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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: behind me at this hour, firefighters are wrapping up here. 15 were treated this morning for heat exhaustion, 8 taken to new jersey medical center for further tests. before 9:00 a.m., flames broke out on the fourth floor of this building. >> i saw the firemen on top of the roof and the smoke was just tremendous. a lot. >> the extreme heat and humidity, the guys with all the gear, this is the same gear they wear when it's 5 degrees.
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degrees, these guys can lose coolness very rapidly. >> the fire appears to have started in a bathroom and an electrical outlet is likely to blame. >> i saw the flames and it was huge, really thick smoke. i just got scared and was praying everybody was okay. >> reporter: this is a floors are apartments. on the first floor there is a landromat and bike shop. no word yet on what may be affected this afternoon and this evening. >> three or four firefighters injured while battling a fire in the bronx are still in the hospital this afternoon. their injuries range from severe heat exhaustion to
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in a crash on the way to the four-alarm yesterday afternoon. two firefighters remain in critical but stable condition. >> yesterday we had a very serious fire in the bronx that involved five buildings. while fighting that fire. three members there suffered serious injuries. >> the fire was started by two in the bronx. >> firefighters have been facing intense heat for the past few days, bill. that's right and it's only going to get hotter and more humid. you can see the clouds, breaks of sun. the temperature is 82 and the wind has been out of the south
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temperature at noon, if you factor in the humidity, look how quick the temperature gets to 92, particularly in the urban areas of new jersey. it's always hotter, more humid because of the land mass. it's an area that's away from the coast. so the south wind doesn't do a lot to cool thin advisory in effect really for tomorrow, and for the rest of this afternoon and tomorrow. heat watch is in effect toward mercer county. some showers and thunderstorms get fired up and when you have heat and humidity, there's a batch of the showers here along 95 in fairfield county. scattered showers across westchester. a line of showers has been
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south of i-80 and those will keep moving toward the city within the hour. more on this heat and humidity and building showers and thunderstorms coming up. we'll talk about the heat wave starting tomorrow in the full forecast in a few minutes. gunfire erupted in a party in new jersey. it happened overnight at a birthday party for a teen and died, two others hurt. >> reporter: police have been interviewing people who were at that party last night and try to find the person who walked in and fired at least four shots. >> all you saw was kids running for their life. >> reporter: a mother of one of the teens who attended the party describes the chaos she saw from her front porch after
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center. a 20-year-old man at the party was killed and two others were hit but survived. >> every light was on off in there. by the time the lights came back on, we saw everybody running and a body on the floor. >> reporter: the family had rented the party for the hall but the party was announced on social media, so it could >> i just hear kids running out, jumping into cars, and some girls are crying, people are screaming. >> one young man not making it out as friends begged him to hang on. >> i remember a couple people talking to him. i don't remember him talking back to them. i remember a couple of them just telling him to keep breathing, keep breathing. >> reporter: the two others who
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treated at jersey city medical center and this mother says the hall's owner should be held responsible. >> come on, you didn't have no type of security. she have to be fined and shut down. >> reporter: people in the community tell us that hall is often rented out for events and a lot of them are for the younger crowd. they say this is not the first ended in violence. act an hour ago the father of a jogger murdered in queens addressed reporters and he could not be any more determined when he sent a strong message to the person
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. >> reporter: a short time ago, he came out and spoke about a new gofundme page in her honor. so far it's raised nearly $30,000. this is in honor of his daughter and he's confident they will raise $100,000 to add to the $20,000 reward already in place from the went out for a jog tuesday last week and she was strangled and sexually assaulted in spring creek park here in howard beach. her father and police traced her cell phone and found her body. >> somebody knows something. somebody's got to say something. with this amount of money, maybe they will. there are leads coming in. they are following every single lead. they are tracking everything
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someone to say, i know the guy. that's what we're looking for. i wake up and there's nothing for me to do, that's when the bottom is going to drop out. so i have to stay involved every day in every way. today it's this. this is keeping me alive today. >> and he called whoever did this a vicious predator. he was also appealing to all firefighters across the country, making the point that he worked and that people always thank him for his service, and he said, this is what you can do for me now, help and contribute to this gofundme page. the family has not even begun to grieve. as for the safety here in the park. he called this his daughter's happy place. he'd just like to see it more
