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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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liz cho. morale is facing two counts of murder as he gunned down two men outside of a mosque. >> darla has the latest. >>reporter: david, sandra, we were in court this afternoon, and that is where i want to show the pictures of -- he faces first-degree and second degree murder ankle and wrist. prosecutors say he admitted to police that he owns a chevy trailblazer. that's the only car he drives and prosecutors said he told police that he identified his car in surveillance video. his defense attorney says not so fast. you never admitted to murder. >> i lost my murder. he was a good guy. i don't know why
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i want justice. prosecutors called it premeditated. morale is accused in the death of akomjee and uddiin and i want to know why he called him. >> he knows who police shot his father but has no motive. the men did not it coming saturday when investigators say morale pumped numerous bullets in the back of their heads in ozone park queens. police say this is morale in this surveillance video and they say he used his 38-caliber gun to do it. >> >> the queens district attorney says whether a hate crime was committed in this case, the crime will be vigorously prosecuted and we'll see the most serious penalties that our law allows. >> as him being the eldest
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, so he has to step up and find a way to support his family. his father was a provider and him being the older, that responsibility falls on him to look after his family. >> now, morale's family was in court this afternoon. they did not make comments at all. we'll be back in court on august 19th. reporting live in queue gardens, darla myles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> tha a turn to the weather. the heat could be giving way to potentially strong storms this afternoon. meteorologist jeff smith, he's outside with your accuweather forecast, jeff. >>reporter: sandra, and even though the heat wave came to an end in new york city. we did get up to 90 in central park. it's muggy out here. the atmosphere is really prime for some thunderstorm development especially west of the city as we head into the evening. first take a look at the temperatures. 87 at central park. still the heat wave going strong in new
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day of 90 plus there. 90 at morristown. 91 # at tom's river. you take and cut the humidity, it feels like 95 in the city and 96 at tom's river. with the heat and humidity in place, we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 11:00 p.m. for much of central and western new jersey. that includes pike county pennsylvania. the heat advisory remains in effect until 10:00 p.m. the 90s. the radar pictures shows nothing in the tri-state region. to the west, a good line of thunderstorms. some of which are severe causing some strong damaging wind gust moving through parts of central and eastern pennsylvania. we'll track it for you on the future cast. by 5:00 p.m. that line starting to move toward the delaware water gap. moving into western new jersey by 6:00 this evening. and then working its way to central new jersey between 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. weakening by the time it gets
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watch the radars and see if that trend holds true. lots of details in your full accuweather forecast including relief as we head into the day tomorrow. david. >> thanks a lot. new at 4:00, it took 60 firefighters to bring a fire in manhattan on the upper east side understand control. the flames tore through the 5 story structure on lexington avenue on east 63rd avenue. this happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. the fire blew out upper floor. news copter 7 was overhead as firefighters searched the building. fortunately no one was hurt. we're hearing from the family of a girly for the first time since new york city reached a settlement of more than $4 million with his family. the 28-year old was killed in brooklyn. he was shot in a stair well by former nypd officer peter back in november of 2014.
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the family attorney says because of the way the money is invested, akala could receive up to $12 million over her lifetime. >> money isn't going to bring aki back, but she will be taken care of the way her father would have wanted her to be. >> former officer yang was convicted of manslaughter and he'll pay $25,000 toward that settlement investigating tries to figure out who -- the off duty officer and his cousin just left a bar in parks last night when they were approached by two men. one armed with a gun. during the robbery, the officer's weapon was fired in self-defense during a struggle. one of the men was struck in the leg. he was taken into custody at the hospital. the other suspect ran off. so far no charges have been filed.
