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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 9, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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communication? >> there is no diplomatic contact channel now. there is no communication line between two sides. and so the tension is getting worse and worse. >> reporter: and just last week, north korea conducted its latest missile tests. but back in the capital, there is no sign of war. families enjoying the summer and making memories much like their for "nightline," i'm bob woodruff in pyongyapyongyang. >> with the eyes of the world on rio, we're reminded of the wise words of olympic champion wilma rudolph who said, the triumph can't be had without the struggle. true in sports, true in life. thank you for watching abc news. join us for "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online at and our "nightline"
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two murder mysteries tonight. two women with ties to our area, killed in two separate attacks.
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are on the loose. >> we begin in queens. tonight a packed house as community members coming together looking for answers in the murder of karina vetrano. >> carolina leid. >> the one thing that kept coming up was these we said, what to do with them? should they be cut down or should access to the area be closed to the public? on was something needs to be done immediately. >> reporter: it was standing room only at the church, a community meeting on solutions how to make the area safer. >> we need the cameras. we need the lighting. we also need to have a plan in
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is secured. [ applause ] >> reporter: many asked for the weeds to be cut down or eradicated all together at spring creek park. federal parks department officials say they're looking in to it, but it's a costly project. >> to contract that out for a one-time moment is over a half million dollars. we're very open to that. i'm not taking any solutions off the table. >> reporter: along with a to address the problem. police were careful about information tonight, so far no suspect or persons of interest in the case. and so far the evidence is pointing to one attacker, but that could change. >> the individual or individuals that did this horrendous act might be watching. >> reporter: karina's aunt was in the you'd tonight here to give a message to the community.
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they've been so grateful for all the support they've received and from [ inaudible ] >> another question that came up at tonight's meeting was whether this case is related to the murdered jogger in massachusetts but police saying they of course are working very closely with the department there but there is so far no connection between the two cases. reporting live in howard beach, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. murder in massachusetts. grizzly new details tonight. the victim, 27-year-old vanessa marcotte who works for google here in the city, found naked and burned outside her parents' home outside boston. police frantically trying to find a killer. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan is there for us. >> reporter: it was too dark to look for evidence anymore.
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trees grow up right along the road and for miles either side. they don't have much crime out here, so what happened last night has shocked the people here and left police unaccustomed to investigating violent crime to find a violent killer. >> it's really horrifying because princeton is a lovely quiet town. so for this to happen we're all really shocked and disturbed. >> reporter: 27-year-old vanessa marcotte lived in new york city. she was living out her dream by mother in this princeton home over the weekend. she left the house yesterday afternoon to go for a walk but didn't return. police k-9 units found her naked body deep in the woods late last night. abc affiliate wcbd tv reporting her hands and feet were burned. >> preliminary review of the body has led detectives to believe this is a homicide investigation. >> reporter: marcotte worked as an account executive for google in new york city. the company released a statement
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was a much loved member of the google team, working in our new york office for the last year and a half and known for her ubiquitous style, passion for volunteer work, and love of boston sports. residents and the police in princeton stunned by what happened. >> very disturbing, especially i heard about what happened. they didn't just find her body but it was burned or something like that. it's like, that's vicious. >> we do believe this is a homicide. we cannot tell whether or not it asking the residents of princeton and surrounding areas to be vigilant. >> reporter: that's what has police and residents most concerned. this was a brutally violent crime by any standards. certainly by the standards of this quiet rural community, and whoever did it is still out there. in princeton, massachusetts, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. developing news out of the bronx where police are on the scene of a double shooting and cops tonight saying they were not the intended targets.
