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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte in a wooded area about a half mile from her mother's princeton, massachusetts home. marcotte worked as an account manager for google here in new york city and was visiting family in the area. she went for a walk around 1 p.m. sunday and vanished. >> the investigation has focused on a timeframe when vanessa went out for a walk on brooke station road and when her body was found. that timeframe is between the >> reporter: police so far won't say how marcotte died. an autopsy is underway. they also don't know if the crime is random. so they are warning people who live in the area to be cautious and vigilant. >> if you've seen anything in the past 24 hours that appeared suspicious or out of the ordinary, please contact us. >> tonight this statement from
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an account executive. vanessa marcotte was a much loved member of the google team working in our new york office for the last year and a half and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work, and her love for boston sports. back here in chelsea, new information tonight from a source close to investigation in massachusetts, the young woman was found with no clothes, again burns to her head, her feet, and her hands. we're live this evening in chelsea, sandra bookman, channel eyewitness news. >> disturbing developments. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is on his way to princeton, massachusetts. he'll have a live report later on eyewitness news. and when we get any new developments in this case, of course we'll send it out as breaking news alerts on the abc7ny app. the parents of the 30-year-old jogger found murdered in queens met with detectives at a police command post today. tonight the nypd community and
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investigation in to katrina vetrano's murder. they'll also try to restore sense of security in the neighborhood. residents have been asking for more police patrols as detectives search for vetrano's killer. now to vote 2016. a growing number of so called establishment republicans raising their voices against the presidential candidacy of donald trump. but this is a very long shot effort, trying to remove a candidate at this point in the process. meanwhile trump tonight proposing the biggest tax cut in u.s. history, one group deficit of $10 trillion over the next decade. political reporter dave evans with the latest in the newsroom for us. >> today was a chance for donald trump to try to reset things and focus on the number one issue in the country. that of course is the economy. hillary clinton today hitting back hard saying trump is just repeating what republicans want, and that is deep tax cuts for the rich. >> reporter: after a rough week and a slide in the polls, donald trump today was on message.
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world and i want america to win. >> reporter: in a major economic speech, trump in detroit promised to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three. the top tax would go from 39% to just 33%. parents would get a break on childcare, deducting it from taxes. trump also tore in to hillary clinton, claiming she will wreck the economy. >> she supports the high taxes radical regulation that forced jobs out of your community. >> reporter: trump faced protests both outside his speech and at least a dozen interruptions from inside. trump never lost his cool. >> i will say the best people had far more energy and spirit. i will say. >> reporter: but new polling out today gives clinton a strong double-digit lead.
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has the wrong temperament to be president. in florida late today clinton hit back at trump's economic plan, calling it more of the same from republicans that will help only >> trickle down economics does not help our economy grow. it does not help the vast majority of americans but it does really well for people already at the top. inheritance tax. he wants to deregulate the gas and energy industry. he believes these changes will jump start the economy with corporate america starting to invest. not discouraged by their failed coup, the never trump movement tried another approach. evan mcmullin announced he'll run for president as a third party conservative alternative.
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months on trying to select a candidate and get on ballots throughout the country. meteorologist amy freeze in for lee goldberg with a check of the accuweather forecast. how's it looking right now? >> it's been a beautiful day. a few more clouds around this afternoon. that will happen in to the evening hours. then skies will clear pretty rapidly. as the clouds moved in we've seen temperatures come down a bit as well. we're at 83 in central park. there's plenty of heat and humidity ahead. first up the temperatures cooling tonight in to the 60s. middle of the week we've got humidity returning to the forecast as well so once that happens on wednesday we will see our temperatures and the high humidity remain for the rest of the week. by the way, showers also for the middle of the week will be firmly in place. details on that and the timing of wednesday's storms coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. we're learning new information tonight about a toddler in westchester county was killed allegedly at the
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court that 15-month-old samile yusef was beaten to death because she wouldn't stop crying. tim fleischer. >> this mount vernon family has been left stunned by the tragic death of this 15-month-old little girl. today they heard even more shocking details as this mother faces these serious charges. >> reporter: dasia bartee, now charged in the death of in court as the district attorney described a horrible death as to how she died. >> i wasn't there in the house but like i said, i love my niece, i'm praying for her. i know she loves her children. >> reporter: bartee's family is clearly upset over the death. here in the family's mount vernon apartment last friday. police arrived to find the baby girl unresponsive. they say she suffered trauma to her head.
