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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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on staten island. we've learned one firefighter suffered serious injuries. >> from rio with love. a controversy over a false robbery appears to be over this morning. one american swimmer isn't getting home without paying the price. >> and a commuter alert in brooklyn leading to a messy and smelly cleanup near the bqe. good morning, i'm toni yates in for lori stokes. >> it is friday, say it loud, say it proud, august 19. you are never more than 7 traffic with bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> say it loud, say it proud. we get to see the sunrise every day. we can tell you from experience, this is one of the best i've seen so far this summer. really nice as you look across the reservoir, two flushing bay, to long island sound. you can see all the way out.
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from right now. clear skies to partly cloudy. parks reporting clear skies on those automated meters. it's 73 bridge port. what a great start. really nice morning. it's going to be a nice august day. we're looking at mid to upper 80s. the humidities are held at bay today. a little more humid tomorrow. thunderstorms late in the day sunday. big old weather changes for next week. debbie duhaime has been talking about garbage, the throughway, up there. >> that's for sure. we're going to start off with the garbage spill. we're going to go to live shots. this is hamilton avenue at 3rd avenue in brooklyn. look at the mess here. it's an overturned garbage truck with this garbage all over the place. crews are here cleaning up the scene. they have been out here for quite awhile. avoid hamilton avenue in brooklyn. the ramp from hamilton avenue to the bqe is completely blocked as well. this is going to take awhile to
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to the maps and tell you about a major problem on the new york state throughway. exit 11 in niacc. four trains back on or close to schedule. hudson river crossings off to a nice start. alternate side parking rules in effect. back over to you, ken, toni. >> we're going to go to breaking news, a deadly accident in newark. john is live in news copter 7. good morning. >> reporter: good moin the police investigation of this accident is underway. we have live pictures from news copter7. this is a horrendous accident. this is at the very far south end of university avenue. almost to washington street. we know it happened around 3:00 this morning. you can see up against the fence, that is a car, which apparently crashed into at least one parked vehicle. we think it may have been more than that. you can see that car went airborne and wound up on the fence. one person fatally injured in
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scene right now, conducting a full investigation. and we're live over downtown newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. wow. all right, john, thank you so much. 6:03 now. nearly two dozen people have been injured in a devastating fire that burned through a row of homes. three homes were destroyed. eyewitness news reporter is live in st. george. diana. >> ken, 17 of those injuries were to firefighters. while that fire is out this far from over. in fact, one fire truck has just returned to the scene. but they do expect to be out here for the next several days. you can see just what is left of those homes this morning. this is what it looked like shortly after the fire broke out yesterday. you can see how high and intense those flames were, shoot ing from the roof. they damaged the buildings across the street. three of the homes were destroyed.
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firefighters were fighting this fire. four others suffered some type of damage. it started just after 6:00, forcing everyone who was home to evacuate. the fire department was on the scene within two minutes. but these flames moved so quickly, that the buildings were engulfed by the time they arrived. the fire struck six alarms before it was contained and the intense heat presented a real challenge to firefighters. it took them quite an effort to save the block. suffer heat exhaustion, four other people had respiratory injuries due to the untense smoke that was filling the street. the good news this morning, everybody was able to get out of the building safely. but it took quite some time to bring under control. >> the buildings are totally destroyed. three other buildings have moderate damage. two buildings have minor damage. one of the obstacles of this fire, very, very heavy smoke in
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parts of carbon monoxide in the street. not only in the building, but two of the buildings are in extreme danger of collapse. the third building may collapse. and then as you get further out, they are less severely damaged. >> reporter: so, it is a very dangerous situation out here yesterday. 42 people in all have been displaced. 21 of the people who are now homeless are children. they are in the care of the red cross this morning while all of this rein investigation. we're live in the st. george section of staten island, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> diana, thank you. 6:05 is our time. and developing in brazil, the american swimmers accused of making up a story will likely not face charges as the last of the u.s. swim team heads home. jimmy secured his freedom by making ha deal with a brazilian judge. he has to pay $11,000 to
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avoid criminal prosecution. that after fegan and ryan locthe are accused of lying to police. the men along with two of their teammates vandalized a gas station bathroom and confronted by armed guards. reporter, darla miles will have a full report coming up at 6:30. >> despite pleas, the nypd says investigators are not close to making an arrest in the case of a murdered jogger. the parents of 30-year-old, karina spoke to reporters claiming that there are a number of very strong leads and that an arrest could be just days away. her father directly asked a female relative of his daughter's killer to come forward and claim the reward money. >> she is in great distress and we know she wants to make that call. we are pleasing with her to make that call. >> it's been 2 1/2 weeks since
