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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and legs broke and depp cuts to the legs and -- deep cuts to legs, arms and face. >> reporter: many of the early morning riders left trapped in the twisted wreckage and relying on nearby residents to escape. the t-boned bus was nearly cut in half. >> for a minute i felt nauseous, so much blood. to do or think. >> reporter: the authorities would not speculate on the cause of the accident. the residents at the scene believe one of the buses may have run a red light. >> and the new jersey transit is fully cooperating to determine what went wrong and make sure does not happen again. our organization is in mourning
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and the other shows the make just triage center that emerged at the scene. >> everyone was screaming in pain please help. >> reporter: and new jersey transit has identified the bus drivers. a 27-year-old veteran, joseph, who died. his bus was empty because he just started his day. very quickly in a very brief period of time to make sure that we make the best out of a horrible and tragic situation. >> reporter: and the head of new jersey transit said that the both bus drivers that were involved in the incident were in good standing. reporting live in newark, rob nelson, eyewitness news. and now to mallory hoff at
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and you spoke to one of the passengers tonight. >> reporter: i certainly d and he told me he was incredibly shaken by this as anyone would be. he described the situation in when he was physically thrown from his seat. he said after this happened, he was able to walk off on the bus on his own. but so many people needed assistance. his arm in a band damage and his leg in pain. this man said that he feels have survived the deadly morning bus crash. >> a lot of people injured. i saw one guy almost die. >> reporter: he captured this cell phone video of the aftermath inside the new jersey transit bus that he was riding. you can see a fireman making his way through the wreckage trying to help people. >> i was the only one in the back of the bus good.
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critical, five serious and four fair and four good. >> reporter: crash victims were initially taken to saint vein saint, beth center. and some have been transferred or released. >> this is horrible. pulling people out of the bus. people were screaming and crying. >> reporter: jermaine jones witnessed the crash and he learned that a friend is one of the injured. this afternoon he visited him at >> he's a little banged up. >> reporter: and the man who was injured described the situation that will stay with him. and one passenger remains in critical condition tonight. mallory hoff, eyewitness news. >> you can get new developments on the investigation into the bus crash on our abc 7ny app.
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zone expanding tonight to one of the most popular beaches in the world. they are adding the south beach area to the alert and warning pregnant women from going there. the virus appeared to be transmitted by infected mosquitoes and they are gaiting if they should broaden the travel advisory to miami-dade county, a move that could be devastating to a fire ripped through a rove homes in saint george. it started by children playing with matches. and we're live at the scene. lucy? >> reporter: we're learning they were two boys, ages six and eight playing with matches and they were lighting pieces of paper on fire and tossing them on to the porch thinking
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this caused all of this heartache and loss. you're looking at picture of news chopper 7. it is a bitter setback having to rebuild their lives. >> i don't understand. i've never been through a fire in my life. and in a matter of seconds to lose everything that you own is crazy. >> reporter: this woman is living out a nightmare after flames forced her young children flee for their porch and it ripped through the house in five seconds. >> reporter: 6:00 thursday nice, a fierce blaze broke out in the saint george section of staten island. and it could quickly consume several multi family homes.
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firefighters that responded. >> three buildings on fire and they basically just stopped the fire from extended past that area. >> reporter: despite the efforts, 42 residents are left homeless, half of them children. and the fire marshal was on the scene and the cause has been ruled an accident. youngsters playing with matches and because of that the department buildings must now assess which of the homes will need to be torn down. and melinda receed clothes from a local church. but anything of value or any sentimental family treasures are now gone. >> my photos of my children when they were babies, my cats, my turtles, it's so much. >> reporter: we're overahead. almost two dozen were injured last night and most of them firefighters. thankfully no lives were lost.
