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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the jersey shore. >> murder charges filed against a brooklyn man who police say was caught on camera. the questions police still have this morning. >> and what former mayor, rudy giuliani said during a campaign stop that has some wondering whether or not he forgot about 9/11. good morning, i'm michelle charlesworth in for lori stokes. >> it is tuesday, august 16. you are never more than 7 and traffic beginning with bill evans. >> a beautiful sunrise this morning. a look over toward the throgs neck bridge. we have a pretty sunrise, 79 degrees. partly cloudy, calm wind. 81 laguardia. 76 down the jersey shore. 75 tom's river. heat advisory until 10:00 tonight. showers are starting to pop up to our west. they will get here this
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take an umbrella. they get going after lunchtime today. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> we have the new jersey turnpike south of exit 13 earlier tractor trial fire. continue to block two lanes and news copter 7 scene and john can give us more information about what is going on. that looks messy, good morning, john. >> it is a meze indeed. these are live pictures. we are southbound on turnpike. as you said, just south of exit 13. this was a tractor trailer fire, which i'm told began around 3:00 this morning. you can see it off on the right shoulder. this is a big, big mess. the fire department is still out here. the fire is obviously been extinguished. but you can see them putting water on the fire and as a result, they are operating. just a short time ago, all lanes were shut in the truck
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is open. they have the signs flipped further north. if you're traveling southbound on the turnpike, expect delays to build as we get into the morning rush. >> we also have another issue on the new jersey turnpike. this is the turnpike. you can see -- a disabled bus blocking one lane and another problem as you go on to the new exiting at 15e, that's very heavy exiting delays, truck routes 1 and the, an accident northbound ale lanes are closed. man transit is doing okay, and looking at route 70, that's closed down between ridgeway road. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> tragedy overnight on the jersey shore, two people were killed when fire broke outside
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live with new reaction from neighbors. a.j. >> i just spoke with a man who lives across the street. he woke up to smoke and firefighters battling this blaze. police remain here on scene as the investigation into just what caused this blaze continues. but sadly, two men lost their lives overnight who couldn't get out of this home in time. i want to show you video sent last night and flames spread throughout the home. several fire department it is, including spring lake, wahl, and neptune responded, but two men inside weren't automobile to get out in time. firefighters were able to prevent the fire. what started this remains under investigation. we spoke with the neighbor
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trucks and emergency vehicles. >> it's a shame that a house like this, that somebody or the people that were here were resurrecting after the storm, that, you know, that this kind of a horrible thing happens. >> now back here live, you can see just the charred remains are left behind. how intense this blaze the mayor tweeted awhile ago, calling this a tragic fire and thanking the fire department that helped overnight for their efforts. as we get more information, they are not releasing the names just yet. they want to notify family first. you will be the first to know. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much, aj. the man charged with killing a muslim cleric and his associate heads to court in queens today, although a motive for the chilling double murder remains
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led out of the police precinct in handcuffs. diana rocco has the latest. >> michelle, good morning. the background of oscar morell. he will be on two counts. morell is charged with killing a queens imam and his e assistant. sunday night. the murder weapon and clothes matching the description of the man seen leaving the scene. emanuel and his assistant were they killed on sand. what is believed to be mohr rail running up behind them. a sheffly trailblazer was driven by morell, was seen leaving the scene. many in the community in queens
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a lot of fear in the community. very rare thing to see a cleric killed, and members of the muslim community have been on edge. >> there's a big show of support within the muslim community at yesterday's funeral as hundreds showed up to memorialize the cleric. morell is charged with criminal possession o are still searching for a motive here this morning as he is arraigned later today. live in q gardens queens. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> it's 6:06. the wait continues for staten island teenager who committed suicide because he was bullied. daniel was remembered yesterday