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sexually assaulted in spring creek park near her home. >> 6:07. a 16-year-old now under arrest accused of killing a father in brooklyn over a stolen hat. police say someone stole an expensive oakland raiders baseball cap from a 17-year-old boy outside ps6 in east flat bush. later that night, the boy and his father spotted the suspect with two friends. he was shot in the head and back, killing him. we now know the identities of the two victims killed in a house fire in new jersey. five-year-old and her grandmother died after tuesday night's fire. the family posted photos of them on a go fund me page. the mother is still re covering. authorities believe the fire was an accident. there will be big changes coming to the clinton
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the foundation is making plans to alter its donation policy and no longer accept foreign and corporate donations. president bill clinton announced he will resign from the board and hand the reigns over to independent parties. and we're learning new details from the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's use of a personal e-mail server. according to reports in the new york times, clinton told investigators that she was advised to use a personal e- secretary of state, colin powell. that's handed over to congress earlier this week. donald trump will tour louisiana today along with his running mate. the two will visit areas of baton rouge hit hard by deadly and devastating flooding. it's not clear exactly what trump's plans are when he gets to louisiana. this side of the republican
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he sometimes chooses the wrong words or says is the wrong things in the heat of debate. >> and i do regret it. particularly, where it may have caused personal pain. too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these issues. >> he did not specify which comments he was referring to, after a big campaign shakeup. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic here on eyewitness news this morning. here is our camera looking to the morning sunshine, wall street's, the battery, the brooklyn bridge. here's our sunrise as we look from our camera across the park here. beautiful and the planes are taking off at laguardia. one of my favorite pictures of
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moment? >> that's beautiful. >> basking, we're basking. 75 degrees, a nice start to this friday, a great summer's morning. and we really have cool, kind of calm weather all the way back to the great lakes. let's get you out the door. sunshine, i don't think the humidity is much of a factor. we have gotten used to it after all the heat and humidity so far. three heat waves so far. we'll be at 81. noontime, 83. mid and upper 80s with moderate humidity. wehe every seven minutes. here is debbie duhaime. >> thank you so much. let's see what's happening. we're going to take a ride. let's take a peek. look inbound, eastbound very busy getting up and out toward the prospect as we head to the maps. hamilton avenue remains closed. that's an accident involving the tractor trailer. hamilton avenue ramp remains
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it's an accident involving a tractor trailer. all lanes subject to closure here. approaching the tappan zee bridge. avoid the southbound throughway getting to niacc if you can. do watch out, it looks like you're heading to university avenue. you have that on going investigation at the new jersey turnpike moving fine. alternate side in effect. back over to you, toni, ken. >> thank you. 6:11. we are staying on top of breaking news in new jersey. a large police investigation after a car a road, killing one person. news copter 7 is staying overhead gathering new information. also caught on camera, a quick- thinking clerk turns the tables on a group of thieves when they storm a cell phone store. >> and another cluster of zika
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stop what you're doing and listen up. we have breaking news, a major accident just coming in. this is in newark. what appears to be two buses have collided. john is live. this looks like a really, really bad one. >> this is a very serious accident. we've got first live pictures here from news copter 7. this is the heart of downtown newark. this is the intersection of north broad street and market
6:15 am
you can see what you have are two new jersey buses that collided in the intersection. this collision obviously took place at very high speeds. you can see that one bus on the left practically broken in half. there are still emergency crews arriving. this accident happened only within the last ten minutes or so and as you can imagine, the first response here by the fire department and the police department is enormous. we can see ambulances and fire trucks coming from all over newark, converging on this intersection. we'll be careful, because we don't know the extent of the injuries. it looks like a serious accident. we're going to stay overhead. we'll bring you more information as we get it. right now, two new jersey transit buses in a very serious accident at the intersection of broad street and raymond boulevard in downtown newark. we are live, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow, that is a bad one. we'll keep folks updated. thank you so much. >> 6:15 is our time. take a look at this video, a
6:16 am
into a river. the train broke in half when the viaduct buckled below it. people were hurt. nobody got killed. investigators are trying to determine if heavy rain that hit the area could be responsible for the collapse. a clever clerk in new jersey out smarts two men who walked a a store, threatening to rob the place, but it didn't go quite as planned. tommy torres was working at the boost mobile store when the men barged in, demanding money, and cell why the men looted the store, torres snuck out the back door, locked it, and pulled out the security gate. >> we don't have any iphone, you can take anything, whatever you want. >> the robbers were trapped in that store for more than 20 minutes, but they managed to escape because police didn't arrive in time. patterson's police director says inter gnat affairs into looking all of that.