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defense against the zika virus. the cdc estimates there's more than 400 cases in the city. today, mayor de blasio and others called on congress to fund the fight. lucy yang has details. lucy. >>reporter: sandra, here's the s for zika virus. there's 2,000 confirmed cases in the country. of those, about a quarter of those patients, 25% live here in new york city. other officials pressed congress to allocate more funding to fight this disease which is spread through infected mosquitos or sexual transition and the concern is keeping pregnant women safe. the virus can cause brain damage in babies. officials haven't found mosquitos here carrying the virus. they'll spray pesticide on wednesday night into thursday
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and queens. this will be the 5th round of spraying so far this year. >> 483 people have been diagnosed with zika all travel associated. as you heard, among them, 49 pregnant women. these tests are done here in this laboratory. >> we need the federal government to act now, and pass the authorization for $1.9 billion in funding for actions against zika. a national health crisis. we're in riverside park where they will be spraying tomorrow night. we'll have more details on zika virus coming up at 5:00. for now, live in hamilton heights, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. new jersey officials looking to identify two men killed in a house fire on the shore. those responded to 14th street in belmar.
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and saving victims and their dog. all three died. the victims were year round residents. an autopsy will determine their cause of death and arson investigators do not believe the fire is suspicious. family and friends gathered in massachusetts today to lay john from new york city to rest as the search forever her killer continues. vanessa marcotte's funeral held yesterday. her body found in woods in the town of worked at goggle in manhattan. investigators uncovered dna and they're comparing it to one possible person of interest. after days of police protest, presidential candidate trump heads to milwaukee. the visit comes 1 day after his plan of extreme vetting of immigrants. a plan that rivalry clinton took on today. kenneth motten is tracking the latest from washington.
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has touched down in wisconsin and he's making the rounds before rallying tonight. he's expected to speak about his rival and immigration plan and the violence in milwaukee. tonight, trump the law and order candidate will step into milwaukee and meet with police after an officer killed an armed black man sparking days of -- >> we have to obey the laws. >> he's back on the trial after announcing his extreme vetting immigrat ideological test for those coming from countries with ties to terrorism. >> all those we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society, should be issued visa's. >> hillary clinton was in philadelphia registering kratz i can voters and taking on trump. >> it just absolutely be
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what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message. >> clinton supporters are feeling confident about her double digit leads in pennsylvania. so confident, a clinton super pack known for the anti-trump videos are moving resource and stopping the ads in pennsylvania, virginia and colorado. while clinton and trump fight it out, the focus of the race is turning to the candidates and classified information. at the request of gop turned over investigator notes from the clinton e-mail probe. the fbi will give trump his first classified briefing in new york tomorrow. i can report that clinton and trump who has been vast and blasted by the gop for her handling of classified e-mail, they'll receive two or three briefings before election day. kenneth motten, channel 7
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on stocks. phone company and utility stocks took a hit today, but energy stocks rose with the price of oil. here's a live look at the big board. the dow fell 84 points closing at 18,552. a possible serial arsonist on the loose. investigates looking for the person behind multiple fires in a new jersey town. why the most recent fire has police especially worried. plus the heat may be backing
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union streets. the brooklyn traffic getting heavy, but it's moving. at the hudson river crossing, 15 minute delays at the impound lincoln. 15 minute delays at the outbound holland and for now, the good news, no delays at the george washington bridge. police in new jersey are becoming worried. four fires were set over the past three weeks. the first three were brush fires along ridge road. but the most recent was set at of the post office. investigators are concerned because it was so close to the building. all of the fires were put out quickly. there were no injuries. firefighters continue battling a raging wild fire in northern california. an rest of a man who police say started it. 40 year old damon pacel is facing 17 counts of arson. this for allegedly causing the clayton fire north of san francisco. that's the fire that has burned over 40,000 acres and
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of lower lake. officials have not said what motive past lake would have -- one that robbed so many families of just about everything they own. >> our whole life -- all of our neighbors, look what they have to come home to. it's horrible. >> i'm sad about this. beautiful homes dead. it's really hard. >> it could be a pattern because police believes he started an a number of fires. he could face upgraded charges for the destructio o and businesses. nearly 100 elderly people will be able to return to their nursing home in orange county. they were evacuated over the weekend because of the excessive heat. 98 residentses at the highland rehabilitation nursing -- 98 residents at the highland rehabilitation center was moved because of air conditioning units were working. they had problems with the same cooling unit memorial day weekend.
