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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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for us for now. thank you for watching. i'm bill ritter. tonight, as we come on the air, the deadly explosion. and right now, the search for the missing. a massive fireball rocking that apartment building, and this evening, search teams remain on the scene. the investigation now, into what caused this. also breaking new roller coaster accident, this time, a 3-year-old air just the last week. the moment of misfire. the wife and retired librarian shot and killed in a safety exercise, and new tonight here, the moments before it happened. the officer raising a gun, not realizing it was loaded. tonight, authorities want your help after two cases of road rage. the woman, waving her gun, and the other case, a driver firing at a car with a child inside.
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showdown. what michael fellphelps and rya lochte said to each other before their faceoff tonight. and of course, the other breaking headline from rio tonight. she's made america very proud. good evening. and we begin tonight with the urgent search for the missing at this hour, after a deadly explosion at an apartment complex in maryland. the explosion in the middle of the night, and you can see family members windows. one man holding his phone light there to get the rescuer's attention. here's what we know tonight. at least two people were killed in the inferno. dozens hurt, including several firefighters. the blast rocking the entire neighborhood. abc's gloria riviera is on the scene tonight, amid growing questions of whether this was a gas explosion. >> reporter: tonight, the smoldering devastation from above, all that's left of this maryland apartment complex.
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the debris has covered the entire road. >> reporter: that explosion striking just before midnight, when residents were blasted out of bed. the boom felt a mile away. >> what i saw was a lot of buildings on fire. i got so scared, there were like, people jumping out of the window, like, screaming for help and kids screaming, because there are a lot of kids scared. >> reporter: parents dropping their children into waiting arms. neighbors saving neighbors until firefighters could reach those traps and pull them to safety. 34 people hospitalized. by morning, the search for the missing. crews locating two bodies in the ruins. this woman can't find her 9-year-old son. >> it's horrific. then you add on the known injuries and what we know is a few fatalities, it just takes it from devastating to unthinkable. >> reporter: the cause of the blast now under investigation, but officials say residents here called 911 weeks ago to report
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called the fire department because of the smell of -- >> smell of bad gas. >> reporter: that scent can sometimes signal danger, as it did before this deadly gas blast as a home in new jersey. and two people were killed last year at this new york apartment after work on an illegal gas line. >> and gloria is with us live from maryland tonight. and gloria, we saw your reporting there that residents, neighbors called concerned about the smell of gas before. do we know if authorities >> reporter: that's right, david. the fire department tells us, they did respond to those 911 calls. they went door to door and they say, at that particular time, they did not find anything hazardous. crews will be working into the night here, still searching for those missing. david? >> gloria riviera on the scene all day for us. gloria, thank you. we are also following another developing story tonight. another major accident at an amusement park. the third in just a week now. tonight, a 3-year-old boy, air lifted to the hospital after a
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there on the scene nearby pittsburgh. authorities say the 3-year-old was riding a roller coaster with his older brother. the ride has been shut down tonight, and here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: this afternoon, that 3-year-old was air lifted to a hospital after riding a wooden roller coaster at the idlewild and soak zone park outside pittsburgh. >> the boy was conscious while being treated on-site. he was alert, talking with his family. >> reporter: officials aren't' saying yet exactly how he was coster, built in 1938. the rules say, "guests under four feet tall must be accompanied by an adult." in this case, his older brother. this latest accident comes on the heels of just two others this week. 10-year-old caleb schwab was killed sunday at the schlitterbahn water park in kansas city, on the tallest water slide in the world. >> it was a very loud boom, boom. i knew immediately that someone had fallen off the raft. >> reporter: and on monday,
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ferris wheel in tennessee. >> they just screamed a little bit, and then they just hit the ground and just landed there. >> reporter: authorities in pennsylvania are now investigating just what went wrong. it is still unclear how long the park will remain closed. david? >> linsey davis, our thanks to you. now, to major developments in the race for president tonight. donald trump and his new attack against president obama, saying that president obama is the founder of isis. trump in florida today, standing by his words, clinton is the cofounder. and you will hear what he said when asked by a conservative radio host if that's what he really meant. also tonight what we're now learning about the man who climbed trump tower, and was then pulled into those windows on the 21st floor. abc's david wright is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: tonight in florida -- >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they're the founders. >> reporter: donald trump is hammering away at that new line of attack.
