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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 20, 2016 1:05am-1:36am EDT

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white girl rose. his line and many others capitalizing on a booming market. rose sales up 35% since last year. >> it's not about us, it's about rose. >> reporter: today we're cruising around new york city in a pink convertible as part of his parade for national rose day. >> it's about delicious. how many other things have parades? rose's delicious and deserves a parade. >> reporter: a big part of the rose market, millennials using social media and instagram hash tags like rose all day, brose, even cruises dedicated to the pink drink. on the boat one of the largest rose festivals. 1,000 guests and more than 150 different rose varieties. and back on solid ground, he's convinced rose is here to stay. >> a lot of alcoholic beverages have gone out of style. do you worry what happens when
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play on, america. now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a new twist in an olympic scandal. a swimmer breaks his silence.
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from ryan locthe's story. first, a tragic investigation is underway in queens. a nine-year-old girl found dead in her bathroom. good evening, i'm sade bederinwa. >> and i'm david nevaro. when investigators arrived on the scene, there was nothing they could do to save that little girl. >> carolina leid spoke with the little girl's family. carolina. >> reporter: david and sade, police are not calling this suspicious, but, they do want to the girl's stepmother, saying they need to find her and talk to her to figure out what exactly happened here. >> as his father talked to detectives, the wait, the reality of what happened, caused his legs to buckle and his body to go limp from the overwelming grief. >> three months, and she's finished. >> his niece moved here from
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leaving her mother behind, to live with her father and stepmother here in richmond hill, queens. a neighbor tried to use a shared bathroom in this multifamily home on 112th street around 6:00 friday evening. the door was locked, and strangely quiet. >> they came here and break the door and see what's going on. she was pronounced dead. >> the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. police say the child was unresponsive and unconscious, apparent signs of trauma. family members weeped on the doorstep, remembering this little girl who calm for a better way of life. >> she was a very nice, good girl, like a princess. >> she just come from india. three or four months only.
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the medical examiner's office will have to determine that. no arrests have been made. police are not calling this suspicious. reporting live in richmond hill, i'm carolina leid. channel 7 eyewitness news. carolina, thank you. relatives demanding answers in the death of a bronx deli worker killed by a suspect who allegedly grabbed a police officer's gun, a vigil was held tonight outside the deli in the bedford park section where he crossed the street as officers escorted out an unruly customer. guzman grabbed the gun from an officer and opened fire, killing camera. >> we need to answer, how it was able to take a gun away from the police officer. >> why this was perpetrator not handcuffed and dragged out of the deli by the police officer whose gun was smashed?
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survived, faces charges, including murder. the nypd has not taken any disciplinary action against the officer whose gun was snatched. >> new at 11:00, a twist in the olympic scandal. a swimmer breaks his silence about what he says really happened in rio and his version of events much different than ryan locthe's. laura behnke with the very latest. >> ryan locthe may have spoken out today apologizing for his actions at the fake robbery scandal now over shadowing the ga did the 12-time o limbic medalist say he he lied about the details. arrived and he is releasing his own account of what happened. saying the four swimmers went to that gas station early sunday morning where they relieved themselves outside the building, as locthe pulled down a med tall sign from a wall. that's when the confrontation
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according to bence. the first security guard drew his handgun. the second guard drew his weapon and both guards pointed their guns at us and yelled at us to sit on a nearby sidewalk. again, i cannot speak to his actions, but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. ryan and the security guards had a heated, verbal exchange, but no physical contact was made. he went on to say that eventually, the guards demanded money for the damage, which swimmers handed over before then leaving the gas station to hail a different taxi, that took them back to the athletes village. sade. >> certainly so, okay, lauren, thank you. police in jersey city issue an arrest warrant tonight for a suspected suspect wanted in a murder outside of a church. they say 18-year-old, dequan jackson opened fire at a church hall back on august 9. the
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two bystanders, young girls, ages 12 and 16 were wounded. police are asking anyone who knows where jackson is to call them immediately. >> tonight, the family of a woman killed in newark is desperate for answers. a driver they were chasing hit and killed a 24-year-old china willis while she was walking down the street. >> eyewitness news reporter spoke with the victim's grieving family tonight. he is in newark with the latest. josh. >> first of all, this is a tough curve to navigate when pursuit. early this morning, this car flew off the street and crashed into a bunch of parked cars, including this one, which is still sitting here, nearly 24 hours later. >> amid a mess of car parts and broken glass and twisted metal. there are candles and balloons, a memorial to a woman who's only mistake was to walk down this block. >> everybody loved her. >> china willis' devastated mother had to see for herself
