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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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the other deli where the trouble originated and a worker from this store walked across the street toward his neighbors then that ultimately cost him his life. nearly 12 hours after a deadly shooting, crime scene investigators were still on site where a 49-year-old bodega worker was shot and killed by a man who managed to steal a police officer's gun. >> as the escorting mr. guzman out of the store, he was able to grab a gun from one of the officers' holsters. >> reporter: just after 1:00 a.m., the officers were called to 198th street and valentine because of a dispute as they attempted to escort 30-year-old ephraim guzman from the store, he reportedly grabbed one officer's weapon and began firing.
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fatally struck a 49-year-old male who works in a store across the street. >> reporter: the other officer fired back at guzman hitting him twice. it was too late for the neighboring deli worker who reportedly simply crossed the street with a warning about the trouble-maker. >> good guy. never wanted no problems. never having no trouble with nobody. always giving you any, anything you need, he will help you out. live now here in the bronx, we can only tell you about the victim in this case that he is said to be an immigrant from mali. folks who though him in the neighborhood say he is one of the hardest working people they know. police have not been able to contact his family so they are not releasing his identity. as for mr. guzman, he is reportedly in stable condition. charges against him are pending. we can tell you that he has had at least nine prior arrests,
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prison for a robbery. again, charges against him this afternoon are pending. we're live in the bedford park section of the bronx. i'm sandra brookman, channel 7 "eyewitness news." an nypd officer was stabbed in the hand during a wellness check in queens. a man acting irrationally locked himself in the bathroom. the man lunged at him and stabbed an officer in the hand sharp object. the negotiators persuaded crosby craig to surrender, and he was taken into custody. new at noon, officials in texas confirm that a child in the houston area had microcephaly. it's the condition that shrinks the size of baby's heads. the mother got the mosquito- borne illness while visiting latin america. health officials say there is not a zika risk in texas.
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humidity and tracking for thunderstorms tomorrow. that is true. we have today a really nice day. the last day before the heat and humidity takes hold here tomorrow. nice, sunny day with high clouds, 83 degrees. a light northeast wind. it is going to be a nice afternoon with 86 at white stone. 88 at garrison. the inland areas will be warmer tomorrow and the wind will go south-southwest. down around chesapeake bay toward chincoteague inlet and washington, d.c. it's all part of a big low down to the south. that will come to us tomorrow. so you see this afternoon we're looking at temperatures around 83, 87 with very low humidity. you see the clouds creeping up? that's the moisture. tomorrow morning, we'll have a shower and thunderstorm by midday. the warm soupy air mass
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at temperatures this afternoon drop into the 07s. we'll talk more about those thunderstorms and 90-degree heat. maybe a heat wave coming up. shirleen, back to you. police in massachusetts are reaching out to the community as they search for a person who killed a person from new york. a tip line was set up. thee went out for a walk and never returned. the google executive was visiting her mother in the found just a half mile away from the woods. the area is on edge. >> we are concerned about the safety of our residents and visitors that enter our town. we would ask people to pay attention to their surroundings. >> this is the second such case in a matter of days. in our next half hour, joe torres will explain some of the similarities to a murder in howard beach. a young girl is in serious
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feet to the ground. witnesses say a basket on a ride at the green county fair got stuck and flipped over when the ride began to turn. the girls tossed out. all of them were alert and speaking before they were rushed to the hospital. all of the rides are now closed pending the results of an investigation. new video shows a fire and flames broke out just before 8:00 last night and sent thick smoke across lower manhattan. the extent of th landmark building is still being set. 190 power recently sold for $55 million and supposed to be converted into an office building. news copter 7 is on manhattan's upper east side as police search for two men. police approached the homeless man and punched him in the eye with a first or possibly even a gun. the victim's laptop and camera were stolen. detectives believe they may
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now to the race for the white house. democratic nominee hillary clinton is under fire this afternoon for a guest at her rally. the fatherful a gunman at the nightclub shooting was on the stage as she talked about it. >> reporter: an unusual controversy brewing for hillary clinton. at a rally south orlando go last night, clinton kept up her attacks on donald trump. >> he gave a speech in detroit trying subject. >> reporter: but on stage right behind her, that man with the moustache and red hat, that's saddiq mateen, the forth of orlando nightclub shooter omar mateen. clinton did not but did mention the june attack that left 49 dead. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: campaign rallies are highly producep.
