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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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link to cooling centers on abc7ny or call 311 and the mayor is asking that you set your thermostat at 79 degrees. amy has our coverage. >>reporter: people want to know why is it so hot. why do i feel so uncomfortable. when it your body physiology lets you school off. it's hard to evaporate that heat. upper to middle 90s across the board and feels-like temperatures in the triple digits and it's about to get hotter. 96 at new york.
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the top reporting stations in how fish reports. we've got on the radar right now. one thunderstorm with lightning along 95 and that particular storm is making a quick exit from stanford over 95. it's all about the heat right now. excessive heat warning until sunday night at 10:00. all areas that you see in the bright pink are under that same warning. the l be from central new jersey through the city extending down through the lower hudson valley all the way into western connecticut where heat readings or heat embassies and feel-like temperatures will be in the triple digits. very uncomfortable. if your heat index is back towards 100 degrees or 95 degrees, it's still difficult and oppressive for the body to handle this kind of heat. by tomorrow morning, it's already feeling like the low to mid 90s.
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it. it gets more intense late afternoon on saturday. and we hold those heat indexes in the triple digits until 9:30 at night. we'll start to pull back even sunday morning. things are looking uncomfortable. during the day on sunday, we can see the heat index return into the triple digits. when can we get relief and what's ahead for the weekend, i'll have that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> amy, than the heat can be especially unbearable for those without power and air conditioning. tim fleischer live with that part of the story. tim. >>reporter: david at this hour, good news. power has opinion restored to this building thanks in large measure to the portable generators. this building lost its power 24 hours ago making for a difficult day and night for these seniors out in this heat. >> we have a blackout. how long did it last? all night long.
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of the 274 residents of brook daleville escaped their hot apartment and found comfort on park benches. angel garcia. >> it's so humid. i have bronchi s. you can't breathe. i slept in my car. >> generators went out at 4:00 p.m. thursday afternoon. >> we're moving mta buses there to provide additional cooling centers. that should be in place, and providing power within the next few hours. >> this is senior housing and the heat is especially dangerous moving into the weekend with temperatures already climbing. >> very big concern, but i want to give the office of emergency credit. that's what i would have demanded happened and they're very -- they swung into action. in this case, thank god that the back up generator is
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seniors can get - anything involving seniors worries me immediately. >> seniors took advantage of the air conditioned buses and portable generators. they were able to provide a cooler center in the common area. david came to check on a friend in the building. >> it's difficult for everybody here in the building. >> was she able to stay in her apartment last night or did you have to come outside? >> we stayed. not comfortable. >> late this afternoon, they brought in a new transformer. that's going to provide the permanent power, but yet to install that. they're working on the generator power. live in far rockaway, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. new information on a story we brought you at noon. 1 person was injured when bricks fell from a church on 114th in morning side heights. marcus solis was the first reporter on the scene.
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details there. marcus. >>reporter: the front of broadws byterian church is cornered off until a sidewalk shed is built. that will be in place for the time being. we'll show you cell phone video of ems crews helping the 26-year old victim after he was hit. this happened around 11:45 this morning. the concrete that fell ledge of a window. what spared him, the chunks that broke off hit the side of the church and possibly the canopy of a tree on the corner, slowing it down ever so slightly. the fire department responded and used a tower ladder to hoist an inspector to get a good look. the victim was taken to saint like's hospital. he -- he's in
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we did an assessment. everybody seems to be responsible. we did an assessment of the line and that's stable and we're waiting buildings to see if they have any further concerns and a determination of what we're going to do with the building. >> broadway presbyterian is 104 years old. the pastor says regular maintenance is done, but they'll put up a 30-foot by 30-foot sidewalk shed until all repairs are done. we'll hear much more from the pasto 5:30. live in morgan side heights, marcus solic. >> thank you, marcus. the father of murdered vetrano. she was found strangled and assaulted at spring creek park near her howard beach home. her grief stricken family desperate for justice as they appeal to the public for help.