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off university avenue and crushed the 24-year- old, who may not have seen it coming. >> he had to hit her so far from the impact, her sneakers flew off. ingly heard the skidding. >> it happened at 2:30 in the morning as prosecutors say police were chasing a suspect driving this dodge charger when he came around this curve and jumped the curb. cops were right behind him. >> three cars, like a scene from the movie. the lights blazing and everything. >> the cars the fence, people screaming, hollering. >> willis wound up so deep in the wreckage, it seemed like she had been in the car herself. as for the driver -- >> one person was like walking really fast, running down the street, and the car, the cop caught him. >> prosecutors identify him as 45-year-old, ken gunther. they won't say why cops are chasing him. a large quantity of drugs in
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demanding an explanation. >> i blame the cops for chasing him. whatever he did, it wasn't that serious. >> was the drugs worth yawl taking her life? because we will never get her back. >> and back with a live picture right now, you can see this memorial is growing slowly here at the scene. people coming to pay their respects, really, as we speak. as for the investigation and the suspect, he's been charged with eluding police and resisting arrest. prosecutors will not say why he the investigation into that underway. we are live in newark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. also in newark, investigators are looking into whether a deadly crash involving two new jersey transit buses was caused by one of the buses running a red light. one bus t-boned the other this morning, nearly flipping it over. joseph who was driving a bus with no passengers on board was killed. a female passenger on the other
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condition and five are said to be in serious condition. >> the zika outbreak prompting a travel warning. new cases of the mosquito born virus have popped up in the south beach area. that's in addition to part of a downtown miami where some people contracted zika. pregnant women and looking to get pregnant should not travel to any part of miami- dade county. result is catastrophic. i think you have to put both of those things into the equation. the risk is low, but the outcome is so horrific that you want to avoid it. >> five new cases of zika contracted in miami were diagnosed today. one of them, a tourist from new york city. i'm jeff smith in for lee goldberg. 77 after getting up to 88 this afternoon. with the humidity increasing, a couple stray showers popped up.
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of the five burros in new york city. those at this hour are tending to weaken. lows getting down to 73. there will be refreshing 60s in the suburbs. as i said, it's becoming muggier. tomorrow will be downright humid. highs in the upper 80s. can't rule out a spotty storm this afternoon. there's a huge change in the air ahead by early next week and along this front, later on in the weekend, there could be some big thunderstorms and maybe some much-neede fall. we'll time that out in your full accuweather forecast. >> speaking to a white audience, quoted african american vote service memberses during a stop in michigan tonight. his speech, hoping to tap the frustration of big cities, like detroit. >> what do you have to lose? you are living in poverty, your schools are no good. you have no jobs, 58% of your
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to lose? >> trump going on to tell the crowd that hillary clinton cares more about refugees than african americans living in poverty. trump toured louisiana along with his running mate, mike pence. hillary clinton called trump's visit to louisiana distraction and is directing her followers through an e-mail to donate to charities helping the area. clinton also learned today that a federal judge has ordered her to answer written questions regarding her use of personal e- state, those questions are at the request of a conservative watchdog group called judicial watch. >> a heartwarming rescue, the nypd officers who pulled a dog from the water and managed to track down its owner. plus, a warning to pregnant women about whatnot to eat.
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a heartwarming reunion between a proke brooklyn man and his dog. officers dove in to save the sheer man shepherd. >> i was terrified. i was scared. he was okay. >> talking about this handsome 1 1/2-year-old white german shepherd. his name is chase, he is the family dog miguel and his brother own. don't worry, chase is okay now, but boy is this guy lucky to be alive. let's back this story up to thursday morning when chase, for the first time, ran away from his home in coney island. every morning they put crass chase in the backyard and tie the fence to the
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somehow managed to squeeze through this gate and escape. so for hours and hours, miguel, francisco and the family searched. they nearly gave up at one point. >> i was hoping for a family that would be good for him. >> but then almost 24 hours later at 6:30 in the morning friday, miles away from home, someone here spots chase out end bay, a half mile from shore, and calls police. with chase's head barely bobbing above water, the harbor unit diving into action, chase hanging on just long enough to be pulled from the bay. but the story doesn't end there, the nypd still has no idea who this dog belongs to, so they send out this tweet, later, the wife of one of the officers sees this post. and realizes, they have a
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are just the heros. i want to thank them very much. they brought our dog home. it wouldn't be the same without him. >> for the nypd, this is one collar that ended with smiles all around. in coney island, abc eyewitness news. >> he was a fugitive in massachusetts until today. what you probably don't realize from this picture is that he is police caught up with miller on cape cod where he was disguising himself as an old man to elude them. he's been on the run since april. >> today marked 25 years since the crown heights riots erupted in brooklyn. the three days of unrest rocked the city after an out of control car. the impact killing gavin cato.
