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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at times will be spotty, not long-lived. the ones that we've seen so far for hemstead will be repeating themselves. a few more pieces of shower and thunderstorm activity into rareton valley with some showers right now. lots of action through pennsylvania. we will watch as this develops across the area tonight. again, spotty shower activity at best. we could see a drenching downpour but i think the drencher and soaker is just how going to be working to stay cool. we'll have more on these triple digit heat indexes and the get away forecast for the weekend that includes the new jersey shore. a dangerous threat along the new jersey shore. there's been a big increase in the number of swimmers in distress, requiring rescues because of dangerous rip currents. a.j. ross is
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a.j. >> reporter: on hot summer days like this ocean is just so enticing. there's a silent and dangerous killer that people need to pay attention to. just in the last 10 days lifeguards in belmar beach saved dozens of people from ripped -- rip currents and it's something that families should be aware of at all times. >> the ocean is not your friends. you have to respect it. >> lost among the inviting sand and calming blue waves is a warning heed. >> we've had a number of rescues. >> lifeguards have been busy over the last few weeks with 60 people rescued from rip currents just in the last 10 days. >> we had warm water so of course the weather and the water bring people down. we did have a number of places where we have -- they had rip currents around the jetty area. >> those with little ones said they are especially careful even along the shoreline. >> we keep a close watch on her because of the rip current and
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she would run in the water if we let her. >> she's nodding like yes. >> you love the beach. >> yeah. sglas >> he wears a life jacket like this with someone. >> meanwhile others who like to venture out further admit they felt a stronger undertow later. >> when i went out swimming you could feel it pulling you out. it's rough today. >> with nearly 50 lifeguards between 22 blocks of beach and belmar families are being encouraged to stay alert. in a rip current don't panic, let it pull you outs and then swim parallel to the shore until help can get to you. >> reporter: now, three people have died along the jersey shore this summer because of rip currents so you can never be too careful. a.j. ross, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. just in the past hours authorities released new clues about the person who killed a new york woman jogging in massachusetts. investigators now believe
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who attacked 27-year-old vanessa mercot is a man and she struggled with him before she died. she was found dead near her mother's home in a boston last week. >> these injuries were scratches, scrapes and/or becauses. -- bruises. anyone who has observe ed d a male with these types of injuries is that would have been fresh to contact the massachusetts state police tip line. >> a vigil was held last night. neighbors say this is a peaceful and quiet community. new details tonight about the trump tower climber. the 19-year-old has now been charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing as he remains under mental evaluation . the 3-hour climb came to an end on the 21st floor when he was grabbed by cops and hauled away to the hospital. m.j.
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>> reporter: authorities here in new york and neighbors in virginia are asking the same question, what was his thinking p ing -- thinking. he borrows his dad car and driving 250 miles to meet donald trump. he gave absolutely no hint of what he had planned. >> he's a nice young man who has had some troubles. it was school and things like that in this last year. up a model student. >> tom is at a loss tonight. unable to explain why his neighbor's son would travel 250 miles to scale trump tower. he identified himself to place as steven ragata but he was born michael joseph rieb. -- ryan. he's 19 years old from virginia.
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officer. >> they were the best friends that i've ever seen. i'm just shocked by this. >> i would not risk my life pursuing it. >> he made this you tube video before the climb explaining that he intended the stunt as a way to arrange a meeting with donald trump. after posting the video according to police he left his family's home in virginia and drove to new york. he checked into the bowery grand hotel at 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. investigators say it's not clear what he did at the hotel on tuesday he arrived at trump tower at 3:00 p.m. yesterday and began his ascend at roughly 3:30. >> it all ended after exactly 3 hours p -- hours. he's charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass and has been under psychiatric observation at bellevue hospital. >> we're shocked. we didn't know he climbed.
