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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and his associate. a gunman ran up behind imam maulama akonjee and thara uddin. mayor de blasio standing shoulder to shoulder with mourners, saying this city grieves with them. >> when we see two innocent men, two good men, two men of the clot such a violent manner, it pulls at all our hearts, all our souls. and we too are focused on justice. >> reporter: this is a sketch of that man police had been looking for since saturday. seen leaving the scene of the double murder in a chevy trailblazer. it may be the same man who allegedly struck a bicyclist near the scene of the shooting and fled. that bike cls -- bicyclist
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that's when he allegedly rammed the police vehicle before being taken in to custody last night. he's being questioned in the double murder. >> we do not know if it was a hate crime but this was not an act of compassion or an act of love. >> police have not labeled this a hate crime. investigators do not have a motive. charges have not been filed against the man being questioned here. meanwhile community leaders are be increased from $10,000 to $50,000. reporting at the 107th precinct, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. a family tragedy on long island. police say a retired nypd officer shot and critically injured his two sons before killing himself. this happened last night at the family's home in bell port. police say 61-year-old irvin noak got in to an argument with relatives during a party. his two adult sons intervened. that's when police say noak took
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turned the gun on himself. neighbors were stunned by the sudden violence. >> there was no commotion. it looked like a peaceful event. everybody was interacting very nicely. there was nice music going on. >> noak's son, 31-year-old irwin and 22-year-old aaron are in critical condition. new details on the boater who was reported missing on long island this weekend. the body of 48-year-old andrew weiss was recovered from the water this mor the great south bay. he was reported missing saturday when his boat was recovered. police say there is evidence his boat was involved in some type of accident. he left the beach friday night headed for lindenhurst but never arrived. an industrial accident has claimed the life of a norfolk southern railroad worker. initial reports are that the cable of a crane snapped while it was hoisting a freight container and that the worker
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been released yet. new information tonight about what sparked a scare that shut down jfk airport. it turns out celebrations for usain bolt's olympic win were mistaken for gunfire last night. today passengers were back at jfk airport picking up luggage after their flights were canceled. eyewitness news reporter lucy yang is there now. >> what does the olympics have to do with jfk airport? apparently everything last night as this airport was left tie knots. it appears a mistake over a gold medal celebration may have led to reports of shots fired which eventually grounded all flights. >> terrifying. >> reporter: it now appears the fastest man in the world may have crippled one of the busiest airports in the world. >> police came in and we all got our hands up. >> reporter: waves of panic and terror spread throughout jfk
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came in of shots fired at terminals 8 and 1. eventually the whole airport would be shut down, flights grounded as a massive police presence took over the terminals. the fbi and nypd joining forces with the port authority police. >> no evidence of shots fired on all the video of the area. >> reporter: the simple answer, no. there were no shell casings found, no victims reported. >> do we have the original ear witnesses to these shots fired? the nightmare scenario, abc confirms it now appears to have been a terrible mistake from a glorious moment. usain bolt had just won his race. fans at the airport celebrated wildly. authorities confirmed that's when the calls came in which then morphed in to shots fired. the confusion and fear spread from there as groups of travelers running from what now appears to be a nonexistent threat.
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around. people were pushing each other and crashing each other. >> stay away from the windows and sit on the floors. that's what they told us to do. >> reporter: as law enforcement lets out a big head shaking exhale, now comes the fun part. reuniting hundreds of pieces of luggage with owners who fled the airport last night. >> to be clear, officials do not believe there were any shots fired. their thinking is a caller did what we are all encouraged to do possible problem. final thought here, many frustrated travelers complained to us last night about the lack of communication but at the same time they also expressed gratitude for the police response which was swift and commanding. we're live at jfk airport tonight, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. family and friends gathered today to remember a teenager who committed suicide. his family says he killed
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held for 13-year-old daniel fitzpatrick in west brighton, staten island. daniel was found family's home last thursday. they say he was relentlessly bullied at holy angel academy. the brooklyn diocese denies allegations that daniel's complaints of bullying were ignored. the wake is underway for a google employee murdered about 40 miles west of boston. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte near her family's home in central massachusetts. she was visiting her family and was killed while out on a jog. investigators have received hundreds of tips in the case but so far have not made any arrests. six people rescued after they got trapped by a fast moving fire in westchester county. three adults and three children were stuck on the 5th floor of the building this morning. the fire broke out on the third floor and spread from there.