6:17 am
to miami beach are sparking worry about tourism dollars in that area. the total number of cases in that city now risen to 35. officials were considering making miami beach a zika transmission zone. many worry that would be a huge blow, it would be $24 billion a year tourism industry for miami beach. active transmissions is part of the city of miami, not miami beach. check on the accuweather forecast, meteorologist, bill evans outside on the upper west side. >> toni and ken, it's a beautiful morning. it's just a light breeze. partly cloudy skies. we have a little sunrise this morning. it's going to be a great start to your day. here's a look outside. we start out with this beautiful sunrise as we look across the park. that's absolutely gorgeous. we get to see that every morning.
6:18 am
far. nice start to the day. yesterday's high was 85. normal 83. sun is up at 6:10. and we're going to be looking at 7:48. great start to the weekend today. a warm and more humid day tomorrow. thunderstorms coming late in the day on sunday with a cold front that is a big weather changer for next week. over toward monte claire, new jersey. we're looking at 72 down the shore. good morning, how are you this morning? we take a look at what's going your day with high pressure from the great lakes to the northeast. two really great days today and tomorrow. mid 80s later on today. the guidance is showing a popup shower. there were no showers, i think two nice clear days. if going to take the boat out this weekend, commercial fishermen north wind, 2-foot waves. nice start, wind goes northeast later on.
6:19 am
and warm. 75. and then we have sunshine, mostly warm and humid tomorrow. saturday is a great day. best day of the weekend. sunday, a few more clouds. it's humid, and we could have a popup shower or thunderstorm late in the day sunday. and then look at next week. breezy sunshine, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. all right, my man, are you ready for the weekend? >> i have to get a shoutout. and my man, randy. from rio okay. >> yes. >> there you go. you guys have a great weekend. >> thank you. you, too. >> all right, debbie, another check on a busy traffic day. >> that's for sure. good morning, ken. let's see what's happening. picture, look at this serious accident. this is over on raymond boulevard. watch out for this serious accident. as john mentioned, it looks like they were going at a high
6:20 am
for this impact to be so serious. again, avoid the area here. raymond boulevard at broad street and newark with this serious accident involving two buses. we'll get you updated on the injury report as the injury report comes in. let's also go over to the maps and tell you about another problem as you head to the new york state throughway. by exit 11, that's an accident involving a tractor trailer, right before the tappan zee bridge. avoid that one at all costs if you can. on the cross bronx. delays pack to the jwv. alternate side in effect. >> we are staying on top of that breaking news. two new jersey buses colliding downtown. we have seen several people taken away in ambulances. >> we will have another live update from news copter 7, and update you on our social media
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news, a major accident just coming in. what appears to be two buses colliding. john. >> two new jersey transit buses collided in the intersection at broad street and raymond boulevard. right in the heart of downtown newark. you can see this accident happened at a high rate of speed. unclear right now how many people were on board the buses. we have been watching the newark fire and police and ems conduct a massive rescue operation inside of that one one that is crumpled. first of all, we've seen at least eight people taken out of that bus. some on stretchers. i want to man in the blue shirt. he was able to get himself out of that bus on his side. we saw him poking his head out of that emergency window in the roof. he pushed himself up through the window and with the assistance of a firefighter came down that ladder. so again, the exact count from the officials, we don't have
6:25 am
are injured. i can tell you now, at least nine people. i'm seeing more people come out of the bus. nine people have been treated by ems. most taken away on stretchers. most of them have been responsive to the ems workers. so they are responding. there are definitely injuries here. the intersection is shut down. that goes without saying. i can't tell you the amount ofactivity. a lot of activity and vehicles here. of downtown newark. we'll stay overhead. we'll bring you more information as we get it. for now, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> before you go, describe what traffic is like in the adjacent streets in that downtown newark area right now. >> they have the traffic blocked off for several blocks in all directions. as you can imagine, this is all taking place about four blocks