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get up 20 floors. >> reporter: he was found with multiple forms of conflicting identification so nearly 24 hours after the climb ended police are still working to confirm his legal name. the whereabouts of his parents could not be confirmed. live at trump tower, m.j. burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a child to fall from a roller coaster in pennsylvania. it happened park about 50 miles east of pittsburgh. the child was said to be awake and alert when he was flown to a children's hospital. that child and his brother were riding on the 78-year-old wooden roller coaster that does not require seat belts. flames ripped through an apartment building in the bronx leaving 10 people hurt and dozens homeless. the fire start in the bedroom air-conditioning unit in bedford park last night. one man was trapped and jumped from a window. his injuries are
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the injuries to other residents and firefighters are not serious. investigators say the building did not have a working smoke alarm. scary moments in east harlem as a driver involved in a three-car collision losing control, jumps a curb and crashes into a building. in happened on madison avenue at 118th street. one of the victims was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. man in connection with the rape of a woman in queens. detectives just releasing this video. they said he approached the 52-year-old victim at flower karaoke last month after talking for two hours investigators say he raped her inside a rented room at the location. if you recognize this man you are urged to call crime stoppers needily. -- immediately. politics now. today hillary clinton is trying to
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very different proposals. political reporter dave evans has the latest. >> the economic message from clinton was extremely critical of trump. she calls his economic agenda a hand out for the rich. he said what she's planning would damage the economy. trump today had a surprising message about isis and who he said created it. >> hillary clinton today offered her own economic answer to donald trump's speech in detroit monday. she spent much of her time ripping what she called trump's doom gloom. >> if team usa was afraid as donald trump they would be cowering in the locker room. >> trump called for reducing the top tack bract from 39 to 33%. he wants to reduce corporate taxes to just and parents would get a tax break for child care. >> just a more extreme
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theory of trickled down economics with his own addition of out landish trumpian ideas that even republicans reject. >> she's going to raise taxes $1.3 trillion. i'm going to cut taxes. >> clinton said it would be a disaster for america. the big headline here what trump said about the president and isis. >> i call president obama of isis they're the founders. >> trump didn't clarify much but in the past he and others said obama's policy in the middle east implemented by secretary clinton led to a power vacuum and that led to isis. >> you know, if you're on a sports team most valuable player, mvp, isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is president obama. it's between the two of them.
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has said in the next few days she will be releasing her 2015 tax returns. trump has so far refused to do that. trump will campaign this saturday in deep blue, connecticut. the last time that connecticut voted republican was back in 1988 when george h.w. bush was in office. >> thank you. breaking news in the bronx. bullets go flying and an innocent bystander was shot. the woman was in a lobby at the time. jim dolin is on the scene. jim. >> reporter: sade, police are still on the scene. the gun was fired out here on the street. let me show you where it went. it went right through this door right here . you can see the bullet hole in the door. it went through and it struck a 57-year-old who was standing in the lobby. struck her in the right leg. she was standing in the lobby talking with a friend. she heard gunshots and then
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she fell almost immediately. show realized she had been struck and that she was pleading and she -- bleeding and she fell to the groupd. -- ground. paramedics came to take care of her. no one is in custody yet. it's not clear who fired the shot who struck an innocent bystander in building. she's in stable condition. for now jim dolin, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. ing about 100 stores to stay competitive and deal with the rise if -- in the people now shopping online. they have not released the list of stores that will close next we're but 15% will be shut down. macy's revenue fell in the second quarter but less than expected. the stock jumped 17% today. sglftd all three -- all three indexes closed at record highs today and that's
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the dow gained 117 points, s and p gained 10 and the nasdaq more than 23. thieves targeted youth soccer fields but left something behind that could get them caught. >> the attorney accused of stiffing a client out of a-million dollar settlement. -- out of a half million dollar settlement. what happened to that attorney now. ??? across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica,
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so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. the mta may be failing to
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the money they are owed from people including litterers. -- litters. after citations collections are attempted through letters and phone calls. right now the number of deaths after an explosion in maryland is at two. standing at two. the search for the missing that is continuing. marci gonzales is here with what happens d of the dozens of victims rescue. marci. >> reporter: some residents said they recently smelled gas in the area. investigators tell us they are aware of those reports but still have not determined what caused this devastating fire. >> at least two people killed , dozens of others injured when flames tore through this maryland apartment building. >> i got so scared . there were people jumping out the window like screaming for help. >> the raging fire
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springs following a huge explosion, shaking homes. >> it was like an earthquake that everybody is going to feel . i hoped the door and that was a shocking path . there's this big blast of fire in the apartment across from me. >> firefighters on scene within minutes helping people trapped in their homes. some parents forced to drop their children from windows and balconies. >> one child was throne -- thrown over the banister and somebody caught the child. thank god for that. >> more than 30 people hospitalized , several others still unaccounted for. >> our recover i efforts -- recovery efforts are going to have to wait until the building is shored up enough for people to go inside, for our detectives to go inside. >> some residents said they recently smelled gas in the area. investigators tell us they are aware of those reports but still haven't determined what caused the fire.
