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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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when i do my job. good afternoon, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm lauren glass berg, liz cho is off today. the swimmers said they were robbed at gunpoint but this afternoon police said they were not victims. >> we got andrea adrienne banker who has been following the latest. >> reporter: yes, it is a for so many people and still, questions we main as to exactly what happened. is this night out on the town in rio became an international incident. >> reporter: claims made by members of team usa swimming that they were robbed at gunpoint outside the olympic village on sunday are have crumbled, police saying there was no robbery. federal brazilian police sources saying at least one of the four olympic swimmers,
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a bathroom door at a gas station, then getting into a fight with the security guard. rewind to last week and the controversial interview lochte first gave to nbc news. >> a guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, put it to my forehead and said get down standby put my hands up i was like whatever. >> reporter: lochte now saying the gun was only pointed in his direction. the 12-time olympic medalist is back in the u.s. his teammates, and gunnar bentz all remain in brazil, two seen in a rio police station after being pulled from a flight bound for houston. brazilian investigators look into the whether false statements were given to police. members of the ioc conducting their own investigation, and talking about forgiveness. >> let's give these kids a break you know. sometimes you take actions that
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telling brazilian tv network the only truth is that they say they were drunk. >> reporter: we do know now that false statements were made to police as to the fact there was no robbery. we do also know a federal police source has told abc news that at least two of the swimmers, if they continue to cooperate with authorities, could be given back their passports and flown back home to the u.s. possibly as early as tonight. it is quite a story. and quite unbelievable. police in new jersey looking for a man who they say exposed himself to children. and they say it happened multiple times in the union county communities in rosell park and linden. stephen kim has more. >> reporter: david it is not only disturbing, the boldness of the suspect has many here alarmed. he is stretching with more frequency, in broad daylight.
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playground. >> i got nervous. the kids play here all the time. >> reporter: it is a vial act that has become a pattern. a disgusting pattern that has residents in linden on edge. it happened eight times since may, with six of those incidents occurring in the past few weeks. a man exposing himself to young kids, each time in broad daylight, and each time in a quiet, residential neighborhood. >> i cannot even think about this. because it is, absolutely. an image of the suspect's car released by cops. it is a dark-colored older model 4-door vehicle. police say the suspect in each case targets young children alone or in a group. he calls them over to this car, exposes himself, then drives away. he struck twice yesterday in rosell park. the victims just 7 and 9 years old. one of our incidents yesterday he approached an 11-year-old girl and the girl ran away.
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causes great concern he is that brazen to do that. so it leads us to believe that he is very desperate and he won't stop until he gets what they want. >> reporter: police are asking the public to be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles. cars that seem out of place or unusually circling the block. cops saying what they really need help with is getting the license plate number to there car. meanwhile the victims left shaken. >> they are upset and their parents are upset and understandably so. i have children also. school is going to be starting in another week or so and it's a real concern of ours. >> reporter: when the two earlier incidents, the one in may and the one in june, that suspect had lighter colored hair in a white car. it is unclear if that is the same man in the august incidents. coming up later tonight on eyewitness news we'll tell you what the linden summer camp program is doing to keep its kids safe. stefan kim eyewitness news. also in new jersey fire officials are trying to
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this clark. the impact blew out all the windows of the home on fairview road. the homeowner was inside at the time. he is being treated for burns. fire officials are still trying to determine what caused the blast. bail is set at $8 million for the man police say confessed to drowning his mother in their long island swimming pool. prosecutors say 23-year-old dennis cullen jr. got into an argument with his mother about taking his psychiatric medication of the they say he put 63-year-old elizabeth a headlock while swimming at their home in lloyd harbor. prosecutors he then dragged her to the deepened of the pool and drowned her. her body was found behind a shed in the backyard. coming up at 5:00, we'll tell you what prosecutors say cullen did after the killing. mystified, that is how mayor bill de blasio is describing new yorkers as police continue to look into a motive for the killing of an imam and his associate. meanwhile, religious leaders
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hate crime. eyewitness news reporter nj burkett is live in the garden section of queens with details. nj? >> reporter: that's right. the mayor says people are mystified and he is absolutely right. no one more so than the city's muslim community. there is no known connection between the alleged killer and the victims. police say they have answered virtually every question about this case, except one. the motive. on the steps of city hall this the victims demanded to know why not. why can't prosecutors charge oscar morel with hate crimes for murdering two muslim men as they left their mosque? the 55-year-old imam and his 64- year-old assistant, each thought point blank in the back of the head. >> we want to know what is the reason for it, and we want justice for t then we'll be able to have peace from it.
