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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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folks. although the 2nd amendment people, maybe there. i don't know. >> reporter: this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. a few minutes later, trump's campaign tried to clarify what trump was saying. it's called the power of unification. 2nd amendment people have amazing spirit and tremendously unified, gives them incredible political power. earlier today, the focus was on the clinton campaign and whether it made a huge mistake at yesterday's rally. that man is sadiq matine, the father of omar matine. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said matine was not invited and unaware until after
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a health center in miami. she never mentioned trump by name. she urged congress to come back from recess to address the zika outbreak in florida. >> we need to get more resources and treat this as the public health challenge that it is. >> reporter: trump is saying he will participate in three debates with hillary clinton, but he's trying to readjust some of the rules in those debates. the race is now essentially tied in the swing states of fl but clinton is now pulling ahead significantly in pennsylvania. nationally she is anywhere from 8-12 points ahead. new video from a shooting at a deli in the bronx where police say a man grabbed a cop's gun from its holster and killed an innocent bystander. >> reporter: the police have
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crime scene unit on the scene trying to piece together exactly what happened here. trying to figure out what should have been a routine arrest turned into anything but. this corner store in the bronx became a crime scene overnight. officers escorting an unruly customer out of the a and m deli got more than they bargained for. >> mr. gusman made a very fast move and basically ripped the gun out of the officer's holster. >> reporr: obtained by eyewitness news, you can hear some of the gunshots ring out and see backup officers arriving at the scene. police say guzman opened fire before being shot by police. one of the rounds allegedly fired by guzman hit another man. >> he's a worker in the store across the street who came over to assist. >> reporter: this cell phone
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on a stretcher. he later died. today with the area roped off by crime scene tape, police continue their investigation as neighbors remembered the store worker who was killed as a hard working immigrant who supported a son in medical school and sent money home to his mother in africa. >> you see him working from daytime tonight time, always. >> he'll be missed in the neighborhood. if you needed anything, would help was a good, good, good man. he did not deserve to die today. >> reporter: back here live in bedford park, police are saying that there is video. there is security camera video tape that shows exactly what played out in that deli around 1:00 a.m. this morning. they say that will confirm what they say happened there. as for guzman, he is in the
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condition. charges against him are pending. >> thank you. another shooting in the bronx to tell you about. this time two bystanders hit by a barrage of bullets. video showing the shooting in the mt. hope section. half a dozen bullets fired last night. people tried to duck for cover. we talk to one man who was shot in the leg. >> i heard a whole bunch of -- i heard people screaming, and i heard the shots. i was shot in the lower part of the leg. heard the shots, i went home and that's when i noticed i was shot in the leg. >> a woman was also shot and is expected to recover from her injuries. investigators are trying to figure out the intended target of this gunfire. police in massachusets asking the public for help in the case of a jogger from new york who was murdered. an autopsy was completed. she was killed and her body set on fire while on a walk near
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on sunday night. her body was discovered a half mile away in a wooded area. a short while ago, investigators were asked about a possible connection to another jogger who was killed in new york city. >> we haven't ruled anything out. we understand that there are similarities. nothing has been ruled out in regards to that investigation. >> and that murder involved the death of another young woman. after leaving for a jog at spring creek park in howard beach last week. residents in the area remain on edge. the nypd answered questions at a packed church last night. police say their investigation points to one attacker, and evidence from the crime scene is being processed. a vicious fire in the bronx tonight. at least five buildings are damaged. three firefighters have been hurt. the blaze started in a two- story building, then quickly spread. kimberly richardson has the
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the scene for us. >> reporter: more than 150 firefighters rushed here to this home. three are in the hospital tonight. take a look at the home. it's numbered 363. we're here where the fire started. it's the purplish home. fire marshalls are out here trying to pinpoint what sparked this blaze. >> they kicked the door and side fire, fire. >> reporter: cell phone video broke out inside 363. sharon white lives inside that home and was there around 12:30 this afternoon when officials say the five-alarm blaze started. >> they were trying to get their grandmother out and the grandmother, she's safe. they tried to get her out and they fell down the stairs. >> reporter: more than 150
