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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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already at noontime, 102 at laguardia to the park and 104 around newark. easily these go to 105, 108 particularly north and west. and that's why we have this heat warning that is in effect for the five boroughs. everybody else has a heat advisory which is just going to be quite hot. now, not a lot of thunderstorms have fired up yet. you see they are starting to get together here. that means th will be later today, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. on futurecast, 93 by 3:00. 105, 108 for the real feels. then the thunderstorms pop up this evening, 7:00, 8:00 at sunset. some can make it through the area, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight you will need the umbrella. heavy thunderstorm at midnight, just to the south of the city. and it will be quite hot pretty much all weekend long. we will be back in the mid-90s
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thunderstorms in the afternoon. today and tomorrow 105, 110 is the real feel. much of the area, 100 to 105. you have to go all the way out to the far eastern end for it to feel a little better. it will be quo hot and huh -- quite hot and humid. thunderstorms later. we will talk about it in the forecast. >> without a shadow of a doubt it's hot outside. the power grid is working cool. eyewitness news reporter diana rocco is live in downtown brooklyn outside the office of emergency management. >> reporter: hi, shirleen. it's hot out here. feels like 100 degrees. the mayor is talking about heat concerns with air-conditioning running overtime and it's putting a strain on the power grid.
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with the thermometer pushing 80 before noon, they cut the morning run short. >> it's hard on be. a lot of my friends didn't come to the park. this is beyond everything. i thought florida is bad. this is ridiculous. >> i hear a lot of people complaining. i'm from d.c. so the humidity is regularly like this. i'm okay with it. >> reporter: day 2 of 90-degree temps and air conditioners are running overtime. grid. con edison reached a maximum high for energy usage. yesterday topping 12,000 megawatts citywide. a heat warning is in effect. friday it will feel like 100 or higher. con edison anticipates record breaking usage passing a record of 2013.
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of italy. but here in new york, it's warm. >> reporter: they are touring the city today and tomorrow on foot and taking every precautions. >> a lot of water, try to stay in the shade. >> many new yorkers are taking the heat in stride with cold drinks in hand, getting exercise in early and staying indoors where it's not to complain about the heat. i think that makes it worse. >> i drink a lot of water. >> i haven't had water every day. today it's necessary. >> cooling centers will remain open around the city on extended hours through sunday. if you would like to know where they are, go to the 311 hotline. in addition, everyone is encouraged to check on elderly neighbors and your pets.
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eyewitness news. diana, as we speak, the mayor is talking about the dangerous heat. let's listen in. >> some new yorkers think a fire hydrant is a place to turn to get cool. you will hear from the commissioner about the right way and wrong way of doing that. people need to understand if they are hot, you can't get in the way of the fire department second point, air-conditioning. common sense point. sometimes people go through tough conditions and they don't thing to turn on the air conditioner or spend the money. this is a heat emergency. use air-conditioning. set it to 78. why? 78 will keep you cool enough. in terms of health you will be fine but it will help us protect against power outages and, worse, a blackout. we have to be aware.
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had in history. huge demands on our power grid. the last thing we want is a blackout. set your air conditioner to 78. you will be fine. you will help protect yourself and everybody else from the danger of a power outage. now, any one that does's have air-conditioning -- doesn't have air-conditioning, we have cooling centers, all sorts of get a drink of water, spend time and cool off. anyone that does not feel that their home can be made cool enough, come to a cooling center. all you have to do is call 311 to find the closest one. they will be open today and tomorrow. drink plenty of water. this is something we were told throughout our life by our
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up on you. you think you are okay. then you feel dizzy or disoriented. you can protect against the heat dangers. >> you have been listening to mayor de blasio talk about the heat emergency. use an air conditioner but keep it at 78 degrees. this way you can protect from dangers of a possible power outage. cooling centers are an option. they are open. find the closest one to you. of course, you can stay up to date on the temperatures and get accuweather alerts all the time using the abc7ny app. it's a heartless attack caught on surveillance camera. a 74-year-old bronze man pushed down the stairs of his apartment building during an attempted robbery. police are still looking for the man behind this but the victim is talking to eyewitness news. darla miles is in katonah park east with more on the story.
