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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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getting longer, it snakes through terminal, for delta, tremendous numb of delays, for the passengers, this morning has been a disaster. the terminal was full of frustrated flyers grounded by a computer glitch, shutting down the delta system. >> we have no idea when the system is going to be back up. i have seen them tell passengers to come back tomorrow and hopefully it will be better. problem began early this morning, with a computer issue at delta's main hub in atlanta and a domino effect worldwide. flights could not get off the ground. >> when you ask questions, they really have no answers and what else can you do if they have no answers. you can continue to ask questions with the hopes of getting an answer from one of the questions that you may ask. >> reporter: capslations and delay -- cancellations and delays are rippling through the
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with the airline offering refunds for inconvenienced passengers. most want to get to their destination. >> i'm going to try and get out today. i'm going to hang out a little while. we are trying to get away on vacation. if we have to come back tomorrow, come back tomorrow. >> reporter: some passengers come plained the departure and arrival boards were misleading. the computers are back on line but things are very, very slow. >> they have no anything. last minute they sent me a text stating they were delayed. this happened at 2:30 in the morning. they should have sent something a long time ago and they never did. >> reporter: people say they getting to the airport early because they have heard about the problems and hopeful at some point they will be able to get out. the best thing to do is contact the airline before you arrive
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7 eyewitness news. new at noon, a car and a dump truck got in to an accident on the interstate if west chester county -- in west chester county as drives swerved to avoid a vehicle going to wrong way. it happened in elmsford, the driver was traveling westbound the eastbound lanes after suffering a medical emergency. to up with was injured in the truck. a breakway faction blamed the responsibility for a bombing in pakistan. a suicide bomber attacked a hospital where more than 100 lawyers and journalists gathered to check on prominent attorney k azi. he has been shot and killed. lawyers have been targeted in the past by militants in various parts of pakistan.
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of the afghanistan security forces abducted two people. an american and an awian. they were drive ing -- and australian. they were driving, believed to be university employees. no group claimed responsibility for the abduction. the murder of a jogger in queens left a community on edge as the hunt for her killer continues. strangled in howard beach last week. officials are hosting a public meeting in an effort to address community conditions. eye witness news reporter kemberly richardson is in how do you beach this afternoon with more. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago we watched cathy came to the command center and stopped and talked with detectives back there, they stayed for a few minutes and drove away. the meeting is at 7:00, nearby
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continue out here until an arrest is made. day 7 of the investigation in to a murder that has rocked this tight knit community in howard beach. detectives are working around the clock to track down whoever killed karina vetrano. her parents once again, met with detectives at the command post, no doubt getting briefed on where things stand. the wood was found inside was found inside spring creek park. the suspect strangled, severely beat and murdered the woman. the father, a retired firefighter, praised police for their work in this case. >> justice will be served, that's why we have the pd, and god, justice will be served.
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who ruthlessly, with zero regard for life snatched her daughter away. >> i'm here to remind you, in case you don't already know, that now it is the whole entire world against you. my daughter was a big believer of karma and as you can see, magical. the whole world knows she is magical, i guarantee you, you will pay forever. >> reporter: tonight's meeting at 7:00, it will be at st. helens catholic church, not far from here on 83rd street. we are told nypd will be there. folks from the u.s. parks services as well as several
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stay with eye witness news and abc 7ny for developments in the murder investigation in to the death of karina vetrano. rapper troy av is expected to file a lawsuit against a manhattan venue where he shot himself this year. his lawyers are expected to allowance this afternoon. they say the venue created the they believe the rapper accidently shot himself in the leg. collins is facing attempted murder and weapons charges. no one has been charged with the death of his friend edgar mc fader. emperor of japan is raising the possibility of leaving the thrown, today in a rare and historic television address, emperor expressed concern his advance in age may make it difficult to fulfill his duties.
