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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 9, 2016 4:00pm-4:57pm EDT

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fter the gunfire. >> one victim says he's shocked he's alive. nj has the story. >>reporter: 179 street and grand concourse is where it happened. it was about this busy when it did happen. people coming in and out of the corner grocery, people coming in and out of the subway. and then gunshots. dave, there was absolutely no warning when this guy opened fire. 63-year old gomez was standing off the shots. the store surveillance video here caught what happened next. the gun man sprays the street corner with at least half a dozen bullets. it's happening at 6:30 in the evening. bystanders dive for cover and one young woman is struck in the leg. a man tears off his shirt to try to stop the bleeding. among all the panic on the grand concourse. it's not clear who the intended target was.
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was not the young woman. it was not risello struck in the lower leg. he was frightened at the time. he didn't realize he had been hit. >> i heard a bunch of -- i heard people screaming and i heard the shots. i was shot in the lower part of the leg. after i heard the shots, i went home and that's when i noticed that i was shot in the leg. >> he was hospitiz today to get a look now for the first time since the shooting. the other victim, the yuk woman is identified as a 20-year old woman, she's listed in stable condition tonight with her wound. it's an active police investigation at this hour, but no arrest. we'll have an update and more with my interview with gomez tonight at
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channel 7 ice -- channel 7 news. channel shannon -- shannon sohn is -- >>reporter: you can see this truck is barely visible underneath the tree. one1 person inside that truck was travelling at the time of the tree -- he was travelling when the tree fell. this is quite an amazing picture. look at how big this tree is. it's split right in half down the middle and while this car is driving through, it fell on top of them. look how far back from the roadway the tree is. what you need to know as you travel through this area. the westbound side of pollen parkway is blocked with this tree. it's causing delays as you get into the yaits avenue area. it's going to take a while to get the tree cut up to remove it. shannon so hn, eyewitness
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criminal who stole an officer's gun inside of a deli and killed a 49-year old ' em bloi -- killed a 49-year old employee. police escorted the spent, 30-year old efren out of the store, he grabbed an officer's gun and opened fire. >> he fired from struck a 49-year old male who works in a store across the street. >> police officers returned fire hitting guzman twice. he's recovering in the hospital this afternoon. detectives say the deli worker who died was trying to warning his neighbors about the suspect. and one more story from the bronx, that's developing right now. fire crews on the scene of a four-alarm fire. the damage to series of buildings and injured
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-- kimberly richardson with the details. >>reporter: dave, it has -- as one chief told me this time of year, an army's physical job gets tougher between the equipment that the firefighters have to carry and then these high temperatures where today all of that took a toll on three firefighters. we're told two are suffering from heat related conditions. a third received minor burns fighting what started as a four-alarm fire, but it was a five-alarm blaze. it start of a private home at 6263 east 35th street. firefighters believes the fire broke out on a back porch. the homes are attached. the fire spread to one home on the left and three on the right. more than 155 firefighters rushed here and we're told things are now understand control. i spoke with one woman who lives on a first floor apartment where the fire broke out. >>
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i live on the 5th floor. we ran out. they were trying to get their grandmother out and the grandma, she -- they were tried to get her out and they fell down the stairs. i ran back to get this, but i have a lot of medication that i wasn't able to get out that i have to take. the smoke and now that's -- we're here. >> the news copter 7 was up above as firefighters are on the ground broke ou inside. fire -- fire marshals are trying to fin point what started this fire. the 3 firefighters who were injured, we're told they were taken to jacoby hospital. this is the house, the purple one, the gray one, that's 636 where the fire started. folks are being able to get back in their. they're ex-skoerted -- they're
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needed her medication. those folks are being escorted by officials back into these homes. 2305th -- 230 5th treat street. it's closed -- no one living in those homes was hurt. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. live in the bronx, kimberly richardson richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we're going to follow this story and remember, you can always get up alerts about developing storyies on our abc7ny mobile app. three people were reportedly injured when a fire broke out on the 12th floor of an office building in the financial district. fire officials say the flames broke out in the machine room at 30th broad street after 10:00 this morning. the fire quickly spread and the building evacuated. at least one1 person suffered serious burns and two others treated for minor
