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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a teenager's birthday party. witnesses describe a scene of panic inside a community church center. >> new video showing the scene where one firefighter was seriously injured. >> also, a backlash over trump's comments over hillary clinton. now getting the attention of the secret service. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm rob nelson filling rosato. it's wednesday, august 10. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we have cloudy skies and southerly winds bringing up a lot of moisture. and across the park, you see what i'm talking about. there's some sun breaking through there at the top. we'll have this kind of day today with sun breaking through the clouds. 78 degrees. that's warm for this hour of the day. heat advisory in effect through 8:00 tomorrow evening. i'm sure the weather service
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degree temperatures into the weekend. showers out across river headlong island. a shower and thunderstorm gets cranking around 10:00, can't rule out running into one of those today on this humid day today. grab an umbrella. 90-degree weather starts tomorrow and goes into the weekend. we'll talk about that next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. what's going on out there, heather? >> on the southern state parkway because of an unauthorized bus. so let's go right over to our maps and tell you where this is parkway. it is, as you get into exit 14 on the eastbound side, unauthorize bus hit the fletcher avenue overpass as a result. we have big-time problems, right near metropolitan avenue. all lanes are closed down here. that is because of an accident. the van wyck, you have an accident, still being cleared away. white stone expressway north, right near northern boulevard.
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an accident, 5 trains, you have delays at morris park because of signal problems. rob. over to you. >> thank you, heather. and now to that breaking news out of new jersey. a triple shooting overnight inside of a community church. >> a man in his 20s has been killed and two young girls were wounded. this happened at the holy ghost ministries on commute avenue. eyewitness news reporter, darla miles spoke with the witnesses jersey city. darla. >> lori, rob, within the last half hour, police just cleared the scene. this is an investigation being conducted by the hudson county prosecutor's office. let me tell you what we are hearing from witnesses, that the shooting happened when the music was playing and the lights were off. so actually, the music was playing, there was a pause in the music. there were gun shots and when the lights went on, that's when witnesses spotted a body on the floor and started to scramble.
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as you mentioned, as the holy ghost tabernackle ministries. and it is called the lincoln community center here in jersey city. now witnesses say there are about 60 teens at this birthday party for a teenage boy. the one witness we spoke with says they didn't hear any type of arguing or dispute before the gun shot started. they say they simply saw a man in his 20s struck in the head >> we were cool. everything was good. shots fired. >> when you say a shot was fired, how many gun shots did you hear? >> at least four to five. >> so you heard four to five gun shots and someone turned the lights on, and then what happened? >> of course, kids run in screaming, stuff like that. once the kids cleared the floor, you could see there was the boys body laying on the ground. >> now police have not released the identity of the victim.
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shooting. two girls ages 12 and 16. one of them ran down the street to get help. they are also being treated at the jersey city medical center. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we have new video of a fire truck accident that critically injured a firefighter in the bronx. the truck crashed near westchester avenue and waters place yesterday. sean o'rourke was riding in the truck at the time of the from a severe arm injury. a 14 year veteran. and that truck was headed to a four-alarm fire. battling the flames, two of them remain in critical condition this morning and we'll have a live report with an update on the cause and the very latest on the firefighter's conditions. that's ahead at 6:30. new this morning, police are searching for the suspect who terrorized workers at a jewelry store in the diamond
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rafael and company and asked two employees to see a chain in a display case. when one worker walked to the back, the suspect aimed his gun at another employee's head. the suspect tried to shoot, but the gun, thankfully, jammed. that thief, or would be thief got away empty handed. also police in new jersey have arrested one suspect and another is still on the run after an armed robbery in morris county. michael reid and ray's grimes string of charges, including robbery and aggravated assault. police say the armed duo walked into crescent jewelers last month and stole jewelry and cash worth more than $75,000. reid is being held on a $250,000 bond. police are still looking for it. >> eight people were killed and more than 200 hurt. the railroad reach its first
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are still pending. terms of the settlements are confidential. >> now to eyewitness news exclusive. staten island mother now warning all other moms after she was mugged in broad daylight in front of her two children. this happen as a woman was pushing her two young children in a stroller and close park on monday. she says she had no idea that anyone was watching her until she felt someone put something on her back and that is wh another person demanded money from her. the victim who did not want to be identified spoke exclusively to eyewitness news about the terrifying experience. >> i was worried about my kids. what happens if i didn't have anything to give them? they would have hurt me in front of them. i fear for mothers out there with their kids, because these guys don't have a fear. >> she didn't have her wallet on her, but handed over the $20 in her pocket and her watch.