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obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: conservative radio host hugh hewitt pressed him on that. >> i know what you meant. you meant that he created the vacuum, he lost the peace. >> no, i meant he's the founder of isis. >> but he's not sympathetic to them. he hates them. he's trying to kill them. >> i don't care. he was the founder. >> reporter: trump also mocked the clinton campaign for allowing the father of the orlando shooter to sit bin >> when you get those seats, you sort of know the campaign. >> reporter: but right behind trump. >> how many of you people know me? >> reporter: is mark foley, the ex-florida congressman who resigned in disgrace for sending sexually explicit messages to young pages. the trump campaign, struggling to recapture the dominance he
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cover of time magazine over the last number of months, which is amazing. >> reporter: this week he's got the time cover again. meltdown. not exactly the headline you'd want. >> ohio's very close, but we need help. >> reporter: today at a religious roundtable, trump asked for help. >> having a tremendous problem in utah. >> reporter: and, in an interview, even entertained the idea that he might not win. >> it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> all right, david wright with us live tonight, and david, you also have new reporting on a new republicans, asking the republican party to stop funding trump's campaign? >> reporter: david, the letter says, every dollar spent on donald trump's campaign is a dollar of donor money wasted. needless to say, the republican national committee is unlikely to agree. david? >> david wright with us live tonight. david, thank you. and it was while we were on the air last night here, we watched that man skating trump tower, pulled in through those win taupes on live television.
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and here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, new details emerging about the young man who climbed trump tower, hoping to get a private meeting with donald trump. the climber transfixing the city during the three-hour ordeal. police taking out a window pane to head him off. when he got to the 21st floor, police ordering him to come inside. he refuses amd grabs onto the building. office everyone officers then reach out and grab him. they pull him in safely, ending the spectacle. arrest, inside an ivanka trump shoe store. police immediately taking him to the hospital for a psychological evaluation. his name, stephen rogata. the 19-year-old posted this video on youtube just a day before. >> i am an independent researcher. >> reporter: a close family friend telling us, she's never known the young man to be obsessed with politics. >> very shocked. >> reporter: and david, tonight, he is still in the hospital, but he's officially been charged
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criminal trespassing. david? >> gio, thank you. meantime, hillary clinton tonight far from trump tower, and wasting no time fighting back against trump. her campaign saying donald trump has, quote, an aversion to the truth, after he labeled the president the founder of isis. meantime, clinton and her olympics strategies. abc's scecilia vega in michigan. >> reporter: hillary clinton in a detroit factory today, painting her opponent as an out of touch rich guy. >> he wants america to work for him and his friends, at the expense of everyone else. >> reporter: clinton blasting donald trump, even using the olympics to take political shots. arguing trump's ideas for the economy are based on fear. >> if team usa was as fearful as trump, michael phelps and simone biles would be cowering in the locker room, afraid to come out to compete. instead, they're winning gold medals.
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>> reporter: clinton's camp pouring more than $13 million into tv ads airing as america goes for the gold. >> and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. >> reporter: the score so far? 56 million to zero. that's what clinton is spending on general election tv ads. trump, not a dime. >> clinton is getting a little bit nervous, crooked hillary, she's getting a little bit concerned. that's okay. that's okay. we sit back and wait. >> cecilia vega with us live from detroit. and in addition to those olympics ads, mrs. clinton also trying to put pressure on trump tonight for not releasing his taxes, scecilia? >> reporter: they could come -- her taxes could come tomorrow, the 2015 dtaxes. they are definitely trying to push the pressure on here. >> all right, cecilia vega with us, as well. thank you. we are learning more details about the accidental police shooting of a 73-year-old wife and retired librarian in florida.
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it was a community safety exercise, and we have new images of the officer posing as the attacker while conducting that safety workshop. police saying his gun was not supposed to be loaded. abc's phillip mena tonight, as we hear from that woman's husband for the first time. >> reporter: this photo shows the moment officer lee coel -- playing an attacker in that fateful training exercise -- raises his revolver and taking aim before firing the shots that would kill 73-year-old mary >> she had a fake gun, his gun was supposed to have blanks. >> reporter: "charlotte sun" photojournalist sue paquin took the photos. knowlton's husband, just feet away. >> went and tried to save her life and i was just in shock. i just -- didn't know what to do. >> reporter: officer coel, who is now on administrative leave, has a controversial past. his use of a k-9 on a cyclist is the subject of a pending civil lawsuit. and three years ago, he was
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department amid excessive force allegations. he resigned, but was later cleared. tonight, punta gorda's police chief still unable to explain why coel's gun had real bullets in it. >> reporter: the florida law enforcement is looking into the shooting. but it could be three to four weeks before their investigation is complete. david. >> phillip, thank you. there are storing moving amid flood watches across the south over the next 48 hours, from the gulf coast all the way to minnesota. heavy rains and flooding. roads there and homes in mississippi, dealing with a lot of water tonight. in the meantime, the heat across the east. and let's get right to rob marciano, who was just standing in that storm moments ago. rob, it has passed? >> reporter: it has, but it was pretty intense when it came through. when it rained, it came down heavily. we've expanded the flash watches
