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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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grounded around the world at this hour. the latest on the major computer issue affecting hundreds of thousands of travelers. more breaking news on your commute, overturned bear truck causing delays on the -- beer truck causing delays on the bqe. a mother's pain, the stern message in howard beach, as for a killer. >> good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> i'm shirleen allicot in for ken rosato. it is monday, august 8th. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we are going to begin with bill evans. >> we are 43 seconds in to the brand new monday, 71 degrees,
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73jfk. 68 montauk. 61 poughkeepsie. noontime temperature 82. later this afternoon, 85 to 87 degrees. the humidity remains very low there. see with the northerly wind starting out during the day today. gawanagawana expressway says have a beer on me. you can see the roof of the tractor trailer has been ripped off, the bac trailer is open. all lanes closed. left lane is closed down. delays back to the belt merge, not surprised if they back up to the bridge onto the staten island expressway. long island railroad new jersey
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are going to newark jfk or la guardia, check with your carrier. street cleaning rules are in effect. we have more on the breaking news that health was mentioning. delta is dealing with a big problem this morning. >> computer system outage grounded flights all around the world, toni yates is live at newark with more. to a huge problem, delta says it offers 15,000 flights daily. we are seeing passenger back ups, out here at newark liberty, pictures are posted to social media from some passengers at london's heathrow, no planes are in the air. any planes that have already been in the air are flying normally and will land and at this point if that problem is
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grounded, too, they are not processing tickets through the kiosk. you can't process the tickets on the cell phone, the systems are not working. processing tickets at the ticket desk. the delta site has responded to a few passengers about the problem. the system is down and have not said whys they hope to get it back up soon, they don't know what caused the failure. we are seeing already the beginning of back ups. delta offers flights in 61 countries again, 15,000 flights daily, at this point we don't have a timeline as to when they may have the problem fixed. we went in to newark liberties spoke to a few of the delta airlines passengers, one told us that they heard about the problems on eye witness news and they decided to come out early to see if anything can be dope, they wanted to be ahead of the problem as soon as it
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hear from the passengers coming up later on eye witness news for now. toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. pakistan, suicide bombing a t a hospital killed 53 people and injured dozens more. the suicide blast hit the main gate of a government run hospital in the city. the blast took place shortly after the body of a prominent lawyer, assassinated earlier in th to the hospital. the bomb exploded near lawyers and journalists that accompanied body. no one is paying responsibility for the attack. afghanistan, five gunmen dressed as members of the afghanistan security forces have abducted two professors, an american and australian, they were driving through kabul when attackers smashed their vehicle. the two were pulled onto the main road near the american
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employees of the university. for the first time the family of a murdered jogger in howard beach is talking about heart break and delivering a firm message to her killer. they spoke outside their home yesterdays that nypd repairs to hold a meeting to update the -- prepares to hold a meeting to update the community on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, this morning, as police continue their investigation, they are looking for leads at the crime scene, they say it was not random for the first time we are hearing from careerna's family who had very strong words for a murderer who is still out there, last tuesday, the 30 year old was murdered as she went for a jog on a trail this the weeds in high grass in spring creek park near her house in howard beach. when she didn't return home 2 hours later, her father called
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and found her a short time after that face down and unresponsive just off the running trail and strangled and sexually assaulted. over the weekend, hundreds came out to pay respects as careerna was laid to rest in st. helens. her family thanked investigators but had a message for her killer. her mother says careerna believed in karma, so does she. >> my daughter was a force to i guarantee you that you will be reckoning with that force not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you burn in hell. >> reporter: police were able to recover dna evidence from the crime scene, they are hoping that will give them a lead or lead them to careerna's killer. there is a meeting at st.
