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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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heat. one ranks as one of the hoest days in years. >> new york city under its first excessive heat warning since july of 2013. residents in communities are being urged to conserve electricity. everyone is looking for relief, including these folks in a fountain in the grand concourse section of the bronx. what a miserable day for th in newark. you feel for them. and people without air- conditioning. >> tim is in queens where folks are sweating it out. but we begin with meteorologist amy freeze. >> it's all about the heat and the humidity, which is very uncomfortable. this is the kind of weather that fuels dangerous storms. that's what happened this afternoon, particularly what happened in poughkeepsie. number one, if you're outside
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place to stay safe or you can't get into shelter, if you can get into a car, that's a safe spot, any kind of shelter as well. waiting out in the open, especially under a tree, bad idea. make yourself as small as possible in a situation like that, crouching on the ground if you can. the storm is heading to cornwall next. you have about ten minutes here of extreme weather and then it pushes off to the east. just taking the few minutes to get shelter is a great idea. then east cornwall. this storm will make a east/southeasterly push here in the next 45 minutes. other spots on the map are not close into the city. the last storm went off shore through coastal connecticut. we will wait to see if these will pop up. they're spotty storms and don't last long but they can be potent. extremely uncomfortable. at 3:00 this afternoon, tom's
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degrees for the feels like temperature. it's the combination of the discomfort during the day and not being able to cool off at night that makes it so difficult for people to endure several days in a row. i will have more on the heat, when it will finally break and what to expect for the weekend coming up. >> thank you, amy. this dangerous and oppressive heat crippling anybody outside. this is not the day that you want to be without air- conditioning. case for hundreds of apartments. but generators have been brought in to give relief. >> reporter: the power is back on and the residents are most happy at this point because of the large powerful portable generators brought in. it has been for the seniors most uncomfortable during the day and there is more heat on the way. after power was lost to the 274 apartments here at brookdale village, many of the residents
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on park benches. >> it's difficult for everybody here in the building. >> was she able to stay in her apartment last night or did you have to come outside? >> we stayed. it's hot. it's like not comfortable. >> reporter: and losing power since 4:00 p.m. thursday, ray and others lost food. >> i have food in the refrigerator. i just bought all food before yesterday. refrigerate dripping. all night i was working. >> reporter: by noon, there were portable generators brought in to help restore power. >> we are providing additional cooling centers. a generator is on-site. that should be in place and providing power for the next few hours. >> reporter: an excessive heat warning has been issued for the
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centers for planned extended hours through sunday. >> calls that were heat related. so far today, they're mounting again. but we have sufficient resources to meet them and there have been no deaths, heat- related deaths yet. >> reporter: officials begin the weekend helps with less buildings being operated and people getting away for vacations. still, they stress caution. >> we had hot weather earlier in the summer. but this one is different. this one is tougher. this one is worse. i want people to really heart, take precautions. this is not business as usual. >> reporter: and tonight con edison is asking customers on staten island to conserve energy to maintain reliability. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can find a list of cooling center on our website and our app.
