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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the fdny into the fast moving fire overnight. also he climbed 200 feet to deliver a personal message to donald trump. this morning he is in police custody for this real life political drama, that had the whole city watching yesterday. >> sure did. also an accu-weather alert day with high temperatures and more humidity on the way. good morning i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm rob nelson filling in today for ken rosato. it is thursday august11th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> reporter: it is the hottest stretch of weather so far this summer when you tack on the humidity and the heat, it is 80 degrees right now to start the 6:00 hour. southwest wind 82 in white stone 77 long island coastal connecticut. 76 jersey shore. heat advisory until 8:00 saturday night that. tells you how long the stretch will be, probably will move that to sunday, heat warning
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the heat index for tomorrow to toms river through the five boroughs .10 4 is the real feel. today we are going to be hovering right around 100 degrees. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. weather then heather how are the trains doing? >> reporter: just fine. long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north doing okay. you had some earlier signal problems on the 5 trains yesterday near morris park. they are repaired but you expect residual delays as a result. then we have this issue on 17, southbound side midland avenue into century road, we have construction. all lanes are closed down and diverted at midland avenue. you can see the big line of red there. that means it is completely shut down. use fairview avenue as your alternate or hop on the garden state parkway. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today in effect for today. rob over to you.
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hurt including three firefighters who had minor injuries. a man is the most seriously hurt. he had burns and also broken bones as well. he jumped from a window, falling 15 feet to escape the flames. >> he was made a red tag by ems because of the severity of the injuries from the jump and the minor burns he experienced inside the apartment. >> the fire broke out inside the building with multiple this started about 2:30 this morning. the fire does not appear to be suspicious but 30 people have been displaced. the presidential race is reaching new high country, literally. a teenager who was determined to get a private meeting with donald trump took his request directly to trump headquarters in midtown, scaling the side of trump tower. darla miles is live now with an
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now in custody. darla? >> reporter: that's right are lori. we are just learning new information about this climber. this morning the nypd believes this climber actually took his parents' car, drove here tuesday afternoon, spent the night at a hotel in the bowery before setting out around 3:00 yesterday afternoon to scale trump tower. after all that, now that 19- year-old is undergoing a full psychiatric evaluation at bellevue hospital. i want to show you the moment where a member of the services unit essentially yanked this climber into a 21st story window. at this point he is only identified as steve from virginia. that is what he told police officers adds scaled the building yesterday afternoon. but police say he had two different forms of identification on him so they have not confirmed his true identity. what they can say is they believe he posted this 1-minute video on youtube tuesday afternoon before he got in his
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wanted to meet with republican candidate donald trump about an important matter. >> that youtube video explains that he is an independent researcher and he wanted to meet with him and that is the reason why he was climbing this building. at no time did he express he wanted to hurt anybody. his sole intention was to meet with mr. trump. >> reporter: i want to show you this live look at trump tower on fifth avenue. day today there will be repairs underway to repair the two windows and the grate removed during yesterday's rescue operation. in terms of charges those are still being determined by manhattan da. darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you darla. and we streamed the drama in midtown at abc we have posted video of the moment he was captured along with photos from inside and
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a man they say raped a woman inside of a queens karaoke lounge. the nypd released these pictures of the suspect overnight. detectives say a approached the 52-year-old victim at flower karaoke in flushing last month. after talking for two hours he raped her inside a rented room at the lounge. if you recognize this man please call crime stoppers. also this morning a sketch to sexually assault a woman at 22nd street and lexington avenue last saturday night. police say he grabbed a woman's thigh, exposed himself and made sexual demands. the woman screamed and that is when the man ran off. fifteen firefighters in new jersey suffered heat exhaustion battling a fire in jersey city. that fire broke out yesterday morning on the top floor of a 4-
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but the high temperatures and humidity took a toll on those fighting the flames. the team of new york's bravest are expected to recover. new video of a suspected arsonist wanted for a string of fires in east new york brooklyn. the suspect has a distinctive walk, seen here after allegedly setting seven tractor trailer cabs on fire using lit flares. we first told but this last their own safety. the suspect then fled in a white box truck. no one was hurt. the white house is not commenting on donald trump's latest claim that the terror group isis actually honors president obama as its founder and he is the founder of isis. he is the founder of isis.
