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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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glassberg in for liz cho. chaos, that's how eyewitnesss describe the scene when one new jersey tran yet bus plowed into another -- tran yet bus collided into another. 17 people were hurt in the accident. this happened at broad street and raymond boulevard in down to you new york this morning. reporter rob york with the details. rob. >>reporter: dave, a few minutes ago, authorities wrapped up a press conference behind city hall and they released the names of the bus drivers involved. first james robert who had been with new york transtransient-- he was 70-year old and did not survive. as you said, one of two people who did not make it.
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tremendous force of this early morning crash. two new jersey transient buses colliding killing one driver and one passenger. >> i heard big booms and people running and that's it. i seen it like this. >> the crash at raymond boulevard resulted in a mangled mess and left several passengers trapped inside that t-bone bus which was nearly cut in half. people were hurt. plus the two fatalities. >> two buses colliding. one allegedly flipped over, and was injection. >> there was screaming saying help me. help me. you can see the people pinned up and squished inside the bus. >> residents who were nearby at the time believe one of the buses was speeding and may have run through a red light. cell phone video captured not only
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the crash. several passengers relied on good samaritans to be free from the wreckage. >> they were screaming in pain, please help, please help. we went in and tried to help as many people as we could. >> one of the buses was empty except for the driver who was killed. the other was carrying early morning riders, most of whom are grateful to have survived a hellish friday morning. >> we're trying to make sure there was no -- no one panicking and telling people to calm down. the their way. the firemen are on their way and try and give them a voice of hope. >> several hurt passengers remain in the hospital tonight. also during that press conference, officials would not speculate on the cause of the accident. but interesting enough, that intersection where this accident happened was the first intersection in all of new jersey to get one of those red light cameras several years ago
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much controversy, that red light camera was disbanned 2 years ago. we'll have a live report at 6:00. rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> rob, thank you. one of the passengers injured is speaking out about the frightening moments right after the collision. this man shot video after he was thrown from his seat. he was taken to university hospital with an injury to his wrist. he says he was lucky to be alive. but not everyone was as fortunate. happened, so i saw myself in the back. the only one in the back was good. we got a lot of people that's injured. one died or almost died. >> of transported to university hospital, one remains in critical condition, and five are in serious, four are in fair condition. to get the very latest on breaking news, where ever you are, download the eyewitness news app.
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p store or goggle play store. a travel alert spot by the zika virus in florida expanded to the most popular beaches in the world. the cdc added the south beach area of miami beach to its travel alert warning pregnant women to avoid going there after five zika cases including 1 person from new york were confirmed. the virus appears to have been transmitted by infected mosquitos. officials are the entire city or even miami dade county. a move that could be a disaster for tourism. >> we're going to provide timely, accurate information for public health. i want everybody in the state to stay safe. i want visitors to stay safe. we'll make sure the information is put out as promptly as we can. >> included in the five new zika
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texas and taiwan. david, an apology from u.s. olympian lochte. he issued a statement on media saying he could have been more careful and candid in his description of what happened at that gas station in rio. this as his teammates make their way back to the u.s. abc marcey gonzalez joins us wih the latest. >>reporter: lauren, lochte saidd to share this apology after it was clear his teammates it to the u.s. saying this situation could and should have been avoided. ryan lochte saying he's sorry after claims that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio. lochte posting online, i want to apologize for my bi behavior last weekend, for not being careful and candid in how i described the events, referring to an confrontation at this gas
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were targeted an armed men posing as police. >> he tabbed his gun and put it to my forehead. >> he said they were approached by an armed -- one swimmer pulling a sign off the wall and one breaking down a bathroom door. the boy were detained and forced to pay $50 to cover damages. brazilian officials are considering charges against all four s and jet are in the u.s. jimmy fagan is in rio, but struck a deal to get his passport back by paying $10,000. >> he's not going to get extradited. fegan needs to be concerned because he's there. >> there's no full explanation for the conflicting accounts, but in his apology, lochte said it was traumatic to be in a
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adding regardless, he should have been more responsible. marcey gonzalez, abc witness news. amy is in for lee goldberg. >> it's beautiful. a beautiful afternoon. blue skies leftover here over manhattan. we have cumulus clouds. it's going to get hotter and muggier through the 87 for laguardia. and 8 87 degrees. so nobody hitting 90 at least not yet on the official reporting stations. going into tonight at sunny set, we'll slip into the 70s, and it will be cloudy tonight, but we wake up to sunshine tomorrow. a few showers and storms can't be ruled out. there's a major pattern change coming in our direction that will bring in cool air for early next week. we'll talk more about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast.