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she or her sons were hurt. hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> took just a few seconds for an off the cuff remark from donald trump to infuriate the clinton campaign and many others lead to lots of questions this morning. they have the power to somehow stop clinton if elected. raise questions about what he meant about how exactly could or would be stopped. the national rifle association denied there was any implied threat of violence there, but the former head of the cia and others said the secret service needs to investigate trump's remarks. the secret service says it is aware of
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threat, according to some, is simply over the top and being fueled by the media. he says he was simply talking about the political unity and strength of gun owners. he tweeted quote, the media is desperate to distract from clinton's antisecond amendment stance. i said second amendment citizens must organize and get out the vote to save our constitution. hillary clinton meantime, saw his remarks as a threat. she responded saying quote, a person seeking to be the states should not suggest violence in any way. also, the clinton campaign is dise vowing the orlando rally appearance of mateen. he is the father of the orlando nightclub massacre shooter. campaign officials say he was not invited to that rally, even though he was clearly seen right behind clinton as the audience backdrop of that event. the secret service says mateen
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as did everyone else, which included 3,000 members of the audience. donald trump held back his endorsement until the very last minute. house speaker, paul ryan, has won an overwelming primary victory in wisconsin. ryan is aiming for a tenth term in the hots house and this is his first reelection since becoming speaker. he said the fear that some candidates offer sells well, buhe it won't last. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic together here on eyewitness news this morning. here's the george washington bridge looking back toward the east, toward our sunrise this morning, which is not all that great with this warm air coming up from the south. you made it a cloudy morning, hazy morning, humid morning here. and as we look from our camera in brooklyn to the lower east side, around wall street, 77
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couple showers across the eastern long island. you see the popup here. southern dutches county. westchester county, eastward here. these will keep popping up during the day today. grab an umbrella. out the door we go. it's a humid morning with hays and clouds. kind of stuffy and kind of sticky. temperatures around 79. getting into the low 80s. you will run into a shower or thunderstorm. heat wave starts tomorrow. , what do you have going on this morning? >> we have a heavy delay. this is an unauthorized bus will go over to our maps and explain what is going on. it's the southern state. it's going east, exit 14. unauthorized bus. the bus hit the overpass at fletcher avenue. news copter 7 is above what used to be an accident, but it looks like it's out there. good morning to you, john. >> that is what we have here. we have an accident indeed. this is northbound on the van
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long-term construction zone on the van wyck. there's no shoulder here. there's only two lanes and you can see one of the vehicles in the accident is out on out left lane. the other is on the tow truck and the right lane and the cars have to zigzag inbetween and that small bus pulled up and maybe can't make the zigzag. looks like all lanes are blocked on the expressway. again, right at the split for the grand central, so we're in the middle of the q gardens inrc open, but heather, take a look at this delay. northbound standstill volume begins north of kennedy airport. heather. >> that's a mess there. and we are also looking at jackie robinson parkway westbound not far from where john is. right near metropolitan avenue. we have all lanes closed down. and then the white stone expressway north near northern boulevard, another accident. you have the 59th street bridge, queens bound lower level, accident cleared away. five trains still dealing with
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cleaning rules are in effect for today. rob, lori, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on eyewitness news this morn, some of the most vulnerable patients now at risk inside one of the nation's largest hospitals. the outbreak of a dangerous bacteria and what is being done to protect other newborns. and new this morning, vandals target nearly a dozen cars along island. the messages they left behind. and the golden boy does we're going to show you more of michael phelps historic night in rio. stay with us [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. no, not you.