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>> thank you, marci. we got amy freeze in for lee goldberg. it is hot out there. >> it really is hot. >> it feel loose s like you can -- feels like you can cut the humidity with a knife. >> if only we could cut it out. we just had the next -- the national weather service extend the excessive heat warning back into new jersey and philadelphia. the numbers across the entire region are ve is a live picture. look at the shade over central park. a few of these clouds are darkening up in some spottings. s. there could be a shower or gusty thunderstorm. certainly enough heat to crank our temperatures to 91. that was the top temperature at central park and we're currently at 89. now heat advisories, we've been noticing this all day, it started in the boroughs until 8:00 p.m. on saturday.
5:18 pm
a.m. on saturday morning. now they added in the excessive heat warning until sunday night at 9:00 p.m. i think these warnings and watches are going to change up because of the intensity of the heat, especially at night. we're not cooling a you have. this is prolonged periods of time with a lot of hot air and high humidity. so highs today across the area, in the low to mid 90s. we had the top temperature at tom's river, 96 degrees. 86 in montage. all this hot y is going to make it feel like the triple digits. it's going to be difficult to cool your body over the next couple of days because there aren't any breaks in the humidity. the heat advisory goes across the board now. this will be our third heat wave of the summer. we hold on to the heat so dramatically at night and the humidity doesn't let up. that's why it's uncomfortable in the five boroughs. the showers are
5:19 pm
hempstead through levon town. you have seen a good downpour there and the streets have gotten wet. it's steamy at the surface. now we're watching the valley weakening as it moves further to the east. we've seen some showers and thunderstorms coming out of pennsylvania right into central new jersey. if your skies get dark a shower or thunderstorm will come through, it won't last long. 30 or 40 minutes. temperatures into the evening hours, see the numbers, staying in the 80s over night. very hot. right back at it early tomorrow morning. we're already in the 90s pushing the mid 90s by midday. so for the heat index it's not out of the question that tonight at 11:00 it will be feeling like the upper 80s and low 90s. tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. already pushing towards the mid to upper 90s for the jersey shore.
5:20 pm
-- iclep. in the afternoon the temperatures in the triple digit range and towards 108 for south jerry. engineer -- jersey. so the hot air does not let up through saturday afternoon. we're back at the triple digit heat indexes by noon on saturday and all afternoon long we could get places up in mid mud son valley feeling like 107 degrees. the message here is the heat and the humidity are with us through the weekend. you need to take preparations, even if you love the heat. you can handle it. this is prolonged humidity. that's what takes its toll on the body. you need to make sure that you're hydrated well. friday night looking like heavier thunderstorms in that area. saturday afternoon some showers and thunderstorms come back and repeat themselves. about 2:00 or 3:00 the threat begins there and goes through the evening hours. tomorrow the forecast, a south wind up to 15 and waves 2 feet, water temperatures up to 79 degrees. the rip currents, let's it take you out and swim parallel to the shore
5:21 pm
for the catskills, the 90s. same thing for jersey shore. you see the forecast here taking us all the way through the weekend and several days of 90s right in a row. relief coming for us after the weekend is over once we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. for more you coming up. >> thank you, amy. we've got some break ing news p -- news. an arrest after a boating accident last sunday in nassau county. police released a stretch of the person they were looking for. a 50-year-old woman was hit in reynolds channel and injured. police arrested 59-year-old bennett raguso and charged him with leaving the scene of an accident. the room that's required to help new mothers. >> two dozen dogs found living in an suv.
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gay and bisexual students are for likely to have attempted suicide. that's just one finding from the first cdc study about health. they are more likely to report being raped, trying illegal drugs and feeling hopeless. it's similar to smaller surveys from advocacy groups. this is the first national government survey to look at the issue. in house child care to help ease the burden for their employees. what if you work for yourself or trying to launch your own business? a new company now gives self-employed parents a place to work with trained child care professionals. here's lauren glassberg. >> we just kept thinking if you can bring your dog to work why not your child. >> from that idea hatchery was born. a coworking space that also offering child care.
