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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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house fire, one victim a 5-year- old girl. this is a live picture of the scene as we hear new reaction from neighbors. a tragic update on a missing woman from new jersey. police make a grizzly discovery along with two arrests. and more campaign turmoil for donald trump. the republican nominee making big changes with less than you for joining us today. today is wednesday august 17th. hump day. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. here's meteorologist bill evans. >> reporter: let's lock from our live picture here from our camera in astoria. we have a little bit of haze, and there we have one world trade, and bill alice the power plant, and the chrysler building.
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be blowing off the east river, 77 around ridgewood, 78 long island, all the way out to montauk today. 82 by noon. 87 to 89 this afternoon, that is warm but the winds will be out of the northwest and that will keep the air moving and knock down the humidity. we'll talk about the heat and humidity returning. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. weather then heather. what have you got going on? >> reporter: here's the new york state thru-way southbound. let's go over to our maps. we have an accident new york state thru-way southbound near exit 10. that being cleared. also reports of an accident staten island expressway westbound ramp and news copter 7 up above. john del giorno is here to clear up all that information. >> reporter: good morning heather. first live pictures of the staten island expressway. we have a report of a pedestrian accident confirmed on the staten island service
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clove road. the report is that person got struck after exiting their vehicle. that looks to be a local cab, maybe a livery cab there and that could be involved in the accident. police are on the scene. as a result the westbound staten island expressway, you can see the exit ramp at 13 a. that ramp is shut down, not causing a delay on the main line. you may see rubbernecking bridge. heather? we have 80 westbound near exit 56 squirrel wood road an accident. first street closed harrison street to patterson avenue. canceled all day today for repairs. new york waterway that is the way to go. path trains doing just fine. long island railroad, jersey tran sit and metro north are doing just fine. no major issues there. so if you want to take the
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you are in freight shape. 17 we have construction still there. that construction should be cleared away shortly. they have been there, they have been leaving, coming and going. but it is not causing a tremendous amount of volume. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken over to you. heather thank you. breaking news a raging fire overnight leading to dramatic rescues in new jersey. >> six people were injured when flames tore through a two story home. among the victims, girl. >> investigators are still on the scene in little ferry. darla miles is there. darla? >> reporter: good morning again. i am going to tell you this house is a block away from the firehouse here. look at the extent of the damage on the home. that gives you an indication of how intense these flames were. we have cell phone video of the flames taken by a neighbor
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little ferry. a police lieutenant heard the explosion and came to help people get out of the window. the neighbor heard the explosion as well. >> a loud pop and the people from upstairs never had a chance to come down. >> started trying to break windows and the victims started jumping out windows and pulled several people out of the building. >> reporter: as you can see on the scene, the investigators are conducting an investigation into the fire. there had been some firefighters here overnight making sure no more hot spots kick up. i also want to point your attention to the vehicles in the driveway, because there is some indication they may have prevented this family from getting out. there are up to six injuries, cloudage 5-year-old girl.
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saint barnabas burn hospital. now to an arrest in a months-long missing persons case. rita julius vanished in march, triggering a search by her friends and family tonight police found her body miles from home. diana rocco has more. diana good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is certainly a devastating outcome this morning for the family, who have been hoping for months she would come home. she has been missing for five months. last night her body was found in the backyard of this home. police have been searching this home since where he had. two people are under arrest, 33- year-old jennifer sweeney and 32-year-old andre harris of long branch. julius went missing on march 8th when a friend dropped her off at the long branch train station. she was found last night here.