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says even tougher today with all the equipment they were carrying and the hot weather. two firefighters were brought to the hospital suffering from heat-related conditions. a third, we're told, received minor burns. >> tire may have started in the rear of the building. due to the construction of these buildings, the fire spread quickly to adjoining structures. >> reporter: one on the left and three on the right. go in yet? >> no. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: ivy was at work when the fire started, but her mom lela was in the home. >> she saw black smoke and red flames. you could see it coming over
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two have minor injuries. the third is a bit more serious. no one living in any of the homes out here was injured. for now, we're live in the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have another fire to tell you about in manhattan. one person serious burns when the fire tore through a building in the financial district. flames broke out in the machine room on the 12th floor of a continental bank building. the fire quickly spreading caused the to be evacuated. police in brooklyn looking for a man after a toddler was hit in the face by a glass bottle. it happened this morning in the sunset park section. a 3-year-old boy suffered a cut above his left eye. the boy taken to the hospital for treatment. a 27-year-old woman under arrest in new jersey charged with a deadly hit and run accident. police say 61-year-old marie
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home yesterday morning. hanson was arrested after a person flagged down an officer and said he saw a vehicle matching the one that hit thorn. and hope you're enjoying today's nice weather because tomorrow the rain is moving in. what time can we expect the the day could happen at any time. southerly winds are starting to take over. it's already tamed some of the temperatures and the daytime highs we have. it will also increase the humidity and set the stage for showers and thunderstorms across the area. we could see a repeat of these numbers, mid to upper 80s tomorrow. but a much different feel. we'll have overcast conditions, and we'll also have a lot of humidity around. showers and thunderstorms are possible at just about any
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is a pattern that sets up to take over for the week. we'll talk about this coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you. a new and much larger sign now standing where that pro donald trump lawn sign was torched over the weekend. the original t-shaped sign in support for the candidate went up in flames early sunday morning in the castleton corner section. it was 12 by 8 feet. the new sign measuring 16 by 12 to show i'm not going to be intimidated by anyone else. this is my property. this is my right to do so, and this is a work of art. this is not a sign. this is a work of art. >> he says he plans to keep the sign up at least until his wife tells him to take it down. betting on sports in new jersey a major setback tonight after lawmakers passed a bill two years ago. also a breech on the
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developing news in the bronx. one person has been hurt after a tree toppled on to a car. it happened along the parkway. a.j . ross at the scene with for us. a.j .? >> reporter: talk about a close call for a man traveling on the parkway when suddenly one of the trees in the median that is now roped off suddenly came crashing downright on top of him. i want to show you some of the pics. you can see the force of the collapse smashed in his windshield and barely missed
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under branches. the sizable tree stretched across most of the roadway causing a bottleneck and delays. the victim was taken to the hospital for evaluation. meanwhile, it took crews the better part of an hour to clear the roadway. crews will have to come back here and continue to remove this tree. we're trying to get more information on the condition of that victim taken to st.
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most people know it's illegal to drive while using a hand held cell phone. people post selfies where driving. two of the top 10 states happen to be new york and new jersey. >> reporter: and bill, the study found that drivers who take selfies take their eyes off the road 2 seconds. they can travel 175 feet. distracted driving attributable to the smart phone. >> have you ever taken a selfie? >> i have. >> be honest. while driving? >> i have. >> reporter: honest austin is hardly alone. if there's any doubt taking pictures while driving is a thing now, look up the hashtag driving selfie on instagram.
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snapped behind the wheel, presumably while in motion. quote, it's never a good idea to be distracted while driving. keep your eyes on the road and put the phone down. it can wait. the warning comes after an insurance industry study found new york states with the most offenders. >> we've seen many instances where distractions are playing into drivers behavior. you would thinit common sense that people wouldn't do these things, but as my grandfather used to say, common isn't common. >> reporter: a snapchat filter even shows the speed at which you are moving. >> they're helping them to speed more and take selfies
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taking the selfies. it's fine at home with your friends, but not in the car. no. >> reporter: new york, new jersey, and connecticut have complete hand held cell phone bans. violators face a ticket, a hefty fine if they are caught texting, making a phone call, or taking a selfie behind the wheel. it's also obvious that this weather is gorgeous. >> i like it. i like it a lot. i don't know, i know it's hot, people. but we have no humidity. it's very tiny and small but not for long. we have the muggies coming in tonight and the feels-like temperature the next couple of days is really going to make it uncomfortable.
