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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 16, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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allegedly unleashing his wrath against his ex-girlfriend on social media. it's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way, sad. all love. gomez reportedly firing back. funny how the ones that cheated multiple times are pointing the finger at the one that were forgiving and supporter, no wonder fans are mad. sad, all love. bieber had the last laugh taking the petty feud in a new dire cheated? i forgot about you and zayn. ? ? is it to late to say sorry ? >> it might be. although they say love means never having to say you're sorry. thanks for watching abc news. as always we're online at and our "nightline" facebook page.
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an arrest tonight for the murder of an imam and his associate shot execution style
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tonight. >> moments ago oscar morel of brooklyn walked out of the precinct in queens charged with second degree murder and criminal possession of a murder in connection to the shooting. >> new information on how cops pinned the murders on mr. morel. >> what might be more interesting in this particular case is what he's not charged with. 35-year-old oscar morel not charged with a hate crime, though police will not might have been for shooting and killing a popular imam and his friend. >> reporter: police found the handgun they believe was used to kill a popular imam and his friend. they prayed tonight after 55-year-old imam maulama akonjee and 64-year-old thara uddin were gunned down in a cold blooded
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quiet neighborhood. the murder shows a man walking up from behind and firing. now police believe they have the man and the gun he used. >> we're looking at him for both crimes, for the homicide and that. >> reporter: a few minutes after the imam and his friend were murdered at 79th and liberty in queens, there was a hit-and-run at pine streak and pitkin avenue in brooklyn. the war going the wrong way down pine street. take a look at this surveillance video just beyond the two men in you'll see that hit-and-run. that black suv is a gmc trailblazer, the exact vehicle used by the gunman in queens. police found the car and for the owner. >> detectives from the fugitive task force approached the car then he rammed the detective's car several times in an effort to get away. he was placed under arrest. >> reporter: hundreds attended the funeral of his imam and associate today.
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and popular in bengali community here and the murders have staggered the neighborhood. the arrest has done little to calm fears at the mosque. >> we want more security for this area. >> police say there were no words exchanged between morel and the victims before the shooting. he's said very little to police since being arrested so it's difficult to understand his motive but police did search his home and his car today information about why he may have done this. reporting live from fresh meadows, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. a loving heart, kind, compassion, bright, curious, and charming. family and friends remembering the murdered jogger in massachusetts, vanessa marcotte. the wake for her held today. the 27-year-old was killed in bright daylight while running in a park. the google employee who lived
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place tomorrow. police say they've received hundreds of tips but so far no arrests. not in my backyard part 2 on display in queens. new york city wants to turn a hotel in to a shelter for homeless residents. some residents angry. tonight protesting, so many homeless families in new york city and if they aren't sheltered in presidential neighborhoods, then where? josh einiger with the story in maspeth for us. city says the dye has been cast here, that in a month and a half this will begin the transition from hotel to homeless shelter. people who live here in maspeth say they're not about to go without a fight. >> reporter: they are organized and determined. tonight this tight knit middle class neighborhood vowed to derail a city plan to house the homeless at this holiday inn. >> we don't want the homeless shelter because of the safety of
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schools. one located directly around the corner from this facility. >> now we know why they raised our taxes. >> mayor de blasio needed money to run this homeless shelter. >> reporter: last week an angry crowd shouted down the city's human resources commissioner as he tried to explain the plan. >> an october 1st opening. >> reporter: the holiday inn signs will come down. the building will house the no more than 220 people. there will be no children under 18 and the city promises round-the-clock security supervised by the nypd. it will be the first shelter and community board 5, though there's another a mile and a half away. this hotel became a family shelter last year. >> we're not against homeless people. we're just against where the shelter is. >> reporter: he said his
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homeless and is committed to finding a better location. this, he insists, is not it, close to a park and with limited services. >> there's no transportation. there's really no medical facilities here to help them. there's no stores for them to shop in. it's just not a good location. >> back live you can see the barricades are set up for tomorrow. that's because organizers are planning a rally like this every day this week. then on friday they're planning something different, a food and to benefit the homeless. we're live in maspath, queens tonight, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. a rowdy olympic celebration over usain bolt win now being blamed for triggering a shooting scare at kennedy airport. panicked passengers were evacuated from terminals 1 and 8 after someone called 911. officers swarmed the terminals and searched the airport but no gun or evidence of a shooting was found.
