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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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unity. >> reporter: funeral prayers brought hundreds and hundreds of muslim mourners to pay their respects to 55-year-old maulama akonjee and thara uddin. the two men were gunned down saturday afternoon. in this grainy surveillance video you can see the gunman quickly approach the imam and his associate. the men are shot and fall to the ground. the man takes off community mourns the death of our beloved imam and his friend. we ask all of you to remember them and their families in your prayers. >> reporter: and the grief is shared by all of the city. >> we see two innocent men, two good men, two men of the cloth killed in such a violent manner, it pulls at all our hearts, all our souls. >> reporter: many of those attending the prayer service carried signs calling for justice. they're also calling for peace and unity.
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all come together to say we love each other and we're not hating. >> we are american. american people want peace. >> we don't know if it was a hate crime but this was not an act of compassion or an act of love. >> reporter: there is a $10,000 reward being offered in this case and the muslim community is looking for added protection. >> i also join with this community in demanding that community is protected and secure. >> many of those here at the prayer service gathered and marched to the scene of the shooting. they wanted to pay their respects there and to remember the imam and his associate. there is a $10,000 reward and police are now ready to give us more information on that. reporting live in city line, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> right now as we speak mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton entering
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speak about what happened and new developments. let's listen in. >> a few hours ago i spoke at the funeral in queens and offered condolences on behalf of all 8.5 million new yorkers for the two good men that we lost, mall ana akonjee, and thara uddin, two men of faith. of their community. two teachers. two guides. two people who helped to make their neighborhood and this city a better place killed in cold blood. i offered my condolences but i also assured the members of the bangladeshi community and of the muslim community all over this city that the killer will be brought to justice.
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bringing this case to fruition and bringing justice to a community that is hurting so deeply right now. it's also clear there's a lot of fear in the community. it's a very rare thing to see a cleric killed and members of the muslim community have been on edge because of the atmosphere already that existed in this country, particularly over last the community the nypd would be out in force protecting community institutions, protecting muslim communities all over the city. that will be all members of the nypd but as is so important to remind everyone, that includes the 900 members of the nypd who are muslim americans and serve us all. it is a painful time, but it's a time where we will reaffirm that
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attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. and we will work together to encourage the kind of harmony, the kind of unity that new yorkers believe in and we'll work against these divisive voices that have become so strong in our country. and the best way for us to put that in action is to show the muslim community that we'll keep them safe even in this difficult time. with that i'd like to turn to what we'd like to do now, we're a little more than 48 hours after the events of saturday. the murder of these two men. is provide an update to you on where we are on our investigation. over the past 48 hours, detectives have worked tirelessly on this case of the murders of the imam and his
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in queens. extraordinary investigative efforts, i want to compliment the detectives on their work. detectives were able to develop a strong lead in to a suspect early on, based on unrelated incident that occurred in brooklyn approximately 10 minutes after the shooting in queens three miles away. shooting occurred in brooklyn about three miles away in queens we -- excuse me, a shooting in queens about three miles away we in brooklyn that detectives were able to determine was potentially linked to the shooting. chief bob boyce will brief you on where we are on this investigation at this time some 48 hours after the occurrence saturday afternoon. >> good evening, everyone. at the crime scene, the double homicide on liberty and 79th street at about 3:50 in the
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video canvass of that area. during the video canvass we were able to identify a vehicle, a black gmc trailblazer that fled the scene in a quick fashion. we also identified a person running in to that car and taking off directly after the homicide. i think we put out the video of this individual running down the street. we were able to trace him video-wise in to the car and he took off. he then went up to liberty to traffic. he went eastbound. detectives immediately took the car, trailblazer, put it in to our data systems and came up with a car accident, a hit-and-run that happened at the corner of pine and pitkin at around 2:00 in the afternoon. this is about 3 miles away. we immediately responded to that location and pulled video from that corner and we looked at the two cars and they were identical.
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windshields and they seemed identical. again, we had no plate at the time. you couldn't determine the alphanumeric on the tag. at that point we began to do a grid search. we thought we had our person at this point fleeing the scene of the crime. now we have a witness from that hit and run who identified -- who said he could identify an individual. we then sat on a car we found a couple hours later. that hit-and-run and waited for that person to emerge from that block. that person emerged about 10:00 last night and got in to the vehicle. detectives from the fugitive task force approached the car and then he rammed the detective's car several times in an effort to get away. he was placed under arrest without any further incident and brought back to the precinct for more debriefing. we found the witness and the
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the hit-and-run. so we're looking at him for both crimes, for the homicide and that. he's described as a male hispanic, 36 years old. we're not going to release his name at this point. we still have a long way to go in this investigation and there's no point to it now. we'll have lineups later on tonight with individuals who observed the homicide. that's where we stand right now in the investigation. >> any questions? mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton and chief of detectives robert abuse explain the latest of the investigation of the killing of the imam and his associate. a video apparently playing crucial information, linking a hit-and-run with a bicyclist to a crash with a police officer's car and video of the murder itself. they've been questioning the man all day. no charges yet have been filed.