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forecast coming up. phil continues his crew sed to find his daughter's killer. the reward topping $200,000 to find who sexually assaulted and strangled her as she was out jogging in howard beach. we talked one on one with her father today. mj is joining us from howard beach. >> reporter: that's right. we're in queens where the search for the killer has become a marathon. yes, they have evidence, even dna evidence. what they ne now, diana, is a tip. karina's father says he is convinced it's coming. >> she wants us to find the person or persons responsible for doing this. that's what she wants. >> reporter: phil is determined tonight, determined to make sure that his daughter's killer is caught. >> somebody saw somebody come home with scratches, with a bruise. because karina fought back. there are bruise snooze
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down leads for ten straight days. ever since her body was found in the weeds in spring creek park, just blocks from her home in howard beach, queens. she had left her home less than an hour earlier for her evening run at 5:00. in an eyewitness news interview this afternoon, phil says his daughter often ran with him. although she chose to run alone that evening. and that she had run through the park at least once before murder, the outpouring has been extraordinary. phil established a gofundme page that has raised more than enough to offer a $100,000 reward. now what he needs, what he says karina needs is for someone to come forward and claim the money. >> we need to find her killer. and like i said, now we have
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is going to come forward. >> reporter: to be clear, phil's gofundme account does top $200,000. he says the balance of the money after the reward will go to charity or establish a charitiability foundation in karina's name. as for the outpouring, he believe that's karina's spirit has something to do with this. we are live in howard beach queens, channel 7 ey >> news copter over the scene of a partial roof collapse in newark. it happened at the rogers charter school on woodside avenue. work has been ongoing inside the building. eyewitness news has learned that the only people inside at the time, a construction worker and a school employee. both are said to be okay. classes at the kindergarten through 8th grade charter school are set to begin next week. three large windows are being replaced after they were smashed during a crane accident
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3 world trade was being moved and secured last night when bad weather moved in. the wind whipped the cable and ball and flunk it against the building where it hit the glass wall on the 12th floor. an end of an era at yankees stadium tonight. alex rodriguez takes the field for the final time as a yankee. so after 13 years, how are fans feeling about it and what does a-rod have to say? he spoke a few minutes ag on the field with sports anchor laura behnke. laura, he certainly has a complicated legacy. >> reporter: complicated doesn't even begin to sum it up. in less than two showers, the yankees will begin the official send-off when they have a pregame ceremony to honor alex rodriguez's final game in pinstripes.
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designated hitter. he is batting third. he never expected that he would go out like this. as a-rod said on sunday, this is the hand that he has been dealt. love him or hate him, he has been a model citizen throughout this farewell process. he enters his final game just four home runs shy of 700 for his career. he can't think of playing for another team. right now it's about the yankees and cherishing his memories in the bronx from the in 2009 to his final game tonight, it's been quite a ride. >> baseball has a funny way to tap you in the shoulder when you least expect it and tell you it's the end. and i'm at peace. and i'm really excited. i mean, this is a happy day for me and my family. >> reporter: now, the yankees did release a handful of states this afternoon, all talking
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game of baseball. they are not necessarily the ones that will decide his legacy or how he is received tonight. that falls to the fans. jim is outside of yankees stadium with more on that. jim. >> reporter: if you follow baseball, you definitely have a strong opinion about alex rodriguez. the magically gifted super star who filled the sky above yankee stadium with majestic home runs with steroids and lying about doing them. his fans who supported him through it all will fill yankees stadium tonight to say good-bye. men love him. >> go a-rod. >> women love him. >> a-rod leaves. >> reporter: now that he is leaving, everybody seems to love alex rodriguez. okay, not everyone. >> good riddance. >> reporter: some never liked alex rodriguez even as he pounded home runs for the yankees and helped them win a world series.
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>> reporter: many loved them. more as the years rolled on. an inability to play the field he once dominated has led to a late-season retirement and reflection on a controversial but often brilliant career. >> it's going to be mixed emotions. obviously they will remember the steroids and everything. but hopefully they will also remember, you know, all the good stuff that he has brought to baseball and the yankees with all of the home runs and what he was able to yankees in 2009. >> it's borderline with him. you kind of are going to miss him but you want him to get away so we can have a clean house again. >> reporter: which one will it be? >> hits and home runs. he did them. a lot of other people did too. he seemed to get a lot worse punishment than some people, but nothing that you can do
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some, that's easy. >> maybe we can get back to winning ways now that the circus is leaving us. he's a clown. he's a circus clown. >> reporter: you can't deny a lot of people have that opinion. but not very many of them are here tonight. most of these folks came to say good-bye to alex rodriguez and to remember his brilliant career. the sting of this somewhat embarrassing mid season retirement may be softened some by the fact that yankees still owe alex rodriguez over $20 million. most of the fans hearsay he has been well worth all of the money. reporting live from yankee stadium, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> reporter: thank you, jim. tonight we have no idea exactly how the game is going to play out. joe is hoping to send off a-rod in the proper way.