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was the fist public indication he wants to step now, there is no legal way for him to do so. polls show hilary clinton is extending her lead. karen traverse joining us from washington with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon, it is no surprise that donald trumis change the narrative. last week had a full week of controversies and the latest round of polls show him trailing hilary clinton badly. is this a reset for donald trump? in detroit today , the republican nominee unveiling economic plan that his campaign says includes the biggest tax reforms since ronald reagan, wants to repeal and replace obama care, limit taxes on businesses to 15%, stop using
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warming programs and end taxes on child care expenses. after controversy, it's no surprise trump is shifting focus, a new news washington post poll is brutal republican nominee. hilary clinton extending her lead by 8 points, her support among women is at the highest level yet. two-thirds say trump has the wrong temperament to be president almost as many say he worthy. trump using clinton's words to attack her truthfulness for her email server. >> she is totally unhinged person. unbalanced. >> reporter: remember the never trump movement? it's back. evan mc mullin, a former cia agent and congressional staffer
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third party candidate. >> mc mullin says americans deserve better than donald trump and hilary clinton and offer as conservative choice. it's going to be hard for him to get on every state ballot. backers will probably have to sue to get his name added. karen traverse, channel 7 eyewitness news. rebuilding a statute supporting donald trump after the origal fire and destroyed. the artist says the t-shaped statute will be bigger and better than before. fdny investigators were at the scene overnight. the homeowner is disgusted that someone would put lives at risk by starting the fire next to his house. >> never did i think that somebody would set fire to this. i had two trump signs, stolen
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level of cowardness, cowardliness that we never expected. >> while the arson investigation proceeds , the artist says the next t will be quote huge. a college student murder while playing pokimon go. plus a traffic nightmare, what led to a crash that dumped this afternoon, nice and dry with low humidities and some great temperatures, now the temperature 83 degrees, partly cloudy skies, northeast wind out there. 87 already garrettson, howard
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tractor trailer hauling beer overturned causing a nightmarish morning commute. the budweiser truck was near the hamilton avenue exit when it tipped over and spilled the cargo and a fuel spill, northbound lanes on the bqe and shut down during the clean up. the truck driver in stable condition in a hospital. police in california are investigating the deadly shooting of a college student, he was shot and killed while playing pokimon go at a popular tourist attraction, a gunman shot 20 year old calvin riley in the chest this a parking lot along the san francisco water front. he was there with a friend playing pokimon go. police believe there are witnesses because it happened
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area. four people are dead and a person is injured after a train hit the car they were riding in. the collision land yesterday afternoon when the car tried to cross railroad tracks without crossing bars. a child suffered serious injuries, the train did to the derail and the conductor and engineer were not injured. new york city's health department is continuing its push to prevent the spread of the zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses, the non resident areas in the bronx, brooklyn and queens today. it's similar to what is done to combat mosquitoes in miami. the health department will continue spraying until 7:00 tonight and repeat the process through wednesday. this is the 6th time since may the city has sprayed for mosquitoes. several people jumped in to ages when 10 dolphins became stranded on a busy -- action when 10 dolphins became
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mountainous area evacuated as a fast moving wild fire threatens does bs of homes. -- dozens of homes, the pilot
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and grew to two square mails in the san bernardino dino national forest. why do that call ate pilot fire? >> i don't know. >> i got to find that out. we have no problems in the weather department, it's absolutely gorgeous. if you've been outside, a breeze northeast, sunshine, we got clouds, a pretty day, let's where it's green, really nice, we had a lot of noontime, of course, softball season is wound down there. we are going to look at clouds and sun for the afternoon. temperature 83 degrees. pressure 30.09. points to very nice fair weather. normally our high this time of the year is 84. we will get a little bit above that peak heating around 3:00
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the sun sets at 8:03, pretty today. the humidity is on hold today and tomorrow, looking at hazy, hot and humid weather returning, by midweek towards the end of the weekend, we will have these dog days right on time, right on schedule, hazy, hot and humid, with an afternoon thunderstorm as we go to the weekend. 81 here, hanover to bridge water, connecticut. or new jersey throughout morris mercer, it's 77. little north to northeast wind, feels nice. this will be a nice afternoon. calm wind as we go to the interior. high pressure spreading over us, spreading out. two great days before the high spreads eastward and the sticky steamy stuff makes a come backment peak heating this afternoon, around 4:00, 86, 87 degrees, nice weather as we go in to tonight. northerly wind going south out of the waters of the atlantic,
