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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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stop. this happened at a busy shopping center in new hyde park in nassau county. >> at least three pedestrians have been hurt. we are on the ground with exclusive video. >> reporter: a lot of people saw this happen because it's a very popular parking and shopping area here. we want to show you here what we have on the ground. you can see the car here. witnesses tell us there were three people, adults standing at this bus stop wh came flying through and hit them. this happened around 5:15. video shows the immediate aftermath after all this happened. you see an adult woman lying on the ground there. according to witnesses, everyone who was involved was talking, most likely going to be okay. definitely a lot of cuts, bumps, bruises after this incident. what caused this incident we just don't know at this point.
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were here and saw it all happen. >> the second i parked, i turn off my car, i see the car just flew into the bus stop. right away i turn off my car, i run over to the people. two guys were bloody and were panicking. i called 911 right away. it happened 30 seconds after i parked. >> reporter: here you see a lot of investigators here on the scene obviously trying to all happened. the driver we don't know his or her condition at this point. i'm sure they've been taken to the hospital as well along with these three other people. as soon as we get more details, we'll bring it to you. >> just a frightening scene. now to our other top storm, a barrage of gunfire in the bronx. >> the victims walking about
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shots rang out. the chaotic scene was all captured on camera. >> we are there with the latest. >> reporter: 179th street and the grand concourse where it was about this busy with people coming home from work, coming out of the subway, coming out of the corner grocery. one of the victims was a 63- year-old man who was struck in the leg. struck somewhere else. >> it could have been here. >> i would have been dead if that happened. >> reporter: he can't believe he's still alive. one of several people outside the corner grocery when a man blasted the street corner with bullets. one young woman is struck in the leg and tries to crawl to safety. as blood pours from her wound, a man identified as her boyfriend strips off his shirt
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he heard the shots and tried to run. >> after i heard the shots, i went home, and that's when i noticed i was shot in the leg. i was shot in the lower part of the leg. >> reporter: police returned to the grocery today where they would spend more than an hour scrutinizing the surveillance video for a possible suspect, but they are convinced tonight that neither rosario or the young woman were the gunman's it happened at 6:30 yesterday evening with children and women and strollers on the grand concourse. in fact, watch as this young family blissfully passes the grocery barely 5 seconds before the shooting. rosellie says it's frightening. >> are you afraid to this neighborhood? >> yeah, i'm scared. i'm scared.
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i'm going to be more vigilant. >> reporter: the other victims identified as a 20-year-old woman listed at last check in stable condition. this happened almost 24 hours ago. so far, no arrests, no suspects. anybody with information is urged to call the nypd. live in the bronx for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we'll stay in the bronx for next story. capturing shots that rang out at a deli during a confrontation between the suspect and police. the video shows a backup team arriving at the a and m deli on 198th street in bedford park early this morning. that man grabbed an officer's gun from his holster and opened
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street to help. >> she working from daytime tonight time always. >> he's going to be missed in the neighborhood. >> he was a good, good, good man. he did not deserve to die today. >> the victim was an immigrant from mali supporting a son in medical school. he also sent money home to his mother in africa. guzman was wounded by police in that shooting. we'll take a closer look at the holster used by police officers suspect to get his or her hands on an officer's weapon. the department is in the process of transitioning to a new, more secure type of holster. >> reporter: this is the safari land 6360 gun holster with automatic locking system. it's more secure and started issuing it to all new recruits in june of 2014. it is not the one used by the
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52nd precinct whose gun was stolen by a suspect tuesday morning and used to kill an innocent bystander. >> we're going to review all the tactics and the equipment involved. looking at the video, mr. guzman made a fast move and ripped the gun out of the police officer's holster. >> reporter: it's an easy thing to do. former nypd officer. >> it's secure. it has two safety mechanisms for the gun to come out. so the thumb snap is one of them and there's another mechanism that allows the officer to take the gun out. you can't pull it from behind or straight up. >> reporter: instead, it has to be rocked forward, then removed. this is a closer look at that holster. it looks with a strap and can be more easily removed, which is why the nypd says it plans to phase it out over time.