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live at yankees stadium, laura behnke, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, laura. just in a judge's ruling about the murder conviction related to the wildly popular show making of a murderer. hillary clinton releases her tax returns. we will tell you what they reveal and the surprise appearance on stage for donald trump. and the man known as the taxi king speaking to the eyewitness news investigators
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>> hillary clinton released her
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money in 2015. but less than the year before and paid nearly a third of her income in taxes. now she is calling on donald trump to reveal his tax returns. but le? dave evans in the news room with more for us. dave. >> this is a slow day on the campaign trail. that is surprising given we are less than 90 days from election day. hillary clinton released her tax returns from last year. a not so subtle dig for donald the same but he has refused. this afternoon donald trump was back at it calling hillary clinton and the president the founders of isis. >> so i said the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. then -- then -- but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. >> yesterday hillary clinton said no, barack obama is not the founder of isis. the white house issued a one-
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the media for just not understanding sarcasm. >> so they knew i was being sarcastic. but now they're analyzing. did i really mean that? how could i say that? these people are the lowest form of i'm telling you. >> hillary clinton today had no events but the campaign released tax returns showing hillary and bill clinton paid about a third of their income in taxes. and almost 10% namely the clinton foundation. today a new web ad from clinton urges it's time for donald trump to release returns. >> we will only really know if he is a real deal or a phony if he releases his tax returns. >> reporter: between the tax returns and several missteps this week, the trump campaign is hurting right now, behind in swing states like colorado, down 14 points it's about the same in virginia.
5:18 pm
but clinton is still ahead there, no matter how much trump complains about clinton. >> i watched her yesterday which is hard to do because she is boring. >> reporter: trump said republicans not endorsing him, they need to get over it and start helping. today was surprising to see the republican party chairman on stage introducing trump. the two have quarreled in private. we will have more on that at 6:00. >> thanks, dave. a developing story for you judge has overturned the conviction of a man profiled in making a murderer. brendan has been serving life for a sex assault and murder in wisconsin. the series raised questions about whether his confession was coerced. his uncle, steven avery, was the primary focus of making a murderer. he is still in prison and continues to appeal his conviction. >> wow. and right now we've amy freeze back in for lee
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strike that came in. there were five people who were struck. >> this is up in poughkeepsie. >> yes. it happened at mansion square park. so you can see that first aid is being given to one of the victims. >> that is not far from main street there in poughkeepsie. while we're seeing dry skies overhead. >> it's not raining. >> it could have been rain building it happened and there's a possibility that it wasn't. i actually isolated the radar this occurred which is 4:08, 4:09 this afternoon. and the lightning strikes within this several block radius, which we can get down to street level with the doppler. >> wow. >> it isolated this near mansion street. there were just seven strikes of lightning in the area. the negative strikes were 6. that can be dangerous. but the positive strikes of lightning that can branch out beyond the thunderstorm was just one. which means it's quite possible
5:20 pm
not raining, reaching out beyond the storm. that's a particularly dangerous situation because people think it's not raining yet, i still have time. but if you can hear the thunder, take cover. under a tree, not a good place to be. lightning likes everything that is tall. what you need to do in those situations is get away from trees and try to take shelter, even a car, making yourself as small as possible in these situations. this storm system has moved into connecticut now. it lightning with it. a dangerous storm. two other storms are moving into north central new jersey and another batch of rain actually coming in a little further to the south. so we will continue to watch for that. there's the storm system as it has moved out. the larger over poughkeepsie, they have had 67 strikes of lightning is now pushing out of frame, passing cornwall and continue to move into central connecticut. what else is up for us is this batch of storms which is actually headed to the jersey