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but those six people had to use fire escapes. >> the first companies here found heavy fire. fire did extend to 4 and 5 which is one of the scenarios we try to avoid. then it can spread horizontally. >> that fire very challenging for firefighters. the red cross is offering assistance to over 50 people. a heat advisory effect. is relief finally in sight? let's hope so. meteorologist jeff smith is in for lee goldberg and is here with the accuweather forecast. the heat, i can't even speak, jeff. >> especially over the weekend. it was so outrageously hot out there. we got a little bit of relief today. we've taken the edge off a bit. temperature got up to 91 in central park compared to middle and upper 90s over the weekend and the dew points and the humidity has fallen just a bit. right now fallen down to about 89 in the park.
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80s on the jersey shore and parts of long island. heat advisory in effect till 8 p.m. then another one is in effect tomorrow from noon through 10 p.m. that also includes central and southern parts of new jersey. tomorrow i do not expect temperatures to get up to the 90-degree mark but the humidity will be high again. that will drive the heat index values in to the mid 90s. thunderstorms along the leading edge of the really muggy air mass. we'll have to watch those as they approach us later on tonight. then during the day tomorrow the storm's prediction center has put us in a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. we'll detail the timing and intensity of those in your full accuweather forecast coming up. did you know that cockroaches in new york are more likely to fly in this intense heat? darla miles checks out why coming up in about 15 minutes.
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to fight terror. hillary clinton joined for the first time by vice president joe biden who called trump unqualified. our political reporter dave evans is here with today's developments. >> new york city has about 3 million immigrants. if they came in under donald trump's plan, they'd also face what he calls extreme vetting, an ideological test about their views from everything from the constitution to whether gay people should be allowed to married. will make america safer. >> reporter: in ohio today, donald trump outlined how he'd fight terrorism. he didn't call the president and hillary clinton the founders of isis today but he did blame them for creating a more dangerous middle east. >> the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> reporter: saying the fight
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like syrian refugees. trump says if they're anti-semitic or anti-gay, for example, they don't get visas. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more and these are problems like we've never had before. >> reporter: trump says his immigration policy would prevent incidents like the orlando attack in june dead. before trump spoke, hillary clinton campaigned in joe biden's hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. she promised on her watch no american ground troops would ever fight isis. clinton ridiculed trump's anti-terrorism plan saying it lacks specifics. >> sometimes he says he won't tell anyone what he'll do because he wants to keep his
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plan. >> reporter: biden slammed trump as unfit and too dangerous to have america's nuclear codes. >> happened to the president and i had to make a decision, he is not qualified to know the code. he can't be trusted. >> donald trump today also said clinton lacks the judgment and temperature to be president. he says clinton lacks the mental to take on isis. we'll have more at 6:00. a rental scam left them on the streets, when a couple showed up to move in to their new home, they got quite the surprise and they're not the only ones to fall for it. >> meanwhile, dramatic rescues in louisiana where deadly flooding has forced thousands to flee their homes but tonight there is some good news. and new information about what's happened to the egyptian olympic
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another legal setback for comedian bill cosby. today a federal appeals court rejected cosby's attempt to reseal his deposition testimony about extramarital affairs, prescription sedatives and payments to women. the judge ruled the documents are now a matter of public knowledge. cosby's legal team hoped to keep the documents out of the sex assault case against the comedian as well as numerous him of sex abuse. brooklyn born character actor fivish finkle has died. he was in fiddler on the roof to boston public and picket fences. his family said he suffered heart problems. he was 93 years old. the weather is improving tonight in louisiana where historic flooding has prompted major evacuations. 20,000 people forced to leave
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continued their work today. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: with helicopters in the air and high water vehicles on the ground, rescuers are working around the clock and residents are escaping with a bag or boxing hand. since saturday, tens of thousands have been pulled to safety. dog rescued just in time. shelters now home for so many with louisiana in a state of emergency. >> it was pretty scary because we didn't know how high the waters were going to rise. >> it's like my subdivision was in a bowl. everything around us was flooding. >> reporter: in some areas 2 feet of rain fell in less than two days, the governor calling this historic. >> this is an unprecedented
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south louisiana. it has presented tremendous challenges to everyone. >> with entire neighborhoods still underwater, some residents are just grateful to be alive and vow to rebuild again. >> start all over again. >> authorities remain on high alert with water still rising. they say the situation is very dangerous but they say they're residents to stay patient. the washington monument has reopened after it was shut down for more than a day because of elevator problems. the monument was closed early saturday night and all day yesterday. the park service says the closure was a result of a tripped breaker that was caused by a voltage drop of incoming power to the monument. the monument was actually closed for a week in july also because of elevator problems. we have jeff smith back with us in for lee goldberg.