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a statement that it was a 3,000- person rally. this individual wasn't invited as a guest add the campaign was unaware of his attendancing in after the event. the tv station spoke after the rally and said he is supporting clinton. with another poll showing clinton's lead growing, trump is facing more backlash for republicans. senator susan collins of maine not vote for the republican in november. she writes "mr. trump lacks the temperament, self-discipline and judgment required to be president. and? trump dismissed this as political motivated from the failed washington elite. karen travers, abc news, washington. meanwhile, the parents of
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hillary clinton. the lawsuit blames the deaths on what it calls clinton's extreme carelessness in handling confident information while she was secretary of state. the clinton campaign responded with sympathy for the deaths but said nine different investigations into the attack found no evidence of any wrongdoing by her. a major ruling about
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a major ruling about
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jersey. new jersey was sued by sport leagues and ncaa. they said the expansion of sports betting could lead to game fixing. delta airlines is cleaning up a global mess after a power outage left thousands of flights delayed. 250 more flights with are canceled this morning as the airline gets its operation back to normal. tens of thousands of passengers put into hotels overnight or were stuck waiting for flights overnight. the carrier s offered a blanket $200 for all customers who experienced a delay of three hours or longer. the city is working to figure out how to make the brooklyn bridge walkway more spacious. the path is typically overcrowded with new yorkers heading to and from work and tourists snapping pictures. touted as a marvel of engineering when it was built in 1883, the bridge caters to thousands of people traveling to brooklyn and manhattan.
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work every day. >> in the morning there are no tourists. coming back in the evening it's a nightmare. i just realized my ballot is not really working and it's ten minutes of complete pain in the head. >> he could see more space in the future. the d.o.t. has a tentative plan to expand the pathway over the care lane, but that could take years. for now, the city is expected to study how to make the walkway larger to accommodate who cross it. today marks two years since michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. a memorial service and moment of silence was held there on the street where he died. the black unarmed 18-year-old was shot by officer darren wilson on august 9, 2014. a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. rob blagojevich will learn
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sentence. he was found guilty of 18 charges in 2012 including trying to sell a senate seat very kateed by president obama. after an appeals court shot down five convictions, he earned a right to a resentencing hearing. the medical treatment cupping is popular among this year's olympic athletes, but are they getting any benefit from it? "forbes" magazine points out medical evidence that it provides any benefit. in fact, it may be dangerous. repeated use can destroy skin and led to infection. we have a reality check coming up on first at 4:00. >> it leaves very weird looking marks. an extreme example of what not to do behind the wheel. we know texting and driving is
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up to its nickname as the sunshine state. a flash flood warning remains in place for parts of florida following several days of major flooding there. more than 10 inches of rain fell in the big bend area, and tampa bay was slammed with a foot and a half of rain in the last 2 1/2 days. >> wow. here, i just want a snapshot, bill, and hold on to it. >> today is so nice. >> don't let it go. my back done. >> really? >> yeah, they were doing all of that cupping on my back. [ laughter ] >> what did i tell you about the cupping? month more cupping. >> you should see my back. i look like a dalmatian. [ laughter ] let's look outside here at noontime. it is a great day to be outside, no doubt about it. wait until 1:00! let's look outside at noontime. this camera around times square on the right that's ellis island and you see the statue of liberty.
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jersey and bayonne and staten island and the far distance, that's sandy hook, new jersey. dry humidity 44%. a northeast wind keeps it dry. pressure is at 30.24. normal high pressure is 30.00. look how far above that the barometer is. normal high is 84. we'll get to 85 to 88. sunset's at 8:01. hu and that's today. then it gets to be hazy, hot and humid by the end of the week. the dog days end around august 11th. the dog star serous appears around august 15th. it will feel like the dog days going into the weekend. it's 84 in hanover. 85 bridge water. 83 poughkeepsie. this doesn't feel, you know, all that warm out there.