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that's what we need. we need people. >> vetrano's hoping that the growing reward will push someone who knows something about the murder to reach out to police. a go fund me page is offering 6 figures to anyone who can help find vetrano's killer. several large windows are being replaced at three world trade today after they were smashed during a crane accident. the roof top crane was being moved in. wind whipped the crane cable and ball fling it around the corner of the building where it struck the glass wall on the 12th floor. it is the end of an era, the yankees, rodriguez was a polarizing figure. people remember his home run and 300 home run clip. others remember the steroids. >> the 41-year old slugger arrived at the stadium for his
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hour ago. a-rod spent a decade with the -- fans have arrived for tonight's finale. reporting jim dolan is there and he's live from yankees stadium, jim. >>reporter: they're going to pack this stadium. this is a historic franchise. a bunch of people here for a game that doesn't start for another 3 hours. a small tribute to a-rod before the game and he'll play in his final game as a yankee. rodriguez hasn't been hitting well. batting average below 200. a steep decline for the steroid taking superstar. he's loved by many. not every yankees fan has warmed to a-rod and some are more than willing to tell you about it. >> it's a glorious day because we're getting rid of a lying,
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why it's a gorgeous day. >> it's mixed emotions. we'll remember the steroids and everything, but hopefully they'll remember the good stuff he's brought to baseball and the yankees with the home runs and what he was able to do with the yankees in 2009. >> when we come back at 5:00, we're going to talk to the fans about what they will remember about alex rodriguez. will it be the hits and home runs or will it be the steroid and lies. we'll tk that when we come back at 5:00. gym dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> looking forward to it, jim. our coverage continue s parks -- our coverage continues on abc7ny. does a-rod belong to the hall of fame? that's the question. joining -- join the conversation on our abc7ny facebook page.
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returns. trump refusing to release his, but clinton and kaine keeping to moderate -- they released there's it stretched back a decade. the clinton's took in nearly $11 million. karen travers joins us. >>reporter: clinton was off today, but by releasing her tax returns and tim kaine's she sent a message t should release his. pennsylvania shaping up to be a must-win state for trump. >> we win pennsylvania, we're going to win it. >> polls shows that he's trailing clinton by 10 points. trump keeping up his attacks. >> because i know what to do. hillary doesn't know what to do. did you see her yesterday, she has no clue about what we're talking about. she has no clue.
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a strong show of support from rnc supporter ryan. >> don't believe the garbage you read. let me tell you something, donald trump, the republican party, all of you, we're going to put him in the white house and save this country together. >> last night on fox news, trump brushing off questions about his campaign's strategy. >> i think people that want to vote, they're going to get up and get out and vote for trump. >> hillary clinton today releasing his 2015 tax returns. tim kaine did the same. so far trump has refused. >> i'll release them when the audit is complete. >> the adjusted gross was $10.6 million and they gave over a million away to charity. almost all of it to their own foundation. the clinton's federal state and local tax rate was 43.2%. they paid $3.6 million in federl
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makes. the clinton's combined income dropped $15 million in 2015 compared to 2014. that's because when hillary clinton started campaigning, she stopped giving paid speeches. live from washington, karen travers, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> karen, thank you. a serious scare in the air. extreme turbulence sending people flying onboard and forcing an emergency landing and sending nearly 2-dozen people to the hospital. shoved down the stairs and beaten. but the surprising thing the suspect then decided to do. a live look outside. that heat and humidity reaching potentially dangerous levels out
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it is 4:15 on this friday. let's check the commute home, and this picture of the george washington bridge tells you a little bit of the story. it's bumper to bumper traffic on both approaches into the george washington bridge. there's a lot of people -- a lot of people look to get their fri surprised many headed to the beach. violent turbulence injured passengers and crews. a jetblue heading from boston to sacramento. the plane ran into bad weather when the plane dropped. 22 passengers and 2 crew members were wounded. they were sent to the hospital after an emergency landing in south dakota. >> what a big shake. woe. and then right after that, thers a drop. >> boom, like flew up in the
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lady next to me was starting to fly and then the guys behind us had hit the over -- the over compartment where it cracked. >> another plane was brought for remaining passengers and everyone injured on that flight is out of the hospital. crews recovered two bodies left after an explosion and fire in an apartment building. the remains why so charred, age and gender determined. the three firefighters injured have been released. 34 people were hurt. several people remain unaccount. officials say the roller coaster that a 3-year old boy fell off yesterday in pennsylvania passed inspection on saturday. the child and his brother was on the rolo coaster in iowa park when he was injured. the ride does not require seatbelts and the boy