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night. also i think that's the huge concert at city field tonight. zach brown, that should be a good time. i'll see you in a few minutes. >> amy, thanks a lot. detectives in queens are looking -- the woman wasn't hurt, but she was shaken. the woman taken to the hospital for observation. her son says she's fine. anything from the house. police say this appears to be an isolated incident. 42 people, half them are -- half of them are homeless an flaming burned for hours overnight in the saint george section. one house went up and the fire kept spreading. of the 23 people who were injured, most were firefighters. 1 person in
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out how they're going to rebuild their home and lives. >> i don't understand. i've never been in a fire in my life and to lose everything you own in a matter of seconds is crazy. >> city officials are determining whether building damaged by the fire will be torn down. the cause of the fire believed to be started by children playing are matches. today marks 25 years since the riot. the violence and protest in 1991 and put a spotlight on the deep divisions between the jewish and black communities in brooklyn. today, relatives of those killed gathered for lunch. they say time has helped heal some of the old racial divides. >> i see the communication. number one. they mingle more.
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so people do not mistake the way -- that we're apart of one community. >> they plan to mark the anniversary with a family festival on sunday aimed at fostering unity. jim low plan -- gym dolan will have more - jim dolan will have more. many of us who were there are still working at nbc news. i interviewed jill when he was >> he started yelling him. a group of people who didn't know we had been there all along assumed this guy had a legitimate concern, a legitimate gripe with us, and they followed him and followed his instructions. >> give us those -- those days seem like yesterday. we're going to hear from jim and the members of the crown height community at 5:00. >> it's interesting to hear from him. stocks closing the straying week with losses. energy stocks
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retailers that posted gains today. here's a look at the board. the dow fell 45 points closing at 18 thousand 4 pun 52. another shake up in the race for president. trump's former campaign manager call going quits. reaction from the political world, and is trump's new strategy working. the nypd to the rescue. a dog found swimming in the waters off the coast of brooklyn and off the coast of brooklyn and how officers pulled ich means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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it is 4:13. time to check the roads on this friday afternoon. friday is always tricky as people are trying to get out of town.
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that idea up. we have shannon sohn live. >>reporter: two cars can't fit into one lane. that's what these 2 learned approaching 58th street. they're in the right lane, but the fire department came at this from the northbound side. so no matter which way you were going, as you get through the 60s and 50s, you have only one lane of traffic squeezing through this area. ambulance on the scene as well. so if you're southbound, you've got delays back to the 90s. on the southbound side, delays going back to the 30s and getting worse bit moment. beyond that point, a good ride up to the george washington bridge. live over the west side, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news >> shannon, thanks. let's look at the lot sxhz river crossing. 35 minutes at the outbound lincoln. 30 minutes at the out bond holland and 20 to 25 minutes at the inbound george washington.
4:15 pm
tuesday. people have applied for federal disaster assistance. 30 people have died. 40,000 homes have been damaged. meanwhile, trump just visited louisiana. his trip comes as his campaign deals with another shake up. abc kenneth moton has detailed from washington. humbled trump has appeared in louisiana. donald trump was lending a hand meeting those impacted by the floods the gop is trying to look more presidential admitting he hasn't always chosen the right words. >> i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> but trump took time to criticize president obama who is taking heat for not cutting his vacation short to visit louisiana. >> [indiscernible]. >> i heard i was trying to stay under par. >> it could never be under pra.
4:16 pm
john got a -- it would use resources. he said he welcomed trump to louisiana but not for a photo opt. the visit comes after a shake up in campaign management. he's resigning -- man ford said he did nothing wrong, but one of trump's sons said his father didn't want to be distracted by maniford. clinton's campaign released a statement sayg can get rid of maniford but that doesn'ten the romance that trump has with putin. >> clinton sent an e-mail on how to donate to flood relief. speaking of donations, the clinton foundation announced if clinton becomes president, it will not take corporate money and former bill clinton will resign from the board. kenneth, eyewitness news.
