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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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palmar beach. reporter: pardon me this afternoon, it is feeling like 100 degrees and not cooling off anytime soon. before the heatwave is over, we will be seeing temperatures closing in on 110 degrees. a heat advisory is in place to come in our direction. we have 90 degrees and will continue to push numbers so we do not cool off much tonight. temperatures will continue to stay in the low 90s. so highs across the area, it has bumped up to 96 within the last few minutes so they will take the top temperature. futurecast heat index feeling
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the evening hours, we feel like 96 degrees because temperatures will get cooler to 80 degrees in the city and humidity remains high. we are right back with triple digit temperatures and the humidity just does not quit. we will talk more about this and i have details the full forecast. i will see you in a >> the coolest assignment of the day, the beach is the place to be. >> it is certainly a cool assignment. it would be cool if i had a swimsuit but on an unbearably hot where would you want to be? is one of the more popular beaches among tourists as well as locals. and a lot of people are
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cooling off with a dip in the ocean and a lot of people say the beach is the best place to be on a humid day and while there is no ac the wind has been giving a bit of relief. and a lot of people say they have been out here for hours. >> we have our grandson and he loves the beach. we are just enjoying ourselves. the water is great. we should be. >> i'm in 80s check-- i'm in 80s lady so enjoy the sun, no umbrella, we probably spent two hours in the water. >> it's very easy guard down and they have had to save dozens of people from rip currents. i will break the numbers down.
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police say he is a 19-year-old from great falls virginia and today he was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing. we were the first reporters with the latest developments. >> he is from an upper middle- class suburb of washington dc and the son of a career naval officer. he remains at bellevue hospital as poliche york and doctors, neighbors in the area where he lives struggle to understand why he would drive 250 miles to do something like this. >> secret service agents and officers stepped up security outside trump tower as investigators struggled to understand the mindset of a young man who tried to scale a
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as stephen regatta. he is from the washington suburb of great falls virginia. he lives with his family in an upper middle-class neighborhood near the shores of the potomac where neighbors know him as michael ryan and they are at a loss to explain what happened to new york troubles with schools and up until that point, a model student. >> he made it to the 21st for before he was swept off kicking and screaming by emergency services officers. he is charged with reckless endangerment and criminal test-- trespass and has been under
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significant. >> in this video he is almost robotic claiming he had something significant to discuss with donald trump and his climb was intended to get his attention. he was campaigning in the south where he remains this afternoon. >> he was found with multiple forms of identification when he was taken off the skyscraper so police are working to confirm his legal name but there is no he is. neighbors are calling him the classic kid next door. they don't get any of this. we will have more than the neighborhood coming up at 5:00. 10 people are hurt and dozens are homeless after flames terror through apartments in the it started in a bedroom air conditioning unit. one man was trapped and jumped from a window.
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severe. other injuries are not serious. 30 people are displaced and they see the building did not have a working smoke alarm.>> this wild crash, people were hurt after this accident. one of them jumped onto the sidewalk and slammed into a building. one of the victims was pulled hospital. the condition of the second this them is on note-- unknown. donald trump and hillary clinton continue to attack each other. trump is in florida while clinton is in michigan. the latest map shows clinton gaining ground in key states. time magazine's latest cover for august takes a close look at what it calls the meltdown
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karen is here with the latest. >> it was an unusual day. low energy as he may call it. he kept up his attacks on clinton but it was clinton who may have landed the strongest jobs folk-- the strongest insults. >> he's-- she says donald trump is all doom and gloom. >> when he visited detroit he talked only of poverty and crime, he is missing so much about michigan great. >> speaking on the economy, going second has its benefits. she used her speech to pick apart the economic plan that he unveiled there.>> they would give trillions in tax cuts to wall street which would explode our national debt. >> some days-- some ways she is preaching to the choir.
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. >> he spoke about the economy but also kept up his latest attack. >> i call president. obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. i think we will give hillary clinton most valuable player, mvp. >> the latest electoral map heavily favors clinton with six states rated tossups but she is making a republican states, georgia and arizona. >> the map is so big for hillary clinton and much smaller for donald trump. patty davis, the daughter of ronald reagan has a message for donald trump saying words matter and his comments about hillary clinton and the second amendment could inspire violence.