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angel catholic academy. the brooklyn dialysis deny that he was ignored. >> family and friends will gather in massachusetts to say a final good-bye to 27-year- old, vanessa. her body was found more than a week ago in the woods near her mother's home. now she worked at google here in new state police are working through hundreds of tips and they are searching for her killer. today, donald trump will take his campaign to wisconsin for a rally outside of milwaukee, which has been the scene of unrest following a deadly police involved shooting. it comes after the republican presidential candidate proposed an extreme vetting process for immigrants. administering a test for immigrants who want to enter
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not be allowed into the country. >> former new york city mayor hit the campaign trail with trump and his comments about terrorism are raising some eyebrows this morning. >> under those eight years, before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attack in the united states. >> social media jumped on september 11 attacks when giuliani was mayor of new york. moments before making that remark, he referenced the 9/11 attacks twice while introducing vice presidential nominee, mike pence. >> time is 6:08. hillary clinton's super pack is taking on a new strategy that will have some seeing fewer. local ads will not run. she is seeing stronger poll
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meant to signal confidence in those key states. ads will begin airing again toward the end of september. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic, it's 6:09. here we go. out toward long island, got a humid morning, sun and clouds, 80 degrees on our rooftop thermometer here. we're looking at temperatures of 78, 79 degrees over much of the tristate area. the humidities are and it's the humidity that will drive up the real feel into the 90s. these thunderstorms right there in the ohio valley come to us this afternoon. get you out the door with an umbrella this morning. hazy, warm, humid, thunderstorms this afternoon, 8:00 temperature, 79. the afternoon features upper 80s with showers and thunderstorms into the first
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gusting up 25, 30 miles per hour. high risk of rip currents. hands are full on the roadways this morning. >> yes, we have the extension of the new jersey turnpike. this is the eastbound side of the new jersey turnpike. before you get to the bridge, you can see it's jam packed. we have that disabled bus cleared away. let's talk to you about what is going on, on the new jersey turnpike itself. john was just over this in news copter 7. exit 13, earlier tractor trailer fire. so it's been burning since the overnight hours. so we have cleanup activity on going, two lanes are closed down. as you travel southbound on the new jersey turnpike, they are diverting all of that traffic into the car lanes to get you around this problem. if you're heading on to 1 and 9 truck routes both ways, an accident northbound, all lanes
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closed down. metro north, long island railroad. no major issues. we have alternate side of the parking rules in effect for today. michelle, ken, over to you. >> it's 6:11. the city of new york shells out a major settlement over the shooting of an >> nearly a dozen people were kidnapped along the mexican rivera. the gang spread stomp a popular resort town. >> just arriving over a big accident f. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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6:14. we have breaking news in new jersey. an accident is creating a traffic meze mess on routes 1 9. >> good morning, michelle. it looks like this tractor trailer went the wrong direction. you can see the pictures, tractor trailer off the road. that tractor trailer is actually headed in the southbound direction here in carney. but it's in the northbound lanes. another vehicle involved in this collision as well. this accident happened around 5:15 this morning. if you're traveling southbound away from jersey city. only the left lane is open and we have some delays to go with
6:15 am
the northbound side. you see that long stretch of empty road and that's because all lanes are shut. look at this traffic now coming northbound on truck route 1 and 9. that's just off on the left, and traffic is at an absolute standstill. remember the stretch carries that alternate volume off the skyway, you definitely want to allow extra time headed this direction this morning. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, john, thank you, it's 6:15. armed men who stormed into an upscale restaurant and kidnapped ten people. two suv's arrived at the restaurant in the popular mexican beach resort city. police believe the victims and kidnappers are members of criminal gang organizations. they are not mentioning the names of the gangs, but authorities believe they know which gangs are involved. 6:15 right now. this morning, a devastating story. a florida woman is remembering
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he died trying to save her life. kendra and sherod were playing in the waves when a powerful rip current swept them away. sherod last his grasp. that's when he asked life guards to save kendra first. >> i heard him hollering and screaming and i was hollering and screaming for them to save him. please save him. >> the couple had been married for two years. what he did for her. >> wow. 6:16. video of flooding in louisiana. 11,000 people are staying in shelters after thousands were rescued from flooded homes. officials estimate 70% of the homes were damaged by flood waters. red cross volunteers are headed to louisiana to help with the recovery efforts. >> time now, 6:16. heading outside to see bill evans on the sidewalk. >> you can feel the humidity this morning.