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street and grand concourse in the mount hope section. police say a 20-year-old woman and a 63-year-old man were shot when a gunman opened fire in area. they suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. so far no arrests. new at 11:00, a fire in a vacant building fills the sky with lower manhattan with smoke. flames broke out around 7:30 tonight in the building on bowery street. witnesses say it happened on the roof deck of the 6th story to vote 2016. an unprecedented political diss tonight for a presidential nominee. 50 gop leaders all signing a letter, warning donald trump will put the nation's security at risk if he wins in november. that letter now overshadowing what the trump campaign had billed a major economic policy speech today in detroit. trump touted his ambitious tax cut plan. panned by many economists who
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decade. the clinton campaign seeing a growing lead in the polls tonight. clinton beefing up her attacks on trump, hammering him for stiffing workers in the u.s. and outsourcing jobs of china, mexico, and other countries while claiming he'll bring jobs back to america. a rally tonight, friends and family gathering in westchester square to denounce the assault on 49-year-old muhammad ali hader who is still in the hospital tonight. of the four men seen in this surveillance video suddenly hit him for no reason. his daughter among the crowd calling for an end to the violence targeting the bangladeshi community in the bronx. >> everybody has a story here but nobody is coming outside. nobody is sharing with them. we have people who got mugged but they're too afraid to go to the cops. i don't know why. we shouldn't be living under fear. >> there has been a spike in attacks on members of the
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beginning of this year. new video tonight of a suspect in an apparent bias attack on the subway. this is the man police say who yelled homophobic slurs at another man saturday night. when he pulled in to 110th street, he punched the victim in the face. the two men then fought on the platform. the victim stabbed twice. the attacker then fled. that victim in stable condition. an arrest tonight in connection with the death of a baby at a daycare facility. maldonado is charged with manslaughter and risk of injury to a minor. july 12th police were called to the little bears daycare in stanford where they found the baby girl, bella redondo, unresponsive. her death was later ruled a homicide from blunt force trauma to the head. the rapper who calls himself troy ave now suing the venue and the producer of the concert where video shows him firing a
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name is roland collins. he's seen firing his weapon in this surveillance video. his lawyers say the club and promoter failed to provide proper security. two women were hurt. collins is charged with attempted murder. his friend mcphatter has been killed though no one has been charged in that death. meteorologist amy freeze here with your first forecast. temperatures have fallen in the mid 70s already. it's a beautiful night out there with clear skies. the numbers are going to fall fast for areas north and west. the clouds have completely most, going to 50s and 60s north and west. 70s in the city. we'll have a very fast warmup tomorrow. lots of sunshine early on. temperatures pushing the upper 80s. so it will be another warm one tomorrow. and by the middle of the week, humidity returns. so the heat still builds but we'll see the humidity returning and feels-like temperatures will be back in the mid 90s. i'll have more details coming up. delta airlines still trying
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that grounded operations and stranded tens of thousands of people. half of delta's flights were canceled or delayed after a power outage knocked out the computer system worldwide. the computer system has been fixed but delta is struggling to resume normal operations and rebook passengers. it's one of the most stressful jobs in the country. if you like stress and want to become an air traffic controller, it so happens the ones. hiring 1400 entry level air traffic controllers. applications will be accepted till august 15th. the median annual salary, $122,000. for information on the jobs and how to apply, go to our website, abc7ny right on our homepage. new tonight, 19 people sickened by marijuana laced candy at a birthday party. >> also, a ferris wheel accident
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new tonight, three young girls are hurt after falling from the ferris wheel at a county fair near knoxville, tennessee. the oldest victim is said to be 16. witnesses say their car got stuck. as the wheel turned, they were thrown out of it, hitting metal bars as they plummeted to the ground. all 3 were rushed to the hospital in serious condition. meanwhile we have new details about the tragic death of a 10-year-old boy who plummeted off the world's talles say caleb schwab died of a neck injury after he fell off the giant slide sunday. happened at a water park in kansas city. caleb, the son of a kansas lawmaker, was riding in a raft when he somehow flew out of the ride. a witness describes the scene. >> basically i'd heard a couple loud booms, just sounded like something hit the slide, like boom boom. i looked at my cousin standing
