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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a shower, went into his mom's wallet, took money out, credit card, took her car to the train station. drove -- took a train into manhattan, met up with his sister, explained to his sister what happened. she notified the father. and then the three of them returned to the residence where he was placed under arrest. >> reporter: colin junior lived in the house with his mother, 63-year-old elizabeth colin who comes from ranking military family. her brother, george casey junior what's a former chief of staff. her father was killed helicopter crash in vietnam. colin junior's attorney says he met with him this morning and that he was quiet and calm. >> at this stage, there's a lot of work to be done. i have to determine if he has a psychiatric background. i have to determine if he is
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have to look at a videotape. >> reporter: sources tell us that colin junior was diagnosed several years ago with paranoia schizophrenia and is being held on $8 million bail. >> thank you, kristin. a demand for hate crime the community want oscar to be charged with hate crimes. new york cops don't know what the motive was. >> reporter: that's right, bill. without a motive, the d.a. can't make a hate crimes case. no, you don't need a motive to make a murder case. complicating all of this, the
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hate anybody of any religion. he didn't do this. >> reporter: through his attorney, oscar continues to insist that he didn't do it. that he is not the man in the surveillance video running up from behind and murdering two muslim men in broad daylight last saturday. a 55-year-old and his 64-year- old assistant, each shot execution style in the back of the head. >> i end with the world a better place. >> reporter: relatives believe the men were targeted because they were muslim and they're demanding a hate crime prosecution. but experts say it's not that simple. >> we can't charge a hate crime without there being other evidence. the motive does matter. in fact the motive is the key to making a hate crime. >> reporter: for example,
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apartment. if they had also recovered racist diaries or a hate-filled manifesto, a hate crimes case would be easier to make. >> there has to be statements. right now, the police and the detectives don't have that other evidence necessary. >> reporter: for sentencing purposes, it doesn't matter. he faces life in prison without parole if convicted of first degree murder. but the community may see it differently. >> they say the motivation is that is not the way that the killing is being perceived by muslims from queens in new york city and nationwide. >> reporter: on his radio show today, the mayor said that people are miss at this identified by all of this. a heinous execution for no obvious reason continues to haunt this city tonight. live tonight in queens, channel 7 eyewitness news. this coming weekend, the
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riots. three days when tensions between jewish and black residents of the city erupted in the deadly violence in brooklyn. tonight brooklyn bureau president remembering the riots as he pressed for the expansion of a new safety initiative. he wants more funding for surveillance cameras run by local civil organizations. cameras that can be used by the nypd to investigate crimes. >> we already have this ring of and those who are in manhattan district. it will cost pennies on the dollars of what we're paying for the ring of steel in manhattan. the video led to an arrest. that's good news. now to vote 2016. news from the clinton foundation moments ago.
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foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporation donations. meanwhile nypd commissioner bill bratton finding himself front and center in the race. the outgoing commissioner meeting with clinton and criticizing donald trump. rob nelson is in the news room with the news. >> bill, there has been so much blood shed and so much unrest involving police in recent months. both clinton and trump are trying hard to make end rows when it comes to charged issue of american law enforcement. commissioner bratton has been vocal about the tension and about trump and once again today took a swipe at the republican nominee. >> reporter: hillary clinton brought her campaign back to new york today, meeting with police chiefs from around the country at john j college. after the tragedies in dallas and baton rouge and the unrest in milwaukee, clinton walked a fine line in trying to move
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hand in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law and when everyone is respected by the law. >> reporter: after the meeting, law enforcement leaders including bill bratton were fairly tight-lipped about the two-hour talk and said that clinton did more listening than talking. >> in terms of think she has a lot of experience in that area and a lot of great ideas. >> we all mentioned certain things such as rebuilding trust and l within the community. training and education of police officers, continuing with funding for the cops office. >> reporter: in the meantime, donald trump who is calling himself the law and order candidate spent the day at a police lodge in north carolina, keeping praise on officers. >> i'm a big, big supporter of law enforcement and our police. and these are great people. the courage that you show on a constant basis is amazing into
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of trump's candidacy and saying the business mogul showed a quote lack of depth when it comes to the issues. when asked today if he is still scared, brat on took another subtle jab at trump. >> what we're all about is the idea of reducing fear with concrete proposals and ideas that will work, not exploiting the fear with rhetoric. >> now, bratton went on has not heard any ideas or proposals from trump when it comes to law enforcement. however, he said he would accept an invitation to talk with trump as he and cops did today as they were invited hi hillary clinton. >> rob nelson, thank you. a revealing statue of donald trump removed from union square tonight after causing a commotion. life-size and naked statues
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antitrump activist. it shows trump's hands over a bulging belly. it caused such a stir that the parks department had it removed by breaking it off at the ankles. new york city's municipal id program getting billed as a resounding success. mayor de blasio said more than 863,000 native new yorkers and immigrants have received an id card since primary form of identification. stocks finished today a little higher. the dow up more than 23 points. the s&p up nearly 5. the nasdaq up 11 and a half points or just about. the search for a killer as we continue with eyewitness news at 6:00 for this thursday night. a new plea from the parents of katrina to the man who killed her. plus, new york cops stepping in to help a young boy
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then himself. now police are sending him somewhere special. meteorologist amy freeze here is the accuweather center. temperatures are falling into the low 80s. 83 currently as our official reading. tonight temperatures will slip into the 70s overnight. most places will clear out overnight, starting with sunshine tomorrow, headed toward 90. in fact the heat is on both friday and saturday. i'll tell you how hot it gets we love the new york state fair!
