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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. world news tonight is next. se tonight, as we come on, several developing stories. the deadly floods. the rushing waters, the state of emergency and, tonight, we hear from the rescuer who helped pull this woman and her dog from her submerged car. also tonight, the wildfires, out of control right now. nearly 200 homes and businesses al the curfew in place tonight in milwaukee. after officers are targeted and injured, bricks thrown at their cars. all of this after an officer shoots and kills a man who police say was armed. donald trump, amid reports of turmoil within his campaign, his new plan tonight to vet immigrants to this country. and we have the list of specific questions he now wants asked. and the joe show. the vice president, and what he said about trump today.
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airport. running from the terminal and the tarmac. and tonight, we now have the reason why. good evening. and we begin tonight with two scenes of devastation in this country. the wildfires burning out of control right now, homes already gone. but first, the deadly flooding, and the incredible rescues. in louisiana, a state of emergency in place tonight. that's highway 12 right th abandoned. tonight, there is real concern the floodwaters will continue to rise. and the images this evening of families in shelters. more than 11,000 people forced from their homes. and tonight, we hear for the first time from the man who tore into a car submerged to pull out a woman and her dog, trapped inside. meteorologist rob marciano is in baton rouge. >> reporter: tonight, the danger from deadly flooding remains
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from homes and vehicles. in baton rouge, a race to save a woman -- >> get out. >> i'm trying. i can't. >> get me a knife. get me a knife! >> oh my god, i'm drowning! >> we're coming! we're coming! i'm going to break this window. we're breaking the window. >> reporter: david phung tries breaking the window, then, ripping apart the convertible's roof, he's able to pull the woman out. >> the first instinct was to get ahold of her and pull her out. and -- i couldn't do it from the boat so >> get my dog! get my dog! >> reporter: the woman begging him to save her dog. >> i can't get the dog. she's gone. >> no, she better not be. >> i got your dog. >> oh! >> reporter: more than 2,000 rescued. some plucked by coast guard choppers. east baton rouge sheriff sid gautreaux keeping that baby
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some spots getting more than 30 inches of rain since the storms began. >> the big rivers have crested at record levels today, but backwater flooding, a huge problem. that's going to continue. and you see it everywhere. 3,400 louisiana national guard troops rescuing people around the clock. and hundreds more saved by fishermen and anyone with a boat. what's being called the volunteer cajun navy. tonight, our phillip mena in one of the hardest hit areas of baton rouge. >> residents here were hoping to get their first look at the dama receded quite a bit, but it's still too dangerous to go inside. >> reporter: the albritton family salvaging what's left. >> i'm devastated, i've cried all day. my whole life savings, everything is in that home. >> reporter: still, they're the lucky ones. three-quarters of property owners here don't have flood insurance. >> just incredible images of devastation. rob marciano joins us live tonight. rob, you were telling us, the
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louisiana all the way north? >> reporter: it has. >> and as you can see, the audio always tricky when we're dealing with that much water. we'll check back in with rob. in the meantime, to the fires now, the wildfires burning out of control at this hour. the worst of them, north of san francisco. tonight, in one community, most of main street is gone. buildings and vehicles destroyed by the fire. the charred frames all that remain. abc's mary bruce is on the fire lines. battle to tame the flames. gusty winds and bone dry conditions fueling a blaze that barreled through the rural town of lower lake. more than 4,000 acres charred, 175 homes and businesses burnt to the ground. >> this is where we all grew up. >> this is all we've known all our lives. >> our whole life. and now all of our neighbors. look at what they have to come home to. it's horrible. >> reporter: thousands of residents scrambling to escape
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100-degree heat. jay and his son jumping in the pool as the flames closed in around them. >> it got intense, smoke and fire. it was blowing there for a while. >> reporter: fearing his home would burn, mark moved his most precious possessions to his workshop. >> you know, i was hoping something would be salvageable, but i know that's wishful thinking. >> reporter: a lifetime of memories gone in seconds. david, with the extreme fire conditions here, and the devastation already as far as the eye can see. bracing for even more of this. david? >> all right, mary, thank you so much to you on the fire lines tonight. rob is tracking the heat and the floods and we do have a signal back up. let's go live to rob. you were telling us, the flood threat now extends northward? >> reporter: way north, and it hasn't rained here in awhile, but still, the rivers at major flood stage and still dozens of neighborhoods like this inundated.