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outside the raft. as i get closer and put my hand on the slide, the lifeguard says there's nothing you can do. >> the ride now closed indefinitely. the water park expected to reopen on wednesday. did someone intentionally serve candy-laced pot at a birthday party? that's what cops in san francisco are asking. when 19 guests were hospitalized at a party for a 15-year-old girl. among them, 13 kids under the age of 18. old. all had eaten gummy candy served by a catering company. at least 12 of the victims tested positive for thc in their system. mosquito spraying will resume tomorrow in all four outer boroughs. city health officials are trying to prevent the spread of zika and other mosquito-borne diseases like west nile virus. people can expect to see low flying helicopters as they treat non-residential areas of staten island, bronx, queens, and brooklyn. they'll bow back out there again
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the most spectacular pathways in new york city, but alas, peace is sometimes elusive on the iconic brooklyn bridge. the bike and pedestrian promenade is typically overcrowded. so why can't it be winded? tonight, it can be. here's josh einiger. >> reporter: if you're the kind of jaded new yorker who gets hives at the thought of walking around times square, well, have you seen the brooklyn bridge lately? >> it's the best bridge ever. ever. marvel of engineering has been overrun by tourists brandishing selfie sticks and maps, by baby strollers, by hucksters galore. >> we're kind of like squished like tomatoes. >> reporter: they found the ancient walkway a tad cozy and not all that friendly. >> the people on the bikes. they're almost going to run you over if you don't get out of
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it because they're in your way. >> reporter: he was a tourist when he arrived from ireland eight years ago. now he's just trying to get to work on a path that hasn't grown in 133 years. in the time he's been here bike traffic has skyrocketed 66% in the morning. 93% in the afternoon. and on weekends, pedestrian traffic is up 275%. the d.o.t. does have a tentative plan which would involve expanding the esplanade over the car lanes but that will take years. in the meantime -- >> a tourist is a tourist. it's different tourists every single day doing the same thing. it's very much groundhog day. >> it's actually city leaders who have taken to calling the brooklyn bridge times square in the air. over the next six months they plan to study this question. how do you widen this pedestrian walkway so that some day things can be a little bit more pleasant here on one of the city's crown jewels? on the brooklyn bridge, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness
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jersey is suing to get their fertility treatments covered by insurance. erin and marianne krupa of montclair sued. the wording of the law says infertility must be diagnosed after one or two years of unprotected sex. the plaintiffs say it discriminates against gay couples. >> right away we were told that without having sexual intercourse we would not be covered. >> we were d treatments a heterosexual couple would have if they walked in a fertility clinic. >> the lawsuit names the state's department of banking and insurance, which sent us a statement saying they can't comment on pending litigation. meteorologist amy freeze here with the accuweather forecast tonight. clear skies overhead. really beautiful night. temperatures are falling fast. the park, we already have 75. down to low 70s overnight.
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northwest counties. riverdale right now, 77, same for white stone and ridgewood. 75 for murray hill and sunset park. temperatures overnight do fall off. but it won't be hard to get them back in to the 80s tomorrow. lots of sunshine to start. already monticello is down to 63. 69 in white plains and 71 in montauk. looking at the numbers overnight, we do slip in to the 70s but it will be no time at all. maybe 10:00, 11:00 before we get back in to the 80s. we'll push those through the afternoon. the upper 80s. by tomorrow evening we'll start to see changes. humidity will begin late tomorrow night. maybe showers tuesday in to wednesday. humidity remains on hold one more day. have the windows open tonight. hazy, hot, and humid by middle week and really even tomorrow night i think we'll start to feel the mugginess returning. the dog days of summer really get going then they take off for the next six or seven days. i don't think we're going to have a break from this pattern. here's a look at the satellite and radar.