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100-meter olympic victory for gunshots. it's another warm sticky night out there. good evening, everyone. i'm meteorologist jeff smith in for lee goldberg. temperatures today got up in to the low 90s. it was day 5 of the heat wave in new york city. we had a little bit of relaxation in the humidity for a while but the humidity has come back up and even though temperatures have fallen down in to the low 80s and upper 70s in some areas, dew points have risen in to the low 70s so we're squarely again in the oppressive category and with that hea in to the day tomorrow, a heat advisory has been reissued for new york city and also much of central and southern new jersey for noon right through 10 p.m. on tuesday. and with that sticky air mass, some thunderstorms are going to be developing. the severe storms prediction center has a of severe thunderstorms from new york city north and west. we'll time that out for you in your full accuweather forecast. donald trump tonight in
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now proposing a controversial vetting of would-be immigrants all as part of a fight isis plan. trump speaking in the battleground state of ohio, proposing what he'd call extreme vetting and say he'd temporarily suspend immigration from countries with a history of exploiting terrorism. he also called for an ideological test for entry in to the u.s. >> we should only admit in to the country those who share our in the cold war we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test. >> trump also claimed hillary clinton lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. it raises a question, did he forget about the september 11th terror attacks?
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didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. >> mr. giuliani speaking at the trump campaign stop in ohio. social media all over giuliani for seemingly forgetting what happened in new york in 2001. the former mayor who often evokes 9/11, called mike pence the governor of ohio instead of indiana. hillary clinton campaigning in pennsylvania and joined by vice president bid. hosted a homecoming rally of sorts where both have family ties and spend time as children. biden hailed clinton's accomplishments as senator and secretary of state then laid in to trump, claiming he's unqualified to be trusted with nuclear codes and unfit to lead the nation. the largest release yet tonight from the u.s. guantanamo bay prison in cuba. all 15 prisoners apart of the obama administration's process of closing that facility. 12 men from yemen.
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to the united arab emirates. all have been held without charges, some for 14 years. 61 detainees remain at guantanamo. at this hour, teen curfew is taking effect after two nights of violent unrest in milwaukee. the mayor imposing the curfew, hoping to stem the violence that broke out after the police shooting of an armed suspect. protesters have been lighting cars and businesses on fire, throwing bricks and bottles at police, and in some cases opening fire. camera footage shows 23-year-old silvil smith was armed. the return tomorrow after a nearly 15-year absence of retail shopping to the world trade center. crews busy tonight putting the final touches on about a half million square feet of space. about to open in the oculus. the original world trade center
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it's a situation that really stinks for a family in new jersey, literally and figuratively. backed up sewage flooding their basement in their home in the essex town of irvington. they say it's happened before. is it the city's fault? is it their fault? carolina leid trying to get to the bottom all this. >> everything is blocked and in my basement. >> reporter: johnson says calling this a nightmare is an understatement. the stench of human fecal matter is enough to make anyone gag. >> high blood pressure and stress, that comes along with it because i can't see myself living in this filth. >> reporter: the sewer backup started saturday at johnson's home on isabella avenue in irvington.
