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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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for watching. see you at 11:00. breaking news tonight. bracing for severe storms in several major cities in the east. the system already bringing at least seven tornadoes and dangerous driving. while in the south tonight, the death toll rises, and so do the waters. a state of emergency. we're there. the wildfires tonight. a new fire outside l.a. on the way to vegas. and the other fire, more than 100 homes and businesses lost. tonight, word of an arrest. donald trump defiant this evening, saying, why change what got him this far? and hillary clinton, the fbi turning over e-mail evidence to members of congress who demanded it. the controversial video tonight. pinned by police. the mother dangling, held against a patrol car. and the new warning for homeowners tonight. what this woman is doing inside
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she's looking for. good evening. and we begin tonight with the severe storm watch right now in the east, and the emergency playing out in the south at this hour. first, 65 million americans in some major east coast cities are bracing right now for heavy rain and high winds. from virginia, up through new england, d.c., baltimore, philly, pittsburgh and new york, all in the potential path of storms. it's a brought several reported tornadoes, at least seven confirmed twisters now. this one in howard county, indiana. and in the south right now, a slow motion disaster. a state of emergency in louisiana, as more rain comes down and tonight, the urgent effort right there to put down sandbags in lake arthur. meteorologist rob marciano, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight across louisiana, the rivers and bayous
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and we are seeing unprecedented levels as the waters move south. >> reporter: south of baton rouge in ascension parish, new evacuations and rescues. at least 11 are dead. and more than 30,000 people rescued. >> she called me and she was begging me, she said, momma, she said, the water's coming up on us. we need rescue. >> reporter: tammy reuniting with her daughter, tasha. >> right now i'm just really overwhelmed. i don't know if i want to cry, do cartwheels. i don't know what i'm feeling right now. >> reporter: more than 8,000 in shelters. at least 40,000 homes and businesses flooded. >> when i left, out here was like close to my waist. >> reporter: we went back with rebecca bonnette to see her denham springs home for the first time since the flood. we had to crawl in through the front window. reality sinking in. >> this is the first time this was actually flooded. >> reporter: so, you don't have
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>> reporter: less than 20% impacted in this zone do. the red cross said this is likely the worst natural disaster since superstorm sandy, and damages could top a billion dollars. and now the energy from that powerful system spreading north. >> spinning like crazy. >> reporter: and overnight in indiana -- >> behind your house! >> reporter: seven confirmed tornadoes. record-breaking rain. and flooding there. >> going to be a difficult night ahead. rob is with us live tonight. rob, a flash flood warning right where you are, and then, of course, the storms here in the east, as well. fronts? >> reporter: well, let's start with the severe weather across the northeast. it is tapping some of the moisture that was down here in louisiana. severe thunderstorm watches up for eastern pennsylvania, including philadelphia, d.c., baltimore and upstate new york until around midnight tonight. some of the storms could have winds over 60 miles an hour. and still heavy rain along the stalled front across the midwest that's tapping that gulf moisture. flash flood watches posted for parts of southeast texas. a flash flood warning, at least
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and a chance for rain every day this week. not what these folks need, considering the painful cleanup effort that they have in store. david? >> just incredible. no break for folks in the south. rob, thank you. we are also following major developments in the wildfires tonight. word of an arrest now, and one community breaking out into cheers. was a serial arsonist to blame for more than 100 homes and businesses now gone? and right now, look at this. a fire raging out of control east of to las vegas. we are covering it all, and abc's mary bruce is in lower lake, california. >> reporter: it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damian anthony pashlik, on 17 counts of arson. >> reporter: tonight, releech, mixed with outrage, for a community reeling. >> it makes me angry, so angry. >> reporter: police say damian pashilk is a serial arsonist who sparked fires across this california county, including the
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weekend, incinerating 175 homes and businesses. long-time resident todd mayes not mincing words. >> if it was up to me, i would have him be in a place where he found a can of gasoline and a lit match and let things happen the way they happen. >> reporter: investigators say they tracked pashilk for more than a year. is it possible that all of this destruction could have been avoided? >> it's very difficult to build a serial arson case. you are looking at many different factors and it starts investigation. >> reporter: many in this area traumatized all over again, after surviving deadly fires last summer. authorities tonight not saying whether pashilk could be tied to those fires. but today, firefighters battling another fast moving blaze despite the devastation here, a huge sigh of relief, now that a suspect has been arrested. he will be in court tomorrow.