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eyewitness news. fbi led police to a terror plot in canada, the confrontation left the suspect dead. it led authorities to a video featuring a man claiming he was going to commit an attack. before he could carry out an attack police caught up to him and the suspect detonated a device in a taxi and was shot it was believed he was planning an attack sometime over the next three days. he was known to law enforcement and under a court order to not associate with terror groups. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion that ravaged an apartment complex. it happened overnight in suburban washington. 2 people were killed and three firefighters were hurt. an off-duty police officer heard a blast and saw huge
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it took nearly 2 hours to put the fire out. >> we have not identified the victims and our efforts will continue in that area. as a result of the discovery the event will be handled as a death investigation. 5-seven people are unaccounted for and they are trying to make sure what is left of the building is stable and safe for rescuers. investigators are looking into stocks are gaining ground and that helped give energy stocks a boost. the department store recorded-- reported quickly results that beat expectations. the dow rose 117 points close it a 2613. rabbis are targeted in front of their houses, the victims sharing stories with us.
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learning new details. we have a press conference happening regarding the murder of finesse a marcotte,-- vanessa. we are awaiting the news conference.>> we have made some progress in the case and i would like to make a statement in vanessa's homicide. between vanessa in her killer that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries and her assailant, we know, was a man. these injuries were scratches, scrapes, and or bruises. therefore we would ask that anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries that may have been fresh to contact massachusetts state tip
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evidence and information that we have in this case leads us to believe there was a struggle between vanessa and her assailant that led to scratches, cuts, scrapes, or bruises. anyone who has observed a male we ask you contact the state police tip line also we are focusing on a more narrow timeline between the hours of 1:00 and three. -- 3:00. we asked that anyone who observed any type of vehicle during that timeframe contact the state police tip line at
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much. >> massachusetts authorities brief the press on the latest into the investigation murder of vanessa marcotte killed while on a jog in massachusetts. they believe there was a struggle during the attack and now the timeline is between 1:00 and 3:00. they believe that they may have gotten some scratches and to the person behind this my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis
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until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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let's check the commuter alert, some decent traffic going into the city and coming out of the city looks like it's a little congested as well. keep in mind if you're heading in that part of the area. a child has fallen from a roller coaster in western pennsylvania at the idlewild and soak zone amusement park 50 the child is said to be awake and alert and a spokesman says the boy was injured in the middle of the ride which he was riding with his brother but no further details on exactly how he was injured. we have exclusive accu- weather and i was in vegas not too long ago, it was like 110
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>> i like it hot just like you are saying, i can take the vegas or arizona heat. death valley i can survive, it's the humidity that will kill you. it feels like 105 and really is sticky and uncomfortable. your body cannot call it self when it is already wet. usually you can get so difficult to call ourselves down and we have that set up for the next couple of days. 90 degrees so it is very hot outside. pressure is falling, heat advisory until 8:00, the feels like temperatures will be so
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and the yellow is 85 to 90, mid-long island. the feels like temperature could in some spots as we get into friday afternoon, could go to the triple digits, 109, 110 degrees. this is our third heatwave and a lot of people are used to the warmth that this is the most significant humidity we've had all season. thunderstorm risk with us and you also have to keep an eye on the sky to watch out for showers and thunderstorms. right now we have triple digit indexes and like 96. that's one of the reasons for the heat advisory. we are not really cooling off at night and it does not happen when the concrete holds onto the heat.
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90s of 106 degrees, lots of action across pennsylvania all the way from the western part and we are starting to get more action south also out on long island, there's at least one storm and we will continue to see this could convert into showers at any time. >> we have spotty activity to the south and west and tomorrow we could start off with things looking nice but for saturday most of the action looks through the north to the late afternoon, sunday there is still a risk of showers and thunderstorms. water temperature is up to 79 degrees the current risk is
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lot of cooling, feels it temperatures will be in the upper 80s or 90s. mondays through sunday, monday is human, then we get a pleasant stretch tuesday wednesday and thursday of next week looking a lot better in the feels like department. >> new york city is trying to help with the heat. the cooling centers will be open wit that's going to help very much. a wild plot, was a british tennis player poisoned? what investigators say happened. >> a new bill aimed at helping new mothers across new york city.