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so just use your imagination. >> the scent is very high. when the heat is on there, the scent rises, it's like living in hell. >> reporter: johnson said she had four feet of water after hurricane irene, so just before superstorm sandy, the city took preventative measures by cleaning the system. she said that worked like a charm. >> if sandy was such a bad hurricane, especially in jersey, sewer system was clean, i had no water at all. >> reporter: now johnson is waiting for a private company to come in the morning but she believes the solution is on the municipal side. >> they told me that's not their fault because their water system is low. so it's not their fault for my basement to be flooded but i can't get any help. >> a department spokesperson said a worker was out here
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meaning the homeowner is responsible. ms. johnson says she'll fight it. reporting in irvington, carolina leid, channel 7 eyewitness news. authorities on long island say they've recovered the body of a boater who was reported missing over 48-year-old andrew weiss left the beach friday night headed for lindenhurst but he never arrived. he was reported missing saturday when his damaged boat was recovered. police believe it was some type of accident. great south bay. a couple con artists scamming people in a rental scam. tonight a police search in new jersey to try to catch them. three couples paid what they thought was rent for a home in linden. two couples arrived to the house to move in at the same time yesterday. quickly realizing of course they were ripped off. scammers didn't own the property and they didn't exactly leave a forwarding address. >> we did our homework. it's scary to the point where even when you do your homework, you do your research, and
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still can get scammed. >> the couples talked to our new jersey reporter anthony johnson. they say the female scammer called mirna showed them the property and collected the money. the man in contact about the property called himself marcos. a gunman storms a restaurant, kidnapping a dozen people. mexican police say the victims were abducted from the restaurant early today in puerto vallarta. authorities say everyone kidnapped, are members of the criminal organizations. they may be in a battle for supremacy in the popular tourist city. another round of mosquito spraying in the ongoing effect to try to battle the west nile and zika viruses. although no zika has been transmitted from local mosquitos here, pesticide will be sprayed across parts of manhattan and queens. weather permitting, spraying will continue until 6 a.m.
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louisiana to offer help in the epic flooding. six people have died and more than 20,000 rescued as the water continues to rise. almost 48 hours of nonstop rain has brought some of the worst flooding louisiana and mississippi have ever seen. some areas saw more than two feet of rainfall over the weekend. you got to check out this new video tonight as a tornado moved through indiana, hitting a baseball field, and causing an explosion. the national weather service says two tor through central indiana. there are no reports of any injuries. wildfires in california continue raging and causing big problems. more than 175 homes and businesses destroyed by flames in the town of lower lake. that's about 90 miles north of san francisco. look at the. thousands have been forced to flee. last september you'll recall the town dodged another fire by just a few miles. not this time though. this fire, one of 11 currently
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down. today was probably officially our last day of the stretch here in new york city. tomorrow will feel every hot if not hotter because humidity is going up overnight in to the day tomorrow. temperature, 81. humidity up to 74% right now. would have been nice if we had a little bit of a breeze. but the wind is calm. high on the day got up to 92 after a morning low of 77. well above average by 9 degrees to be exact. 97 your record high back in the very hot summer of 1988. sun coming up at about 6 min the morning. thunderstorms are going to be the big story tomorrow. they could be strong. mainly during the afternoon hours. i think the biggest threat in such a muggy, juicy air mass has very heavy downpours and also gusty potentially damaging winds in a couple of spots. we'll have to watch the situation carefully. a heat advisory in effect from noon to 10 p.m. tomorrow. even though we probably don't continue the heat wave tomorrow officially with 90-degree heat, temperatures in the upper 80s tomorrow will feel like the mid
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100 south and west of new york city with such high humidity values. 84 in newark and laguardia. it's a classic situation where the urban areas are much warmer than the surrounding suburbs. 72 in morristown. down to 66 at monticello. for a while some west humid air had sunk down the hudson valley down in to new york city. but that's since receded and been replaced by this muggy air moving in from the south and west. you can see clouds increasing as well. there have been a couple sprinkles south and west to york city. one moved across staten island a little while ago. also some heading toward ocean and monmouth counties. that's a weakening batch of thunderstorms. look at all the moisture off to our south and west. this is actually connected to that system that was over louisiana causing the monumental flooding in that region. that main area of low pressure moving through lower michigan. we're getting a spoke of moisture out ahead of it. that will give us our thunderstorm threat in to the day tomorrow. overnight tonight in to the wee hours of tomorrow morning, i
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to see a shower or thunderstorm in parts of the area and then it really gets active i think by tomorrow afternoon. that's when a severe line of storms could move on through. in addition to that, heat index values getting up in to the mid 90s. even though the temperature doesn't even get up to 90. accuweather forecast, warm and sticky. could be a shower or thunderstorm toward daybreak in a couple spots. 77. 78 at 7:00 in the morning. peeks of sun, hazy and humid. numerous during the day. some could be on the feisty side. 88 for a high tomorrow night. maybe an early shower or strong thunderstorm. then we tend to clear things out later on. lows in the mid 70s. as we head in to wednesday, it's a breezy and warm day but the humidity will be lowering a bit. 89 for a high. mid 80s on thursday. there's a slight chance of a stray shower or storm thursday. back to warm and humid by friday in the weekend. back to the thunder threat by late sunday in to monday.
