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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a round of shower that's going to go over 95. i've been watching these over staten island now effecting queens and brooklyn and we'll see these push to the east. right now the computer models are showing us in maybe 20 or 30 minutes this is past la guardia and moving to the north shore. they have lightning and drenching downpours and gusty winds. the heat advisory for a large portion of the area until saturday mor a.m. and now an excessive heat warning for philadelphia and new jersey p -- new jersey. tomorrow a feels like temperature from 100 degrees to 10 degrees. -- to 110 degrees. when we see some relife -- relief coming up in the accuweather.
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targeted but was it because of their religion. it happened to the rabbis who live a block apart in new city. marcus solis is there with the lead story. marcus. >> reporter: bill, the tree that was set on fire after that device was thrown police say to label this a hate crime would be premature. they don't have the evidence. many remain convinced this was a deliberate act. >> i was really scared. i was shaking. pounding. >> all because of this, a small tree engulfed in flames after a fire work was tossed on the lawn of this house owned by a new city rabbi on tuesday night. seconds later another blast. >> it certainly was intentional. it certainly -- we certainly know that the effects of it create, you know, tension and fear and pair people in the
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e spotted running from the skween. -- from the scene. police are trying to determine whether it was a prank crime. >> right now it's alleged hate crime and the word alleged is important. we what about to do everything that we can as an organization to try and help get this solved. >> the two family of the rabbis has been the controversy -- has been a controversy in an area zoned as a single family home. >> where were months and years when people posted negative and nasty stuff against the jewish community. >> i've been very steady and very direct that the law applies equally to all, special preference for none. >> in the meantime police continue to investigate the incident that many believe was no accident. >> kids throwing fireworks at
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seconds of each other and they threw it at this house, i'm happy not at someone else's house, that seems targeted. >> reporter: police have increased patrols in the care. -- in the area. there's a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> thank you, marcus. we're getting a development developing story right now in the bronx. a bullet goes through the door of a lobby into an innocent happened in the mount even section p -- section. the 50-year-old woman is expect today recover. -- expected to recover. this was the classic kid next door. that's how neighbors describe the 19-year-old from virginia now under arrest and getting a psychiatric revaluation for scaling the trump tower. he was born michael joseph ryan.
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of a career naval officer. he left his family's home on tuesday and drive to new york city. >> he's a nice young man who has had some troubles. that's where school and things like that. >> we were shocked. we didn't know he claim climbed. he had to be a good climber to get up 20 floors. >> his parents had just returned from virginia to europe when he climbed the tower. charged with reckless dangerment. >> we are hearinging more from the new york cops who played a cat and mouse game . the elite emergency services unit had to plan this out and do it quickly to box in and trap mr. regada outside the 21st floor of trump tower. here's tim flesher. >> with nowhere to out maneuver
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to do for three hours clinging to the side of trump tower he was finally pulled into custody. >> you felt confident. >> oh, yes. >> detective kristopher williams and david walker first encounter the 19-year-old. he had industrial grade suction cups that enabled him to make it to the 21st floor and heading to the top. >> this type of climbing is well known to be slow. >> slow enough for nypd esu offer a plan and make sure they did not endanger their own lives. >> we got to develop a plan and put a lot of equipment and systems in place. >> he had a head start with $600 worth of gear. outside online spotlighted several pieces. first four lifters that suctioned to the glass via a hand pump. me had special climbing shoes
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that has a rope to keep him from sliding downward. >> he's using a leg. -- he's uses his leges so that's good. >> they anchored the rescue team. >> we need that part of the building that's not going to go anywhere. >> cornering him and getting him close enough that detective williams makes his move. >> as i pulled him forward my put a hand on him and helped me bring him inside. >> as soon as i had the opportunity i just grabbed ahold. >> you thought he's safe and we're safe as welch >> yes, sir. -- as well. >> yes, sir. >> yesterday with a perfect example of the training of esu in conducting these types of operations. they shined yesterday. >> team work and training that has paid off . tim flesher,