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a dust -- it swirled near the airport in oklahoma city. a dust devil, not a tornado. a rotating calm of air that kicks up dust as it move and forms on dry, clear days. no damage was reported. and no one was hurt, but what a sight for passengers on the tarmac. probably give them a scare. meteorologist amy freeze, this is like a day in the walk in the park. >> put your sun glasses on when you're looking at it to avoid the d your eyes. >> the vortex of spinning air and it's not a storm. it's made of the dust. around here, we don't have storms. should i take this one? sorry. hi, everybody. beautiful out he . temperatures are pretty easy to take mid-80s with the humidity not that bad. the height of the day, they were in the upper 80s. it felt uncomfortable at times
4:18 pm
human air. it holds off until tomorrow. i think tomorrow is the better day. we won't have to dodge the storms like we get shorted out on the second half of the weekend. moderate humidity. that's what we're dealing with right now. best day of the weekend is tomorrow. thunder threat comes sunday night and big changes coming for next week. i think some people would like the relief. 88 for summerville, with islip at 87. 77 for islip. that sounds good. accuweather, satellite and radar combined, very few clouds around. cumulus clouds and we're looking for the showers mainly tomorrow night. watch what shows up on the future cast through the evening hours. not much. clouds are far and in between until tomorrow morning. we have filtered sunshine early on. a spotty shower can't be ruled
4:19 pm
mid-day hour and we're done. during the day on supposed, we could start with a few clouds around. spotty shower, but it's a night where the front comes through and this is what could be bring the weather stormy into the weekend. your weekend getaway forecast for the jersey shore and hamptons, saturday is the better day. cat scales at 80. a storm of 78 on sunday. the jersey shore, 87. more clouds and ending with a storm on sunday. upper 80s. the hamptons 81 with sunshine. low are looking good out east. north winds at 5 to 10. water temperature up to 78. rip current risk is low. breaking down the numbers, 75 is the overnight low tonight. again, sort of a muggy, sticky night. humidity builds in for tomorrow. and it's hot, it's humid. 87 degrees. for the second last of the weekend, we tame things off with temperatures down to 84 degrees. we're cutting down the humidity, but be prepared
4:20 pm
those kind of linger a bit. maybe a bit on early monday morning, but not passed 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. and we turn into the lower 80s. there's the change we're looking for. relief from the heat and humidity coming for tuesday, wednesday, maybe even acylate as thursday before the humidity is back late next week with hot temperatures. come back inside and i'll talk about the showers. timing hadn't been sorted out, but i think it might be attorney to some people figuring out how lose the hamptons and jersey shore. i'll have that in the next half hour. see you back inside in a few minutes. coming up, we're going to tell you about the popular beach on long island closed because of bacteria concerns. a world war ii veteran honored. we'll take you to the ceremony decades later. it's a true story turned into a movie. sandy kenyon
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professional wrestlers took time out from the ring to make a special visit to queens. [cheers and applause] >> a little chanting there. world wrestling entertainment star carol, lonna, daryl young hosted a reading to celebrate
4:24 pm
and girls club of metro queens. it's apart of an effort to promote literacy and the wwe is donating 1,000 books to club members. they say truth is stanger than fix. gs and a move -- war dogs star joan in a hill and it comes from the movies like the hang over and old school. is it a hit. sandy kenyon gives us his review. it's a hit in my review, but that's highly rejective. i was reminded of that as i sat with laugher with this movie and back from a critic with the post who sat stone face throughout. kyle never cracked a smile once at war dogs. it is based on a real
4:25 pm
dogs is a movie that's bound to provoke a sharp reaction and whether or not you find it funny is how you feel about making fun of the war in iraq. >> they call guys like this us war dogs. we make money off of wars without stepping foot on the battlefield. >> myles play two childhood friends who come one a friend to sell small arm to the u.s. government which works well until a hitch develops and the leave their home in miami to smuggle thousands of pistols into iraq by way of the joer deign yan desert. >> we want to draw to bag daing. >> we're gun runners. let's run guns. >> mission accomplished and they get greedy. this brings them into the orbit of a scary arms dealer played by bradley cooper.
4:26 pm
bigger fan in the hang over come by the over -- this is where the movie starts to fall apart. as their friendship desegregates with long with dave's marriage which is an undeveloped story line i didn't buy. overall this movie has the cosmic giggle and what more can you ask for a comic. >> it's as simple as this. the the first, but it's one of my favorite films of the season. there can be no snoozing through the dog days of summer after seeing war dogs, believe me. i can see my review from ben herd on our website, go to abc7ny/entertain: dave, great to have your sis ter in the house. >> that's nice to say that.