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with the world a better place. >> reporter: the fact morel has not offered an explanation because he continues to insist he didn't do it. that he is not the man in the surveillance video, running up from behind and executing the men in broad daylight. a search of the home offered any insight into a possible motive. although investigators say this revolver re is a ballistics match to the crime scene. even mayor de blasio was at a lot this more. >> people are mystified. there lab a lot of investigation done, a huge, now he. >> task force, in effect, was put together to find this individual. and there has been a lot of follow-up since he was apprehended still isn't clear. >> reporter: frustration shared across the city's muslim community, many of whom believe
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motive but sectarian hatred. >> the hug of a father will never be felt again for these two families. and the tragedy is not just theirs, it is all of ours. >> reporter: this happened last saturday afternoon in broad daylight. you don't need to prove a motive to make a successful homicide case. but you do need one to make a hate crime's case. we are going to look at the legal challenges in all of this news at 6:00 tonight. nj burkett channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you nj. the parents of a murdered jogger in queens once again going public and urging her killer to come forward. the search for karina vetrano began on august 2nd. hours later her father found her dead in a nearby park. today her grieving parents spoke outside their home in howard beach, saying it is time
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you are being driven crazy. i know that you want to do the right thing. >> reporter: the reward for finding vetrano's killer has climbed to $253,000. going to turn now to the race for president and hillary clinton bringing her presidential campaign back to new york city this afternoon for a meeting with top law enforcement leaders. clinton met with nypd commissioner bill bratton along with other law enforcement college. it comes amid claims by donald trump that clinton is quote against the police. aides say clinton's meeting had been planned for weeks and builds on her ongoing outreach to law enforcement. >> reporter: people around this table are pioneering, they are reforming. they are on top of the debates and concerns that have been expressed over the last couple of years. i think we can come together
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said recently trump's lack of depth on law enforcement issues scares me. meantime trump maintained his theme as being a law enforcement candidate. trump told the crowd he had just stopped by the gun range for some target practice. turning now to the weather, another day of cooler temperatures. meteorologist amy freeze is in for lee goldberg today and she is outside with your exclusive accu-weather forecast. how is it out there? >> reporter: go my friends. saying hello to everybody out here. it is a beautiful, beautiful afternoon. very summer like of the it is a little muggy this afternoon but not bad. temperatures mid-80s, somewhat bearable and very predictable august-like weather right? we are going to have a few changes coming and starts with hot temperatures chiming in for tomorrow as we head into the weekend. let's get busy. you can see clouds are building in. temperatures are at 84 degrees.
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above these numbers but 87 still in toms river. out on the island islip currently at 82. for the rest of the evening, we are looking at temperatures falling off into the 70s. doesn't cool off a whole lot tonight, and we get a head start tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m. we are at 77 degrees. 81 by 10:00, and temperatures soaring into the upper 80s maybe 90s showing up on thermometers as we kick off the weekend. details on your weekend get away forecast. in i'll have the accu-weather 7-day ready for you. for the second training day in a row there has been movement for stocks on wall street. stocks made small gains this afternoon after on the rise in the price of u.s. oil. oil prices have rallied but remained between $40 and $50 a barrel the last four months. here's a live look at the big board. the dow gained 23 points. sentencing day if a former football star coming up.