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hillary clinton offering her own economic plan to counter donald trump's policy speech on the economy monday. it was derailed by his second amendment comment. clinton called for a surtax on those earning more than $5 million a year. mr. trump said obama and clinton are cofounders of isis. dave evan with the latest in the news room. >> reporter: no surprise donald trump and hillary clinton have different economic messages about how to start -- jump start the economy. he wants to cut taxes for the rich, she wants to raise them. as you mentioned, what is catching most of the attention today, donald trump's take on isis. >> donald trump today blasted hillary clinton's economic plan but the biggest headline here what trump said about the president, clinton and isis. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> trump didn't really clarify
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have said obama and clinton's policy in the middle east led to the creation of isis. >> you got the mvp award, isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her only competition is president obama. between the two of them. >> clinton offered her economic question to donald trump on monday. he called for massive tax cuts for the rich and everybody else. >> just a more extreme version of the failed theory of trickled down economics with his o addition of out landish trumpian ideas that even republicans reject. >> clinton's plan would do the opposite of trump, a 4% income tax on anyone making $5 million a year and a new tax on companies that ship jobs over seas. >> clinton calls her economic vision for america uplifting and
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morning version. >> the team usa was as fearful as trump michael phelps and simoni biles would be cowering in the locker room. >> the latest poll gives clinton a strong lead and it's not been a good couple of weeks for trump. time magazine put out this cover with one world, melt down. his comments about the second amendment over shadowed his message. >> he can't s breakthrough and get the numbers back with hillary clinton. >> -- >> reporter: trump asked leaders for their help in florida and ohio. utah is considered very republican but more man leaders such as mitt romney have been extremely critical of trump lately. >> dave evans, thank you. a big announcement from macy's.
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to find the killer of a woman jogging in howard beach. >> a warning if you're heading to a popular beach in our area. >> starting tomorrow we're going to get after it here. those who don't want to get after it i will find someone else who does. >> mets manager lashing out after the mets are bloen out. -- blown out. that is coming up in sports. >> take ago look outside -- taking a look outside, the rest of new york.
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$207,000 is now the reward to help solve the mystery of who sexual assaulted and killed a woman. the family of karina hopes the money raised through an online fundraiser in encourage more people to come forward in the tips to find her killer. the cut backs for macy's department stores. they announced to close 100 stores next year. macy's said this is a way for the company to remain competitive and adapt to preferences for shopping online. let's take a quick look at wall street. stocks rallied today. all three closed
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the dow up 118 points just about, s and p picked up 10, the nasdaq 24 points. danger at the beach. coming up on eyewitness news, dozens of rescues at a jersey shore beach now a warning to swimmers. >> meteorologist amy freeze is for lee with more on the dangerous heat and humidity and the thunderstorms in manhattan heading our way.
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the ocean is very tempting on hot days like this but tonight a warning about a dangerous hit along the jersey shore. there's been a jump in the number of swimmers getting caught in rip currents. there's been 60 rescues by lifeguards at belmar beach alone in just the past 10 days. >> we had warm weather so the weather and the water bring people down. we had a number of places with rip currents mostly around the jetty area.
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counter intuitive but let it pull you out and swim parallel to the shore until you can get to help. if you get caught in a thunderstorm -- >> take cover. >> look at that , it's already raining. those clouds are just moving in. that's one world trade from the empire state building. blood pressure -- building. >> the clouds are just taking over. if we look at these pictures we're going to be able to see a lot of rainbows tonight so i'd love to see your pictures. we'll likely get some good pictures. take cover because they have lightning and gusty winds. thanks to john via twitter sending in college point pictures of the downpours p
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the realtime ground truth of what is happening outside is a way for us to track what is on the radar and then what actually happening and it's a great combination of information to warn people about the storms in the area. 88 in central park after a high of 91. blah -- 91. the heat has been a main story for us. we get a sizzle until sunday. a thunderstorm risk all the way through saturday sawned. -- saturday and sunday. here's the satellite and radar picture. the concern is lightning. we have positive strikes within the storm. that's particular by dangerous because it can create a multi strike rightening strike. looking inside of these storms, going to lift the radar so you can see underneath