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jersey shore, and that feels great. the rain goat to our south is expanding and this warm, soupy air mass will keep coming up from the south tonight. this afternoon, i was showing you the temperatures mid-80s, upper 80s. here comes the flow from south and north and the west the showers start to build in after midnight. you see tomorrow morning, during and after the morning commute, y popping up in the afternoon. you'll need your rain gear tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are in the mid- 80s but still a very soupy day. it's going to start to get hot with this air mass. as a matter of fact, here's the heat index for tomorrow at 2. 90s inland. so the air temperature will get to near 90 tomorrow. that could kick off another heat wave as we head into the weekend. so tonight, we're looking at
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starts to get humid after midnight with a spotty shower. then we're looking at clouds and sun tomorrow. you'll need the umbrella as a shower or thunderstorm in your future. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. it gets to 90 on thursday. 92 on friday. saturday 92 and finally it gets really close to 90 on sunday. just a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm each day. that'll make it a real steam bath after one of those. of weather next week. >> thanks a lot. thank you. a search for an arsonist. police searching for a man they say accidentally set himself on fire. >> and hundreds of workers
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time to you for the stories caught on camera that caught our attention. we'll start with the hunt for a burglar seen on surveillance camera using a sombrero. taking a close look. this guy showed up in the middle of the night and took several items including a wallet. the neighbor who posted the images on facebook claims the suspect had an accomplice working with him. next, an arson attempt
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man catching himself on fire. surveillance video shows him catching the back draft and instead of dropping and rolls, he runs. kicked off a burning sneak person nobody knows yet why he even did any of this. a judge allowing an inmate the first tile. the husband and wife were busted and she allowed one brief exception for the dad to meet his son for the first time. the couple teared up and the judge even ended up handing out tissues. shark sightings around cape cod. at least six spotted just yesterday. some were as close as 25 yards from the shore. researchers are keeping a close eye to one beachgoer to track how long the sharks stay in the
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and other kind of wildlife. so let's not get too crazy, right, bill? >> they are not going to bother you. they had a boccie game going on over there. >> very competitive among sharks. >> good to know. thank you, guys. we are learning more about how facebook plans to rid its social networking site of so- called click baits. the company says changes to algorithm will identify articles that lack specifics, use exaggeration or create misleading expectations. the flagged articles will be given less prominence on users' news feeds. the company says its goal is to get back to showing users more posts from friends. new signs of trouble for twitter. it has put one-third of its san francisco office space up for sublease. with the rent negotiable,
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now down 56% from when it started trading. the space is now being offered. it contains work stations for more than 1400 employees. it is the single largest sublease available in san francisco. next at noon, two separate tragedies involving children on rides. the concern being raised now about theme park safety nationwide. plus, a murder mystery. a new york city massachusetts. the comparison being drawn to a similar case in howard beach, queens just days before.
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our afternoon, police say a man grabbed the gun of a police officer inside of a deli in the bronx during a robbery and used it to shoot and kill someone else. they have identified the gunman as ephraim guzman. he has nine prior arrests including burglary and robbery. an infant's death is linked to the zika virus. a child tested positive for the condition that stops brain development and shrinks the size of a baby's head. the mother apparently got the
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visiting latin america. some critics are taking aim at hillary clinton for the person who showed up at her rally. saddiq mateen, the father of the orlando nightclub shooter, who is on the government's no- fly list, was spotted in the audience in the background of that rally. clinton's campaign says he was not an invited guest. it was open to the public. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. police are investigating another murder mystery involving a jo york city was killed while out for a run in massachusetts. >> she was visiting family at the time. the latest case is drawing comparisons to last week's killing in queens. joe torres explains the similarities. >> reporter: people in princeton, massachusetts, remain on edge as police search for a killer. >> we have a young woman who appears to be a murder victim, and you can't be too careful right now.
12:31 pm
on sunday at 1:00 p.m. and never came back. marcot worked for google as an account manager. her social media show cases her life including her mother, who she was visiting in massachusetts. >> we do not know if a random act. we are asking the residents to use an abundance of caution. we are asking the public to be careful and to be vigilant. if you have seen anything or seen someone within the last 24 asking you to report it to the massachusetts state police. >> reporter: police sources tell abc news investigators are looking into signs of sexual assault. this is the second high-profile case in less than a week involving a young woman murdered while going out for a jog in broad daylight. one week ago and 193 miles away, are a rina's body was found by her father just feet away from a jogging trail near her parents' home in queens.
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public meeting in the neighborhood to keep people informed of the latest developments. >> so far, we have collected several pieces of evidence that are being forensiccally processed as we speak. we hope to have all results back very soon. >> reporter: i'm joe torres, channel 7 "eyewitness news." >> massachusetts state police setp a tip line in vanessa marcot's case. they want people to call the number on the screen if they know anything that could help them find her killer. we've al that number on our web site, abc7ny. new at noon, video shows the suspect wanted for a string of armed cell phone store robberies, and police say the man entered a tree pcs store.