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hospital. but his condition is unknown. the roller coaster is closed pending an investigation. meteorologist amy freeze is in for lee goldberg and she's back outside with that accuweather forecast, and amy, it's just so thick out there. very hot. >>reporter: it's like a steam bath. >> yeah. >> it's hot. >> keep going. >> yeah. >> you're telling us you want to come back into the air conditioning. give us the weather and y come back in. >> a guy says hey you look good. i wanted to say don't be fulled. my upper lip is sweating right now. it's not that cool. i'm going to tell the assistant to run for a pony tail holder and all is well. i wish that was all it would take is to cool down quickly and have it all be over, but we're facing another 48 hours at least of triple digit feels-like temperatures and this is not just
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it is the heat and humidity combined over a prolonged period of time. 93 degrees has been the top degree in central park. the top heat index is 94 degrees. it feels like 105 for new york feeling like 111. that's a degree above the feels like temperatures that we're expecting so not overdoing it here in this case. definitely we've got the numbers that are extremely warm and we've got en for our bodies to cool down. so we'll continue this with at least one or two more days of extreme heat and humidity, both saturday and sunday look like they can be in the triple digit range. we have a lot of storms that are starting to go to the west of us. watch real quick ha happened in -- along 95, we had showers and there was lightning. as soon as it got close to the water front, we lot the
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to move eastward. they have an easter tre jeks. beaches, if you're on the energies -- if you're on the shore, you're getting a storm. we'll be muggy after that, but not as extreme. 10:00 at night, our feels like temperatures in the 90s. that's you have a long period of time like this is you don't get the cooling at night. we're not going to go below 80 degrees tonight. instead, we're back in it tomorrow afternoon with 109, 111 degrees expected for injuresy and we wake up to sunday with feels like temperatures in the 80s and 90s. poughkeepsie, 100 degrees for the real feel on sunday afternoon. as far as the future
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between for the showers. tomorrow by 2:00, central new jersey gets storms rolling through. same thing for coastal connecticut and by later in the evening, we could have action in the northern counties, duchess county according to the future cast. on sunday, few and far between, spotty storms, but with a soupy air mass like this where there's plenty of moisture -- the energies shore and the hamptons, here's the numbers. hot and humid and looks like chances for storms both days. these are storms that you cancel plans over. these are the types of storms that are hit or miss. they come and go. they don't last long, but you have to be vigilant when at the do develop because they have dangerous lightning just like what we've seen earlier in the week. temperatures by tuesday and wednesday do come down. still muggy out here, but we won't be
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>> get back >> i'm on my way. a scare in long island. what's being done to help people who may have been effected. three college students trapped in a cave for nearly 30 hours. their incredible story of survival. what did they do to stay warm.
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casino-style gamble being coming soon to sussex county. the board approved 1,000 high tech video lottery machines inside the marriott hotel. it's being developed by the sussex county for the otb. they hope to have it running. they packed the board meeting to protest the plan. it's a new twist on an old classic. in 1977, disney came >> now, nearly 40 years later, it's releasing a new action version with some star power behind it, and new technology. entertainer reporting sandy kenyon here to tell you. >>reporter: parents take a backseat to a boy and his dragon. howard makes her role in the remake of a movie she enjoyed as a child.
4:25 pm
for children must have. and pete's dragon moves a worthy successor to the earlier classic. >> i saw the 1977 pets dragon over and over and over -- pets dragon over and over and over and when i told my sister i was going to be in pete's dragon, she burst into tears. >> the director of -- she grew up in our area. in westchester county. >> i remember being a kid and i there was lots going on in my mind when it was a backyard. >> in her latest movie, howard discovers an orphan in the woods and tells her dad. >> how long has he been out there? >> 6 years. >> nobody could survive in that forest for 6 years. he's not alone. >> robert's character believes the boy when pete says he's had
4:26 pm
really beautiful thing to be apart of a film that touches a child's imagination and heart. >> especially since the star has two children of her own. with her son welcoming mom's role in the biggest hit of 2015, jurassic world. >> recently i went -- i went to drop my son's lunch at recess and his friends were answering all these questions. >> his husband provided the key to her latest >> just be with pete in the same way you are with our kids. >> we're here with the kid's of kid's first. young film reviewer who's have just finished up camp in brooklyn. linda you and the other critics should enjoy pete's dragon although i don't know, you guys are pretty tough. the movie is from disney owned by the same parent company as abc 7, dave, shirleen, i'm worried for my job
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looking [indiscernible]. >> sharp. wow. very nice, thanks for coming to to visit the studio. very cool. long island heath officials -- long island health officials warning those who came to a restaurant. how to know if you're at-risk. a man shoved and beaten during an attempted robbery. the victim now speaking to us. bazaar
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we start with an accuweather alert. dangerous heat out there. temperatures feeling like the triple digits. >> let's go to amy freeze in the weather center. >> we're not just battling temperatures, we also have storms. 91 degrees in central park. we've had temperatures as high as 98 degrees. the real feel temperature topping out at 111 degrees at tom's river. on radar and satellite and something we're seeing showing up on social media is the
4:31 pm