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well, david, witnesses say that the suspect was casually hanging out before the attacks, smoking a cigarette and talking to delivery men. after the attack, he acted like nothing was wrong. >> he cried super, super, super. the same guy that did the attack pointed the old man is calling super. diversion. super came here. he went the other way. >> reporter: the same guy that shoved a 74-year-old down the stairs, to rob him, tried to get him help right after the attack. that's pretty slick. >> no [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he couldn't take any money. he pushed me down the stairs. i was rolling around and around. when i landed, i hit my head on the wall. these are the pants that he was wearing and were ripped up when the suspect attacked him in the stairwell of his apartment
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the building and saw the suspect walking up the stairs behind him before the attack. >> the old man felt something wasn't right. he stepped aside, allowed the guy to pass him. he went upstairs. the old man went behind him. halfway up the stairs, he turned around and pushed him. >> reporter: the reason why the 74-year-old was trekking up to the 6th floor in the first place, the elevator is broken. he walked away with few scratches on his face. he says i have been by the window over there looking out to see if i can see him again. police believe since that image of the suspect is clear someone will recognize him and let them know who he may be. if you recognize him, call crimestoppers. de leon is not afraid to go in and out of the building with
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to turn the suspect in. reporting live, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. oversees a series of explosions across thailand's resort cities and beach towns left four people dead. dozens more are injured. the explosion is a result of an attack in six separate areas. they appear to have been targeting tourist areas. the u.s. and other governments have issued warnings. responsible. horror at 30,000 feet. a plane suddenly plunges due to turbulence. more than 20 passengers and crew members were injured. abc's marci gonzales joins us with mow this happened. marci? >> reporter: shirleen, such a scare for those people. they say it happened without warning and lasted a few seconds but was enough to leave people cut, bruised and in tears. severe turbulence rocking a
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emergency landing. >> there was a big shake. whoa, then right after that, there was a drop. >> influence up in the air. whole plane shook. >> i thought that was it. we were going down. i did. >> the flight from boston to sacramento running into bad weather sending passengers flying out of their seats. >> i was buckled in. the lady next to me was starting to fly. then the guys behind had hit the overcompartment and it cracked. you can see where it cracked. that's how hard they hit. >> the plane making an emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers and two crew members brought to the hospital. among them, a flight attendant taken off the plane in a neck brace. >> people that got hurt were lining up to use the bathroom and moving around the cabin. >> damage pictured here. another plane brought in bringing some of those stunned
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care team to help with the injured passengers. everyone that was hospitalized has been released. david? >> marci, thanks. it's the end of an era. despite being alex rodriguez last game as a yankee, you won't see him playing third base in the bronx. the manager turned down rodriguez request to play third for the game against tampa bay. he started at third base twice last year and had a tough year. a member of the .500 home run and 3,000 hit club. interesting to see the reaction he gets. i don't think this will be the derek jeter good-bye. >> yeah. jury is still out on that built we will see. still ahead on "eyewitness news at noon," rescuers cut out several people trapped in two cars after messy wreck in
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a head-on collision in westchester county sent two people to the hospital in serious condition. the impact trapped the occupants of the mangled wrecks. the victims had to be cut out. they are all at jacobi medical center in the bronx. a short time ago, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky testified in court denying that he sexually abused ten boys. sandusky testified for about an hour during an appeals hearing. he was convicted four years ago and is serving 30 to a 60 year
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after it hit a gas main and live wires. this was near route 94. the storms passed through sussex around 6:00 last night. the fire knocked out power for some people living nearby. crews were able to get power back up and running about four hours later. >> what lightning can do. >> lightning is one billion volts of energy. one bolt of lightning can power the united states. grids. one bolt, one bolt of lightning can power the united states for a whole day. >> i marvel at how does it know where the gas lines are. >> it targeted it. >> how does lightning know that. take a look outside. our camera here. let's start in astoria down the south river, shall we? a humid day.
12:19 pm
so far the high temperature is 89. normal 83. sunsets at 7:57. beautiful sunset. high heat won't quit until monday. summer sizzle through sunday. monday will be close to 90. excessive heat warning is in effect. thunderstorms in the afternoon each day. 91 newark. 92 trenton. temperatures are firing up here. real feels 102, 104. 110 in toms river. so, it's going to be t. blow torching in here. it makes the extreme eastern end of long island, arrive head, twin forks cooler. it will be like 90, 95 even there. nobody is escaping the heat and humidity. futurecast shows a pop up thunderstorm at sunset from the hudson river valley through northern new jersey. if you ar going to the bronx -- if you are going to the bronx for the baseball game, 6:30,
12:20 pm
then that will pass by. won't delay the game, maybe for a few minutes but won't cancel the game. then tomorrow we do it again, back in the 90s. real feel 105, 110. look how much of the northwest and even new england will have -- northeast and even new england will have a real feel of 105 today. this is massachusetts up to southern vermont, massachusetts. the far east end, island, shelter island. you will be around 95. small craft advisory is in effect. that's because the waves are 3 to 5 feet with the big south wind coming in. atlantic not a good boating day. if you go to the sound or the bays, it will be fine. 94, sun and clouds. scattered storm. tonight a spotty storm around, warm and humid.