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temperature, yesterday was 92. today, you know, with this humidity around, it will feel like the 100s. here's what is going on. we have sun and clouds. 79. look at the dew point, 7 degrees away from matching the air temperature. so that lets you know the humanity is up there nearly 80%. downpours heavily coming across, then gusty tonight. so 70 toward hanover. it's 75 around bridgeport. and we have a little wind here, the profile is out of the south and southwest. a little more southerly today. that's why the moisture. the storm's prediction center put us in that slight risk category for gusty thunderstorm. that means somebody in the area is going to get a severe thunderstorm later today with
6:18 am
the ohio valley. notice on our future cast, our guidance, they start showing up around 4:00, 3:00, 4:00, i give it an hour either way there. and then as this front nears, they say it's in western jersey at 6:00, moving fast. 8:00long io lapped, and lapse. by afternoon, we're into the upper 80s, but the wind goes northwest. that will feel index this afternoon is 93, 95, 98, and 100. tom's river 101. and tomorrow, around 90. with the northwest wind, that will feel good. boating forecast today, this afternoon, now i made this boating forecast for the afternoon. small craft advisory is in effect. wind gusts at 30 knotts. so small craft. and rip current risks will be high with this low upstate. brings a shower or thunderstorm.
6:19 am
88 today. warm and humid. showers and thunderstorms. and then it's muggy overnight. got to be around 76, 78 degrees. a nice northwest breeze. it's 87. thursday is a nice day, 86, and back to warm weather with sunshine and clouds. 88 and 85 on sunday. a nice weekend coming up. >> we're just getting going this you today, back to you guys. >> scare everybody away from the upper west side? >> people are steering clear. >> just getting started late. it's a lazy, hazy, crazy morning. we're ready to go. we're here, we're in place, let's go. >> let's go over to heather. >> i have a feeling everybody is on vacation. we have metro north long island railroad, everything is running on or chose to schedule.
6:20 am
13. let's take a look at video. news copter7 was above this earlier. look at the mess as you go to the southbound side and this is near exit 13. they are still out there. let's go over to our maps and talk about what is going on. both way ways, northbound all lanes are closed. that's because of an on going accident involving a tractor 707 in manchester, both ways. accident with downed wires. our street cleaning rules are in effect. ken, over to you. >> it's 6:20. the women's gymnastics competition wraps up today as simone complete on the floor. it's the last chance to grab another gold in rio after taking the bronze yesterday. the silver went to 16-year-old,
6:21 am
gymnastics team. the 400 race as miller drove head first across the finish line. she narrow beat allison felix to take the gold. and tonight, all eyes will be on copabana beach in the beach volleyball semifinals. jennings is going for her fourth olympic gold medal. the u.s. is on top with 26 golds. followed by great china. >> wow. >> taking a fight over zika from new york to d.c. how city
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6:24. on the money this morning, stocks open at a record high thanks to energy companies. the dow starts the day at
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slightly lower. there are new reports that the justice department is uncovered criminal acts on a probe that led to the discovery of cheating on emissions testing. working with attorneys to reach assembly. it's not clear whether any employees will face charges. going through a million and a half documents as part of the probe. >> after nearly 15 years, retail shopping is coming baa k putting the final touches inside the transit hub. more than 100 businesses, including an apple store, the banana republic will open in the 350,000 square foot shopping mall. the lower levels of the original world trade center included a shopping mall. >> still ahead, two men found dead in china burning home on the jersey shore.