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alex rodriguez please his last game tomorrow but after a big surge in ticket prices the cost has dropped more than 30%. when he first announced that, prices jumped from $72 to when he first announced that, prices jumped from $72-$218 for his
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have dropped and they are waiting for the right price to see the end of an era. a british tennis player may have been poisoned. police in london say they are investigating the allegations. gabriela fell ill but the bacterial infection that can be spread through cat urine, the 18-year-old was in the junior tournament. she was hospitalized in medical results to see if poisoned was actually involved. it's hard to remember a better job but you don't get to be movie reviewers overnight but there is a camp that trains reviewers to be like sandy.
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review movies aimed at preteens and teenagers. i've come to rely on the nonprofit group kids first so when she asks me to learn more i accepted. >> they are aged 8-18 and everywhere showbiz is happening . >> we are in the beautiful sand -- city of san diego here for kung fu panda. >> what message do you want them to take away from this film? >> many have seen reports and heard the reviews and kids first encourages each of them to speak their mind. they are taught how to best give their opinion during this special boot camp at the brooklyn navy yard.>> what is
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you? >> verbal answers are quickly incorporated into written scripts. >> i didn't like to write before but now i really like to write. >> i like movies and writing about movies so it was fun to blend two things i like to do. my main goal is pretty much to reach other kids and help them decide if they would like to see a movie or not. >> they all take turns in front of and be >> i think this a 4.5 out of five-- stars. >> what is the hardest part? >> looking natural and remembering what you're going to say. >> the skills they learned extend well beyond show business. >> we want them to be able to use these skills to think critically in general. a longtime board member who is also vice president at the
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plays host to the boot camp in brooklyn. a link to kids first us at our website on abc7 because the kids will be here tomorrow as i review pete's dragon so i best look lively. [ laughter ] >> you have tough critics. >> i love that. bias attacked and neighbors say they are sure of it. >> a large dog and two dozen
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our top story, a scare outside the homes of two rabbis. someone through fireworks at the houses and members of the community say the neighborhood it's kind.>> one firework led to a small fire but no arrests. police are looking at the incident as a possible bias crime. we spoke with the rabbis and
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marcus? >> you can see the tree on fire, it certainly could have spread to the house. the family members say they have no doubt this was a targeted attack. police are not calling this a hate crime but plenty of people are speaking out. >> hate, intolerance, and anti- semitism have no place in this county. tough talk during a touchy hate after devices were thrown at the homes of two rabbis. they show a small tree engulfed in flames after a firework exploded tuesday night. >> it exploded when in front of the house. >> they are looking for four teenagers running away. a similar one was thrown at the
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outreach organization. investigators say there is not enough evidence to label it a hate crime and the possibility exists it was the result of a teenaged prank. >> we have not ruled out anything. >> groups are condemning the incident. he believes he was targeted. tolerated or accepted and will never have any kind of positive results. >> if this was a targeted attack what is behind it? >> tension in the community with zoning laws and overdevelopment and we have more coming up at 6:00. >> eyewitness news.
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layoffs, that-- they say it is necessary to decrease the debt. no one's job is safe and he would not discuss specifics but was told they would not affect the central services. >> obviously we will implement a hiring freeze in the reducing part-time and seasonal expenses . we will probably be a eliminating some programs into town. >> the budget will be presented in september and public hearing is slated until october. delta airlines is back to normal after monday's nightmare that grounded thousands of flights. the ceo spoke to abc news about the technical problems that
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. a travel waiver for affected customers has been extended to today and passengers can check the status online. danger on the roads, hundreds of thousands of car crashes being attributed to debris on the roads. it shows debris caused more 200,000 crashes between 2011 and 2013. they cause some type of injury and more than 500 resulted in death. aaa is reminding drivers to secure them before getting on the road. police have rescued 22 dogs living under terrible conditions inside an suv in the box.