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this morning, but police did spend the night focusing their efforts on harris' backyard. harris and sweeney are charged with first degree murder, desecration of human remains and tampering with physical evidence. julius had just recovered from being shot eight times while sitting in a car in front of her house in november in linden, new jersey when she disentered. police continue to search the backyard of harris' home. out here for several hours. we are expected to hear more late they are morning as they conduct an autopsy on julius's body. live in long branch, new jersey this morning diana rocco channel 7 eyewitness news. 60:00. police have -- 6:06. thomas of fort lee is charged with leaving the scene of the accident. he struck the 78-year-old
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going. the victim was ejected from his wheelchair and thrown 20 feet into the street. he suffered several broken bones. funeral services will be held today for 13-year-old daniel fitzpatrick. he committed suicide in the attic of his home last woke. his family found a note that ready give up. friends gathered monday and tuesday to remember daniel at his wake. his family says he was bullied for years at holy angel the brooklyn dyings sees denies allegations daniel's complaints were ignored. donald trump making major changes to his campaign, adding two executives to his staff. exterran partners bannon is the new ceo and kelley ann conway is now the campaign manager. the briefing today will cover
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trump is fresh off a campaign trip to wisconsin where he met with a sheriff to discuss the arrests in the city of mill walk key. >> we -- milwaukee. >> we reject the bigotry of hillary clinton which anders to and talks -- panders down to and talks of color. the house oversight committee is reviewing fbi documents relating to hillary clinton's use of a private e- mail server. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. here on eyewitness news this morning we are looking at a beautiful sunrise, i was just
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orange sky this morning, -- from hearing in this orange sky -- from laguardia this morning. this orange sky. this front is sagging south. winds go west to northwest. going to feel brett, you'll feel the breeze -- great, you'll feel the breeze the moment you walk out the door. temperatures in the mid-80s at afternoon 87 to89. the humidity and heat make a comeback from the weekend. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. weather then heather. what is going on out there? >> reporter: a bumper to bumper ride on the new york state thru- ways. you are full of brake lights. as you go onto the new york state thru-way southbound it is
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causing the delays. c , ferry is canceled today. path trains doing okay and long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north all are doing just fine. let's look at the staten island expressway westbound the ramp to clove road, ongoing accident investigation, all a result. 80 west exit 56 an accident still clearing. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. over to you. heather thank you very much. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning a shocking trip to the appliesment park for -- amusement park for several students in connecticut. a family stages a march in a woman from howard's beach's
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a water main break in new jersey is creating road closures in hoboken. john del giorno is over the
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a water main break in hoboken. this is harrison avenue, you can see workers on the scene and the water not quite yet shut off. residents in the area reporting low water pressure and the crews got out here and found there break. this is on the side roads. if you travel the side roads between the holland tunnel and the lincoln tunnel, the break is only a block off patterson patterson plank road. that carries a lot of the side traffic that travels between the tunnels. you can see here this section of patterson avenue let's watch this bicyclist is under about 3, 4 inches of water. if it gets any worse i'm going to think they might have to close this road. right now patterson avenue and patterson plank both remain open. john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:14. an electric shock sent six
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an amusement park ride malfunction in connecticut. it happened in ocean beach park in new london on the scrambler ride. the operator hit a power switch, sending a jolt of lake- effect terrorist through him and the riders. the victims suffered minor burns but everyone is expected to be okay. right now crews are searching for more victims of the deadly and devastating flooding in louisiana. while the water is receding? in total 11 people have been killed and 40,000 homes have been damaged in the flooding. some homeowners are being aloud back in to get a look at the damage, but the governor there is imposing a curfew in areas where there have been reports of looting. meteorologist bill evans is outside our studio on the upper west side with some mom friends. hey bill. >> reporter: it feels good out here this morning because we
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the buildings here. that is going to feel good because it will kind of dry out the day slowly as we go along. look at this beautiful sunrise, we get to look at it every day, which is great. this is one of the best of summer so far, really pretty. 77 right now, the dew point is 70. it has been dropping and so has the humidity. yesterday we started out with 80% humidity that. will dropoff today. the breeze is going to make it less humid today but still the temperature is in the upper 80s and we are about a week away from real relief. lake low 80s and low humidity. 80 around laguardia. 76 belmar, to 77 toward toms river. we are looking at a southwest wind going northwest, going to feel better today with that going on. a left over shower exiting the north shore of long island, suffolk county there.
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forks and i'll slide on past toward fisher's island. you see this lane of showers is with this front sagging southward. a wind dries us out. this afternoon 77. folks around jersey with a shower or thunderstorm starting at 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. if you are up early like some of us, very early tomorrow morning. then temperatures back in the mid to upper 80s again today and tomorrow. with the wind small craft advisory in effect. so stay in port except on long island sound. out in the atlantic the waves are 3 to 5 feet with the northwest wind gusting up. 88 today, warm, less humid.