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thanks, mary. we turn next to major developments in the race for the white house. possible new trouble for hillary clinton, and donald trump standing firm tonight. a new interview a short time ago, and in it, trump's reaction that his campaign desperately needs to pivot, a reset. tonight, what donald trump has to say about that, and abc's tom llamas is outside milwaukee. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump with a clear message when it comes to his style -- change is not on the way. >> i am it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about, oh, well you're going to pivot, you're going to. i don't want to pivot. i mean, you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. no, i am who i am. i've gotten here in a landslide and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: but following disastrous weeks fueled by off the cuff remarks, trump is trying to stay on-message, delivering his plan to combat terror with the help of a teleprompter. >> we cannot let this evil
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>> reporter: this comes amid reports trump has been huddling with a powerful conservative player, ousted fox news honcho roger ailes. the trump campaign at first denying it, saying, quote, "mr. ailes is not advising mr. trump or helping with debate prep. they are longtime friends but mr. ailes has no formal or informal role with the campaign." but campaign sources telling abc news, trump is going to ailes for advice on debates. over the weekend, the two meeting at one of trump's ailes was forced out of fox last month after a series of women accused him of sexual harassment. trump defended him. >> he's been a friend of mine for a long time, and i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, i know how much he's helped them. >> reporter: ailes is an old hand at debate strategy. here he is, sitting across from president ronald reagan, helping him prep for a debate in 1984. in this election, ailes presiding oaf four fox news debates featuring trump.
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with megyn kelly. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs. >> reporter: now, ailes working on the other side, as trump insists he's doing better than polls reflect. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight at a trump rally outside milwaukee. and tom, tomorrow, donald trump will get his first classified national security briefing? what have you learned? >> reporter: that's right, david. tomorrow, intelligence officials will brief donald trump inside of a secret room at the fbi's headquarters in new york city. the classified briefings will cover major threats to t and emerging concerns around the world. new jersey governor chris christie and retired lieutenant general michael flynn will be with trump. david? >> all right, tom, thank you so much. the fbi meanwhile, taking an extremely rare step tonight, turning over to congress secret notes and documents from their investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the fbi ended its probe, finding secretary clinton was, quote, very careless in handling sensitive material, but recommending no charges. so, let's get right to abc's
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pressure to hand this over to members of congress? >> reporter: david, these materials provide exextraordinary insight into the process the fbi went through in deciding not to indict hillary clinton. and the fbi has been under enormous pressure from republicans to explain and justify that decision. but david, even as they explain their decision not to indict, the fbi has made it very clear, they are not saying that hillary clinton did not do anything wrong. >> i can imagine the clinton camp is responding tonight, jon? >> reporter: they sure are, david. this is an extraordinarily rare step that was sought solely by republicans. he wants these materials declassified and released, saying they should be released wildly so the public can see for themselves, rather than allow republicans to mischaracterize them through selective partisan leaks. david? >> jon karl live on capitol hill tonight. jon, thank you. we turn next here this evening to a murder in the heartland, in tulsa, oklahoma, and this question, could it have been prevented?
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say, they tried desperately to keep it from happening, but did the system fail? here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: but all accounts, 37-year-old khalid jabara did everything right but still ended up dead. jabara called 911 friday, worried husband neighbor, 61-year-old stanley majors, had a gun. police came, but then left without making an arrest. >> if we knocked on the door and he doesn't answer, there's nothing that opportunity to go into his house. >> reporter: but just eight minutes after they left, police say majors shot and killed jabara on his own front porch. jabara's family says this was a hate crime, describe iing him a racist who called them dirty arabs. >> he walked onto our property and started screaming to my family, all you mexican, leave out of here, stuff like that. >> reporter: even more alarming last september majors was arrested for running down
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in may, majors was released on bond. >> how did this guy get out of jail? we definitely want to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: police are still investigating a motive. >> yeah, there's hate there. i just don't think the only vn because they're middle eastern. >> reporter: and david, tonight, masters is facing first degree murder charges, and this time, he cannot bond out, but for the jabara family, it's too late. david? >> clayton sandell in colorado. here in new york city tonight, a suspect in the made his first court appearance. oscar morrell charged with two counts of second degree murder, but they did not suggest a motive. the two men walking near their mosque, then shot from behind. witnesses helped identify the car the suspect used to get away. next tonight, to new questions about a video sparking an investigation within the washington, d.c. police department. the video posted online, showing
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dangling. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: the video shows an officer pinning a petite woman to the side of a police suv. her feet dangling a foot off the ground. the confrontation, posted on twitter, getting thousands of views. the latest example of sometimes tense relations between minorities and police. >> it's harassment, either way you look at it, it's harassment. >> reporter: the woman, who asked that we not use her name on air, told us a man she says propositioned her and a friend. she told a local tv station she was speaking aggressively to the man when police arrived. it's unclear what caused the officer to grab the woman. she was not charged with any crime. >> the way the officer handles her is odd and definitely unconventional. but without knowing the circumstances as to why he had her in that position, it's -- you really can't be critical of him until you know more. >> reporter: david, d.c. police