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resolved then. >> our goal is not to close the facility down. but it's also not to have a facility operate within our community that does not meets certain standards in protecting the very vulnerable clients. the county executive mentioned the tears coming out of the people there who were actually mobile enough. >> the nursing home has been issued several violations, and we're told the patients will return over the next two to three days. let's turn weather. we're tracking things happening that might effect different parts of our area. jeff smith outside with the accuweather forecast. >>reporter: we're looking at areas west of new york city for the highest risk of severe thunderstorms through the early evening hours. let's head up and look at central park. we have temperatures sitting in the upper 80s. humidity at 65%. it has gotten muggy out there. after a brief rest in the
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at ten. your current temperature at 87. 96 was your record back in 1944. sun going down at 7:52. so any thunderstorm that occurs this evening could be locally severe. the biggest risk in this type of situation are flooding downpours because it's so humid outside. the storms have a lot of moisture to work with and the potential for strong damaging wind gust. becoming a little less humid behind that front as we head into the day tomorrow. it's not real relief from the heat and humidity. but it's a step in that direction. 90 in morris ton. 91 at tom's river. dew points risen well into the 70s yet again. of course that measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. whenever it's 70 plus we call it oppressive. there's the severe thunderstorm watch in effect for basically central and western new jersey. also pipe county, pennsylvania right through 11:00
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radar. it new jersey, i think by 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. already getting reports of some wind damage reports. wind damage reports over central and eastern parts of pennsylvania with that line of storms. here's our future cast. by 6:00, it's approaching the delaware ramp. one or two thunderstorm cells develop ahead of that main line. be on the look out and keep an eye on the sky. by 7:00 p.m. thunderstorms, that main line of storms moving into central new jersey and extending into the cat scales and western parts of orange county. by 8:00 p.m. approaching new york city. this model showing it weakening at that time. we'll have to see if that trend holds true. we're going to keep a close eye on the radar. be prepared for a storm that moves through. lows tonight getting down to 76 after the storms move by. highs tomorrow, up to 87. a little less in the way of humidity. here's your accuweather forecast for tonight.
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area with the line moving through west of the city this evening. we're down to 76. breezy, becoming less humid tomorrow. sun and clouds. a high of 87. partly cloudy for tomorrow nigh. down to 74. looking at the thursday map, in general it's a partly cloudy day. you can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm. we have real, real relief from the i'll join you inside. >> i thought i heard it all, thunder, roar, head indoors. i like that one. >> i know we say it a lot, but you can never say it a lot >> thanks a lot. how many remember squid work from the cartoon show sponge bob square pants. a discovery of the ocean floor bringing him to life. this is known an a stubby squid thank you very much. the squid was found during a live stream of expedition off the
4:20 pm
now he's a big enter -- an internet celebrity. >> it doesn't look real. kind of cute. from the deep blue sea to the urban jungle. they call it the codent academy -- the rodent academy. stop, stop now -- we were yelling stop, stop now. >> she watched two of her
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a settlement announced in the divorce between johnny depth and his wife herd. she withdrew her allegations that he was abusive to her. today, the couple released a joint n part, quote, neither party has made false accusations for financial gain. amber wishes the best for johnny in the future, end quote. herd filed for divorce in may. a day at the fair turned terrifying in an instant when a ferris wheel malfunctioned and sent three little girls to the ground. one little girl is telling her story exclusively to abc news. >> caitlyn reynolds is 10-year old and she's telling us she's
4:24 pm
this ferris wheel at the greene county fair in tennessee. >> really square scared. >> she shows a broken arm. >> my arm saved me. >> she remembers the moment clearly when she and another girl and her 6-year old sister were thrown to the ground >> i've got the first kids that fell from the ferris wheel. >> after their orange ferris wheel basket got caught on another while the ride was turning. >> i was worried about riley because people said she wasn't breathing >> mom and dad were there watching horrified. >> we took off running toward the ferris wheel towards the operators and operating stop, stop, stop now. >> see, like, trying to reach and grab stuff to hold onto. >> riley reynolds is still in