12:21 pm
of the summer. 95. 93 sunday. then close to 90 monday. it will be humid to wednesday of next week. it will calm down by thursday of next week, enjoy. a nice summer's weekend. drink lots of water. watch out for the rip currents at the beaches. >> you tell me to have fun but give me these warnings. >> glass is half full. >> thank you. all right. coming up, caught on camera,
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here is a look at the stories that were caught on camera and caught our attention. an alligator show down. a texas man found the creature and called gator experts. the angry alligator snaps while the crew tries to begin the trapping process. shelves fall on the animal but it's unfazed. after the struggle, the gator was safely trapped and released at an alligator farm. scary. a frontier airlines passenger wasn't just monkeying around when he brought the animal on a
12:25 pm
ohio, with, did you see that, a monkey on his back. he made it through security and shocked passengers when he brought the monkey on board. frontier airlines says they were never told about this monkey. once the flight landed in las vegas, police approached the man who showed he had all the documentation needed to use the monkey as a therapy animal. >> the monkey >> thank you, shirleen. twin sisters grew up in pennsylvania to one day find they would have babies on the same day. here is the best part. they gave birth six hours apart in neighboring rooms in the same hospital. this happened in redding, pennsylvania. >> 19 inches. >> she is 18 inches. >> we can celebrate birthday's
12:26 pm
bond they must all have. the smith twins in their new roles plan to share offing like they always have and during their pregnancy they shared every part of it. >> no way to keep people in one building in queens. a health scare for diners on long island that may have been
12:27 pm
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it says...fragile. get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. plus free installation, tv equipment, and epix included. police are looking for a man that pushed a 74-year-old man downstairs in an apartment in the bronx. police say it was a failed burglary attempt. >> strong tire buy lens hurt more than 20 people. the flight was nine people were taken by ambulance to a hospital. >> hot weather spreads throughout the area. you can feel it. high humidity is sticking around for a few days. the temperatures are causing
12:30 pm
for you. hello, i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. temperatures will stay in the 90s across the area through the weekend. you can add that humidity and you know it will feel a lot hotter than that. >> meteorologist bill evans has the accuweather forecast. >> you can see the humidity kind of hanging in the air from our camera that is right here in astoria looking south down the east river here to roosevelt island and down 59th street bridge. 89 degrees. southwest wind 90 teterboro. 91 newark. that is the air temperature. well, let's pile on, shall we, an add the humidity. 102 laguardia to the park. right in line with the forecast. this will make the real feel between 105 and 110, thus the heat warning. i want to show you this area in the atlantic, a lot of boating going on. a small craft advisory is there. that's from the waves from the southwest wind. if you go behind fire island,
12:31 pm
be fine for boating. it will be tough today. thunderstorms will pop up, too. we will talk about that in the accuweather forecast next. back to you. >> thank you. imagine heat like this in a new york city high-rise and the power goes out. oh, boy. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is in far rockaway with some folks who are dealing with just that right now, tim? >> reporter: shirleen, it has been most difficult for a lot of senior citizens that leave at brookdale village. the scene of the power outage -- this is the scene of the power outage. they have been here for hours and since 4:00 yesterday when the building lost power. now, within the last hour, let me show you, they have brought in emergency generators. they are going to get them hooked up and they should have power in about three hours. let me show you video from earlier today. this is 274 unit building that sits in far rockaway.