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at this point. fanning isn't enough. [ laughter ] what do you do? >> it isn't as bad as the weekend at least. we're slowly receding this heat wave in baby steps. that heat advisory goes in to effect again tomorrow. tomorrow the heat wave doesn't actually continue. i don't think temperatures get up to 90-plus here in the city but the humidity will make it feel like it's still in the mid 90s. we head outside right now. mainly clear skies over new northerly wind has helped to decrease our dew points, decrease our humidity. just enough so that it feels a bit better than it did over the weekend. the high on the day did get up to 91. yes, we did continue that heat wave for a fifth consecutive day. 83 is the normal high to put it in perspective. 97 the record high for this date in the very hot summer of 1988. sun setting at 7:53. here's your headlines. heat advisory till 8 p.m. this evening. then again tomorrow from noon to
5:18 pm
avoid strenuous activity outdoors during those hottest times of the day. not as bad as the excessive heat warnings we had over the weekend. thunderstorms will develop during the day tomorrow. those could be on the heavy and gusty side. maybe very heavy downpours, could be strong damaging winds and a couple of those that do develop. dew points and humidity drop a little bit again on wednesday behind that front. 90 right now in teeter borough. 91 at laguardia. 87 in islip island thanks to a sea breeze at montauk, 84. near 90 at poughkeepsie. 88. 79 in monticello. look at the dew points. they have fallen down to 61 in monticello. dew point, a very good measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. they were in the upper 70s to around 80 over the weekend. now they're in the middle 60s in central park so we're kind of in the uncomfortable category instead of the oppressive to just outrageous category that we had over the weekend.
5:19 pm
much out there. just some fair weather clouds north and west of the city. but along the boundary where the humidity does increase late tonight in to tomorrow, there are some thunderstorms over central pennsylvania. we'll have to watch the radars by later on tonight and our high resolution futurecast is showing this as well. maybe one or two of these make it in to the viewing area especially south of new york city, maybe around midnight to 2:00 in the morning. early tomorrow morning, check this out already at 6 a.m., the potentially over long island and connecticut and we'll have to watch areas west of the city pretty early in the day, we're talking mid to late morning maybe for storms refiring. lows tonight getting down to 77 in the meantime in the park, could be a shower or thunderstorm late much of the area probably remains dry. highs tomorrow getting up to 88 or so but feeling more like 95 and that's why we still do have the heat advisory in effect noon to 10 p.m. tomorrow. could be a shower or thunderstorm at any point during
5:20 pm
is in the afternoon. accuweather forecast for tonight, partly cloudy, warm and sticky. we're down to 77. we'll have to watch the radars late for maybe a spotty shower or storm. very warm and humid tomorrow. a few showers and storms around. some of those could be on the strong to severe side. we're muggy tomorrow night. could be an early shower or storm. we tend to clear things out down to 76. here's what we're working on for 5:30. how severe could these storms get tomorrow? could be rotation left in a few of them. completely dry late week? is there any real relief in sight where you can open up your windows and forget about the air conditioner? we'll tell you when that may or may not happen coming up in your accuweather 7-day forecast next half hour. the sibling battle over reverend martin luther king, jr.'s traveling bible appears to be over. king's three surviving children have agreed on a settlement. the medal is to be turned over
5:21 pm
daughter bernice refused to surrender the items after her brothers voted to sell them in 2014 because the estate needed money. horrible case of animal cruelty. coming up, what someone is captured on camera doing with a dog. >> plus, it's so hot outside, cockroaches are flying. we're going to look at why the intense heat has them taking flight. >> and it was supposed to be a wild neon colored fun run. for more than 5,000 people. then suddenly the race was canceled. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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all new at 5:00, as if the heat isn't enough. turns out heat makes cockroaches in new york city more likely to fly. eyewitness news reporter darla miles posted today on snapchat heat and cockroaches are not a good mix. >> reporter: if you don't like bugs, look away. now. >> which cockroach is most commonly found flying in new york city and what's the species? >> the american cockroach is the more commonly found flying. >> reporter: the american cockroach. they're generally unwelcome dead or alive. no one wants to see them flying straight at their face. >> might not be going at you directly but just flying in your direction and just in the way.
