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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> when i heard the little girls saying across for me saying, mommy, what is he doing? when i looked across and i seen his hand motion, i said oh, no, we are not doing this on the train. >> reporter: armed with her cell phone camera, deanna, a mother and grandmother, was determined to shut it down. >> i can't hear you. say you understand. all right now. we got an understanding. >> reporter: in fact, she scared him so much -- >> you got the right one, a crazy [ bleep ]. please believe me. get the [ bleep ] off the train. >> reporter: he left the train. >> but when i got him off the train, i apologized and said i'm sorry if i disrupted anybody's afternoon. >> reporter: what's happened since has been pretty incredible. more than 2 million views on facebook. people thanking deanna on the street. >> she's making a scene, like that's a no-no. that's no good. disgusting. god bless you.
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a hero. i've been called a shero. >> you've had your 15 minutes? >> i've had my 15 minutes. i am so done. but if ever i see anything else on the train like they say, if you see something, say something. i'm going to say something. >> you bet she will. since all this happened, people have been messaging deanna on facebook. one of them had her own video of this very same man allegedly behind the same backpack. the news has traveled to the nypd, even the police commissioner responding today. we're going to have a lot more on this aspect of the story coming up at 6:00. live at times square, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> you can see the entire uncensored video of the subway interaction at abc7ny. we do warn you, the language may not be appropriate for everyone. the body of a woman in london missing for months has
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for her murder. one of them the victim's friends. prosecutors say the two may also be responsible for shooting tyrita julius before she disappeared. eyewitness news reporter aj ross is at the courthouse in freehold. >> betrayed by people she trusted, today prosecutors laid out chilling charges against sweeney and harris. attempt months ago. >> we're going to miss tyrita. we loved her so, so much. >> reporter: a collage of memories give only a small glimpse of the life of tyrita. according to prosecutors, murdered by two people she knew well. >> premeditated. >> why? how could you hate someone so much that you pick them from their loved ones? >> reporter: tyrita went
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jennifer sweeney in long branch. her family desperately prayed for answers that never came until tyrita's body was discovered buried in the backyard of this long branch home tuesday. >> this is not the way we wanted it to end. we wish it could have been different. we wish we could have found your daughter. i'm sorry that we weren't able to find her alive. >> reporter: police arrested the homeowner, 32-year-old andre harris, who made his first court appearance wednesday along with sweeney. prosecutors say the pair also kill tyrita last november, ambushing her in a hail of gunfire in her car in linden. >> she's essentially a if at first you don't succeed, try again. because this is the second time these two individuals attempted to kill tyrita julius. on march 8th in long branch they were successful. >> reporter: with both harris and sweeney now facing multiple charges of murder, conspiracy,
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emotions. grateful for closure but anxious for justice. >> through the anger, through the tears, through the sadness, we'll rise above all of this. >> an autopsy was conducted today to determine the exact cause of tyrita's death. live in freehold, aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details about the teenager who climbed t tower. prosecutors say stephen rogata ordered the equipment and practiced ahead of time. the 19-year-old from virginia waited till his parents were out of town before driving to midtown. he's being held on $10,000 bond following his arraignment at bellevue hospital today. new york city police officer involved in a shooting in brooklyn while he was off duty is now on modified duty. khalif alcott and his cousins
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the suspects grabbed alicott's service weapon and it went off. clay was arrested. the other man got away. now to an oven fire at a nabisco factory. firefighters got control of the flames. fortunately no one was hurt. mayor de blasio and governor cuomo calling for a closer look at the port authority's response to a shooting sunday night somebody mistook somebody cheering the olympics for gunshots in termina called 911. that call prompted a massive response from port authority police who called in the nypd. the mayor says the department's deputy commissioner for counterterrorism is working with the port authority. >> that means nypd, that means port authority police, city, state, all working together. >> governor cuomo called the incident unfortunate and said he wants a full review.