but damage with this particular storm that just came out of poughkeepsie. it's making its way to the east, is the east towards new milford and that has 67 lightning strikes within one cell. we'll get you more information as we go through the afternoon. as hot as it is, a shower or storm could break down. we have dusty wind and heavy downpours. i'll have more in accuweather. >> thank you, amy. a hepatitis scare. the health commissioner says a waitress who served drinks has the virus. >> trento is on hollow road in farmingdale. mallory hoff has the story. >>reporter: the department of health services says this restaurant is safe for customers. the restaurant owner tells me this bartender had no idea she had hepatitis a. he
4:32 pm
it is okay. empty tables at trent italian american restaurant in farmingdale this after after the sussex county department of health services says an employee has been diagnosed with hepatitis a. >> she didn't know she was sick. she started to feel sick and she went to the doctor. >> restaurant owner amilio says when the -- the department says to when a drink at the restaurant on july 19th, 23rd, 30th are at-risk. >> anybody who was receiving drinks in that timeframe could have been exposed to hepatitis a. >> hepatitis a causing an inflammation of the liver. it may be spread by consuming food or drink handled by an infected person. >> it's a self-limited illness. it comes ill for a couple -- up
4:33 pm
with very -- mild symptoms. you make a recovery >> a recovery can lessen the illness, but it has to be given within 2 weeks of exposure. if are that reason today and tomorrow, the sussex county health department is offering a few vaccine for anyone who had a beverage at the restaurant on the 29th or 30th. >> other people should just watch themselves for symptoms and if they become ill consult safe and please come back. >> when it comes to employees here and customers, no other cases of hepatitis a have been reported. sussex county, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. as we told you,al action rodriguez is hours away from taking the field for the final day. he says this is happy for him and his family.
4:34 pm
everyone is excited. i'm excited. you never really prep for this day, but here it is and hopefully i get to enjoy it. i know i'm going to saver every moment. >> sports anchor laurie behnke is live at the stadium. a horrible attack caught on camera. 74-year old man pushed down the stairs of his apartment building during an attempted robbery. police are looking for the attacker. to the victim. >> he cried super, super -- he came around. the guy pointed the -- the old man was calling super. diversion, so super came here. he went the other way. >>reporter: the same guy who shoved a 74-year old down the stairs, beat him up and tried to rob him also tried to get him help right after the attack. that's pretty slick. >> no, no, no.
4:35 pm
couldn't take it any money. he pushed me down the stairs and i was rolling around and around. when i landed, i hit my head on the wall. these are pants that he was wearing and were ripped off when the suspect attacked him and the stair well of his building. he was work nothing the building and saw the suspect walking up the stairs behind de leon before the attack. >> the man wasn't right, so he stepped aside and allowed the guy to pass him and he went upstairs so the old man walked behind him. halfway up the stairs, he turned around and pushed him. >> the reason why the 74-year old was going to the stairs to the 6th floor in the first place, the elevator is broken. he walked away with a few scratches on his face. >> he says i've been sitting by the window over there looking out to see if i can see him again.
4:36 pm
after the attack, witnesses say before hand, he was just hanging out in the lobby smoking a cigarette and speaking to delivery men. that's why police believes someone will recognize his photo and turn him in. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. penn state assistant coach gerry sandusky testifying in court today denying he sexually abused ten boys. sandusky testified for an hour during an appeal's hearing. he was convicted 4 years ago. to told a judge during his trail in 2012, it wasn't his idea to waive his rights to testify. the 72-year old wants his 45-count conviction overturned claiming he wasn't properly represented by his legal team. a new jersey couple got the green light from a forward on the suit -- at the heart of the complaint, the couple says the former owner should have warned them of a harassing person. they bought a
4:37 pm
$1.4 million in 2014. since then they've received what they call creeper letters from a person who claims ownership from the house. the couple says the real owner should have warned them about this so-called watcher. the former owner says they received more than a note. it wasn't disturbing and didn't think of it. private events d. will be renamed the meadowlands arena. not an adventure turns into a tragedy. three students get trapped in a cave for 30 hours. what they did to get the attention of rescuers. details about the plot to poison a wimbledon player. who investigates believes who is behind it. amy freed. bringing the
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new at 4:00, two children in a dangerous part of nigeria have been paralyzed by pole y'all. it's a setback after the nation and their continent was declared free of the virus last fall. military rushed polio vaccines to an areanf friday the islamic extremist. health workers faced challenges getting to the area where the u.n. suspended aid after a convoy was attacked last month. details about a strng mystery at this year's wimbledon tournament. a rising tennis player forced to drop out when she got sick. the question scott is trying to answer, was she poisoned. eyewitness news reporter rod nelson has the
4:42 pm
scotland yard is investigating investigations that gabriela was poisoned during last week's wimbledon. >> i haven't felt well. >> the 18-year old junior player going out of her match after suffering from a mystery illness. taylor ranked 381st in the world spent 4 days in intensive care and doctors diagnosing her with transmitted through animals, particularly rats. >> i felt ten times worse and really on the verge of passing out. i was really -- it was hard for me to believe that this is what was happening. >> symptoms can take up to 14 days to show, and are often flu-like. left untreated, the disease can lead to organ failure and internal bleeding.