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20-year old vanessa marcotte murdered while visiting her parents. she was killed and her body set on fire while on a walk near her more's home 40 miles west of the boston in the town of princeton on sunday night. her body was discovered not that far away in a wooded area. police haven't named a suspect and they have launched a tip line looking for clues. back here in our area, residents in howard beach another unsolved murder of a young jogger. the nypd answered questions at a packed church last night about the death of 30-year old karen have tron know. her care -- about camacho wren vetrano. evidence from the crime scene is being processed. a 27-year old woman under arrest in new jersey charged with a deadly hit-and-run accident. police say 6 61-year old marie thorn was struck
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casey was arrested after a person flagged down an officer and said he saw a vehicle matching a prichgs prescription of the one that hit thorns. they offered him forgiveness. >> there's rain in our future. meteorologist aimee freeze is in -- aimee freeze is in for lee goldberg. >> we've seen the clouds cre temperatures as warm as 90 degrees this afternoon t southerly flow brings in a few changes. we have the clouds coming in. it's about the temperatures down to 84 in central park and then we're looking for these temperatures to lower into the upper 70s by sunset. as rain approaches the area, looks like by late tonight into early dawn hours of tomorrow, we can see showers moving in. right now , over baltimore and washington dc, we've had a few sprinkles coming
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looking for rain, showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. accuweather planner shows this well. we go into sunset with around temperatures 79, 78 78 degrees and overnight, l into the mid-to upper 70s. by dawn, showers and thunderstorms moving through the area and there's a threat all day. coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast forecast, we'll talk temperatures. how long will we be in the 90-degree streak and when we could finally shake the showers. david, i'll have that in a few minutes. , thanks. to the race for president. both candidates on the candidate trail. trump facing backlash within his own party. meanwhile, clinton's campaign getting criticized for someone who showed up in the audience of her rally last night. the father of the orlando nightclub gunman. karen travelers has the -- karen
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of obama but worse. >> a poll shows clinton expanding her lead and trump facing backlash from republicans. suzanne collins of main writing in a washington post that she won't vote for him because he lacks the temperament, self dismrins and-- and discipline to be president. she tell tells cnn she's not sure who he'll vote for. >> i have concerns about clinton and i am not going to support her. >> her campaign swing through florida. touring a heath facility in miami where she pushed for more action to combat zika. >> this is a serious challenge and one that we need to be mobilized to address before it expands even further. >> but her campaign facing questions about her rally last night south of orlando. right behind her
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nightclub shooting, omar. matin wasn't invited as a guess and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event. >> the clinton campaign is considering expanding itsy lek tral map to arizona and georgia. two traditionally republican states. polls show clinton can tending there and the campaign can be worth the invet -- worth the investment. katherine travers. there's a pro donald trump lawn sign torched over the weekend. the t-shaped sign sign went up in flames. the homeowner hired an artist to create the piece which sat in his home. police in brooklyn looking for the man who struck a toddler in the face with a glass bottle. it happened at the corner of 5th avenue and 60th
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section. a 3-year old boy suffered a cut above his left eye. the boy was taken to the hospital for treatment. people who live nearby say they see a group of men near the intersection. a girl busted for a string of bike thefts. the more serious crimes police say they were getting ready to commit when they were arrested. we'll tell you about it. a plot stopped thanks to an nypd officer, the
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we want to go back to the