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in for lee goldberg. yesterday's storms felt like it washed a bit of the humidity out. >> certainly did. we also had a breeze helping our cause today. temperatures barely above average for this time of year. normal high is 83. only got up to 85 in central park. some places got closer to 90. we'll be watching clouds increasing during the evening hours. there are showers off to the west over parts of pennsylvania. one or two of those could make it in to later on tonight. during the evening fine. we're 82 right now as we check out the evening forecast. temperatures probably getting down to around 80 degrees, increasing clouds. shower or two possible developing after midnight. we're talking tropics. a newly named tropical storm in the atlantic ocean. that's coming up ahead in accuweather. a massive evacuation of a passenger ship when fire broke
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harbor when a fuel line burst in to flames. nearly 1/5th of the 512 passenger onboard were treated for dehydration or respiratory issues. many tonight are asking why the crew tried to fight the fire on their own for more than two hours. federal authorities are interviewing the ship's captain. donald trump today receiving his first national intelligence briefing from the fbi and security officials. this as he tries to salvage his camp numbers with a major shakeup within his campaign. the second time in new months. will these new hires be enough to right the ship? political reporter dave evans in the newsroom. >> donald trump's motorcade was seen going in to fbi headquarters this afternoon. he's being briefed on top secret national security matters. as you mentioned the big news today, another trump campaign sakeup. the second big one of the summer. >> reporter: this afternoon
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vote, hillary clinton ridiculed donald trump's campaign and his latest staff shakeup. >> there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: overnight trump promoted pollster kelly ann conway to campaign manager. he brought in steve bannon from the ultra conservative website brightbart. >> they can make him read new words from a telepromp who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities. >> reporter: this afternoon the trump campaign released this video of his staff and advisors meeting at trump tower. it's a meeting about terrorism before trump's first ever briefing today by the fbi and national security officials. at the campaign, the new guy now calling the shots, steve banen from brightbart, has a
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what he was in the primaries. >> what's become clear from this is no matter how much the establishment wants to clean donald trump up, get him on message, he has officially won the fight to let trump be trump. >> reporter: trump did hit a new message last night, a play for african american voters. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african american citizen struggling in our who wants a different and much better future. >> the odd thing about last night's pitch for african american voters, trump did that in wisconsin before an almost all white audience. the trump campaign saying last night's staff shakeup is adding more personnel in the last home stretch, the last 12 weeks of the campaign. police in new york and all across the country are remembering john timany. he rose to second in command
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he was the first deputy police commissioner under bill branten during his first stint as commissioner. he went on to serve as police chief in philadelphia and miami. he died of lung cancer. he was 68 years old. a little girl dies in a house fire in new jersey. many more lives were spared. tonight we have one family's incredible survival story thanks to three police officers. >> all new at 5:00, patriotism versus protocol. american flags removed from firefigh
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mm a fight over the american flag has firefighters in the arlington district fired up. the town board of poughkeepsie ordered them to remove all flags from their trucks. so what's the reason, and the reaction? eyewitness news reporter marcus
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today. he has the story. >> reporter: fire trucks raced to calls for help today in the town of poughkeepsie. on their engines and ladders, nothing. the rigs no longer display american flags that have been placed on the rear of vehicles. the idea to mount the stars and stripes on the apparatus came from the union president. >> it's patriotism. at a time the country needs it. that's it. just supporting the country and everybody in it. flags were removed during a dignified ceremony. the firefighters appear respectful but they are seething. >> it did catch me by surprise and i'm very disappointed over their directive. you see it everywhere. we see it locally, nationally. there are flags on a ton of emergency vehicles throughout the country. >> reporter: the board's concern, liability. the potential injury to firefighters climbing the rig
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be obstructed by the waving flags. >> to have this added, somewhat large distraction on top of everything else going on, we had a concern with. >> reporter: the decision which passed by a 3-2 vote has been criticized on social media. hundreds of e-mails and phone calls have flooded in from all over the country. >> this has nothing to do with liability, safety, and definitely has nothing to do with the fiduciary response of manage the taxpayers' money. >> reporter: the board president will meet with the chief and union head tomorrow in hopes of reaching a compromise and may result in old glory flying again. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. in new jersey, take a look at this. a driver trying to park, accidentally hit the gas and crashed in to a home. it happened this afternoon in an apartment complex in paterson.