4:25 pm
my child at all. >> doctors say she suffered a traumatic brain injury. her family is sharing these pictures from her hospital bedside. >> she had a harder impact. when she hit, her eyes rolled in back of her head. it was -- >> it was tough. absolutely. yeah. >> [indiscernible]. i ct do anything. i said don't touch her. happened was an accident and safety inspectors are blaming mechanical failure. in a statement this morning, family attractions says it is pulling for the girls in tennessee. we do not take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visits our midway each week. >> i'm shocked that you're going to a fair and you're thinking it's safe. you're expecting there to be certain standards, thinking your putting your child
4:26 pm
going to come out of. >> that's the scary part about it. >> now, this is the second accident in recent years tied to the company that runs this ferris wheel. several people were hurt in a separate incident in 2013. much much anticipated retail shopping. 100 stores will be available in the trains at hob to customers inside the 3,000 square foot complex. the other store should be ready by this holiday's season. we got a tour and if you want to check it out, you can go to our abc7ny facebook page. shots fired inside of a local business. what police said shut off a worker inside of an auto body shop. devastating and historic flooding. what people are
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the rain has stopped and --
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our top story this half hour, a shooting inside of an auto body shop and police say a disgruntled employee is to blame. >> he fired shot inside the nassau county business. >> reporting stacy sager spoke with the workers who are still terrified after what happened. she's in valley spring with the latest. stacy. >>reporter: clearly those worket lucky to be alive tonight. back here behind me, you can still see some of the destruction from all this on monday. the damaged windshield after a disgrantled worker through a muffler and a car battery through it, but honestly that was the beginning of his rampage. authorities tell us he came back here with a gun and starts shooting. a short time later, police with their guns drawn were able to find 32-year old christopher hicks at his apartment building
4:31 pm
him. his boss tells him that hicks worked here for 2 weeks, but he couldn't do the job well so his boss had to fire him. he comes back and terrorizes 8 guys in this tight space. they're glad they dodged the bullets. one describes how hicks did. >> he said, you think i'm playing. no, i was doing my work. so after that, i looked around and there was a gun in his hand. bang, looking at him. shot. >> so you're looking right at him. >> i was looking at him with the gun in his hand and he fired. >> because of god that's why i'm here today in the land of the living. >> quite a story they have to tell. hicks today was charged with attempted assault, also reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon and slapped with restraining order and he's held without
4:32 pm
at 5:30. live in valley stream, i'm stacy sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks a lot. breaking news. a power outage at jfk. this happening in terminal 8. the american airlines terminal. elevators out of service and the screening of checked bags may be delayed. airport leaders urging all travelers to give them self extra time if they're headed to the airport. breaking news, terminal 8 power out at this time. we'll keep you posted as new we have this developing story. details this afternoon in a home rental scam in new jersey. we told you about this yesterday. another couple has come forward telling police they were also victims of the scam. that's now 4 couple who's are out thousands in cash. police say the scammers took pictures of a vacant house in linden and advertised it for rent on craigslist. two couples arrived at the house to move in on
4:33 pm
the former new town middle school teacher accused of bringing a loading gun to school is working to get his case together. jason adams was expected to ask a judge to allow him into a probation program. instead, a new court date for september was set for him. add wams was charged in april with carrying a loaded 45-caliber pistol into school. the probation program could lead to the charges against him being dropped. armed park rangers will soon the streets of a long island town. huntington is hiring two rangers. two will be on patrol at night and weekends. a spokesperson says if it's successful, they'll expand the program. and they'll focus on huntington station which has been plagued by violence in
4:34 pm