4:27 pm
e for a popular shoe brand. a couple suing the popular company that makes crops. what they say happened while their child was wearing the shoes. coming up, an innocent bystander dies during a police pursuit. we'll explain what happened. happened. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. th great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you
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tragic turn ever events in new york this morning. a pedestrian hit and killed in a chain reaction crash that started with a police pursuit. >> it happened on university avenue in new york. eyewitness news reporter aj ross is there with the details. aj. >>repo , the high speed chase with police came to an end along university avenue when the car cops were after suddenly lost control along this curve slamming into several nearby cars as well as a light pole and a fence and killing a 24-year old woman. tonight, police have a suspect in custody. >> it was three cars back-to-back like in a movie. a scene from a movie. the lights blazing and everything. >> screeching tires followed by
4:31 pm
dozens of people from their homes along university avenue over night. where they discovered a horrific scene unfolding. >> the car is on top of the fence. people screaming, hollering. and then i see the police was all over the police, and they were -- they tried to get the girl out of the car. >> sources say a police chase came to a jolting stop at this curve after 2:30 friday. when the car police were after lost into several other nearby cars killing a 24-year old woman walking nearby. >> thank god it wasn't any of us, but at the end of the day, it's terrible because somebody lost their child. and that's what really hurts my heart about it. >> sources say a large amount of drugs were discovered in the suspect's car. now police have someone in custody. still many including jasmine ingram whose car was totalled in the chain reaction. how many more accidents will need to take
4:32 pm
they come around this loop right here, doing 70, 80. they put the stop sign thinking it would help. it doesn't. we need speed marks. they don't seem to take precautions after these accidents. >> police are since identified the suspect as 45-year old ken of new york. he's being charged with resisting arrest and alluding police. i'm aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news >>. aj, thank you. police on long island says a man claimed to be a -- the car was stopped at 2:00 a.m. because it want staying in its lane. police say 34-year old sing claimed to be a cop and showed a small badge. they say after the officer got him out of the car, he tried to grab the officer's gun. a new front in the fight to put out the fires out west as one fire rages on east of los angeles and another broken out
4:33 pm
roar police are make >>reporter: police are making -- they're being kept from their homes. vehicles destroyed, burned out debris left in the communities they fled. the ski town of wright wood evacuated but half of the area residents heeded the warning. >> my husband wouldn't go. he's its basic kind that says i want to protect the house. i want to stay >> 37,000 acres have been charred since the blue cut fire ignited tuesday. more than 50 square miles. helicopters had been working around the clock to make sure the flames stay put out. responds have made progress. >> we don't like losing homes and it's we're up against a fire burning aggressively. >> some residents have been allowed, but evacuation order
4:34 pm
s of 96 homes will be returning to damaged like this. lauren, lister, abc news. the turkish government says a separate group is responsible for two deadly car bombings. three police officers were killed and 146 people wupded when a car blew up outside of a police headquarters -- wounded when a car blew up outside a police headers. it was so close round for cover. the bride and groom weren't hurt. an officer and two civilians were killed. 53 civilians were injured in that blast. a long island health department official is issuing an alert over bacteria concerns. memorial park in glen cove temporarily closed to all swimming. the health department discovered high levels of bacteria. there's no word when the beach will reopen to
4:35 pm
reunited with his owner thanks to the nypd. the special opts team responded to a 911 call. they found a dog named chase swimming. they pulled him from the water and they found chase's owner through a search on facebook. the 1 year old had wandered away from his home and now chase is back home. >> wow. chase is like the michael dogs. >> swim chase, swim. >> i'm glad he's already. a popular footwear facing a lawsuit. why a couple take -- who says age has limits. we'll introduce you to this 80-year old who is teaching those how to skate fit. temperature is 85 degrees. a warm evening out there.
4:36 pm
heading into the weekend is clear. pollen counts are high to moderate.
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4:00. two people dead and 17 others injured after two new jersey transient buses collided. one of the drivers may have run a red light. pregnant women are told to stay away from miami south beach area. five zika cases have been confirmed and 1 case involves a tourist from new york. ryan lochte says he's sorry and quote, learned valuable lessons from his scandal. in an instagram coast, he apologized for his behavior at a gas lochte says he regrets taking attention away from other olympic athletes. trump visited flood waters louisiana. paul, the campaign chairman stepped down this morning. mosquitos with west nile virus have been found in westchester county. the it's the first batch discovered in the county this season. they were found in yonkers. the department of health inspected the surrender rounding areas and
4:40 pm
no one in the yair has come down with the west nile virus. there are growing fears that the zika virus pay have more lasting effects on adult patients than believed. it can cause brain damage in newborns, but now scientist say there's health consequences in adult especially on brain function. has been widely studied. the foot wear crocs -- their son's foot got caught in he -- >> his left foot was sucked into the left side of the escalator and by the time the escalator
4:41 pm
rest was gone. >> the lawsuit claims the crocs with improperly designed while the hilton was negligent. a new york city raent issued a pardon from a lobby ter. the yellow lobster arrived at burger and lobster in man mat tan's flight iron district. the restaurant put the lobster in its own tank and they call it ruby. the lobster institute says the odds of finding a yellow lobster are 1 and 30 million. the restaurant plans to give ruby to an aquarium. go to abc7ny to see more images of ruby. no response from the red lobsters still in there. >> he doesn't look so yellow. like peachy. yellowish. >> to ruby, it's yellow enough . it did the job.