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at the at the time but was not watch her children directly and the family will not be charged. but the boys will have to attend a fire prevention program for juveniles. live in staten island, channel 7 eyewitness news. i feel for all of those families impacted by the fire. turning to weather t is beautiful outside -- is beautiful outside. but it will the weather continue for the weekend? here forecast. a beautiful evening in front us as the temperatures will slip into the 70s. and we're still holding on to the 80s with 86 at central park. and highs today 87 for la guardia and trenton had 88. we got warm in spots. there's the temperature dropoff into the low and mid-70s
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the weekend and cooler temperatures and lower humidity. detail on that and the full forecast in a -- details on that and the full forecast. ole lick pick swimmer ryan lochte offering and apology for a whale of a tail in rio. he claimed that he and three teammates were robbed at and the posted it across social media. >> reporter: the olympic committee officially apologized for the people in brazil for the inappropriate athletes. and today it was ryan lochte's turn. he also the mastermind twin this elaborate cover up. five days after reporting that he was pulled over and had a gunpointed at his head before
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enforcement, today lochte apologized. the 12 time olympic medalist said i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid how i described the events of that early morning. after a night of partying that lochte and three of his swimming teammates stopped at a gas station early sunday morning and vandalized the bathroom, including breaking the door and gett confrontation with gas station security guards that did draw their guns on americans and taking some cash from the swimmers for the damage. lochte originally stood by his story and now . but regardless of the behavior anyone that night i should have been more responsible for how i handled
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fans and my fellow competitors. two of the swimmers miami after cooperating with the law enforcement. and the other agreed to pay $11,000 for charity to avoid being charged. lochte said that he hesitated to speak out till his teammates were safe. i hope we spend our time celebrating the stories and the these games and look forward to future games,. >> the spokesperson accept and appreciate lochte's apology. and hopefully this will put the story to rest as the olympic games head to the final weekend now in rio. donald trump's campaign manager has resigned. he announced it all about
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to him linking him to pro russian operatives to ukraine. he thanked him before he flew off to louisiana. he took the opportunity to take a shot at president obama. >> he could not get out of a golf game. >> he heard he was trying to stay under par while we're under water. >> he'll never be under par. >> president obama saying he will visit the flood ravaged area next week. hillary clinton reacting to trump's louisiana visit and telling people how to donate to flood relief. and clinton released the man for ease departure. she's calling on her opponent to disclose his ties with russia. an educator said that she was fired from her job at a
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and now she is suing the school. 25 years after the crown heights riots, we go back to see how the community has
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. it was a dark chapter in new york city history. a clash between jewish and blacks erupted and it lasted for three days. we covered the riots 25 years ago. and at one point jim was
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agree mob. and he's back there now -- by an angry mob. he's back there now. >> reporter: you remember the names this man never got the chance to get old and a 7-year- old was never able to grow up. many in the neighborhood believe that i private ambulance service took care of that jewish driver but left the african-americans on the soon all hell broke loose. for three violent days, crown heights seized and royaled stores lewded and cars set aflame. a neighborhood that had been tense for years suddenly descended into lawlessness.
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old son gavin was killed by an out of control car driven by a jewish man august 19th, 1991. a group of young black men attacked 29-year-old and stabbed him to death. as the violence spread, the mayor was criticized for doing too little to stop it. >> i didn't feel could i tell lee brown, the commissioner at the time, and ray kelly his but after several days, i said to them, whatever the hell you're doing, it is not working. get it right. >> numbness and sense of helplessness. and sense of loss. >> reporter: today, 25 years later the members of the community came to remember the day and how the relations have improved in the quarter century. >> today, when there are
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streets, we have telephone calls, we get together and thank god have dealt with things very differently than we did 25 years ago. >> reporter: and recently, was there at gavin's father and they broke bread to mark the grim anniversary of the deaths and discuss how much has changed in crown heights. big difference. >> reporter: some the neighborhood are planning a festival in a near park to honor the memories of both people. and others are not sure that is the best approach to honor their memories. the different between now and 25 years ago, they're talking about it. reporting live from crown heights, eyewitness news. you can find additional
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app. we found footage from 25 years ago. an autopsy report released of a deadly police involved shooting that sparked violent protest in milwaukee 23-year- old saville smith was shot once in the chest and once in the arm. smith's death sparked two nights of violence on the city's north side. and smith fled a traffic stop and pointed a gun at the officer who shot him. on the controversial decision remove american flags from some fire trucks. a compromise has been reached. one flag can be put on one fire truck. and some union and some residents after the flags were taken off the trucks in the arlington fire district on tuesday. the board the commissioner thought they could worry the firefighters injure them when they climb on the rigs or block their view. >> they have one.
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one beautiful day out there. it has been really nice. so all the activities are a go. we'll have some changes coming up. get out early and enjoy tomorrow. saturday will be the better day and sunday looks like we have a little trouble coming in late in the day. and some clouds trying to move into brooklyn and lower manhattan and creating a nice little shad did he and we're at 86 in central park. and the humidity 48% and winds and pressure falling. hampton bay 82, rosslyn 87. the water temperatures long island, the bouyees are reading around 79 degrees. so a south early flow giving us temperatures that are pretty reasonable for places like us islet.