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queens on saturday. two innocent bystanders were injured last night near 179th street and grand concourse in the mount hope section. police say a 20-year-old woman and a 63-year-old man was shot when a gunman opened fire in the area. they are expected to be okay. so far, no arrests. in two separate tragedies involving park rides in just days adds to the latest freak accidents. the county fair sent three children tumbling from a ferris wheel. the other, a 10-year-old killed in a water slide in kansas. >> the incidents are renewing concerns about theme park oversight nationwide. >> i've got three kids that fell from the ferris wheel, three kids. >> reporter: a trip to the county fair ending in the emergency room for three girls in ten is i. >> i just feel bad for the
12:34 pm
ground just laying there. >> reporter: according to police, the cart the girls were riding in somehow got caught against another just below it turning their cart nearly upside down, sending the girls tumbling between 30 and 45 feet to the ground. >> two of the children were alert answering questions. i can't tell you whether the not. >> reporter: this morning, the park is closed until further notice. meanwhile in kansas -- >> a very loud boom, boom. i knew immediately someone had fallen off the ride. >> reporter: i winces revealed while -- eyewitnesses revealed 10-year-old caleb schwab was tossed from the raft at the end of the ride. police confirmed he died of a neck injury.
12:35 pm
injuries. early safety checks of this slide showed people going airborne prompting seat belts and safety nets. water is the most dangerous thing at amusement parks. the 19-year-old charged with killing an american woman is expected in court. zachariah bullhand is being charged with multiple counts of murder. he is a regional national who moved in the u.k.14 years ago. he refused to accept the public defender during his first court appearance. an arrest has been made during a hit and run accident that killed a 61-year-old woman.
12:36 pm
yesterday morning. 27-year-old kassie hansen was arrested after an anonymous person told them she saw a person who matched the description. happening today, mosquito spraying will resume in two outer boroughs. city health officials are trying to prevent the spread of the west nile and the zika. the health department said while they do not expect to find zika here, they are taking no chances. mosquitoes love standing water. we may be getting some. bill everyonens has the forecast. >> this afternoon will be great. sunshine is 83 degrees right now with a low humidity. as we go into the afternoon,
12:37 pm
couple of hours. it becomes more. we'll talk about that next in your accuweather forecast. david, back to you. the faa adding shuns of air traffic control to its ranks as it puts puts out its ranks. accepted applicants will go through a training program, and receive $38,000 per year starting. the median is $122,000. an officer with special skills. coming up, an officer's cooking skills go viral. the act of kindness is coming up. >> wildfires rage in southern california forcing the evacuation of hundreds of
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. police hope surveilla attack on a subway. this is the man who yelled home hoe phobic slurs the two men fought on the platform. the victim stabbed twice. the attacker got away. right now, firefighters are racing to contain a wildfire that's leaving a devastating path of destruction.
12:41 pm
and forced massive evacuations. cana wentworth has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, a wildfire raging in the mountains of san bernardino county. >> i'm very shaken up. this is my first fire. >> reporter: smoke stretching across 6,000 acres of burning land. this vegetation. >> reporter: the wind-churning wild fife continuing. >> i've been to several fires but never one this close. >> reporter: battling the inferno from the air. dropping fire retardant from air tankers in the sky. on the ground, they saved homes, coating them in
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sign of slowing down. donald trump has phoned in support from his pro trump sign was torched over the weekend. trump thanked the man for what he was doing and commended the artist for the giant red, white, and blue t. the sign is now being replaced today. both the nypd and fire department are investigating the attack. a lesbian couple is suing to get their fertilit treatments covered by insurance. they filed suit against new jersey over a state law that allows fertility treatments to be covered for heterosexual couples. it must be diagnosed after unprotected sex, according to the wording. >> right away, without having sexual intercourse, we would not be covered.
12:43 pm
medical treatment a heterosexual couple would have. >> we were sent a statement saying they can't comment on pending litigation. distracted driving, the extreme example. a warning to drivers using the cameras on smartphones while driving. >> and never too young for politics. a 4-year-old who is campaigning
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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$200 million in global revenue in just its first month. those earnings easily beat other top earning games such as candy crush and clash royale. the game is free to download but offers in-app purchases where players can buy additional items. the game's creators have a deal that turned 3,000 mcdonald's restaurants in gyms where players can battle each other. >> i hadn't heard about that.