6:26 am
life report coming up. >> and southbound only the left lane open. northbound all lanes are closed in carney. this is a garbage truck trailer. it's national tell a joke day, we'll have thunderstorms later. >> no doubt about it. as a matter of fact, we're looking at haze this morning and humidity that contributes to just that. a couple showers that have been firing up already today. are coming up after lunchtime.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. >> developing now, fire tragedy at the jersey shore, two men are dead and we are getting new reaction from neighbors right now. >> fierce flames destroyed a tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike and the cleanup is causing problems for the morning commute. >> plus, we're timing out the threat of strong thunderstorms later today. what you need to know before
6:30 am
ken rosato. >> and i'm mitchell charlesworth. it is tuesday, august 16. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> what a beautiful morning it is outside and what a thunderstorm you're going to see later today. the temperatures, 79 degrees, calm winds, partly cloudy, white stone 81. 77islip. 66 monticello. that's because of the humidity. to get above 90 today. slight risk of a heavy thunderstorm. mid and upper 80s. it's a summertime thunderstorm coming up this afternoon. breezy and much cooler tomorrow. i'll explain in your accuweather forecast. >> we have metro north with delays about 35 minute delays.
6:31 am
issues. then we have truck routes 1 and 9, an accident northbound, we have all lanes closed down and southbound one lane is open. up over the scene. you can see how there's only one lane getting by as you head to the southbound side and that northbound side involves the garbage truck. let's head over to our maps and talk about the new jersey turnpike. earlier tractor trailer our street cleaning rules are in effect. back to you. >> 6:31. we have new video showing the intense fire fight inside a two story home. firefighters found the bodies of two men late last night. >> the fire broke out on 14th avenue in belmar. eyewitness news reporter just spoke with neighbors. she is live with an update. a.j., good morning. >> michelle, neighbors here on 14th avenue waking up with heavy hearts after two men
6:32 am
now left behind me. this was an intense and fast moving blaze that remains under investigation. now take a look at this video sent to us by a viewer. according to investigators, the fire broke out around 9:45 last night and flames quickly spread throughout the home. several fire departments, including belmar, spring lake, wall, and neptune responded to the blaze. unfortunately, two men inside were not able to escape in time. firefighters were able to prevent the blaze from what sparked this deadly fire remains under investigation. a lot of homes are rentals, it's hard to get to know people well, but their thoughts remain with the families who lost loved ones. >> it's sad, it's regrettable. things don't happen here like that, and sorry to hear. that's it. >> again, back here live, you can just see the charred remains. the siding of this home falling off, even the adjacent home to
6:33 am
lot of damage to its siding, just from the sheer heat and again intensity of this blaze. for now, officials are not releasing the name of those two victims that passed away. they are trying to notify families first. as we get more information, you will be the first to know. live in belmar, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you. new video of a truck fire that is still causing traffic issues in the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike. phone video showing flames shooting out of that. the driver was able to get out safely and crews are still trying to clear that wreckage, even now. >> new this morning, at 6:33, new york city agreed to pay more than $4 million to settle a wrongful death claim filed by the family. gurlly was killed in brooklyn, shot in a stairwell by former nypd officer, peter yang in the pink houses back in november of
6:34 am
will include a $25,000 payment, $400,000 from the new york city housing authority. and $4.1 million from the city. >> a former newtown connecticut teacher accused of carrying a loaded gun in school is asking for probation. jason adams is set to appear in court to allow him into a probation program result into the charges being erased. charged in april with carrying a ad caliber pistol inside that school. state law prohibits firearms on school grounds. >> 6:34. the same day that hundreds of mourners paid respects to a local muslim leader. the suspect accused of murdering him and his friend outside a mosque was arrested. 35-year-old oscar morell is facing two murder charges. eyewitness news reporter, diana rocco is live with the story.