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iraqi officials say 11 babies have been killed in a hospital fire in baghdad. the fire is being blamed faulty electrical wiring in the maternity ward. seven babies and 29 women were moved out of that ward into another hospital. all of the killed are believed to be babies born prematurely. >> a medical emergency is forcing one hospital near washington, d.c. to evacuate its neonatal unit because of a dangerous bacteria. three infants in maryland
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the bacteria were found in a water pipe used by that unit and at least nine newborns in the unit are now being transferred. two babies recently died. it's unclear if they were infected. city council speaker and the department of transportation are having a little bit of a spat over her tweet to report a dangling signal light. she told the d.o.t. the location and said thanks, kind hours later when a d.o.t. tweet thanked her and said in the future, she should contact 311 for quick action. mark's response blew up saying it was not a suitable response to an elected official. the problem had already been fixed before the tweet was sent. the dot says it is looking at upgrading its twitter responses. >> 6:16. over to bill for a look at the
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a great response. >> yes. just call 311. we're very busy over here. here's what is going on this morning. we have a humid day. you can see the low clouds hanging here. there's a little break right there. you get a little sunshine coming through. we are looking at temperatures here right around 77 degrees. the humidity is up there because of the southerly wind and the pressure is at 30/20, which is a mark of fair weather. with a t around this high pressure ridge, that gives us this barometer reading, we're seeing a lot of moisture around. normal is 83. and sunsets around 8:00 this evening. there will be some breaks of sun. some may get a shower or thunderstorm. the humidity is back. tack an umbrella. heat and humidity combined to create a shower or thunderstorm. heat advisories on for later today through tomorrow. but that will be extended friday, saturday, third heat
6:18 am
for most. thunderstorm risk through the weekend, real feel, 100 to 105 on friday and saturday. uv index of 5, that's low, so is the pollen count. air quality is okay. 73. 76 monte claire. these numbers are warm for the overnight hours. tack on the humidity, it feels like it's closer to 80 degrees. look at the wind profiles. they are southerly, that picks up the moisture, we have a heat advisory through 8:00 tomorrow. county, around trenton, the capital of new jersey. and we're going to be looking at showers popping up. see how these pop up in the atmosphere here? a shower or two, fair field county, out across long island, more of this will pop up today with heating. you see today, pop up showers at 9:00. a little sprinkle here and there. a break of sun. temperatures in the mid 80s. you're getting to 5:00, here's the thunderstorm at belmar. watch out for that at the
6:19 am
go into tonight and it's muggy overnight. tomorrow, that's when the temperatures are off to the races and could be a late day thunderstorm tomorrow. we'll be around 90 tomorrow. it will be hot as the jet stream has retreated to the north. the heat builds starting tomorrow and into the weekend. tomorrow afternoon, real feel from 100 to 105 city west. best place to be is at the beaches. sunshine and clouds rule today. current risk is high. watch out for that. 85 and thunderstorm this afternoon. tomorrow, we've got 90. we've got 92 friday. 94 saturday. the real feels from 100 to 105 and with that heat, you can't rule out a scattered shower or a thunderstorm. so be ready for that as we'll have a good old heat wave. later on, join me, i'll be on
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>> it is the music of east harlem comes to the museum mile. 6:00 to 9:00 this evening. music outside of the city. >> oh, outside. >> i'm going to take my dog, walk on down, i'll have stuff tomorrow. >> people get to meet you and sandy. >> but they get to hear music from east harlem, and there's food. >> that's much better. >> on the upper east side. is. a nice summer event. let's check in now with heather. >> i do have signal problems at morris park. uptown trains are running with delays. news copter 7 up above this mess. so, this is a look at jackie robinson parkway. what happened here is a car carrier wandered on to jackie robinson parkway and got stuck. so, what they are doing now is backing the cars that were on the car carriers, off of the
6:21 am
make him a little bit shorter. a little bit less tall so they could get him out from underneath the overpass. they are still trying to clear this accident away, but the good news is, the left lane is closed. earlier when john was over this, we had a car over here, a car over there. you're getting by. let's get over to our maps and we also have this problem, expressway north, near northern boulevard. exit 14, unauthorized bus. that bus hit the fletcher avenue overpass. a lot of unauthorized vehicles. rob, over to you. >> heather, thank you. michael phelps is proving he has the golden touch at the olympic games. phelps reclaimed glory in his signature event, winning the 200 meter butterfly.