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the rip current risk is moderate. the wind south. sunny and warm for the afternoon. tonight clear to partly cloudy and tomorrow, sunny, very warm around 88 degrees. nais thing about tomorrow is the humidity is still going. wednesday the humidity runs and then the heat is on for thursday, 88. i took the temperature up to 90 doing to feel like 95,s that dog days of august will arrive when the animals go languid and the wine goes sour. a little old eastern for you. >> air-conditioning can fix all of that. ticket prices for alex rodriguez's final game with the yankees are hitting new heights within minutes of the
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spiked more than 500%. according to an on line listing service, tickets had been selling for $76, by noon , the average ticket price was more than $456. the most expensive ticket, behind home plate of course is going for $17,000. >> wow. caught on camera, a midair assault on a cross country flight, how airline crews were control. plus new trouble for a former paralympic champion, how
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stories caught on camera and caught a midair take down of a rulely passenger on a cross country flight. the spirit airlines plane was headed from los angeles to fort lauderdale when the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing in phoenix. the man was taken off of the plane in handcuffs. he had attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cabin door. on cape cod, animal rescue crews came to the aid of 10
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shallow water at a beach crowded with swimmers. beach goers helped keep them wet, animal welfare team helped refloat the dolphins, two got stranded again, they were carted up the beach in to a vehicle and taken to deeper waters for release. officials in up state new york thought their biggest problem was shutting off the water, flooding a street in rochester after a water main break. caused a massive sink hole. it was so big it could have swallowed two cars parked side- by-side, luckily, no one was hurt, the road had to be shutdown while crews fixed the main and the street, definitely a scary scene there. excitement in rochester. >> right. >> still ahead at noon, the investigation in to the violent
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police say the toddler's mother played and the charges she is facing. new details on the safety concerns raised about a water slide before a 10 year old was killed. the family of a muslim boy fights back after arrested for bringing a clock to school. how the boy's civil rights were violated. eye witness news is coming right back. the live midday new york state
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limited flights back in the air, several hours after a computer outage groupeded the flights around -- grounded the flights around the world. thousands were stranded after an outage in atlanta caused a system wide meltdown. investigators are back on the scene in howard beach queens where 30 area old karina vetrano was found strangled
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address community conditionsm turn out expected to be huge. a break away fraction of the taliban claimed spobt for a bombing in pakistan that killed 67 people. the group has been behind several acts of terrorism in rerecent years. our top story this half hour, a mother arrested in connection to the death of her 15-month-old daughter, she faced a judge for the fit today. >> police arrested day sha after finding her daughter unresponsive in a mount vernon apartment friday. tim flesher is this mount vernon with the latest for us. >> reporter: within the last hour or so, the victim's mother who faces manslaughter charges, was back if mount vernon court. the 26 year old mother seen
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death of her 15- month-old daughter last friday. family members rushed from the courthouse after hearing the assistant district attorney tell the judge that brte struck the baby in the back with a closed fist after she was crying causing lumbar and internal bleeding and she suffered trauma to her head and died a painful and horrible death. to say afterwards. >> no, i wasn't there in the house. like i said, i love my niece, i'm praying for her. i know she loved her children. that's all i'm doing to say. >> reporter: -- going to say. >> reporter: barte is held on $50,000 bail, originally the assistant district attorney asked the judge for $1 million bail but he lowered that to $50,000, she remains in custody
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. investigators believe a 79- year-old grand father, shot and killed saturday night in new rochelle was not the gunman's intended target. a bullet hit him, seen here in a photo with his wife, when he was sitting at the corner with his wife. he was wearing a large hat moments before he was shot. he moved here from mexico four months ago to be closer to his we love. i hope the person that did it has to pay what ever he did. >> police believe the intended target were a you group of young men standing on the corner at the time. now to the tragic accident at a popular water park in kansas city, what was supposed to be a fun outing turned in to heart break for the family of a 10-year-old boy. he was killed on what has been