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shannon sohn is over the scene. shannon, what's the update. >>reporter: the good news is they got the car underneath the tree. it was a pickup truck driving by yates avenue kwh this tree came down on top of it. the person that was inside, they needed to cut the tree out from around the car to free the person, but it looks like only one minor injuries. the bad news is the tree in the middle of holland parkway. the right shoulder gets through as you a huge traffic nightmare. reporting live over -- shannon sohn. we have this from the lirr, a service on the branch suspended between brentwood. it's because of signal trouble. commuters being told to use alternate railroad branchs like port jefferson and babylon. we're told limited bus service is available here, and we'll have more information as we get
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a dozen people including ten juveniles are facing charges in a string of bicycle thefts in new jersey. police say the fwrup of suspects were arrested after stealing bicycles around hoboke and 9 of the underaged suspects have been released to their parents. police say they came from out of the city with intent of stealing the bikes and committing burglaries. one detective was pushed into a moving car by one of the teens during the arrest. we have details on the sustained in a fall from a ferris wheel at a county fair in tennessee. the youngest victim 6-year old and suffered a brain injury when she hit her head. her 10-year old sister and 16-year old friend are said to be in stable condition tonight. the car they were -- the cart they were riding in got hooked into another one turning there's upside down and throwing them onto the ground. >> all rides operated by a family attractions amusement
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fair were closed last night and will remain closed until third party infections are completed. >> all the rides at the fair shut down while the accident is being investigated. in kansas, the tallest water slide where a 10-year old boy died on sunday will reopen tomorrow. it has been closed during the investigation into the death of 10-year old caleb schwab. an eyewitness news said he saw caleb get tossed from the last. pronounced dead at the scene. the incident raising questions about age and height restrictions on this slide ride. a federal court today dealt a legal blow to new jersey's attempt to legalize sports bedding. the appeal ear court set aside the legal challenge to a federal ban and invalidates a law passed by new jersey in 2014. it would have allowed
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claiming the expansion of legal sports bedding will -- it will lead to game fixing. and delta airlines is still struggling to get back on schedule following yesterday's global computer glitch. delta cancelled another 530 flights today as the airline continues to rebook thousands of passengers from all those cancelled flights yesterday. customers are warned to check the status of their flights at delta's website or the app. >> there were people in tears at the airport over what news, if you got stuck in new york, you got a fabulous day. we have aimee freeze in for lee goldberg. what can you tell us? >> it's hot, but i love it. some places got to 90 degrees. and this dry heat is exactly what we would expect in the summertime. so serving it up just before the changes come in. we're going to see humidity returning to the forecast already. a southerly flow coming in and that's what drags
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chance for showers. we're a handful of degrees warmer than yesterday at this same time. our daytime highs have come in. 89 degrees for laguardia is the high temperature. 87 for ice live and the clouds will come in -- 87 for ice live and clouds will come in and curve the edge of the heat we have. the pattern will continue to be -- weather coming up from the south. that will be an increase in the humidity. showers and thunderstorms and after midnight we could see light showers and the bulk of the rain will come together. on the future cast you can see that well. later on tonight, we see the clouds come in and those overnight turn into a few showers. early on tomorrow, it looks like the biggest threat is north and west of the city. and then throughout the day, we can't rule out a shower for anybody. showers and thunderstorms actually are going to become the really -- really the repeat over the next couple
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and then thursday, same story. get a little sun in the morning, clouds come in. there are the afternoon showers showing up and on friday, same thing. start with a little sun. maybe showers to the north and by the afternoon, a more quick development of showers and thunderstorms. and perhaps we can shove those out of the way for friday afternoon and then saturday and sunday, we've got plenty of heat and humidity to contend with. wellness wednesday forecast for you tomorrow, air quality is good. uv index at an 8 which and pollen count is moderate to high and grass is a concern. tonight we get down to 73 degrees overnight. the spotty storms that we're forecasting coming after midnight. it's an overnight shower that might show up. and then more wide spread showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. a lot of humidity, so the 85-degree temperature will feel like 90 degrees. so it will be adding a few -- feels like temperature to the numbers tomorrow. here's the 7-day forecast. 90 on thursday.