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for darren sharper after he was convicted in dozens of rapes. plus it is a dramatic image from the violence in syria. this heartbreaking photo now going viral. we'll tell you the story behind it, next. just today, after it was auctio fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee,
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time for a look at your commute home. this is route 23 in west milford. there are delays because of an earlier overturned tractor trailer. let's check with shannon stone in news copter 7. shannon? >> reporter: it really is bad. he overturned into the center
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this afternoon, they still have to do repairs on the center median. so the dent itself happened on the northbound side of route 23 by hamburg turnpike. look how far back they had to put this closure. that is where that closure is in place, forcing everyone to turn around to the southbound side of route 23 and look at this volume. it is a bumper to bumper delay that takes you well back into butler, and unfortunately not a great way to get around this unless you really know the local streets. route 23, shannon stone channel 7 eyewitness news. somebody is going to miss dinner at that rate. at the hudson river crossings no delays at the lincoln tunnel or the george washington bridge at this time but we are told there are about 15 minute back-ups at the outbound holland. former nfl star darren sharper was sentenced to 18 years and 4 months in prison for drugging and raping up to 16 women in four states. before he learned his state, sharper said he would like to
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times to his victims. sharper was originally sentenced to 9 years by an arizona judge but a u.s. district judge rejected that saying it was too lenient. sharper played in the nfl 14 years. restauranting images today of a little boy who become what many believe is the face of the deadly civil war in syria. the video shows the 5-year-old boy bloody, dazed after being pulled from the rubble of an apartment building last night. the air strike. the boy sitting inside an ambulance at one point, wiping the blood from his face. so hard to watch his parents and siblings survived the air strike. but five other children were killed the heartbreaking video has gone viral around the world. some volunteers with plenty of muscle are helping the victims of flooding in louisiana. the university ever louisiana football players came by bus into one hard hit area and got right to work helping residents.
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the federal government is moving in to help. president obama has signed a disaster declaration and the homeland security secretary is also there. our hearts are broken but our faith is strong. the federal government is here, we have been here and will be here as long as it takes to help this community recover. >> reporter: more than 85,000 people have registered for federal disaster aid. one sign the situation is lo the number of people in shelters that dropped to just about 4000 from a high of 11,000. >> i can't imagine this kind of a disaster. it is amazing. but when i saw the football players show up to help out it was so heartwarming to see. just great. so let's check in with meteorologist amy freeze she is in for lee goldberg. it is beautiful right now. what is going on? >> reporter: average august. you know acceptable august.
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feel very summer like out here without the extreme discomfort of really hot temperatures, really high humidity. temperatures in the mid-80s will take it. we could have a stray shower or two off to the west this evening. for the most part really pleas ant conditions the next couple of days heading into the weekend. hotter, more muggy. but you can't complain too much about the weather pattern we are under right now. over the park right now, the latest temperature check in central park humidity 53%. a calm wind with pressure falling. high temperature today at laguardia was 85 degrees. through central and southern jersey a lot of 80s showing up. 87 for the lie. we'll see if we can get everybody else back in the hot temperatures by tomorrow, pushing the upper 80s. just a few showers overnight. mainly west of the city and the humidity increases again into
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the humidity and a really nice weather pattern for tuesday into wednesday of next week. you can see the showers trying to creep in to well they are going past right now parts of eastern pennsylvania and coming through upstate new york. making their way sullivan, ulster, duchess county, really losing their steam. i wouldn't be surprised to see a spotty shower make its way north and west of the city. humid, less muggy today. the temperature certainly goes up upper 80s, 90 degrees showing up on the thermometer. overnight, we start with a good deal tomorrow and that is what is going to put the heat on for us. by early to mid-afternoon, a shower but these aren't really widespread. and not too promising. could see it pop there. those look to be maybe to the south and eastment by the time
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to build up, we get another warm day here again. a spotty hour shower can't be ruled out but definitely doesn't look like rainfall. this is a high resolution grid so it is definitely showing us a lot of detail. overnight low 74. high calling for 87 tomorrow, 88 degrees right there is going to be our range and the humidity will slowly increase. it becomes very humid on sunday even though our temperatures drop to 84. will trigger showers. morning shower on monday turns into a very refreshing air mass of the we could see a stray shower into tuesday morning. but tuesday night into wednesday looks terrific extending that all with low to mid-80s. so very, very nice. the weekend doesn't look bad you guys. coming up in a few minutes we'll have the weekend get away. the catskills. the jersey shore and the hamptons if you are head in