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development closely. we have jim dolan there and tim fleischer has also been covering the funeral today. the funeral services for the imam and his associate. we'll have any breaking news as this newscast continues, throughout the night on our website, abc7ny, and the latest on eyewitness news at 11:00. no arrest yet. but a man in custody being questioned right now. moving now to breaking news. customers anticipating system-wide delays and cancellations tonight on the lirr for because of an unauthorized person on the tracks. that person was struck by a train. happened in westbury. the lirr recommending customers use alternate branches for any eastbound services. latest developments on our website as well, abc7ny. busy news day tonight. when we come back, we'll have the rest of the day's news including a closer look in to
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abc news tonight reporting that a rowdy olympic celebration triggered to shutdown last night of jfk airport for hours. flights were grounded and diverted, and passengers were evacuated. this happened in terminals 1 and 8 after somebody called 911 last
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they conducted a massive search but no gun, no evidence were found at any shooting at all. sources now say a caller confused excitement over olympic athlete usain bolt's 100 meter victory for the sound of gunshots. >> police came in and we all put our hands up. >> when it started happening i had this kind of image in my mind of someone really coming with guns. >> there were shoes flying around. people and crashing each other. >> so was the right protocol followed? did people overreact to other folks applauding the olympics performance? jim hoffer with that part of our coverage is here now. >> when a call comes in of shots fired inside an airport terminal,port authority police are trained to respond quickly and forcefully. that's what they did last night. while the sight of heavily armed police may have added to the
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likely would have saved lives. >> reporter: travelers crouched behind chairs and laid down on the floor. it's 9:30 as a call comes in of shots fired at jfk's terminal 8. minutes later, you can hear heavily armed police yelling for people to take cover as they search for the shooter. >> the police got here really quickly. >> reporter: the quick response by heavily armed port authority police added to the urgency of an evacuation that had thousands running for the exits, many flooding out on to tarmac, while others chose to stay put. >> we do not know what's going on. take a deep breath and relax. >> reporter: just as police determined, there was no active shooter at terminal 8, another call came in at 10:15 reporting shots fired at terminal 1. >> nothing but chaos. people were running saying they heard shots. it was absolutely crazy. >> reporter: at this point all arriving planes are being kept away from their gates.
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1. you cannot go there. nothing is going on at terminal 1. >> reporter: at times things got a little tense between the tower and pilots. >> no flights in or out. it's going to be a little while. >> you can't go. you will not go there, my friend. not any time soon until i get approval from police. >> reporter: by 12:45 this morning, a little more than three hours after the first call of shots fired, jfk's terminals were reopened. no evidence of any shell casings. police are now investigating a celebration overruner usain bolt's olympic gold win was -- celebration over runner usain bolt's olympic gold win was mistaken for shots. they wait for a s.w.a.t. team to arrive. not anymore. now it's all about immediate deployment. find and engage the shooter.
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police did last night. fortunately no shooter. we are told there will be a lessons learned report on this incident to see how the response can be further improved. >> and they certainly did respond. investigative reporter jim hoffer. thank you. when we come back, we switch gears. meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg who says should we say goodbye to the heat wave? should you put away your air
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before we ge wave news, mazel tov, my brother. new father. you always post on social media. now we have your baby hiccuping on social media. >> the hiccups. >> new alerts. >> that has been the highlight of the social media experience with baby jordan. >> it only gets tougher after that. i promise. >> i'm sure it does. not quite as cute in some instances. >> how about the heat wave? >> i heard you say something about put away air conditioners. you don't want to do that.
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get up to 90, i think heat index values will be well up in to the 90s. temperature right now, 89 in the city. humidity taking a brief break during the day today at 43%. the high on the day got up to 92 after a morning low of 77. average high this time of year is only 83. 97 was your record. very hot summer back in 1988 and the sun setting at 7:53 p.m. there's a heat advisory till 8 p.m. this evening. another one tomorrow from noon to 10 p.m. you to avoid strenuous outdoor activities during those hot times of the day. thunderstorms will be developing as well tomorrow. they could be on the heavy and gusty side. maybe some very heavy downpours and strong damaging winds in a couple spots. dew points do drop. the humidity drops a little bit during the day on wednesday. so we get another brief from the muggies. 85 right now, belmar. 86 at islip. 90 at poughkeepsie. 88 in morristown. you see the heat index values?