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friday and humid. more of the same on saturday. and then sunday we are at 86 and finally we have to get a break next week, front comes through monday and it will be less humid and temperatures in the low 80s by tuesday. so that will be a welcome sight. your weekend is looking good, nice and summary. get outside and enjoy. back to you guys. >> thank you bill. heather another check on the commute? >> repor another water main break in hoboken. first street closed between harrison and patterson. residents on the south end are going to have lowered water pressure but adam tweeted earlier saying there is lowered pressure all the way to 15th and washington. we have news copter 7 up above, john del giorno has been over the scene showing us all the water over the street and this could definitely affect your ride to and from the holland
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holland tunnel. at there point the hol hand is 10 the lincoln is 10 the george washington bridge has a minor delay. but they may close side streets. c, street ferry suspended all day long. use new york waterway ferry between pier 11. and the hoboken to 33rd street path delayed. it is 6: are winding down and that means the competition is heating up i can't tonight the women's beach volleyball team will play for the bronze. jennings and ross last last night, to brazil. it was the first match walsh
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straight goals. the 17 control says the competition has better prepared her for the future. and simone biles makes history with a fourth gold medal for her floor routine. 28 is the magic number for team usa. 28 golds, 28 silver, 28 bronze for a total of 84 medals. great britain and china are in second and third place . the material girl is celebrating her birthday with a celebration that includes hundreds of her fans in marco rubio cuba. it was a big event in havana last night. more fans lined up outside her hotel hoping to get a glimpse of
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wall street begins the day low the dow starts the day at 18552. futures are mixed right now. overseas, japan's average gained 1%, hong kong finished lower. its ceo saying he quote was not a good fit. ronald boyar spent less than a year at the helm of the book retailer. he held roles at sears, sony and best buy and had vowed to expand barnes & noble's marketing. the company reported a $30 million loss. another executive will head the company until a permanent ceo can be found. un vision will acquire
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spanish language broadcast company purchased gawker media and dead spin and jezebel for $135 million. the deal still needs to be approved by a bankruptcy judge in a hearing scheduled for tomorrow no more people are expected to take to the skies for labor day vacations this year. airliners will see a 4% increase from 2015, an estimate of more than 15 million passengers over the 7-day labor day travel period. surge, carriers are expected to increase the available number of suits. closing in still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, smoke and flames trapping a family inside their home in new jersey. a child injured in a fast moving blaze overnight. new york state thru-way southbound into exit 10, an accident being cleared away. two lanes are blocked off. bill i love the 80s the decade and the temperatures. looks like we are in the 80s
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police make discovery months after a woman's disturbing disappearance. a water main break is causing traffic problems right now. good morning i'm ken rosato. >> and there are a lot of people are vacation if i'm here. i'm in for lower roy stokes. >> we love to have you here, it is always a pleasure. we always see you out there in the field. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and
6:30 am
the accu-weather -- with meteorologist evans in the accu- weather forecast. >> reporter: west-southwest wind at 15 miles per hour. sunshine and clouds. 77 around tribeca to hollis, queens. 76 long island, 76 the jersey shore. today right up to ninety with the humidity less, and the wind out of the northwest will make it feel comfortable. keeps that air moving. however heat and humidity return. i'll tell you when in your accu- weather forecast. weather then heather. she has been bu how is it going out there? >> we have this hoboken main break. first street closed between harrison and patterson. news copter 7 was up above the scene and john del giorno showed us pictures of the water, about 4 inches of water on the roadway at there point but the water main -- at this point, but the water main still was not shut off. let's head over to our maps and
6:31 am
15 the holland is 10. if you normally use back streets to get to the holland tunnel you may experience problems because of the flooding on the roadways. the c, street ferry is suspended use new york waterway between pier 11 and jersey city. path trains were dealing with problems here but now they are back on or close. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. ken over to you. you. 6:31. breaking news. cell phone video showing fierce flames that destroyed a home in littlefield, new jersey. a 6-year-old girl is among six people injured. darla miles live with the investigation. good morning darla. >> reporter: good morning again ken. i have new information on all the people who lived inside of this home. apparently this is a multi- family home with three different units on the third floor there were three occupants. on the second floor, there were
6:32 am
back. so eight people total were inside of this structure when it caught fire. the third floor, that is where the 6-year-old girl lived with her mother and grandmother. the grandmother has been airlifted to st. barnabas with severe burns. and on the second floor a mother, father and two daughters jumped out of the window to escape the flames. i want to show you again the cell phone video of the flames, when this fire broke out here on washington avenue in little in fact there was a police lieutenant from the little ferry police department who was in the neighborhood at the time, heard the explosions, he came over to help. and all the witnesses in the neighborhood say they all heard explosions and people were jumping out of the windows to escape the flames. >> there was one explosion in the garage and then within 10 minutes the whole house was up
6:33 am
passing this house i heard a big pop. some type of explosion, not sure if it came from the garage or the cars parked in the driveway and the whole house was engulfed in flames. >> reporter: now i also just learned that, because of the explosions, both the garage doors were actually blown off at the time. there was a motorcycle inside at the time of this fire, that may have been one of the explosions heard by witnesses. again, there were eight people inside of this structure. it is a the third floor, four people on the second floor, an elderly woman in the back basement apartment that did not appear to be immediately affected. two people in critical condition, including the grandmother who was airlifted to sane barnabas to the burn center and a 6-year-old girl. darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. also in new jersey a major break in a missing persons case has now turned into murder.