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returning, so heads up. crank up the ac. find a way to stay cool. you can see the statue of liberty -- getting my spots confused. a lot of people still on the water distracted by all these beautiful boats and a lot of yachts today out on the waterways. humidity levels are at 44%. we have a south wind at 5 miles an hour. pressure is falling. dew points have been 50s and low they're going to change up and be in the 70s, maybe low 70s by tomorrow. looking at the numbers, 82 for monticello. central park, 83. mid-80s for the jersey shore. looking ahead, the clouds are are going to creep in tonight. the muggy air returns. shower threats are ahead for the next couple of days. looks like what we'll see is there will be a spotty chance
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shower at any time. just know that tomorrow is going to be humid with storms. what's been protecting us is the high pressure system that's going to shove off to the east. tomorrow is the beginning of this pattern. we get bigger heat shoving in from the south, and we could be flirting with low 90s as we go into the weekend. it's possible we could see the early showers happening north, threat of thundershowers for any spot on the map. less activity down to the south and more action up north tomorrow, but it's something you have to get ready for because the risk is all day. on tuesday, roles reverse and it is south of the city on thursday afternoon that we could see a shower or thunderstorm. that continues into the early evening. if you're headed out to the ballpark, it's going to be a good one. real comfortable for baseball
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for tomorrow. uv index rating at an 8. grasses being the main concern, so be aware of that. tonight we drop off to 73 in the city. spotty storm happens really, after midnight, into the early dawn hours. the threat of showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. significant difference with temperatures. we're off 4-5 degrees from today's highs, but the feels lot of relief in the way it actually feels outside. look at the 90s for thursday, friday, and saturday. by sunday we could cool it off. all of those days we have humidity around, and that stickiness to the atmosphere is what makes for the uncomfortable situation. really this is a pattern we start to repeat in august, kind of familiar with it because it does line up with the
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we'll take a closer look at the waterways. in southern california, thousands of people may be forced out of their homes. the pilot fire has already burned some 7000 acres and sent thick plumes of smoke all the way to las vegas. residents of 375 homes have already been ordered to leave. a federal court dealing a attempt to legalize sports betting. invalidated a law passed by new jersey in 2014. the law would have allowed sports betting at casinos and racetracks. professional sports leagues and the ncaa sued the state claiming the expansion would damage the integer arerity of their games and lead to game fixing. after marking his 300th
5:22 pm
brought along an empty tee for another round today. seth curry and curry's dad, today is the president's second full day of vacation this martha's vineyards. a donald trump supporter attacked. the man beaten on the treat with a crowbar. we are hearing from the victim and how a t-shirt may have ignited the attack. thousands of att customers. why the fcc is forcing them to give customers money back. a starter pharmacy that fills and delivers prescriptions in the five burros of i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors.
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a dozen people facing charges in a string of bike thefts in new jersey. arrested after stealing bikes around hoboken overnight. they came from out of the city with the intent on stealing bikes and committing burglaries. during the arrests, one teen pushed a detective into a moving car. att will be giving refunds to thousands of customers for allowing scammers to add charges to their phone bills.
5:26 pm
a directory assistance charges. att received a fee from the companies that ran the scam. in the next 90 days, att will send out nearly $7 million in refund checks, mostly to small businesses. new at 5:00, just how many americans smoke marijuana? a new poll finds one in 8 adults admits to smoking regularly or at least having tried it. doubling in just the past three years. it coincides with a number of states that have marijuana use. in november, voters in five more states will see ballot issues on whether or not to legalize pot. the cdc saying 2016 is on track to be the year with the fewest number of newborns in compareson to the women of childbearing age. health officials say we'll see the lowest number of teen
5:27 pm
support from young americans. this is a new survey given. according to the survey, 90% of young adults support equal employment for 92% support hiv and aids prevention efforts. a majority supports insurance cover for trans-gender health issues. it spanned from 18-30. new video showing a shocking security breech. madrid, spain. take a look. you can see a man walking at the jetway. he had a boarding pass but got on to the tarmac without going through security. he shouts at someone, then runs right to the plane. he was detained when he arrived in the canary islands. a donald trump supporter attacks on a new jersey street.
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confrontation. two major universities filing a lawsuit against the schools.