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manslaughter in her daughter's death, court papers revealed she struck her 15-month-old baby in her back six to seven times with a closed fist to stop the baby from crying, causing a lumbar fracture and internal bleeding and there by causing the death. over the weekend bartee's sister spoke to reporters. >> we are mourning. we have to bury a child now. it's nothing that anyone would ever expect to do. and my sister just loved her. >> reporter: a public described dasia as an excellent mother with two other children and that she is devastated and heart broken. >> my friend is innocent. she loves her kids. she would never do anything like that. >> reporter: prosecutors say the family is known to child protective services. bartee is ordered to stay away from her other two daughters, 6 and 9 years old. bail was set at $50,000. >> god bless her. that's all i can say. god be with her.
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a million dollars bail. the judge lowered it to $50,000. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, a violent confrontation during a 50 cent appearance on long island. it left two officers hurt. it happened in the village of freeport. the rapper, whose real name is curtis jackson, attended an endorsement event. hundreds of fans showed up. they got rowdy cops say after jackson left. two officers w making an arrest. they're now recovering at home. so far no arrests have been made. a nightmare on the commute of the bqe this morning thanks to an overturned beer truck. the truck was by the hamilton avenue exit when it tipped over and spilled its cargo. authorities say it's also caused a fuel spill. north and southbound lanes were shut down during the cleanup. the truck driver is in stable condition in the hospital.
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in westchester county as drivers swerved to avoid a vehicle going the wrong way on i-287. it happened this morning in elmsford. the wrong-way driver was traveling in the wrong lanes while suffering a medical emergency. at least 70 people killed in two attacks in pakistan including one in the hospital. officials say a prominent attorney was shot and killed on his way to work when more than the hospital. a suicide bomber struck there. 92 people were wounded. a breakaway faction of the pakistan taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks. in afghanistan two foreigners were kidnapped by five gunmen dressed as members of the afghan security force. american and australia were traveling on a main road in kabul.
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of leaving the throne. today in a rare and historic television address, the emperor expressed concern that his advancing age may make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties. he is 82 years old. the 10-minute speech is the first public indication he wants to step down but right now there's no legal way for him to abdicate. new at 5:00, rapper troy ave returns to the place he was shot. why he's suing the concert venue even though he's attempted murder charges. >> also ahead, call it a meltdown. thousands of delta flights canceled or delayed because of a huge computer outage. >> plus, new details about a
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new details tonight about a major computer outage for delta airlines. the ceo offering an apology after flights became back logged. anthony johnson shared this picture on twitter of frustrated passengers a some people are still stranded. >> that's right. stranded, and they probably will not get home until tomorrow. you know mondays are always a very tough day to travel but for the delta airlines passengers this was a monday of misery. >> reporter: for much of the day, lines were long, snaking through the delta terminal, filled with weary passengers, hoping they'd make it to their destination by day's end.
5:14 pm
get any indication that there would be a delay at all. so i have a layover in detroit. hopefully i can make that. >> reporter: some were aware of the computer problem which grounded the entire delta system worldwide before heading to the airport. >> my husband text me right away when he heard there was an outage and at that time it wasn't back on. but i said okay, i'm just going to go early. >> reporter: the delays and cancellations were building all day. have any check-in luggage. it didn't work. it offered me to find alternative flights. then the computer was stuck. >> reporter: delta said a computer glitch caused by a power outage had a ripple impact, causing a system-wide shutdown and grounding all flights. a sacramento passenger shared with us how the pilot described the problem to those onboard.