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got quite a stretch of hot, muggy air coming in, so you want to pay as close attention to the numbers themselves, but instead the realization that the humidity will make it feel even hotter. this is the time of year where we like to put our self s repeat or replay if -- we like to put ourselves on repeat or replay. it is the dogs of summer where we go showers in the day and clouds and thunderstorms threatening through the afternoo get the picture. we're into the muggy zone and i'll have details on what to expect maybe in the higher elevations tomorrow or down the shore at the beaches and how you might escape the heat. >> the beaches, thank you. a judge changes her mind and makes an exception for a new dad. what she did that caused the tears to flow in a courtroom. together until the end.
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an emotional meeting in a court after a judge allows an inmate to meet his baby for the first time. the husband and wife were busted for burglary. a judge ordered a no-contact order for them. but she changed her mind.
4:25 pm
the dad to meet his son, like i said for the first time. the couple, as a result teared up and the judge had to handout tissues. >> wow. well, summer is not over yet, but before you know, the new season of prime time television will be upon us. >> excuse for self promotion. abc -- >> sandy kenyon has a preview of what you'll see. >>reporter: liz, david, the star prime time season is 6 weeks away. all of the networks have been talking up their new shows to the nation's tv critics gathered in beverly hills. i checked out the abc presentation. two ladies who made history came together to promote the new abc schedule in la. >> people of color are really stepping up, you know, and
4:26 pm
on narratives. >> thanks to a work in how to get away with murder, davis is the first african american woman to win an emmy as lead actress in a drama. lee is the first to head entertainment at a tv network. >> as women in this business, as women of color, we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and as the mother of a 4-year old daughter daughter that i can be a role model to her. that's exciting. >> the stars c promote the schedule that debuts this fall. >> i just added a little photo from the carpet and tweeted it out. >> the goldbergs is returning on a rating's role in september, but the focus here is on new shows like american housewife set in west fort and starring katie nixon. >> something weird. >> abc finally celebrates people in all walks of life. >> as it goes in prime time, so
4:27 pm
to be honest of conversation and start to take the word "diversity" out and put a mirror to where we live and who we are. >> keith is the designated survival. >> sir, you're the president of the united states. >> people seem excited about designated survivor so i'm grateful for that. >> his series is the most buzzed about new show. the title is drawn from real life. when the president of the united states delivers the state o address, the government is gathered together in one room so one cabinet secretary is chosen to watch the speech on tv from a secured location. he or she is the designated survivor who in the event of become president just as keith does in this show which is from new yorker, david who gave us that terrific movie safe house with denzel washington a few years back. >> remember that one? >> absolutely. >> all right.
4:28 pm
to it. >> sounds great. thanks sandy. still to come, an attack that may have been motivated by politics. the donald trump t-shirt, a man was wearing when police say he was beaten with a crowbar. plus a plot to kill police live streamed on periscope. how an nypd officer may have i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients...
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all new this half hour, a man in new jersey is recovering this afternoon after police say he was beaten with a crowbar all because of was weari trump t-shirt. >> it's just a sign of how heated and ugly this presidential race has become. now, this is the shirt the victim was wearing when he says he was attacked. >> reporter anthony johnson tweeted it out and here's in new jersey with the latest. >>reporter: we're standing on the parking lot of the friendly. this is where the incident, the confrontation took place and it involved politics. but it was
4:31 pm
peter claims he was verbally abused and physically assaulted by a person who didn't like his donald trump t-shirt. the 62-year old man says he was walking along broad street in bloomfield when a motorist pulled beside him and questioned his support for trump. the two exchanged racially charged insult and the trump supporter walked into the friendly's restaurant and believes he was followed by the motorist. the two got into another altercation spilled outside. the person who followed him got a steering wheel club and hit the 62-year old several times on the hands, legs. >> i was shocked just as much as everybody else. i realize a lot of people don't like trump, but i never expected something like this to happen. i've been wearing my t-shirt for 2 months and nothing happened.