6:26 am
towards the train station, you won't be affected by this unless you are coming in from the west. the area of the courthouse, also the area of university hospital. but that's going to play into this as well. because this accident is reasonably close to the hospital. so the transport for these victims won't be very long. it should be a reel relatively short trip to the we can tell you, ken, as you look here, we want to be careful. we don't know the extent of the injuries, but we have been watching them here. this rescue effort, the stretchers inside the front door of that bus. i can tell you that bus is basically cracked in half and seeing the firefighters working inside. there's five or six firefighters and emt's inside of that bus helping to free other passengers and get them out to safety. >> good to see them pull that one guy out. you saw his arm moving. that's a good sign. hopefully they will continue to find people that are okay. of course, they will be taken to university hospital there in
6:27 am
6:28 am
6:29 am
this is breaking news from
6:30 am
>> breaking news is in new jersey. two new jersey transit buses have collided in downtown newark and we understand it's a deadly accident. >> yes, just getting that information seconds ago. major police and fire operation is underway. >> we're told this accident happened just after 6:00 this morning around 6:10 at the intersection of broad street in downtown newark. two new jersey transit buses collided in that intersection. was traveling westbound on raymond boulevard. the other traveling northbound on broad street. you can see this was a classic t-bone collision. right now, officials are saying there are nine injuries. i can tell you there are more than that. i'm going to tell you that i've seen at least 12 people here being treated for injuries by ems. they have all been taken off to
6:31 am
seen are responding to the first responders, to the ems workers. that's the good news. as you just mentioned, there is one fatal injury in this accident. we also want to take your attention down here to where that collation took place. there are still firefighters working inside of that bus along with emt's. we're told at this hour, there are people trapped inside that bus and the firefighters are working to get that out of john, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, john, thank you very much. they will be busy for quite some time this morning. we'll get back to you later. thank you so much. >> we check in with debbie duhaime. >> thank you so much, we're going to go outside and show you a look right now. the tappan zee bridge is moving along smoothly, getting into westchester county. as we head to the maps. as you approach the bridge on the throughway, watch for delayings southbound new york
6:32 am
involving a tractor trailer and a diesel spill as well. two lanes remain blocked. heading through that area. now over on the cross bronx east. a disabled truck being cleared. delays go back to the alexander hamilton bridge. watch out for slowdowns. getting out toward douglas parkway. that's a disabled truck. want to avoid that area as well. and it looks like out toward maurice avenue. inbound george, a minor delay, linc holland moving smoothly and it looks like mass transit is on time. let's check in now with bill evans with the weather. good morning. >> with e have a beautiful sunrise. a great start to your day. we have a light northwest wind here at 3 miles an hour. we are going to be looking at 76. we're looking at 71islip. beautiful weather to start your
6:33 am
weekend, some big changes coming up on sunday. all that and your accuweather weekend. >> thank you. this morning, the olympic sized scandal involving members of team u.s.a.'s swim team appears to be over. half of the foursome just landed in miami moments ago after leaving rio overnight. >> now the last swimmer is heading home after making a deal to pay thousands of dollars to charity in avoid being prosecuted. darla miles has the latest. >> jimmy walking out of a crater in rio early this morning. after spending hours speaking with a judge to work out a deal so he can go home. teammates, jack and gunner met with boos as they left rio. they are heading back to the u.s. after being pulled from their flight wednesday, and spending thursday giving
6:34 am
committee released a statement reading quote, we apologize to our host in rio and the people of brazil for this distracting ordeal in the mist of what should rightly be a celebration of excellence. at the center of it all, this video, which police in rio say contradicts the story ryan told about being robbed at gunpoint. investigators say the american swimmers vandalized a gas station bathroom before being stopped by an armed the u.s. and the new surveillance video, locthe is still sticking to his story. his attorney saying he was, in fact, robbed by someone appearing to be law enforcement. >> darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> 6:34 right now. we go back to that breaking news, news copter 7 over a fatal crash involving two transit buses. john. >> that is what we're hearing now. authorities are telling us that