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control center in atlanta, huge room the center of the whole operation. their computers are down. if you've been trying to get it rebooked, it looks like everybody is in the same boat. >> reporter: some passengers claim the departure board information is inaccurate. the ceo of delta airlines sent out this apology this afternoon online. >> for those of you who have been inconvenienced and need to access and make changes to your instituted system-wide waivers and you can access those through either or talking to our reservation agents. >> the reservation agents are still working here in terminal b. the lines have shortened since early this morning. but still a whole lot of frustrated passengers. that's the latest from newark liberty airport. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. at least one flight made the best of the situation. passengers onboard a flight
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pizza. sean from new york shared the picture of ground staff handing out slices. the passengers had already been stuck on the plane for two hours when the captain announced they were ordering pizza. at least 40 people confirmed dead tonight from massive mudslides in mexico. the country's eastern mountains were drenched by heavy rains from hurricane earl, triggering mudslides in communities in two mexican states. part of mexico are now bracing for the tropical storm javier heading toward the resort city of cabo san lucas. relief may be on the way for the bike and pedestrian bridge promenade. an engineering study found it is possible, it is possible to make room for an expansion. the d.o.t. says it wants to create more rooms so visitors can better enjoy the experience
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those famous conflicts. >> it can be very brutal. >> especially on the weekends. >> you've been keeping your eye on weather moving in this week. >> we do have this wonderful weather pattern. over the weekend it was fantastic. today was great. tomorrow looking pretty good. we all know it can't last forever. we do see changes coming in by the middle of the week. we can time this out here. as far as rain, if you're waiting for that, holds off till late tuesday in to wednesday. then showers possible for the second half of the week. looking over the river right no blue skies showing up. clouds come in and take the temperatures down just a little bit a degree or two off the daytime highs. 86 in central park. currently 83. humidity, 47% and winds are calming. pressure is falling at this hour. tonight we'll go in to clear sky mode and it will be beautiful again tomorrow. highs today in the middle to upper 80s inland but great temperatures at the shore locations.
5:18 pm
had 81. islip, 83. montauk, 81. bridgeport, 82. 87 in poughkeepsie for the high today. they're still holding on to that number. the clouds are coming in. temperatures are pulling back just a little bit and overnight tonight we'll see the skies clear out real nicely. humidity remains on hold tonight. you can really open the windows and enjoy the air, really feel that refreshing breeze coming in at night. wednesday is the turning point for all of that. the muggy feel coming back midweek. do take over this second half of the week. then they last for the weekend. we've got a solid week of hazy, hot, humid weather coming up. planning for the rest of tonight, overnight temperatures do fall off nicely. low 70s. suburbs go in to the 60s. we heat back up real quickly for the middle of the day tomorrow, mid to upper 80s again. on the satellite picture, a few clouds. we've seen them on the live cameras around the area. that pushes off to the south and
5:19 pm
is in control. it feeds in the drier air for the north and allows for a lot of sunshine. that sinking air will give us bright sun through the afternoon. by tuesday night, tomorrow night, that's when we see the change happening. on the futurecast it first comes in as cloud coverage. during the day on wednesday, showers. could see thunderstorms popping up. even heavy rains at times. little more typical. afternoon on thursday and friday could be stormy. here's the futurecast. tuesday, 5:00, we'll start it at about 24 hours from now. you'll see the clouds come through and the showers and thunderstorms once again. high resolution model. showing wednesday afternoon becoming stormy and really continuing through the evening hours. that looks like the wettest day of the week right now. here's the forecast for you. heading out tomorrow, sunrise at 6 a.m. temperatures in the 80s all day. winds and waves.
5:20 pm
up to 15 knots. 2-foot wave. some of the water temperatures are getting in to the low to mid 70s right now even in the river so feeling pretty good. 71 tonight in the city. 60s in the suburbs. tomorrow a high of 88. that would put us two degrees warmer than we were today. humid conditions do hold off till wednesday. it's dry kind of heat. wednesday in to thursday, heading in to the weekend, we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. and that doesn't change for us. it looks like it will remain steamy h these thunderstorms through the early part of the week. we do have two days of 90 degrees friday and saturday. i think even those numbers could be hotter depending how warm the temperature gets and how long the clouds hold off. we'll talk more about this and look at the beaches a little more closely coming up in a few minutes. >> feels a lot like mid august. a dangerous maneuver likely to blame for the deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. investigators of the ntsb believe the pilot was attempting to land through a break in the
5:21 pm
shot by one of the 16 people who died in the crash. shows the balloon floating above a bank of clouds. pilots are required to have at least a mile visibility all around them. the food and drug administration is cracking down on e-cigarette sales to minors. starting today it will be illegal to sell e-cigarettes, hookah tobacco to anyone under 18. gave the fda authority to regulate cigarettes and other smokeless tobacco products but not e-cigarettes. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, an eyewitness news exclusive. dozens of people lose their money to atm skimmers. which banks are affected? and the warning tonight from police. >> what residents want the city to do to make it happen.