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>> you're watching abc7, number one in new york. >> an urgent plea from the parent of a murdered jogger in queens. police have made no arrests since katrina was found murdered near their home in howard beach. the parents asked for the killer to show compassion and surrender. about that you're not as evil as the whole world thinks that you are. because we're going to get you. >> the parents claim that detectives are close to a break in the case. police say not exactly. nothing will ever bring back tyrone lowe's mother or his dad. the 7-year-old's mother was
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new york cops took it upon they will selfs to bring light and happiness to this orphan boy. today they told him, you're going to disney world. >> reporter: the suspense, well, it was magical here in the bronx today as 7-year-old tyrone lowe arrived at the 49th precinct. he had no idea this was happening, especially the mickey and minnie part. >> yes. >> reporter: then he found out the rest. tyrone is going to disney world, courtesy of the nypd. a little boy badly in need of an emotional reset after a horrifying incident here at the apartment last december. the kind that sticks in any cop's mind, let alone a little boy. his mother was shot and killed by her father, who later killed himself. tyrone, now without parents and
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household when this incident took place. and we just wanted to provide him with some hope. >> reporter: they did that today by adding in a check for $5,000 towards a 529 college fund for tyrone. >> dreams come true. dreams do come true. >> reporter: in fact, this was a major grass roots effort here in the community. police collected and asking other cops to help. >> we asked to donate $1 per cop per precinct. >> reporter: and they say the college fund is an ongoing effort. contact the precinct if you want to help. >> they're great. they're awesome. i love you. >> to know that they have a smile on their face, nothing better to see. >> reporter: resilience after domestic violence took away so much.
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we have breaking news right now. abc is reporting out of brazil tonight that two olympic swimmers including ryan lochte has been charged with a crime. the swimmers say they were robbed at gun point. but this afternoon police say they were not victims. it seems now the athletes had a brush with security guards of some kind who pointed a gun at swimmers had damaged a bathroom at a gas station. police say the americans were not harmed and left the gas station before police could arrive. laura behnke will have more on this bizarre story in sports. when we come back, amy freeze in for lee goldberg. yes, yes, yes, we had nice
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most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. >> breaking news right now on
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section. the fire department called 9 minutes ago. shannon is over the scene in news copter 7. >> reporter: they are not getting a handle on the blaze. the fire has already spread to the houses on both sides of it. it started in the upper floors. you can see the fire department trying to make their way into the house. the power lines in front of the house even caught fi sparking. we imagine there are power problems throughout the area. firefighters are having a hard time. with the houses so close together, they are spreading like wildfire from one to the other. we will keep you updated on channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the whole row of houses look like they're in jeopardy. >> it doesn't look like the wind is a factor. >> the smoke is going straight up. but it looked powerful.