4:32 pm
you the right to express yourself. this young gentleman took matter into his own hands. >> he did put on the t-shirt today, but he said he's not going to put that t-shirt on again and walk around the streets of black field or anywhere until election day. coming up at 5:30, we hear from an eyewitness witness who has a different story to tell us about this attack. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you, anthony. man was beaten with a bat in brooklyn. the attacker walked up behind the 48-year old victim yesterday morning and struck him in the back of the head with the bat. police say he continued to beat the man after he fell to the ground. they're hoping someone sees this picture and recognizes the assailant. police in western new new
4:33 pm
lab in a walmart -- state police -- they carried out spray cans and other meth making materials. investigators believe the suspect used an underground drain culvert to get in and out of detective. >> it's not the kind of neighborhood you would think of it for. there's a lot of tunnels and stuff down there that could travel through there. >> police say officers on routine patrol discovered chemicals and other items to make the underground lab is tall enough for stand to stand up. inform a references have been made. an off duty nypd officer credited with alerting people in wisconsin of a possible attack after this officer came across a live video stream of a man threatening to kill officers. >> you all think i'm playing about this [bleep]. you really think i'm playing about this [bleep]. for real. >> after seeing this periscope stream, officer gregory
4:34 pm
he spotted the video on a live video streaming app called periscope and it showed the man, as you can see -- you can see the man looking for police. he approached an officer in his squad car. >> the officer showed good poise and safety and got back up and sequestered this gentleman from the items inside the car and we got him into custody without anybody getting hurt. suspect now awaiting a court appearance. the 14-year prison sentence for former illinois rob blagojevich is upheld. he was found guilty on 18 charges in 2012 including trying to sell the senate seat vacated by president obama. after an appeal's court struck down five of his convictions, he earned the right to a resentencing
4:35 pm
for lenient see. search crews uncovered the data recorder from el faro. they're hoping the recorder could shed light on what caused the ship to go down. it went down during hurricane joaquin. it left jacksonville, florida despite -- 33 crew members died when the ship sank. so michael phelps has health debate over copping. the olympian michael phelps, the swimmer, we have a reality check of is it worth, is it not, what's going on here. we've got an inspiring love story to tell you about. a couple married more than 6 decades and how they died days apart. have i the accuweather forecast. it's going to get stormy. we've got this evening as the changes happen.
4:36 pm
we're going to see showers after midnight tonight, but real rain coming in for the daytime hours tomorrow. we'll talk about how much to
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have the accuweather 7-day coming up. we're following breaking news involving a commute. there's major traffic backups right now on 495 on the impound lincoln tunnel. we have shannon sohn live in news copter 7 over it. is there an ambulance under that overpass? >>reporter: that's an ambulance and behind me over the overpass, we can't see it, there's an accident because of this. you have the left lane squeezing through as you head impound on show you what this is doing. i'm guessing you know what this is going to look like. a bumper to bum ter deferral -- bumper to bumper delays. there's no delay -- have you to get through that accident first, but there's your little tiny glimmer of hope.
4:40 pm
sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. there's a new conference on the murder of a woman from new york city who was out for a walk when she was murdered. the district attorney in the case says they're looking for similarities between her murder and that of karen vetrano. >> we haven't ruled anything out. there are similarities. nothing has been ruled out with regards to that investigation and whether or not it may be involved in this. we're early in the investigation. we have evidence, all the facts play out. that's what we're doing now. >> officials are calling for anyone who might have seen something in massachusetts to call them in case they have any information. >> we'll continue to update you on abc7ny as we get information coming in. we're learning about the --
4:41 pm
the child in the houston area had the microcephali, and that's a condition caused by the mosquito bourne illness. health officials say there's not a zika risk in texas at this time. we're going to shift now to this. it's the hot trend of the olympics. athletes, most notably swimmer phelps compete with the dark circles over bodies called coming. it's an eastern therapy. is this something that everyday non olympians should be considering. >> that's why we have medical expert dr. richard. it looks like giant hickeys. what is coming and is there a medical benefit? >> it's getting a ton of addition.