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the investigation here. that begins at 7:00. diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. breaking news, on the brooklyn queens expressway, a tractor trailer accident leading a major delay. john del giorno is over the scene in news copter 7. >> reporter: this will cause big problems for the those commuting towards the brooklyn bridge. this is in front of you, an overturned tractor trailer on the bqe, see we got a big mess. a tractor trailer on its side. the tractor trailer is carrying beer, we have got ourselves a big mess down there, one of the issues is the physics of where this tractor trailer is. not a lot of room for the tow trucks to work and get up this righted. the inbound gowanus ramp to the expressway is completely shutdown, that's forcing all
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forced to hamilton, big delays will stay overhead, an eye on this as the morning progresss. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. the race for president now, turns to economics today. donald trump and hilary clinton are expected to outline their plans forgiving the nation's economy a boost. he will speak to business leaders. be one on the issue of jobs and the economy. clinton is speaking in detroit , the dueling detroit addresses come as new polls show clinton building a lead over trump on economic issues. aids say clinton will outline her economic plans today, and she will argue trump is only focused on the wealthiest americans. trump is expected to call for new child care tax deductions and says unlike clinton he will push to bring the tax rate down
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latest from abc news and the washington post shows clinton holing a substantial lead over trump nationally. clinton gets 50% of the vote to 42% for trump. here is our camera, 4 times square, south, beautiful sunrise, a great day. plenty of sun, low humidity, be looking at 71 to start. the mid and upper 80s later on. back to the west, showers way off pass the ohio valley, zoom south. bundle of high pressure keeping this over us today. sunshine, low humidity, comfortable today. 7:00 temperatures, around 77. 77 at 8:00. mid-80s by lunch. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes.
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the t shot we have been -- the shot we have been showing you all morning. the tractor trailer on its side on the bqe, northeast, hamilton and this is what we suspect is beer, check out that big mess all over the bqe at this point. all the traffic is on the local streets. not an easy way around the bqe, extention i delays on the inbound side because of the closure. mass transit doing okay, metro north, inn inn traps it. -- new jersey transit. delta airline, all flights groupedded everywhere. if you are -- grounded everywhere. still ahead on eye witness news this morning, fiery political speech taking a
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pledging support for donald trump goes up if flames on staten island. what the homeowner is telling us. pokimon danger, playing the popular game end up dead. it is sounding like a broken record. michael phelps, strikes will [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it's like lugging this around- it's dragging down your fuel economy. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt,
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8 air tankers joined the fight against california's newest wild fire. the pilot fire is racing through brush covered hills near silver wood lake in san bernardino dino county. destroyed over 1500 acres and some 400 firefighters haven't progress in containing it. evacuations and road closures have been ordered to clear people out of the area. new this morning, a rare and historic address by the emperor of japan, in his 80 and expressed concern that his advancing age may make it difficult to fulfill duties. the first public public hint he may step down.
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way for the emperor to ab do kate. a man is shot while playing pokimon go. riley was is not a park where family members say he was playing the game. friends told police they noticed someone suspicious watching them but it was too dark to see who it was. talks with hulk hogan, a week before court ordered auction that will force nick denton to lose control of the company. gawker has filed for bankruptcy. similar discussions have happened throughout the process, but led to nowhere. gawker and its founder were
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$140 million. we got weather today that's going to be beautiful, john del giorno looking up the east river, hudson here, staten island. what a great morning, looks absolutely gorgeous. what a great shot. he is up 1100 feet and giving us this pretty shot this morning. lacking south from the camera, astoria, great day to go the power plant. 59th street bridge, down to one world trade. great start to the week. continuation of the gorgeous weather we had yesterday. low humidities, comfortable temperatures. rising barometer. sun is up, sets 8:03, a beautiful sunset. humidity on hold today and tomorrow. humidity returns on wednesday. hot by the end of the week with
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weekend. we will talk about 70 newark, 63 around lake hurst and toms river. northwest to a northeast wind today, high pressure ridge, will keep the humidity away. the temperature warms up nicely. 77 by 8:00. noontime temperature 82. to the mid-80s this afternoon, 87, above normal. light wind. waves on the sound a foot or two. water temperature 77, 78 at the beach. nice day of dry heat from the ridge sliding eastward, high and dry again tomorrow before the high goes to the atlantic, the wind turn south and bring up hot air. that's going to happen in to the weekend, and in to the next week,s that dog days of summer on schedule. low humidity today. 87, warm, tonight clear and
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sunny warm day tomorrow. the humidity is away until wednesday, when the humidity comes back, could be a scattered shower or thunderstorm on wednesday. we get in to the upper 80s which will feel like the low 90s for the end of the week and the weekend. when you get the heat and humidity, might be a pop up thunderstorm in the mix. >> today and tomorrow, like the pick of the week. 6:18, let's check in with heather o'rourke. >> have the mess. bqe northeast, brooklyn battery tunnel, overturned tractor trailer. john del giorno showing us pictures of this mess, this is beer all over the bqe, we have, they are sanding down the roadway. they still have to clean up the debris spill. they have to get this trailer up righted and pulled off of the bqe.