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their queens home. they can't get a dime from their
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night. happened in the park along san francisco's famed waterfront area. the motive and the identity of the gunman both unknown tonight. riley was there with a friend playing the popular pokemon go. police believe there are witnesses because it happened in the busy fisherman's wharf area. speaking of that game, a memorial to victims of the hiroshima bombings officially now a pokemon-free zone. city officials reached out to the game's developers to have their location removed. a ceremony marking the anniversary of the atomic bombing that killed about 140,000 people. officials say they want the solemn location to be permanently free of the pokemon go characters. gawker is in settlement talks with hulk hogan over a multimillion-dollar invasion of privacy suit. earlier this year gawker and its founder were found guilty for invading hogan's privacy. hogan was awarded $140 million.
5:26 pm
bankruptcy. people appear to be very interested in the departure of alex rodriguez from the new york fday's game against tampa bay, his last game, spiked more than 500%. according to an online listing service, tickets had been serving for $76 but the average price jumped to more than $456. the most expensive ticket behind home plate is going for about $17,000. president obama kicked off his f vacation at martha's vineyard by hitting the links this weekend. he reportedly reached a historic milestone as well. his 3,000th round of golf as president. it was compiled by a white house correspondent and historian. coming up on eyewitness news, new at 5:00, a rapper seen on video opening fire at a
5:27 pm
ave says he's a victim. and the venue is to blame. >> plus, 7 on your side with a legal loophole that's keeping an insurance company from paying up after a home catches fire. >> plus another eyewitness news exclusive. nearly 100 bank customers ripped off. the bank branches where police found skimming devices ?? look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay.
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5:30 pm
random attack. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan headed to massachusetts right now. he'll file reports on eyewitness news tonight and have any new developments on our website, abc7ny. new at 5:00, rapper troy ave filing a lawsuit today against the manhattan venue where he was shot at a concert earlier this year. the rapper, whose real name is roland collins, says he's on crutches and unable to earn a li of the concert. >> i just want to get my life back. >> reporter: troy ave, or roland collins, back at irving plaza fory afternoon. this time on crutches. attorneys say he'd be walking on his own if it weren't for the venue and concert promoters. >> this place let someone in to the facility with a gun without checking them and but for their actions, troy would never have been shot.
5:31 pm
state monday, attorneys for troy ave say he did not bring any guns and/or weapons of any kind in to the venue. on may 25th, 2016. any weapon recovered in the venue was brought in to the venue by a third party who did not have any association with the plaintiff. >> where did he seen shooting? >> we're not discussing any of the facts. >> reporter: surveillance video released by the nypd shows roland collins firing a weapon inside irving plaza. police say he the 30-year-old has been indicted for attempted murder. two concertgoers were injured. his close friend, ronald edgar mcphatter, was killed. >> that gun was brought in to the venue by somebody else. because of that, my client was shot. that's the problem. >> there was security at the main entrance but not at a side vip entrance which is where attorneys say a gun was brought inside. >> the security here did not pat
5:32 pm
>> reporter: livenation is not commenting on the lawsuit. attorneys for troy ave maintain he was acting in self-defense. >> he was scared, okay? he did not shoot himself. he did not shoot his friend. he was a victim and that's what he did. >> reporter: in union square, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. a showdown between the city and a developer over plans to expand a waterfront park in brooklyn. at issue is the location of the former city storage warehouse on th williamsburg and greenpoint. it was all but destroyed but fire last year. the city offered to buy it for $100 million to expand the bushwick inlet park but that offer was rejected. protesters called on mayor de blasio to use eminent domain to acquire the space. >> we want to make it last and be a fabulous place to live and be part of the city for years and years and years.