4:43 pm
taylor's parents say they believe their daughter was targeted. >> we went to the police. >> scotland is launching an investigation into the investigation -- determining whether the tennis player could have been poisoned by a rival or organized crimes sports -- >> she's fulfilling this great dream. multi-million dollars potentially waiting for her some day and to have this happen, it's questioning. to go the court wednesday. taylor's mother also told reporters that her bags with her drinks in it was left unattended in the player's lounge and someone could have taken that opportunity to contaminate her drinks. so far though, no arrests. >> that's one of those wow stories. >> absolutely. very much so. social media comes to the rescue of a desperate mom.
4:44 pm
turnpike turning a vacation -- or -- is the fast and furious costars on
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently.
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e this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. a boy and his bear are being happily reunited after becoming separated during a road trip. a new york city was heading to
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the the bear was missing and figure it fell out during a pit stop. she tweeted about it and the turnpike spokesperson saw it. he called the office service area in olds man township and the bear was found and it was mailed to the sweet little boy. >> this is one of the beanie babies of the middle-size, not the tiny one, but this exact beanie baby is what tylore as a child. my friend marie gave it to him at 8. the beanie baby was repaired, but i said i was going to take it to the seam stress and say i went to ebay. he's not watching right now. >> oh, no. >> i suspected it might have been a switch-a-ru. >> he was missing an eyeball and arm. he needs a fresh start. >> we need a fresh start from the weather.
4:48 pm
was outside and friends were coming by and said can we take a picture. i said, yes, but let's not touch each other because it's hot outside. you don't want to get close to anyone or anything that makes you a bit hotter. looking at this advantage point, you can see into the -- we have clouds trying to darken up in spots. another evening where spotty hours are possible. looking at the future cast, i don't think go on. we can't rule out a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. 93 degrees is the high. feels like temperatures are warm. in fact, when we get to the mid to upper 90s combined with the humidity that's in play here, the feels like temperature in the boroughs right now and the close suburbs, 105 degrees. 106 degrees. these are the numbers that we're looking at.
4:49 pm
up to 111 degrees. so just incredible heat with this combination. and it's several days in a row. that's what's making it so uncomfortable and even dangerous for some folks that are sensitive to the heat. and they don't have a place to cool off. know this won't quit. we'll have temperatures very hih the weekend so the sizzle goes until sunday. there's an excessive heat warning. this put out a national weather service to let people know. this is the kind of heat you have to pay attention to. it's hard on your body and dangerous to your health. this is wave. the first go around of humid days with 93 degrees or better. thunderstorm risk. this is with us through the weekend and we can get as hot as 110 degrees. some serious storms also to talk about. we got this in an emergency management team up in the poughkeepsie area and duchess county. the storms rolled through there as they have lightning that crossed over into connecticut. but potentially
4:50 pm
pretty potent right now. it's coming out of central new jersey headed towards blooms stead and jackson next, long branch is going to get a piece of this storm. really within the next 30 minutes, it will push eastward, so know that's what's happening. meanwhile the storms that have been along coastal connecticut and 95 pushed offshore. those of course have sort of settled down getting into cooler air. the heat index future casting, tonight it's extremely warm overnight. we barely slip out of the 90s for like temperature. we have triple digits tomorrow. again on supposed. triple digit heat index. extremely uncomfortable through the stretch. as far as storms, they'll be far and few in between. when they pop up, they're serious with lightning and dusty wins and heavy downpours. if you're making a getaway this weekend and going some where, same thing apply in the tri-state region where you have temperatures hot and a chance of thunderstorms. here's your accuweather forecast.