6:35 am
in this accident. again, this looks like it was a high speed accident here in downtown newark. the major intersection, broad street and raymond boulevard. one of these buses traveling northbound on broad street. the one on the right was traveling westbound. and just collided in that intersection, breaking that bus in half. you can see it on its side, up on the divider. since we have been overhead, which was right after the accident happened. receiving medical attention. one of them was able to climb out of the bus on their own, which was crazy to watch. the rest of them have been receiving attention from the emergency medical technicians. you can see a triage area that is set up on the northeast corner of the intersection. i want to tell you all those people are responding to the technicians. i can see them talking and moving arms.
6:36 am
not afear to be life threatening injuries. the rest of the patients have been taken to area hospitals. many have gone to university hospital as we mentioned earlier. some have been taken to the medical center. it looks like most of the rescue activity is over. looks like the firefighters and emergency technicians are out of the bus. so, we can say that the passengers have been all evacwaited. we'll get more information and of course, bring it to you as we get it over this serious bus acci in downtown newark. we are live over newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> before you go, can you give us an update on what the traffic is looking like at this point? >> the roadways are all shut down around here. what you're going to see, toni, not a lot of vehicular traffic, as far as commuters coming through here. this is very busy for new jersey transit. we are only four blocks west of new york penn station, which not only les a lot of trains,
6:37 am
is a major bus youth route. so if you're traveling in downtown newark today, you'll have the major closure in the center of newark. you can't get much more in the heart of newark than this. you'll see significant new jersey transit, bus diversions, that will result in delays. so, if it's in your travel plans, anything to do with downtown newark, allow extra time. >> all right, news copter 7 in
6:38 am
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welcome back. more on that breaking news. another update. a deadly crash in newark. >> over the scene for us all morning. he has new information as we go >> well, toni and ken. ky give you a sense of where this accident is. probably the most familiar building. the prudential building. this took place two blocks north of that at the intersection of broad street. you can see these two buses, two new jersey transit buses, we have not heard what routes those buses were operating at the time of the accident. but the accident happened just about ten minutes after 6:00 this morning here in the
6:41 am
blocks south, covering another story and i can see the emergency response really from throughout the city. we could see fire engines and ambulances coming from all directions and we realize the accident had happened just a few blocks north of where we were. there has been large rescue effort here by the firefighters, the emt's, the police officers, climbing into that wreckage to free officers that were trapped. through one of the broken windows and down a ladder that a firefighter. meanwhile, several passengers were evacwaited out of that bus on stretchers. they are receiving medical treatment. i will tell you i have seen at least 12 passengers receiving that medical treatment. many of them for broken limbs. most of them responding to the medical technicians. you can see them talking and moving that their arms. the victims are taken to university hospital and the
6:42 am
from the scene. so, it's a short ride for those patients. over here on the right, you see a triage area, and again, i want to stress these passengers are receiving the medical treatment, they are responding to the technician. these don't appear to be life threatening injuries, but you can see these passengers being taken into the ambulances and again, one person has been confirmed fatally injured in this accident. we'll get you more information on that and of course, stay overhead and bring you more over downtown newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> john, don't go away. we'll stay with john longer. we want to mention we are streaming this live at and our reporters, darla miles and diana rocco are headed to the scene right now. they will be bringing us live reports from the ground as john continues to give us live reports from the air. >> all right. >> john, can you give us an idea of how many emergency vehicles are there on the scene?