5:26 pm
from may and opened their first location in park slope this week after doing plenty of analysis. >> there's a lot of movement in the freelance, more of an economy. the current set up for office and child care don't allow these people to take advantage of that. we think that is , you know, a big problem that we want to solve. >> the idea is to have a coworker space with the typical amenities but on top of that you can bring your kid in and you have a colocated day care. that is across the street at kidville where they are leasing space but they provide their own teachers and care givers and it's creating a curriculum as welch -- as welchl -- as welch -- as well. parents are able to pop in and visit their kids. >> i have a work space at home but it would be nice to just be concentrated in an environment where everybody is
5:27 pm
>> same goes for elliott's mom who had to depend on nap time and friends to get work done. >> i come from a 9:00 to 5:00 before my son so i feel like i'm a little bit back in an office. that kind of environment. >> the prices are comparable to other coworking spaces. for about $300 a month parents can get a 6-hour day of coworking plus 3 hours of child care every week. >> parents can opt for as many as five days a week . they plan most likely with the child care component on sight. -- on site. channel 7, eyewitness news. all new at 5:00, a soccer team fed up vandals keep targeting them over and over again. the incentive their offering to find the people trashing their fields. >> dangers on packed roadways. the discovery about how often debris causes
5:28 pm
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new at 5:00 a soccer team tired of getting kicked around. vandals keep trashing their fields and their facilities so they're taking action. the team is offering a reward for anyone w video. eyewitness news reporter nina is in ocean county tonight with the latest. nina. >> reporter: diana, if you're a kid working instead of hanging out with your friends just so you can save up and play here or you're a parent fundraising and volunteering to maintain this complex imagine how you would feel to see the suspects repeatedly and purposefully destroying this complex and everything that you work for.
5:31 pm
appalled. you know, they can't believe that somebody would do this. >> the vandals worked hard to steal from this parent's kids and the rest of their community. they used a crow bar to pry open the front door of the soccer fields stand to load up on candy, chips and drinks. >> i'd like to ask them to stop. it's very frustrating. it's a lot of time and money. >> the president of the soccer association said whoever did this knew that the club just stocked up for game to provide scholarships for area kids. they were smart enough to hide their faces as they used if thes -- used flashlights to steal what they wanted. >> they did damage to the roll up door and stole all the product that we just bought the day before. >> this past year they have seen fences and gates ripped down and the fields damage, one beyond repair to be used for the season. >> it's heartbreaking because i'm also a teacher in town. i
5:32 pm
it's kids involved in the neighborhood. they are ruining it for 300 or 400 other kids. >> the club serves kids as young as 3 and up to 16. this is the fourth time it's been vandalized in the past year. >> we got the lights in and they stole all the poles. they came and knocked down the fence, drove on to the field and tore up the fields. >> reporter: and you're looking now at a picture of the gate that someone took a car and plowed through. they still enough money to fix that and sadly that means they've had to raise their registration fees and some kids cannot afford to play here. both ocean county and local police are solved with this. -- are involved with th. d -- involved with this. we put the pictures up on our website at channel 7, eyewitness news. >> nina thank you. new developments in an eyewitness news investigation . serious consequences
5:33 pm
he dug into why it took him months to pay his injured client the big settlement he won. jim hopper has the latest. jim. >> reporter: the attorney that we exposed has been forced to resign. a new york disciplinary court started investigating the attorney after our investigation. when the court foubd -- found other complaints they moved to disb e we tried to speak to attorney paul bestneighbor he had no good explanation for why months after winning a settlement he still had the client's half million dollars. >> well, you said you just sent the check. the first one bounced. >> that was from a wrong account. >> after our investigation the attorney finally paid his client. our report triggered an investigation by the judicial grievance committee that found similar complaints from other clients
5:34 pm
him holding onto their settlement money. >> just weeks ago he submitted his resignation on the grounds of professional misconduct and the failure to safeguard client funds. >> he's no longer able to practice law in the state of new york. >> he needs more. it's not enough just to resign. >> savat misqueue is unforgiving when it comes to the attorney whom he claims tried to keep his mon. for me he has to go to jail. >> we made several attempts to reach him. no one answered at his home and at his office we were told he's retired. >> the juried worker's son wonders how many other clients are out there without hope of getting their money. some have reached out to him. >> i had someone from the bronx calling , i had another person from massachusetts
5:35 pm
you know, he owes her up to like $200,000. that she's got no way of getting it. >> reporter: now part of the disbarment agreement requires that he makes restitution for client protection p -- protection. he's prohibited from practice ig ing law in the state of new york for at least 7 years. >> thank you, jim. new at 5:00 , questions still linger and lots of co is going to be closing the doors doors. dalin college said the school will close as of august 31st. alumni leaders are working on a solution to fix the problems. we'll let you know. it was an emotional day in honor of a member of the air
5:36 pm
31-year-old sergeant lewis benacatsa dieed -- died in afghanistan after a suicide bombing. he leaves behind a wife, debra and their daughter. 150 government workers in a town on long island facing possible lay offs tonight. the supervisor of oyster bay said it's necessary to decrease the $771 million debt. no one's job is they would not discuss specifics but told eyewitness news the lay offs would not effect the essential services. >> obviously we will implement a hiring freeze , we will be reducing part time and seasonal expenses. we will probably -- well, we will be eliminating some programs in the town. >> the budget will be presented to the town board in september. some zika virus news for
5:37 pm
vaccine is getting a cash boost from the health and human services department. the agency has come up with $81 million to help in the fight. the cdc has added the caymen islands to the zika notice. people are asked to take enhanced precautions. the warning comes days after the local contracted case was confirmed there. the patient first reported symptoms in july and said he had not traveled to any other countries with zika. the h given the all clear to another four block section of south florida inundated with zika. the department said no local transmissions have been found in win wood. it identified three more people who contracted zika from a mosquito bite in the 1 mile square area in miami-dade county. this raises the number of people who got zika in this neighborhood to 25.