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another example the presidential campaign getting violent and physical. a man wearing a trump outside a restaurant in new jersey. it happened in the essex county town of bloomfield. the attacker cursing at the 62- year-old man before he beat him. anthony johnson is at the scene. >> reporter: while the victim says he contacted trump headquarters to let them know about this attack that took place in the parking lot of this friendly's, this is certainly an example of politics that's getting real
5:31 pm
attacked by a motorist for wearing a trump t- shirt while walking along broad street. >> he called me white trash, cursed at me. i called him a few choice name backs, which i told the police officers. came back in here, he followed me. >> reporter: the trump supporter thought that would be the end, but it wasn't. >> 15 minutes later he came with a low jack in his hand, daring me to come outside. outside. i go outside, he swings the low jack at me, catches me up here, over here, over here, and in my leg. >> reporter: the weapon he calls a low jack was really an old-fashioned steering wheel club. >> i realized people don't like trump, but i never expected something like this, to be physically attacked. >> reporter: a woman heard the comments leading up to the club attack. the eyewitness claims he was on
5:32 pm
to the motorist getting ice cream with the club in hand and things escalated from there. >> the kid was like instead of disrespecting the customer, let's go outside. the white man was punching him, pushing him, when they came outside, he was in this spot right here. >> reporter: he wore his trump shirt for us today and says he'll be putting it away for a while. >> election day i wi >> reporter: and at this point in time, police have not made any arrests. that's the latest live from bloomfield. >> thank you. new information about a man from new jersey who claims he was attacked by a black bear in his backyard. charging jeffrey wilson with filing a false police report. law enforcement and medical personnel determined the injuries to his arm were the
5:33 pm
an attack by an animal. employees of nyu and two other prestigious universities are suing their schools over their handling of employee retirement plans. workers of mit, nyu, and caused yale. nyu says its decisions are influenced by feedback from employees. a man recovering from an injury he suffer mugging on manhattan's upper east side. police say the suspects punched the homeless man in the eye with a fist or a gun and stole his laptop and camera. detectives believe the suspects may have fled into central park. and nypd officer stabbed in the hand during a wellness check in queens. officers were called to a home in jamaica after a man who was
5:34 pm
opened the door, he lunged at them, stabbing an officer in the hand with a sharp object. they persuaded him to surrender, and he was taken into custody. mosquito spraying will continue to try to combat the zika virus in all four outer burros. praying pesticides in parts of brooklyn and queens. the first infant death in the u.s. related to zika virus. the mother got the illness when she was visiting el salvador. the child had microcephaly. it stops brain development and shrinks the size of the baby's
5:35 pm
in texas overall. just a day after a 10-year- old boy was killed on a water park slide in kansas, three girls were thrown from a ferris wheel at a county fair in tennessee. both accidents are raising new questions about the safety of park rides and how they're regulated. >> i've got three kids that fell from the ferris wheel. the county fair ending in a trip to the emergency room. >> they screamed, fell, and just layed there. >> reporter: this cart the girls were riding in somehow got caught against another just below it turning their cart nearly upside down sending the girls tumbling between 30-45 feet to the ground. >> two of the children were alert answering questions.
5:36 pm
does have a head injury. >> reporter: this morning an investigation under way with all carnival rides closed until further notice. meanwhile in kansas. >> it was a very loud boom, boom. i knew immediately somebody had fallen off the ride. 10-year-old caleb, the son of scott schwabb was tossed from the raft at the end of the ride. police c a neck injury. two other passengers in his raft suffered only minor injuries. it was just two years ago early safety checks of the slide shows dummies going airborne prompting them to add seat belts and safety nets before the ride opened. >> water slides are among the most dangerous attractions at amusement parks.
5:37 pm
breaking news on long island. a bad accident in the village of new hyde park. one pedestrian hit by one of those cars there. >> reporter: just a horrific accident here that happened at about 5:15 in front of 1490. believe it or not, the one car east on union turnpike and slammed into a bus stop. police are telling us there is confirmed one injury here, unknown the extent of that injury. but you can imagine this could have been a lot worse. we're going to bring this picture out to show you how many people are standing around in this parking lot. some of those people may have been in that bus stop at the moment the union turnpike remains open. police are investigating exactly what happened here.
5:38 pm
7, eyewitness news. >> okay, thank you. the head of the naacp arrested. coming up, why he and the organization's national director were taken into custody. plus, with pro football not working out, tim tebow is ready
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civil disobedience leading to the arrest of naacps national group. he was arrested staging a sit in at the congressman's office in virginia. brooks, as well as the head of the youth and college division, green, staging a protest in roanoke. strict voter id rules and cut
5:42 pm
the 14-year prison sentence for rob blagojevich is upheld. he was found guilty on more than 18 charges in 2011 including trying to sell the seat vacated by president obama. he earned the right to a resentencing hearing. his family also appealed for leniency. sentence unusually cruel and heartless and unfair. >> he may appeal to the u.s. supreme court. tim tebow hoping to revamp his image from cast off to baseball player. he's been working as a college
5:43 pm
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at least three pedestrians have been hit in an accident. long island reporter is now on the scene in the village of new mess behind her. >> reporter: we just spoke to a young woman. she was here when this all happened. she said it was absolutely terrifying. you can now see the car right behind me. this is the car that just came flying off of union turnpike, came flying through that bus stop, and hit several people. at least three people who were standing in that bus stop. i want to bring the young woman
5:48 pm
and the second i parked, i turned off my car. i see the car just flew into the bus stop. right away i turn off my car, i run over to the people. two guys were all bloody, and they were panicking. i called 911 for them right away. >> reporter: also a woman, you said? >> yes, there was a woman. i thought the guy was driving, but they're saying an old woman was driving. it didn't look like she had any scratches on her. i just than thank god i didn't park over there. i couldn't believe it happened like 30 seconds after i parked. >> reporter: right, right. >> thank god that they're all alive. they did get hurt, but thank god they're all alive. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll give you another look at the scene. you have a lot of investigators on scene. a lot of glass in this parking lot from this crash.