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swimmer ryan lochte in trouble with authorities in brazil. they want to take away his passport but turns out he's already left the country. police are investigating a robbery including lochte and swimmer james fegan. the swimmers say they were robbed at gunpoint over the weekend but they said they found discrepancies in the swimmers' stories. his father and lawyer says they're back here in the u.s. a senior olympic executive from ireland is under arrest in accusations of ticket scalping worth millions. authorities say patrick hickey plotted with at least nine other people. they reportedly scalped olympic tickets by disguising them as hospitality packages. 71-year-old hickey was arrested at his hotel but was then taken to the hospital because of his age and medical history. she's gone from breaking records in rio to swimming in praise back here at home. olympic gold medalist katie ledecky returning to the u.s.
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hero's welcome at dulles airport and you can see these got her medals. five of them there all around her neck. >> she's got that winning smile too. more than 1,000 red cross volunteers from all 50 states are mobilizing to louisiana following severe flooding. the death toll is now up to 11 people. at least 40,000 homes are damaged. the governor says some parishes are now under curfew because of reports of looting. more than 40,000 people have door to door celebrities are committed to helping flood victims. lady gaga announced she'll pitch in with recovery efforts but she did not release how. that comes on the heels of taylor swift saying she'll donate $1 million. >> when you look at the damage, the damage so great in those areas. we all really need to pitch in and do something. we can't lose sight of the fact that it was really devastating in that area. >> the worst of it isn't over.
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them don't peak out till friday. we still got a while to go because there's residual water just flowing in to these waterways in parts of louisiana. just incredible copious amounts of rainfall down there. we head outside around here, parts of the area dealing with severe drought on the opposite end of the spectrum over central long island. we could use some rain around here. 82. wind coming in from the northwest at 5. felt so much better today than the past few days because the humidity was a lot lower and we breeze gusting up above 20 miles per hour at times. 85 was your high after a morning low of 77. 85, only a couple degrees above the norm for this time of year. 95 the record back in 2015. just one year ago. and the sun setting at 7:50 p.m. a few showers overnight. clouds will increase in the evening. couple showers developing after midnight especially from new york city and points south. that could last in to early tomorrow morning before we clear things out. it does heat up again in to the weekend. and the humidity really
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to sunday. there will be a thunderstorm to threaten sunday in to monday. then some real prolonged relief. if you think it feels nice out there right now, wait until tuesday in to wednesday of next week. it will feel even better. 85 right now in newark. 84 in laguardia. 87 your temperature at jfk airport. temperatures in the mid 70s in monticello. clouds increasing a little bit more north and west of the city right now. 89 at toms river. at toms river you actually did get up to 90 earlier this afternoon. you continue a of 90-plus-degree heat in that neck of the woods. dew points which were in the 70s, upper 70s yesterday, have fallen in to the 60s. and 70 degrees is really that mark of discomfort. so once you're below that it starts feeling a little bit better. next week, dew points down in to the 50s. satellite and radar showing clouds gradually increasing. just some high clouds in and around new york city but they do lower and thicken off to our west. there are showers over pennsylvania, all the way in to
5:19 pm
to the east. if you kind of take the northern edge of this and extrapolate it off to the east, it will be right near new york city by later on tonight and points south where you have the best chance of having a shower. futurecast showing that. you can see the clouds increasing by the evening. by midnight, mainly dry. south and west of the city, could be a few showers out there. even a lingering shower at 7:00 tomorrow morning before we begin to clear things out during the afternoon. much of the morning could be the p.m. mostly cloudy tonight, a shower latish -- a shower late, especially west. the high getting up to 86. tomorrow night, mainly clear. 74. midtown, pretty comfort in the suburbs. 60s in some of the burbs. here's what we're working on for 5:30. how many showers will there be? we'll be watching the radars for that. tricky weekend temperatures. does it get really hot or do we
5:20 pm
ocean influence, kind of tempering some of those highs? how cool behind the front? that will determine how comfortable we are by early to mid next week. also the tropics firing up. tropical storm fiona has just developed. that's all coming up next half hour. a national celebration featuring kites turns in to a deadly tragedy. plus a police officer busts open a car thinking a baby was locked inside. it was definitely not what he expected. who live along this 2-mile stretch of weeded property are telling the lirr. i'm kristin thorne with that story coming up. >> i'm lauren glassberg. maybe you wake up with a cup of coffee or maybe a little bit of morning news. this is how the other half wakes
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notice today that it may raise interest rates now that the u.s. economy appears to be stable once again. news of a potential interest rate hike usually triggers losses on wall street but today investigators kind of shrugged it off. the s&p 500 climbed 4 points and the nasdaq added one point. a new trend has hit new york city. hundreds of people set their alarms this morning for a dance party at dawn.
