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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  August 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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they believe was used to kill the two men. >> reporter: detectives say this is the murder weapon. a rusted .38 caliber revolver found hidden in the suspect's brooklyn apartment. oscar, did you shoot them because they were muslim? >> reporter: investigators say the evidence against oscar morell is overwhelming but the motive is still not clear. prosecutors are convinced he is th do not yet know why. the double murder shocked the city captured on surveillance video. the 52-year-old and 64- assistant victims each shot point blank in the back of the head. police say morel was the driver of an suv that struck a cyclist in brooklyn shortly after saturday's shooting. a vehicle that matched the description of the get away
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tried to stop him. >> detectives from the fugitive task force approached the car. then he rammed the detective's car several times in an effort to get away. he was placed under arrest. >> reporter: many of the city's muslim community believe the murders were a hate crime, and they are demanding that patrols in muslim neighborhoods be stepped up. >> participants in hate crime. this area. >> that was nj burkett reporting. new details on the settlement with akai gurley. the mother of gurley's daughter is now speaking out. kimberly is the mother of akale la gurley. the mother will go to their daughter. the settlement is for more than $4 million, but the attorney says that money will be invested and is expected to pay
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everybody acayla's lifetime. >> every day she asks can she see him, can she go to heaven to him. she asks us questions. >> former officer peter liang was convicted of manslaughter. he will pay $25,000 toward the settlement. now to an accuweather alert. another steamy day. it's not as hot as yesterday but the humidity may feel sticky outside. >> not only that, storms are in later this afternoon. meteorologist bill evans is in the weather center with an update. bill? >> you are absolutely correct. our temperature at noontime now is 86 degrees. a little cooler than yesterday, but the humidity is higher than yesterday. we have the high clouds around now. it's 86, 89, 87 degrees here. you can tack on a little more with the humidity here. feels like the low 90s already here. it will feel about 95 to 100 this afternoon.
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branch and tom's river and wrightstown is 87. these numbers are warm. the humidity will drive it into the 90s. that's why the heat advisory is in effect until 10:00 tonight. for this time the humidity being higher. already thunderstorms are popping up in northern dutchess county and over toward albany. this is a spot here where everything is good that comes into alignment where there may actually be a tornado or the possibility of that kind of severe weather as we get to the latter part of the day. this front we're with the storms, likely to miss much of the daytime hours, the daylight hours. we'll be seeing that kind of creeping into the area as we go toward the evening commute. 4:00 eastern pennsylvania. 5:00, 6:00 western hudson river valley, northwest new jersey. 7:00 getting right to the city. hudson river valley, northern jersey sweeping across at 8:00 and 9:00 on out. then it's going to be a sticky
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cooler tomorrow and thursday. we'll talk more about that in just a moment. david, back to you. arson investigators say they did not believe a deadly house fire on the jersey shore was suspicious. two men and a dog were killed in it. firefighters from belmar and two other towns responded to 14th street in belmar after 9:45 last night. the fire was so intense it kept them from getting inside and saving the victims. officials say the extreme heat outside also kept re-igniting the flames. >> the fire department got here house was fully engulfed. you can see it how charred it is now. there were flames coming out of every window. so when they got here, they did their best to put it out and get inside. without a doubt, it was far too late. >> the identities of the victims were not released. an autopsy will determine the cause of death. traffic is moving again right now after an overnight tractor-trailer fire on the new
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sent to us from linden. that video shows flames shooting out of the truck shortly after 3:00 a.m. fortunately, the driver was able to get out safely. no word on what caused the fire and there were no reports of injuries. friends and family are saying good-bye to a new york woman murdered in massachusetts. the funeral for vanessa marcot was held this morning. her body was found august 7th near woods near her mother's home in the town of princeton. shwo state police say they are working through hundreds of tips in the search for her killer. donald trump's immigration plan of "extreme vetting" under attack for the clinton campaign. trump calling for ideological tests for people entering the country. meanwhile, a spokesman for rudy giuliani trying to clarify the former mayor's statement that shocked many in new york city. kenneth moten live with the