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jogger also in the news, centered around a new york woman killed in massachusetts. investigators say they are receive a lot of good information from a tip line. as police hunt for her killer, family an friends remember vanessa marcotte. she was found dead near her mother's home in a small town outside boston, known as a peaceful and quiet community. just everybody really liked her. she was so smart and such a good person. >> we're a community. you know, when one falls in our town, it hurts. it hurts big. >> this girl lived in new york, and she came to princeton and it happened? it just doesn't happen in princeton. >> so far police have not announced a suspect or motive for the killing. a senior aide to governor christie texted that he lied
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the bridge scandal. court documents say she texted during his speech: it happened during a 2013 news conference. he denies the allegations, calling it ridiculous and nothing new. friends, viewers and colleagues are remembering john saunders, a popular host on espn who suddenly passed away. he hosted studio and play by programming for nearly 30 years, including anchoring sports zone. he covered a wide range of sports before becoming a sports caster. he was a defenseman in junior hockey leagues and was 61. he is survived by his wife and daughters. >> such and excellent broadcaster. dozens of people required medical treatment during a snoop dogg concert on long island. what police say happened inside
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. donald trump claims his comments that many interpreted as a veiled threat against hillary clinton were misinterpreted by the media. he was saying should clinton win the election, there's no way to stop her from picking her supreme court judges,
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maybe there is. the clinton campaign not buying the explanation but today many are defending trump. >> what he said is that they should vote against her. >> he was talking about after the election. >> it was talking about the election in general. he wasn't just talking about after the election. you know how speeches go. he was talking about how they that's what he was talking about. >> and republican national security experts who claimed trump would be the most reckless president in american history. and hillary clinton dealing with the fallout of the release of more e-mails. a staffer appears to be asking the state department to hire someone when clinton was secretary of state.
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is office clinton ran a corrupt office. a new report finds the baltimore police force routinely discriminated against black people, that it used excessive force, and officers are not adequately disciplined for misconduct. the department agreed to reform policies. >> we looked at a period of time for the police department but the goal is not to cast blame or to figure out who to cast blame to. have been long-standing. >> a decree would lay out the reforms likely and won't be finalized for several months. gunfire erupted during a protest last night to mark the second anniversary of michael brown's death. city leaders in ferguson say shots were fired after a driver sped through the demonstration
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says it doesn't appear that the driver hit the man intentionally. no word yet on his condition. vandals target cars in a home along long island. the message stray painted on some of the cars. >> and we have a heat advisory
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. summer soup is here. >> i know you don't like it now. >> it's not horrible. >> very summery. >> good. i was just going to say, blame when in doubt, deflect. >> i'll take it. right now we have clouds and humidity and some rain, and we have some heat. it is very stressful on firefighters and all ems workers in this kind of heat. when you've got to rush around, it's 82 and you have 76% humidity, and a wind out of the south at 5, just keeps pumping up the moisture. we'll look at temperatures
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80s and feels like 90s today. sun will set and humidity is back. we have showers on the way and a thunderstorm. heat advisory is on. third heat wave of the summer for most, maybe the second in central park. thunderstorm risk is with us through the weekend. friday and saturday, feels like 100 to 105. are clear, elizabeth 85, jersey shore 87 and 78 toward poughkeepsie. the park jumps to 88 to 90, 91 at laguardia. feels like 100 at toms river. see that wind, that's a warm southerly wind just pouring in here. the folks who benefit are the
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shores here. so we have a heat advisory in effect now through the afternoon because of the heat. it only gets hotter here. showers are from bridgeport, rockland county. scattered showers across northern jersey. showers become a nuisance on 95 with a heavy downpour here, then along 80 you have a that's producing these lightning strikes. that will come into the five burroughs within the next half hour. we could still have a popup shower possible tonight, particularly in the valley.
