuing their investigation and as you can see propped up against this home a charred political sign. >> we're going to build another one. we are going to build it bigger and better. >> donald trump supporter t shaped 12-foot sign of support for the presidenti went up in flames. >> cowards do not have the right to come over my fence. >> is investigating after it was destroyed. hired a local artist to create the piece which sits in his yard on stat on island. >> you want to throw an egg at it, i get it.
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that's how it works. but to set fire, to pour gasoline on somebody's property, again, i'm just beside myself with that. >> now he says he wants to the to the bottom of what happened in his own front yard. >> never did i think that somebody would set fire to this. i had 2 trump signs that were here by these bushes. they were stolen the night before so this is level of cowardness that we never expected. >> and we are learning tonight that the artist will be back here on tuesday. in the meantime there are no suspects in this case. live on stat en island. developing tonight, 2 violent robberies inside and near central park. first police say a man slashed
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p.m. the thief got away with about $50 cash. the victim had cuts on his face and was treated at the hospital. >> then police say a chief came up and put a man in a choke hold. the suspect took off with $20. the victim was not hurt. an eyewitness news exclusive. 3 guards injured today at liker one slashed the others. tonight in an exclusive interview the head of the correction officer union is demanding for protection for his officers. >> well, the city announced a reduction in the number of attacks on correctional officers. in his first tv interview since becoming the president of the
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the mayor and the commissioner. >> my message to the mayor is treat correction officers the way you treat police officers. >> not mincing his words after this morning's attack on correction officers on rye kerr's island. not before the inmate allegedly officer out cold and punched a female officer repeatedly in the face. >> the commissioner should either do his job or leave. if you can't do the job, if you're not up to the task, then leave. >> in a statement commissioner said the department has already tightened procedures to keep
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as we continuously have done we. >> they are not even using that. they are not even using that because of a lawsuit so they are more afraid of a lawsuit than they are of a correction officer being killed. >> now, we reached out to the mayor's office but have not heard back. all 3 officers were treated and you, stefan. tomorrow night police in queens will update oh community on edge. the update focuses on a young jogger's murder. today the parents spoke publicly for the first time since the 30-year-old was found beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted near their home. her parents made it clear he won't stop their quest for justice until the killer is
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be reckoned with and i guarantee you that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest of eternity as you burn in hell. >> police are now using drones to gather any information that might lead them to a suspect. actor donny -- paid a touching tribute to along the message i have met thousands of amazing new yorkers filming blue buds. his tv show is filmed here in new new york city. some people loved him, some people loved to hate him but one thing for sure, alex rodriguez has been an iconic member of the yankees. sports anchor has more on the
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he was reflective and excited for the future. alex rodriguez now his time with the yankees was coming to an end but it came much sooner than expected. the successful playing career of alex rodriguez will come to an end. >> accepting the end gracefully pressional athlete. >> he is. >> not only hit homeruns but helped the team win and finished the year on a strong note. those are not the cards i was dealt but i'm at peace. >> but rodriguez will be back joining the yankees next season as instruct or to the next generation. >> he has a love for this game as much as any person i have met so i think teaching becomes
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that's been to hell and back and made all the mistakes in the book. >> thanks to performing enhancing drugs. >> i'm going to be hopefully remembered as someone who tripped and fell a lot but somebody that kept getting up. >> once released a-rod will be free to pursue any work he may choose. the pinstripe and his horizon is friday. as for fans, mixed reactions. people mentioned the pros and the cons of his team with the -- time with the team. >> when it's time to go it's time to go. >> he caused more conflict. >> he was monumental and he won
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up in sports. a violent sex assault. who police have in custody. plus a 70-year-old man is shot and killed in west chester county. why police don't believe he was the intended target. what is being done at disney world to prevent another attack where an alligator killed a toddler. what other passengers did to make sure everyone stayed safe. meteorologist the act you center. we are tracking temperatures. another hot day is in front of
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eat well for less. my stop & shop. this week the presidential candidates will focus on the economy. tomorrow trump will speak to the detroit economic club and lay out what his campaign deliver a major economic speech on thursday, also in detroit. clinton begins the week maintaining her lead in the polls. 47% of the vote while 42% support donald trump. tragedy at a water park where a child has died. the 10-year-old victim was
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he was the son of a kansas state lawmaker. authorities are investigating what led to his death. the slide's opening was delayed a few times 2 years ago but it's not clear why. at one point flew off the slide which caused them to. investigators believe a 79- year-old grandfather fatally was not the gunman's target. he was struck by a bullet at the corner of third street and union avenue. surveillance video shows him wearing a large hat moments before he was shot. he moved here from mexico about 4 months ago to be closer to his family. so far police have made no arrests. coming up at 11:30 we will hear from his grandson about the family's loss. a rude awakening for a