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were tagging sharks. you'll love this next story. hang in there for a second. humpback whales a close encounter with them caught on tape. a group of kayakers paddling in the water north of vancouver when they spot the humpback and her calf. they didn't realize how close they were. jump right out of the water they backed up safely, nobody got hurt. >> they were huge. >> kayak out of kayaking to ride sharing to sharing a robot, it may be out of this world, but self-driving ubers are on the way. plus he went from working
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hulk hogan's final take down was more than the blog gawker could the company says the decision to shut down next week comes days after univision bid $135 million for gawker and its related sites. gawker filed for bankruptcy after hulk hogan won a $141 million judgment for invasion of privacy. the site also blames peter teal for its demise, the silicon valley billionaire had secretly
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a livery car without a driver will soon become a reality. uber is testing self-driving cars on the streets of pittsburgh where the company has its own self-driving research lab. but passengers won't be alone, at least not at first. there will actually be back-up drivers in the cars to keep an eye on everything. probably a good idea. you know this past season british singer al if i boa finding neverland and les mis. even more so it is an accomplishment when you realize what he used to do. >> reporter: his story begins in the north of england, where al if i boa worked in a factory, making sports cars. his salary the equivalent of
4:26 pm
worldwide fame. >> ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: al has paid tribute to the military men and women, sung for the queen of england from the balcony of her palace in london, and been the toast of broadway. right now, he is recording a new album in soho with another stage star, michael ball. all this is even more remarkab al if i's -- given al's blue collar background. a journey that began as an auto worker. >> i used to sing a lot around the factory. at one point i was at the end of the line polishing this car, singing away. the owner of the car turned to me and said you have a good voice, you should do something with it. >> reporter: he had been an amateur, but sing professionally? >> i thought it was something
4:27 pm
a car factory. >> reporter: but his co-workers urged him to go for it. >> they said look, you have this opportunity. if you don't do it, we'll get your coat and push you out the door. >> reporter: today his pals get to clear him alongside royalty as one successful audition led to another, and eventually, fame came. >> i pinch myself every day. coming from a car factory, to be grateful. >> sounded grate, mate. >> reporter: the former auto worker has performed for britain's queen elizabeth many tiles. she has even invited him to tea at buckingham palace. but for all his remarkable success al remains down to earth. his career? a reminder of what is possible for anybody who, to use his words, has the determination to have a go. dave? >> determination and a lot of
4:28 pm
that, too. >> but it is so wonderful he pursued it. it is great. thank you sandy. it is a plan to curb flooding in one flood prone area. coming up residents in one west chester county community not happy with the plan. plus the fast moving wildfires threatening thousands of homes and [ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn't look good. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it's like lugging this around- it's dragging down your fuel economy. but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i'll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate.
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welcome back. our top story this half hour. a plan to better protect a west chester county town from flooding. >> a new plan some say will cause problems of its own. she is is live with the -- marcus solis is live with the details, marcus. >> reporter: work that would stretch for over a mile, and it would impact private property. >> all of this, just cut this out, ivy treehouse has marked off the section of her backyard that might be swallowed up. not by flood waters, but by the
4:32 pm
85 property owners that have received notice there land could be impacted by the army corps of engineers. >> the frustration is the way the army corps is set up to answer questions we don't get answers. >> reporter: nine years have passed since the devastation of the area. dozens of homes were badly damaged and many residents lost nearly all of their belongings. for years local and state federal help and they are close. >> if we don't do it now you are not going to get the funds. the village could never afford to do there by itself. >> reporter: the mayor says concerns about which property will be impacted and by exactly how much are premature. the army corps has yet to conduct the engineering phase of the $70 million project. >> any project you are always going to have people not in favor of it and nothing is ever perfect. but if you balance it out the
4:33 pm