5:25 pm
sorkin, an entomologist, explains how the heat and humidity causes cockroaches to come up for the sewers and subways at night and take flight. >> they really do fly a lot more when it's hot like this? >> there's more activity when there's more heat. yeah. running, flying, fluttering. >> reporter: but to the average person who is not scientific at all, there's only one thing you can say about flying cockroaches. ick. flying roaches has even b hashtag for sightings and reactions. >> much of the flight though is running and taking off and fluttering and going down somewhere. but on occasion you can see them actually take off from the ground and flutter and go up. >> reporter: and again, all i have to say is ick. on the upper west side, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> ick. [ laughter ] a senator from connecticut is pushing to honor gold star
5:26 pm
a stamp. senator richard bloomenthol says he'll write ledge silation. it was first introduced after world war ii. a series of stamps marking 50 years after the war. atlantic city's top casino had its best month ever despite the news that neighboring trump close. $85 million was from gamblers in july, part of a 12% increase from a year ago. the trump taj mahal casino has seen a drastic decline in revenue amid a union worker strike. trump taj mahal owners plan to shut it down on october 10th. a rental scam in new jersey. two couples handing over thousands of dollars for an apartment only to get locked out. we talk to one of the victims and the warning from police. >> plus, people evacuating.
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, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello! don't just bank, bank human. a scam on craigslist cost two couples and maybe more thousands. the bogus apartment for rent in linden, new jersey and we're hearin willing to talk about the painful ruse. eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson live from outside the apartment which has been getting a lot of interest. unfortunately it's just not available. >> that's right. actually this is a house, the owner of this house says nothing in here is for rent but apparently some scammers are going around saying there's two apartments in this house. that you are apparently taking
5:30 pm
scam involves multiple couples, each giving up a huge sum of money to rent an apartment inside this vacant home. the couple saw the property on craigslist and inquire. they came together to make another $1100 payment. they just realized they were victims of a scam. >> during the whole weekend they were harassing me the whole night. all of the sudden i'm going to pay the rest, they're not here. >> reporter: a l couples had come here yesterday, ready to move in at the same time, only to realize they were victims. one paid $2600 for a down payment. this couple didn't want to show their faces but they made a $2200 down payment on this place. >> it's scary to the point where even if you're doing your homework, you do your research, and everything is looking legitimate, you still can get scammed. >> reporter: all of the couples have contacted the linden police. >> the guy was a little fishy
5:31 pm
checks. then everyone has their problems so maybe the guy can't take checks. so he wanted cash. >> reporter: police say scammers take picture of vacant property and put them on craigslist to rent even though they do not own the location. they call on the public to be extra vigilant. >> anybody demanding up front cash payments where there's going to be no way to get the money back, people should be cautious and aware of that. >> authorities say if you run in to a situation like what you should ask is for the person trying to rent you the place, ask for their identification, any tax bills or other records, then copy that information down so you know exactly who you're giving that money to. that's the latest live from linden. anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> got to be careful. police are searching for two men accused of robbing half a dozen cab drivers in manhattan. video shows the men near union square park where the duo robbed and
5:32 pm
targeted drivers in five other incidents. he was supposed to begin his junior year at st. john's university. tonight his parents are planning his funeral. 19-year-old dennis iii flew home to surprise his mother before the start of the school year. he was shot and killed early sunday when a gunman opened fire on chicago's south side. there were reports dennis may have been targeted because his father is a chicago police officer. officials say that's not the case. >> good man who's raising a good kid. we think it's simply a case of mistaken identity. you've got a kid going to st. john's university, doing what he should have been doing. >> dennis, who was studying journalism, was scheduled to fly back to new york city hours after the shooting. fire warnings tonight in california. fast moving wildfire north of san francisco has already destroyed more than 100 buildings and even more are in