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north into illinois and indiana. near indianapolis, a confirmed report of a tornado today. the flow of moisture continues to be off the gulf of mexico, so, we'll still see showers and thunderstorms. the heaviest will be north, but the accumulated rainfall could be a half an inch. anymore than an inch here, david, will cause more problems this week. >> all right, rob marciano on the scene through "good morning america." rob, thank you. and we turn next here to the breaking headline from milwaukee tonight. a mandatory curfew for young people, about to go into effect, after fires wer were thrown at officers in their patrol cars. several businesses destroyed. cars burned to their shells. police in riot gear moving in, clashing with some of those protesters. and all of this began with the police shooting of a man who authorities say was armed, and they are bracing for what could be another tense night ahead. abc's eva pilgrim, in milwaukee tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a crackdown to stop the raging protests against police. the neighborhood that was set on fire now closed from dusk until
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peace. >> reporter: the flash point? when police pulled over civil smith in a traffic stop. >> before he even spoke to anyone, two individuals were fleeing from a car, one with a gun in his hand. >> reporter: the officer, also black, shooting and killing smith. that police officer wearing a body camera, but the video hasn't been released. the shooting setting off two nights of smoke-filled mayhem. businesses torched, 31 arrested, two teens hit by bullets in the chaos. some in the crowd shooting at >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: 11 officers wounded as protesters threw bricks. >> this is the police. leave the area. >> reporter: for smith's family tonight, unanswered questions and a lot of pain. >> i'll be 25 next month, my brother won't even be there for my birthday party. >> reporter: david, even with that neighborhood shut down in place, the police chief taking no chances, warning teens that a 10:00 p.m. curfew will be enforced. david? >> eva pilgrim with us tonight
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thanks, eva. next, we turn to major developments in the race for the white house tonight, amid reports of turmoil within donald trump's campaign. trump attempting a reset today, on a familiar concern for him. what to do with immigrants coming into this country? after already proposing a muslim ban, today, he proposed a new test for every immigrant who wants to come here. abc's tom llamas is in youngstown, ohio. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump proposing an ideological >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> reporter: trump declaring the u.s. should only admit people who, quote, share our values. >> we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles, or who believe that sharia law should supplant american law.
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constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted. >> reporter: but trump offering few other specifics about his new test and how it would be implemented. >> we cannot let this evil continue. >> reporter: today's speech full of trump pillars he's mentioned before, like his temporary ban on foreign muslims, which he now describes this way -- >> we will have to temporarily suspend immigratio the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism. not for us. >> reporter: the fw op nominee citing a single foreign policy stance as one reason he's ready for the job. >> i was an opponent of the iraq war from the beginning. >> reporter: but that's not true. listen to what trump told howard stern before the war even started. >> are you for invading iraq?
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you know, i wish it -- i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: still, trump now insisting not only is he best able to take on terrorists, but hillary clinton is not up to the task. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> reporter: but trump providing no evidence to back up that claim, as he tries to reset and show he can be a statesman, after weeks of fights, distractions and sinking poll numbers. >> oh, you better elect me, can you imagine -- can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time, and lost? >> and tom llamas joins us live from ohio tonight. and tom, "the wall street journal" with harsh words for donald trump today? >> reporter: david, the newspaper's editorial board, a
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circles, saying trump needs to behave like someone who wants to be president or turn over the nomination to his running mate, governor mike pence. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight. tom, thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton have both been courting voters in the rust belt, where jobs and factories have been lost. tonight, hillary clinton with help from a native son in scranton, pennsylvania, the vice president. and joe biden did not hold back about trump or about how he helped clinton navigate what president obama was trying the white house.cecilia vega on clinton campaign. >> reporter: hillary clinton and joe biden in pennsylvania today, taking turns taking swipes at donald trump. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> he can't be trusted. >> reporter: the vice president going on the offensive, saying he doesn't trust trump with the nuclear codes.
