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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 11, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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political interests may be reaching new heights literally. daredevil scaling trump tower seeking a face-to-face with the donald. here's abc's geo benitez. >> reporter: 21 stories high. hundreds of feet above ground. a real-life spider-man scaling trump tower this afternoon. building using giant suction cups. the stunt lasting three hours. until this happened. turns out, according to police, the 20-year-old man from virginia went to these great lengths all because he wanted to meet with donald trump. for "nightline," i'm geo benitez in new york. >> i guess he'll have to just hang in there. thanks for watching abc news. join us for "good morning america" tomorrow.
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what a sight. a man scaling trump tower in midtown snatched by police in
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the suction cup climber and wait till you hear what he says why he was there. now headed to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. >> we have two reports tonight beginning with jim dolan live in midtown, part of the first tv news team on the scene. >> he made it up to the 21st floor before police hauled him forcefully inside the building. this was a dangerous stunt that traffic snarled on 5th avenue and left people staring up for much of the afternoon. it was costly. it was frightening. and it was riveting. >> reporter: there he was, scaling the glass face of trump tower using a rig that consisted of suction cups and a harness, hoping to reach the top of the 633 -foot tall trump tower. people on the ground couldn't take their eyes off the spectacle unfolding on the building facade and playing out
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start out. >> there was a gentleman, this man to our right, and he was jumping up and down, extremely anxious. he was running across the side of the building. >> as we walk inside, he's suction cupped to the glass. >> reporter: police later broke a window to try to reach him. each time the climber moved laterally to his left to avoid police, all the while holding a running conversation with t o climb to the top so that he could talk to mr. trump. that was the basis of most of the conversation. >> reporter: police brought down a window washer scaffolding with emergency police inside. finally police put together a plan. they lowered the scaffolding to the climber's left, essentially closing off all of his escape
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close, they grabbed him. >> i reached out, took hold of his hand, and said sir, you need to come with me. i brought him inside with the help of my partner and we placed him in custody and handed him over to ems. >> reporter: this is a still photo of the suspect in custody and inside the building on the 21st floor, he was later taken to bellevue for evaluation. >> donald trump sent out a message on twitter an hour or so and protecting the people and saving the climber. it was an enormous response by the police. and a commitment of resources by the police as well who had to close down 5th avenue. i think i said 46th street. we're on 56th street. had to close down traffic on this street as well when police finally pulled him in. the people outside cheered the police and the job they did today. reporting live from midtown, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness
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today on air. the young man who tried to climb the trump tower explaining why he did this in a youtube video he released. he wanted to talk to donald trump he said, and really this was the only thing missing from this whacky presidential campaign, a guy with suction cups trying to climb the trump tower. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett with a closer look at this young man tonight. >> at this hour this guy is now at bellevue undergoing a psychiatric eval out exactly who he was and what he thought he was doing here. >> reporter: before that heart stopping grab, before the inevitable trip to bellevue for a psych evaluation, before cops asked him why -- >> he didn't have much to say at that point. >> believe me, my purpose is not significant, i would not risk my life pursuing it. >> reporter: the 20-year-old from virginia said plenty on youtube. police say this is likely his video, posted hours before the stunt with an eerie message to
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explains that he's an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him. >> to discuss an important matter. i guarantee that it is in your interest to honor this request. the reason i climbed your tower was to get your attention. if i had sought this via conventional means, i would be much less likely to have success because you are a busy man with many responsibilities. >> reporter: police say the man arrived in new york tuesday and spent the night in a hotel. he was carrying multiple forms of i.d. the detectives determined pretty quickly he was truly a threat only to himself and of course to the officers charged with rescuing him. >> at no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump. >> reporter: what isn't clear is what he wanted to tell trump, though he's definitely a fan. >> be sure to get out and vote for mr. trump in the 2016