quality of life, but the condition vibrancy before of the village. >> reporter: still the strausss have many questions and object to a finding in the draft report which states no opposition has been expressed by public or private persons. >> we would be happy to contribute a piece of our backyard if we felt this was the answer needed. but when we look at the 700- page document and all the back and forth, we don't get it. >> reporter: realistically it would be a couple of years be is finalized, and work would begin. and any property owner impacted would be compensated. and we are live, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. a massive child porn sting ring heads to dozens after rests in new jersey. 40 men, including a former teacher and school custodian were charged today following a sting called operation staid stay wide. it determined who was sharing
4:34 pm
across the state. the suspects range in age from 20 to 72 and in manhattan, police found a 3-year-old boy this morning roaming around a subway station wearing nothing but his underwear. he was discovered in the 183rd street station in heights just before 7:00 a.m. i apologize, they are telling me it is actually the bronx. police say a apparently schmuck out -- he apparently snuck out his apartment. wildfires are continuing to rage through southern california. 29 are burning in the west, and with the weather conditions no relief is in sight. one of the hardest hit areas is san bernardino county. >> reporter: with red flag warnings today, that means more extreme conditions for firefighters here now going on day 3 of fighting this fire. the blue cut fire is still out
4:35 pm
the weather has been over 100 degrees although today is the first day we have had temperatures bele 100. >> reporter: containment is low. the gusty winds and heat making it hard for firefighters to keep the fast moving flames from destroying more land. >> it is not santa ana wind season if us. that doesn't come until october. really that's fire season for us. this isn't supposed to be fire season. >> reporter: evacuation orders still in place for more than 80,000 residents. this morning the fire, once again, coming dangerously close to in a major -- and a major freeway. but to the north and south, a different scene. the clayton fire slowing down. 4000 people in the lake county area finally returning home. in san diego, a wildfire that started yesterday is under control. back in san bernardino county, even with the extreme conditions, firefighters doing whatever it takes to slow this fire down. >> i know for the majority of
4:36 pm
the fire service it is just a job that we do. and we'll fight this fire to the end. >> reporter: we have just learned a major roadway from southern california to las vegas, i-15 through the cajon pass has reopened. that was one of the first things to shut down when 24 fire started. reporting live, dania bacchus channel 7 eyewitness news. this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the crown heights riot. three days when tensions and black residents in brooklyn erupted into deadly virus. today derek adams during digger the riots. he wants more city funding for surveillance cameras run by local civic organizations. this wii they can also be posted by the nypd to investigate the crimes. >> we already have this range of steel that protects property and those who are in the manhattan district.
4:37 pm
of steel and it will cost pennies on the dollar of what we are paying for the range of steel in manhattan. >> reporter: adams says a robbery on tuesday of crown heights was captured by cameras maintained by the local community council and they helped lead to an arrest. former mayor michael bloomberg taking on a job with the united nations. the un health agency says bloomberg's support to control and improving road safety will help to reduce death as cross the globe. a data plan shake up. coming up, the carrier that is rethinking those costly overage fees. and a champion at the olympics with the latter of gold. how a u.s. long jumper kept his promise to his mother that he made years ago. meteorologist amy freeze with the weather update. 84 degrees is what we have now as the temperature. and tonight our temperatures are going to sink into the 70s.
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not victims of a robbery as originally claimed. investigators say the swimmers were intoxicated, vandalized a gas station and then, as i said, made up the robbery story. police in two new jersey communities were looking for a man, accused of exposing himself to children. investigators say he struck in the union county communities of linden and rosell park. the man accused of killing an imam and his associate in queens has a new attorney. in manhattan, meeting with top law enforcement leaders. she sat down with nypd commissioner bill bratton and others from around the can country. eating fish may lower a person's risk for diabetes- related vision problems. research followed more than 3500 people in spain with type two diabetes for about six years, and they found that the
4:42 pm
a significantly lower risk of diabetic complications with vision problems and even blindness is that a scare in the air. a yet is forced to turn around and make an emergency landing just minutes after take off. take a close look at this video. you can see right there flames coming out of one of the engines on the left side. it was en route to the capital of qatar. it landed safely turkey. as american athletes return home we are seeing touching and heartwarming moments rivaling those we have seen in rio. jeff henderson, returning to arkansas last night, look at this. he received a hero's welcome at the airport after winning a gold medal in the long jump. >> rio was fun but i was ready to leave. i watched people run and allison run and everybody else run, i was ready to get home
4:43 pm
amazingly touching. henderson did this with his medal. he gave it to his mother, who is battling alzheimer's. he says she has been suffering for 10 years, and promised her a gold before he left. >> so sweet. and an act of kindness for a little boy who desperately needed it. why some nypd officers stepped in to help. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan.