12:33 pm
slide in the world. the park closed this morning, as investigators tried to determine what went wrong. >> reporter: authorities investigating what went tragically wrong at this popular kansas city water park. abc news learning the 10-year- old son of scott shaub died while riding the tallest water slide in the world at the since the daycare lebe was born he brought joy to our family. he believed in our savior jesus. we will see him another day. this morning, while the city grieves, investigators are remaining tight lipped, not releasing any details of what
12:34 pm
prayers are with the family during this difficult time. >> reporter: this is what the ride looks like from the top. standing at 168 feet high, taller than the statute of liberty and plummets the thrill seeker as jaw dropping 17 stories in seconds. tubers hitting speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. commercials for the ride asking the question, are you insane? the slide require as minimum he must be in a raft with a weight of 400 pounds. when the ride opened two years ago, slider hassed to be 14 years of age. that's changed. before the ride opened, raised questions about the safety, especially after watching the early safety tests showing sandbag dummies flying off the slide. the rides opening delayed 3 times while the park reworked it adding seat belts and safety
12:35 pm
is not going the be a result of a mechanical issue, more possibly a result of a human error. >> reporter: the park will be closed monday as investigators work to figure out what went wrong here. alex parez, abc news, kansas city. family of a muslim boy arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school filed a lawsuit. the teen was arrested at his charged with having a hoax bomb. he says he brought the homemade clock to school to show his teacher. the charge was dropped. he was suspended. the mta ordering out the 2- week cleaning blitz. the idea is to remove garbage and debris from the tracks at all 469 city stations, mta is waiting for delivery of portable vacuums and 3 new special trains that suck up litter.
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from now. we want to turn to meteorologist bill evans, he has the afternoon accu weather forecast. i don't know, tad is the pick of the -- today is the pick of the week. >> dog days are here, sunshine, 83 degrees right now. looking at possibly 85, 87 degrees, we are looking at 3:00 temperature 85 degrees. 87, 88 near 1:00 or 2:00, the winds will turn around from the northwest wind to a southw west wind. that's going to keep us dry in to tomorrow which we will talk about as to when the heat and humidity returns. new questions surround ohing the injury of a paralympic athlete in prison , the claims about what led to the fall that put oscar pistorius this the hospital. three officers attacked on
12:37 pm
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3 officers with were i tacked on reicher's island. the unit union.spoke to eye witness news. a man slashed open an officer's arm after he knocked an officer out cold, a third female officer was punched in the face
12:40 pm
blame. >> we deserve to be protected. we don't deserve to be slashed and cut and have bones broken. the message to the mayor and the commissioner is simple, do something and do something now. >> the commissioner says the department of corrections already has procedures in place to keep out contraband and weapons in a statement he says they are working to authorize the use of body scanners. trouble for oscar pistorius, the former paralimpics champ was rushed to the hospital after injuring his wrist in prison where he is serving time for the murder of his girlfriend. >> reporter: one of the most famous former olympians in the world, oscar pistorius is fighting back, denying claims he was trying to commit suicide, saying he fell after losing his balance and slipped
12:41 pm
media are running a different story suggesting it was a suicide attempt, he was bleeding heavily, claiming razor blades found in a cell after the incident with reports of an inmate describing the wounds as definitely self inflicted. his brother, categorically denying the claims, tweeting i know there are reports he tried to injury himself, they are untruth and sensational. other stories are baseless, he slipped in the cell and injured himself, nothing serious. the hospital he was treated at releasing this short statement, statement -- further sent him to the hospital for treatment, was returned to the center. pistorius is behind bars serving 6 years for murdering his girlfriend, reba steenkamp.
12:42 pm
again, arguing the sentence was quote shockingly lenient. oscar's brother hammering the point home it was an accident, urging people not to believe the media reports saying he went to see his brother on sunday, he was doing well and in good spirits. gawker is in settlement talks with hulk hoga week before a court ordered auction forcing denton to lose control of the company. gawker filed for bankruptcy. similar discussions happened throughout the legal process. earlier gawker and founder were found guilty for invading hogan's privacy, he was awarded $140 million. real estate prices in many manhattan neighborhoods have been leveling off. properties near the high line
12:43 pm
that elevated greenery. the prices next to the park jumped 10% faster than sites a few blocks away. it's called the high lines halo affect. heartwarming lesson in helping others, how a 12-year- old girl is using her lemonade stand business to raise money for the homeless, what motivated her to do it.