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>> throughout this drama, police were referring to this guy only as steven from virginia. at this hour they've not yet released his full name. that's because they're not 100% sure so far of what his full name is because he was carrying a variety of i.d.s. once he does get out of bellevue, if he gets out of bellevue any time soon, he'll face a variety of charges. live in midtown, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> fascinating. thank you. we were first on the air and you could watch the entire king kong performance. our coverage will continue on abc7ny and eyewitness news beginning at 4:30 tomorrow morning. confirmation from the national weather service tonight. a tornado touched down on long island. the weak twitter hitting the city, causing flooding and tree damages. another roadblocked by a downed
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down trees in north haven. the trees fell on power lines and cars. the tree left a path of damage over two miles long. no injuries reported. amy freeze in for lee goldberg tonight. you were tracking that tornado and one of the first to report it on tv. >> yes, the tornado touched down for suffolk county. we also have a lot of damage in the area because of lightning as well. calm tonight in the city, 84 degrees. the storm reports that came in were first of the ef-0. east of sunset avenue, west of blossom boulevard. we also had a lightning strike in amganst that set a house on fire. another house struck by lightning as well. a real potent storm that came through. thousands of strikes of lightning. with it tonight things a lot calmer. we have showers and storms coming out of central pennsylvania. look how they're weakening as they push in. certainly it's happening up close as well. we get a look at the spotty showers and storms that have
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through. speaking of steam, it's another hot one tomorrow. an advisory for the boroughs. goes till saturday at 8 p.m. the heat index tomorrow will be in the low to mid 90s, even pushing the upper 90s for toms river but that's just getting started. by friday we'll have triple-digit heat index readings across the area. i'll have details on that and when we can finally get rid of some of the steam coming up in a few minutes in the full accuweat jersey are recovering from heat exhaustion tonight after battling a fire in jersey city. the fire breaking out on the top story of a four-story building. everybody getting out safely but high temperatures, high humidity and heavy gear took a toll on those fighting the flames. all expected to recover. in canada police foiled a terrorist attack. canadian television reports an isis sympathizer was killed when
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southern toronto. 23-year-old aaron driver was well known to canadian intelligence officials. he's believed to be the lone suspect in a suicide bomb plot on a major canadian city. new video tonight of an arsonist with a distinctive walk, wanted for a string of fires in brooklyn. the nypd releasing this surveillance video from july 31st in east new york. suspect seen walking away after setting seven trucks on fire using lit flares. the man fled in a white box truck. a grieving father in boost the reward to catch his daughter's killer to more than $100,000. money has been pouring in to help find the killer of karina vetrano. the goal of $100,000 on the gofundme account was quickly hit. now a new goal of $200,000 was kit. karina was killed last week when she went out for a jog in howard beach. >> we need someone to say hello, i know the guy.
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stay involved every day in every way. today it's this. this is keeping me alive. >> at this point there are no suspects in the murder. now to vote 2016. donald trump tonight insisting he wasn't talking about gun violence against hillary clinton during his second amendment remarks yesterday. republican nominee for president in the swing state tonight of florida. today he said his remark yesterday was about the political power of gun owners, not a threat for gun owners to do something about hillary for the father of the orlando nightclub shooter showing up at her rally. take a look at who showed up at trump's rally tonight. mark foley who resigned a decade ago amid allegations he sent sexual e-mails to teenage boys working as congressional pages. the personal risk candidates face was on display in iowa. hillary clinton speaking in des moines, secret service agents tackling an animal rights protester who was rushing the
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as the agents dragged the man out of the gym. dozens of teens arrested at a snoop dogg concert on long island. it turns out many of them were rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. police patrolling jones beach say they're not sufficiently staffed. here's long island reporter kristin thorne. >> reporter: it wasn't a fun end to the night for dozens of teenagers at the snoop dogg concert at jones beach. at least 10 of them had to be transported to the hospital last poisoning. emergency responders had to help approximately 40 teens both inside and outside the venue suffering from drug alcohol-related issues. >> with severe alcohol poisoning, it can alter your mental status, lead to coma, inhibit your breathing, and that can lead to death. >> reporter: this evening three teens remain in the icu at nassau university medical center. an 18-year-old is in serious