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storms with lightning in them. then we get out and places like belmar where storms can reach in. this is the casting of the storm that just moved out of poughkeepsie. but overhead here in the city, we have cloudy skies with the hot temperatures. everybody dealing with the heat. keep in mind the hot temperatures and the humid air the fuel of a thunderstorm. so the heat index is in the triple digits this afternoon. it will repeat themselves tomorrow. feeling as hot as 111 in places like tom's river. this is the reason that we have had the excessive heat warning posted by the national weather service. we look at the heat index as late as 11:00 tonight, it will still feel like the 90s. we're not cooling off at night. there's no relief. temperatures feeling like 110
5:22 pm
sunday, triple digits heat index readings across the entire map. on sunday we finally settle down a little bit. not complete relief but not as extreme as we're seeing. tomorrow afternoon, there are the possibilities of pop-up showers and thunderstorms across the area. a reminder, these aren't enough to cancel the whole day over. they're quick movers. fast and furious. they get out of town quick but you have to take shelter when they occur. same thing for sunday afternoon. for first pitch tonight it looks like it will be later risk of rain. i will have your 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> it's going to be hot, hot, hot. a hepatitis a scare at a restaurant on long island. the restaurant owner makes a plea to customers. what he says he would never put in jeopardy. the one thing this teen did to break free from this shark. >> reporter: this is called tibs. it is surrounded by a variety of sides.
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>> many of them protest the plan. >> a frightening flight for jetblue passengers. they were flying in the air and hit being their heads on the overhead bins when severe turbulence hit last night. it left more than 20 people injured. >> reporter: severe turbulence injuring two dozen people, forcing an emergency landing. >> there was a big shake. right after that, there was a drop. >> boom. flew up in the air. the whole plane shook. >> i thought we were going down. i really did. >> reporter: the flight from boston to sacramento thursday night running into bad weather, sending passengers flying out of their seats. >> i felt buckled in. but the lady next to me was starting to fly.
5:27 pm
the guys behind us had hit the overcompartment and it cracked. you could see where it cracked. that's how hard they hit. >> reporter: the plane making an emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers and two crew members brought to the hospital. among them this flight attendant taken off the plane in a neck brace. >> people who got hurt were lining up to use the bathroom. >> reporter: damage to the bathroom pictured here on social media. another plane brought in sacramento. and we're told that everyone injured on the flight has now been released from the hospital. marcie gonzales, abc news, new york. danger from above. falling concrete from the facade of a church at morning side heights, hitting a man below. the question tonight, is it safe. >> the eyewitness news investigators first told you about the so-called taxi king, exposing that he owes millions in back taxes. all new at 5:00, cab owners
5:28 pm
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?? >> eyewitness news reporter
5:31 pm
he is live there now. >> reporter: the victim didn't want to speak on camera but he was working on this corner, canvassing for signatures and he heard something in the tree and next thing he was down on the ground. >> reporter: ems workers tending to the victim who was injured and conscious and lucky to be alive after being hit by a piece of concrete that fell the equivalent of a several stories. >> i don't want to minimize any of his injuries in any respect. we are praying for our whole church community is praying for him and his needs. >> reporter: chris is the pastor of the church. the chunks of concrete that broke off fell from the bell tower. the fire department responded, conducting a preliminary inspection of the 104-year-old structure. >> we put tower 14 up. we did an assessment. everything seems to be stable. >> reporter: then using a tower ladder, firefighters hoisted a
5:32 pm
that discovered other cracks on the exterior. in the meantime the victim was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. it appears that the falling debris hit the side of the church first and possibly a church on the way down. the pastor is promising to make repairs as soon as possible. >> we dread that something like this would happen here. we're always hoping that we can be people of community, people of hospitality, people of welcome. we want to provide for our community. >> reporter: and you can see workers here beginning to construct a 30-foot by 30-foot sidewalk shed that will go outside of the church until the repairs are made. again, the victim just released from the hospital. miraculously didn't need stitches. he needs to follow up with a neurologist but otherwise is okay.