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and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump also attacked the media, specifically cnn. he said it made up the story about the secret service speaking to his campaign about those now infamous second amendment remarks on stopping hillary clinton. secret service officials have denied there were any formal campaign. also clinton's secret service team was quick to move when another animal rights activist tried to rush the stage. clinton did not falter, just joked that some people get carried away. that is just what happened as police and the secret service did, literally, carry off that protester. also the fbi is widening its investigation of russian hackers penetrating the computers of democratic politicians. the fbi first thought the cyber
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targeted the democratic national committee and the democrats congressional campaign committee. but it is now clear the hackers also reached the private e-mail accounts of more than 100 groups and party officials, including the democratic governors association and the accounts of people close to hillary clinton. meanwhile mayor de blasio fielded questions at a town hall meeting in the bronx. new yorkers were asking about tell eyewitness news that more town halls will likely be held in the future. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this morning. it is a hazy look from our camera here in rutherford, new jersey. across that tidal wet land. or as the boss said on thunder road, it is really looking at the swamps of new jersey. it is hazy around and we are going to be looking at 80
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shower or two has popped up in pennsylvania and the hudson river valley. the heat index today around 100 inland areas. heat index tomorrow going to be around 104 hudson river valley down the jersey shore and west ward coastal sections best place to be at the beach. watch out for the rip currents. we are looking at high heat and humidity right through the weekend. get you out the door, hazy, clothing. your favorite sports drink. lunch time 86 to 90. real feel this afternoon 100. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. heather has all kinds of issues this morning. >> reporter: and everything seems to have just kind of been cleared away. but i don't want to say that out loud. crossbronx expressway eastern webster avenue into the sheridan, earlier cleared away. john del giorno is here to give us an idea of what is going on
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heather. you see the beautiful sunrise out to the east, you and i are kind of on the same page here. i would like to think we dodged a bullet but we have seen this before on the crossbronx expressway. the overnight construction has been picked up and cleared. all lanes were reopened just about on time at 6:00 this in the morning. there were delays creeping back toward the george washington bridge. right now you can see some slowdowns up on the span itself but it is really not may much out of the ordinary. so far though, heather, at the less than 5 minutes. so far so good at the inbound george washington bridge. heather? great news john. we are looking at the lincoln and holland as well. long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north running on or close to schedule. five trains we did have signal problems at morris park. they have finally been repair but you can expect residual delays and as you go on to route 17 we have more relief for you. 17 south midland avenue into century road. construction has been cleared
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are now reopened. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. rob, lori, over to you. heather thank you. a developing story in maryland. an explosion and ray massive fireball inside an apartment building. the latest on the search for survivors. also new details on a concert on long island that ended with dozens of achest several fans in the hospital. and going for gold again.
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crews are searching for as many as seven people still unaccounted for after an explosion and fire at an apartment building spring. investigators say it is not clear if the blast sparked the fire or what set off that blast. more than two dozen people are hurt, including two firefighters. these are live aerial pictures of the scene. you can still see that building smoldering. 30 apartments have been evacuated. firefighters are using search dogs to look for anyone trapped in the rubble. and several concertgoers remain hospitalized after a
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this week. three people remain in the icu at the hospital. about 50 were treated for alcohol poisoning tuesday night at the nikon at jones amphitheater. another 75 were arrested for underage drinking and driving while intoxicated and illegal drug use. there may be more drones than ever flying combat missions. but the air force is facing a air force secretary deborah james says the u.s. is really fighting three air wars against isis in iraq, syria and libya. she says the air force has a shortage of 700 fighter pilots and it could soon grow to 1000. she is looking for congress to authorize a $35,000 a year retention bonus to encourage pilots to stay in uniform. swedish prosecutors will
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wikileaks founder julian assange. assange is wanted for questioning over sexual offenses from his visit to sweden six years ago. he has denied the allegations and has remainder holed up in ecuador's embassy in london now for four years. sending a message to president obama is as easy as logging on to facebook. users can now contact the white house using facebook messenger. the new feature relies on a chat robot that conversation but doesn't directly respond to questions, instead some of those messages will be included in a stack of 10 letters the president reads every night. if all this is too complicated, you can still e-mail the president the old fashioned way through the white house website. 6:16 now. breaking news there has been a bad car accident near manhattan in harlem.