4:51 pm
in the mid 90s on thermometer. the forecast tells the story through the weekend it's hot. early next week, we can could get relief. it won't be the extreme heat you have to take shelter from. >> all right, thanks. we were talking about the weather in poughkeepsie. you have more information, shirleen. >> we had the mayor of poughkeepsie on the phone and just learned that five people were actually hit by the lightning there? >> that's what it appears to be, the initial call was two people down due to a lightning strike in madison square park. upon arrival of the police department, personnel and ems, we had five victims, three with life-threatening injuries, two with non life-threatening
4:52 pm
hospitals. the three with the life-threatening injury -- the two with non life-threatening injure injuries went to the hudson medical. >> how are you dealing with this situation as we speak? >> well, i mean obviously what we're doing now is investigating the scene. we're obviously pretty sure this was a lightning strike by accounts of people to the types of injuries that -- it appears that the victim suffered and we're looking -- they were underneath a tree on two park benches and certainly at this point, that seems to be the cause, but our detectives are on the scene treating it -- in the short term, you know, as we would a crime scene, gathering evidence and personal
4:53 pm
we had a storm that came through the city pretty quickly. it did not bring a lot of rain, but there was a lot of lightning really in the central part of the city and it moved on out unfortunately. these folks underneath the tree in the park were the victims of this lightning. >> mayor, david novarro here. i wanted to followup. are you saying the threat of weather has passed at this point? >> it has. it's still in the the distance, but it's now sunny again, extremely hot and muggy because we had a little bit of rain which just added to the heat here, but as far as anything that looks current, you know, and in the area, i think we're in good shape unless you see something on the radar i don't. >> through toch, mayor robert. listen, on the phone with us. five people hit by lightning. thank you for joining us and
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like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate. our best fuel ever! >> ly college students lost while exploring a cave in arkansas. they were trapped underground for nearly 30 hours. they do to stay alive and how did they get the rescuers to find them? >> reporter: a race against the clock to find three arkansas state university students who disappeared into this cramped dark cave near cushman, arkansas. >> casey was leading two incoming freshmen on an expedition of the blowing cave
4:57 pm
when he realized his group was lost. >> initially we were panicked about not being able to make it out. but after that, we got into survival mode, i guess you would say, and we got ourselves hunkered down and decided to wait it out. >> reporter: nearly 30 hours went by as the trio huddled together to stay warm, generate hot air. emergency personnel responding to the scene around 1:45 a.m. firefighters and cave experts from a local college entering the cave of which only a mile and a half is officially met. the three students began yelling and whistling, hoping to alert any rescuers to their whereabouts about 30 minutes from the cave's entrance.
4:58 pm
high pitched whistle or a loud help calling out. it was during one of those routine moments that finally one of the rescue teams heard us. >> reporter: this morning, their families are grateful they never gave up hope. >> they say once you're in a cave for over 24 hours, at that time it's no longer search and rescue, it's just a recovery mission. plenty of people were rather surprised to see us walking out of the cave. >> and happy. including the latest on a lightning strike that injured people in poughkeepsie. >> now new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a father cries out for justice. >> we need the public to help with that arrest. we need people. >> phil says his daughter's
4:59 pm
he shares his angry and grief in a one on one interview. good evening. i'm diana williams. >> before we get to the heat, we are following breaking weather news. five people struck by lightning in poughkeepsie. >> three not doing good at all. they are in critical condition. this happened about an hour ago. the victims were under a tree near two park benches. we just talked with the mayor of phone about those who were injured. >> we had five victims, three with life-threatening injuries. they have all been transported to our local hospitals. the three with the life- threatening injuries went to the medical center. the two with non-life- threatening injuries went to hudson general. >> as soon as we get new information, we will bring it to you as well as on our app.
5:00 pm
heat. one ranks as one of the hoest days in years. >> new york city under its first excessive heat warning since july of 2013. residents in communities are being urged to conserve electricity. everyone is looking for relief, including these folks in a fountain in the grand concourse section of the bronx. what a miserable day for th in newark. you feel for them. and people without air- conditioning. >> tim is in queens where folks are sweating it out. but we begin with meteorologist amy freeze. >> it's all about the heat and the humidity, which is very uncomfortable. this is the kind of weather that fuels dangerous storms. that's what happened this afternoon, particularly what happened in poughkeepsie. number one, if you're outside


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