5:38 pm
-- into that shooting at a citizen's academy in florida. the chief said he takes full responsibility after a woman as shot and killed during a demonstration. the 73-year-old woman was taking part in a meeting. the shoot, don't shoot demonstration was supposed to use blanks but live ammo wound up in his gun. the officer was placed on administrative leave. the changes making new moms lives easier to breast cancer feed on the go. >> a terrifying case of road rage. now they want to know why a woman pulled a gun on another driver. >> dogs were found crammed inside an suv. >> we've been focused on the heat and humidity. now storms are developing. they do have lightning within them. i put up the future cast that's going to take the storms over staten island right into
5:39 pm
it will push into ridgewood and jamaica and la guardia airport also. for now the skies are still mostly cloudy by showers are on the way from manhattan. we'll
5:40 pm
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i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are.
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police have rescued 22 dogs all found living inside an suv. it was in the a german shepherd and 21 puppies discovered crammed inside that vehicle earlier this week. the owner is a homeless woman who is believed to be mentally ill. they are getting medical attention and will be put up for adoption. a case of road rage goes too far when a woman pulled a gun on the driver of another car. florida police are searching for the woman in this video and three overs. -- three others. someone three a beer bottle from a pick up truck
5:43 pm
that car to a gas station where the woman pulled out a gun. the driver of the pick up truck was arrested, four others got away. >> i've had someone follow me before and it's really frightening because you think what would they have on them. >> folks are not using their heads. they are not being smart about this. >> the woman's friends stepped in and took the handgun from her. amid all of the doping concerns surrounding the summer olympics good news, the drug tests have been conducted since the opening and there's been no positive results at this point. the ioc expects to conduct more than 5,000 doping tests during the summer games. a member of the belgium sailing team now sick after racing on polluted waters during the rio games. abbey began feeling sick.
5:44 pm
intestinal infection. lactation rooms for mothers are now required by law. mayor de blasio signed it into law today at a ceremony in brooklyn. the crowd included lots of babies and parents. they must make one lactation room available to woman using on site services. city in the country to provide lactation rooms for any mother who needs one in new york city. >> the mandatory law does not interfere with the right to breastfeed in public places. danger on the roads. serious crashes being blamed on debris and how often it puts drivers at risk. >> fruits and vegetables are a
5:45 pm
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they are pulling the plug on a family favorite at disney world. it's nights out for the electrical parade on main street. not for long. it's headed to disney land in anaheim where it reappear for a limited engagement in 2017. say it w disney is the parent company of wabc. amy. >> yes, we get it. i've got my eyes focused up here on the live pictures along with the radar because we're waiting for showers on manhattan. we're looking down to the south and you can see just in the shadow here some rain developing and we can look see it falling. this is moving in. we'll see rain over
5:49 pm
within the next 5 to 10 minutes. a little bit of lightning as welch l -- as welch l -- as well. in staten island a little bit of lightning. heads up in manhattan right now. 89 degrees in central park but 91 was the top number this afternoon. the heat won't quit. we're going to have this summer sizzle until sunday. the heat advisory has been extended. this is our third heat wave of the summer. we that's with us through the weekend. each day is not a rain out but we have spotty showers and some of them can be potent. you're looking at all the lightning strikes that are across the area. we're looking closer at some of these storms. some of them making their way into central new jersey. we have heavy downpours from raredon down to princeton. this is going to continue to cross over 95. storm over staten island working
5:50 pm
lightning from midtown down through queens and parts of brooklyn. this is going to with us here through the city. right here through the drive. this right now is our future casting. so this is where the storms will go within the next 20 to 35 minutes. right over ridgewood, headed towards la guardia, it's going to pass over flushing and make its way along the long island expressway and making the north shore the next step for this. -- stop for this. drenches downpou the storms. there's a heat advisory until 8:00 a.m. on saturday that you see in orange. we add to that from the national weather service an excessive heat warning from new jersey back into philadelphia. that's because feels like temperatures will tush -- will push the triple digits. back through that new excessive heat warning from 105 to 110 degrees. extremely uncomfortable air.