6:43 am
shot out, you're going to see numerous ambulances. the heavy rescue trucks from the newark fire department. there's some tower ladders here as well. i can't tell you. i know they are parked from left to right there on raymond boulevard as well. we're blocked by the buildings, but the response here was massive. i'll tell you, it was fast. because this accident, as we said, happened about 6:05, 6:15, and we were covering the other story. now out of the corner of my still dark, we saw the emergency lights begin to respond from all throughout newark and all converging on downtown. we were kind of wondering what was going on, and we noticed this accident happened a few blocks north of where we were. there are hundreds of firefighters and emt's and police officers working on this. pretty sizable fuel spill. so the newark fire department is on stand by for that reason also. i can't give you an exact
6:44 am
from newark fire. now i'm going to say, i have seen at least 15 people. let's put that injury count at 15 people, at least have been injured in this accident. they are receiving medical treatment and on their way to the local hospitals. >> and john, earlier when we were with you, you showed us one man who was able to walk away from one of those buses. does it seem like there are other people able to walk away from that bus? >> there may have been a few. they have been taken over to another area. we saw that was a young man, and this window there, their emergency exits on the top of new jersey transit buses and i saw that man poking his head out the window and looking around and the firefighters telling him, relax, you can go back inside and the firefighters ladder up against the side of the bus and the man crawled out of the window with the assistance of a firefighter. put his backpack on and got down to street level and taken over for a quick evaluation by the emt's.
6:45 am
to the triage area on his own. that's one of the better stories that we've seen from when we first got here, the sidewalks were lined with people, just watching. some of those were helping the firefighters in arranging the stretchers to get the victims on so they could get quickly evacuated from the scene. but, yeah, it's been a hectic scene down here and also remember, that hour of the morning, 6:00 a.m., these buses probably weren't completely full. took place, even now at this hour, 45 minutes later, 7:00, 7:30, both of these buses would have been packed. you're very close to the transit centers here, newark penn state and the broad station. they handle train traffic, there's an enormous amount of buses that feed passengers to those train stations. these buses would have been packed. >> all right, john, i know you'll stay overhead and keep
6:46 am
from the bus, new jersey transit bus service in downtown newark. we'll experience detours by raymond boulevard and broad street. which is what john is over right now and we'll continue to stay on this story on air and on our social media pages. >> right now, we're going to check in with bill evans with the accuweather forecast. >> we'll give you a quick update as to what is going on this morning. all the way south, a beautiful 75 degrees. the dew points in the moderate range. the pressure, steady. right at 30. really comfortable because of a northwest wind to a nonwind. so the humidity kind of nonexistent. it will be marginal. sunshine back to the great lakes. looking at comfortable weather today and tomorrow. we're going to get into the upper 80s this afternoon, but the humidity remains at bay. a couple really nice days today
6:47 am
hour. rip current risk low. water temperature at the beach, 79. warm today, 88. nice night tonight. warm, humid, clear, 75. it's humid on saturday, but a beautiful august day. sunday is our transition day to cooler, breezy, dryer weather. thunderstorms late in the day. keep that in mind if you're coming back to town or getting back home, moving around sunday evening. some of these showers with a cold front, then it drops to next week. breezy sunshine, temperatures in the low 80s before it starts to warm up by thursday. have a great and safe weekend. >> over to debbie duhaime. >> we're going to go back to this problem. this is raymond boulevard right at broad street. definitely want to avoid this whole intersection. and definitely want to avoid this whole area. john mentioned many streets in this area completely blocked
6:48 am
broad street, right in the heart of newark. it's this on going investigation and it was two new jersey buses that collided at the intersection as john mentioned, it looks like they were going at a high rate of speed for this to be such a severe accident. we'll keep you updated. let's also go to the maps and tell you about a couple other problems. western spur at 15w. it's an accident. 11 and niacc. that's an accident involving tractor trailer. let's go to the web cab, and show you the volume here on the southbound new york state throughway. getting down toward the tappan zee bridge. it's bumper to bumper, again, once you get toward exit 11, things free up a bit, getting to the tap. down toward niacc, avoid that if you can. let's go over to the maps. westbound into douglas and
6:49 am
cross bronx east getting into subways running on or close to schedule. alternate side in effect. back over to you. >> thank you very much, debbie, it's 6:49. a major accident in newark. t-boning another. nine people are injured. we learned one person has died. we have eyewitness news reporter, diana rocco who just
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:52. a horrific crash involving two new jersey buses has killed one person and injured many others. >> john has new information in news copter 7. >> if you're just joining us, this accident happened in the shadow of ottumwa building in the heart of downtown newark. you can see two new jersey transit buses involved in a high speed collision in that intersection. the one bus practically one in two. and leaving it partially overturned. we can tell you that officially, authorities are telling us nine people have been injured here, one person fatally injured. more injuries treated than that, probably closer to 15, all have been taken to area hospitals. university hospital, medical center and st. michaels. we can see some interviews
6:53 am
to be taken away via ambulance. they are just about to take that. live over downtown newark, channel 7 eyewitness news.