5:24 pm
to the younger clientele. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg got up early to check it out. >> reporter: lord and taylor not yet open to shoppers but these people are headed to the rooftop for a party. this can called daybreaker, a twice monthly event held at different venues throughout the sid and they -- in the city and they start at dawn. >> it's a wonderful way to wake up together and the community work. >> reporter: she's one of the founders of daybreaker. these parties launched two years ago and now they're in 15 cities around the world. it's $25 to attend. and before this gets going, there's usually an hour of yoga that's $15. but most people come for the dancing. >> daybreaker is really meant to sort of pull back all the bad stuff of night life, the bouncers, the digital divide,
5:25 pm
the basis. >> there's no alcohol, no drugs. >> reporter: but there's coffee, green juice, and water. >> i love the vibe. i love the fact that there's juice instead of alcohol. >> so many different people come from all over the city, all different jobs, all different types of styles. and they just enjoy each other and have fun. it's like good clean fun. >> i get a lot of people where they're not morning people and this is like a huge, huge adjustment for them. all of the sudden you're like okay, i can get in to this. almost hard not to. >> first time here. i love everything about it, the vibe, the people. and it's on my birthday. i'm lucky. >> reporter: most of these parties are held at clubs but daybreaker events have been held at horse stables, boats, and here on top of lord and taylor. a good fit for the department store who would love to tap in to these millennials.
5:26 pm
to work. lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> one way to wake up. we've got breaking news in queens. crews are on the scene of a water main break. this is in astoria. shannon sohn in newscopter7. >> you can see while crews are on the scene they've not yet found the source of this water main break. water continues to bubble up through the street, undermining it as well. this is at the intersection of 12th street. this is a rough intersection. we've got several roads coming throughout the area. this intersection right here is the one with welling court. they've not yet shut down any of these roads. but as the cars come through it's flooding the street. the only thing shut down is the sidewalk itself. other than that, they're keeping it open. no word as to whether or not there's any loss of water in the area. keep it in mind if you're in astoria there's this water main break to contend with. shannon sohn, channel 7
5:27 pm
funding to fight terrorism in new york city held up in congress. new at 5:00, the push to get the money to city agencies. >> fire consumes a house in new jersey. one family's incredible survival story and the police officers who helped them escape the flames. >> before students head back to school, where you can find the school, where you can find the since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. hi guys! got the birthday girl a drum set. drum set? he's kidding! [laughs] oh you guys must have time warner cable. this is gonna be some party. yeah, their free home wifi lets us connect all our devices at the same time.
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now at 5:00, fire explodes in a home in new jersey overnight. this was a multifamily dwelling and three families were trapped inside. a 5-year-old girl was killed. several others were injured. one family of five was trapped on the second floor. they made it out alive thanks to three fast acting police officers. eyewitness news reporter joe torres has their stories of survival. he's in little ferry tonight.
5:30 pm
the little girl died. she's trapped on the third floor of this home on washington avenue in little ferry when the fire broke out around 11:30 last night. her grandmother trapped on the third floor as well. she's in critical condition at the burn unit at st. barnabus hospital. as for the family on the second floor, they made it out thanks to the heroic efforts of three little ferry police officers. >> reporter: the 5-year-old girl who died following last night's fire in little ferry was grandmother. on the second floor of the home on washington avenue was the lucero family. >> we couldn't get out through the front because of all the smoke and nobody could breathe or see anything. so i jumped out the window. >> reporter: on the scene, ready to catch or at least break the fall of dahlia and her two sisters. three of little ferry's finest.