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history of the united states of america, has -- now don't cheer or -- just listen -- has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. he doesn't seem to want to learn it. >> reporter: it is biden's first time of the campaign trail, side by side with the woman he publicly pondered running against. the two, now united in their fight against trump, and their friendship. >> during her years as secretary i became the obama whisperer. she'd look at me and say, what did he mean by that? he loves her. >> reporter: a hometown hero here in scranton. biden hoping to win over those blue collar voters trump is counting on. how do you think he'll do in pennsylvania? >> not well. >> reporter: in the rust belt, clinton out in front in key battleground states, a slim
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pennsylvania, she's up by 11, and in wisconsin, she tops trump by 15 points. her supporters feeling more confident by the day. >> and cecilia vega live with us tonight from scranton. and donald trump in ohio today, cecilia, hillary clinton in pennsylvania and she'll be in ohio later this week. they both want those voters across the rust belt. >> reporter: they certainly do, and hillary clinton will be trying to register voters here in this swung state. she's talking about the economy in ohio, david. these are the states tha decide this election. >> cecilia vega, you'll be spending a lot of time in pennsylvania and ohio. i'm sure. thank you so much again tonight. and in the meantime, we turn to rio now, and we have new reporting on ryan lochte, who was robbed. and a difficult stumble today for simone biles in the balance beam final, reaching down to keep from falling off. abc's matt gutman with more on that, and on the robbery, as matt learned first-hand about the heavy security in place to protect the athletes and the
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u.s., but the fallout here remains. on saturday night, lochte snapchatting this moment -- partying with friends at a club. he says he and three teammates then took a cab when suddenly men in police uniforms flashing badges pulled them over. ordering them to the ground. >> the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead, he said, get down and i was like, i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. >> reporter: the swimmers handed lochte also, based on what he told them, denied the incident ever happened. >> they said he wasn't try. >> reporter: minutes later, reversing course, admitting the robbery did happen. can you explain to us what happened, ryan lochte lying to you? >> i can explain it very, very simply. what i said was, people asked me to give them an update, i got an update, i gave you the update, and then there was another one
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>> reporter: the usoc saying it was going on information lochte gave it. and everybody wears this when they go out? >> everybody. >> reporter: last week, we imbedded with rio's s.w.a.t. team. so, when you leave that gate, how often do you think that you get involved in a fight? >> 100%. >> reporter: david, the usoc is reiterating its security protocols to american athletes here. that as we're learning other foreign delegations are going to rio's most famous beaches. david? >> matt gutman, thank you so much. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. remembering a pop yule lar character actor and you'll know his faze. also, the panic at an american airport. officers sweeping through the terminal. and late today, authorities revealing what they think was behind the chaos inside jfk airport. also tonight, a consumer alert for you. hotels hacked. 20 popular hotels in ten states
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and then, look at this tonight. a dramatic moment at an air show. a small plane crashing into the beach, right in front of so many spectators. they then run into the water, and you're about to see what they do to try to get that pilot
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you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. next tonight here, a frightening scene inside jfk airport here in new york. passengers running for cover, armed officers then sweeping through the terminal. and this evening, authorities are now revealing what may have caused the chaos. abc's gio benitez, at jfk tonight. >> everybody down! >> reporter: the late-night shutdown of two major terminals at one of the world's largest airports, triggering chaos overnight. >> someone started screaming and everyone just literally dropped their bags. on the tarmac, running. there were even tsa people running. >> reporter: reports of gunfire at jfk terminals eight and one, sending police already on edge to both. passengers running onto the tarmac, luggage and bags left
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head over to that location. >> reporter: but when the panic subsides, no evidence of gunfire found. no victims, though weapons, nothing on surveillance cameras. police sources tell abc news what a 911 caller thought was gunshots may have just been a raw cause celebration over an olympic win. usain bolt's victory sunday night appears to have sparked a noisy reaction at one of the airport's bars. and david, it took about three hours to get this airport back to normal. flights were evenel it shows just how seriously police take these reports, david. >> all right, gio benitez with us. gio, thank you. we do have a breaking headline involving zika. another state now, and that when we come back. also, credit cards compromised at popular hotels across the country. we'll tell you about this hotel hack. what customers need to know. a tnd the near disaster. look at this. what the beach-goers are about
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to the index tonight, and the first known case contracted from travel to another state within the united states of zika. texas health officials report that a person who lives in el paso tested positive for zika after visiting that miami neighborhood considered ground zero for transmission of the virus. 20 popular u.s. hotels have been hacked. guests credit card data compromised at hotels across ten states including 12 starwood hotels, six marriott properties is on our website for you tonight. a scary sight on the coast of england. the beach full of spectators in kent. watching as a pilot ditches his small plane into the sea. beach-goers wading into the water and turning the plane over, pulling the pilot out. the pilot walks away with minor injuries. a passing to report tonight. actor fyvush finkel has died. the character actor with an
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round basically. >> i love this. >> reporter: oh, good. first food you're going to eat when you get back? >> pizza. >> reporter: who has a hidden talent? >> what can you do? >> crazy thing. >> reporter: who is the party animal? >> simone. >> simone. >> reporter: i like that. who sleeps the most? >> aly, for sure , aly! >> reporter: that's pretty awesome. >> reporter: did you guys see your parents up in the stands it's like, they've been with me my whole life and now like at the biggest point in my career i still like seeing them in the crowd. i'm like, okay, i got it. it's fine. >> i feel the same way. if i don't see them, like, i look around the whole time trying to look for them. >> it's the extra support system. >> thank you, amy. somebody get them a pizza. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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