6:22 am
style relay. that brings phelps gold medal count to an incredible 21 gold medals. remarkable. it it was the u.s. women's gymnastics team that electrified the country last night. samone led the team to gold, and on top of that, a stunner on the tennis court. get this, defending gold medalist, serena williams got knocked out of the olympics by ukrainian player ranked 20th in the world. serena was number one. she will next month at the u.s. open in flushing for a chance at some redemption. and here's the latest medal count. four days into the rio games, the u.s. in first place, still with nine golds and 26 total medals. followed by china and hungry. >> travel woes are not over quite yet if you're flying delta. what the airline is telling passengers what to expect at airports today.
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delta is hoping to
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normal operations by midday today after that massive computer system failure grounded flights around the world. 90 flights have been canceled today after nearly 800 flights were canceled tuesday. customers are being warned to check the status of their flights on the delta website. the company is extended its offer for up to $200 in travel vouchers to impacted passengers. and a driver in canada catches the eye of a police helicopter as he drives around to catch them all. yup, the mercedes was driving slow, making stops for no reason. at other times, a car would make suspicious turns in the middle of the road. police eventually stopped the car. turns out, the driver was, yes, playing pokemon go. the officer gave him a stern warning about distracted driving before letting him go. >> this thing has gotten out of control. the pokemon go thing. people need to get a life.
6:27 am
we're closing in on 6:30. some breaking news, some serious news, a triple shooting during a teenager's birthday
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> breaking overnight, a man murdered at a teenager's birthday party. what we now know about the two young girls who were wounded. that's coming up in a live report. >> and vandals go on the attack in suffolk county overnight. we have new video of the damage left behind. accuweather forecast. we're timing out the next round of storms and the extreme heat right around the corner. dog days of summer not over just yet. good morning, everybody, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us, it's wednesday, august 10. you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> we have warm temperatures to start your day today on this wednesday. 77 and 78-degree temperatures up the hudson river valley.
6:31 am
and that's over the next few days, actually. that will a couple showers in suffolk county, more today, a popup shower and thunderstorm by noontime, this afternoon, winds are southerly, picking up the moisture. 90-degree weather starts tomorrow. real feels 100 to 105. there's a lot of unauthorized activity going on. >> it's lazy day. read the signs. we have this accident. we have news copter 7 up above and john is showing us some pictures of this. this is the other unauthorized tractor trailer. we had four this morning. this is the van wick getting on to the grand central parkway and an accident that is still in the process of being cleared away right in the cue garden interchange. big delays on the expressway. if you are leaving the area of jfk, getting up into the q
6:32 am
map and talk about what's happening as you take the five train. signal problems, uptown trains running with delays and we have the white stone expressway north near northern boulevard. jackie robinson expressway, that misplaced car carrier just about cleared away. our street cleaning rules are in effect today. back over to you. >> we have breaking news in jersey city. celebration ends in gunfire. three people were shot during a birthday party and one person news reporter is live in jersey city with new details. darla. >> rob, lori, this is a homicide investigation now being conducted by the hudson county prosecutor's office and they are looking for the shooter this morning. this happened around 11:30 here at the church in jersey city. this is parking part of the lincoln center.
