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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 12, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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and of course her teammate gabby douglas. >> a dream come true for the ohio native. >> i was just a really hyperkid and i was always bouncing off the walls. so gymnastics fit perfectly and i didn't try any other sports. gymnastics chose me. i've loved it every since. >> her signature flip aptly named the biles. on the second flip she does a >> i believe it's the most difficult routine ever performed in the short of gymnastics. >> her teammate aly raisman, impressing with the silver second. biles relishing the victory with her teammates, leaving rio with that coveted medal and a taste of triumph.
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developing right now, part of a crane crashing in to one of the world trade center buildings tonight. how in the world did this
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a proposed homeless shelter draws hundreds of people to a meeting and then things took a wild turn when everybody couldn't get inside. first tonight, sweltering august heat and humidity. you thought it was bad tonight? get ready. it's going to be even worse tomorrow. tomorrow will be dangerously hot and thick. >> afternoon storms may be to blame for a raptured gas main. officials think it was either hit by lightning or utility pole fell on it. no one was injured. >> power companies now for any potential power problems. this was the biggest power day use of the year for con ed, folks now asked to conserve. >> we'll begin with meteorologist amy freeze in for lee goldberg tracking the hot temperatures. >> first up the national weather service has escalated the excessive heat watch for the entire area. so this is another sign that a very, very warm couple of days coming in our direction that could be dangerous for some people. right now we also have
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of lightning across the board. the number of strikes in this particular area, bergen county heading closer to the city. we have about 54 strikes. 11 of those are positive meaning they could strike outside of the actual storm itself. so particularly dangerous lightning that comes through with these storms. we have the same situation earlier tonight. this is the futurecasting over the next 40 minutes. what will be happening is these storms will move over morristown, move in to paramus, over new cit make their way south and east. there is very heavy rainfall. gusty winds. we've already had damage in some spots near the connecticut-new york border tonight with thunderstorm damage. some of these storms are really potent. here's the excessive heat watch which has been elevated and even lengthened to sunday at 10 p.m. we still have the heat advisory further off to the west. plenty of warmth coming our way. one of the worst parts of this, when you get a heat wave that goes several days with high
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cool down. so it looks like we'll be in the upper 70s and lower 80s across much of the area. a very fast warmup. 89 degrees by 11 a.m. tomorrow. we're in the mid 90s. these are actual thermometer temperatures for tomorrow. the feels-like temperatures will be in the triple digits. we'll talk about who gets the hottest coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast in a few minutes. due to the oppressive heat, new york city extending cooling center hours but not everyone dangerous conditions especially firefighters. several firefighters battling flames in brooklyn overcome by heat exhaustion and rushed to the hospital. eyewitness news reporter carolina leid is on the scene of the fire. >> this was a difficult combination for these firefighters. you have the dangerous temperatures combined with of course this very dangerous fire. some of those firefighters as you mentioned overcome by this heat and having to seek medical attention.