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were crammed inside the vehicles. the owner was a homeless woman who was believed to have mental illness issues. the dogs have been taken in and are getting medical attention and will be put up for adoption. a $20 million food hub will bring produce from upstate new york to city residents. it will be sold inside a 120,000 ft.2 facility and will employ 95 people full-time and important benefit is that the new york state gross-- a girl and certified program will increase access to fresh fruit and vegetables. >> it will get-- give new yorkers the safest food on the globe to eat, subject to the
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produce the capacity of farmers. a big boost for mothers breast-feeding children, it makes it easier for mothers to take care of their babies. there may be a trip to treating peanut allergies and small children. amy here with the accu- weather update, temperatures at 90 degrees, the feels like temperature in the triple digits and the heat advisory goes all the way until saturday night. is going to take a lot to break the heatwave. that only do we have hot temperatures pushing up to 110
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for people with injuries. a hidden changer-- danger is looking in the water. 60 swimmers caught a rip currents were rescued this month. they encourage swimmers to be on alert. temperatures soar across the area but it is the humidity doing us in. some will feel like triple digits and do not expect to cool off soon. providing more evidence of the effectiveness of a relatively new peanut allergy treatment. they found giving toddlers small amounts decreased the allergic reaction to peanuts. studies have shown the effectiveness, but this is the first study. handing out bad news to people hoping to legalize marijuana. the dea is leaving marijuana off the list of most dangerous
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it is based on the health and human services and marijuana has a high potential for abuse and no accepted medical use. the dea says it will allow more research into the medical benefits. lactating moms are now required by law, signed into law today at a ceremony, the crowd included lots of babies. what they call snap centers and the administration for services must make one lactation room available to women using on- site services. the megamall in meadowlands got a major boost. it has been in the planning process since the early 2000s but is facing several delays and financial problems. the
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lord taylor and saks fifth avenue. in honor of international guard, died in a suicide bombing in afghanistan on his fourth tour of duty. it was renamed in your honor.-- in his honor. >> we are so honored that everyone has worked so hard to >> she asked for the stretch of highway to be renamed because it bleeds into their parish church. first at 4:00 the editor-in- chief of the huffington post
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ariana huffington is leaving the website. she announced she will step down so she can had a health and productivity start up. she cofounded the liberal news and blog website named after her in 2005. she will be replaced by an interim editorial committee
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. >> i think i was out there for maybe 4:00 >> it's like a meltdown out there and you have to admit that humidity does take its toll , it starts to wear on you as far as your comfort level, through the weekend, we'v it get darker and shade certain areas and we will show you those on the radar. in central park a high of 91, we have 90 degrees officially right now and 61% humidity, do points have been in the 70s, really uncomfortable humidity levels. the heat advisory has included the boroughs that extends beyond that. you will continue to see hot
4:47 pm
the ocean and we are looking at upper 80s and they are the top temperatures as the thermometer goes. if you factor in the heat index we are in triple digits and into saturday we could see 106- 109 degrees readings so really uncomfortable. we have a real sucker have a repeat for the same pattern. we have showers and thunderstorms for northwest new jersey making the way to the southeastern new york and down in princeton we have showers and thunderstorms pushing through there. lots of activity to
4:48 pm
and hottest temperatures. we could see showers and thunderstorms through the evening. as far as the pattern overall it will be a sun and cloud mix with threats of thunderstorms. friday does not look to active until later in the afternoon, that's when we could see some action. we start with a bit of cloud coverage, the sun heats up the atmosphere and we have showers for parts of the afternoon, but it will be the threat. i don't think you have to cancel plans but you need to keep an eye on the radar if you have things going on outdoors. tonight the humidity is so high even of temperatures cool down we will feel temperatures in the mid-80s to mid-90s. ac is needed to have any degree
4:49 pm
heat index as the day starts by 2:00 or 3:00, we could be feeling like 108 by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and they seem repeat coming on saturday as well. uv indexes are very high tomorrow. tonight 78, that's the overnight low. we may be overestimating the coolness, it is really going to tomorrow 92, extreme heat and a third heatwave of the season where we have several 90 degrees days in a row. we hit 91 today, and for saturday and sunday, hot and stormy with a high of 93 and cooler weather pattern coming up and working on the weekend getaway so stick with us. >> that's serious, thanks for
4:50 pm
michael jackson in a very important category, in this song, this is what put him over the top. >> it has so many explicit lyrics i couldn't play you any. that he has hits. with 80 songs and speaking of singers, and sharon-- ed sheeran is in a legal battle himself.