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to death rosenbaum. today, both families gathered to mark the tragedy and discuss relations between the two communities have changed over the years. >> we posted more about the crown heights riots and some of our footage from our coverage 25 years ago on our website, and the abc7ny app. we have some big changes on the way in the weather department. but first, we have to get through the muggies and maybe that wind coming in from the south at 3 miles per hour. it's getting more humid out there. got up to 88 during the afternoon. a few five degrees above average. and the sun coming up at 6:10 tomorrow morning. more humid out there tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds. i think on sunday, with all the humidity around and the front moving into the area. there will be the thunder increasing late in the day.
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side and containing wind gusts as well, and a refreshing breeze, lower humidity on monday. temperatures potentially not even getting out of the 70s. you can see on the drought monitor, we need the rain fall. moderate drought, even a severe clout over central suffolk county. we are going to get an inch of rain sunday night. so that will be good news. upper 60s north and we had a couple isolated downpours in parts of the region. those have since weakened. there's that big front. this will continue chugging its way to the east. during the day tomorrow with the muggier air, you can't completely rule out a spotty shower or thunderstorm. and then on sunday, a much more organized batch of downpours and thunderstorms approaching
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jersey, and then over spreading the night with heavy stuff out there. here's your forecast tomorrow. an on shore wind, it's blowing some of the warmer water on shore. to believe it or not, near 80 down the jersey shore. turning out mainly clear, 73 midtown. 60s in many of the suburbs. humid tomorrow morning. 74 at 7:00 in the morning. it's a blend of sun and clouds. moderately humid. not crazy humid out there. temperatures in the mid 80s. partly to mostly cloudy. warm and sticky. cent rule out early tomorrow evening. here's your accuweather forecast. the thunder increases on sunday. some of those could be on the heavy side into sunday night.
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humid. highs in the upper 70s. really nice on tuesday and wednesday you aren't going to know what to do with yourself monday morning. >> all right, thanks. up next, thousands of people are dropping illegally and they don't know it. a glitch that caused a massive mistake. plus, a warning
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in tonight's health alert, what a pregnant woman eats could affect her baby's behavior after birth. pregnant women who eat a lot of fat and sugar have children with increased rates of adhd. poor nutrition can lead to
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in connecticut driving on expired registrations. the state dmv says all the registrations were flagged for renewal, but notices were never printed. the agency upgraded its computer system and has been plagued ever since. in case they are stopped by police. a jewelry auction is allowing fans for a items from her private collection as well as some belongings to her late husband, ronald reagan. proceeds go to the institution. >> i know the o lump januaries are trying to make their own
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is the best coast. the mets and yanks in california tonight, while the jets hit the field for a game
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laura behnke with sports. >> they are stressing right now, the yankees, six games out of the final wild rd visit to anaheim to face the last place angels. the pinstripes open the west coast road trip into southern california. elsberry leading off the game in a big way. the yanks are up 1-0. on the mound for the pinstripes, doing his job in the first. he strikes out the side, we go
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also tonight, the mets, once again, trying to bounce back, continuing their series. steven was scratched, soset in his first major league start. the k there, in a scoreless first. to the second now. his first game off the disabled list, first at bat, pretty uneventful, but two batters later, curtis granderson and that is anything but uneventful. the home run to make it 1-0 it is tied up in the fifth. and now to the armed robbery that wasn't olympic soap opera. gunner arrived back home in miami, a few hours later, ryan locthe apologized in a statement, and tonight, releasing a statement with his own personal account of what happened early sunday morning at that gas station in rio, saying he doesn't know anything about a bathroom being vandalized, but locthe did rip
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and demanded money for the damage. locthe then got into a heated argument before the group paid the men and left. while an actual competition news, the u.s. men's basketball team one win away from a third straight olympic gold medal after beating spain. and on the track, the women's 4 by 100 relay repeating its gold medal champions after they needed to rerun that semifinal yesterday, just to qualify. the giants are in buffalo will return to preseason action tomorrow afternoon, the jets went under the lights tonight in a road clash with washington. on washington's opening drive, marching down the field, but not so fast, picked off in the end zone, after the starters left, gino smith took over, and this is the very first play after that intersection.
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late touchdown. many teams wanted him, but only one would prevail. it's the rangers who signed top college free agent, the forward was a star at harvard and played with current ranger, kevin hays when they were kids in new england. now hays welcoming him to new york tonight. saying childhood teammates to playing at msg. hashtag, that was veasy. a little catchy, isn't it? that was veasy. >> this gets good


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