5:31 pm
verdi. >> one guy, his whole face was smoke. you could see they were tirelessly working on them. >> reporter: family members called pedro lucero who rushed to the scene to check on his son, daughter in law, and three grandchildren. he found his son on the ground with two broken ribs and an injured neck. >> when i come in, he say lay down over there. because he can't move. harley davidson motorcycles in the garage. >> i'm really upset. i'm not really that upset about my stuff. i heard people got hurt and that's what's upsetting me. >> so very upsetting for people here in this small bergen county borough. the red cross helping the displaced families tonight. right now still no official word yet on what sparked that fire last night. in little ferry, joe torres,
5:32 pm
throughout the day. we sent out alerts from our mobile app. you can also get breaking news alerts by downloading the abc7ny news app. new at 5:00, chaos during a horseback ride as bees attack. one of the horses got spooked after stepping on a bees nest. nobody fortunately was seriously hurt. new at 5:00, millions dollars in counterterrorism funds slated for new york city caught up in red tape. congress called on to release money for critical programs here in the city. eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer tweeting a video of some of the people who will be affected by the holdup. he's in herald square tonight with the details. >> what is most concerning is that the city, the nypd, and all of the first responders have
5:33 pm
anti-terrorism measures but now they find themselves with one more major hurdle. whether it's highly trained, highly sophisticated vapor weight k-9s, eyewitness news revealed in this exclusive report that detected explosives to the newly formed unit to respond quickly to a terrorist incident, to the hours of continuous tactical training by large groups of police officers above and anti--terrorism efforts. >> calling on congress to get it right to protect the people of new york and in fact protect our country by providing these crucial anti-terror funds. >> reporter: while the president wanted to cut the $600 million urban area security initiative in half with new york city losing $90 million, congress was able to restore the money. the trouble is getting it appropriated in the upcoming
5:34 pm
is irrelevant unless the house passes it, the senate passes it, and the president signs it. right now we're in absolute gridlock. >> reporter: nypd officials say that since 9/11 they've thwarted 20 plots in large measure due to the anti-terrorism efforts. new york lawmakers point out other communities benefit too. >> this is not just important to new york city. it's important to america. >> reporter: and that, officials here stress, is why despite hundreds of millions of dollars spenty l a critical need for the federal money. >> if congress doesn't act on this or they start chewing it up, then come october when they pass the new budget, it's gone. >> commissioner bratton was asked what he would cut if he did not get that funding. he said i won't cross that bridge unless i have to. reporting live in harold square, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. rail systems around the country are still failing to
5:35 pm
public safe. a new government report shows despite a mandate from congress, a lot of commuter railroads are falling short. the mandate to install technology was passed in it gave railroads several years to put it in place. the mandate has been extended to three to five years because railroads say they couldn't meet the deadline. con artists may try to scam you phone calls. state officials say scammers are cloning the tax department fraud line phone numbers. it appears on the caller i.d. in an effort to give the impression they are legitimate calls. well, they're not. investigators say the imposters demand payments on itunes gift cards and other reloadable debit cards. governor cuomo in the bronx touring a new television and film studio.
5:36 pm
city. the governor's office released video of his tour of the set. silver cup got a $1.6 million state grant to help with construction renovations and new equipment purchases. >> over the years, not only did we compete, we competed extraordinarily well. where we are now one of the premier places for shooting tv shows, films, et cetera. >> the state estimates that the $35 million studio will create independent celebration turns deadly. we'll tell you how kites are to blame for the deaths of three people. plus, a doll causes a false alarm when it's spotted in a hot car. why the police officer didn't realize it was not a real baby even after he picked it up. >> a fantastic early evening out there, temperatures in the low 80s. pretty low levels of humidity at least compared to what we've had. things will be changing overnight. clouds will increase. we're watching this area of rainfall. the northern edge of it here
5:37 pm
later on tonight. we'll track that for you. >> we continue to follow breaking news in astoria. you can see crews are on the scene of a water main break at 30th avenue and 12th street. you can see the water creating quite a mess. no roads apparently are closed yet. it's unclear if there are any buildings being affected by the break. break. ? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. i work 'round the clock.
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two children are among the three people killed in india by a kite string. the deaths happened in new delhi on monday, the country's independence day. many people fly kites to celebrate the holiday but sometimes strings are coated with glass to bring down a rival's kite. among the victims, a 3-year-old girl. her head was out of a car's sunroof when her throat was cut.