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thunderstorms. check out the heat index for tomorrow. i think it will be a little higher than this. we're looking at 100 in a lot of spots, cooler at the coastal sections. 92 on friday, 94 on saturday, feels like 100 with that, there's always a possibility of a shower or storm. >> thank you, bill. a terrifying crash caught on camera. what officers saw the man doing
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police in new mexico release body camera video of the police chase that led to a crash. the officers say they tried to stop a man after catching him breaking into a truck. when they tried to pull him over, he took off. police chased him through the streets of albuquerque until he hit a car head-on. the driver took off running but police caught up to him and arrested him. a slip and fall accident
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happiest place on earth. the seven dwarves are dancing on sunday when dopey stumbles, slipping between the railing and landing on goofy on the deck below. one character stops to check on them along with snow white. fortunately they were all okay. . much more news ahead in the next half hour. dozens of people treated for alcohol poisoning in long island. more than half were underage. the new details we are learning. and a mother opens up after being mugged in a park with her
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. we continue to follow a developing story, 15 firefighters treated for heat exhaustion after a three-alarm fire in jersey city. this started on the top floor of the building and temperatures are expected to get even more intense today. heat advisory goes into effect at 2:00 this afternoon, making that very tough. we'll check in with meteorologist bill evans in a few minutes with more on the
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new details about the dozens of people treated for alcohol poisoning at a snoop dogg concert in long island. >> and more than half the people treated were underage. >> reporter: several of those young kids are still recovering this afternoon at a local hospital. 50 people had to be helped by ems at the concert here last them were underage. 25 kids we're told inside the venue had to be helped by ems for drug and alcohol related issues and 15 more were helped outside. 11 teens in total were taken to local hospitals, including an 18-year-old who was in serious condition after falling on his head while he was intoxicated. only 16 officers were assigned
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the concert last night and the officers may have been overwhelmed. one sergeant said it is unfathomable that 16 police officers were tasked with a crowd of controlling 10,000 or more. we are fortunate no one died. of course state parks hasn't gotten back to us but i wanted to ask if they have plans for venue this weekend, two more big concerts planned for this weekend. again, they didn't return our calls. police are on the hunt for the vandals who smashed windows and spray painted gang signs on cars and at least one home in suffolk county. vandals hit at least 14 cars at a garage in farmingville overnight. we are not showing you the
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police. the nypd says three people stole a religious statue from a brooklyn church. the three stole the statue from st. peter and paul church earlier this year. it was later found in the trash near the church. an art studio is working to restore it. if you recognize anyone in this video, call crime stoppers. now to the story of a broad daylight while pushing her two young sons on she says she had no idea anyone was watching her until she felt something on her back. then another person demanded money from her. the victim didn't want to be identified and spoke exclusively with us about her experience. >> i was worried about my kids. whatever they wanted, if i didn't have it to give them, they could have hurt me, hurt
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doing it, they don't have a fear. >> she didn't have a wallet on her but handed over $20 in her pocket and her watch. they pushed her into the stroller but neither her nor her sons were hurt. police are calling this a tragic accident, an officer's gun firing an unexpected live round at a citizens academy in flid and the police department here devastated as investigators still try an figure out how this happened. police in florida call it a tragic accident. a woman volunteering at a community event on police safety, shot and killed by an officer. 73-year-old mary
12:34 pm
show what it's like when police are forced to make split second decisions. witnesses at the event say an officer fired at her with what was supposed to be blanks but there was a live round in it. she was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead. >> we want express our deepest sympathy for the family and friends of mary. we are shocked by this horrific accident and are grieving deeply over mary's passing. >> reporter: the officer involved is on leave while the florida department of law enforcement investigating. people in new jersey are
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discovered in hudson county park and tested for for rabies. officials are telling residents to keep their pets on a leash when outside and to call the nonemergency line for police if they see wildlife acting i radically. let's turn to bill, parts a couple heavy downpours of rain and some lightning as well. you'll node need the rain gear for this huge line of showers. there's a couple strikes but it's mostly spotty showers, downpours of rain. we'll have another shower coming in this evening and tonight. then we have the heat and
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heat index 100 to 105 that we'll talk about
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there is reportedly a 6-
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body camera program. reports say the nypd said the process of buying and training the 1,000 cameras will take well into next year. when melissa mark tweeted to report a dangling signal light, the response she got from the department of transportation said she shou future for quick action. she responded saying it was not a suitable response to an elected official. turns out the problem had already been fixed. a new jersey lawmaker pushing to have a heroin antidote available in high schools across the state. legislation could mandate public, private and charter schools to carry narcan. the legislation would require nurses to have primary responsibility for the
12:40 pm