6:35 am
what happened. 35-year-old, oscar morell has been uncooperative. he has been in police custody since yesterday and will see a judge in a queens courtroom later this morning on two murder charges. morell is now charged with the murder of queens imam and his assistant on saturday. he was held at a queens precinct yesterday after police took him into custody outside his brooklyn home. a search of the house turned up what is believed to be the murder weapon and clothes matching the description of the scene on saturday. imam and his assistant were gunned down after they left afternoon prayer. surveillance video shows what is believed to be morell running behind them and shooting them in the back of the head. a chevy trailblazer was seen leaving the scene. called police with a license plate number. that is what led them to morell's east new york home. >> right now, we can't explain
6:36 am
to that. we have him on video. about 8 minutes prior to the homicide. and then he takes off directly after. we'll put those facts together and exploring his life to see what's going on. >> morell has been charged with criminal weapons possession. he will be arraigned here in queens later today. we're live in queens this morning, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. 6:36. authorities say they recovered was reported missing over the weekend. 48-year-old, andrew weiss, left gilgo beach friday night, but he never arrived. he was reported missing saturday when his damaged boat was recovered. weiss was pulled from the water monday in the great south bay and police believe it was in some type of accident. olympic celebrations at j if, k airport are now officially being blamed for
6:37 am
the airport, but no gun or evidence of a shooting was found. abc news reports a caller confused excitement over sprinter, usain bolt's 100 meter olympic victory for gun shots. the port authority says it will review its response to the shooter scare. >> 6:37. as the high heat brings a risk of severe storms today. new york city is keeping cooling centers open to help people stay cool and safe. heat indexes will be in the high 90s again or in the conditioning will be able to get some relief inside libraries, community centers, and senior centers. you can call 311 to find the nearest cooling center location. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic together here. 79degrees. we are looking at what will be a day of sunshine, haze, and humidity. and the humidity will drive the real feels up into the mid 90s
6:38 am
looking at showers and thunderstorms, too. they are back to our west and they are going to be working their way across the mountains of pennsylvania, getting to us this afternoon after lunchtime. so, out the door we go. what do you need? the umbrella. it's warm, it's humid, showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. 80 by 9:00. mid 80s by the time we get to lunchtime today. upper 80s this afternoon. but you tack on the humidity, it feels like 95 to 100. with some thunderstorms, with and lightning. weather and traffic together every seven minutes. news copter 7 up and at it this morning and looking at that accident. >> and john is very busy as usual. this is routes 1 and 9. it's truck routes 1 and 9 where we have an accident involving this tractor trailer and a garbage truck. now it looks like they may have all lanes closed down both ways. we did have the southbound side open, but as you can see, northbound side is completely closed down. and you know the skyway is closed down, so this is your
6:39 am
the holland tunnel and you can see that it is jam packed as a result of that. let's go over to our maps. we'll pinpoint exactly where this is. both ways, an accident, so that's the polasky. we also have this issue on the new jersey turnpike truck lane south of exit 13. earlier tractor trailer fire. clean up activity blocks two lanes. we have delays metro north, water bury branch. 35 minute delays seems to be doing okay and alternate side of the parking rules in effect for today. michelle and ken, over to you. >> it's 6:39. next and new this morning, a scary case of workplace violence in nassau county. a man opening fire on coworkers moments after getting fired. the move for mayor de blasio to keep away mosquitoes that might be carrying zika. >> and who said there's no such
6:40 am
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6:42. police in california arrested a man an cuesed of starting a wild fire that causeed millions of dollars in damage and destroyed more than 175 homes. 40-year-old, damon anthony has been arrested on 17 counts of
6:43 am