5:41 pm
mistaken for a baby trapped in a sweltering car. a police officer broke through the car with his baton, thinking he was about to rescue a baby locked inside the hot vehicle. it turned out the baby was a lifelike doll sitting in a car seat. take a look at that. very lifelike. in fact, so lifelike that the officer began breathing in to its mouth before realizing it was a doll. >> i went to put my finger in all resistant. i was like, this is a doll. it felt like a baby. it looked like a baby. everything about it was baby. >> it does look like a baby. other officers rushed to the scene after a passerbyer called 911. police were so sure it was a real baby, they called for an ambulance. a new study revealing the number of children who suffer injuries from strollers or car
5:42 pm
brought to the e.r. each year for injuries. traumatic injuries made up 25% of stroller injuries and 35% of carrier injuries. researchers say the injuries come from kids falling out of the stroller or from it tipping over. to keep children safe, always buckle your child in and keep handles clear of things like purses or bags that could cause it to tip over. homeowners on long island angry over unkept land belonging to the long island railr the problem they say it's attracting and what they want done. plus this. >> back to school does not
5:43 pm
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they'll be $1.99. consider buying items in bulk and splitting the cost with other families. >> it was originally $1.50. now it's $0.17. >> reporter: if your student wants a new iphone, savings experts say wait until apple announces its latest version next month. >> that's when you should come back to best buy to see if prices have dropped. >> reporter: all carriers offer coverage for less than $10 a month or you could purchase apple care plus. iphone 6 but you'll get discounts on repairing or replacing the phone for up to two accidental damages. shopping around is key. we found this samsonite backpack at staples for $87. we found it for a difference of $45. since staples offers a price beat guarantee, we put it to the test. after showing the clerk the cheaper bag ad, a manager beat
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to be the same brand and everything. yeah. >> and that was a savings of more than $50. you should also be aware, dozens of businesses offer student discounts. show a current school i.d. at retailers like j. crew, best buy. amtrak will give you tickets for less. you will not get these deals unless you ask. a lot are not advertised. so make sure you always inquire. out the 7 on your side web page on abc7ny. >> still reeling from the cost. that's a lot of money for back-to-school supplies. >> that is a lot. i don't recall spending quite that much. but those were the days before ipads and all that stuff. looking over toward the george washington bridge right now, humidity is on hiatus. it will be back by the weekend. just enjoy this in the meantime. 82 degrees right now.
5:49 pm
northwest at around 5 miles per hour. the high got 2 degrees above normal for this time of year for a change. got up to 90 in toms river. a big heat wave still going in that region. temperatures this evening getting down to 79 by 11 p.m. we'll gradually have increasing cloud cover. i think shower activity will wait till after midnight and will mainly be from new york city and points south. we need rainfall. we have a drought going on on long island. only chance of late sunday in to monday. behind that front it's going to be one of the most refreshing air masses we've had in quite some time. 82 in 75 at monticello. 80 on east end of the island at montauk. 89 at toms river. there's the satellite radar showing high clouds, wispy cirrus clouds. eventually this leads to shower
5:50 pm
this batch of rainfall is moving pretty much directly off to the east. it will be in the vicinity of new york city by late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we have tropical storm fiona in the eastern atlantic. winds moving northwest at 16. not going to be strengthening too much. we're not expecting it to be intensifying in to a hurricane. eventually it probably will recurve out to sea. 73 for a low eventually. new york city ove clouds increasing during the evening. maybe a shower or two from the city in points south after midnight. there can be a shower passing through during the morning hours tomorrow along with some cloud cover then that gradually gives way to afternoon sunshine. highs tomorrow getting in to the middle 80s. maybe staying in the low 80s in belmar and toms river. thicker cloud cover, better chance of showers down there. as we look way ahead in to sunday and monday, we'll have another steamy air mass moving in to the area ahead of this cold front. maybe big thunderstorms sunday
5:51 pm
to the day monday. behind it a much less humid sweep of air coming in from the great lakes and arriving here tuesday in to wednesday. if you're headed in to the beaches, south wind 5 to 10. look at water temperatures. 72 on the east end of long island. up to 79 degrees for a water temperature in the monmouth county beaches in new jersey and the rip current risk is on the moderate side on eastern long island. be careful out there. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast. 86 for tomorrow. the heat returns on friday. 90. 89 on saturday. the hudi heat by saturday. it's humid on sunday. 86. could be a shower or thunderstorm late sunday especially north and west. better shot at storms sunday night and in to the day on monday. those can be big storms. 85 monday. then check out after that, only 81 for a high tuesday. lows in the mid 60s at night. a lot of people like to use emojis and so does the new york public library. they're using emojis in a new
5:52 pm
new digitized photo archives. >> on twitter you can tweet the library of your favorite emoji and then they'll send you back an archived picture corresponding to it. i tweeted a picture of a dancer and they sent back this picture of the girl from paris. >> you know what i tweeted. a devil. [ laughter ] and they tweeted back this picture. the 21st street devil from a halloween collection and there were a whole bunch of o halloween photos. dancer, devil. [ laughter ] coming up next at 5:00, outrage on long island over an abandoned piece of land belonging to the long island railroad. the overgrown weeds causing a lot of problems for homeowners. >> tonight, their demands. >> i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, the port authority police under scrutiny for how it handled the active shooter scare at jfk. also at 6:00 -- >> when this train stops, you get the [ bleep ] off.