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of the gowanus bqe. the a-train, signal problems at howard beach, expect downtown delays, long island doing okay. delta airline flights are grounded everywhere. if you are going to newark, jfk or la guardia, get in touch with your carrier. street cleaning rules are in effect. iconic member of e out his career as a player this week and moving on to a different role in the organization. alex rodriguez and the yankees announced the designated hitter's retirement. the 41 year old had a controversial career, he made a successful return to the game last year, after suspended for violating the league purchases drug policy. this year, rodriguez has been in a slouch on the bench for most of the last month.
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the decision to retire and excited about his future to an advisor to younger players. >> i look forward to mentoring and sharing experiences good and bad that i have experienced with the young players. >> once released from the yankees, a-rod will sign the contract to be a special advisor and instructor through december of next friday's game against tampa bay are hitting new heights. within minutes of the announcement, prices spiked more than 500%. according to an on line listing service, tickets had been selling for $76 by noon, the average ticket price was more than $456. the most expense i ticket behind home plate is going for $17,000.
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all time is adding another medal to the trophy case, phelps won his jaw dropping 19th gold sunday leading the team to victory by 400-meters free style relay. he is only getting started this summer. on the women's side and 19 year old katie ledecky taking home the previous best 2 years ago and a 2 second slower. major upset on the tennis court, three times doubles champions sarina and venice lost the opening round to the czech republic. checking the medal count, u.s. firmly in the lead with 12 total medals and 3 golds, china
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wall street begins higher thanks to a strong jobs report for july. the dow starts 191 points up, higher open. markets in asia saw a boost, nikke average and hang sang index jumped 2%. average price of gasoline coast to coast dropped $0.06 over the past two weeks. now down to $2.16 for a gallon of regular, that is $0.55 below the same time last year. analysts say the run of a decline might be coming to an
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past week, retail price drops are likely to be smaller or stop entirely. real estate prices in manhattan neighborhoods have been leveling off. properties near the high line park are getting a special boost from all naelevated green -- all that elevated greenery. prices next to the park jumped 10% faster than sites just a few blocks away, called the have a flight this morning, listen up. >> familiarly if you are on delta. delta grounded all their planes because of a massive computer glitch. talking to passengers and working to get the information on possible repairs. >> we have a mess on the bqe, the inbound northbound side near hamilton avenue, delays back to 65th street. this is going to be there for
6:27 am
up the beer. today looks like a good day to have a beer. >> certainly going to be warm. you will want something cold to drink. a gorgeous morning. temperature noon 82. 87 this afternoon, very low humidity. outlines the rest of the seven- day forecast coming up, plus
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passengers dealing with delays. >> a community comes together tonight to get an update on a jogger's murder. this morning the victim's mother has a message for her daughter's killer. >> the search for an arsonist that torched a tribute sign to donald trump feet away from a staten island home. breaking news, on the commute, a tow truck arrived to try to clean up this beer truck
6:31 am