6:34 am
a gruesome discovery that led to two arrests. >> reporter: after five months the body of rita julius has been found here in there backyard on jolene avenue in long branch. certainly not the outcome her family had been hoping for this morning. police have been searching this backyard since last night. 33-year-old jenny sweeney and 32-year-old andre harris of under arrest. he lives at the home julius went missing on march 8th when a friend dropped her off at the long branch train station. she was found here last night but circumstances surrounding her disappearance and murder are still unclear this morning. police spent the night focusing their efforts on harris' backyard. harris and sweeney are charged with first degree murder. julius had just recovered from
6:35 am
a car in front of her home in linden, new jersey. now she didn't disappear on march 8th. her family has been holding out hope since that time that she would be found. back out here live detectives then crime scene investigators continue to search the backyard here. this is going to be quite a lengthy investigation, we are told the cause of determined isolated they are morning when an autopsy is conducted. jersey this morning, i'm diana rocco, channel 7 eyewitness news. this morning we are hearing from the bicyclist police say was hit by the man who killed an imam in queens.
6:36 am
sha mere says the driver yelled curses at him and he believes it was targeted. >> when i saw his face, a couple of seconds, i realized this person is totally absolute normal, he is totally lost his control. >> reporter: police have still not determined a motive behind the actions. a community in queens is refusing to give up in their search for answers two after the murder of karina vetrano. hundreds showed up for a march last night to keep the on finding vetrano's killer. vetrano was strangled and sexually assaulted during an evening run on august 2nd. many are saying the family and the community will not find peace until the killer is caught. >> if you have any idea or thought who it might be, you are equally as guilty of harboring him.
6:37 am
her parents are hoping the high am will urge witnesses to come forward. developing right now a monstrous wildfire raging outside los angeles. it started as a small patch of flames from san bernardino county but that quickly exploded into a blaze. there have been mandatory evacuations, forcing 8 2,000 people from hair home. dry brush and wind gusts are fueling the flame. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. we have a beautiful sunrise as we look across blushing bay, -- flushing bay, out to long island sound. it is a nice morning here, 77 degrees, the winds will continue to be out of the southwest. we are going to see that southwest to a northwest wind today that keeps the air moving and that will also keep the showers heading out to the east
6:38 am
island and fisher's island. the front sags south here the humidity is killed for a time today. you are going to feel the breeze out of the west going northwest today, nice. low 80s by lunch time we are looking all the mid-80s into the afternoon to upper 80s to maybe even 89. but still the humidity is going to remain low. if you are going to the beach, watch out for the high-risk of rip currents. small craft should stay in until lunch time today. you're never more than 7 weather and traffic. weather then heather. she is busy too. >> reporter: yes. here is the new york state thru- way southbound side traffic is crawling getting into the tappan zee bridge. back over to our maps and i can tell you we have a downed industry on the spring brooke parkway south near jackson avenue. vic is saying the exit ramp is completely blocked off as a result of that. first street closed harrison street to patterson avenue in
6:39 am
your ride to and from the holland tunnel. lincoln inbound 20 minutes. the george washington bridge doing great no major issues there. a little slow across the span but nothing serious at this point. c, street suspended. we are going to go up to news copter 7. we have john del giorno up over that accident it looks like it is off on the shoulder now john. good morning. >> reporter: good news up here heather. good morning, we kind of dodged a bullet. this was repo as a jackknifed tractor trailer on the tappan zee bridge itself. we got up here in a few minutes and that is what we found. on the new york state thru-way. on the down slope just before you get on the bridge itself, looks like there tractor trailer was involved in an accident with the black suv on the shoulder. the tractor trailer managed to get straightened out and is mostly on the right shoulder. state police have showed up now they have the right lane blocked.