5:53 pm
you. >> lots of bleeps in this one. an obscenity laced rant against a man one woman says was masturbating on a crowded subway. now the video has gone viral. take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce...
5:54 pm
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vermin, bugs, trash. some of the problems homeowners on long island say they're dealing with all because of an abandoned piece of property. who's responsible for this overgrown mess? turns out the long island railroad is. they own the property. and people living nearby, they want something done. long island reporter kristin the story. she's in levittown. >> this is the 2-mile stretch of property people who live along here say the problem is all those bugs and rats end up in their properties. >> reporter: vienna kirkland has a nice backyard in levittown, but she rarely goes in it. >> the animals, the mice, the mosquitos, the bees. >> reporter: she says they're coming from this, a 2-mile
5:57 pm
from wantagh avenue to newbridge road and was used as a railroad system from 1871 to the early 1930s. now it buts up to the backyards of dozens of homes, forcing some to put out mice traps. people say no one picks up the trash and the bugs are out of control. >> we just had a party here over the weekend and most of the people had to run inside because of the bugs. >> it's the height of arrogance that the long island railroad this problem and be a terrible neighbor. >> reporter: those with the town of hempstead says they've been asking the railroad for years to clean up and maintain the property. people say they see crews come once in a blue moon. >> they came once this year, but other than that, nobody really does it. >> this is not rocket science. this doesn't need a study. it doesn't need a plan. it needs a lawn mower. >> reporter: the lirr tells eyewitness news, we trimmed this decommissioned stretch of
5:58 pm
o and we'll continue to stay in contact with local elected officials as we have as recently as this week. so yes, those with the town of hempstead say three weeks ago they met with those from the lirr right here in this spot and showed them that they had to take care of this overgrowth. the town says nothing was done. we're live in levittown, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. still ahead, donald trump gets a briefing from u.s. intelligence officials. officials he said earlier today that he didn't trust. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. when this train stops, you get the [ bleep ] off. do you understand me? >> so what would you do if you saw a man allegedly masturbating
5:59 pm
on an x-rated rant against the man. you'll meet the woman whose video of the encounter has gone viral. >> two people charged in the murder of a woman who had been missing for half a year in new jersey. cops tell us it's not the first time they tried to kill her. good evening at 6:00. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. we'll have more on those stories in a moment. first, troubling new questions about the port authority police response to the active shooter scare at jfk. port authority cops rushin american airlines terminal 8. chaos and pandemonium everywhere. turned out there was no shooter. tonight new york governor cuomo and mayor de blasio both calling for a closer look at that response and now the port authority itself admitting it did not do a good job communicating with panicked passengers. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett at nypd headquarters in lower manhattan with our lead story tonight. >> it was not the port authority's finest hour or
6:00 pm
of an active shooter trigger widespread panic at jfk on a busy night? tonight the mayor and the governor say they're determined to find out. >> i want a full review of what happened. >> reporter: the governor is demanding answers tonight. three days after the communications breakdown at jfk that led to chaos, panic, and untold numbers of canceled flights. >> i want to get a full review ofha what should have happened, luckily there was no actual emergency. but how do we make the response better? >> reporter: the response was massive and immediate. port authority police backed up by hundreds of nypd officers after reports of an active shooter at kennedy airport at 9:30 on sunday night. >> we got a call, shots fired. have available strike teams head


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