in news copter 7. >> reporter: good morning, it is it a commuter alert if you are traveling through brooklyn this, overturned truck on the gowanus ramp to the bqe has all lanes blocked. this happened around 3:45s the truck carrying beer and from the sky, looks like budweiser, at all over the ramp, see the trailer is on its side. the cab up righted and removed from the scene, the drive taken to me hospital with serious injuries but now in stable condition. we have a huge clean up. the ramp to northbound bqe, a busy stretch of highway theres that ramp is shutdown, all the traffic being forced to the local streets, butch tore butcher, -- bumper to bumper, throw lower brooklyn, begins
6:32 am
that's where the traffic starts, bunches up more as you get farther north, all traffic is forced to the local streets, not many places to go to when you have the closure on the bqe. over to the maps, talk about our subways, the a-trains, mechanical problems fixed or the 4 trains with the mechanical problems, taking the signal problems, new jersey transit on or close to schedule. all flights grounded everywhere, if you are going to newark, jfk or la guardia, a good idea to check the carrier. new jersey turnpike northbound, car lanes near exit 9, that is another accident cleared away. meteorologist, bill evans is back. lacks like we will have a good
6:33 am
be warm. looking at low humidities today. temperature now 71 degrees, high thin clouds, north, northeast wind, 68 staten island. 73 bronx. 71 in the park. 66-68 long island. 83 noontime. hitting 87 this afternoon. a beautiful evening is coming at you, the wind out of the north and northeast keeping the humidities low. the heat and humidity will make a come more on the breaking news we reported on the abc news app. delta airlines working on restoring the computer systems to get flights up and running again at airports around the world. toni yates just talked to passengers at newark and going to share their stories with us. >> reporter: we spoke to one couple who said they first heard about the problem on the
6:34 am
at newark earlier. other people didn't hear about the problem until they got here. look at this, we want to show you still photographs from heathrow, where the back ups started earlier. passengers grounds as no planes are taking systems are down. we went inside to newark liberty where the lines are longer because people trying to check in on line or on the kiosks were not able to because agents at the desk, checking passengers in, foone is sure when the flights will resume. >> i received a system error notice. i wasn't able to check in. you tried to check in on your cell phone, too? >> correct. same issue. >> reporter: you could be stuck at airports all day. >> i'm hoping not.
6:35 am
and get back. >> reporter: delta says that the flights already in the air, they are not having any problems associated with this systems-down issue they are trying to resolve. when the flights get to their destinations they will be grounded if this problem is not resolved. a queens community will get their questions answers in to vatrano, the avid jogger was sexually assaulted and strangled while on a run near her home. police are still searching for leads. eye witness news reporter, diana rocco is live in howard beach. >> reporter: for the first time we are hearing from her family, her mother did not mince words when she looked in to the camera and talked directly to her daughter's killer. the police investigation continues this morning, they
6:36 am
the scene. it was last tuesday, 30 year old careerna was murdered as she went for a jog on a trail in the weeds and high grass in spring creek park near her house in howard beach, when she didn't return home, her father called police and found her later, face down and unresponsive off of the trail she had been strangled and sexually assaulted. over the weekend, hundreds came to pay respects as careerna was in howard beach. this morning, her family has a very strong message for killer. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic puny, weak, piece of filth that you are. >> justice will be served. that's why we have the pd.