county police department. we've seen it works successfully in long island, so huntington said let's give it a trial. >> rangers expected to hit the streets within the next 2 weeks. a louisiana leaders say their work is far from over after deadly flooding in the state. 8 people are dead and rescues are still underway. today, the louisiana governor asked to expand the state's declaration. elizabeth heard has the latest. devastation for residents and business owners. returning and finding just about everything they owned destroyed. >> speechless. we don't know where to start. i don't know where to start. >> it's unbelievable. we're seeing the water line on the billionings -- on the buildings and it looks to be 7 feet. it's unbelievable. >> louisiana still in a state of
4:35 pm
some 45,000 homes and counting have been impacted by this historic flooding. >> nobody's going to be forgotten. we're going to work around the clock and we're going to do everything humanly possible to render aid. >> the water starting to recede in areas hardest hit. with the damage done, some say it's unlike any they have seen even those who survived hurricane katrina 11 years ago. >> everything i had is gone. everything. life, the end of your world having to start over like that. >> we worked so hard for it. >> and the concern tonight, the swollen river sending flood waters downstream meaning more residents bursting for evacuations in southern louisiana. elizabeth herd for channel 7 eyewitness news. governor cuomo's office being criticized for mishandling
4:36 pm
in the wake of superstorm sandy. officials failed to comply with federal rules on ensuring the money was spent effectively. funds were earmarked for areas impacted not only by sandy, but hurricane irene and tropical storm lee as well. the sister of a man shot to death by police in milwaukee says her brother flew the officer. the two went to highway together. smith was shot saturday afternoon. the 24-year old officer who him has not yet been identified. police say before being shot, smith was fleeing a traffic stop while armed with a hand gun. his violent death led to violence and arrests. it's important for all residents to feel says says the mayor >> to live, to work, to play, to work in neighborhoods that are safe, and so we're going to make sure that in the immediate future that happens and long
4:37 pm
and across the state. >> the governor says he's also reaching out to local and -- local community leaders to try and improve opportunities including education, employment and housing. we'll continue to follow breaking news at jtk. a power outage at terminal 8 at this hour. we have an update coming up. plus exposing distracting driving. eyewitness news news took part in a tool letting young drivers experience how dangerous it also, get rid of rats. how you can learn the best way to eradicate a rat problem in your home. we were just talking about how there could be a shower or thunderstorm that forms ahead of that main line over pennsylvania. that's what happened. a downpour effecting manhattan moving into queens and the bronx. there's the main line to our west moving to the east quickly. and that's why the severe storms prediction center has put a severe thunderstorm watch in effect in
4:38 pm
central and western parts of new jersey. watch for the possibility of strongest severe thunderstorms during the evening hours. temperatures falling we love the new york state fair! two words.. piglet races!
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back to breaking news story we've been following. a partial power outage is causing service problems in terminal 8 at jn f kennedy airport. escalators and elevates are out of service. there's delays when it comes to bag screening. no word yet about how this is effecting flights, but there's a note out from american airlines, abc news is reporting the airline has acknowledged power is effecting so p that terminal. they also say that delays and can chance cancellations may be a result of bad weather. if you're headed to the airport you want to take attention that to. american airlines is offering travelers the ability to change their plans without a fee. ads i said, the airline is urging everyone to check their flight status before leaving for the airport. again, this is
4:42 pm
mostly at this point, american airlines. today's health alert. a student claims that college students drink more than 18 to 22-year old not $18 to 22-year old not attending college. research found full time college student admitted to binge drinking and using alcohol more than their peers not in school. non college aged adults were more likely to have smoked cigarettes. the both groups use marijuana, crack, and lsd at the same rate. another health alert this afternoon. there's a possible link between a common pain relieving medicine and behavioral issues in children. researchers in the uk say women who used med fein during pregnancy have children with an increased risk of behavioral problems including hyperactivity.