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to get you the latest news. john del giorno is up in the air. >> reporter: first live pictures from news copter 7. we are just pulling up on the scene actually, this is the scene at east 118th street and madison avenue. one car wound up on the sidewalk and the driver being treated. two other vehicles were involved in the accident. one in the intersection with substantial front end damage and you can e person on the sidewalk also getting medical treatment. that is the third vehicle involved in the accident. right now we can see both people being treated by ems. they are responding to the workers. of course this intersection is shut down. we will bring you the latest as we get more here at the intersection of madison avenue and east 118th street.
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6:17. step outside and get the accu- weather forecast with bill evans. >> reporter: it is soupy outside. you'll feel the humidity the moment you walk out the door. got to wear the suit, get to the office, limit that time. carry that jacket with you. 80 degrees. the humidity has picked up here. 79% southwest wind and we are looking at pressure at 30.10, a mark of fair weather. just that we have hot, sticky, over us. so we will sizzle through sunday. third heat wave of the summer for everybody except the park, it will be the second. this will be the hottest prolonged period of heat and humidity coupled together for the summer so far. we have a thunderstorm risk each afternoon. a company tornadoes yesterday on some of the thunderstorm cells. with this kind of heat and humidity we could have that each afternoon late through sunday. winds are southwest not quite southerly, but the south facing
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the southwest wind get rip currents. south shore long island, eastern long island. heat advisory in effect through saturday. heat warning in effect toward philly. you see the rim, of clouds is kingston and long island. along that rim, you get these showers and heating. our futurecast computer guys, you'll see northwest new right on that rim. this evening, right at sunset we get pop up thunderstorms and then there may be one or two tonight. tomorrow we start off soupy again. the afternoon features a thunderstorm. by 7:00 tomorrow a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm. many of those will be inland away from the beaches. the real feel this weekend, 100 to 105 from the city north of the hudson river valley west through monmouth and ocean
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long you have a high-risk of rip currents. don't go in the water above the knee, rip current risk is high .10, 15 knots, waves 2 to 3 feet. it is a hot town summer in the city. tomorrow even hotter. we'll sizzle on friday, saturday, and even into sunday. sunday only to 93 but we are still looking at four days of 90-degree weather here. mug guy tonight 78. or storm late tomorrow. we are looking at 94 on saturday, real feel 100 to 107. and we cool back down really great weather going into wednesday and thursday next week as we cool back down into the low all right be prepared for this very hot weather, loose- fitting, light-colored clothing.
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for the nearest one to you. thank you bill. back now with heather. we had delays hoboken to 33rd. hoboken to the world trade center. long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north, and if you are going onto the crossbronx east webster avenue into the sheridan the earlier construction has been cleared away. 5 minutes inbound george washington bridge lincoln and holland with 10 minute delays. east 118th street at madison that intersection is completely shut down. as you go onto the bqe, headed northeast, making your way into the brooklyn, the bqe is a bit slow. street cleaning rules in effect for today. rob lori over to you. rob lori over to you. still ahead on eyewitness oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. wait, fruit of the loom makes breathable underwear?
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the last three olympics. last night katie ledecky led team usa to victory in the relay, snatching her third rio gold medal alongside teammates. well done. no medals have been awarded yet in basketball but knicks star carmelo anthony did break the scoring record, scoring 31 points as the u.s. beat unbeaten in rio. beach volleyball players carrie walsh jennings and april ross remain unbeaten. they rallied to beat the swiss. it was only the second set walsh jennings has ever lost in four times at the olympics. and here's the latest medal count. the u.s. is on top with 32
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gold and japan in third place. breaking news right now. a chain reaction crash sends a car slamming into a building in harlem. a few minutes ago we saw several people being taken away by ambulance. also news copter 7 is overhead and we'll get a live report, coming up. this is the fdr drive from not doing too badly here but a scorcher today. >> reporter: it is already hazy this morning. humidity high. temperatures starting out around 80 and we are looking into temperatures getting into the mid to upper 80s quickly this afternoon with a thunderstorm threat. the real feel 100 today, 105 tomorrow.