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store in new jersey when a -- slams right through the front of the building. inside the sleepy store. it's not clear if anyone was injured or why the driver lost control. permanent safety barriers are going up at walt disney world to prevent alligator attacks. reports a wide boulder wall is being built along the beach where an al 2-year autopsy showed his drowned. the barriers are going up all around the lake which is called the 7 seas lagoon. disney is the parent company of. these cell phone accounts how they are breaking in to buy more pricy phones and what you can do to protect yourself. animal rescue helps some stranded dolphins. and a beautiful day to ends
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this day was really quite frankly perfect. perfect. >> more tomorrow. >> i pleased someone finally. it has been a long time coming. thank you so much. let's mark the date. someone was happy with the always too hot, too cold, too sunny, too many clouds. today was a perfect 10. a perfect 10. wow. it was fantastic. hopefully you were out able to enjoy it. we will see if we can come up with a repeat tomorrow. right now still warm, 79 in central park. northwest winds are 11 miles per hour. that dryer air mass cut out the humidity, it made the temperatures pretty easy to
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temperatures in the -- a few 80s holding on for new jersey. some clouds trying to creep in but they won't make much progress. the temperatures are going to be pretty warm tomorrow maybe just a bit cooler so waking up to a lot of sunshine. we'll get the work week underway. so it's going to be a toasty start. temperatures pushing the upper 80s for the afternoon and then tuesday but for the next couple of days things look good. you can enjoy the outdoors. the humidity will be on hold for at least the next 2 days and then we get into a pattern for this time of year. humid forecast that's combined with afternoon thunderstorms so that's what's on tap for the
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11:00 a.m. we can see some clouds creeping in from the south. that increases some of the humidity so by wednesday morning it starts to feel muggy. you can see it's not just a small area. it looks like a good deal of the area could get wet. so if you are looking for showers that's where they will come in. air quality for today was good. 8 today. pollen count is high and 69 degrees is the overnight low temperature. comfortable to wake up to temperatures tomorrow. not as hot in the afternoon. we'll go with temperatures mid to upper 80s across the area. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. we'll see temperatures changing up just a bit with afternoon thunderstorms coming back in and today if you were out you could really feel the heat and
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breeze in the shade it felt quite comfortable so that will make all the difference. we'll be back with the stickies later in the week. we'll also look at the beach and the boating forecast for tomorrow. >> all right. sounds like another perfect day. thank you amy. anthony next up in sports. >> absolutely. now we've had some time to digest the big a-rod and count down officially to the
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saw a lot of humility today in a-rod. >> a lot of class. it will be interesting to see how fans will react to alex rodriguez. he said today his last day as a player will be this friday against tampa.
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for 7500 a pair on -- meanwhile a-rod answered all of the questions with dignity and grace as you said. >> no athlete ever in ends his career the way you want to. we all want to keep playing forever but it doesn't work that way. >> nothing is forever but alex rodriguez may be one of those athletes that we will be talking about for a long time. a tough day. i love this game and i love this team and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> he may only have a few more as a yankee but he stands among the game's great as far as the numbers are concerned, being just 4 homeruns short of the 700 mark. >> i would have fun not only hitting homeruns but trying to
11:26 pm
ownership came to him on wednesday to move him off the team and into a role as a special adviser. >> i was incredibly humbled and flattered that he wanted me to spend time with the next generation of yankees. >> officially he can sign with another team after being released on friday but so far no known suit ors. the yankees say they will honor his contract through the end of next season. >> he the contract that he negotiated. >> and that amount is some $27 million. a-rod said he will let history decide his history. but he wants to be remembered as a guy that tripped a lot but kept getting up. gregorius was keeping his eye on -- yankees take a 2-0
11:27 pm
the 5 5th. soon to retire runs double scoring got on his horse making his way around the bases first to score yankees up 3-0. had something striking out his 400 batter. now the play of the game, mark deshare a makes a great dive and beats to first base for the out. yankees win today 3-2. and if a- rod is calling it a career wasn't historic for you. how about this. suzuki became the newest member of the 3000 hit club. the former yankee current marlin had almost 1300 hits in japan. that doesn't even count toward this cord. the only active with record alex rodriguez. the mets needing some late magic to check out on the
11:28 pm
in the 4th inning and sanchez strikes out bruce. sanchez went 8 innings. but the mets got on the board first as michael con fort oh blast this homerun giving new york a 1-0 lead. bottom of that same inning gets an in field single and comes up to score. game tied at 1. former met k rod on the mound but can't this blast over the wall. the mets mets take the final game up in detroit final 3-1. the mets will have the day off tomorrow. much more ahead in sports. football fans have to wait a little longer for that first preseason job. it was a bad paint job. plus we have history on the
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welcome back. look, i was just like you waiting to watch the first preseason football game of the season featuring the packers and the colts but the air went out of that one. take a look at the field. apparently the paint was used on the field dried so hard and became a hazard for the player.