5:33 pm
hear marcus, thank you. the mogul who owes millions of dollars in back taxes says he is trying to clear things up. as i team investigators uncovered other medallion owners who say they are getting stuck with his debt. jim has what he had to say. >> when we first reported on the king of cabs three years ago, he owed $4 million in taxes to the state. today, it's $10 million. also growing, the number of they're paying the price for his tax delinquency. >> reporter: these owners are protesting outside of the taxi limousine commission because they say the state has come after them for unpaid taxes while ignoring the real tax delinquent, the king of cabs. the medallions leased their medallions. according to the state tax
5:34 pm
that's when the medallion owners got stuck with the bill. >> how much do you owe. >> $37,000. >> $35,000. >> close to $60,000. >> reporter: instead of going after friedman, who leased the medallions, the state came after them, the little guy who owns one or two. >> i get the warrants. i have a lien on my corporation. the bank took all of the money, garnished the whole account. >> they threatened that they will sees my property and lose my medallion if i do not pay. the past, it was a combative taxi king when pressed about his taxes. >> i agree with you. >> reporter: but today, we met a calmer gene friedman who says he has reimbursed some owners and working to help others. >> they lease their medallions to me, right, and whether i owe it or don't owe it, it's my responsibility to clean it up. >> reporter: the department of taxation and finance shows that three of his companies are in
5:35 pm
in the state, owing more than 10 million in taxi cab fees. >> i need to know what i owe, if anything. all right. you know what, maybe at the end of the day the state is going to owe me a couple of dollars back. >> come on. that's unlikely. it's clear that you owe millions of dollars. >> you know what, you know what, i don't know. i'll be honest, i don't know. >> tlc in an unusually strong being investigated, adding that they intend to enforce tlc rules, including the new one that holds agents such as mr. friedman responsible for not passing on taxes that he collected. now, remember if you have a story that you need investigated, please give our tip line a call at 877-tipnews or e-mail us at
5:36 pm
medallion owners. >> former penn state coach sandusky testifying in court denying that he abused ten boys. sandusky testified. he with was convicted four years ago and serving a 30 to 60-year sentence. he told the judge it wasn't his idea to waive his right to testify. he wants his conviction overturned, claiming he was not properly represented by his legal team. and louisiana's governor declaring a state of emergency to rise. at least one person was killed after being swept away. another 140 had to be rescued from their homes and cars. early this morning, about 15 inches of rain had fallen in louisiana and mississippi. it's not over yet. more rain is in the forecast through saturday. a new jersey judge says a
5:37 pm
$1.4 million in 2014. since then, they have received some rather creepy letters from a person who claims ownership of the own. the couple says the former owners should have warned them. the former izod center will be used for musical groups to practice. the facility will be renamed the meadow lands arena. a boy and his bear back road trip. the family was to north carolina for vacation. when they got there, mom realized bear is missing. she figured it out. she figured bear fell out of the car during a pit stop mostly along the new jersey turnpike. she tweeted about it and a turnpike authority spokesperson saw it. >> get out. >> he called the office service area and, look, the bear was found. >> that's so great. >> the bear and boy, happy
5:38 pm
an emergency medical crisis, a country in desperate need of polio vaccines, we will tell you who is standing in the way. for the first time we're hearing from the teenager who put up a fight against a shark. and what my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about
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>> a major care in nigeria. two children have been paralyzed by polio. military helicopters are rushing vaccines to the state. it is hard to get to the area where the u.n. suspended air after a convoy was attacked last month. a teenager from illinois who nearly had his leg torn off
5:42 pm
attack. johnny was snorkling in the caribbean when his mother began screaming there was a shark in the water. johnny turned around and saw a grayhead that was about a foot wide coming at him. the shark started biting his leg and that's when johnny fought to get free. >> i kicked his nose and then it let go and swam away. >> the wife has jacob and trying to push him out of the water. now there's blood spilled everywhere. thank the doctor who saved my leg. >> so brave. doctors reconstructed johnny's calf muscle and he went home four days after the attack. johnny says he doesn't blame the shark and adds he is still not afraid of them. pokemon go is not on the list of approved apps for government issued devices. an internal memo warns the game