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cop's worst nightmare, someone getting aheld of your gun. the investigation will determine if this was by accident or that the holster is detective. >> reporter: issued 8000 new holsters so far. any officer can be trained on it and issued one by request. >> thank you. a murder mystery surrounding the brutal killing of a woman from new massachusets. she was killed and she had burns on her body. she was found after a run near her mother's home on sunday. her body discovered half a mile away in a wooded area. neighbors obviously worried, was this a random act of violence? >> we don't know if this was a random act. we're asking the citizens to use an abundance of caution. >> police also investigating a
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a woman killed in queens. speaking of that woman, the award now raised to $20,000. residents in obviously on edge. nypd answered questions this a packed church last night. their investigation points to one attacker and evidence at the crime scene now being processed. fire investigators know where a fast-moving and started. tonight they're working to kind exactly what sparked it. flames broke out on the back porch. in all, five buildings were damag damaged. no residents were hurt. a driver in the hospital after a tree toppled on to his truck in the bronx. it happened in morris park. rescuers had to pull the driver
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the parks department is investigating what caused that tree to fall. now to vote 2016. another double-meaning statement from donald trump, perhaps. suggesting that gun rights advocates could do something about hillary clinton appointing supreme court justices. the clinton campaign reacting strongly, the trump campaign trying to explain what their candidate meant. now the nra is getting involved. we are in the news room. >> reporter: the campaign today declared what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be president of the united states should not suggest violence in any way. the trump campaign responded. no one's odd have erraticating violence. simply that gun advocates will defeat clinton at the ballot box. >> reporter: talking about the supreme court, the 2nd amendment, and how he would defend it. one comment raised plenty of eyebrows.
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do, folks. although the 2nd amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: democrats immediately pounced. trump suggested someone kill secretary clinton? he urged the secret service to investigate. and senator chris murphy tweeted this isn't play, unstable people with powerful guns and an unhinged hatred for listening to you, trump. >> she will cause the destruction of this country from within. remember that. >> reporter: the trump campaign trying to clarify that democrats were way misinterpreting what trump moment. they wrote it's called the power of unification. 2nd amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. the focus was on the clinton campaign and whether it made a
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yesterday's rally. that man right behind clinton is sadique matine. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. >> reporter: the clinton campaign said it was unaware that matine was there. clinton saidn't even mention trump. she focused on the zika outbreak in florida. >> one poll shows in the batt state of pennsylvania, hillary clinton is now significantly ahead there. word that she is now expanding her campaign into deep red states like arizona and georgia. recent polling shows the usual republican blowouts, the race is too close to call. legal sports betting? as we continue, a major court ruling tonight on professional
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officials are trying to solve a bit of a mystery tonight. they want to know who abandoned a 34-foot boat in in babylon. it was left in the marina with the words dump we on it. officials say getting rid of the boat could cost taxpayers up to $5000. on facebook hoping to find the owner. new jersey's attempt to legalize sports betting getting a major blow. the appeals court setting aside the legal challenge of a federal ban and invalidating a ban back in 2014. it would have allowed sports betting at casinos and racetracks. official sports leagues and the ncaa claimed sports betting would damage the integrity of
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the nice summer weather. beautiful out there tonight. >> no humidity. not too hot. >> well, the heat and humidity
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considering where we are in august, i think we've gotten away with just a little heat and humidity. >> some do like as it goes. and we're going to turn it up for you. today was warm, almost hot. upper 80s, almost 90 degrees in some spots. 87 officially in central park. we add the humidity to it. the feels like temperature could be at 100 degrees as we head into the weekend. there's a south wind and there have been clouds increasing through the late afternoon.