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now, it could be some real relief where you can open your windows at night and save on those ac bills. coming up next, could a pain reliever taken in pregnancy lead to bad behavior later in children? >> plus, a big milestone for a burger joint that started here
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in tonight's health alert, pain relieving medicine and behavorial issues in children. researchers in the uk say women who use acetaminophen during pregnancy had children with an increased risk of behavorial problems including hyperactivity. acetaminophen is generally considered safe to take during pregnancy. scientists say more research is needed. when shake shack owner danny meyer was approached about extending his original hamburger
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then eventually changed his mind. several years later, shake shack tomorrow opens its 100th restaurant. they're giving away 100 free burgers at each location to celebrate shake shack's newest store at the boston seaport. >> long lines tomorrow. >> guess it was a good idea to open up more. laura behnke up next with sports. >> on the day alex rodriguez became a free agent, the yankees are trying to ride a youth s played three games and already the kid is proving he's the real deal. while the mets, they're picking up right where they left off
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three games does not a superstar make but this kid is off to quite a start. >> it is a start for aaron judge. five games out of the final playoff wildcard spot, the yankees know they've got work to do to keep playing in october. if this team is going anywhere, the young guys will be driving this bus. the pinstripes opened a series against the blue jays. aaron judge continuing to excite. look at this, the rbi double in the fourth.
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in the first three games in the majors. the rest all about pitching. fellow rookie chad green came to play. struck out 11 in six shut-out innings. the bullpen also solid. tyler clippard, he was a deadline acquisition on in the 7th gets the k as he goes one scoreless inning. then there's betances in to close things out. his fifth save. 1-0 the yanks win. they're now four and a half games out. made alex rodriguez marlins jerseys just yet. his publicist released a statement a few hours later saying of his client's chances of playing for another team this year, quote, it's not happening. rodriguez of course is just four homers shy of 700 and had rumored to be getting interest from the marlins. the mets will know more about the severity of the setbacks zach suffered.
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his comeback attempt from tommy john. off to a rough one tonight. the rbi single off bartolo colon in the 1st. chris owings also getting to colon. a single of his own. another run scores. the d-backs would be up 3-0 after one. the mets trying to get back in to it. the bases loaded and wilmer flores going out swinging to end the inning and the threat. right now the mets trailing 5-2 in the 5th. in other mets injury yoenis cespedes began his rehab assignment tonight. the outfielder was 0-3 with a run scoring ground-out. the plan now is for him to play left field tomorrow and barring any setbacks he will be deactivated off the disabled list when the mets start their series in san francisco. the official title of training camp has ended for the giants but the same work continues as big blue prepares for preseason game number 2 coming up saturday. do not expect to see victor
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cruz did once again sit out practice today with the strained groin. mcadoo had a conversation with cruz and is hoping to have him back wednesday. simone biles is one of if not the best gymnast in the world. coming to rio with the goal of bringing home five olympic gold medals. but she's going to have to settle for four at best. today the 19-year-old stumbled on the beam placing third in what's one of her best events. takes silver. on the track allison felix made a strong surge down the final stretch of the women's 400 meters but comes up just short as shawnee miller dives across for the gold. felix would settle for the silver. a crazy ending right there. literally dove like she was going in to 1st base. >> didn't know you were allowed to do that.


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