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on the campaign trail. kenneth? >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the trail today. clinton in philadelphia in about an hour. trump in wisconsin tonight where he is expected to talk more about his controversial immigration plan. donald trump's self-proclaimed extreme immigration plan to defend against terrorism. >> the time is over due to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> reporte today, the gop nominee's proposal to give a test to people coming from known terror zones is getting intense criticism. trump expanding his temporary ban on foreign muslims to include entire regions. >> only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. >> reporter: it is illegal. constitutional lawyers say the
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power would be a first. the supreme court would likely step in to limit trump's broad plan. hillary clinton's camp quickly released a video and called it outrageous proposals to ban an entire religion. vice president biden pounced. >> trump's ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they are very dangerous and very unamerican. >> reporter: clinton's super pac plans to ads in virginia, colorado, and pennsylvania where the latest polls have clinton leading by double digits. it is overconfident? president obama took a break from vacation on martha's vineyard yesterday to attend a democratic fund-raiser. he told the room democrats should be running scared until election day or "we are going to be making a grave mistake. reporting live here in washington, kenneth moten, channel 7 "eyewitness news." meanwhile, a spokesman for rudy giuliani now trying to explain what the former new
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been no radical islamic terrorist attacks before president obama took office. a shocking statement that had some wondering if giuliani had forgotten 9/11 or the world trade center bombing in 1993. >> under those eight years before obama came along, we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist attacks in the united states. >> a spokesman says giuliani was referring to a lack of remainder of bush's term following 9/11. he pointed out that earlier during the speech, giuliani did talk about 9/11 attacks. giuliani made a similar claim in 2010 saying there had been no matsch area tacks during the bush administration. an urgent call for help in the fight against zika and the push for more funding.
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a man was shot in the leg while attempting to rob an he was leaving the restaurant on park slope when the man tried to rob him. the suspect was shot during a scuffle. he then got into a vehicle where he was put into police custody. it's not clear if he was shot with his gun or the officer's weapon. a calmer milwaukee today following days of unrest in the streets. however, police still made ten arrests overnight. a much different scene, though, from saturday when violence and fires erupted after a black men
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being credited with bringing peace back to the neighborhood. >> they along with various community leaders did an excellent job of seeing to it the individual that attracted hundreds of people remain peaceful and a positive message sent to the community. the department of justice is said to be in possession of video as the shooting -- of that shooting, rather, as it investigates. milwaukee's mayor is calling for its release. four linebackers will be agree to be interviewed by league over allegations of doping. they were implicated in a television report by al jazeera. a letter was sent to the players association giving the players ten days to speak with the league. today nfl free agent quarterback johnny manziel will be in court. he is accused of attacking and threatening to kill his ex-
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was arrested earlier this year after he allegedly hit his ex- girlfriend over a fight with another woman. he slapped her so hard, it ruptured her eardrum. retail shopping will return to the world trade center today for the first time since the 9/11 attacks. a host of stores will open and the transit hubs called oculus and others will be in the hallways of the complex. businesses will take up nearly of the original world trade center contained a mall that was destroyed. "eyewitness news" reporter lauren glass is there. she -- lauren glassberg is there. she will be doing a walking tour on facebook. that will get under way around 12:45. caught on camera, a plane crash lands in the bay. what happened right after the accident that is of note. >> and an exclusive interview
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ferris wheel. what went through her mind when the ride malfunctioned? let's take a live look outside. clouds are hanging over the
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as crews battle a raging wildfire in northern
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is arrested. damon anthony haschell faces 17 downs of arson. the biggest fire he is accused of starting charred 175 homes and businesses. thousands of people were forced from their homes. they are still out at this hour. 118 square miles have been burned. he is also accused of starting additional fires over the last year. let's look at our weather right now. meteorologist bill evans is with us. what do we have heading our way right now? we with this nice august day. 5:00, 6:00 7:00 coming through. stuff we've been seeing all summer long. you might again one, you might not. it's in brooklyn over to wall street and bowling green down toward the battery.