5:43 pm
to pinpoint the locations of sensitive facilities where secrets are stored. ironically, reports are that the pentagon is a pokestop for players. warnings for customers of one long island restaurant. you could be at risk for hepatitis a. the very steamy accuweather forecast is coming up next. we are in harlem at the cafe where they're serving up ethiopian and mediterranean cuisine. we have new information about the breaking news we have been following in poughkeepsie
5:44 pm
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>> we are back with amy freeze
5:47 pm
latest. >> good evening. what we're watching is for thunderstorms to develop. it's hot across the board and an excessive heat warning in effect right now over manhattan. clouds in place and lots of humidity. it is steamy outside. we have cooled off a few degrees. 91 in central park after a high of 95 degrees. what we're watching for is not only the sizzling temperatures but the humidity. that's what makes the feels- like temperature worse. th the third heat wave of the certainly. the first time since 2013 that we had excessive heat warnings. this is extreme heat we're talking about. thunderstorm risk goes through the weekend with the real-feel temperatures at 110. a lot of moisture to fuel the storms. temperatures stayed in the 90s. we didn't have any triple digits on the thermometer but the humidity made the feels like temperatures worse. earlier dangerous lightning up in duchess county. some people were sent to the
5:48 pm
strikes. there's more lightning. this right here is coming through central new jersey. really approaching south brunswick right now. watching these because, yes, there are lightning strikes in the area. just to the south, the cells that come across the i-95 -- or 195, south of that, heading to lakewood, they have lost their lightning. as the storms get closer to the water, i think they become less dangerous. but we have a lot of lightning in them. this particular one on doppler sweep here and you can see 53 minutes until it has passed south brunswick. you have to on guard for 45 minutes until the storm gets out of there. if you can hear the thunder in and around the storms, take cover because the type of lightning within the storms can reach outside of the thunderstorm. so that's the danger here for tonight. as far as the temperatures go, this excessive heat will continue for the next two days. rain showers develop like the
5:49 pm
now. we can project 45 minutes into the future what will happen. the storms from new brunswick will spread to morris town and continue to push east. by 7:30, 8:00, we have a few storms in and around the five boroughs. that's a heads up to keep an eye to the sky. while the highs were hot today, we will see a repeat of them tomorrow. maybe a degree or two warmer in some places. the feels like that went from repeat themselves as well. the excessive heat warning goes until sunday night at 10:00. it's not just one or two spots or in the city. it's across the map that we've got the problems. it goes right through sunday afternoon. it just won't quit. won't let up for sunday evening at all. even into saturday, we will see the temperatures as well getting hot once again with a shower or thunderstorm possible. all right. saturday afternoon, that's what you're contending with is the pop-up showers and
5:50 pm
temperatures returning to the low to mid-80s in the accuweather 7-day forecast as early as tuesday. monday and tuesday look like transition days for us. the 7-day forecast keeps us in the 90s over the weekend. then we start to recover by wednesday. less sticky. i hope that helps. >> it does tremendously. >> are you ready for neighborhood eats. >> yes. >> appetites ready to go. get a taste of ethiopian without leaving manhattan. >> it's about to delight my taste buds. >> the cafe is as much a restaurant as a gathering center for the community. the cuisine is ethiopian and mediterranean with all-day dining. it is located at 763 saint nicholas avenue, right at 148th street in harlem. >> when people come here, we want them to feel like they're stepping into their living
5:51 pm
to feel comfortable and welcome. a warm feeling. >> reporter: and the smell of coffee roasting adds it that. bj opened the spot a year and a half ago, not far from her harlem home. >> i grew up in new york. so we incorporate a limit everything. >> reporter: it reflects her background from ethiopian dishes to mediterranean. si with an ethiopian crepe instead of a bagel. >> i love coming up here because it's hard to get great ethiopian food and i love that they have mediterranean dishes involved too. >> reporter: another popular dish is fill a mignon in a butter that has been infused with spices.