12:32 pm
have said that they either spent the night in their hot apartments or they came outside. a lot of them spent the night on park benches in the courtyard area. i talked to a gentleman that spent the night in his car because it was the only air- conditioning that he could have. since then they brought in buses so they could provide comfort, air conditioned buses and they got a cool center in up. but, this is what residents told us they endured last night. >> all night long we sat out here congregating, trying to cheer ourselves up. at no time did manager make an effort to inform us that they had cooling centers. when i go to them this morning, they tell me you have access to the other building. you never told us that. management was here. one person on duty could have stopped and told us, go to the
12:33 pm
then, the residents have taken matters in their own hands. they contacted their own representative, still council members and state representatives to move in the buses. the mta helped out as well. they are here. they are hoping to get the air- conditioning and power on within the next several hours. reporting live in far rockaway, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, tim. suffolk health officials are offering free hepatitis a vaccinations to anyone that had a drink on long island. serves drinks at the trinto restaurant in farmingdale has the virus. they believe she could have exposed patrons to hepatitis a when she worked july 19, 23,26, 28th and 30th. >> add two weeks to that is the time and frame in which you can get the vaccine, potentially prevent the condition. >> the vaccine will be given
12:34 pm
in great river. most people recover from hepatitis a without complications. the symptoms include fever, fatigue, poor appetite, nausea, stomach pain and jaundice. a man attacked a woman on the upper west side. she put up a fight. the nypd released this sketch of the suspect in the predawn attack near 10 th street. the victim was walking her dog when the suspect asked her for her in a headlock and tried to kiss her. she bit him on the lip giving her enough time to get way. authorities believe a man that murdered a google employee from new york city likely has bruises or scratches from the crime. vanessa marcotte likely put up a fight wounding her attacker before she was killed jogging in massachusetts sunday. police are asking anyone that
12:35 pm
call. marcotte was found dead near her mother's home in a small town outside of boston. the rewad for information leading to the capture of karina verano's killer has exceeded $200,000. the family hopes the money will encourage more people to come forward with tips in the search for her killer. the nypd is also offering a $20,000 reward. now to the race for the another day when donald trump finds himself trying to clarify statements he made on the campaign trail. karen travers has more. >> reporter: donald trump said some version of his new attack line nearly 20 times in two days. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of isis. they are the founders. >> these are the founders of i sis because of bad judgment -- of isis because of bad judgment. >> he is the founder in a true sense.
12:36 pm
morning he says everyone, especially the media is taking this the wrong way tweeting they don't get sarcasm? but trump sounded serious in this interview with hugh hewitt who tried to send trump a lifeline. >> i know what you meant, you meant he created the vacuum. >> is the founder. >> he is not seem pathetic. >> he is the founder. >> anyone that sinks so low so to serve as the commander in chief. another rough week for trump and another brutal magazine cover. this time the new yorker with this image. yesterday a different tone from the brash candidate telling an audience of religious leaders in florida. >> we need help in ohio. pennsylvania is further. we are having a tremendous problem in utah. >> reporter: this rare admission to the brody file. >> i am not perfect. because i think maybe i'm less
12:37 pm
good like being able to do things. >> reporter: donald trump is on the campaign trail in pennsylvania, a must win state for him. but polls are showing hillary clinton is ahead by as many as 10 points. reporting from washington, karen travers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> karen, thank you. proof you should never give up hope. coming up on eyewitness news, three college students finally see the light of day after they are trapped in a cave for 30 hours. >> a big mess in lower
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
12:40 pm
newscopter 7 is over a church in morningside heights where there is word that bricks fell off the side of that church and possibly -- possibly hit a person below. rescue crews were called to the church at 114th street and broadway an hour ago. now i am being told we do know one person suffered a head injury. abc7ny for the latest information. we will stay on top of the story. work crews at the watts will be replace -- watts will be replacing -- world trade center will be replacing a window. the number 3 crane was being moved as bad weather moved in. the wind arrived faster than expected and whipped the crane's cable and ball flinging it around the corner of the
12:41 pm
>> i heard the sound like a boom. the crane hit that apartments when the ball got to about the 12th floor it caught a gust of wind. flung it around the building and hit a window on the 12th floor. wife windows in on the north side of the building. there was no injuries. >> there are no tenants in that building yet. it's still under construction. it won't be occupied until 2018. huge sigh for the people searching for missing students. three college students found alive after they were lost in a series of caves. here is geobennett advertise how they managed to stay alive. >> reporter: a race around the clock. students disappeared in a cave. casey sherwood, a soon to be
12:42 pm
leading two freshman on an expedition. he realized his group was lost. >> initially we were panicked about not being able to make it out. but then after that, like we got into survival mode, i guess you would say and we hunkered down and thought -- we decided to wait it out. >> nearly 30 hours went by as the trio huddled together to stay a triangle formation, breathing into shirts to generate hot air. sherwood's wife alerted authorities to the group's disappearance. emergency personnel responding around 1:45 a.m. firefighters and cave experts from a local college entering the cave of which only a mile and a half is officially mapped. the three students began yelling and whistling hoping to alert any rescuers to the whereabouts about 30 minutes
12:43 pm
every five, ten minutes we would have a high pitched whistle or loud helping out. it was during one of those routine moments that finally one of the rescue teams heard us. >> this morning the families are grateful they never gave up hope. they say when you are in a cave over 24 hours it's no long ever search and rescue, it's a recovery mission. people were surprised we walked cave. >> what a rescue. >> smart guys. >> you know the old expression how do you get to carnegie hall. >> we have heard it a >> one is the subject of a movie opening this weekend.