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>> no. unfortunately it looks like they will fight that one out. the evening hours, our temperatures will drop off. especially past sunset. into the 70s. you can see the parks shaded in there. we have fair weather cumulus clouds. it is currently 83. humidity at 54%. we had a high of 84 in central park. 88 at lugardia. 87 for newark. these temperatures coming in in the last hour. mid-80s in a lot of climbing. a few showers happened to the west of us. it's not for everyone. these will be hit or miss. not a big deal. humidity starts to increase through the weekend, especially on saturday. there will be a thunder threat late saturday night and into sunday. then a nice weather pattern. showing right now satellite and accuweather pushing in the showers and those are indicated here by the radar in blue. and they're really fading as they move into our area. there's not a lot of confidence
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hit or miss indication of a shower. it actually clears us out overnight. we start with sunshine. then the clouds build in with a spotty shower in the afternoon. it doesn't look heavy or like a big deal. saturday, mix of sun and clouds early on. a chance of a spotty shower. not that heavy. the thunderstorm threat is low. then on sunday afternoon, we could see showers, especially north and east of the city. it's sunday night that we get the jersey shore and the hamptons looking dry for saturday. on sunday, especially late afternoon, we will start to see the catskills getting storms and the jersey shore, a high of 87. the hamptons stay dry all weekend. the sea and sand forecast, beaching and boats, two foot waves and water temperatures as warm as 79 with a low rip current risk. we doe gown to 74 tonight. back up to the upper 80s
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show up. it will be hot but the humidity increases most on saturday. that day we will get our temperatures into the upper 80s as well. 84 on sunday. sunday night and into monday morning, that's a thunderstorm because that's a front coming through. presents a refreshing air mass for tuesday, wednesday of next week. thursday will be back into muggy conditions. that's your accuweather 7-day. >> thank you, amy. we want to show you the breaking news. the st. george section of staten island. at least three houses on fire.
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>> quick update from shannon stone over this vicious fire in the st. george section of staten island. they clearly have water on the fire now, shannon.
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see some of that smoke turning white. but not before the damage was done. two other houses going up in the fire. they do not have the upper hand on this, despite the fact that they have water on it. it looks like other houses may be in danger. they are doing what they can. at this point there is no word on any injuries. this is far from being under control. shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> keep us posted, shannon. we're getting this from abc saying that the police are recommending charges. the prosecutors haven't decide today file charges yet. boy, this is so bizarre. >> and clearly ongoing. it started as a night of celebration as the swimming portion of the olympics wrapped up. it turned dark and confusing as the swimmers apparently lied about being held up at gun point and robbed. today just as surveillance video was released of the swimmers at the gas station
6:27 pm
police chief said that conger admitted the story was fabricated and the group vandalized a bathroom before getting into a confrontation with the security guards. no violence occurred. the swimmers left money for the damages before returning to the olympic village. lochte remains in the united states while the three could leave brazil tonight, as long as they cooperate with authorities. believe it or not not all athletes getting into trouble in rio. some are actually competing. last night a full sweep of the united states in the women's 100 meter hurdles. it is the first sweep of this event by any country in olympic history. with their second game of the preseason two days away, the giants did not have victor cruz participate in practice today.
6:28 pm
more with the team tomorrow. so while cruz is hoping to play in the season opener we know that josh brown will not be there. the kicker suspended one game for violating the personal conduct policy. it stems from a domestic violence arrest last year by his wife who later dropped the charges. >> my main concern is my kids. that's the last thing that you ever want to be on the internet that they would read or their friends would read and the way how they're looked upon. so is it good? no, it's not. >> well, the jets are on their way to washington tonight ahead of their second game of the exhibition season tomorrow night. it will be a chance for players to prove that they belong on that roster and for the team to get a general idea of where it's at. >> as long as we push each other and compete each and every week, coming out and starting fast, clearly everybody knows that 10-6 was not good enough. we have to be better than 10-6. the yankees are off
6:29 pm
series in san francisco. >> thanks, laura. let's see what we're working on for tonight at 11:00. >> bill, new at 11:00, caught on camera. a man tried to snatch a 13 month old child inside a store. why parents thought it was a joke. plus, another reason to get back in the gym. the possible link between your brain and your weight. that's tonight at 11:00. bill. >> we will see you then. thank you. let's take a quick look again at our breaking news on st. george section. one house completely obliterated. the other two also caught on fire. shannon, we have 15 seconds. give us the latest. >> reporter: yeah. it looks like we're starting to see damage to a fourth house. this one here, fire department on the scene. in the time that it took them to set up their equipment, all of these houses caught fire. you can see the lines here sparking as well here so power problems in the area as well. bill. >> thank you, shannon. the fire department got the call just at 6:09, 20 minutes
6:30 pm
now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. world news is next. we will be tonight, breaking news from rio, coming in right now. police now recommending that two american swimmers, including ryan lochte, be indicted. authorities in brazil say the swimmers lied. tonight, right here, the new surveillance video of them at that gas station. what really happened. and standing firm, this evening, sources who have talked to the swimmers tell were, in fact, held up by armed gunmen. also breaking, the wildfire out of control. flames now racing tonight, across land at 30 miles an hour. the major headline coming in from chicago. the head of police says seven police officers should be fired. he says they lied after an officer shot and killed a teenager. the well-known american military family and the mother allegedly drowned by her own son. and usain bolt.


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