4:42 pm
people mauled by a bear. coming up on eyewitness news, the information about the attack and what they were doing at the time. plus this -- i'm proud of what happened to me here. i didn't expect
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4:45 pm
>>reporter: it's so not bad. it just pulled away seconds ago. that's your good news. the bad news is it was out there for the better part of 30 minutes. this was on the is the side of bqe passed hamilton avenue. this is what you need to know. the accident is cleared and that's your good news there. look at this delay. we're going to bring you back to the -- you'll see the traffic on the southbound side coming towards you keeps going and going. a bumper to bumper delay. it's cleared and up out of the way. live over the bqu, shannon sohn, eyewitness news. thank you, shannon. there's details following a ground bear attack on two tour guides in alaska. they were guided 22 tourist when they came between the mother bear and her cub. the coast guard airlifted
4:46 pm
they used pepper spray to stop the attack. fortunately no one on the tour was injured. a critical space walk today to give the international space station a modern upgrade. station station jeff williams and flight engineer kate installed a new adapter docking port. it's going to allow those to dock at the space station including boeing star liner and the ex dragon which are scheduled for test flight next an incredible sight that stopped drivers in california of the take a look at this bright light through through the sky. is it a space alien. the observatory says the bright was a bright meteor and it's not apart of the meteor shower that peeked last week. i have my
4:47 pm
embark on a career even where 20-year old would find difficult. she was the oldest personal certified trainers 2 years ago. she always had a dream of doing it, but didn't pursuit it until a director at a ymca told her age is not a factor. they find her to be encouraging. >> age isn't a factor, training is. i love to see them train. they tell me i don't need a a kaine. i can walk in here on my own. >> we look at her each day thinking if she can do it, we can do it. >> she's awesome. zuba says stay active outside -- she stays active outside and she averages seven 5k races every year. >> that is amy freeze when she's 80. >> i can only hope. >> that's amazing. >> kudos to her
4:48 pm
exercising outdoors was sticky. there's mugginess and a beautiful evening. gorgeous, so if you can enjoy the rest. the weekend is upon us, right. the outlook is looking good for saturday. not as much on sunday. we try to whip up the details. first up, highs across the area today. 87 for laguardia. 88 for belmars. we get 90s on the map come close to new jersey, it fell shy to fair weather cumulus clouds decorating the sky. we're looking at brooklyn to lower manhattan checking the numbers in the park. we go from 85 passed the 88 degrees mark where we hit the high number earlier this afternoon. we see temperatures starting to fall right now. 87 for comac. temperatures 85 for white plain8 7 right now in new
4:49 pm
-- it was taken earlier. although we have the highest temperatures and we have humidity, we're on freeze. that's worry free for us. thunder threat comes in late on sunday. not a total wash of the day. that's a heads up that changes are coming in for next week. it will bring in new temperatures and a new air mass. highs across the area, it will be similar tomorrow than what they were today. as far as the evening goes, we'll the 70s. zooms in for our city field. zach brown concert to outdoors and no threat of showers. if you have outdoor plans tonight, everything is a go. a thin layer of clouds filtering out. if you have the ball games going on, and you have to go to the food festivals, it's going to be nice. there's clouds and you can't rule out a spotty shower for sunday. but saturday looks good. i think what's showing up
4:50 pm
that to turn into anything but a sprinkle. sunday we start and we could get a spotty shower during the day and we wait for that cold front that will come in late in the evening. so just how wet it gets is in question. i think everybody is going to be effected. the cat scale -- jersey shore mid-afternoon to evening, it will come from the north and west, the next system. hamptons looking good. on monday, we get showers out east. north winds, 5 to 10. flow. waves 2 feet and water temperatures 75 degrees. the over night low temperature goes to 75 in the city. muggy and then tomorrow, we climb with temperatures at 87 degrees. mostly sunny skies. we could get a few fair weather cumulus clouds coming and going tomorrow. filtered sunshine, but looking good. there's the change right there. monday afternoon into tuesday, look at how the temperatures drop off. 5 to 7 degrees. and that will be a nice change for us. lower humidity along with the lower
4:51 pm
to feel real nice. remember thursday and friday we could creep into the mid-to upper 80s. nice trend for the weekend. dave. if you catch my drift. >> actually, that's the better trend in the end. we have other stuff to share. everything from stories surrounding the floods in louisiana and the donald trump naked statue and the ryan lochte story. hashtag, lock mess is getting lots of -- lochte is in a a mess and he's trying to dig himself out of it. while ryan's story has gained attention, bolt has been a social media star for a good reason. watch one of jamaican's reaction to bolt running in the 200 race. >> take it wide.