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higher than the actual air temperature. over the weekend the heat indices were 15 degrees higher than the actual air temperatures, ranging up to 110, 115 degrees in parts of the area. this is a little bit of a break. this is not nearly as extreme as what we had on saturday and sunday. a heat advisory again, five boroughs of new york city. points south and west through central and southern new jersey, right through tomorrow evening. satellite radar not showing much for the time being. there is thunderstorm activity over pennsylvania, down through the nation's capitol. it's we'll have to watch the radars later on tonight. here's our high resolution futurecast. showing some of the activity getting in to the city around midnight. as we head in to the day tomorrow, the storm's prediction center has a slight risk of severe thunderstorms from new york city in points north and west especially in to tomorrow afternoon. lows tonight in the meantime getting down to about 77 or so in the park. highs tomorrow, 88. but feeling more like 95 or 96 at times.
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late. we're down to 77. it's very warm and very muggy tomorrow. clouds and sun, couple showers and thunderstorms. some of those could be on the strong side especially in the afternoon. high getting up to 88. maybe evening storms tomorrow night then we tend to clear things out. behind that front, a little bit better. up near 90. but humidity is lower. partly sunny thursday. a disturbance moving by may spark a thunderstorm. not even enough to post here on the forecast. 86. quite warm friday. humidity returns over the weekend. in to monday. behind that front early next week, there could be real relief. >> we still don't put away the ac. laura is up next with sports. >> the alex rodriguez yankees divorce became officially official this afternoon. is he already courting new suitors? well, maybe not. a-rod's publicist has a message from his client on his first day as a free agent. we've got the latest. >> plus, another day at giants training camp. another day victor cruz unable
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to describe this as a retirement, maybe going a little bit overboard? >> he never said retire. the yankees get set to open a series with the blue jays in the bronx tonight. this afternoo parted ways with alex rodriguez who cleared waivers at 1:00, becoming a free agent. will a-rod play again this season? the short answer, no. despite rumored interests from his hometown marlins, they released a statement, addressing questions of whether he'll play this season, saying, quote, it's not happening. now to the wildcard race. red sox and indians this afternoon. the yanks are chasing those sox.
6:27 pm
. it went 442 feet to put boston where they'd stay. 3-2 the sox win. yankees now five back in the wildcard. the mets family is mourning one of its originals tonight. clarence choochoo coleman passing away in south carolina this morning. he was selected by the mets in the 1961 expansion draft. coleman was 80 years old. tonight the mets are on the road to open another series with the last place diamondbacks, the swept the amazings. they now sit two and a half games out of the final wildcard playoff spot. after 14 practices, the official training camp portion of this preseason is now wrapping up for the giants. their second exhibition game is already saturday in buffalo and yet victor cruz seems no closer to actually playing in what would be his first game in nearly two years. the receiver once again sat out practice as he deals with a groin issue. cruz stretched with the team
6:28 pm
to play saturday night. big blue is hopeful the receiver will be more active in practice later this week. >> victor and i had a nice conversation yesterday afternoon and we talked about some different things that may be able to help moving forward. we're building him up to get to a position where we can make an evaluation. he had the hiccup, hoping to get him work on wednesday. the jets getting a day off. tomorrow, back to work as gang green continues preparations for preseason game number two friday the team looking solid on paper, played well in spurts in the first game, but is coach satisfied? >> we've had good things, good chemistry. we couldn't win for some reason. we've had terrible teams from an athletics standpoint. we were very good chemistry-wise and we won. you learn not to read in to that. you try to grind day-to-day and go from there. the action in rio is now in its final week which means you
6:29 pm
but not today. spoiler alert. you've been warned. simone biles taking bronze on beam. hernandez wins the silver. as for last night, biles was dominant on vault, adding a third gold medal to her experience. easily captured that title. on the track, usain bolt indeed the fastest man in the world again, winning the 100 meters last night, becoming the first man to ever win three straight 100-meter olympic titles. the united states won. let's take a look at the stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11:00. sade is here with that. >> coming up new tonight, could common pain relieving medications during pregnancy lead to behavorial problems in children? plus, a $4 billion shopping mall about to open up in the world trade center's transit hub. and shake shack about to hit a brand new milestone and they're giving something away to celebrate. coming up tonight new on eyewitness news at 11:00.
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now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. world news tonight is next. se tonight, as we come on, several developing stories. the deadly floods. the rushing waters, the state of emergency and, tonight, we hear from the rescuer who helped pull this woman and her dog from her submerged car. also tonight, the wildfires, out of control right now. nearly 200 homes and businesses al the curfew in place tonight in milwaukee. after officers are targeted and injured, bricks thrown at their cars. all of this after an officer shoots and kills a man who police say was armed. donald trump, amid reports of turmoil within his campaign, his new plan tonight to vet immigrants to this country. and we have the list of specific questions he now wants asked. and the joe show. the vice president, and what he said about trump today.


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