5:33 pm
had to evacuate. >> reporter: by the early morning, people in lower lake california were able to see the devastation. the charred remains of homes, buildings, and cars still smoldering from a wildfire that exploded overnight. many waiting anxiously to find out if their homes are apart of the rubble. >> really desperate. i'm looking on the internet, anything i can every couple minutes. >> reporter: the blaze swept through the town sunday in its path, forcing people to act quickly. with one man using water from his swimming pool not only to protect his home but also as shelter. >> how long were you in the pool? >> just about 20, 15 minutes or so. it got intense. fire and sparks blowing for a while. >> reporter: among the damage, there is hope. slowly people are finding out they were spared. >> everything you can see is
5:34 pm
like nothing ever happened. >> reporter: fire officials say it could take days before they're able to assess all the damage. as they continue to fight the clayton fire, they're also battling another blaze. the chimney fire in san luis obispo which is now more than 4,000 acres. another body has been recovered from the scene of an explosion at an apartment complex in maryland. this is the sixth victim found in the debris. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fi wednesday in silver spring. at least two people are still missing. two of the victims were just 3 and 8 years old. charges are pending against a man who police say hit someone with a car then fired several shots in greenwich, connecticut then drove to westchester county and crashed the car. the suspect was taken in to custody near a cell tower in harrison which is just feet from the westchester county airport. police say a gun was found inside the vehicle.
5:35 pm
has nonlife-threatening injuries. lawmakers in new jersey are considering lifting a ban on food and beverages in funeral homes. a bill has been introduced which would change several funeral practices in the state including the ban on food. under the bill the food ban would be taken off the books so refreshments could be served in funeral homes so visitors can spend more time at wake services. hotels in 10 states and the district of columbia may have been targeted by hackers for month. agi saidt on its payment system on at least 20 locations including hyatt, sheridan, marriott and other hotels. systems could have been infected as early as 2015. it's transitioned the payment card processing to a standalone system. a search in nassau county for a dog owner. the man caught on camera dumping his pet at the door of the spca. the terrible condition in which the dog was found. >> she survived the deadly metro north crash in westchester county.
5:36 pm
remembered in honor for what she did in the minutes right after the accident. >> the heat wave beginning to wind down just a little bit after getting up to afternoon. we're down to 89 in central park. temperatures falling gradually through the 80s. it will be warm and sticky. we'll watch the radar for perhaps a shower or
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
brutal case of animal abuse on long island. surveillance video captured the moment the dog's owner left it at the door steps of the spca. the dog, named terry, had been starved and had several open sores on her back. she was deemed too emaciated to be saved. a $5,000 reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of
5:40 pm
is imposing a curfew. protesters have been clashing with police over the shooting death of a black man. they burned businesses and pelted police with bricks and bottles and in a few cases officers were shot at. the mayor of milwaukee is calling for calm tonight. >> we're going to make sure that there is peace and order restored to this neighborhood. >> the suspect, 23-year-old silvil smith was fleeing police saturday when he was sho camera footage clearly shows he had a gun. a mountain lion was no match for a mother in the mission to save her little girls from its clutches. 4-year-old cassy was on a camping trip in idaho when she wandered away from a tent. moments later her mother says she saw the mountain lion grab kelsey. it sunk its teeth in to the child's body and began carrying her away. >> i ran to her screaming.