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phone carriers are about to change the way you get your data. under at&t's new plan customers who go over their data plan him will not be charge but their data speed will drop for the rest of the month. as into sprint and t-mobile they will offer unlimited talk text and high speed data plans starting tomorrow. but the catch is all videos are streamed in standard definition. lie did he have streaming will cost extra. a growing number of couples choosing to get married on a thursday to save money. the average cost of a wedding is nearly $33,000. but by simply changing the date from a weekend or a holiday to a thursday, it will bring you considerable savings. according to the knot. >> nearly 6% of couples were married on thursday last year, up from 4.3% in 2014. >> got to save money wherever you can. >> got to feed all the guests. >> exactly. so let's talk. >> do a barbecue outside.
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so fantastic outside. really it is going to be a fantastic evening. there is a few spots west of the city that could see a sprinkle or two. i'll show you those coming up on the futurecast. not a big deal. then we are full speed ahead. eyes focused on the weekend. climbing temperatures for tomorrow. great shot here over the park. folks hanging out. sheep's meadow. 84 degrees. falling. the top temperatures across the area today look like low to mid-80s. the highest number 87 degrees. tonight our temperatures are cool back into the 70s but it really doesn't get very cool. like low to mid-70s is about as cool as it is going to get. that will give us a head start to temperatures tomorrow. here are the showers that are trying to work their way in as they come our direction. losing steam if you will.
4:48 pm
late tomorrow afternoon. but this time around it will be south and east. we'll show you what the computer models are showing. here comes what we are seeing on the radar right now. that amounts to a few showers, not much. it actually clears overnight. with skies going mostly clear with a very few clouds around. tomorrow we start with bright sunshine and that heat is going to take our temperatures to near 90 degrees. so while we may not have as much humidity tomorrow, we are definitely going to feel temperatures getting warmer in the afternoon and south and ea where we get a few of the pop ups. another nice warm up and the humidity is back. we could get a stray shower again for the afternoon hours. not a big deal. not a lot of thunderstorm activity, just quick moving showers. by sunday afternoon, again things look pretty good, but negotiate and east of the city, we'll be saying goodbye to a system moving off there so we could potentially get a little shower or two. showing up here for the catskills as a chance for the shower. also the jersey shore chance
4:49 pm
of the hamptons, things are looking dry both days with temperatures in the low 80s. your sand forecast if you are on the beach or on the boat, two feet waves southeast 5 to 10. water temperatures up to 79 degrees and the rip current risk is low. looking at the numbers tonight, going down to 74 here in the city. tomorrow taking our temperatures right back to 88 degrees, a little muggy in the accu-weather 7-day forecast low as us a decent ahead. not too hot. we cool down by sunday. by monday there could be a mo and our temperatures are really nice for the middle part of the week with le to mid-80s expected. call it sunny and muggy by thursday of next week with 86 degrees. that is a look at your accu- weather 7-day forecast david i know you have the trend coming up. the trend in weather is pretty much average in august. so i hope you have something to knock our socks off. >> i'm going to try. here's what etrenne omega healthcare this thursday august
4:50 pm
her show. the comic had to post a tweet denying her show was canceled after an earlier post indicated that the show was going to come to an end. schumer said she promotes her book. what led people to think the show was over were her tweets about how saddened she was over the comments her friend and writer on the show made about people who are the victims of rape. image of baby body he, stretch marks and all. she proudly wrote my thighs have tributarys. fans love she is willing to embrace the natural changes in her body. a teen model from texas is being praised for similar reasons. 17-year-old andrea salazar is battling cancer. but she feels beautiful.
4:51 pm
is beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well. seems like we are finding more reasons to like adele right? check out her message to her fans in phoenix when she got too sick to perform on tour. >> i'm really really sorry. i have had a cold for a one couple of days. i have been pushing through it. i did my show last night and i loved it but my cold has gotten the better of me. as you can hear, even if i did good. i'm really really really sorry. >> look at her a heartfelt apology to her fans and you can see she is no no shape to sing right now. adele promising to make up the slow when she is better. finally those of you who work out know how hard it is to do a plank. you know what a plank is right? so imagine doing this. >> whoa. >> i think amy can do one.