4:51 pm
song copies marvin gaye key pieces. a series of thank you videos that it made for the community it serves, the department has touched by the way that people have shown them concern and support in the wake of shootings, the officers wanted to give back. >> it's very cute. he goes on to say a heartfelt thank you and this one you are lo downtown evening shift and they have some pretty good move. a dog gets the surprise of his life when he discovers a buzzer at the local bowling alley. >> that's the foul line buzzer.
4:52 pm
? >> the dog is a little for. >> it's not that entertaining. >> you can't. deep-fried old-fashioned cookie dough fondue and all this chicken, sound familiar? of the food competition gaining quite the reputation at the wisconsin state fair and not just for the unique and unusual dishes. the judges are just as colorful and there to see who will take home the golden spark. >> there's no way you can sustain yourself without the
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>> it's all for the water. >> the root beer kick float is a buttercream rip your soda infused chocolate cake. the first retailer to open in the new world trade center complex, the story is centered around the theme of bread which was chosen as a symbol of connectivity and community and will be open from 7:00 to 11:00 with several options for hungry
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out?
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tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. a new york city police officer with a brain injury is
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and doctors say it's not unlike the virtual reality in the pokemon go games. >> we talked to the detective and his doctors tweeting about the progress. >> todd sabini is living proof that there's life from vir dhal reality -- virtual reality. this nypd detective and his wife and two boys ar and do the surgery. >> he nearly collapsed at the gym with painful headaches. doctors found a tangle of blood vessels in his brain, one small one that burst. >> they said this could happen again so we have to fix it. >> our surgery has to be aim and designed to get to this area without damaging any of his other structures with the goal being to remove this connection
4:57 pm
into the hands of dr. joshua betterson at the health system and new virtual reality technology used during his surgery. >> these images are an mri, cat skon and -- scat scan and angiogram. >> the vir xhal reality -- virtual reality imaging is over viewed through the piece. >> instead of having to remember what you saw in the x-ray and reflect that back on your knowledge you combine all that together into something you're looking at while you're operating. >> this new technology the doctor adds is similar to how you might see a pokemon character appear on a real sidewalk or street corner. >> we're doing the reverse. we're taking in this case the pokemon figure that's going to be the malformation and we want to figure out where that is in relationship to the
4:58 pm
his own vir xhal -- virtual reality images others can benefit. >> we're thrilled that we did it and we don't have to worry about it anymore. we can put it behind us and move on. >> game changing in the field of medicine. >> incredible. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. new informat shot -- who scaled trump tower bringing midtown to a halt as we hear from neighbors who know him. >> all new at 5:00, vandals strike again. who keeps targeting youth soccer fields. this time they left something behind. >> good evening i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm diana williams. we want to begin with the weather and the intense heat and humidity outside right now. new
4:59 pm
had most power so far this year. >> it's thick out there. a.j. ross has more on the dangers at jersey shore that's prompted dozens of rescues this week. first meteorologist amy freeze is in for lee goldberg with the accuweather forecast. >> no question that people have been running down the shore, anywhere to stay cool because the temperatures have been so uncomfortable. we cooled to 89 after a high of 91 degrees in central park. the heat advisory has been expanded at 8:00 p.m. for a much larger area than just the five boroughs. the main concern is not just daytime heat, we had that with 96 in tom's river, 90s across the map. bridgeport making it to 93. baa -- 93. it's the humidity that feel s like not just going to 100, 105 degrees but late afternoon we could see parts of north central new jersey feeling like the triple digits. we're not going to see relief any time soon either.
5:00 pm
at times will be spotty, not long-lived. the ones that we've seen so far for hemstead will be repeating themselves. a few more pieces of shower and thunderstorm activity into rareton valley with some showers right now. lots of action through pennsylvania. we will watch as this develops across the area tonight. again, spotty shower activity at best. we could see a drenching downpour but i think the drencher and soaker is just how going to be working to stay cool. we'll have more on these triple digit heat indexes and the get away forecast for the weekend that includes the new jersey shore. a dangerous threat along the new jersey shore. there's been a big increase in the number of swimmers in distress, requiring rescues because of dangerous rip currents. a.j. ross is


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