6:54 am
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that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. and welcome back. you're looking at the intersection of raymond boulevard and broad street in
6:56 am
jersey transit buses. it happened at about 6:10 this morning. eyewitness news reporter, diana rocco just arrived on the scene. she has an update for us right now. what can you tell us? >> toni, good morning, we're standing on broad street. there's a major ems response. behind me is the bus. is this what you've been seeing overhead in the shots. and over the scene all morning. we know this happened just to speak with witnesses who tell me and this is all preliminary information. this did not come from police. what i heard from witnesses on the scene this morning is that they were standing on the corner here of broad street and raymond boulevard and they saw this bus. the one that has t-boned the other bus and pushed it up on the side. they watched it run a red light at 60 miles per hour. that is what witnesses are saying this morning.
6:57 am
the scene and started pulling people out of the bus. we do know there are nine injured. right next to these buses, there's a major triage center that has been set up. so, there's a lot of police activity this morning, all of the downtown area has been shut down. several blocks of broad street, the street has been closed at market. so, traffic is being diverted away from downtown newark while police handle the injured. while emergency crews get to the injured. figure out what exactly happened. tragically, one person is dead. the deceased is on the bus that t-boned the other bus. there were several passengers taken off the bus that is now up on its side. this is all very preliminary. of course, emergency crews are trying to tend to the injured and then police will start figuring out exactly what happened here. it has closed the downtown area for several blocks this
6:58 am
figure out exactly what is going on. witnesses telling us they did see one of these buses ran a red light. we will continue to stay on the scene here. we'll start talking to more people here and we are going to bring you the very latest as we get it. live in downtown newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you so much. >> debbie duhaime is going to give us a check on that the area. debbie. >> new jersey transit buses also, you'll see delays and detours through newark because of this accident at raymond boulevard. again, new jersey transit buses as we head to the maps. definitely want to avoid the area of broad street and raymond boulevard. again, buses will be detoured around that area. also getting reports of a problem on the southbound side of the new jersey turnpike
6:59 am
well. lincoln 15, holland 20. problems on the southbound new york state throughway getting down toward exit 11. accident and a diesel fuel spill. let's go out to our web cam. here's a look at the southbound throughway, bumper to bumper because of that problem. back over to you. >> all right, debbie, thank you so much. busy morning for her. here's that is happening. it's quiet, it's calm. we have these clouds, which is weather. 75 degrees. 76, 73 long island. 71 down the shore. we're looking at sunshine today, noontime temperature about 83, 85 to 88 this afternoon. look at that northerly wind. a little more humid tomorrow. great day saturday. great thunderstorms. have a great weekend. >> all right, bill, thank you. >> that is the news for now,
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, two of the u.s. swimmers at the heart of the rio robbery scandal arriving back home moments ago. now ryan lochte and another teammate still in rio facing possible charges, accused of vandalizing a gas station and lying about the terrifying robbery all along. what the new surveillance footage also new this morning, trump's regrets. what donald trump is now saying about some of his tough words on the trail. >> and believe it or not, i regret it. >> as the candidate now heads to louisiana this morning to meet with communities devastated by the storms. are we witnessing a big change in tone? his campaign manager joins us live. >> severe weather hits the midwest. a waterspout strikes off the north carolina coast as the


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