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about it. officers from brooklyn's 62nd precinct delivered the baby girl right outside of the station house. a woman in labor parked there and her aunt had run into the precinct screaming for help "there's a baby being born here." the baby's head had already been crowning so it was quick work. mom and baby are doing well. in one minnesota town, the a 4-year-old may need a juice box after losing his re- election campaign. i introduce to you james who's wise beyond his years. >> i'm kind of afraid and not kind of afraid. >> why are you kind of afraid? >> because if he doesn't win, then i'm pretty much gonna not
12:48 pm
youngest mayor when he was elected lost. by the way, the 2 1/2-year-old promised puppies and kittens to all. that's the best campaign ever. just so you know, winning an election in that town is not so hard because the population is only around two dozen people. >> i hope they were watching james carville. puppies and kittens. >> no, never. >> not at all. nice day outside. we have low humidity. nice day about living where we are in this part of the country where you have a little northeast wind, low humidity, sunshine. it's really nice. so enjoy because it's not going to last forever because we're going to have hot stuff coming your way. hazy sunshine right now kind of looks bad. just the humidity is really low. if you see it in the form of the dew point it's 59. 83 is the temperature. the farther away the dew point
12:49 pm
temperature number, the drier that it is and 44% humidity. calm wind and pressure is rising. air quality is good. pollen count grasses. 86 around la guardia. and right around teeterboro. you see the wind profile here southeast now. so the north east whipping around the southeast. that keeps the water after of the atlantic. thunderstorms from the giant low around florida. on our guidance, you'll see overnight we'll be in the 70s. it will be warm, humid, sticky, steamy, stuffy. it looks like a good one here. in the afternoon, the showers and thunderstorms are going to be popping up. then we'll get into thursday and the temperature is going to take off.
12:50 pm
is around 94, 93 at this time in the afternoon tomorrow. it probably even though friday maybe even saturday inland areas will feel closer to 100. tomorrow will be humid with mid- 80s and a shower and thunderstorm. then the high pressure ridge kind of keeps sliding out and sits there. the big ole bermuda high. so we've got big ole heat coming out into thursday, friday, saturday, and into a good part of sunday. so i want to show you that this warm air will be hanging around th then you can see hot weather. i guess, you know, 90s are not enough. even emit upper 90s for the real-feel next week. so 88 this afternoon. we're looking at 73 tonight and looking at a shower or thunderstorm after midnight. we'll have a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. you'll need your rain gear tomorrow as well. i think tomorrow you have a better chance of seeing a thunderstorm than thursday or friday. the chances are there, and they are very low.
12:51 pm
and humidity into the weekend. >> right. >> summertime i'd like to take a little break and sun goes away. >> just have that umbrella nearby. >> thank you, bill. a warning for drivers about the dangers of snapping selfies behind the wheel. a national review shows drivers are among those most likely to take selfies documenting the journey even though it's illegal to use a cell phone while driving. new jersey residents ranked se new york ranked eighth. >> you have to give people a warning about this? >> come on, people. >> i hope you were listening. >> we'll be right back. first, a look at what's coming up next. >> hey, guys, we're heating things up and grilling the garden. michael is teaching you how to plant and cook vegetables. and i'm showing you how to grill your salads. have i gone mad?
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good afternoon. here's what's coming up later on "eyewitness news" first at 4:00. we told you earlier about the health trend at the olympics called cupping. dr. richard besser joins us with his take on if it's safe and side effects. >> plus, a couple right there, married for 63 years died just 20 minutes apart. we'll take a closer look at the beautiful love story and how they stayed together until the very end. at 4:00. >> can't wait. the story today, getting a start on social media and getting shared and retweeted. we start with an extreme case of distracted driving. a woman caught on video driving in colorado, foot on the dashboard but if that wasn't bad enough, she was also texting. not even a texter's bill can pull that off. she was captured texting for more than ten seconds while
12:56 pm
has quickly become the poster child for distracted driving and has been slammed online for putting others in danger. >> since this is the theme, let's talk about a kind act involving pasta, shall we? this shows police officers cooking pasta for an elderly couple. the officers were called to the home after concerned neighbors heard crying inside of the apartment. officers quickly figured out no crime had been committed. the world as watching the news and sad that they hadn't had any visitors for a while. no better cure than a touch of humanity. >> that sounds good. the movie ghostbusters has people talking about comedian leslie jones and her enthusiastic tweets. i've been following these. some are hysterical.
12:57 pm
keep your head up, boo! way to go, missy, boo! win the cup, boo! [ laughter ] >> her tweets have gotten her an invitation to go to rio. >> she landed herself a job with those hilarious tweets. >> all right. thank you so much for watching us. that wraps up this edition of "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot.
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