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this afternoon in midwood, brooklyn. this house fire and the blistering heat. one firefighter suffered serious heat exhaustion. four others suffered minor injuries. >> they had to get a whole bunch of ladders. they couldn't immediately hose it down because of how it was. they're incredible because it is so hot right now and they're all out here. they're drinking water. they're wearing the heavy gear. they're just doing what they do. you got to like admire them. >> reporter: fortunately no one home here on east 18th street when the flames broke out at 6:30. con edison crews were also at the scene. the agency reports it was a busy day for workers since new yorkers used more power today than any day this year. let me put that in to context with numbers. today's peak demand hit 12,663 megawatts at 5:00. the highest recorded peak was back in 2013 with over 13,000
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energy and it doesn't necessarily mean that it's creating a stress on the system. what it does mean is that there's a lot of people in new york city. the weather has a huge impact and because it's very humid and hot means people are using their ac. they want to cool down. we're using more energy. that's what that means. >> that's con edison person energy. things like not using major appliances during the day and closing your blinds. carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can stay ahead of the heat and find ways to keep cool by going to abc7ny. was tonight's strong weather a factor in the building under construction in manhattan? three world trade center getting smashed by a piece of a crane
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of the developing story. >> the crane is on top of three world trade center, an 80-story building in lower manhattan. the crane was going face of the building. they were putting it away because there was weather coming in. when a gust of wind caught the cable and the steel ball attached to the cable, it smacked in to a window. it's south of the new world trade center it's not occupied yet. doesn't even open till 2018. it's 80 stories high. it kind of did what your windshield does. but it was loud. >> i heard the sound like a boom and the crane hit the part. >> when the ball got to the 12th floor, it caught a gust of wind and swung the ball around the corner on the building of the
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12th floor. five windows in on the north side of the building. there was no injuries. >> nobody was hurt. that of course is the important thing here. they'll replace the pane glass tomorrow and they're looking in to whether any workplace violations occurred during this but really what happened is the weather appears to have come in a little faster than they expected. they were putting the cable away for the night. the weather just came in a live from lower manhattan, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york cops tonight looking for the man who attacked a woman inside riverside park. a woman who refused to be a victim. the nypd releasing a sketch of the suspect tonight in last friday's pre-dawn attack. happened near 107th street on the upper west side of manhattan. police say the 48-year-old victim walking her dog when the suspect asked her for the time. he then put her in a headlock and tried to kiss her.
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he let go and ran away. cops tonight also searching for a gunman who shot an innocent bystander who was talking to a friend in the lobby of a building in the bronx. the 57-year-old woman was struck this afternoon by came flying through the window in the mount eden section. it struck her in the leg. she's now listed in stable condition. police are still trying to figure out where the bullet came from. not in my backyard. that's response tonight from folks in queens, angry about the city's proposal to convert a for families. that led to a raucous public meeting. so what to do with a record number of homeless people in new york city if residents don't want them near them? josh einiger at the meeting tonight in maspeth. >> we've seen a tremendous amount of anger across the country and that anger was on full bitter, vicious display here in maspeth tonight. an entire community practically
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concept of a homeless shelter moving in to the building behind me. >> reporter: the room shook with anger. hundreds of irate maspeth residents who crammed in to a sweltering auditorium to vent their rage at a plan to turn a nearby hotel in to a shelter for homeless families. >> i know they're hopeless addicts. i try to preach jesus to them. no, they want their drug. they want their methadone. and that's forever. that's forever. problem. >> i want to ask you something. when did new yorkers start to procreate at such a rapid pace? we're irresponsible parents who can be living with extended families, but instead they're putting them in these shelters and letting these irresponsible parents continue their irresponsible ways. >> reporter: over and over the crowd shouted down social services commissioner steven banks. >> we want to give them a better place to be.
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this holiday inn express in to the only shelter in the area for 110 families, many of whom the city says maspeth natives who fell on hard times, like anyone here could. >> there's several hundred thousand families in the city who are paying over 50% of their income in rent. and they're one disaster, one layoff, one medical disaster away from losing their homes. >> reporter: with several hundred unable to fit in to the holiday inn which is still an active hotel. they stormed the front door. one man arrested. a community rising as one to save their neighborhood from what they insist is certain ruin. >> i am prepared to go to any lengths to stop this shelter. if it takes civil disobedience, then that's what it will take. enough is enough. >> after several hours, things finally did quiet down here in front of this hotel.