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86 degrees, 61% humidity. so that's, you know, a good separation. 61% is right in the moderate range of humidity. rolling in at 30.18 steady as the barometer. so still fair weather here. a nice day, normal high of 83 and the sunset is at 7:52. most of you see a nice sunset. some of you have a nice thunderstorm. it could be strong. we'll see heavy downpours, rain, gusty wind and heat advisory until tonight. white stone is 89. a couple of warm spots there. 88 around wrightstown. we'll look at how the humidity plays into this. feels like 91, 94 around newark and 93 around jfk. looking at high numbers here. toms river always a warm spot that has to do with the land and where the meters are placed. a very hot spot there, kind of
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and the real-feel together takes off. the humidity and heat advisory combining until 10:00. the storm prediction center has us in the slit risk of severe thunderstorm for much of the area. that's because of the heat and buildup. the upper level factors. you have heat, humidity and upper level, you know, scenario where there is an impulse or something like that in the upper atmosphere. it triggers strong thunderstorms. it helps them to lift up. well, we've got that, but it's maybe the northern hudson river valley. the rest of that is this front. as the heating gets going, you see the front to our west. we have three, four more hours of just sun and clouds. 85 by 5:00. 6:00 the guy assures us of the thunderstorms. the marine influence on the long island sound and atlantic. they weaken here. they don't have to land the
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you'll see tonight it gets sticky, steamy, and tomorrow we'll start off at 80. by afternoon, we'll at 86, 87 degrees. tomorrow, we have the northwest wind coming in. heat index now 93, 94, 92. we're looking at 5:00 getting to from 95 to 99. over 100 at tom's river. tomorrow, the heat index is around 90. a shower and thunderstorm 88 warm and humid. early shower or thunderstorm. after 9:00, it's warm and sticky. then we're looking at a nice northwest breeze. accuweather seven-day forecast, thursday looks great. another nice day friday.
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>> that's all right. i understand. >> thank you, bill. a las vegas landmark is no more. the implosion of one of the first high rise casinos on the vegas strip. >> plus a restaurant owner is facing a backlash over the
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that.
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. this plan crash landed in the sea. it was participating in an air show in england when it forced the pilot to have the emergency landing. you can see the plane hitting the water and flipping upside down. the people on the beach were rushing to help the pilot. despite the impact, they say suffered only minor injuries. an iconic las vegas hotel and casino now just more rubble. this is the final implosion of the riviera and could seen know that happened overnight. hiv era was known -- the riviera was known as the first high rise. it was the biggest role called
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officials in australia announced a birth was had last week and then a day later they discovered hey there is a second one. it turns out they give the pandas lots of personal space and only follow the births from a distance. so that's why they got the surprise. the newest panda is just over 4 inches long 3.5 ounces. a little tiny thing. they can get to be 6 feet. >> i think that's a i think i'd give the giant panda her space, too. >> twins. >> thanks, david. there are new reports this afternoon that the justice department has uncovered criminal acts in the volkswagen probe. that investigation led to the discovery of cheating on emissions testing. the "wall street journal" reports u.s. prosecutors are now working with attorneys at volkswagen to reach a settlement. it's not clear whether any volkswagen employees would face
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1.5 million documents as part of the probe. google's duo from the years today with the new feature that google says will help users decide whether or not to answer their phone. it's called knock knock, and it gives you a preview of the person who's calling you. i don't know if i'd ever answer my phone. the app only requires a phone number to connect instead of a separate log in for the app. against zika. the critical tool city leaders say we desperately need to stop the spread of the virus. >> plus, getting rid of rats. where you can learn how to erad cat rodent problems in your
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go long. ou afternoon. in the next 90 minutes, a man accused in a double murder outside of a mosque in queens is scheduled to face a judge. oscar morel charged with shooting an imam and associates. what was the motive? we're hoping to learn more in the next court appearance. look for updates first at 4:00 and on our abc 7ny app. good afternoon. we want to begin this half hour
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local leaders, including mayor de blasio are pushing for more funding to battle it. >> he's calling on congress to pass the nearly $2 billion zika bill. lucy yang is live in kips bay. >> reporter: zika is being described as a national health crisis. the mosquito-borne illness was the topic of a news conference by the mayor and other officials this noon. minutes ago. even though there have been no mosquitoes found in new york city carrying the disease, the fact is, new yorkers travel, including to places where those mosquitoes live in abundance. they are coming home sick. here are the numbers. we're told 500 new yorkers have tested positive, almost all have traveled abroad.