5:33 pm
sale at $325 million. mosquito spraying underway in three of the five boroughs. trying to prevent the spread of the zika virus and other mosquito-borne illesses like the west nile virus. low flying helicopters will treat non-residential areas until about 7:00 tonight. the process will be repeated through wednesday. officials in florida investigating one new non-travel related zika virus case, this one in palm beach county. governor rick smith says the person recently visited miami-dade county. health department has concentrated its efforts to killing mosquitos to a one square mile area where it appears all the state's active transmissions occur. a new abc news washington post poll shows americans have not changed their attitude about the zika virus even though it's arrived here in the u.s. 1/3rd of americans admit to being
5:34 pm
and east coast states say they're worried about catching the disease. 7 in 10 americans say they're confident in the federal government's ability to respond to the zika virus. we invite you to keep up with the latest developments of the zika virus and cases. download our free news app. we'll send out alerts any time there are breaking updates. it's still not clear what caused a deadly accident at a water park that killed a 10-year-old boy. the world's tallest water slide when he somehow fell to his death. the 168-foot tall verruckt is one of the tallest attractions at the water park. officials are offering few details but say the ride is inspected daily. >> the question is if the ride is safe. if there are changes to be made, i'm sure this park will be looking closely at that. >> the slide and park remain closed as investigators try to figure out what caused deadly accident.
5:35 pm
would have allowed new jersey voters to say on how state funds will be issued. fixing it could cost the state $2 billion a year and senate leaders say until that is worked out, they can't guarantee anything regarding the pension. new at 5:00, a swimmer has to be rescued from the water on long island. the marine bureau ss rescued the 33-year-old this morning from hempstead as he was attempting to swim across reynolds channel under the long beach bridge. they say he got tired and began to struggle. three officers pulled him out of the water and sent him to the hospital though he refused medical attention. straight ahead, backlash over a distracted driving bill in new jersey. we'll have the lawmakers' response to concerned coffee drinkers who worry they'll get pulled over for taking a sip
5:36 pm
of a mid-air takedown of an unruly passenger. see what witnesses say led up to an attack on a crew member. >> meteorologist amy freeze here with the accuweather forecast. hot days like this, everybody wants to head to the water. sandy hook, 79 degrees. over the park, beautiful skies. temperatures are slipping back in to the low 80s right now. and our temperatures will remain pretty nice throughout the evening hours. in to the 70s. i'll have the accuweather 7-day forecast.
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
drivers in new jersey who enjoy drinking a cup of joe behind the wheel have no need to worry about being pulled over by police. a sponsor of the bill in the garden state targeting
5:40 pm
does not specifically target coffee. the measure was introduced seven months ago and has yet to gain steam. new details tonight about an unruly passenger on a spirit airlines flight from los angeles to fort lauderdale. officials say the man was standing near the exit door and acting strangely. he was moved to the back of the plane where he attacked a flight attendant. the flight was diverted to phoenix where the man was arrested. the family of a muslim boy arrested after bringing a home made has now filed a civil rights lawsuit. muhammad charged with having a hoax bomb. the charge was later dropped but he was still suspended. the family said the incident prompted death threats and forced them to leave the u.s. >> for the safety of my family, i have to go back to qatar because right now it's not very safe for anyone that's a minority. >> spokeswoman says the school
5:41 pm
it violated the boy's civil rights. a major buy-out for one of the fastest growing online retailers. walmart says it has purchased for $3 billion in cash and another $300 million in stock. the site launched last year and is challenging online leader amazon. walmart's online business has been slow recently, even as it's making big investments in new distribution centers. you knew it was coming. hulu is getting ready of free videos. until now the streaming service, with an advertising-based model, had offered the most recent episodes of some tv shows. hulu says a subscription-based model will help it to rival cable channels and having users pay will allow it to produce more roinl content and acquire exclusive shows and movies. -- original content. a young girl in california getting recognition for helping the homeless and doing it for half her young life.