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northeast. just absolutely beautiful with high pressure in control. by tomorrow though we'll start to see that slide off to the east. new pattern develops bringing not only clouds but also showers late tomorrow night in to early wednesday morning. a lot of humid air in place. it sticks really for the next several days. thursday and friday there will be chances for afternoon showers as well. taking that same pattern in to the weekend. i think the wettest day probably does turn out to be wednesday but chances for showers and storms each and every day the weekend. northeast winds, 15 knots tomorrow, top waves will be at 3 feet. water temperature all the way to 79. some of the buoys. rip current risk is low. forecast for air quality is good. uv index ratings are an 8 tomorrow. pollen counts moderate to high with grasses being the main concern. 71 in the city. 60s for the suburbs under clear skies. lots of sunshine tomorrow. still warm. but the mugies hold off till wednesday. look at the change that comes in
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on wednesday. but they'll be showers at any time during the day. thursday, friday, saturday, even in to sunday, we've got temperatures pushing the upper 80s to near 90 degrees. there will be a lot of humidity at the surface. there will be clouds coming and going. so which days can hit the 90-degree mark, maybe surpass it? pretty much any da stretch. we go with the numbers most likely for these days. i think we'll have a nice string of very warm days that have feels-like temperatures well in to the 90s. that's the pattern, it looks li stretch is tomorrow, you guys, so if you can take advantage of it, go for it. >> i don't mind the heat. just all the storms. >> the humidity. that's what my grandmother used to say. it's not the heat. it's the humidity. coming up next, a warning about something more people in our area are doing in their car. >> plus, a store clerk doesn't want to become a victim and
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can't mess with this woman. dramatic video showing the moment a convenience store clerk turned the table on would-be robbers. the woman opening fire on the two as they held up her houston store. the suspects fled, dropping a money bag behind. the clerk says she didn't even think about what was happening. she just started shooting. this should be common sense but a warning tonight for drivers about the dangers of snapping selfies while behind the wheel. a new national review shows likely to take selfies, documenting their journeys, even though it's illegal in many states to use a phone while driving. new jersey ranking 7th, new york ranking 8th. brad paisley playing along with an expectant couple who asked him to reveal the gender of their baby to be during his concert. >> wow, that's terrible writing.
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it's a boy. [ cheering ] >> it's the is the third baby for the couple. their first two kids, both girls. i love their reaction. >> interesting place to reveal that. laura is up next with sports. >> we have an interesting week ahead of us. it may be brief but the alex rodriguez goodbye tour will kick off in boston tomorrow night, part of what's been a
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this goodbye tour. >> it's an unprecedented week. let's call this the calm before the storm. enjoying an off day today. it marks the end of the alex rodriguez tour. from the big trades before the deadline, to mark teixeira's
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been easy. >> to lose guys like this, it's hard. this has been a tough month. obviously it's a hot topic every day. it's not an easy topic to talk about. it's taken its toll. >> the mets are also off today. the captain is out for the season after having neck surgery and while he's b challenges of his rehab has been being stuck on the bench watching the mets, wishing he could help. >> definitely tough to sit back and watch the team, especially when we're struggling because that's when you feel like you can go out there and make a difference, when the teams scuffling a little bit, you want to be the guy to go out there and get the big hit. >> the first game of the nfl's exhibition season may not exactly have worked out as the hall of fame game was canceled
1:34 am
fate later this week. big blue opens the preseason friday night at metlife. for a team that didn't make the playoffs, an actual game has been a long time coming for the giants. eli manning can't wait to check out his offense. >> long time without live and these guys are rushing for you, obviously got some new guys. get them in the mix. see how they adjust to things. >> and the jets continue to work thursday at the meadowlands. ryan fitzpatrick starting to find his groove after missing all the offseason programs while he and the jets squared off in the stalemate. while there's still plenty of work ahead, fits believes he's made great strides already. >> i feel pretty good right now. i think we've made good progress so far. we're headed in the right direction. it's definitely been a productive nine days. both the united states men's
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only. olympic gold. both are on their way. the women beating spain by 40 today while the men also rolled despite a slow start, venezuela 113-69. carmelo anthony is third highest in scoring in usa basketball history. he'll have a chance to move in to first in their next game. while in the pool, another great night for the u.s. lily previously suspended for doping. katie miley also taking the bronze. then on the men's side, ryan murphy taking gold with an olympic record in the 100 meter backstroke. fellow american david plumber grabbing the bronze. he's 30 years old. the oldest first time olympian swimmer for the u.s. in over a century. >> great showing today. >> such an old guy.


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