6:33 am
parties and other events are commonly held. this was a birthday party for a teenage boy. started at 8:00 last night. then around 11:30, witnesses say there was a break in the music and that is when they heard about five or six gun shots. the lights were off at the time and when the lights came on, that's when they noticed the body laying on the floor. >> they are young people, so they were like, don't touch may be. everybody's first thing was to call the cops. they did call the police officers and happened to be a car was already riding past them. since everybody was outside, somebody got shot, somebody got shot. the cops ran in. >> now, police have just cleared the scene within the last hour or so. i want to mention that there were two other people injured. two girls were grazed by
6:34 am
street to a fast food restaurant to also run for help. those two girls are in stable condition at the jersey center medical center. at this point, police have not released the name of the shooting victim. reporting live in jersey city, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. new this morning, police are on the hunt for vandals who smashed windows and spray painted gang signs on cars and at least one home in suffolk county. garage door in farmingville overnight. we're not going to show you the gang signs on the air. if you have any information about this, please call police. 6:34. four firefighters are recovering from serious injuries after four alarm fire in the bronx and this morning, we've learned that children sparked the fire inside a home in the wakefield section. last night, mayor bill de blasio visited the injured firefighters. tweeting that photo, eyewitness
6:35 am
now in morris park. diana. >> lori, good morning. it was the intense heat of this fire yesterday that presented a real challenge to four firefighters. four were injured. three remain in critical condition here at jacoby medical center this morning. it was three of the firefighter firefighters who were injured. but an additional firefighter was also injured after a fire truck got into an accident on the way to patrick morello, an 11 year veteran was overwelmed by heat exhaustion as he was fighting the flames from the roof. joseph brady, a 17 year veteran had a heart attack and lieutenant joseph marterell sers treated for but later released from the hospital. that noon fire consumed several homes on east 235th street here in the bronx and struck four alarms before crews were able to gain control. >> deal with a lot of tough things, but it was a tough day
6:36 am
for those members. they are all veteran members the department. three of whom are signed to the bronx. one is signed to a ladder company in queens. >> a fourth injury came when a fire truck was coming to assist crews in the bronx. they hit a beam underneath the l train. 44-year-old, sean o'rourke severely injured his arm. o'rourke is among the three here in critical, but stable center. fire investigators tell us that fire was sparked by children playing with a stove. live in the morris park section of the bronx, channel 7 eyewitness news. diana, thank you. we have new video of suspects wanted for an armed robbery on the upper east side. two men drew a handgun when they woke up a man who had been sleeping on a bench at 5th avenue early yesterday morning. now the thieves then stole his
6:37 am
and then fled into central park. if you recognize him, call police. a solemn vigil for vanessa, the new york woman killed while jogging near her mother's home in massachusetts. there was a full house at the first congressional church in princeton last night. the 27-year-old was our hometown and as you can imagine, people are just shocked at this murder, just hours before she was actually set to take a train back here to manhattan. investigators still are not or if she was targeted. it's the first killing in princeton in 30 years. in the meantime, new fliers are posted in queens upping the reward to catch the killer of karina to $20,000. the 30-year-old was murdered during a jog at spring creek park and howard beach last week. the nypd met with area residents to help ease concerns over security. police said their investigation
6:38 am
now on the six month delay for the nypd's body cam program. published reports say the department needs at least another six months to even sign a contract for the pilot program. nypd has been under a federal court order since 2013 to deploy body cams. but the process of buying, testing, and training for 1,000 cameras in 20 precincts will take well into next year. city department of health is expanding the guidelines on for zika. the test will include anyone over the age of 5 with the virus most common symptoms. officials had only said those who traveled to the zika affected region or their sexual partners should be tested. the move comes on the heels of the first confirmed cases in florida. the state has reported 21 cases. there are no cases of transmission by mosquitoes in new york. you're never more than 7
6:39 am
news this morning. we're coming up on 20 minutes before 7:00. cloudy skies, humid, hazy looking. 78 degrees. and we're going to be looking at a high humidity. 77 the reading at the park. showers toward river head, the twin forks and around bridge port. rain off to the north and west. but really what develops for us today is the heat and the fire and thunderstorms around 11:00. noontime temperature in st low 80s. get to the mid 80s. some clouds, shower and thunderstorm. 90-degree heat. 1 to 105 for the real feel to talk about next. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. what's going on? >> i am, it's national unauthorized vehicle day. here's the southern state parkway, bumper to bumper
6:40 am
fletcher avenue. how they just trying to get this all reopened. now this was the car carrier that wandered on to jackie robinson parkway where he's not allowed. they backed some of these cars up. they are trying to figure out how they got the car carrier from where it is. it is completely bumper to bumper because of that earlier problem. let's go over to our maps. we had another problem on the van wink. van wyck. our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. lori, rob, over to you. >> thank you, heather. new information overnight on an unholy crime in brooklyn. a statue of jesus snatched from a church and then dumped in the trash. we have new video of the suspects who are still on the run. >> and another night of concert chaos for fans of snoop dogg.