11:32 pm
being as hard as concrete. they can play in blizzards but hard paint caused today's cancellation. all these players have shot a 59 in pga history. now he's in a new class becoming the first player to shoot a 58. e-1 upped himself today. he closed the front 9 with 4 consecutive birdies and topped it off with another to make finished the entire tournament tied for 5th. a rookie and a veteran made a special time for usa gymnastics. simone biles made her olympic debut in style leaving the competition. she and her fierce 5 teammates advanced to the all around final. also katy la dechy took home
11:33 pm
she smashed the world record just a few hours earlier in the preliminaries and that's it. >> isn't that incredible. shoot a 58 and still come in 5th. thank you. a powerful and emotional message from the parents of a woman murdered. a passenger tackles a man on a cross country flight. a man who reportedly attacked a
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here's a look at tonight's top stories. who set fire to a pro trump display on stat en island. that 12-foot sign went up in flames overnight. the homeowner and the artist vowed to build a bigger and better display. attacked today an liker's island. in an exclusive interview the head of the union wants city hall to do more to protect correction officers. said they have already tightened search procedures. and alex rodriguez will play his final game as a new york yankee friday. next season he will serve as a special adviser for the team. a heart broken mother sends
11:37 pm
last week will be caught. someone murdered her during her evening run in queens. >> just one day after her funeral careen a's parents sent a message to that killer. >> i'm going to address the coward. >> whoever killed her daughter for the first time since the brutal murder spoke with reporters outside their home. careena went for a run. when she didn't return home her father called police and along with detectives found her lifeless body in the grass. she tried to fight off her attacker and was sexually assaulted. it's been an around the clock operation trying to track down
11:38 pm
sent this message to carina's killer. >> you know that my daughter was a force to be reckoned with and i guarantee you that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of et earnty as you -- et earnty as you burn in hell. >> philip told reporters he justice will be served. flowers from the service now stand in the front yard. >> 11 was her favorite number. she loved butterflies, she loved rainbows. >> this arrangement her best friends explained. >> the 3 of us together war were a force. >> in the face of such evil. >> my daughter was a big
11:39 pm
can see, she's magical. the whole world knows she's magical and i guarantee you, you will pay for ever. >> a new tool in this investigation, police using drones to gather any information that will lead to a suspect. careena's father thanked the nypd. he would be lost. a house painter is charged with sexually assaulting a woman after breaking into a home in the hamptons. the attack happened friday morning. say a 19-year-old woman was choked and sexually assaulted before she escaped and ran outside as her attacker chased her with a baseball bat. 20-year-old mar ridden nunez was arrested not far from the
11:40 pm
after he was hit by a stray bullet. he had only been in the u.s. for a short time when he he fell victim to gun violence. tonight his family wants justice. eyewitness news reporter stefan kim has the story. >> it hurts. that we love. hope that the person that did it has to pay whatever he did. loss of his grandfather, 79- year-old man yell seen here in this photo. >> the shot wasn't for him. >> police believe he was not the intended target. it was around 11:15 last night at the corner of 3rd street when things suddenly turned violent. this is surveillance video of him sitting on a milk crate moments before he was shot. he can see him on the right of
11:41 pm
shot in the shoulder. juan was working at the deli when it happened. he he heard 2 shots and he's angry. >> it's a lot of kids right there. more than 5 kids. >> friends say he was friendly and full of life. he had arrived from mexico 4 months ago to be closer to his family. >> we used to get together every time i used to mexico we get along, talk like failure father -- father to son. but it's really hard. that's my father that he lost his dad. >> looking at this growing memorial we can tell you police believe the intended target was a group of men standing here on this corner when those shots were fired.
11:42 pm
chester county anticipate a court appearance tomorrow arrested in the death of her daughter. arrested 26-year-old after finding her 15 moment old girl unresponsive friday morning. their initial investigation found the toddler has been dead for at least several hours. investigators say the girl also suffered trauma to her face. a midair take down of an unruly passenger on a cross country fight. was headed from los angeles to fort lauderdale. 64-year-old jose was taken off the plane in handcuffs. eye witnesses say he had attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cabin door. >> i jumped on the door, basically. >> police say appeared to be impaired. he is now charged with assault.
11:43 pm
return from its summer recess for just one day to take action in the fight against the zika virus. senator charles shimmer says ongoing work could be jeopardized unless lawmakers vote soon to approve a 2 million-dollar bill but congress isn't scheduled to reconvene until next month. >> we are on the merge of finding a vaccine to stop zika dare hillary clinton in its -- dare >> shimmer said he has made a formal request in a letter. members of a new jersey congregation worshiped for the first time since a devastating fire 6 months ago. flames gutted the church in inglewood back in march.