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-- lightning strikes. a big head's up, that's when you will see the action. we're going into olds bridge as well because i think this is going to give a soaking as the storm getting closer to the water front. the inland areas will get a good dosing of rain. here's a look at the storm that just came out of manhattan. over queens right now reds, oranges and yellows. that's you. some of that action coming in your direction. in fact, here's the future cast from right now for the next 30 to 40 minutes here's where the storm is moving port washington north, wheatly, you're in the line of the storms. you're going to get the downpours. there's been right -- lightning within these storms. there's a
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. at night it's not going to cool off we've got temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s plus the humidity. so the planning forecast right through the over night hours, we're still in the 80s. so it takes no time at all to get the exceptional heat right back in place and the heat index is tomorrow by 11:00 a.m. will be in the triple digits for tom's river. they had it today and will see it again. morris town is going to feel like 98 before lunchtime. 110 posted just now for 5:00 on frid that's the feels like temperature. saturday we'll see the numbers just as hot right through the afternoon. that's why the heat advisory will be extended. storms, yes, they are a possibility. friday night after 2:00 they will be widely scattered. in the afternoon the action kicks up. into sunday we still have the threat. if you're
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so 78 is the over night low with the spotty storms. tomorrow we're going for temperatures in the low 90s. the real feel temperatures are our main focus. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. we'll break the 90s on monday with 87. nice and please ept. -- nice and pleasant. tuesday, wednesday and thursday looking good. watching the yankees forecast and it looks like storms possible, maybe even likely. >> aleck
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so the it true -- so is it true that sometimes managers yell and scream and go crazy to motivate their players. >> yes. terry collins needs to do anything he can.
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to be a positive momentum swing for the mets as the diamond backs came to town 21 games under .50 #0e. -- under .500. that didn't go so well . the d-backed struck in the 4th. the rbi single. arizona led 3-0. they cannot believe what is going on. neither can mets fans. in the 6th they did not fare much better. the household name taking jonathan niece deep for the solo shot. that made the diamond backs happy. chris owings delivering the triple . the mets are swept as they fall to .500 for the first time since april 20th and terry collins was not happy. >> there are no excuses here. these are major league baseball players. nobody feels sorry for you because everybody has been humbled.
6:27 pm
beat bad sometimes but you need to pick yourself up and move on. there's no one guy to blame. i don't do that. starting tomorrow we're going to get after it here and those who don't want to get after it i will find somebody else who does. that's all i got to say. i'm done. >> well, now back to the alex rodriguez fair well tour -- farewell tour. he has his final game tonight in the bronx getting a start tonight in boston. a promise. he will be the designated hitter batting clean up. last night rodriguez got a punch hitting opportunity in the 7th inning but he would fly out to right after that. the yankees did cal ri did -- did rally for the win. he won't play in the field. >> it's not that i wouldn't like to see it but we are trying
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the situation has not presented itself. >> the wait is over. tonight it's game time for the jets. they host the jaguars at met life. it's the first real test of training camp for the jets. the starters won't play long leaving the rest of the group for a chance to fight for roster spots. >> you know, get out of the game clean with in turn overs, just some of that first game or first couple of games we will try to avoid. now it's your time for the oh olympic spoiler alert. you've been warned. the u.s. women continue to dominate the gymnastics event. simo simoe biles took gold and aly got silver.
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leading scorer in usa basketball history last night. it's not easy being a fan in the stands at a major league game, even tougher being a snack or beverage. last night there was a foul pop up ball. this guy opted to go for it. he didn't protect the nachos. he did it to himself. >> he didn't get the ball. it's worth it to get the nachos all over yourself if you get the ball. >> that's still debatable. >> thank you, lawyer ura. for the stories we're working on tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00, sade is here for that. >> disturbing new information about children and their diet. the new warning from health officials. that's all coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00.
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for us for now. thank you for watching. i'm bill ritter. tonight, as we come on the air, the deadly explosion. and right now, the search for the missing. a massive fireball rocking that apartment building, and this evening, search teams remain on the scene. the investigation now, into what caused this. also breaking new roller coaster accident, this time, a 3-year-old air just the last week. the moment of misfire. the wife and retired librarian shot and killed in a safety exercise, and new tonight here, the moments before it happened. the officer raising a gun, not realizing it was loaded. tonight, authorities want your help after two cases of road rage. the woman, waving her gun, and the other case, a driver firing at a car with a child inside.


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