the drug. other employees would be trained on a volunteer basis. newborn babies were killed after flames broke out in baghdad at a hospital. 12 babies were killed and thick black smoke consumed the hallway and stopped rescue effort. survivors were taken to another hospital. faulty electrical wiring is being blamed for the fire. a part of the maryland hospital is closed this morning after two babies died from a three infants in the intensive unit care at prince georges hospital center tested positive for a potentially deadly bacteria. several patients are now being transferred to other hospitals. delta airlines claims it will resume normal operations by this afternoon after three days of delays and cancellations because of a
12:41 pm
canceled this morning, nearly 2,000 canceled since monday. the problem stemmed from an equipment failure at the airline's headquarters. a young man kill while leaving a party, and the suspected gunman a neighbor. the 911 call he made that has some raising questions if it was a hate crime. for twenty years, box tops for education has helped schools earn over
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k your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. a young man is shot and killed while leaving a house party in north carolina. the gunman who called police complained of hoodlums in the neighborhood. >> reporter: newly released 911 calls placed just moments before a fatal shooting. >> reporter: officials say they believe the caller, who never left his name, is the man who
12:45 pm
was leaving a party in the neighborhood early sunday. >> reporter: police say 39-year- old chad copley fired a shotgun from inside his garage around 12:30 a.m. >> he turned around and looked at me and shot one off. >> reporter: the caller said party goers were armed, a claim the host vehemently denies. >> kind of struck a nerve when i heard that one. sounds borderline hate crime. >> reporter: now copley charged with murder, his lawyer saying: . >> reporter: a gofundme page
12:46 pm
funeral expenses, his mother saying he never got in trouble and she wants to send him off well. . big names are defending air bnb in new york. ashton kutcher is among those who have sent a letter to the governor urging him to veto a bill that would penalize home sharing hosts in it helps middle class new yorkers earn extra money but opponents say it poses safety risks and quality of life problems for buildings residents. the city's latest dedicated to captain america. today marks the 75th anniversary of his first issue. the bronze will stand tall in
12:47 pm
are not thrilled but it will only be there two weeks before being moved to the barclay center. . ursula won $30,000 but all she wanted was a phone that takes pictures and allows her everybody is getting taken care of. all she wants is a new phone. >> there's a lot $30,000 can do. she can do more with the money. >> some of the rate plans you need that money. >> just get our weather app. we are definitely having
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>> it is raining there and it's raining here. if you're moving about, this slows things down. come on by the studios here any time you get off the bus. you'll need the umbrella. 82 degrees right now and winds is steady. it's really been raining from hartford all across the area. this southerly wind just keeps pouring moisture in here. with that coming up, that's happening with the sun to create these thunderstorms. it also picks up the humidity and there's a heat advisory in effect now through tomorrow. that will be extended through
12:49 pm
is 100 to 105. this batch is swinging through here. along the turnpike, along route 80, that will keep sliding eastward. rainfall amounts so far, not all that impressive. the heat will build starting tomorrow. the jet stream is off to the north. the he i tomorrow is around 100 to 105. boating forecast, waves at 2 to 3 feet and you have these showers around. the rip current risk is high today and throughout the weekend. if there's no life guard and you can't swim, don't go in above the knee. humid with storms this
12:50 pm
we have temperatures like 85 this afternoon that building with showers and thunderstorms this evening. nothing to rain out any plans. tomorrow hot and humid, feeling like 100 to 105. you can't rule out a scattered storms late in the day tomorrow as well as friday. saturday is a scorcher, around 105 for the real feel. it will start to little bit next week. >> okay. >> keep that umbrella handy. >> good advice. an elderly woman in hartford, connecticut called 911 with a simple complaint and the dispatcher went above and
12:51 pm
. >> catherine grady is a dispatcher and emt and volunteer firefighter. when she heard the woman's problem, she offered to take out the trash herself. that woman was very grateful. >> it's a smaller town when people used to help people. that's a really easy thing to do, just to help this person because they need help, and i can do it. >> that's above and beyond. who usually help the woman were tied up. >> just hearing her voice, that despair. thankfully we have folks like
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we have a heat advisory in effect this afternoon and we'll have the latest details. plus fighting peanut allergies with peanuts. new research supporting the treatment and its incredible success rate. it is time for the feed, stories being shared and retweeted. i have something really cute. check out this kitten rescue by the members of the sacramento fire department. eight kittens saved from a storm drain as mom kitty was not too far away looking on. the video was posted on twitter as the kittens are saved one by
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this isn't as cute. when a new bride from india discovered she couldn't travel to italy for her honeymoon because she lost her passport, her new husband could have canceled the trip. since they paid for it, they decided he'd go without her. the tweets about the dilemma turns out she also needs a visa for the trip and can't get that till the honeymoon is over. explain to me again why he went without her? >> because the trip is already paid for. >> he's going to pay for that for the rest of his life. >> she encouraged him. >> what a wife. >> husbands know better.
12:57 pm
buzz after searching for employment in seven months in california. she wanted to show love for her new position and got creative in a silly way. the photos look like an engagement or baby announcement. >> that's good. >> it's hard out here. she's like, yes, got a job. >> that will do it for this ?? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five,
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