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england and across iowa, severe thunderstorms romming through that area. and our gulf coast low continues to sit and spin. over eight inches of rain falling in some spots. i think it will rain there right through saturday. the other big story is the heat. heat advisories up from the gulf coast, through the plains, from d.c. to philly, all through boston. tomorrow's highs, again, will be in the low to mid 90s with humidity, feel like over 100 degrees. with rain like today coming through, i have to be honest, that feels pretty good. >> rob, thank you so turn now to a foiled terror plot near the canadian border. police in ontario killing an alleged impa sizer and it turns out it was the fbi that warned canadian authorities he was about to carry out a suicide bomb attack. the suspect was killed in a confrontation with officers in front of his home. police opening fire as he detonated an explosive inside this taxi right here. authorities believe he was planning to launch an attack within 72 hours. we are going to turn next
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two friends about to face off tonight, and a shining star making america very proud late today. abc's matt gutman on the gymnast with the golden touch. >> reporter: tonight, it's the triumph seen around the world. simone biles and ali raisman, vaulting over the competition, taking gold and silver in the women's all-around. biles beaming, hugging raisman as they see their scores. aly raisman, bursting into tears after finishing nearly a before the games, biles talked about what it's like, standing up on that podium. >> oh, gosh. that's a very emotional time. you just kind of feel everything, like, all your hard work put in to that one moment. >> reporter: and across the olympic park, another jaw-dropping moment. katie ledecky notching a world record in a qualifying heat of the 800 meter free. so far ahead, it looked as if she were all alone in the pool. also poolside were ryan lochte and michael phelps, the old men
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the best men of swimming. rivals for over a decade, and now, roomies. swimming side-by-side in the 200 meter individual medley, their strokes in lock step. >> he brings the best out of me and we're racers. so, you know, it's -- meets like these that i love the most where him and i get to go in and kind of duke it out. >> reporter: the two most decorated swimmers finishing one and two ahead of tonight's final. >> of course they want to beat each other in the water, but ou just best of friends and you can see up on the podium, when they are even laughing. it's great. >> reporter: phelps is 31, ryan lack too lochte is 32. phelps has said he will retire at the end of these olympics, but today, in a press conference, lochte who has been in that rivalry with him said, i honestly don't think this is his last olympics. david? >> matt gutman, let us know how
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ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. authorities want your help right now, after two frightening road rage incidents. a young woman waving a gun right here in this video, after a dispute with another driver. and the second case, the dash cam video showing a driver shooting at another car with a child inside. authorities, again, need your help. new developments this evening. what we now learned about the second female jogger found dead and the new clue, why police are now seeking the public's attention. and later, it's not exactly an this. the fan who tries to catch the ball, gets a face full of nachos. made us hungry. made us hungry. we'll be right back. miles per . to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away. with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks.
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you don't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you until that bell sings. great things are ahead of you is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. next tonight here, those two road rage cases, and authorities this evening want your help, catching the drivers. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: on the streets north of los angeles tonight, police are working to stop the driver of this dark honda before he does this again. firing twice at the family,
6:49 pm
>> driver shot at her, armed with unknown type of black handgun. >> reporter: the suspect engrajed, police say, because the suv apparently sprayed his car with windshield wiper fluid. >> the level that this incident took was quite alarming. it had to have been terrifying. >> reporter: cops in gainesville florida are trying to solve their own road rage case. anger erupting as this woman wildly points and wave as pistol. police arrested the driver of that truck, investigators say he refuses to identify the woman with the gun. most road rage cases avoid taking a deadly turn, but since 2010, road rage has been blamed for at least 1,700 deaths nationwide. and david, as for that california road rage case, the l.a. county sheriff tells us tonight, they still have no suspects. david? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back here tonight, new developments about the second female jogger found dead. what authorities revealed today.
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try new duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. to the index of other news and authorities now say the jogger murdered in massachusetts likely fought for her life. authorities revealing 27-year-old vanessa marcotte struggled with the killer. they are asking the public to look for a suspect who might have scratches and bruises. authorities were back at the scene today where that young google employee was discovered. a driver i alive tonight. the moment of impact caught here. authorities say the driver intentionally drove around the lowered gates at a rail road crossing in a boston suburb. the driver survived. and going for the gold tonight, if that's the color of the nacho cheese. a foul ball in pittsburgh. check this out. a fan, a beer, nacho plate in hand, goes for the catch, gets a face full of nacho. little insult to injury. someone tossed him a clean
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it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. finally, the 43-year-old american mom who won gold, her little boy watching. here's amy robach. >> that's a gold medal for kristin armstrong. >> reporter: american cyclist kristin armstrong making history. the oldest female cyclist ever to win gold, and the first to win the same event three games in a row. >> i think that for so long, we've been told that we should be finished at a certain age, and i think there's a lot of athletes out there that are
6:58 pm
true. >> reporter: waiting for her at the finish line, her 5-year-old son, lucas. >> there wasn't a day that i went to train that i didn't think of what would it be like if i had my son, lucas, in my arms, on the top step of the podium. >> reporter: lucas asking after the race, why you are crying? you won? she said, that's what we do. we cry when we're happy. >> being a mom keeps me on track and keeps me super focused. >> reporter: after the race, armstrong said she'd so much fun in competition, and today, she turns 43. what a way to celebrate. david? >> happy birthday.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. here are our three finalists -- a volunteer c.a.s.a. guardian ad litem hampshire... a currency trader from chicago, illinois... and a paralegal from washington, d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. oh, good crowd here today. thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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