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we have breaking news
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several people have been injured in a messy collision on madison avenue. >> john del giorno is over it with the latest. >> reporter: right here at the scene madison avenue and east 118th street. this accident happened about quarter after 6:00 this morning. you can see a small suv that was involved, a car and then this sedan which careened up onto the sidewalk and crhe of a building there. we saw two people being treated by ems. they were both taken away via ambulance. each one of those people were responding to ems so their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening injuries. a vehicle got pulled off the sidewalk. the intersection remains closed. why the clean up continues. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. john we'll keep an eye on that thank you.
6:31 am
ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans with your accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: as i keep looking at guidance this morning. heat index whoa, 104 for tomorrow and friday into saturday. a hazy morning, 80 degrees. 82 laguardia is the temperature. 77 islip and bridgeport 76 down the jersey shore. it is just going to be hot from weekend. heat advisory through saturday you dope see that often. 101 to 105 today and tomorrow is what we are looking at. and looking at really what is going to be a 90-degree temperature today and a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. be on the lookout for that. keep an umbrella handy. these thunderstorms will be with us each afternoon through
6:32 am
>> delays between hoe broken and 33rd. long island railroad, jersey transit and metro nort h running on or close to schedule. as you head onto the crossbronx eastbound webster avenue into the sheridan, we have the earlier construction. the construction has been completely cleared away so that is good news. 5 minutes george washington bridge, lincoln and holland holding with about 10 minutes delay. news copter 7, 118th street the accident multiple vehicles involved. crash. also the bqe northbound eastbound being you can see the slow down and here is the brooklyn bridge in the center of your screen moving very well. the garden state parkway ramp to exit 129 that accident has been cleared away. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for today. lori, over to you. heather thank you. developing in queens a mother and her son have been shot in ozone park.
6:33 am
morning. police say the 24-year-old man was shot in his arm outside his home and then the bullet grazed his 4-year-old mother in the head. both were taken to the hospital. they are both expected to be okay. police say the victim knows the suspect and they are now searching for him. for several hours midtown manhattan became the scene of a dramatic game of cat and mouse. the whole city was watching this unfold. a self professed fan of donald trump climbed 21 stories up e bears trump's name. it took an elite team of police officers to pull him to safety after the man climbed up the building using those suction cup devices. this morning we are learning more about the climber. eyewitness news reporter darla miles has the latest from outside trump tower. good morning darla. >> reporter: good morning rob. i want to point your attention to the nypd presence still here at trump tower.
6:34 am
for the nypd to confirm the identity of this climber who spent two and a half hours scaling this fifth avenue building yesterday afternoon. this morning again we are waiting to get the identity yesterday as he made his way up. he only identified himself to police as steve from virginia. what we are finding out today is police now believe he drove his parents' car up from virginia, stayed at a hotel in the bowery, night at that hotel in the bowery, and 3:00 yesterday afternoon he started to scale trump tower. that is when a member of the emergency services unit essentially just yanked him in as he reached that 21st story window. >> i was waiting for the perfect time to present itself. when i felt it was safe for him and myself and my crew. when it presented itself, i reached out, and i took hold of
6:35 am
brought him inside with the help of my partner. >> reporter: now this is a one minute youtube video police believe the climber posted tuesday afternoon when he drove to new york city. it simply explains end to meet with donald trump on an important matter. police say he had flyers in his backpack as he scaled the building yesterday with the u r.l. for that youtube video because go viral. this morning this 19-year-old is at bellevue undergoing a full psychiatric evaluation. reporting live in midtown darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. we are getting a first look at the pred tore who targeted a 12-year-old little girl on a bronx elevator. police released that sketch overnight. investigators say the man threatened to harm that little girl if she did not follow him off an elevator and into a
6:36 am
walton avenue. instead the little girl smartly ran and banged on an apartment door to try and get some help. that is when the man fled. police describe him as slim and about 20 years old. the family of katrina vetrano the howard beach woman murdered near her home last week is promising a $200,000 reward to help catch her killer. karina's father announced a gofundme page asking for tips wh moves to the next stage of its investigation. diana rocco is live in howard beach. diana? >> reporter: lori, police continue to follow-up on every lead. they are now asking for voluntary dna samples. meanwhile fresh roses have been left here at the command post a few feet from where karina's body was found. her parents are hoping someone will come forward with information.