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while he was intoxicated. >> reporter: villar is with the new york state police pba. he says there were more than 10,000 people at the concert and only 16 officers on duty. >> they need to hire more police officers. we are running at around 50% of our authorized strength and that's just unacceptable. >> reporter: those with state parks told eyewitness news law enforcement h tolerance policy for underaged drinking in new york state and our state parks. people who jeopardize public safety with underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, and illegal drug use or possession will not be tolerated. we've reached out to state parks to ask them if they plan to ramp up security for two big concerts they have coming up this weekend, our calls were not returned. at jones beach, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight, a robbery
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now to a heartwarming reunion between his dog and his owner. thanks to the commitment of a police officer, that cop had no idea that a call to help a man in need of medical attention would end with a promise to care for his dog. that cop did a lot more than that. driving hundreds of miles from return the dog. here's carolina leid. >> she definitely gave us a lot of laughs, a lot of memories. >> reporter: he promised a sick man he'd take care of his dog bella while he was in the hospital. he sure kept his word. driving the basset hound 650 miles back to myrtle beach, south carolina. >> one of his reservations was what was going to happen with bella, who he was clearly very,
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15. patrolman was called to help a man in a broken down car who needed medical attention. bella had no place to go so she spent a week at the monmouth county humane society. but after seven days she'd be put up for adoption. patrolman and his wife and kids offered to take her in till they could get her home. >> i put her in the back seat. no sooner than opening my front door to get in the driver's seat, she jumped in to the front passenger's seat, then turned at me as if to say, i sit here. >> reporter: after 11 days with the family, the black lab and german shepherd, they drove 10 and a half hours last thursday to reunite bella with her family. >> bella, you're home. >> it was very difficult to see her leave. we all fell in love with her. it was a fun experience and very much worth it. >> reporter: patrolman cool says he did all this because he loves his dogs. and knows bella's family needed
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channel 7 eyewitness news. he was a robbery victim who turned in to a crime stopper. it happened early today at a chase bank in paterson, new jersey. police say a suspect was robbing the victim at the atm when the victim took charge, locking up the thief in the vestibule until cops got on the scene. sending a message to president obama is now as easy as logging on to facebook. facebook users can now contact the white house using facebook messenger. the white house says president reads 10 letters every night to help keep him in touch with what's going on around the country. meteorologist amy freeze here with the accuweather forecast tonight. it has settled down as far as storminess across the area but as far as the muggies go, we're still in it. 84 degrees. very humid air mass. the kind of weather that's difficult to sleep. storm reports that came in, we had the tornado earlier this
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a few storms pop through, drenching downpours. actually weakening as it moves east. i actually think the air is a little more stable tomorrow during the day. while we can't rule out the risk of a shower or thunderstorm, i don't think we're going to have quite the activity that we had this afternoon. it's really going to be about the heat and humidity. heat advisory for the boroughs goes till saturday at 8 p.m. as far as the heat index goes tomorrow by midmorning the feels-like temperature will be 90 degrees for newburg. feeling like 95 for belmar. feelg toms river. we'll get in to the triple digits in some spots but basically you can add almost 10 degrees feels-like temperature, the actual thermometer reading, and that's what it feels like outside. i think the real heart of it comes in on friday. look how the map goes purple. everything from poughkeepsie to newburg, morristown, belmar, toms river, all being forecasted for triple-digit heat indexes so the feels-like is going to be really, really uncomfortable. storms do move east tonight but they're continuing to weaken. the heat advisory goes until
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-- heat wave for the season. i think it's pretty weak tomorrow but still there. real feel temperatures will be in the triple digits. get ready. big heat is on the way. it comes in and is already here in some spots feeling like triple digits today for south jersey but we have that tomorrow then i think it's even worse for us on friday. on the futurecast through 1:00 tomorrow, the storms are few and far between, between about 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. we'll see as intense activity as we saw today. friday morning, early morning hours before dawn, we can see strong storms south and friday night we get another round of spotty showers and thunderstorms coming through. same story on saturday and sunday. i think we could actually get real potent storms on saturday evening so it's one of those forecasts where the air mass is real unstable. it's hard to pinpoint exact places where the storms will develop but if you have plans outdoors, you've got to keep an eye on the sky to stay safe from the storms. also making sure your smart