5:52 pm
the dish. it is served with vegetable sides. >> you have to eat it with your hands. that will make it taste better. >> reporter: local artists show their work on the walls. there are readings and live music here. >> it's like a family here. we meet up with friends and have good food. >> reporter: bj started a nonprofit a decade ago that tehe hill. it's on top of the mountain. so you can't go wrong. >> so she really wants it to be very much a spiritual place as well as a wholesome place when it comes to food. more information on >> i love it. it feels spiritual eating this food. i feel so good.
5:53 pm
time for ethiopian food. >> i love the crepes. >> it's nice. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> a medical scare for customers of a long island restaurant. what is being done to stop the spread of hepatitis a as the owner of the restaurant speaks out. i love this. and coming up at 6:00, an elderly man pushed down the stairs and kicked. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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>> a warning tonight about customers who ate at a a worker has hepatitis a and customers could be at risk for the contagious disease. we have the important details you need to know. >> reporter: despite the restaurant being deemed safe now, customers of the italian american restaurant in farm dale are asking questions after the department announced an employee has been diagnosed with hepatitis a. >> if i had known, i would be hesitant to bring folks here to
5:57 pm
represent on july 19th, 23rd, 26th, 29th or 30th are at risk. >> anybody who was receiving drinks in that time frame could have been exposed to hepatitis a. >> reporter: hepatitis a can spread by consuming food or drink that has been handled by an infected person. >> you are ill for up to a couple of months with very -- abdominal pain. nausea, vomiting, diarrhea but you make a recovery. >> reporter: a treatment can help prevent the severity of the illness but has to be given within two weeks of exposure much that's why the department of health services is offering a free vaccine for anyone who had a beverage at the restaurant on the 29th or 30th. >> the place is safe. and please come back. you know what i mean? don't be scared. >> reporter: the owner says when the bartender was
5:58 pm
had hepatitis a. he moved forward by fully cooperating with the health department. >> i know my customers are a little worried about it. i just want to say i care about my customers. i would never try to do something wrong with my establishment. >> reporter: no other cases of hepatitis a have been reported. the employee will not be back at work until the department of health services says it's okay. in suffolk county, mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the senior citizen pushed down stairs and talks about the terrifying attempted robbery. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. >> we need to find her killer. >> tonight in an interview with eyewitness news, the father of karina is pleading for the
5:59 pm
killer. he talks about the $100,000 reward that he hopes will lead to justice in his daughter's death. first, breaking news. five people hurt after a lightning strike in duchess county. good evening at 6:00. i'm diana williams. bill and liz are off tonight. the people in strike were injured as a fast- moving storm was going through the area. this happened in poughkeepsie this afternoon. the victims were in mansion square park. joe torres is in the news room with the latest. joe. call it severe weather. here is one reason why. shortly after 4:00 this afternoon, a lightning strike indirectly hit five people in a park in duchess county. we can show you photos taken after the strike inside mansion square park in poughkeepsie. first responders rushed all five people to area hospitals. now, they were standing or sitting under a industry, near some park been benches in the
6:00 pm
the ground and into the victims. three victims were unresponsive at the scene. they are right now in critical condition. the other two were taken to mid hudson regional hospital. moments ago we obtained this awed of police responding to the initial calls for help. >> priority one for multiple patients struck by lightning. mansion square park. 60 north clinton re between the two entrances of mansion street. >> we're obviously pretty sure this was a lightning strike by accounts of people in the area. and also due to the types of injuries that appears the victims suffered. and we're looking obviously they were underneath a tree on two park benches. certainly at this point that seems to be the cause. >> now, the victims range in


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