12:31 pm
brain damage. officials now insisting the countries could battle this disease better if only congress would pass more funding for the fight. 480 people have been diagnosed. 49 pregnant women. these tests are done right here in this laboratory. >> we need the federal government to act now. and pass the authorization for for actions against zika. >> reporter: now, that said, spraying is on the way for the fifth time this year. the city will start spraying. that's tomorrow night going into thursday morning. the pesticides hit target areas in manhattan and queens. all this as part of the city's $21 million budget to fight zika. we'll have more on this coming up at 5:00 tonight. for now, we're live in kips bay, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 "eyewitness news."
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been confirmed in texas. a man from el pass toe took a trip to miami where mosquitoes are known to carry zika. at least 30 nontravel cases of zika have been traced to four areas of miami-dade and palm beach counties in florida. a no-decision today in the case of a former newtown middle of bringing a loaded gun to school. jason adams was expected to ask a judge to allow into a probation program. adams was charged in april with carrying a loaded .45 caliber pistol into school. it could lead to having the charges dropped. new at noon, police in new jersey are asking for the public's help solving a series
12:33 pm
nuttily. at least four statues depicting st. anthony, the ma done that and the virgin mary have been stolen from the front lawns of houses since april. a desperate search for survivors under way in louisiana at this hour as the death toll from flooding rises. an eighth body now pulled from the waters. at least 30,000 people have been rescued. over 10,000 are packed in . elizabeth hur has an update. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. to give forecasters say louisiana right now is dealing with the kind of rainfall that happens only once in 1,000 years, and this afternoon, so many people are unable to return home and are worried they lost everything.
12:34 pm
>> wondering what's left. everything i had is gone. everything. everything. >> reporter: christina broad and neighbors survived hurricane katrina. for them, the devastation this time is even worse. >> it was nothing like this. it was a lot of displaced people in a big area, but this is a whole town just washed away overnight. >> it's like the end of your life. the end of your world, you know, having to start over like that? we worked so hard for it. >> reporter: the worst of the >> reporter: so many spent the night sandbagging and anyone with boats also kept busy volunteering looking for neighbors who might be trapped. >> we're trying to do whatever we can in our time of crisis and disaster. >> reporter: more than 30 inches of rain fell in three days in katrina. so far, at least 30,000 people have been rescued.
12:35 pm
and packed in shelters. the mayor says all 1500 residents in this town will be forced to rebuild. >> we're not going to give up. we're going to stay until the bloody end. >> reporter: one of the hardest hit areas, the water is starting to recede. that means towns downstream will be dealing with swollen rivers, so authorities remain on high alert. >> that's tough for those folks. we want to turn now to meteorologist bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we're in much need of rain. we'll get a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon. 86 degrees is our temperature right now. doesn't look like we're going to hit 90 today. we have five days of that. we'll have the humidity that will take up the real feel and get into the mid-80s, upper 80s. we'll have thunderstorms this evening and some isolated spots that could be on the heavy
12:36 pm
kind of a cooldown at least the humidity goes away tomorrow. we talk about that next in the accuweather forecast. david, back to you. three crew members from a commercial fishing vessel are on safe ground after their 78 foot commercial fishing vessel sank off the new jersey coast. the hull of the vote started about 35 to 45 miles east- southeast of sandy hook. the crew is rescued by an 85 foot commercial boat rushing to the coast guard says what caused the boat to sink is under investigation. why neighbors want to derail a plan to build a new homeless shelter. >> plus, clever pun or offensive slogan? a tactic that's stirring up
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lve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. new york city's plan to open a queens neighborhood is being met with pushback. dozens of people took to the streets to ban a plan to house a shelter. it plans to hawes 110 families. there will be no children under 18 and the city promises around the clock security, supervised by the nypd. some residents say safety is still their main concern. >> we don't want