4:52 pm
>> a plank off. >> did you just build a little house of love for me? is that what you did. the video goes on and on. every room she tries the plank the dog crawls underneath her. this is us right? i love you, we are having fun right? i'm trying to plank. as you can see, you understand why this is trending. it is a very cute video. as always check out the trend online at abc 7 ny. anybody else want a plank? >> why did you stand up david? you should still be planking. >> you are both task masters. that wasn't a plank. >> an extra set of abs now. david you can do it. >> please, that is enough of that. back to you.
4:53 pm
the nypd. the heartwarming donation from the department that is bringing hope to a young boy in the midst of tragedy. and here is a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. 20 minutes at the inbound lincoln tunnel. 15 minutes at the outbound
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
n we want to bring you a story of an act of k-9ness if a little boy who desperately pleaded one. >> when a 7-year-old boy was orphaned by violence,. >> reporter: you know domestic violence nearly took everything from this little boy.
4:56 pm
the bronx, little tyrone lowe got a very big surprise. ? [ music ] ?? >> reporter: trumpets were playing, as he arrived with flashing lights, greeted by mickey and mini and the surprise news that tyrone is going to disneyworld. he also now has $5000 in his college fund. this is all after, really, what of domestic violence. tyrone's father killed his mother last december and then himself. and police raised this money bit by bit. these past eight months they say tyrone is just a bright, charismatic little boy who deserved better. >> we are not in the business of providing a short term solution to a long-term problem, so what we wanted to do was invest in his future. i challenge all these sports fans that pay $5000 and $10,000
4:57 pm
with that money. you could contribute to the college fund of tyrone. >> reporter: and this is an ongoing effort. if you want to contribute, you can call the community affairs here at the 49th precinct and contribute to tyrone lowe. he is a smarty pants, by the way. we interviewed him. we are going to hear from tyrone from another story. coming up at 6:00 tonight. and next week, he goes to disneyworld. section of the bronx, stacey sayinger channel 7 eyewitness news. still more news ahead. eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> new video out of rio from
4:58 pm
that ryan lochte and three others say they were robbed at gun point. but police today say there was no robbery. >> i'm diana williams. what happened in rio sure hasn't stayed in rio. >> while the swimmers lied, they admit there was a confrontation with armed men. they came in contact with armed security guards that pointed guns at them after the swimmers >> ryan lochte is a three-time gold medalist but his accomplishments in the pool seem like a distant memory after a night of partying that went wrong. the armed robbery that they reported never happened. in a stunning turn of events today in rio, the police chief says the four united states swimmers who reported they were victims of an armed robbery over the weekend made it
4:59 pm
showing surveillance footage from the gas station where the swimmers stopped in the early morning hours of sunday. according to brazilian authorities, the swimmers vandalized the bathroom and fought with gas station security before getting into their taxi. after a break in the surveillance video, the swimmers are seen getting out of the taxi and later sitting on the ground with their hands up, speaking to two gas station security guards who are just out of the shot and who on the swimmers during the confrontation but no violence occurred. but they left money for the damage. this is a far cry from the statements from lochte that the swimmers had been held at gun point and money stolen. >> let's give the kids a break. you know, they -- you know, sometimes you take actions that you later regret. >> lochte remains in the united states while his three teammates, including the two
5:00 pm
flight last night could leave brazil as soon as tonight after they have been fully questioned. this case is more political than criminal with the authorities wanting an apology from the swimmers. >> this is brazil. this was a huge embarrassment to them. for them, it's a big deal whether this is true. >> what happens next? the three swimmers remaining in vandalism and falsifying a police report. they would most likely work out with the americans, apologize and make a donation to charity. as for lochte who has not commented on the latest developments, it is unlikely that he would extradited to brazil to face such minimal charges. >> thank you, laura. download our free app to receive breaking news alert on new developments in this story.


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