county over the past year. >> new this morning, a nassau county man will be in court after police say he started shooting when he was fireed from his job. 32-year-old, christopher hicks was taken into custody yesterday. police say he became enrageed after being fireed from his job at a valley stream auto shop. investigators say that's when he picked up a muffleer. threw it at a car before grabb hicks hicks did cause thousands of dollars in damage. >> 6:43. today, mayor de blasio will join new york lawmakers calling for funding to fight zika. also another round of mosquito spraying scheduleed if r tomorrow night for tomorrow night. linked to travel within the u.s., after a person contracted the virus while visiting miami. a miewmmy neighborhood is miami neighborhood is the first place where zika transmission has
6:44 am
open a homeless shelter is getting some pushback. dozens of people took to the streets to derail a plan to house the homeless in a holiday inn right there. the shelter is expected to open october 1 and house 110 familyies. there will be no children under age 18. the city promises around the clock security superviseed by the nypd. some people that live nearby say safety is their main concern. the safety of our children. >> there are three schools, one locateed directly around the corner. >> this will be the first shelter. community board members say the neighborhood does have an obligation to house the homeless and that they are committed to finding a better location. 6:44. good morning america is comeing up next, robin roberts is live in times square. good morning. >> good morning to you, that
6:45 am
still in shelters this morning. forceed from their homes by historic flooding that left seven dead. the waters are riseing. rob is live in baton rouge with the latest, and we'll have the forecast for severe storms in the northeast. ginger will have that for us. also ahead, donald trump's speech on terror, outlineing his plans for fighting extremeism, will the speech put his campaign back on track? matt joins us to break it all down. the young victims of the tennessee amusement park accident speaking out after she and two others fell from a ferris wheel. this morning, she is shareing her story, so glad that she is doing well. also sharing her story with us, amy schumer will be here. she has a book that is comeing out today. >> awesome. >> terrific show. terrific. >> good stuff. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> all right, let's check back outside, and check in with bill
6:46 am
bring your umbrellas. >> you will be this morning, if you have to wear the suit and all that stuff, because it's already very warm and humid to start the day. here's a look from news copter 7. job johnny d. is up, looking at a hazy morning. hazy new york harbor. that shows you the humidityies are up there. those clouds, by the way, out a precursor to thunderstorms. that's a high level winds clouds across us, that means showers and thunderstorms within 12 hours. that's going to be when we get thunderstorms later on this afternoon. humidity is right at 80%. got a calm wind. yesterday eats's high was 82. today will be at 88. humidity will carry the reel feel real feels. and that's prime time thunderstorm time. thunderstorms going to be strong this afternoon.
6:47 am
are very heavy for heavy downpours of rain, gusty winds and lightning. heat advisory is in effect until 10:00 tonight. good air quality. lots of sun. a uv index is a 9 today. 73 ask 73 and up toward monte monte claire. the winds are out of the south and southwest. a southerly wind pumping up the moisture. we have heat advisory until 10:00 tonight and that's really today. a couple showers, but the real bank of rain is to our west and that comes in this afternoon. you'll see on our future cast, temperature in the mid 80s. thunderstorms start fireing up, central jersey at 4:00. good line of thunderstorms at 6:00. from western hudson river valley, central jersey, down to philly, and slideing across 6:00 or 7:00, right at baseball
6:48 am
nassau county, jersey shore, and then dispates. tomorrow we start off with 80. upper 80s tomorrow, but it will feel better because we have a north wets northwest wind. 95 to 101, tom's river tomorrow, we are closer to 90. so, the northwest wind, it will be dryer tomorrow. small craft advisory, small boats will be important. thunderstorms, visibilityies a mile. winds are about 25, 30 miles an the front pushes through and the showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight and tomorrow, it's going to be breezy with lower humidity. thunderstorms this afternoon, 88 degrees. tonight and early morning thunderstorm. tomorrow, it will feel better. the winds south, southwest to northwest. and that's going to be a nice day. thursday is a nice day. and the end of the week and weekend, bringing temperatures back up with the humidity.