4:42 pm
and it's heated cups -- it creates a vacuum and suck the skin. they believe it increases blood flow and by doing that it promotes healing. it's used muscular pain, some will use it for infer at -- used for infertility and for arthritis. science? >> it's rooted in chinese medicine. it's difficult to study. if you want to design it -- people would still know that they got it. and one of the things is there may be caused a placebo effect. if you believe it works and you have it done it causes some benefit for you. but it leaves those marks. >> yeah. >> is there a down side? >> yeah.
4:43 pm
it's generally safe, but concerns, if you have any problems with bleeding, if you're on blood thinners, it's something to stay away from. some people will have problem with burns if the cup is too hot with bruising and people with sensitive skin, it may leave permanent marks or marks that last a while. if done over and over in the same place, it could cause infection. i wouldn't jump to do this. generally safe for most people, it's popular because of the celebrities and the olympians. the last olympians were putting colored tape on their bodies and you started seeing people wearing colored tape. >> we like to pretend we're an olympian. >> thanks. >> thanks, rich. >> my pleasure. an arson attempt backfires. we're going to tell you what investigators say this man was trying fire when he
4:44 pm
football didn't workout.
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you know the saying, perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer, well, apply that to an attempted arsonist. cameras captured a man as he ignited himself on fire. the back flash ignited the man's left side. instead of stop, drop and roll,
4:47 pm
outside of a barber shop. police released video hoping someone can identify the man. we have it listed on our mobile app in case -- >> it's like instant justice. we're done with you. next one. >> exactly. >> awkward there . just so beautiful out side. it was hot around here for a lot of folks. no humidity. >> beautiful outside. >> that makes the difference. it really does. you can take it when it gets to 90 if we've got less of that moisture in the atmosphere. so feels like temperatures will be changing up shall we say. later tonight, the muggies are back tonight and back with us for the rest of the week and into the weekend. what a great shot of the preview of the evening ahead. lady liberty there in the background. people have it on their boats and
4:48 pm
80s to 84 degrees. 87 in the park and we had 89 in laguardia. we have a light south wind right now. looking at temperatures across the map. this is what we had the afternoon. summerville to 88 degrees. monticello made it to 82. on the island, 87. monday to have at 87. expect the numbers to slide back into the 80s or back into the 70s by about 8:00 as we head into sunset. clouds do creep in. the muggy air returns and we've covered that. thundershowers are a threat. as early as midnight, we could see spotty showers. here's the flow on the map showing the satellite. tomorrow, it's a mostly cloudy day. i wouldn't surprised to see a break or two of sun, but once it gets humid, we're going to see storms at any time of the day. we have a little heat to
4:49 pm
in the form of the big heat coming in. the same stories on tap for thursday. we're going to have the pattern repeat itself several days in a row. temperatures hot, in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees and we're surpassing 90 in some spots. it sets the stage for afternoon thunderstorms at least the threat of them day after day. you might make out with a sunrise and cloudy. storms are going to threaten the area. so be aware of that if you're on the boat. 2 feet with a south wind of 15 knots. the temperatures are now 73 to 79 degrees in most of the bowies and the rip current risk is moderate especially if showers and storms develop, they'll be able to clear the beach. be aware of the weather heading in. we got 73 for the low #2e78 and tomorrow, it's warm and humid, and thunderstorms. 85 degrees and this is really the beginning of the repeat forecast for us over and over again. you could
4:50 pm
icons. a little bit of sunshine and clouds move in and there's the threat of showers and thunderstorms. it's with us each day. it looks like the weather day could be tomorrow and thursday and friday, a lesser threat coming in. low 90s will take us through the weekend and looks like we don't break this heat until at least early next week. i'll have much more coming up at 5:00. here's david with what's going on. >> i like that fishing forecast. >> get out on the boat, right. >> i'm telling you. that's the thanks. here's what's trending on august 9th. tim tebow is not done. the heisman winner may not have lived up to his hype on the gridiron, but he has turned to the baseball diamond. espn reporting he wants to try his hand at professional baseball. his agent told a sportsnet work after learning that tebow was training, all baseball leagues
4:51 pm
hasn't played baseball since high school, but back then he was a baseball player in florida and hit 494 as a junior. who knows. a reunion of the boy band insync is united. they got together to celebrate jc's 40th birthday. how did that happen? justin timberle of another reunion. but you can hope for if t. hamilton collaborated with disney to bring a melody of disney hits and he had help. >> ? away, away we set a course to find a brand new island everywhere, we roam ? ? >> yes, that's the rock there along with familiar faces.