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as for the woman, she's angry, telling us tonight, she plans to sue the police department. david? >> pierre thomas with us again tonight. we turn next here to rio, and that question so many were asking after last night, was that leap to the finish line fair? this diving finish, taking the gold from team usa's allison felix. also today, this heartwarming hug, those two runners tumbling during a race. stopping to help her viral up. and tonight, take a look at "sports illustrated's" new cover, and the headline simply says it all. the greatests. and there is a new headline tonight involving simone biles. and abc's matt gutman is leading our team in rio. >> reporter: after nearly crashing to the mat on the balance beam, simone biles today seemed to soar over it in the floor exercise. that wobble on the beam costing her gold. she had to bend down to steady herself, losing a whopping half
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simone biles' name. >> reporter: but her floor exercise winning her fourth gold of these games. team captain aly raisman also taking silver in the floor. it was a silver streak for americans. allison felix in the 400. just been the finish in, it seemed she'd won, but bahamian shaunea miller heaving herself over the line for gold. >> these two titans battling and it came down to the dive! >> reporter: it was condemned on social media overnight but was completely legal. and a different tumble on the track today. in the women's 5,000 meter race, american abbey d'agostino and new zealander nikki hall blin crashing after their feet tangled. they finish the race last but together. the american was saying, come on, get up, we have to finish the race. now, the two of them had never melt before today, but now, they
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gold. david? >> that was an incredible moment. matt, great to have you with us here tonight. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. a new warning for homeowners after what was caught on camera. what this video captured of this woman inside, and what authorities want you to know tonight on what was playing out here. also, look at this. the violent scene when a driver slams into a city bus. passengers inside thrown across the bus and right to the floor there. and then, the end of an era tonight, on the las vegas strip. more than 60 years of memories, including dean ma sinatra, gone in a matter of moments. and wait until you see the images we've unearthed tonight, coming up here. ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression.
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next tonight here, we have reported before on the dangers of holding an open house when selling your home. unsure of who is going to pay a visit. and tonight here, what this video now shows, and the new warning. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: tonight, a warning from a texas realtor for anyone trying to sell their home. >> hello? >> reporter: watch as this woman
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interested in the home, making her way to the kitchen, telling the realtor she needs to make a phone call. >> she took my flyer, she was like, bless your heart for having an open house on a rainy day, you know, just very friendly. moments later, she opens the cup boards and pops something into her purse. the realtor says the homeowners noticed narcotic medication was missing and spotted the woman on their home security footage. los angeles realtor mike domino says he preps his extensively before an open house. >> things that you couldn't live without, those are the items we really want secured and pre preferably out of the house. >> reporter: and it's not just potential buyers. this agent in virginia swiping medication right from the cabinet. and david, another piece of advice from that realtor. keep your important documents, spare keels and checkbooks in a box like this, and take it with you when they're showing your home. david? >> all right, some great tips, kayna, thank you. when we come back here tonight, remembering a tv
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his program. also, that violent crash in an american city, a driver slamming into a city bus. you see the passengers knocked to the ground there. and then, the suspected shoplifter confronted inside a convenience store. what she did when they tried to lock her in. she turned the tables on them.
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra single packs. to the index of other news tonight, and a legendary broadcaster has passed away. john mcloughlin ushered in a rough and tumble new era of political reporting with syndicated broadcast, "the mclaughlin group." often ending his program with these simple two words. >> bye-bye. >> he hosted his final show early this month was 89. he will be missed. in oklahoma city tonight, is a violent crash involving a city bus, caught on camera. surveillance video capturing the moment a motorist blows a red light. you see passengers sent flying into the aisle. some injured. the driver then attempting to flee the scene.
6:53 pm
florida convenience store. the sheriff's office trying to identify this woman. she was confronted over $11 worth of stolen candy bars. a shop employee locking her in the store. that's when she started tearing the store apart. she was then let out. she did take off before police arrived. there is a reward tonight. the end of an era over in sin city tonight. the riviera hotel and casino, which opened in 1955, leveled early this morning. a cloud of dust blanketing the vegas strip. the hotel was home to performers like rat pack legend dean martin and the setting for several hollywood films including the organize nall "ocean's 11." when we come back tonight, one-on-one with michael phelps. is he really retiring? for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like...
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finally tonight here, so, what do you do after winning 23 gold medals? t.j. holmes, one-on-one with michael phelps tonight. >> reporter: michael phelps kissing his son, boomer, after winning gold. bu we couldn't see that phelps revealed to us. >> i have the white shoes that i wore pretty much every finals. in the left foot, there's a footprint of him, inside of my shoe, and i put my shoe on and i started to get emotional because i knew he was in the stands. and being able to have our first child witness my last olympics
6:58 pm
true after dream come true. >> reporter: another dream come true for the man we've watched grow up before our eyes in the water. winning those 23 gold medals. phelps says it's now time to take some time off and watch his own son grow. you're sure this is your last? >> it is, yeah, i'm done. being able to sit back and look at the results from this last week, there's no better way to top it off. it's the cherry on top of the cake for me. i'm done. >> it is hard to top. watching. i'll see you tomorrow night.
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