6:37 am
$160,000 donated to it. european that was murdered last tuesday while out for an evening jog in spring creek park here in howard beach a few blocks from her home. her body was found a short time later off the trail, face down. police believe her murder was random and they are now asking some of the homeless in the area for voluntary dna samples. karina's parents say they will not rest until her ki found. >> we need for someone to say hello, i know the guy. that is what we are looking for. if i wake up and there is nothing for plea to do that is when the bottom is going to drop out. i have to stay involved every day in every way. today it is this. this is keeping me alive today. >> reporter: the money from this gofundme page will serve
6:38 am
of whoever killed karina. her parents say they are thanking the community for all of their outpouring and the support they have received during this time. also people in the area are now asking for additional security measures here at this national park. live in howard beach this morning, diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. diana thank you. in other news now police have announced charges against the man who stole an officer's gun and fatally shot another man in the bronx. he is charged with murder and attempted murder of a police officer, among several other charges. the nypd says guzman grabbed an officer's gun from its holster during a struggle inside a deli earlier this week. he fatally slot another plan before officers shot and injured him. and today we are expecting to learn more on a suspected terrorist in canada, who was killed before he could set off a suicide bombing. investigators say this picture
6:39 am
order from earlier this year, to not associate with any terrorist group. yesterday canadian police swarmed a neighborhood in southern ontario after receiving information about a potential terrorist threat. the driver was killed in that antiterror operation. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this morning. we are looking at heat, haze and humidity. 80 degrees, 20 minutes before 7:00. it is stuffy outside already to start your day. we are going to be looking at a shower that lab kind of coming across the hudson river valley. you see those kind of building already in central pennsylvania. those will heat up and come across the mountains. the heat index this afternoon around 100. down the jersey shore. tomorrow 104. that will be in the second day tomorrow.
6:40 am
hazy, humid. mid upper 80s lunch time. this afternoon we'll see the temperature getting to 90 and there will be a pop-up shower thunderstorm this evening from 6:00 to about 9:00. so be on the lookout for that. rip current risk is high. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. weather then heather. she's got an accident for you right now. >> we do on the bqe. southbound, an accident being cleared away. john del giorno is up above in news copter 7 showing us the crash. the fire department is on the scene and hope this cleared away shortly. this block being the left lane is causing major delays westbound on the bqe. even those rubbernecking delays of course. let's go over to our maps and tell you about what's going on with the george washington bridge. the lincoln is 20. right near kennedy boulevard the holland is a 15 minute delay. hoboken to 33rd we have delays. long island railroad, jersey
6:41 am
to report there and the crossbronx eastbound webster avenue to the sheridan construction cleared away. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori and rob, over to you. 6:41. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a new twist in the bridge gate scandal. the first time we are hearing from governor christie about an alleged text message exchange that painted him as a liar.
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storms caused flooding and tree damage, drivers were forced to navigate through pockets of standing water. another road was bloc downed tree, in video from connecticut. a small tornado brought down trees in north haven. a driver posted this to twitter on highway 91 where the twister blew right past the truck. trees tore down power lines and left a trail of damage about 2 miles long. no injuries were reported. 6:45 and "good morning america" is coming up next. let's check in with the lovely
6:46 am
much. breaking news overnight, a massive fire engulfing a maryland apartment. 25 people rushed to the hospital there. residents forced to jump from upper story balconies. firefighters are on the scene looking for survivors. also ahead donald trump and hillary clinton both on the attack. trump standing firm for his remarks seen by some as a threat against his rival. clinton reacting after this daredevil's attempt to scale the trump tower. and team usa racking up the gold. how about katie ledecky? yes and michael phelps. plus we are taking a look at the daily diets of some of the world's greatest athletes. they eat a lot. they burn a lot. live from rio again this morning. meteorologist bill evans outside with the sticky forecast.