4:43 pm
scientist say more research is needed. tonight, new york city official was teaching a master class on stopping rats. the city's rat academy, i think it's a rodent academy will be held in the west village at 6:00. councilman corey johnson will host the event which teaches people living in the city how to keep rats out of their buildings. that training is sfree. and there's going to be rodent resistant garbage cans raffled off during the meeting. this second annual rodent academy held in new york city. four linebackers will be suspended by the nfl if they do not agree to be interviewed by the league of allegations of doping. james harrison of the steelers, clay matthews and peppers of the packers along with free agent mike neil all implicated in a television report by zero. a letter sent to the player's association giving the players 10 days to
4:44 pm
tattoos as technology. it could take body art to a new level. beaver's backlash. his
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. 's backlash. his latest break up that's sparking outrage from his most loyal followers on social media. a wearable tech could be
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these metallic tattoos are called duo skin. they left -- users can use them as touch pad to control what's happening on the screen. the studio came up with the idea to make tattoos affordable and accessible to everyone. could be the start to -- stuff. >> you should open your garage with it eventually and turn on the tv. just what we need -- >> i have a whole sleeve. >> is that how you change the weather? >> i knew it. shower. >> a quick shower popped up over the most populated city in the question right after manhattan moving towards of the bronx, and northern parts of queens. we're still awaiting the stronger line of thunderstorms over eastern pennsylvania. that approaching western new jersey within the next hour or so. that could contain strong damaging wind gust and heavy downpours. look at the rain drops on the camera as we look to the south passed the empire state building.
4:48 pm
out. mostly sunny. relief in the temperature depar. fell 5 degrees when the shower moves by. new york and belmar and tom's river, low 90s. upper 80s on the island. if you're headed to the stadium at 7:05 this evening for first pitch. 85 degrees. we'll have to watch for a shower or thunderstorm moving even into the 5 boroughs of new york city at some point during the game. i'm sure the tarps will be on standby. 90 at morristown. low 80s cooled 82 degrees in new york city. we have severe thunderstorm watch central and western new jersey through have severe thunderstorm watch central and western new jersey through 11:00 p.m. a heat advisory through 10:00 p.m. for the five boroughs. there's the one shower popping up right over manhattan moving into parts of the bronx. eventually moving into souther lower westchester
4:49 pm
these are the biggest storms. they're over eastern pennsylvania and moving off to the east at 40 miles-per-hour, and they have caused damage, not too far from harrisburg. trees down and people trapped inside by blocked exits due to the trees down. this storm means business as it moves in as we head into the evening hours. here's our high resolution future cast. you see the line approaching the delaware gap. ahead the main line like we saw, there could be local showers and th d a few scattered locations. by 7:00 p.m., the line of stronger storms moving into central parts of new jersey. tending to weaken as it moves through new york city. relief after that, tomorrow in terms of lower humidity. real relief, i think comes early next week. less humidity follows this system on monday. air quality tomorrow is going to be good.
4:50 pm
and pollen is moderate to high. it could be one or two thunderstorms in the evening west of the city. less humid tomorrow. sun and clouds and a high of 87. tomorrow night, partly cloudy and down to 74. there's an outside chance we get a shower or thunderstorm on thursday, but the majority of the air stays dry. 88. back to hot on friday. not too humid and it gets muggy over the weekend. there's a -- behind out, dave. mostly sunny and pleasant by tuesday. meaning humidity is going to be low. >> you know i'm on vacation next week, that's why you're saying that. >> okay. so we did it just for you. we did it just for the trend. >> wu. -- wow. >> use your powers for good . here's what's trending on august 16th.
4:51 pm
that's 78 million. at at the heart of it, it appears to be his new girlfriend. instagram followers have been saying something about -- she's lie noel richie's girlfriend. they started -- young love in an instagram world. that's what you get. we'll see if he comes back on. to move into a space dominated by skype. the company calls it a simple one to one video calling for everyone. iphones only work with iphones. duo works with iphones or androids. it has a feature to let you see live video of your caller before you answer. >> i'm not sure if i like that. >> i'll answer. sylvester stallone surprised a football player with a video
4:52 pm
to come when the coach had the players look at the big screens at the stadium. therefore, all to see rocky himself with a message for that college player. >> you have gotten a full ride scholarship. [indiscernible]. >> he lets him know this young man got a full ride. fellow players congratulating casey young man who worked so hard. paying for college is not easy. meanwhile, dancing with the stars champion demarco has a gig. the deaf actor will turn to chick and dale as a celebrity host for 4 weeks in september. are you planning a road trip there >> >> he's pretty pretty.