5:41 pm
just clinging to me. the first thing i do is look at her body. i look her over and see if i can see anything wrong. i'm expecting blood everywhere, something. >> kelsey only had a few scratches and bruises on her ribs and arms. her family has given her a nickname, princess puma. new tonight, a controversial sign telling women not to swim during their menstrual cycle and it's sparked outrage online. a new member at a fitness club in the country of georgia posted facebook. she says the sign is offensive and she wants it taken down. the club says the sign is a recommendation that was posted after several incidents forced them to drain the pool. pope francis is focusing his attention on the plight of women and children who are forced in to sex work or other forms of slavery. remarks today in st. peter's square, the pope urged people to think about the plight of women who he calls slaves of the arrogance of the powerful as
5:42 pm
to do inhumane work. last week he comforted several women after they were freed from human traffickers who forced them in to prostitution. new at 5:00, an egyptian athlete refuses to shack hands with his israeli opponent. his punishment for act. >> it was supposed to be a fun charity run for a local teen suffering from brain cancer. but when the organizers abruptly canceled and runners couldn't get their money back, they ran to 7 on your sid help. >> breaking now, the fires and floods, the stairjts inside the rescue tonight. a woman underwater trapped in her car with her dog. the panic at jfk tonight will
5:43 pm
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new at 5:00, olympic officials say a judo athlete from egypt who refused to shake his israeli opponent's hand has been reprimanded and sent home. islam el-shababi was booed when he refused to shake the hand of the israeli athlete who defeated him last friday. he said afterward he shouldn't be asked to shake the hand of anyone from that state. his conduct goes against olympic values. an update about a new york city boy and his teddy. after they got separated during a road trip. the boy's mom tweeting this photo of the bear named barry finally reunited with his best friend. his mom thanked workers from the new jersey turnpike for making the reunion possible. the family was heading south for vacation when the bear went missing. mom tweeted about it and
5:47 pm
a surface area. congratulations to new dad jeff smith. you're going to have a lot of bears and barrys in your house. >> a lot of teddy bears in our household's future. not the best weather to cuddle up with a teddy bear because it's so warm and humid. 89. mostly sunny skies. wind coming from the northwest around 3 miles per hour. the average high this time of year is around 83. we still got up to 91 today. 90 was your high at islip. jersey shore at belmar. inland at newark, 94. 89 in bridgeport, connecticut. 84 degrees at yankee stadium in the bronx for the game tonight. the blue jays will be facing the yankees. a south wind coming in around 6 miles per hour. any shower or thunderstorm activity tonight will wait until very late, i think after midnight mainly. 88 in morris,000. 88 in poughkeepsie. down in to the upper 70s.
5:48 pm
only 91. over the weekend the humidity was so high that we'd have a temperature of 95 and the heat index would be 110. so about 15 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature. not the case today humidity has gone down just a touch. we have another heat advisory that's been issued for tomorrow from noon to 10 p.m. for the five boroughs of new york city and points south and west. the satellite rar a lot of activity over pennsylvania, extending back over parts of the ohio valley. this moisture is heading in our direction. we will get thunderstorms in here tomorrow. the storm's prediction center has put a slight risk of severe thunderstorms from new york city and points north and west during the day on tuesday. these storms could contain strong winds, a lot of rain and cloud to ground lightning. here's our futurecast overnight. we'll have to watch the radars
5:49 pm
way in from pennsylvania. futurecast weakens it but i would not be surprised if one or two of these makes it in to the region in to the wee hours of tomorrow morning. much more active by tomorrow afternoon with multiple potential lines of storms moving on through. heat index values, even though we don't get to 90 tomorrow, i think it will feel like it's well in to the 90s. that's why we do have the heat advisory in effect. south wind coming in, temperatures ranging new york city beaches. if you hear the thunder, head indoors. there likely will be thunder tomorrow afternoon. pollen moderate to high. partly cloudy. warm and sticky tonight. should be a spotty shower or storm late. we're down to 77. tomorrow is a muggy day out there. a few showers and thunderstorms, some of those during the afternoon and evening could be on the very strong side. high getting up to around 88. and then heading in to the day
5:50 pm
the upper 80s. i think it will be a little bit less humid on wednesday. partly sunny thursday. 86. back to 88 on friday. humidity increases over the weekend. could be more storms by sunday and monday. behind that front there finally could be real relief about eight or nine days from now. where you can open up your windows and turn off the ac. >> that and some sleep for you and you'll be a happy camper, right? [ laughter ] you probably have seen or heard about those fun runs held around the country w thrown at participants. a recent run planned in new jersey was canceled at the last second and runners who paid to play were out of luck. that's until nina pineda stepped in. >> reporter: the color buzz, full of fuzzy foam, lights, and lasers puts on its fun runs across the country, promising to blow your mind. this family feels the color buzz only blew their money. >> it just seems like they've disappeared.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: amy and her mom and daughter madison joined a team to raise money and awareness for one of her best friends, ben lepisto. >> it was a strong tumor and i guess now it's gotten really big. >> reporter: a cancerous brain tumor was discovered when ben became ill running track as a freshman at woodbridge high school. >> any family having to go through this is just terrible. >> reporter: as part of the barons for ben community, they raised money by running in the lakewood color buzz, scheduled stadium. >> right before we were going to do the run, they canceled it. >> reporter: color buzz e-mailed runners only saying unforeseen circumstances led to the hard decision. but when they tried to get their money back -- >> there's absolutely no communication. we have tried every which way. i e-mailed tons of times. >> reporter: so we did some research and found out the stadium complex, home of the minor league blueclaws, couldn't collect a deposit from color buzz to hold the venue even