11:44 pm
the church's gym. this after months of sunday services at other sites. church leaders and the congress rehe gages say they plan to -- congregation say they plan to rebuild. forced him to crawl to a neighbor for help. police arrest several people. and security experts want to call your attention to a growing trends. identify thieves ends up with expe foot the bill. and a live look outside.
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iran executed a nuclear inside and returned under mysterious circumstances. the announcement today is the first by iran that it convicted a man once heralded as a hero. said he was convicted of spying for giving secret information to the united states. investigators are trying to figure out why a parachute failed to open during a tandem
11:48 pm
that was jumping for the first time. the 2 men plummeted to their deaths in northern california yesterday. one of the victims was a veteran skydiving instruct or. the other an 18-year-old on his very first skydive with his brother watching the tragedy on the ground. police arrested 3 people for a heartless attack on an amputee who had to crawl to his for help. >> woke up with a knock on the door. 2 people broke into his home and nearly beat him to death. they robbed him of car cash and his prosthetic leg. he managed to crawl down a hill to his neighbor's home. >> i don't know how he made it to my house the way he looked. but he did. i couldn't do anything other
11:49 pm
arrested the victim's live in girlfriend. her ex husband and another man. police say she conspired to carry out the assault after getting into an argument with the victim. identity thieves have found a new way to hijack your cell phone account and leave you with the bill. there are ways to protect yourself. >> tonight a growing threat of your hand. identity thieves hijacking your cell phone. >> my family let me know their phones weren't working. >> discovering criminals crafted a fake id and took over their account buying 3 brand new i phones all on her dime. >> i think what happened is they got ahold of my online account because they said she had gone in and checked if i had. >> this kind of cell phone
11:50 pm
year alone. more than double that 3 years ago. >> why is this particular fraud growing. >> you don't need to prove a great deal to walk into a service and change a service. >> and if crooks get access to other personal information like your credit card the damage can go beyond your phone. >> it's close to $1000 worth of charges i didn't make and they called my phone to see, the thief actually has my
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a lott of excitement for a group off the coast of san
11:53 pm
shark. estimated the shark weighed more than 500 pounds. the shark gave quite a show as it struggled to free itself which after about 20 minutes, it did. >> that is awesome. meanwhile off the coast of cape cod animal rescue came to the aid of dolphins stranded in shallow water at a beach. beach goers helped keep the dolphins wet. refloat the dolphins so 2 of them got stranded again so they were carted up the beach and taken to deeper waters. >> amy jumps like that shark when the weather is good. >> that's great video. yeah, a lot of people in a good mood from today's weather. let's see if we can carry it over into the work week. it looks like this pattern is going to hold. what we have got is a high pressure system allows winds to
11:54 pm
a dryer air mass so is compared to the sticky days we typically get in august we're getting the influence of a little dryer air. and we get a heat that's bearable. my grandma used to say, it's not the humidity. winds 11 miles per hour. we had some locations still making it to 90. right now temperatures are dropping. lower 70s. right before dawn we could see temperatures drop into the 60s, right now, 73. hampton bay has 75. the 24 hour temperature change just a few degrees from where we were last night. it's a cool breeze. temperatures are easy to take. still in the upper 70s. 80 for newark but much cooler
11:55 pm
in fact a lot of these clouds will start to fade away overnight and we will wake up to bright sunshine tomorrow. another sunny day and we won't worry about rain mondays or tuesday. so just a little filtered sunshine. clouds will start to creep up from the south. wednesday could be pretty wet after the day. early on thursday it will turn in the area. thursday and friday we have a risk of rain but looks like wednesday is a real soaker. waves 2 to 3 feet the water temperature 78 degrees. so some of the warmest really have warm water. clear and comfortable overnight. then tomorrow temperatures again making it into the middle to upper 80s. slightly cooler than what we
11:56 pm
for the next several days, 89 by thursday with steamy storms. same story by friday. then saturday and sundays temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s, now this forecast right here showing that the wettest day of the week turns out to be wednesday. as far as thursday and friday goes that looks more like scattered storms. next weekend a big weekend for rock a way beach. they have the new york city women's surf festival. it's a free event. thought about surfing and want to do check it out, this is a free festival. there are serve clubs out there. they will be showing films. >> will you be surfing? >> i hope so, yes. i started this summer and it's amazing to see the surf community that we have here in new york city. jon as beach has opportunities as well. so you can get out and try it
11:57 pm
bill ritter out there with you. >> i love it. i didn't know that. i'll talk to him about it. >> thank you, amy. thank you for staying up with us. >> and i'm joe torres. all of us here thanks for staying up late with us. eyewitness news continues
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