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the right warnings. you can get the free accuweather app in your app store. thunderstorm warning this time of year, that's what you need to know about to keep yourself safe and get out of harm's way. temperatures in the 90s. need to stay cool as well. coming up next, could some parents soon face jail time for putting their children on a vegan diet? speaking of kids and food, new hope in a treatment to help
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bad news for delta airline passengers again. a third day of flight delays and cancellations triggered by the global computer glitch. nearly 300 flights canceled by this afternoon. hundreds of others were delayed as the airline struggles to recover from monday's shutdown of the computer system. delta says it hopes things will
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said last night. italians who choose to be vegans may soon go to jail if they give the diet to their kids. they say the restrictive diet could put a children's life at risk. in tonight's health alert, more evidence a fairly new peanut allergy treatment works. researchers found giving small portions of peanut infants and toddlers decreased their allergic reaction to peanuts. other studies have been on older children. this was the first on children 9 months to 36 months old. four or five of them could eat peanuts after treatment. laura behnke up next with sports. >> the madness continues. it's alex rodriguez's final week as a yankees player.
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want him to play, and all that madness before tonight's game in boston. what happened tonight? how about an actual at-bat, no, seriously. >> plus, the mets are in a playoff race. the offense didn't seem to
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alex rodriguez dreaming last night of coming in, hitting a home run, winning the game for the yankees. >> how about what i'm about to tell you instead? another day closer to the end of the alex rodriguez era with the yankees and another night the designated hitter was not in the starting lineup. the question is why. joe girardi said today farewell tours are not in his job description. well, then. the yankees went out to meet the red sox again. a-rod watching again. wasn't looking good early on after nate eovaldi left early with an elbow injury. sox would lead 4-1. yankees try to mount a comeback. up to pinch hit with two on gets a piece of it but flies out as he was booed the entire time.
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double. 5 in the 7th to take the lead which they added to in the 8th. gary sanchez, that ball is going to be a memento. his first major league home run and he crushed it. yankees win 9-4. bartolo colon had beaten every team in major league baseball except one. that one happened to be at citifield tonight. big bart looked to be the second active pitcher to beat all 30 teams. big stumble before the game. he was okay. night long. paul goldschmidt, rbi single to left. 1-0 arizona. it's the only run he allowed. looked like he'd be the tough luck loser until this, kelly johnson going long for the two-run shot to tie the game. their first runs of the game. the d-backs have just taken the 3-2 lead in the 12th. it is a completely different giants team this year from the head coach to the revamped roster to the new music filled practice experience. and friday we'll see it all in action for the first preseason
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of these early games, from an inside perspective the giants say they're putting in the work and hope this time it pays off. >> i do feel as if this team is working harder. i feel as if we have a better chance of definitely being better than 6-10. you want to be playing february 5th in houston. the espn family and the sports world in shock today, grieving the sudden passing of john saunders who died today at saunders spent nearly three decades with espn covering college football, college basketball, along with the nhl. he also hosted sports center and the program, the sports reporters. reaction came in swift on social media. robin roberts tweeting, hard to write this. a very dear friend and espn colleague john saunders has died. he was an amazing man in many ways. thinking of his family. it was another golden day in the pool in rio.
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by 200 relay tonight coming from behind to win the gold. her third of these games. while on the hardwood it was a scare for the united states men as they faced australia. they trailed at halftime for the first time since 2004, but then responded. and rebounded for the 10-point win. carmelo anthony making history, finished with a game high 31 points including nine 3-pointers as the knicks star becomes the highest scorer in usa basketball history. the knicks could use olympics carmelo. that's who they need. >> he says farewell tours are


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