6:41 am
now, long
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at the great new york state fair! at least a dozen people are recovering from alcohol poisoning at a snoop dogg concert at jones beach. it happened when fans were
6:44 am
ambulances were on hand to take some folks out of there. state police confiscated alcohol and just dumped it all out. on friday night, 42 people were hurt when a railing collapse at a snoop dogg show down in camden, new jersey. >> gun shots rang out during peaceful protests in ferguson, missouri, marking the second anniversary of the death of michael brown. no one was hit by bullets, but witnesses say that a car sped through the protesters. people who were there say the vehicle stru took off. firing off gun shots. there's no word on the victim's condition. brown, of course, was the unarmed black teenager killed during a confrontation with a white police officer in 2014. >> later today, the justice department is expected to rip into the baltimore police department. releasing a yearlong report on racial dediscrimination in the ranks. found that officers frequently stop or arrest african americans without legal
6:45 am
of the obama administration's push to reform police departments in cities where young african american men have been victims of violence. >> today the kansas city water park where a ten-year-old boy was killed is set to reopen to visitors, but the world's tallest water slide will stay closed. has posted on his website that a limited portion of the park will reopen today at noon. killed will be closed. caleb was tossed from a raft. the incident raised serious questions about the ride's height and weight restrictions. good morning america is up next. let's check in with george. >> a lot going on. including the race for the white house. donald trump explaning comments. appear to suggest second amendment orders, take on
6:46 am
what he meant. he is facing another round of fire. we'll have one of the top supporters, former new york mayor here to talk about that this morning. also, this case coming out of south florida. 73-year-old woman killed in a training exercise. a police safety exercise after an officer's gunfired unexpectedly. we'll get into that, and all that excitement. more gold for team u.s.a. in the pool. gymnastics team as well. house, katie ledecky. that's all coming up on gma. >> thank you, george. now back over to bill for a look at the gold medal winning accuweather forecast. >> thank you, robert. here's what is going on this morning. looking south here all the way down past one world trade. a good visibility, although these clouds, a little bit of haze. a lot of moisture out here this morning. look back off to the northeast across the reservoir, and we have clouds, even some breaks
6:47 am
temperatures 77 degrees. a high humidity, southerly wind, all that is pumping up the moisture. yesterday's high 87. normal 83. sunsets at 8:00. some folks will see a nice sunset. some folks will have a shower. others may have a thunderstorm because the humidity is back. grab an umbrella today. heat advisory is on. third heat wave of the summer for most. it would be number two in the park. authority thunderstorm risk weekend. you have that sun, can't rule out a scattered thunderstorm. so, uv index is a 5 today. not all that high and looking at a low risk of pollen in the continue. low pollen count this morning. grass is the participant. 75 around morristown. 76 and we have the 70s and a southerly wind, so it is a muggy morning out here. so when you tack on the sun
6:48 am
thunderstorm. heat advisory in effect through tomorrow around the five borrows and a heat watch down around mercer county and the mercer area. that will be extended because the heat will last into the weekend. a few showers are popping up. east of new haven to new london. looks like a scattered thunderstorm or heavier downpour of rain. we'll have that sort of thing during the day today. some showers will make it all the way across to the hudson river valley. those will be firing up. now you can be about. it's not going to dampen any plans, but there could be a shower or a brief thunderstorm that pops up. you go inside. you see down the beach, there might be a thunderstorm around 6:00. be aware of that. just keep your eye to the sky and of course, get our app. you can see it on the radar and keep an eye on it and of course, you can come back out. these last 20 minutes to a half hour. and then they are gone. we'll be looking a the the same thing again tomorrow afternoon. heat and humidity combine to create showers and these thunderstorms.
6:49 am
be on the lookout for that as the life guards. warm, warm and humid, sun and clouds. a spotty storm. even into tonight and the low is 73. tomorrow, it's hot and humid. real feel, 100 with a shower and thunderstorm late in the day. so be sure to take care and keep an eye out for thunderstorms each afternoon there . there will be cloud to ground lightning. app. it will alert you if there's a watch or warning. you can also just watch it. i was at martha's vineyard using it. watching radar. >> you know me. >> it's in his blood. >> he's a weather geek. >> it's commitment. >> let's check in again with heather. >> i was stuck in traffic the other day. >> it's called research. >> it wasn't in the vineyard. it was in my hometown.