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clouds, we actually get a humid air mass building in and sunday the humidity in place. so once the thunderstorm comes in it creates drenching downpours and the concern noor is the potential for any knew sense flooding. we know it was warm today and we know we have the same type of air mass place tomorrow. but sunday will be the real change. we'll see the south early winds for most of the weekend. and this puts the squeeze on get the thunderstorms developing. some indications that the humidity does build during the day tomorrow. so a sticky saturday with the temperatures in the upper 80s. a little more humidity than today. and sunday, plenty of humidity around and maybe a spot shower early on. but i think late on sunday afternoon, evening is where we get the atmosphere squeezed out and that could produce anywhere from a half inch to an inch of rain. the hamptons it looks great
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see some showers and thunderstorms late into the afternoon and early evening hours. clear, warm and humid overnight. 75. and then tomorrow, the temperatures in upper 80s. 87 degrees and mostly sunny, warm and humid. the weekend get away forecast, saturday is the better day. if you're heading to any of the beaches, it will be great. stick around, come up in a few minutes we're talking surf school. everybody is learning how. back to you. i'll see you in a few minutes with the date. >> hang ten. a vacation nightmare. a little boy injures his foot during a trip to hawaii and now his family are suing the popular footwear. what they say that the company failed to do. get ready to catch a wave. we're looking at the growing popularity of surf schools in new york. this is curry shepherd's
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it's new york and everything is learning to ride a wave. >> i am learning how to stand up and serve. >> reporter: this is one of the best big wave surfers in the world showing them how to do it. >> you witness name come here and say i've been living in new york city for 30 years and i had no idea i could learn how to surf. >> reporter: this is where he learned before he made a living chasing 50-foot waves around the world. and he and his family run of the surf school. the surf programs are not new to our local beaches. and the tradition goes all the way back to their grandparents. >> surfing has been in generations of my family it came easy, my grandparents, my parent. it's been in our blood. >> my mom taught a lot of serving to a lot of the girls
5:26 pm
day, they have a stack of 90 working along new york's 100-mile of coastline. >> i've been surfing for three years and i love it so many. >> reporter: from 4 to 104, they'll each anyone to get on a board, paddle, paddle and catch a wave. >> it is about learning about the ocean. >> you have to know the tied and the wave height. you have to know if it is onshore or offshore. >> conditions are right, facing the ocean is never as enticing. when you ride your first wave, awe maize yourself -- you amaze yourself. >> it feels like you're flying on the water. >> reporter: catch my wave? amy freeze, eyewitness news. >> way to go. she's hanging ten for sure. out of control flames, finally crews are getting the
5:27 pm
on a massive wildfire in california. why that is little comfort for many families. >> reporter: same-sex marriage is perfectly legal. but it cost her her job. the emotional case that is now here in court. a teenager accused of a deadly and gruesome crime ??? across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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a decision to fire and add mrlttor because had he married a woman. she suing. she never toll anyone at the
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the story. >> reporter: kate and her wife said they never asked for this but today they found themselves here in court defending their right to move forward with this case t is an emotional one, one of dozens that actually emerged since same-sex marriage was legalized. kate lost her job over t a career she loved. where she had worked her way the ladder for years to become dean of the guidance department and head coach. women's basketball team. >> i was brought in and called in for a meeting on a snow day actually and given a letter saying i was terminated immediately. >> reporter: all because of her marriage two year earlier to her long time partner. >> i need you need to keep your private life private, particular whether i
5:31 pm
posted this picture and others on associate media against their wishes and that had devastating consequences in january. today in superior court, an attorney for the school insisted that the school was well within its first amendment religious right to fire her. >> there's no denying the fact that she has engaged in a lifestyle and martha is inconsistent with the catholic faith. >> reporter: but her attorney a position of religious instruction. she was an administrator and sports coach and no one disagreed that she was exceptional. >> she was loved by her students. lovedly by her peers. she was a role model this is absolutely disgusting. >> we felt that we needed to create awareness this is still
5:32 pm
>> reporter: and the judge is expected to rule on if it can move forward sometime early next week. and if it k you can bet that many people on both sides of the issue will be watching closely to see what sort of legal precedent it sets. eyewitness news. police and long island said that a man claiming to be a police officer when he got pulled over. he was not. and the nassau county police stopped the man in lake su because his car was not sticking to his lane. he claimed to be a police officer and showed a small badge. after the officer got him out of the car, he twice tried to grabbing the officer's gun. the police recovered the body of a swim they're went missing last weekend. he had not been seen since he went swimming bradley beach.