6:49 am
and be safe around the thunderstorms. have a great day. >> you, too. >> sounds like a good one, if you're a duck, and you like thunder and lightning. >> walk. >> quack. thank you, sir. >> not a great day for those of you that use truck routes. an accident is being cleared away. news copter 7 is up above. john is showing us the scene where we have northbound all lanes closeed down and southbound, they temporarily closeed all lanes as well. the northbound side, that's the the holland tunnel. now they are diverting all that traffic, and 1 and 9 is an absolute mess. and just exiting off at 15e. it is a nightmare. keep in mind, the skyway, as everybody knows, is closeed down. this is your way to the holland tunnel. let's go back over to our maps and talk to you about our had trains 4 trains. expect delays and service changes. metro north, 35 minute delays. and our street cleaning rules
6:50 am
over to you. >> it's 6:49. new york's hometown burger spot is celebrateing its 100th location by serveing up free lunch. my two favorite words. the new location is at the boston sea port, but every location plans to give away 100 free burgers beginning at 10:30 this morning. the deal ends at noon or when all the burgers are gone, which i'm sure will happen very quickl y. >> good stuff though.
6:51 am
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6:53. new york city officials are hopei ng to put an end to the rat race. >> they will teach a master class on stopping rodents. the city's rat academy will be held in the west vile large village. corey johnson will host the event, which teaches people how to keep rats out of their buildi ngs. the training is free, there cans cans raffleed off. this is the second annual rat academy held in the city. >> an io cantic can iconic las vegas landmark is no lodger longer. >> is the strip's first high- rise was reduceed to rubble as the tower imploded. the rivera opened more than six decades ago, serveed as the sett ing as some of the most famous movies ever on the vegas
6:54 am
continue to follow a story on the jersey shore. >> a fire ripped through a home. we are working to get more information on who the at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. collette jodi stacy learn more at
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6:56. developing overnight, two men have died after a fire burned through a home in belmar. flames broke out on 14th avenue late last night. several fire companyies helped to battle the fire. both men were trapped inside and could not be saveed. >> here's a live look at the
6:57 am
home. police have not identifyied those victims. the caws of the fire is cause of the fire is under investigation. >> the man abecause accuseed of killing imam and his friend, oscar morell was chargeed late last night with second-degree murder and murder. he's accuseed of killing 55- year-old, imam and 64-year-old, tara udin saturday afternoon in ozone park. in a hit-and-run crash and police useed video from that incident to track him down. >> big delays after an accident involveing a tractor trailer. >> let's check back in with john in news copter 7. john, good morning. >> mu shell, this accident happened shortly after 5:00 this morning. we were wondering what the holdu p is here. what appears to be an accident investigation and usually that happens if there's a serious injury involveed. this is truck route 1 and 9 in
6:58 am
right and this garbage truck were involveed in a collision and it looks like it may have been head on or near head on in the middle of that intersection. right into the traffic light. traffic wise, tab you're, only the left lane is open. the big traffic problem is northbound from newark into jersey city. this stretch carryies all of the volume. everyone headed toward the holland tunnel. down by newark airport, down and out for the count during the morning commute. we're live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, john. because normally 1 and 9 has no traffic this time of morning. >> what a mess. we also have a mess at the white stone bridge. let's check out this camera here. very heavy delays. it's a three car accident being head away. this is something that happened on the overnight, new jersey turnpike earlier tractor trailer fire.
6:59 am
block two lanes. 4 and 5 trains at the con concourse, expect delays. long island railroad, new jersey transit, running on or close it to to to schedule. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. >> very good. >> thanks, heather. >> we are looking at humid weather today. you can seep from the haze there. temperature. 80 around jfk and 78 around islip. looking at showers and thunderstorms starting to pop up this afternoon after lunchtime today. then, tomorrow, they will be looking at 89. looking at really nice weather adds we go into the weekend. it will be warm and humid. watch out for a thunderstorm later today. >> good stuff, thank you, bill. that's the news for now, i'm michelle charlesworth.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight a search for survivors under way after deadly floods hit the south. 30,000 rescued. the national guard pulling people to safety. now rivers are the midwest faces twisters overnight and severe weather moves east. donald trump talking tough on terror and vetting. >> how trump says he will keep america safe from isis and will his reset last as vice president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton calling trump's ideas dangerous. we have an abc news exclusive. the 10-year-old girl who fell from the top of a ferris wheel speaking out after that terrible dent. >> i was really scared but


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