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not a proposal. it's actually a plan. starting in october, this holiday inn will be a homeless shelter. in the maspeth section of queens, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. he was the classic kid next door. that's how neighbors tonight describe the 19-year-old from virginia now under arrest and getting a psychiatric evaluation for scaling the trump tower yesterday. police say the teenager identified stephen rogata. he's charged with criminal trespassing. in a youtube video he claimed he just wanted to talk to donald trump. authorities believe the man who murdered a google employee from new york city likely has scratches suffered from the crime. vanessa marcotte struggled with her attacker before she was killed. she was found dead near her
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outside of boston. $216,000. that's the reward now offered to help solve the mystery of who sexually assaulted and killed a woman jogging in howard beach, queens last week. an online fundraiser exceeding its goal of raising $200,000 in just two days. the family of karina vetrano is hoping the money will encourage more people to come forward with tips in the search for her killer. was it a prank or was it a hate crime? that's what investigators in rocklin county tonight trying to figure out after somebody threw firecrackers at the homes of two rabbis. the rabbis living a block apart in new city. the first explosion set a tree on fire. police say four teenagers were spotted running for the scene. police patrols now beefed up in that area. donald trump speaking in the battleground state of florida where he once again claimed president obama founded isis. earlier trump threatened to stop fundraising for the republican national committee if it shift money away from his campaign to
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this even though he denies a time magazine report that the rnc chairman told him he'd shift resources if his poll numbers do not improve. meanwhile, hillary clinton delivered a speech on the economy in michigan today. not far from where donald trump delivered his own economic speech on monday. clinton's plan is pretty much the opposite of trump's call for massive tax cuts for the rich and everyone else. she wants a 4% surcharge on income of $5 million or more. 30% tax on anye million a year and a new tax on companies that ship jobs overseas. another accident at an amusement park. how was a young boy thrown from a roller coaster? >> plus, searching through the
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amusement park. the child was said to be awake and alert when he was airlifted a hospital. the 78-year-old wooden roller coaster does not require seatbelts. a terror attack at a popular seaside resort overseas. authorities in thailand have no idea who set off two bombs hidden in planters on a busy street. a female street vendor was killed. 20 people were hurt. not clear what the motive was for the bombings but thailand has been plagued in recent years dead, dozens hurt following a huge explosion at an apartment complex in maryland in a suburb of washington, d.c. residents reported the smell of gas. two people were found dead. they smelled some sort of gas. rescuers are searching for more victims. there are still some residents unaccounted for. stocks on wall street achieving a rare feat for the
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that hasn't happened since 1999. the dow gained 117, closing at 18,613. s&p gained 10 points. nasdaq gained more than 23 points. stocks for macy's getting a 70% boost today after the retail giant announced it will close 100 stores. macy's says it's in an effort to compete with the rise of the online shopping outlets. the retailer has not yet released the list of stores that early next year. young people using art to combat hate. the 10th annual hate crimes prevention art exhibit opening tonight at the museum of chinese in america in soho. features 45 pieces of original artwork by local high school students, addresses the turmoil and bigotry they say in the world today. the exhibition runs through august 22nd. meteorologist amy freeze here with the accuweather forecast. over manhattan we don't have rain but it's moving back in
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visibility for now but i expect at times it will be reduced. so if you have to be out and about, be aware of that. 83 degrees in central park. calm winds. we had a 91-degree high today. we're going to beat that tomorrow for sure. headlines, high heat does not quit. we go all the way through sunday with the sizzle. excessive heat watch has been posted. that's an elevated warning from the national weather service. it's also expanded in length all the way through sunday. this will be the third heat wave of the summer for us. a thunderstorm risk through t the real feel temperatures tomorrow even in to saturday will be 110 degrees. well above triple-digit status here. got two storm reports that came in with thunderstorm wind damage on both sides of the border here, both new york and connecticut and this particular one, it was about 8:40. trees down both sides here. we had thunderstorm wind damage with probably 55, 60-mile-per-hour wind. so these severe storms have produced a lot of lightning as well.
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will have very potent lightning. i expect it to be over a wide area. some of it making it in to queens and brooklyn. right now moving in to mahwah we've got lightning. some of the strikes are forking out ahead of the storm. definitely not a good idea to be out in these. this is actually on accutrack, the futurecasting for the next 30 minutes. these could produce heavy rains at times. parts of westchester with a flood advisory. parts of rocklin county as well. but it's excessive heat watch that affects everybody going in to the forecast tomorrow and in to the weekend. the areas in orange still under a heat advisory. the numbers look like this. overnight tonight, we barely fall off in to the 78 to 80-degree range and that mixed with the humid air keeps the feels-like temperature in the 80s and 90s overnight. extremely warm and uncomfortable.