4:53 pm
cat, hey you know, hey, can we save some for me. look at that. he made it. the problem was this is what's happening. that's the way to show this. he's, like, hello. hello. i'd like to eat. i would like to eat. i'd like to -- the cat is, like, yeah, i do what i wanted. the dog finally got its chance. check out the trend on abc7ny and send your ideas sending it by #thetrend. decision can come with a cost. drivers can see how dangerous it is to text while behind the wheel. we're staying on top of breaking news at an outage at terminal 8. it's effecting elevators and bag screening, but the lights are on. airport officials say there's flight delays, but that's because of weather, not the power outage. the airline is of course urging
4:54 pm
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now to the dangers of distracted driving. we've all heard of the warnings, don't text and drive. a new campaign aims to give young drivers a real life can be to take your eyes off the road even for a second. >> we sent eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer to try out this virtual simulator. he tweeted out pictures from his crash course earlier today and now takes us through just how it works. >> reporter: it could be the biggest scare of your life, or it could cost you your life. texting while driving. through this unique 3d virtual reality simulator, you strap on
4:57 pm
drive, encountering near misses with bicyclists and pedestrians and close walls with other drivers. he's just started driving. >> i think it's important for us to have a firsthand experience in using technology to show us what the dangers are. >> reporter: and drive home the message, it can wait. >> we've heard too many stories of people being injured or dying as a result of just three words in a text which could have waited. we're out here today to educate as many people as we can. >> reporter: at&t has partnered with the nypd and bringing the simulator and the jarring virtual experience to the flatiron plaza for everyone to try. >> it's insane. i can't believe some people do that. >> to get them in a place like this behind a simulator which feels like something they would do anyway, almost like a game, really brings home to them the dangers. >> using this kind of technology really helps to communicate with teenagers. >> reporter: and here in the city where vehicles and pedestrians are dangerously intermingled, the department of transportation is a valued
4:58 pm
program. >> even if you're driving casually, that you take your responsibility behind the wheel seriously. we need people to be alert, aware, and not distracted. >> reporter: i just had to share the experience. you're immediately drawn in to the 3d video and every time you hear a new message come in, your eyes are pulled off the road. and then answering a text -- >> watch where you're going. >> reporter: never saw those bicyclists. and the most jarring comes at the end unexpected. >> reporter: you only need to experience it once. >> it's amazing. comes out of nowhere. >> definitely something you shouldn't do. don't text and drive. >> reporter: reporting from midtown, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> great lesson. there's still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. >> a boater found dead in the waters off long island.
4:59 pm
speaking exclusively with eyewitness news about what may have happened on the water. >> somebody i promise you saw something. >> and the man accused of cold blooded murder in the deaths of an imam and his associate now in shackles and cuffs as he faces criminal charges. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. and i'm sade baderinwa. we'll have those stories in just a moment. first we want to bring you up to date on break airport. this is a live picture of the airport. american airlines says it is experiencing a partial power outage affecting escalators, elevators, and checked baggage screening in terminal 8. tsa has an alternate screening plan in place which is causing delays in checking bags. the lights are on the in the terminal and the jet bridges are working. >> terminal 8 was one of the terminals evacuated sunday night
5:00 pm
mistaken for gunfire. joining us on the phone is ross feinstein. how are passengers reacting to all this? >> i think you summed it up pretty well. it is impacting escalators and elevators as well as the checked baggage screening of checked baggage. the terminal still has power on. it's still operational. flights are still departing. however, we are encouraging customers to give themselves extra time, at least two hours this evening. we also have a flexible travel policy in a place where passenrs traveling out of jfk this evening. they can go out of newark laguardia, islip, stewart, or newburg. we're trying to give passengers an opportunity to go out of one of those airports, but give yourself extra time, especially for checked baggage. >> what should travelers know? should they now call in to their airline if they do want to make the change and go out of another airport? >> american is not the only


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