5:49 pm
about their conditions. as you heard netta said, they were speaking and talking to her on scene. we are waiting to hear what caused this accident. we're live in new hyde park for channel 7 eyewitness news. we want to go to amy for a check on our weather. >> thank you. we're going to lookout side first off and show you what's happening. a lot of action on the waterway today, a lot of sunshine er we're seeing the clouds start to increase. that's the beginning of the changes we'll have starting tonight. south winds 5 miles an hour. 83 degrees right now off the daytime high of 87 in central park. temperatures will continue to be warm in spots. that will be further off to the north. where we're starting to see the clouds creep up, we're expecting the numbers to lower there. humidity also coming in tonight and sticking around for several
5:50 pm
humidity, and muggy conditions right through the weekend. first chance to see rain is tonight. what will be happening is after midnight, some spotty showers will try to come up from the south. not a lot of wetness. it's not a soaker but by tomorrow we'll see widespread showers and thunderstorms across the area. it's likely that we will get some drenching downpours during the day. thursday, same story. we start with a mix of sun and clouds, daytime heating occurs, and we get showers and thunderstorms developing for the late afternoon into the early evening. both wednesday and thursday showing up on the futurecast with those issues of afternoon thundershowers. tomorrow we start with mid-70s early on. could get a break in sun, but showers and thunderstorms move in during the afternoon. two-foot waves, south winds up
5:51 pm
thunderstorms. even though temperatures are down tomorrow, we'll see the threat of storms up. overnight lows will be in the 70s. and the 7-day forecast shows we do cool things off but not until the middle of next week. this is usually the time of year when we wish we could put the forecast on repeat. sunny start, clouds move in, afternoon showers and sticky, it feels even warmer than the low to mid- 90s we could actually be forecasting here. you get the concept. >> thanks. new york city known for free delivery for just about anything, except prescription drugs. now a new pharmacy website that will fill the prescription and deliver it for free. the delivery is free. the drugs are not.
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in an effort to reclaim a bustling china town post-9/11, a new proposal to reopen park road. merchants say businesses have suffered greatly, some down 50%. they say passing the proposal is essential for their survival. >> it's getting worse. this area used to be hundreds of jewelers, from jewelry stores to bootleggers on the street. >> reporter: this family-owned jewelry store was one of many in china town, but the september 11th attacks changed things. today, 15 years later, china town has still not fully recovered. his business down 50% since pre- 9/11. many blame the closure of park row. it used to provide a direct
5:58 pm
manhattan. it was shut down to traffic due to security concerns. >> the china town community has been fighting a long and fruitless battle to reopen this main artery, arguing that with seven streets intersecting, the closure is choking their neighborhood. >> reporter: community leader don lee proposing a >> i'm sure that all of our bridges and tunnels are secure. >> reporter: he's talking about a reinforced barrier built around park row. this is an artists rendering showing what it could look like. the layer would protect the police headquarters. >> it would be wonderful to
5:59 pm
other. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they can't comment on an idea that hasn't been formally proposed yet. >> the residents felt they were being ignored. >> donald trump once again having to explain what he meant during a speech. was he advocating violence against hillary clinton? one of two innocent bystanders wounded is speaking about those terrifying moments. first we're following breaking news. a car crashes into a bus stop on long island hitting several pedestrians.
6:00 pm
stop. this happened at a busy shopping center in new hyde park in nassau county. >> at least three pedestrians have been hurt. we are on the ground with exclusive video. >> reporter: a lot of people saw this happen because it's a very popular parking and shopping area here. we want to show you here what we have on the ground. you can see the car here. witnesses tell us there were three people, adults standing at this bus stop wh came flying through and hit them. this happened around 5:15. video shows the immediate aftermath after all this happened. you see an adult woman lying on the ground there. according to witnesses, everyone who was involved was talking, most likely going to be okay. definitely a lot of cuts, bumps, bruises after this incident. what caused this incident we just don't know at this point.


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