5:33 pm
sea. the state troopers pulled his body from the water last night. no bathing today at a beach in glenn cove nassau county. they found elevated levels of bacteria. and now it is closed to the swimmers. and the beach will not reopen till the testing shows that the bacteria levels come down and that is not expected to happen till next week. we're learning nearly a hundred single family homes have been destroyed burning east of los angeles that is a preliminary assessment by california officials saying that the blue cut fire is 26% contained. firefighters have made progress and some crews may be able to go home. about 52 square miles have been burned. new information on the deadly apartment explosion in maryland. a natural gas sleek to blame
5:34 pm
on the august 10th explosion in silver spring. and the investigation continues into what ignited the gas, the officials said they don't believe it was anything more than an accident. we have new video that a college student cuted in a double murder that ended with him allegedly biting the face of one of the victims it shows 19-year-old austin -- walking out of a florida restaurant after and apartment father. he's been charged with first- degree murder of a couple that were outside of their homes that apparently did not know. and the investigates are awaiting the results for drugs. trouble in paradise for a popular schumaker. a scum shoeing crocks after their to the letter's foot got trapped in an escalator at a
5:35 pm
children get hurt. >> reporter: escalator failures lead to 12,000 emergency rooms every year. and this woman found out the hard way when they are 2-year- old stone got caught in one during a trip to hawaii. >> his left food was sucked into the's escalator. we could only see his angel and -- ankle and the rest completely gone. >> was wearing crocks and his foot got stuck. the shoes are negatively an improperly designed. the couple is suing hilton hawaiian village for failure to operate and maintain the hotel's escalator. crocks did not -- respond for
5:36 pm
an accident in 2006. >> my toe, my toe. it was frightening. >> i wish somebody had told necessity is something that is could ahave -- could have happened. what surprised us this is not the first incident. and so you know one child is more than enough. >> several of the incidents involving crocks involving escalators happened at atlanta airport. there have been soft shoe entransports since january. professional wrestlers took time from battling in the ring to leading a reading said operation in queens. they're fired up.
5:37 pm
the boys and girls club in queens t is to stress the response of literacy. and they will donate 1,000 books to club members. a daring rescue in alaska. the coast guard sweeps in to rescue two wilderness guides mauled by a bear. and new york state is on the path towards encouraging more pedestrian and in hopes of it looks like a nice evening. a few clouds around but nothing to slow you down. and the temperatures in the low 70s by sunset. and the weekend forecast,
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troops were advising syrian soldiers and bombed by syrian bomb plane. and britain's ambassador is making sure that a 48 hour syrian troops takes effect so humanitarian aid delivered. two dingies pull survivors from the water and some of them were in shock from being in the water for so long. one of the three boats carrying migrants sanked before the help arrived. four died and two others drown. we have more details on that brown bear attack on two tour guides in alaska.
5:42 pm
they came between a mother bear and her cub. his colleague was flown to a hospital in seattle. they used pepper spray to stop the attack. no one on the tour was injured. the state is investing $99 million to pro most bike and pedestrian travel and reduction traffic. the money will go to municipal advertise and government and government agencies to fund t. new york state and local police are stepping up patrols through labor day to help keep drunk drivers on the roadways. the governor said that the directed state troopers as part of enforcement for the crackdown. labor is one of the deadliest times of the clear it comes to
5:43 pm
it will allow for some big changes. >> reporter: for this week's
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she goes t is the alliance delta 4 blasting off from cape canaveral t is carrying two satellites that will join two others launched in 2014. and they wrap around the equator more than 22,000-mile up in the sky. a critical space walk today
5:47 pm
a new adapter to the shuttle docking port. it will allow them to dock at space stayings. it will be scheduled for test flights next year. and take a look at this new video that we got here. this is the outer banks on the coast of north carolina and that is a waterspout. you cannot see it directly over the water. in that direction. >> once they do make landfall, they do fall apart. and we kick off the weekend with a nice day. the evening ahead looks splendid. the temperatures are in the mid- 80s. and we check the number out in central park.
5:48 pm
still holding on to the heat. white stone 87 and howard beach you got 85 and the long island they have been in the low 80s with islep and the water influence and the air over the water influence. the rest of this evening will go just past sunset and the temperatures go into the 70s. we will get cool overnight but we should get no problem to get into the middle and upper 80s in the city. a little increase in the humidity. satellite and radar calm. but tomorrow we get more moisture building up in the atmosphere. and this juicy air mass for saturday and sunday could mean a stormy end to the weekend. and let me show what you i'm talking about this is an increase in humidity showing up on the futurecast model.