6:40 am
itself but extra heavy delays, you can see the southbound new york state thru- way bumper to bumper, these delays begin north of exit 13 at the palisades parkway. we are live over the new york state thru-way john del giorno, channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:40. a bizarre case of piracy at sea or was it? why authorities think the crew of a massive oil tanker actually lie jacked themselves. tough on synthetic marijuana. and a treasure hundred
6:41 am
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five boats up in flames at as others tried to save their boats. it is still not clear yet what sparked those flames. 6:43. we have learned new detail in the search for a lie jacked malaysian oil tanker believed to be in indonesian waters. officials say it is likely the vessel was taken by its own crew. it may have been taken off course after the crew got into a dispute with their employer. the tanker carrying more than $400,000 in diesel fuel lost contact last night.
6:44 am
the ship. 6:44. we have learned the son of mexican drug lord el chapo is among a dozen gang members disnapped in puerto vallarta. joaquin el chapo guzman is serving time in a mexican prison while lawyers fight to extradite him to the united states. also new this morning, new is targeting internet sales in the fight against synthetic marijuana. the attorney general's office has filed a lawsuit against the online company legal residential the lawsuit says undercover agents ordered k2, from that website and found it was advertised with names and images to attract young buyers. "good morning america" is coming up next. robin roberts live in times square. >> reporter: good morning to
6:45 am
california growing rapidly, destroying homes, and thousands of acres. the blaze is not slowing down, unfortunately, we are live from california for you this morning. and the movement on the trump campaign, the gop nominee replacing top positions on his staff months after firing another top advisor, in the wake of his low poll numbers. >> reporter: and another exciting night in rio. simone biles making history, walsh and ross lose to brazil, it is a close one and we are going to hear from miller, her dive across the finish line has people talking still. >> reporter: and guess who i was hanging out yessed? >> who. >> reporter: lori stokes. >> really? >> reporter: yes i interviewed her aboutler dad's book.
6:46 am
he was. as is his date year thank you so much robin. let's check from again with meteorologist bill evans with the accu-weather forecast. >> reporter: let's go outside and show you a live picture. the sunlight refracting the rays through the particles of the atmosphere makes for a beautiful orange sky. 77, humidity nearly 80%. 82 is our normal high. we'll be at 9 again od a big difference, more comfortable, less humid, even though it is still warm, and we are going to have ourselves a heat and humidity type atmosphere returning. uv index today at 9, you can get a sunburn in less than a half hour. 75, 78 to the northwest, very comfortable. feels comfortable this morning because we had that wind. you see at times gusting to 17, 22, 23 miles per hour out of the southwest.
6:47 am
feel great. you see in southern jersey, a slight to moderate risk of a thunderstorm that could be leaf. i'll explain. we have -- that could be heavy. i'll explain. the wind goes southwest to north wfts for the day. there it -- to northwest for the day. there it comes. thunder from ease brunswick, newark, staten island south. very quick. two hours and it blows right by and tomorrow sunny, upper 80s once again and sunshine. next week monday we are looking at this front coming through. it will be steamy on monday behind it much cool and drier air coming next week. so that is 6 to 7 days away. boating forecast today with this wind, a small craft advisory. small craft got to stay in port
6:48 am
risk of rip currents at the beaches however. 88 today. it is warm but not humid. breezy, and tonight we are looking at what is going to be a nice evening. partly cloudy skies tomorrow, 88 and we are looking at a little more in the way of humidity tomorrow and really picks up on friday with a high of 90 saturday. 86 on sunday. next week we have nice changes, we'll get a break from there cranking, get out and enjoy. got to put out a couple of cinder blocks for you. heather has another check on the commute. >> reporter: b, trains switching problems 205th street. c, street ferry between yearssy city and hoboken is canceled got entire day.