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a 12 year old is changing lives with her lemonade stand. jay jay's lemonade stand raises money to help the homeless. in her orange county community, she started when she was 6 and donated $300 to the we care program, an annual tradition began and this year she hopes
12:47 pm
i'm really fortunate. it's not about getting publicity, it about knowing you did something good if your heart. >> local restaurants are donating a portion of their sales to the cause, her mom says her daughter wanted to help after seeing a homeless man on the street. president obama reportedly reached his latest milestone over the weekend, his 300th round of golf as president. the president an avid weekend golfer is the links in marthas vineyard. he finally revealed his happen handicap, he reveals he is an honest 13. >> what does that mean honest 13? >> i'm not touching that. >> sometimes you may with friends and want to get a
12:48 pm
16. if your friends -- obviously i'm a 13. play that game with your friends. that's fun on the golf course. >> golf and weather today. absolutely great. plan on $1 nassau. looking outside, we have a beautiful day, we got clouds, we got breaks of sun. there is a little line of cloud cover, as we go to the rest of the afternoon, this will break up, we will be seeing dry humidities, see the temperature is 83, the dew point 58. the atmosphere is dry. put that in to a percentage point, 42%. winds are calm, pressure is rising, all that points to a fair day. few clouds from around long branch, sandy hook and across central jersey.
12:49 pm
and wrights town, 78. 85 newark, 82 hudson river valley. high pressure ridge is here, keeping a wind flow out of the northeast , the line of clouds i'm talking about. when you go to the west, that line will keep sagging southward here, more sun will come in, high pressure will come in, give us a nice afternoon. looking at 87, 88 here for the afternoon. still the humidity is very going south this afternoon, boating forecast is great. waves 2-3 feet. southerly wind coming in, more of a moderate risk of some rip currents at the beaches. looking forward as we go in to dog days of august. the warm air coming in by friday, it's sticky and hot and humid, then we really get in to next week, we are going to be seeing the dog days where it's hazy, hot and humid. highs in the 90s, a threat for
12:50 pm
low humidity, 87. tonight is a great night, 69 and the 5 bureaus, tomorrow, sunshine, very warm, 88, golfers call that the double snowman. 83 on wednesday, more humid with a scattered shower and a thunderstorm. there you see we bring it up to 90 for the weekend. few thunderstorms saturday could cool i down a little bit for sunday. is closing. >> closing like summer. >> sure is. 10 year old in north carolina found a special way to celebrate his birthday, he mappaged to give 6 -- managed to give 600 pairs of new shoes to needy children. instead of getting himself a gift he wants to help others and his idea was to create gunners runners. his organization has grown to the point this year there is a
12:51 pm
in donation boxes across town. >> i have always got shoes like every single year, like shoes for school, nice ones for school. i wanted other kids to get them, too. >> gunners runners. once the shoes are collected the family will give them to a social worker to distribute to kids in time to start the school year. >> that is so great. what a cool kid. is coming up
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have side effects. consumer reports takes a closer look at better ways to get good sleep without using drugs, the story and much more, beginning on eye witness news first at 4:00. it is time for the stories that got started on social media, shared and retweeted. what happens when a groom decides to surprise his bride with a hilarious dance. hunter had the have he and his wife sit down to play the gnawly wed game. seconds later, this happens, the music comes on and hunter's six groomsmen bust out a choreographed routine. the video showing the men dancing and twirling and serenading. lexi has racked up more than 19 million views. lexi seemed to take it all in,
12:56 pm
didn't he? >> no. this was no magic mike moments. no. >> i'm not going there. >> i saw the movie. that's a lot of love. a 10 year old in north carolina can teach us a heartwarming 13,000 people saw the story on our facebook page, bell picked up a summer job mowing lawns to raise mismoney to buy himself back to school supplies and clothes. his mother was overwhelmed with pride, she posted about efforts on facebook, a north carolina security company sue the post and so moved by -- saw the post, and so moved they set up
12:57 pm
any extra donations he gets to other kids. >> this is our third amazing young person in the show today. i love that. >> generation next. >> that makes for a great day. >> i think we are in good hands. we were asking for your cocktail forecast. >> well, hey, it's about 4:00 or 5:00, partly cloudy, 80
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