12:44 pm
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movies. meryl streep in forest foster jenkins. will it strike the right note with the audiences? i know the best person to ask about that, entertainment reporter sandy kenyon with his review. >> remember the routine about the guy who asks how do you get to carnegie hall? practice, practice, practice. all the practice in the world couldn't help a society lady by the name of florence foer >> she is remarkable, isn't she? >> reporter: remarkable, surely. it takes true talent such as meryl streep has to sing so badly and to make us care about a rich woman and those who indulged her more than 70 years ago. singing was her dream. i will give it her. >> reporter: florence foster jenkins inhearted a million
12:48 pm
million dollars from her dad. that is simon hei lberg as the pianist hired to accompany florence. her husband paid off critics to be kind. all the money in the world couldn't make her a better singer which didn't make her less entertaining to those who >> doing very, very, very well. >> depends on how you define well. but this society matron did manage to capture the imagination of our city and florence foster jenkins kept my attention though i worried at first she wouldn't. >> defies medical science. >> there is talk of a record 20th oscar nomination formerly streep. she gets applause just for
12:49 pm
aware here she was an actress giving a performance. >> the lady is a lesson in courage and we love her. >> i liked her. the best movies allow me to get lost in them. i get so absorbed in the story, i forget that i'm watching a film. that never happened for me here. it is entertaining and enlightening not so much. coming up at 4:00, at the movie pete's dragon, a remake of the 1977 film, this one starring bryce dallas howard. >> meryl streep actually has a good voice. i have heard her sing. she has to lay someone that can't sing. >> a brilliant move, she does that great but at the very end of the movie she sings beautifully and you realize this is what this woman thought
12:50 pm
lot of humanity to this woman. if she was a 1%er it won't be as good. she is ill and had a hearing deficit that probably lead to that. >> makes her more relatable. okay. >> and they paid the critics to be kind. they did, literally, but not me. i wouldn't do that, even in those days. '. here we go. a look outside to get you updated for the rest of the afternoon and the weekend. the camera in midtown, looking south. with the son's angle you have the empire state building. we have haze that you see all the way down to staten island. 89 degrees. humidity is looking at the dew point of 77. so, the humidity is kind of at the low end of high for the afternoon. when you get it in the 60% range, 70% is oppressive. looking at 89 belmont and tribeca. 89 flatbush brooklyn.
12:51 pm
this is what it feels like, 104 in newark. 105, 110 at toms river. southwest wind is responsible for that. eeks out enough over the 78- degree water to make it cooler to the eastern end of long island. really everybody is in excessive heat warning or watch or vary. that will last through tomorrow. so, there is a couple of thunderstorms popping up in the mountains. these will make it looks like today the timeframe is later today. closer to 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, goes 9:00. this could be during the yankees game. that would be a brief shower or thunderstorm. it may delay the game. it won't rain it out. looking at hot weather all over again. hottest day of the year will probably be tomorrow. real feel is today and tomorrow. 105, 110, really hot. small craft advisory for boats
12:52 pm
wind. 94. and we are looking at a few storms as we go into the afternoon today and tomorrow. excuse me. sunday, 93. tack on the humidity sunday and it will feel like 105. it still is sticky, stuff identify, humid into next week. chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. letter be careful about the heat. enjoy yourself. take precautions. much watch out for a scattered thunderstorm later on. >> good day let's see what they have
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my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about
12:55 pm
ou've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. i'm diana williams in the newsroom. later we have new details about
12:56 pm
british tennis player poisoned at wimbledon. who they believe is behind it. disney remaking a classic. pete's dragon. sandy kenyon with his review along with some very special guests. i think we will have a dragon in the newsroom. >> i heard buzz about this. >> future sandy kenyon will be joining us. very young and talented reviewers. >> not a are you disappointed. >> this is not "game of thrones," sorry, diana. >> it would have been cool. >> we can probably throw in the draw gone. -- dragon. unbelievable rescue that is the top post on the eyewitness news facebook page with 130,000 views. check this out. a drone captures the moment a nature photog i can't officer
12:57 pm
he brought it back to dry land and wildlife experts took over. it's believed the bird became stuck during its first flight. the eagle now recovering. it's just amazing to think that he went to that extent, out into that mud like that, bring back the eagle and rescue it. you can see why it's popular on the facebook page. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. for bill evans and the rest of
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