5:52 pm
hundreds of runners registered months in advance. >> i don't know why they never refunded. i feel like it was handled very poorly. >> reporter: when we contacted color buzz, the arizona-based organizer raced to credit the fees back to her credit card. color buzz apologized for any inconvenience rescheduling the jersey event has caused. >> thank you. thank you. really, really, thank you. we would have been waiting still. >> if you were signed up, color buzz says it will gladly refund can't attend the rescheduled event. they're looking forward to putting on a great event in new jersey but as of yet they don't have a new date or a new venue. in the newsroom, nina pineda, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 5:00, she survived the deadly metro north train crash in westchester county. >> now a young woman is being honored for her quick life saving actions minutes after the accident. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, the eyewitness news investigators with a closer look
5:53 pm
turned out to be a false report of an active shooter. so what exactly is the proper police response and the training for these situations? plus we have more on the top story, the murders of an imam and his friend in queens. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. ich means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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new at 5:00, a young woman from westchester county honored for her courage and quick action in the minutes after a deadly metro north train crash. rally deyoung was in the first car when it c in 2015. the emt jumped in to action to help save other passengers. eyewitness news reporter joe torres met with the 21-year-old today and shared this picture on twitter. he has the story for us tonight. >> reporter: it was one thing and one thing only that helped then 19-year-old riley deyoung survive the unimaginable horror of last year's metro north train crash in valhalla when she was a passenger in the front car. >> it goes back to the training every time. >> reporter: riley not only
5:57 pm
use the ems certification that at the time was just a few months old. in the midst of chaos, she took control. she used belts to stop the bleeding. she used her knowledge to delegate responsibility. she used her heart to comfort the wounded. >> i knew how to stabilize the patients and i knew what tools i needed from an ambulance, but i didn't have any of those on hand. >> reporter: that clarity of mind, that maturity, that crisis management prompted lieutenant colleague for a very special recognition and on saturday the fireman's association of the state of new york named riley the 2016 ems provider of the year. >> there was some part of riley that said i have to do something and people are counting on me. and she took over. not only administering herself but she gave direction. >> everyone who was involved in it deserves an award. all of the people who never signed up for this never
5:58 pm
above and beyond and really helped. >> reporter: riley, now 21, has stayed in contact with the people she helped on that dreadful day. while she appreciates the recognition, she says it's those special relationships that mean the world to erhad. in lewisboro, joe torres, eyewitness. in lewisboro, joe torres, eyewitness. we're waiting on the news conference. we'll have that for you when it happens. 6:00 starts right now. new information tonight about what sparked that chaos at jfk. how was it that no shots were fired but so many people believe that's what they heard? tonight we take a closer look at the response by police and by
5:59 pm
of mourners attending funeral services for an imam and his friend shot and killed execution style in queens. the nypd information about those killings. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. new york police questioning a man about those murders. they've been doing it all day. there will be a news conference held to give us the update. soon as it begins. cops releasing the sketch of the suspect. meanwhile hundreds of mourners today gathering in city line, brooklyn for prayer services for the victims. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer is in city line where mourners paid their final respects. >> in the searing heat this afternoon, hundreds and hundreds of mourners gathered here at this parking lot in city line to remember this imam and his
6:00 pm
unity. >> reporter: funeral prayers brought hundreds and hundreds of muslim mourners to pay their respects to 55-year-old maulama akonjee and thara uddin. the two men were gunned down saturday afternoon. in this grainy surveillance video you can see the gunman quickly approach the imam and his associate. the men are shot and fall to the ground. the man takes off community mourns the death of our beloved imam and his friend. we ask all of you to remember them and their families in your prayers. >> reporter: and the grief is shared by all of the city. >> we see two innocent men, two good men, two men of the cloth killed in such a violent manner, it pulls at all our hearts, all our souls. >> reporter: many of those attending the prayer service carried signs calling for justice. they're also calling for peace and unity.


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