12:40 pm
of our children. >> there are three schools. one located directly around the corner from this facility. >> this will be the first shelter in community board 5, though, there is another a mile and a half away. community board members say the neighborhood does have an obligation to house the homeless. they are committed to finding a better location. today, new york city officials are teaching a master class in how to win the war against rats. the city's so-called rat the west village. councilman corey johnson will host the event keeping rats out of their building. the training is free. there will be rodent-resistant garbage cans ralphed off. this is the second -- raffled off. this is the second one this season. there is a popular link pen medicine and behavioral issues in children. women who used acetaminophen
12:41 pm
increased risk of behavioral problems including hyper activity. it is generally considered safe to take during pregnancy. scientists say more research is needed. a restaurant owner new mexico is under fire for using the pun "black olives matter" to promote a dish on his menu. rick says he put his twist on the phrase to gain attention for that pasta dish. he claimd so many people liked with it. he sells them as souvenirs. critics claimed he is trivializing a very important social movement. he says he doesn't get what all of the fuss is about. >> it's just something to do because it's fun and different for selling pasta. the thing has gone inexplicablely viral. >> a professor in new mexico says punning the term "black lives matter" dismisses the
12:42 pm
says his t- shirts are not meant to stir up racial tensions. a young victim opens up about her terrifying fall from a ferris wheel. >> worst thing i've ever seen in my life, and i couldn't do anything. >> her mother's message after the accident that put her little girl's life at risk. >> also, another reason to keep an eye to the sky when you are
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st we're back an abc news exclusive. one of the young victims of the tennessee ferris wheel accident is opening up after she, her sister, and another girl fell more than 30 feet to the ground. steve osunsami sat down with her, her parents and johnson city, tennessee. >> reporter: cayla reynolds is 10 years old and is telling us she's lucky she's alive after falling nearly 40 feet at the green county fair in tennessee. >> really scared.
12:46 pm
baby blue cast that's now protecting her broken arm. >> falling on the ground, my arm saved me. >> reporter: she remembers the moment clearly when she, another girl, and her 6-year- old sister were thrown to the ground. >> i've got three kids that have fallen from the fareis wheel, three kids. >> reporter: after their basket got caught on another while their car was turning. briley because people said she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: mom and dad were watching horrified. >> we ran saying stop now. >> she was reaching to grab on to. >> reporter: briley reynolds is still in rough shape. >> she didn't look like my child at all. >> reporter: she suffered a traumatic brain injury. her family is sharing brain injuries from a hospital
12:47 pm
>> reporter: it was tough? >> absolutely. >> the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. i couldn't do anything. everybody's like don't touch her, don't touch her, but that's my baby. >> reporter: authorities now say what happened was an accident and safety inspectors are blaming mechanical failure. when we got a close look inside of the orange cabin, we noticed no seat belts or lap restraints. required. this is the second accident in recent years tied to the company that runs the ferris wheel. 2013 several people were hurt in raleigh when a ride caught the vortex started spinning as people were getting off. family attractions says it's pulling for the girls in tennessee. by no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit other mid-way each week. friends have started a go fund me account to raise money for
12:48 pm
the fair grounds have come to them to talk with them or express their sympathies. steve osunsami, abc news, johnson city, tennessee. tattoos turned into wearable tech. that is the basis of the ambitious product. these temporary tattoos are called dual skin. users can touch them as a touch pad to control whatever's happening on their screens. the idea hopes to make them affordable and accessible to everyone. >> the future bill gates type of guy. >> i will do this instead of just doing this? [ laughter ] >> you just killed the plan. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ all talking at once ] >> i'm no einstein.