6:37 am
justice will be served. >> reporter: careerna's murder has shattered this tiny community of howard beach, a lot of people want to know what is going on with the police investigation. there will be a meeting at st. helens church tonight at 7:00, to update the community on the investigation here. artist is promising to rebuild a statute supporting donald trump after the origin was set on fire and destroyed feet away from a staten island home. the artist says the new t- shaped statute will be bigger and better than before. investigators were at the scene overnight and the homeowner is disgusted that someone would put lives at risk by starting the fire next to his house. >> never did i think that somebody would set fire to this. if you take a look, i had two trump signs by the bushes,
6:38 am
before. this is just a whole level of cowardness we have never expected. >> the ar zoon investigation proceeds, the artist says the next t will be huge. west chester mother arrested in the death of her daughter expected to face a judge today. mount vernon police arrested 26 year old asia barte after finding her 15-month-old daughter unresponsive friday morning. dead for several hours. the girl suffered trauma to her face. . the city's health department is continuing the push to prevent the zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses. the department sprayed non residential areas in staten island, bronx, brooklyn and queens. the process is similar to what is being done to combat mosquitoes in miami. the health department will continue spraying until 7:00
6:39 am
time since may the city has sprayed for mosquitoes. charles schumer is calling for congress to do more to return from the summer recess for a day to take action in the fight against zika, schumer says work on a vaccine could be jeopardized unless lawmakers vote soon to approve a $2 billion emergency zika funding bill that congress isn't scheduled to convene next montana. >> we are on of finding a vaccine to stop zika and because congress is derelict in its duty rs we are not going to get that vaccine for a long period of time because they don't have the money to do the trial. >> schumer says he made a formal request in a letter to house and senate leadership. 6:40, 20 minutes before
6:40 am
start to your day, low humidities and lots of sun, really pretty. no showers, hardly any clouds at all, looking at high pressure dominating for the next couple of days. sunny and warm and dry. 76 by 11:00, 82s 83 during lunch hour, in the afternoon, 8, 87. low humidity and a cam fortable night tonight. pretty across the area. taking the boat out today, fishern, boaters, north wind, turning around south today. great weather at the beaches, too. it's weather and heather. >> what a mess we have. bqe, northeast, near the brooklyn battery tunnel hamilton avenue exit , the overturned tractor trailer, all lanes are closed. looks as though they have taken the tractor trailer, flipped it over, so they can just completely rid it of all of the beer that is in the tractor trailer.
6:41 am
tractor trailer away. they are working on that now. see the crane here, there is this tow truck, heavy duty tow, removed the cab, they have to get rid of the trailer. they have to clean up all of the beer. check out the cases stacked there. this is quite a messy accident. let's go over to our maps, talk about what is going on, four trains mechanical problems fixed. long island railroad, new jersey traps it doing fine, no major flights are grounded everywhere. if you are going to the airport to fly with another airline, newark, jfk, la guardia, check in and street cleaning rules are in effect. tragedy on the world's biggest water slide, a day of summer fun weppedz a little boy's -- ends with a little boy's death on a slide topping out 16 stories.
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when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment,
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at least 40 people have
6:45 am
hurricane before it weakened. forecasters say more rain is expected. a kansas city water park is closed after a 10 year old boy dies on a water slide build as the world's largest. caleb thomas shaub died while riding the 168-foot water slide at schlitterbahn. the family released a statement thanking the community for support and asking for pr figure out what led to his death. permanent safety barriers going up at disney world to prevent alligator attacks. the sentinel reports a wide boulder wall is built along the beach where an alligator grabbed a 2 year old in june. the body was found 16 hours later and an autopsy showed he drowned. the barriers are going up around the lake, called the 7
6:46 am
w abc 2.
6:47 am
bill evans joining us now with accuweather forecast. >> a great day today. brooklyn, over to one world trade, towards the battery, bowling green, wall street, all this looks nice on camera, midtown looking down staten island looking great. 71 degrees, dew point is dry. the farther away the dew point is from the air temperature, drier the atmosphere, 63% the humidity, northeast wind, makes it feel nice, air quality is good. uv index at 8:00. hackettstown, hanover, 70, around elizabeth, new jersey, a comfortable morning with the northerly to northwest, to a northeast wind coming around with the high pressure ridge. that will make it feel nice, a break from the heat and the humidity today and too many before the heat and --
6:48 am
and humidity surges back. noon 82, this afternoon, around 87, a great day today. moderate rip current risk, later with a southerly wind coming up. the winds north going south this evening. dry heat today. a warmer day tomorrow, still dry as far as the humidity goes. high pressure ridge slides east, this warm front will come up. the area comes up and gives us a shot at a shower or humidity by wednesday. as we head towards the weekend, we start the dog days of august, we are going to be hot this weekend and in to next week. low humidity today 87. tonight is a great night. 69, 5 bureaus. it's going to feel great. that's because the humidity is low. the humidity comes back on
6:49 am
88 is getting crazy, thursday, friday and saturday. with heat and humidity comes pop up thunderstorm. not a washout by any means. good old august dog day weather. have a great day. it's a mess on the roadways. >> here in brooklyn, to the bqe, northeast, near the brooklyn battery tunnel exit. overturned tractor trailer, all lanes are closed. news c above the scene. they are trying to get rid of the cab and they have to clean up all of this and this is beer. lots and lots of beer. let's go over here, back to the maps. delays all it will way back to 6th avenue. four trains mechanical problems fixed. a-trains signal problems. long island, new jersey transit okay. delta, all flights grounded. if you are going the airport,
6:50 am
problems reported. belt parkway, we have this unauthorized truck, a problem on 35th with construction, closure until 7:30, street cleaning rules in effect. cleaning up the subways is a dirty job, someone has to do it. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human.