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105-degree range with the heat index. just does not let up. late tomorrow night, friday night, feels-like temperatures in the low 90s in central park. on saturday we heat it right back up. triple digits. it's very, very warm in the afternoon. perhaps the highest heat indexes that we'll see all summer with pushing to the 110-degree range. then we start to see some relief. better numbers coming in for monday. so right through the weekend. also the threat of storms each day. look how widely scattered and spotty the are through friday afternoon and evening. same story sets it up for saturday. hot, sticky, humid with storms in the afternoon, evening hours. it's hard to say everybody is going to get wet, likely they won't but the showers and storms that do develop could be tricky at times and it's not something to cancel plans over. it's something to watch the forecast for. by the way, rip current risks remain moderate at the shore locations. if you're trying to do a getaway, we've got 90 for the catskills. the jersey shore and the hamptons with storms possible
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could find is the higher elevations for the catskills. those spots could get soaking rainfall. spotty storms tonight. we wake up tomorrow to cloudy conditions, hot conditions. 92 for the high with those real feel temperatures up to 110. the accuweather 7-day forecast, there it is. starting on tuesday, relief. temperatures are brought back in to the low to mid 80s but certainly the national weather service has stepped up their warnings and advisories. the city is also making steps and plans to make sure folks have a way to stay cool, and you're going to need what isn't happening when it comes to children and what they eat. >> also, a cat stuck in a tight spot.
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in tonight's health alert, researchers say american children are not doing enough to prevent future heart disease. the american heart association says less than 1% of the
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cardiovascular health. most kids fell far short of the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. a curious kitten gets a helping hand after getting its paw stuck in a sewer grade. video shows the kitten licking its leg today. it was stuck in a small sewer drain in florida. a team of rescuers removing the grate to free the feline. doing fine. a perfect segway in to sports. everyone is awww. >> now we have a-rod. by tomorrow night at this time alex rodriguez's playing career with the yankees will be over. in the meantime, he finally got the start. tonight a-rod playing dh in boston and smiling like he hit a home run. spoiler alert, he did not hit a home run. >> plus, are you ready for some football?
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you got us thinking, what
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began, yes, a-rod was the starting dh tonight but when rodriguez asked if he could play third tomorrow in his final game, the manager said no. designated hitter it is. the yanks and red sox played a rubber game first. pinstripes trailing in the third. romine changing the story line. the solo home run to tie the game. hanley ramirez putting the home team back on top with the double to the right center gap. a run would score. it was 2-1. a former red sock. two runs scores the yanks. now the moment you've been waiting for. the a-rod highlight. he was 0-4 on the night but he did that. the little ground out. a run scores. he gets an rbi on the insurance run. 4-2 the yankees take the series. and the mets in danger of being swept by lowly arizona today. noah syndergaard trying to be the stopper. that didn't go so well. d-backs strike in the 4th
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the rbi single. three runs in the frame. syndergaard cannot believe what's going on. neither can mets fans. taking jonathon niese deep for the solo shot. they weren't done later in the 6th. niese still in. owings delivers the score. 9-0. the mets swept as they fall to .500 for the first time since pleased. >> i don't care who's not here. there are no excuses here. these are major league baseball players. starting tomorrow we're going to get after it here. those who doesn't want to get after it, i will find somebody who does. that's all i've got to say. football returns to the meadowlands with giants and dolphins. gang green hosting the jaguars in the first game of the
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ryan fitzpatrick. that play set up this. bilal powell punching it in from 4 yards out. jets get on the board. fitzpatrick 3-4 for 72 yards. then it was geno smith's turn. how about this, the pretty pass for the 17 yrd touchdown. 17-13. the jets win. and the pool once again a pretty good place to be for the americans. ryan murphy took gold in the african american woman to medal in an individual swimming event for the u.s. then there's michael phelps, winning the 200 meter individual medley by almost 2 seconds for his 22nd career gold medal. just over 37 minutes later, he qualified for the finals of the 100 meter butterfly. amazing. just in case there was any doubt, american simone biles proved she's the best gymnast in the world after she ran away


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