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the day being in the upper 80s. we're down to 83 right now in newark airport. take some time for the clouds to creep up north. along with the clouds, we're seeing humidity dragged in tonight. it will just continue to increase over the next couple of days. that will also heighten the the next few days as well. we're going to very familiar august forecast. clouds really take over for the afternoon. for tomorrow, first up the futurecast is showing a round of spotty showers after midnight tonight. a round of rain coming in northerly on. we won't rule out a shower for anyone, but what happens in the afternoon tomorrow will be widely scattered showers that show up for a little while and
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of here. then thursday we get more activity. we get the sunshine in the morning, the humidity really increases for the afternoon on thursday, and then we get the spotty showers showing up south and spreading northward through the early evening. if you're heading to the beach and going to do boating, just a head's up. 2-foot waves are possible, and water temperatures as warm as 79. rip current risk is moderate for tomorrow. not ok major problems. if storms do develop, you need to be really safe in the water. we'll keep it at 85. that's cooler as far as the temperature goes than it was today, but the humidity will make all the difference. you'll feel the stickiness and discomfort. this is the day right here friday that i think will feel like 100 degrees. saturday uncomfortably warm.
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still warm and still humid. tuesday we could cool it down to 84. main theme here is that we've got not just hot temperatures but also the humidity. the moisture in the atmosphere makes it difficult for our bodies to cool down. we've felt this before and
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final four games, he would play. apparently not tonight. rodriguez not in the starting lineup for the pinstripes. he said he's very disappointed about. a-rod expected to play all series. he will start thursday's game and could pinch hit before that. >> surprising and shocking. he has his opinion, i have mine. from the time i came back from my suspension, it's up to joe, and i'll do whatever he wants. >> i won't say he won't be there, but i'm managing to try to win the games. >> the mets are back home tonight hosting the diamondbacks and hoping to win a second straight game in just over a month. they're a game and a half out of a wildcard spot. to the mets now, an opportunity to finally get something going.
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next two weeks, we have division clubs, and we have to be playing at the top of our game. i think this is a very important stretch for us. >> despite starting the season on the physically unable to perform list, today a big step in that direction. activated from the pup list today. he participated in his first practice taking part in just the positional drills. season, and he has been itching to get back. >> i'm glad to be off the pup list. very excited to be with the group, do position drills, and keep taking it one day at a time. >> as for the giants, while there are many new faces on the field, one constant remains -- eli manning -- who owns the
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he isn't slowing down now. >> i feel healthy. i feel like my arm is alive. i feel like i've gotten smarter over the years with my training, my warm up, taking care of my body, just having a plan to get through practice to make sure i feel healthy. >> and there's tim tebow whose professional football career didn't turn out well. he's setting his sights on baseball. the 29-year-old has not played baseball in 11 years. i will give you the thumbs up when it's safe. the united states women's gymnastics team has done something it's never done before -- winning gold for the second time in a row. lillie king captured gold in the 100-meter breaststroke. after the semifinals, she had
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rival who has previously been suspended for doping violations. king then went out and backed up those words saying everyone in the olympic games should be clean. >> yes. >> and that or has not been in the past. she did not just say the rest of the world. >> and a-rod coming back whenever joe wants. >> clearly disappointed. >> another team, yes or >> yes. coming up tonight, hospital concerns. babies in the neo-natal care unit test positive for a potentially deadly bacteria. the question tonight, how did it get there? plus, how you can get the benefits of exercise without exercising. it's all coming up tonight at 11. back to you both. >> huh. >> benefits of exercising without moving. >> ha, ha, ha. >> that's it for this edition of eyewitness news.
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up next. for all of us here, have a great night. >> bye bye. tonight, breaking news. did donald trump cross the line? tonight, critics saying this is now dangerous territory. late today, what trump suggested, quote, second amonday ement people could do about hillary clinton. the backlash immediate tonight. also breaking, the travel chaos. thousands still stranded at airports across this passengers now furious, asking, can a computer glitch really cause all of this? the fall from the ferris wheel. three girls plunging from basket they were in. and we ask, was anything holding them in? the female jogger discovered dead, not far from her mother's home. authorities and their news conference late today. and just in tonight, the women have done it. the gymnastics team making history in rio tonight.


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