5:42 pm
she was just 6 years old. she donated the first $300 to the we care program in los alamitos. an annual tradition began and this year she hopes to raise $10,000. >> the growth of six years is actually really big and really amazing and i'm just really fortunate. it's not about like getting publicity, it's about knowing that you did something good in your heart. >> it sure is. some local restaurants now donating a portion of their bank information for nearly 100 people now compromised. in an eyewitness news exclusive, the warning from police after they found several skimming devices at branches on long island. >> a pastor and his wife are losing their faith after a devastating fire destroys their queens home. when they can't get a dime from
5:43 pm
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talk about going above and beyond. a drowning kitten pulled from the waters off sicily, brought back to life by members of the italian coast guard. rescuers gave the kitten mouth to mouth and cpr. after a couple minutes, the kitten began spitting out water, breathing on its own again. with its rescuers. local coast guard's office adopted the kitty and named him charlie. amy freeze here. i think for those wanting to spend a night out, maybe going for a stroll, pretty nice. >> beautiful evening ahead of us. you're exactly right. here at the gwb, a few clouds sort of making for a little bit hazier conditions. a little dimmer skies if you will. as we go throughout the evening
5:47 pm
our temperatures should go from the low 80s in to the upper 60s and low 70s in the city and some of the outlying suburbs going to the 50s and 60s tonight. very cool night if you're going to be out and about or if you want to open the windows. here's a look at the numbers. 87 degrees. other spots have cooled off. 86 in central park. now down to 83. newark has 85. 79 for lakehurst. checking the buoys. this has been kind of interesting to watch today. numbers are up. this one off of long beach reading water temperatures, 76 degrees. that's going to feel pretty good. some of the others, sandy hook at 79. cape mays at 79. a lot of the buoys are starting to read the upper 70s. northeast winds up to 15 knots. waves 2 to 3 feet with the water temperature range getting warmer and warmer. rip current risk low tomorrow. light northeasterly wind. that's going to push things off
5:48 pm
clouds have tried to build the high thin winds south and east of new york city are starting to push off. hudson valley, still bright sunshine. even up through albany, a lot of sunshine up there. temperatures have remained warm until the late part of the afternoon. on the futurecast, let's see what's happening through tomorrow. clear skies tonight. we wake up to sunshine tomorrow. i think much of the day is picture-perfect again. but by late on tuesday night in to the predawn hours on wednesday, wouldn't be surprised to see a c showers. this will also be the flow of humidity rurping. a lot muggier feel on wednesday. we could still get hot but showers and thunderstorms pretty much throughout the day and in to the early evening. these could be real drenching downpours as the humidity will be returning as well. that combination will make for a soupy air mass, very moist air mass. i think wednesday is the wetter day. thursday and friday, still risks of afternoon showers. these look more like garden variety showers and thunderstorms after a hot
5:49 pm
is at a high. pollen counts moderate to high with grasses being the main concern for tomorrow. tonight, 71. 60s for the suburbs. 50s for the outskirts, the northern locations. monticello, down to 56, 57. be really cool. tomorrow 88. another hot one. but the humidity, that's the game changer, coming back on wednesday. even though it will be 83, it will be muggy and uncomfortable, feeling more like 90 degrees with feels-like temperatures. saturday and sunday, chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms are all due to the heat and humidity. it's a pattern that will stick, if you get it. stick. >> i get it. humidity. sticky. >> yep. i got more where that came from. it will stick right through early next week. call it an insurance nightmare. that's what one family in queens is now facing. their home went up in flames. even though they had coverage, they didn't get a dime from the
5:50 pm
why not. 7 on your side nina pineda here with more. >> this family of ministers are paying a mortgage on a house they can't live in plus paying for a temporary rental. they say their insurance sent investigators out many times. they were all questioned, even the kids under oath, yet are being denied they say for simply allowing a church member down on her luck to stay in the basement. >> all of our life savings have gone in to this. all gone. minister bryant and his wife linda say they could salvage nothing. an electrical fire destroyed their home in april. >> everything upstairs and downstairs got ruined. >> reporter: the couple filed a claim, believing they'd be covered by their homeowners insurance policy. the premiums they've paid since 2002 includes the house, garage, personal property, and loss of use. >> we haven't had a penny from
5:51 pm
after becoming homeless, the bryants were still waiting for any help, paying out of pocket for rental, clothing, and food. >> we thought our insurance would have given us an umbrella. it's raining and they won't open the umbrella. >> reporter: so far the insurance company is denying the bryants' claim, saying they had a third apartment through the basement doors when the family was only paying to ensure a two-family structure. they said at the time of the fire they had a house guest from their church basement. >> from time to time we have people from conferences over the world, friends, abused women, women who have nowhere to stay. >> reporter: larry mcgrath is a public adjuster the bryants hired to help them with their claim. he pointed out this is the door the insurance company claims was the entrance for the illegal apartment. >> that's not a separate apartment? >> no. >> that's not a separate dwelling?