6:47 am
a little bit stuffy already to start the day. you can feel the humidity the moment you walk outside. from news copter 7, over brooklyn, locking over lower manhattan. as we look toward the brooklyn bridge, it is a pretty morning, you can see the haze from one world trade to brooklyn. got a lot of moisture, humidity a hot and humidity period of weather, heat advise have i in effect. >> reporter: you see our camera in brooklyn looking over to one world trade and wall street. 80 degrees, high humidity. normal high is 83. 90 as a high today. you add on the humidity to that and that is what makes it feel uncomfortable. heat advisory in effect for the five boroughs. the thunderstorm risk through
6:48 am
right around sunset. with this real feel 105 to 107 possible. air quality good the pollen count low. temperatures around 80 to start your day. a hot day today with the humidity and the 70, 80% range starting out. it will make it feel uncomfortable today with the real feel around 100. a high-risk of rip currents at the beaches so be ready for that today. heat advisory in effect through saturday, heat warning in there you see the rim, of this high pressure rim. one or two thunderstorms. you have to be on the lookout for that late in the day. each day, today tomorrow saturday and sunday. it gets hot and fires up the storms around the, rimpf fire
6:49 am
by saturday. a good boating forecast. waves two to three feet. the rip current high through the weekend as it is a hot town summer in the city and it is going to be a lotter day tomorrow and even hotter as we go into saturday. your accu-weather forecast, 90. a thunderstorm later on. tonight spotty storms, hot and humid. going to feel like 100 to 105. more of the same on saturday. looking at what is going to be monday. wow. there you have it. they are selling air conditioners. >> i would freezer please. >> i'm sure. at an inflated rate. thank you bill. all right let's check in with heather again. we have this big accident on the bqe southbound near
6:50 am
southwest near metropolitan avenue you have this accident being cleared away. you have the fire department there, you have another fire truck there. you have two lanes closed down about that all adds up to rubbernecking delays. northbound, eastbound side you are jam packed. southbound side obviously with only really one lane getting by you are going to have that issue. let's go over to our maps and talk to you about what is happening here traveling onto past that. inbound 15 at the george washington bridge, 15 had he holland and path delays hoe babcock tone world trade center. street cleaning rules are in effect. up next, a new law, making it easier for moms to care for their newborns around town. and also see what makes
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at least 10 people were hurt in a fire overnight, including three firefighters who suffered minor injuries. the man with the most serious injuries had to jump from a window falling 15 feet to escape the flame. the building had multiple units, at least 30 people have been displaced. the fire wa be suspicious. and in east harlem crews are cleaning up a 3-car crash that sent one car crashing into the side of a building. at least two people were hurt, one of the victims was pulled from a rivery vehicle and taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. we are waiting to learn more about the man accusedof
6:58 am
over midtown manhattan. >> we watched the whole thing play out live at trump tower. the climber used suction cups to make it to the 21st floor of the building. that is where officers were able to pull the man into the building after about two and a half hours. a youtube video appeared to show the young man voicing his support for donald trump. this is a live look now at trump tower, where there is an increase in nypd presence this morning. also news copter 7 just arrived over an accident on the staten island expressway. >> we go to john del giorno in news copter 7. >> reporter: first live pictures of a busy morning here and now a big commuter problem on the staten island expressway. this is on the eastbound side of the staten island expressway right at the exit for clove road. that is an overturned oil
6:59 am
motor oil approximately 800 gallons is on board and we are told about 30 of it has spilled out here onto the staten island expressway. no word on the extent of the injuries, but there is a big deal now. only the left lane is open and with an oil spill like that there will be an extended clean up. a big nasty commute on the staten island expressway. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. heat advisory in effect today and lasting into the weeken really hot. you'll see it is hazy, humid out here. your 7:00 temperature is 80 degrees. where it has been all morning toward white stone and bridgeport. today a hod day. 90 today, 92 -- a hot day. 90 today, 92 tomorrow. are you catching my drift? thank you bill. that is news for now.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a massive explosion rocks an entire apartment complex. >> it appears there was some type of explosion. the debris is entire road. >> residents climbing out window, dropping children to safety as hundreds of firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze. at least 25 people rushed to the right now. a s.w.a.t. team takes down a suicide bomber near the u.s. border. the isis supporter planning to attack a major city. a dramatic confrontation overnight. >> hillary clinton doubles down accusing donald trump of inciting violence against her and the moment this man scales trump tower looking for a meeting with the republican nominee. big wins for the golden girls of team usa. >> she's a full second ahead.


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