4:52 pm
upcoming animated feature moana. by the way, miranda wrote music for us. finally, what should be a disney movie, a sloth. >> awe. >> hugging a teddy bear. this is cute. dialled up to 11. is this a scene out of zootopia. >> sloth have sharp teeth, but th she likes it. >> it's going to bite its head off. that's a -- this is a horrible thing. >> he's hugging the teddy bear while he takes a nap. >> i wouldn't fall for it, liz. >> big, bad, scary teeth. >> thanks. it is the kind of love that most people aspire to. we're going to tell you how a couple
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing.
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just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. it is kind of love and marriage many people dream ability, aspire to. a man and woman in south dakota were married for 63 years. >> they were together through in the end, they died in the same room just 20 minutes apart. a lot of people commenting on this story on our facebook page. >> reporter: they married in 1953 and moved to platt, south dakota. he was a korean war veteran, and she was a musician. their children received a call from the nursing home where their parents shared a room.
4:56 pm
very well at all and highly recommended we get there as soon as we could. >> reporter: his mom was 87 and had alzheimer's. on that sunday, two of the five children were with them knowing there wasn't much time. >> he said, your dad's pulse is worse. i wonder if he'll go first. about five minutes later, the aid came in and said i think your mom is going to go very soon. >> reporter: at 5:10, she died. >> my brother keith said mom's gone to heaven. you don't have to fight anymore. if you want to go too, you can. for the first time in the afternoon, he opened up his eyes, and he looked very intently over mom was. he closed his eyes and he laid down and died about 5-10 minutes after that. >> reporter: it was 5:30 when he passed away, just 20 minutes
4:57 pm
stopped working right then too, exactly when he passed away. >> definitely a sign from god, i think, that that was the right time. >> reporter: it leaves the family with peace losing both parents within the same hour. >> for them to be a witness in life and in death also, that's cool. that's really cool. >> still more news ahead. at 5:00 begins right now. new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a deadly confrontation inside a local deli. the suspect accused of grabbing a new york cop's gun from its holster and using it to kill a clerk. >> donald trump at a rally late this afternoon suggesting that gun rights activists could
4:58 pm
justices. so what exactly did he mean by that? >> good evening, everyone. >> trump's comments setting social media on fire sparking comments from both campaigns. >> the nra trying to clarify what trumps statements mean for them tweeting their members should defeat clinton at the ballot box. >> reporter: we're not sure exactly what donald trump meant of eyebrows saying 2nd amendment, gun advocates, perhaps they can take care of hillary clinton. it seemed like just an off the cuff remark, but late in the day a lot of people are taking a second look at what donald trump said at a rally in north carolina. some are asking, what trump advocating that hillary clinton be shot? >> if she gets to pick her
4:59 pm
folks. although the 2nd amendment people, maybe there. i don't know. >> reporter: this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. a few minutes later, trump's campaign tried to clarify what trump was saying. it's called the power of unification. 2nd amendment people have amazing spirit and tremendously unified, gives them incredible political power. earlier today, the focus was on the clinton campaign and whether it made a huge mistake at yesterday's rally. that man is sadiq matine, the father of omar matine. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said matine was not invited and unaware until after


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