5:52 pm
insurance says it is. they're not losing their faith. >> if you don't have a test, you don't have a testimony. >> we spoke to national general insurance who took over the policy from the tower group. it had no comment. the bryants plan to file a lawsuit. new york is one of the few states in the u.s. that does not permit a claim against an insurance carrier for bad faith. a statute changing that was rejected in the ministers say they'll put their faith in god. >> what a fascinating case. >> i'm sure you'll follow this to the end. an eyewitness news exclusive. skimmers found at local atms. the clues police are trying to use to find the thieves after nearly 100 customers were ripped
5:53 pm
if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from,
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because the time to think about today.
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5:56 pm
it's an eyewitness news exclusive. personal bank information for nearly 100 people compromised because of skimming devices. investigators found the devices on atms at three branches of a nassau county bank. kristin thorne was the only reporter to think with police about the investigation. >> one of those branches where the skimming devices were found the location in wantagh. the credit union tells us they believe at least 90 customers had their accounts compromised and they do expect that number to grow. >> that's not good. >> not good at all. very scary. >> a spokesman for nassau educators federal credit union said someone put skimmers on atms at three banking locations. new hyde park, franklin square, and wantagh.
5:57 pm
period of time. the perpetrators made fraudulent transactions in brooklyn, queens, and manhattan. >> when i put the card in, it said the card is deactivated. when i went in, she said did you take money out of queens? i said my husband works in queens, let me call him. then she said it was all weekend. >> reporter: this isn't the first time someone has stolen money out of their accounts. $600 this time. my son as well. >> this is my third time that i've been hacked. >> reporter: nefcu says this is the first time they've been a victim of a skimming fraud. they told eyewitness news, we are taking immediate steps to isolate the impacted cards and are proactively taking action. we'll continue to work with authorities to ensure our members' banking safety. >> the credit union says they
5:58 pm
the lost money put back in to their account within one business day of them filing a claim with the bank. they're urging anyone who belongs to this credit union who may visit one of these atms over the weekend to check your account. if you think something is wrong, make sure to call them. we're live in wantagh, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. they are green refuge sites for new yorkers but tonight disturb ing news about crimes in city parks. 6:00 starts right now. new at 6:00, a same-sex couple in our area denied medical coverage for invitro fertilization to have a
5:59 pm
new york city murdered while walking. we're learning horrific details about the crime. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. the victim, vanessa marcotte, an employee with google here in new york city. her body found reportedly naked and burned in princeton, massachusetts about 40 miles west of boston. eyewitness news reporter sandra bookman at ms. marcotte's office in chelsea with our lead stor earlier today the da that's in charge of the case told reporters that a preliminary review of the victim's body led them to conclude this was indeed a homicide. that new information we're learning tonight also seems to suggest the same preliminary review indicated just how gruesome that young woman's death may have been. >> her body was found about one half mile from her mother's home in a wooded area. >> reporter: investigators
6:00 pm
but it's what they didn't say that is now making headlines. a source close to the investigation telling abc boston affiliate wcbd the woman was found wearing no clothes, burns to her head, hands, and feet. >> we do not know if this was a random act. >> reporter: marcotte was visiting family in princeton, massachusetts when she went for a walk sunday afternoon and never returned. state police k-9 units found her hours later. the 27-year-old worked as an account manager at google. this statement from the company a short time ago: vanessa marcotte was a much loved member of the google team, working in our new york office for the last year and a half and known for her ubiquitous smile, passion for volunteer work, and love of boston sports. police in massachusetts now warning residents to be cautious. >> we do believe this is a homicide. we cannot tell whether or not it


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