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three officers have been attacked on rikers island. inmate armed with a scalpel, slashed an officer's arm. two other officers were punched. we spoke with the head of the officers union. >> we don't deserve to come to work to be slashed and cut and have or bones broken. the message to the mayor and commissioner is simple, do now. >> commissioner joseph says the department of corrections has procedures to keep out contraband and weapons. bad news for the subway rat, photographed carrying pizza. mta is ordering up a cleaning blitz to remove garbage and debris from 469 city stations and wait for the delivery of portable vacuums and three special trains that suck up litter. the clean up is supposed to
6:54 am
we are following two breaking stories all delta flights are grounded this morning, we are going to show you delays in newark, next. mess on the roads, a truck flips over, spilling beer all over the bqe. a live update from fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone.
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toni yates is live at newark international. >> reporter: one couple we spoke to this morning said they heard about the problems on the news this morning, they decided to come early, yet we spoke to other people that said they didn't know about the problem until they got here. look inside terminal b at newark liberty airport, the lines are longer this morning, people who were trying to check in on line or on th inside the terminal were not able to because of the problems, delta has several agents at the desk, checking passengers in, no one is sure when the flights will resume. >> i have to be on an airplane in an hour. hopefully i can get through security if time. i'm sure it will be fine but a little stressful. >> reporter: we are still crossing our fingers for her as well. the planes that were this the air when the trouble started, delta says they are not having
6:58 am
land, they, tas will be grounded not guilty this problem is fixed. on the tone, channel 7 eyewitness news. -- toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. a mess on the bqe, a truck carrying beer has spilled the load. >> john del giorno is over the scene in news copter 7. >> reporter: you can see the task that lays ahead of the workers trying to clean up the expressway, it happened at the northbound bqe, tractor trailer overturned spilling beer all over the highway. the cab has been cleared out. trying to get the trailer out. the only way they can do it was to suspend the trailer between two tow trucks, flip it upside down and spill all of that beer out onto the bqe. now the clean up is ahead. all lanes are shut on the gowanus ramp to the bqe.
6:59 am
john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. happy monday. >> let's go to the maps. a trains, signal problems at howard beach. long island metro north doing okay. the delta flights grounded everywhere. if you are going to newark, jfk, to fly another airline, never a bad idea. heather and i are going to volunteer let's look outside, we got sunshine, a pretty morning, the humidities are low, temperatures 72, a great day, starting the the mid-70s around the 5 bureaus. staten island 68. looking at 88 tomorrow, 83 wednesday when the humidity comes back with the thunderstorms. really great days today and tomorrow. that's the news for now. i'm shirleen allicot. >> i'm lori stokes, thank you
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air a massive computer outage grounds delta air line flights all over the globe. frustrated travelers hours. what is taking down these systems worldwide. tragedy at a water park. a 10-year-old killed going down the tallest waterslide in the world. the park family speaking out about the incident as investigators try to determine what went wrong. donald trump tries to get back on track. the abc news poll shows real trouble for him as he launches a new attack on hillary clinton. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. >> will his big speech revealing his plan for the economy turn around the race today? and pure gold. america mesmerizing in rio, katie ledecky breaking her own


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