12:49 pm
drawing board. [ laughter ] >> it looks like the bands, you know that wonder woman wears. looking outside, we'll be looking at what's going to be very hot and humid weather for the afternoon. mostly humid and the reason being the humidity levels are high here. so we're going to be looking at sunshine breaking through this humid deck of air that we have here. that's over us. so the dew point is not nearly as close as it was yesterday with the temperature. neverthele 86. dew point is 71. so that's kind of in that moderate range. they say the humidity equates that to 61% and 30.15 steady is the barometer. uv index is low for grasses. temperatures are 89 to 90 around the five boroughs. hollis, queens is 85. got a southwest to a south wind coming in. coming in to make it cooler on
12:50 pm
slight area for the afternoon. starting to see clouds build there. thunderstorms are starting to pop over the mountains now. there's the front itself to come with that. so the guidance is showing about 5:00 when these start popping up around for the afternoon. you may get one, you may not. it looks like if you are in monmouth and ocean county, excuse me, you are shower and thunderstorm free. the guidance looks like it will be showing most of that the coastal areas. small craft advisory in effect for that wind. it's out at 20 miles per hour and maybe even 25 knots. rip current risk is high with the humid storms. once the front pushes through, the wind goes northwest tomorrow and it will be less humid. so we're looking at warm and humid with clouds and sun, 88 and thunderstorms. tomorrow we're looking at drier air. going to feel great as well as thursday. the humidity come wassing on friday. all right, you guys?
12:51 pm
for crushing our dreams, by the way. [ laughter ] >> you dream crusher. >> dream crusher. now we turn to justin bieber. he has decided to break up with, wait for it, instagram! can you believe this guy's got more followers than anybody. the entertainer delay deleted his account. this is a look at his final coast. he talked about deleting his account after posting photos with sophia richie, the model and lionel richie's daughter. that's when he said he would make his account private if follower $not "stop the hate." we'll be right back. first, here is a look at what's coming up next on "the chew." guys, get ready to spice up your summer. i have an easy family-friend
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newsroom. coming up later, how dangerous is it to text and drive at the same time? we'll talk about it -- we talk about it, rather, all of the time. see what happened to tim when he sent a text while undergoing a driving simulation. he was not actually driving. >> plus, a list of victims rose in a rental scam that's ripping people off in new jersey. we'll have details on that. and it looks like a cartoon character. we'll introduce you to debut. those stories and more beginning on first at 4:00. >> looks like sponge bob to me. we'll see. time for the feed, you know, the stories that got their start on social media. we begin with another reason why you have to look up while walking down the street. a woman in washington state mowing her grass outside of her home when suddenly out of the
12:56 pm
top of her house. at first she couldn't figure out what the mystery thing was and where it came from. after asking around, she discovered it is a part from a plane. she's just so happy she didn't get hurt and realizes she's lucky. this is the part where you can access the internal wires. they don't know which plane it's from but when chicken little says the sky is falling it is. facebook is proving a can ease depression. jackie says her dog george was so down after his best friend died he starved himself. he almost died twice and gave himself a skin infection by chewing on his skin. then a duck wandered up onto the porch and befriended george. now the two are inseparable. going for walks and taking naps
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it really is. a grandfather visiting rio visiting the olympic games shows off his ability for an olympian. when he's offered a seat on the train meant for elderly people, he posted the images to twitter "someone offered my grandma a preferred seat on the subway and he did this, an action creigh battic movement." he's been known to pull similar tricks in the past. that'll do it for this be overwhelming and complicated. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager, to coordinate every aspect of their care. it's a long journey, its very complicated and we try to help them through that. we are available 24/7. if a new symptom occurs in the middle of the night, we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy...
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how is insurance going to handle this? one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we as care managers want to take as much stress off the patient as we can. meet the care managers at ctca. my name is mena... collette jodi vincent stacy our nurse care managers are with you every step of the way so you can focus on your fight. learn more at
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if you like it hot, hot, hot, then we've got an hour of television you won't want to miss. it's time to spice up your summer. clinton's teaming up with someone who knows a thing or two about spice. it's the fabulous mel b. and they're whipping up a meal that'll make you zig-a-zig-ah. then, daphne's got a delicious dish that's not only family-friendly, it's glitter- plus, mario's making a fiery feast with the stars of "feed the beast," david schwimmer and jim sturgess. it's all about "spice, spice, baby," right now, here on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. you startled me there. good afternoon and welcome to "the chew."


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