4:52 pm
>>[screaming] >> yes! yes! >> i think bolt heard that clinging and was running out of fear now that i look back on this. that's a reaction. and by the way, after winning the gold medal for the 200 final, bolt tweeted out the words "another one." this brought the total to 8 wins. >> is that all? >> i love the climbing. celebrating today is wilson and her hubby tom hanks. wilson st adorable selfie to recognize, listen to this, their 28th wedding anniversary. who doesn't love this couple. right. on the flip side, amber herd is making good on her promise to donate her settlement in her did i verse to johnny depth. she's promising to give donations to women and children fewinging domestic violence. to animal post getting love. first a dog and a cat playing patty cake. >> how cute.
4:53 pm
don't know. they look like they're having fun. >> they look alike too. >> there's something going on. bart loves to play catch but doesn't love to get wet. when a football is thorn in the pool, he's hopping around. this is a problem. i'm out here and he's looking at everybody and really getting myself in a mess this time. but i have the ball. but you know, the tail is still post. >> check out the post online at hetrend. have a great weekend, everybody. >> thanks, david. it may have taken decades,
4:54 pm
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at cancer treatment centers of gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home. we are available 24/7. we want to take as much stress off the patients as we can. my name is mena... collette jodi stacy learn more at
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a former navy man is being recognized for his service in a surprise ceremony in west chester county. >> and here is the story. >> reporter: he is about to find out it's never too late for this mount vernon resident to be recognized for his heroic country. >> i'm very proud. >> reporter: on this date, john's military service will be properly recognized. >> we have these three medals, which are yours. and it's serving and you blessed us all. >> this means a lot to me.
4:57 pm
them, john received his world war ii victory and american theater and the pacific campaign medal for his naval service. >> of all the people that i met in the military, the world war ii was named the best generation. >> reporter: the u.s. was able to recapture this island from the japanese. sailors set out to rebuild the air fields, docks and other facilities. >> we but the camps, the barracks, everything for the soldiers. they built the roads and other necessary infrastructure, including a pow so it could be turned into a base for the alleyed operations. >> reporter: and not long after, the war in the pacific
4:58 pm
man and woman were asked to do, to serve america. >> live a good happy life, the way i've lived t thank you all. >> thank you for your service, john. >> still more news ahead. eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. a terrifying commute. two new jersey transit slamming into each other leaving a mangled mess. what we've learned about this deadly collide. a beloved basketball coach and educator fired from a catholic high school she said is because she married a woman. >> i'm a private person.
4:59 pm
keep your private life private especially when you work with the adolescence. first we begin with the horrific and deadly bus accident in newark. the death toll stands at works a passenger and bus driver and 17 others were injured. >> drivers have been identified, 70-year-old joseph -- was killed and the other driver, james roberts has been from the hospital. we have two reports tonight. >> reporter: the essex county prosecutor's office is now investigating this case, trying to figure out exactly how and why in tragedy came. this became a scene of chaos and bloodshed this morning. killing one driver and one passenger.
5:00 pm
and legs broke and depp cuts to the legs and -- deep cuts to legs, arms and face. >> reporter: many of the early morning riders left trapped in the twisted wreckage and relying on nearby residents to escape. the t-boned bus was nearly cut in half. >> for a minute i felt nauseous, so much blood. to do or think. >> reporter: the authorities would not speculate on the cause of the accident. the residents at the scene believe one of the buses may have run a red light. >> and the new jersey transit is fully cooperating to determine what went wrong and make sure does not happen again. our organization is in mourning


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