5:51 pm
like the upper 80s and 90s. tomorrow afternoon feels like temperatures 105 to 110 degrees. even into saturday evening and saturday night extreme heat. sunday we don't get a lot of relief but shaving a few degrees off the high humidity levels. tonight showers and thunderstorms widespread and then scattered showers over night tonight. again, a repeat, a threat of this on saturday and sunday again. so lots of hot air, chances for shower could potentially bring downpours and lightning and dangerous winds as welch l -- as well. saturday a repeat. sunday is the lesser day. 85 on sunday. that could be a cooler spot this the catskills. tomorrow 92. several days of 90s in that row. monday still looks hot. tuesday is the change for us at 85 degrees. that's nice and
5:52 pm
thank you, amy. a new $20 million food hub will bring produce from up state new york it's called the new york state grown and certified programs. fresh fruits and vegetables will be sold at a 120,000 square foot facility. it will employ 95 people full time and provide 150 construction jobs. >> it will give new yorkers the safest food on the globe to eat. subject to the strictest requirements inspected by the best government. >> the governor said the food hub is going to boost the economy in up state new york because i'm imaging where a lot of that good food is going to come from. still ahead at 5:00 from boxes to bottles, even fufrn church ture -- furniture. the alarming new findings about the dangers of debris on the road.
5:53 pm
at this time last night. the nypd emergency services unit playing a cat and mouse game with a man suction cup climbing the trump tower. tonight we talked to the cops about how they came up with their strategy to grab the guy 21 floors up. hello! it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently,
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you have likely seen it on the road, a of furniture comes loose from another vehicle and that becomes an obstacle for everyone on the roadway. new aaa studies show often it is happening and just how dangerous it is for all of us. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg with the latest. >> watch this guy swerve and go over the guardrail. the driver trying to avoid a mess falling from another vehicle. the accident on the new jersey turnpike last october
5:57 pm
him his life. it's the kind of accident that happens all too frequently according to aaa. >> 200,000 and 39,000 injuries. >> the numbers are up 40% from the last time aaa did this study in 2001. aaa new york said these accidents occur on interstates many times because cargo isn't properly secu trucks or rooftops. all cars are big factors. >> wheels can rust and fall off 37% of the time people are swerving the avoid that debris. >> have your car checked for old parts and if you're hauling cargo make sure it's well secured and covered. it's the law. >> in new york state you can
5:58 pm
for having an improperly secured load. >> stay back. >> leave about 15 12 to 15 seconds between your vehicle and that vehicle. leave some out. >> swerving may be worse than allowing the debris to hit your car. >> got to be careful. president obama and hillary clinton cofounders of isis? that's donald trump's later climb. this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho and lee goldberg with the accuweather forecast p -- forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. new 6:00 we talked to the nye cops who tried to coax the suction cup climber off the trump tower. how they
5:59 pm
>> first a community rallies against hate. this after fire crackers are tossed at the homes of two rabbis. good evening. it's 6:00. liz is off tonight. first the hot weather and the thunderstorms moving through our area right now. look at this. the thick humidity making it feel like 100 degrees. con edison said more power was used today than any other day this year. the thunderstorms are moving into the five boroughs. is in for lee goldberg in the weather center. >> we've had rain over head for staten island, now long island and queens and brooklyn right now. the skies are going to darken up quick. we've seen the cameras bouncing. skies will darken fast and there's plenty of fuel for these storms. lightning also a part of them. these thunderstorms, a lot of lightning strikes across the map on a accu dptz track.
6:00 pm
a round of shower that's going to go over 95. i've been watching these over staten island now effecting queens and brooklyn and we'll see these push to the east. right now the computer models are showing us in maybe 20 or 30 minutes this is past la guardia and moving to the north shore. they have lightning and drenching downpours and gusty winds. the heat advisory for a large portion of the area until saturday mor a.m. and now an excessive heat warning for philadelphia and new jersey p -- new jersey. tomorrow a feels like temperature from 100 degrees to 10 degrees. -- to 110 degrees. when we see some relife -- relief coming up in the accuweather.


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