6:49 am
long island railroad, jersey transit and metro north no major issues. an accident pushed off to the shoulder we have heavy delays in that spot. hoboken first street closed between harrison and patterson, because of an ongoing water main break. here's a look at the laguardia camera right in front of the airport, not the george washington bridge inbound you can see doing just fine getting across the span. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect for heather thank you very much. explorers in southeast poland are digging in the search for buried treasure. a nazi train is said to be loaded with treasure and armments that went missing at the end of world war ii. explorers claim to have spotted it hide den in a secret --
6:50 am
thing or two about rodents got questions answered at a special all the academy. the health department hosted the event. experts were on hand to teach people ways to rat-proof their buildings and apartments. >> we like to say everybody has a role in pest control. what this funding has done for us is allow us to bring together diverse groups, like elected officials and community other agencies. >> the rat academy was free. 30 rodent resistant garbage cans were raffled off. look what i got mom, a rodent- resistant bar badge can. a terrifying crash involving an out of control
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no ford will create vehicles without pedals or steering wheels. >> wow that is crazy. we are following breaking news from new jersey. >> live pictures showing the aftermath of a fire that
6:55 am
6:56 am
a young girl is along the people hurt when a mois went up in flames.
6:57 am
ferry. >> reporter: tony, ken, witnesses say they all heard explosions right before there house was fully engulfed in flames. in fact the power of the explosions were so bad that both garage doors were blown off. i want to show you cell phone video of the flames. the fire broke out around 11:30 last night on washington avenue in little ferry. a police lieutenant was in the neighborhood at the time, heard the explosion and helped rescue victims who were jumping out of to escape the flames. we are told this is a multi- family unit with three different apartments. in all eight people were inside of this home. a grandmother who lives on the top floor had to be airlifted to the burn center at saint barnabas in livingston and there was also a 5-year-old girl in the top floor apartment now at hackensack medical center. at this point the cause of the fire is under investigation, but we are told there was a motorcycle in the garage that may have exploded in there
6:58 am
darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. live pictures from news copter 7 looking down on the clean up of an early morning water plain break in hoboken, new jersey. first street and harrison avenue, that was the scene. residents reported low water pressure around 4:30 this morning crews got on the scene and realized there was indeed a water main break. the water company is working on restoring the water pressure here. meanwhile you can see clean up in the intersection continu is being shut off, but this local intersection, that will be shut down for quite some time. john del giorno channel 7 eyewitness news. john thank you so much. so this may affect your ride to and from the holland tunnel, especially if you use the side streets. we can show you a picture of allow it is looking as you travel inbound at the holland tunnel, that approach swirling down from the left, that is your approach from the new jersey turnpike. this could affect your ride
6:59 am
20 minutes inbound, lank con is 25. the george washington bridge bridge a 15 minute delay. first street closed harrison street to patterson avenue. b, trains switching problems @norwood 205th street. and c, street ferry canceled today they are doing doing repairs. >> there you go. thank you heather. today we have sunshine, a beautiful start to the day. 77 murray hill. 79 white stone. these are warmer than normal. today out of the west and northwest and that will make it feel better. tomorrow looking at 88, more humidity, hot on friday. hot and humid weather for friday and saturday and warm and humid sunday. we get a break next week on tuesday, so a good looking weekend, little break after that. thank you bill. that will do it for the news right now. i'm ken rosato. more news weather and traffic
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, six children injured at an amusement park. >> we got a report of a small child that was electrocuted on one of the rides. >> rushed to the hospital, shocked and burned by a ride. emergency aid rushing to the scene, now part shut down. also new overnight, a major sh campaign. the republican nominee announcing a new manager, a new errani and what donald trump is now saying about reports he's getting debate advice from oused fox news chief roger ailes. big game backlash. the 12-year-old hunter under fire for killing and posing with zebras, giraffes and more. >> i'm a hunter and no matter what the people say to me, i'm never going to stop. >> she's now receiving death


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