5:49 pm
this front that is moving in that's does so, -- in. but that's but as it does so, this could create heavy showers and thunderstorms. the second last sunday it is a big heads up to watch a wet end to the weekend. and certainly the weather changes up as well behind the front and a cooler and drier air mass in the ahead. i know you're heading to the boat for the weekend some cloud breaks coming and going. but the storms are back on sunday afternoon. 75 the overnight low and tomorrow we're at 87 for the high and plenty of humidity around and remember. saturday looks like the better day because sunday the storm dozen threaten. and look at the numbers -- storms do threaten. and 85 degrees wednesday. and we're barely getting a
5:50 pm
to the late part of next week. so i think you'll notice a refreshing air mass. the temperatures will be lower and the lower humidity and that will make it feel real good. that surf piece we put that on the web and he interviewed me about my experience. you can see this on >> are you ready to chow down? >> yes. >> this week's neighborhood eats, is a passage to historic island in queens this is a traditional irish pub. >> and it is called passage. and it is the kind of place that the owner was looking for when he was craving comfort food. it is a throw back to the pubs of his hometown but with elevated menu and fair to appeal to picky new yorkers. it is located 4011, 30th after
5:51 pm
too irish restaurant and do something that you have not done before. >> reporter: this is michael mans field third restaurant in queens. and now he's opening in his own neighborhood in astoria. the food is second to the drink. >> the real interesting things that people can sink their teeth into. and the food is it. >> reporter: there's the guinness mac and cheese and dumpings and spring roles in steak. they've don't interior. but the food is the best part, no you do. >> reporter: another classic that gets a twist is the shepherd as pie and he as ground lamb and curry powder. and a boy leaf for more flavor go in and peas are last.
5:52 pm
a kick. >>i love that. all the time i come here i have to eat that one. you can finish the meal off with a 99. the community pubs and he hope passage is as well. >> come home to comfort food, which is really what we are. for the curry shepherd pie is on they also sent over a salad. >> this is really good. >> very comforted right now. >> right. >> excellent. >> you're right. this is delicious. curry shepherd pie. >> delicious. we'll value to go.
5:53 pm
in west chester county in a community to keep k- 9 officers safe as they patrol the streets. a case comes to a tragic end. we just spoke to her grieving mother. a new york resident the health officials said contracted the disease from
5:54 pm
welcome. it's me! the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty.
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two people turn love for animals and they want to help protect the police department three of their valuable k-9 assets. and here is the story. >> reporter: that is bower, one of the k-9 cops, highly trained but with a valuable piece of equipment, a bulletproof vest that was donated to the department. >> i am he ecstatic.
5:57 pm
three vests were presented today by jennifer and jessica. a casual conversation wanting to helped landed to a gofundme page and they raised $3,000. >> everyone was really reaching out to help. it was very touching. the job is to keep us safe and protect us. and protect them. >> reporter: the vests cost a thousand dollars, they are stab and bullet resistent. >> we never know who has the weapon. and now they'll be protected. >> reporter: and better protected for those in the surrounding communities neighboring departments don't have k-9 units that are expensive. >> you have to have a car and air conditioning and you have to have the food, the training and the equipment.
5:58 pm
bell let proof vest. >> reporter: and now you can cross that off the and interwoman killed in a police chase in newark. we just spoke with her grieving mother. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts two people killed in 17 others injured when two new jersey transit buses collide. and one possible cause that the investigators are looking into a new zika alert for florida. the virus spreading to new areas that are popular with tourists and now they are found in south beach. good morning. the cdc this afternoon is issuing a new warning for
5:59 pm
alert already issued for a 1 mile area in downtown miami. the health officials that said that a new yorker is one of five infected by the mosquitoes there. south beach is definitely a popular spot with folks from our area. >> reporter: without questions. miami often called the sixth bureau of new york city. but heal people to think long and hard about going there. the risk is real m travelers heard the news, just moment before they boarded the flights to miami this afternoon. >> if you were pregnant, would you go? >> no, i will not. i will not recommend that to nobody, especially women that are pregnant. >> reporter: and the zika virus is spreading and faster and further in miami than first believed. authorities confirmed five new
6:00 pm
described as mosquito born infections. in other words, zika infections contracted directly from mosquitos in miami, specifically a single stretch of miami beach. now a second section of the city where zika has been identified. >> we have a new zone in miami beach that is less than 1.5 square miles. we'll do everything that we can to help the pregnant women across our state. we have a safe state keep it that way. >> reporter: but the federal officials are increasingly worried. the federal cdc issued a travel advisory. pregnant women and their partners that are concern bad being exposed to zika may want to consider postponing nonessential travel to all parts of miami-dade county. >> the risk is still low. but the result is catastrophic. so i think you have to put both


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