6:50 am
we have some delays. let's go over to our maps. this one is still with us, exit 14 fletcher avenue. you want to be careful about that won and as you go on to the north. two lanes are closed down and as you head on to the bqe, southwest, another accident being cleared. five trains, we still have signal problems in morris park. uptown you are trains are running with delays. 10 at the george. lincoln and our street cleaning rules are in effect for today. rob, lori, over to you. >> all right, thank you, heather. facebook fights back in the battle over banner ads. why your home page may be why your home page may be lookin why your home page may be lookin ? ? ? award winning interface. award winning design.
6:51 am
the volvo xc90.
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6:53 am
police release new video of three suspects they say robbed a church in brooklyn. nypd says earlier this year, williamsburg. it was later found in the trash near the church. an art studio is working to restore it. if you have any information, call crime stoppers. facebook is making sure its users still see advertisements. >> the social media giant will start blocking ad blockers. ad blockers filter out ads that originate from known ad servers, but by tuesday, even facebook users have blockers
6:54 am
still show advertisements. facebook says it will give users easier ways to pick what kinds of ads they want to see. a final check on your weather and your commute when we come back. >> also, we're getting reports of an accident on the major degon.
6:55 am
td bank's new intern, bart, is one of those robots from an other bank, we're training him to bank human. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night, and all day for that matter. he's learning.
6:56 am
don't just bank, bank human. breaking news overnight with a shooting at a church
6:57 am
death. >> just around 11:30, one man was killed, shot in the head as about 60 people partied at the holy ghost ministries. two young teenage girls were also wounded in all of this. the young crowd panicked, but police were passing by the church as people poured on to the sidewalk. the shooter escaped in all that confusion and still no arrest. accident on the major deacon expressway is causing over the scene. john. >> good morning, rob. we've had problems all morning long in queens. it's been a rough commute. now we move up to the commute. just getting into the park. this is a two-car accident. but you can see a fuel spill in the road. fdny is on the scene and they have two lanes blocked. as you travel northbound on the major deacon. up into yonkers, only that right lane is open.
6:58 am
is that activity is visible for the primary traffic flow coming southbound out of westchester county. extra heavy delays this morning. southbound on 87 as the throughway turns into the ma i ordei major deacon. >> always a busy day in our world. here, home. >> everywhere. unauthorized vehicles today and this is a southern state parkway. and as we go over to our maps, the southern state parkway eastbound exit 14 unauthorized bus hit the fletcher avenue overpass. that's out there. and then we have this problem on the bqe as you go southwest. that's another accident that is being cleared. five trains signal problems at morris park. we have uptown trains running with delays. it's only ten minutes going in at the george washington bridge. lincoln is 30.
6:59 am
to start bunching up. this is at the q gardens interchange. this is where we had that ramp closure. with an unauthorized tractor trailer and we also had had the unauthorized tractor trailer getting on to the grand central. all of those problems have been cleared. >> all right, thank you, heather. >> it's a warm, humid day today. a shower and thunderstorm can't be ruled out and you'll have this, too. sunshine breaking through. you'll run into scattered shower, maybe a scattered thunderstorm. winds are south, pumping the moisture, already 80 white stone queens. 76 bridge port. 75 new jersey. heat wave is on the way. tomorrow is the day. you see until 5:00 tomorrow, heed advisory. heat to watch down toward philly. really, it's going to be hot right through the weekend. thunderstorms today, 90-degree weather starts tomorrow. all right, have a great day. >> that's the news for now, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your day
7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump defending himself after a comment being called a threat against hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> trump says he was not suggesting violence and clinton facing her own troubles overnight. a new public. breaking overnight a former librarian killed by police in front of a horrified crowd. shot while volunteering for a demonstration at a police safety event. the latest on what officers say was a terrible accident. flash flood danger. a woman rescued after a car barrels into a bridge. now more monsoon rain hitting the southwest and a dangerous heat wave moving east. gold medal glory at the


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