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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  August 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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island getting 2 to 4 inches of rain in just an hour's time. this go around, we'll be able to time out the front moving in, and we can get a good handle on what's happening. 75 for murray hill. 81 nor whetstone. howard beach, yesterday, what happened on long island was a conversion of the area. it was the land versus the ocean. real tough with a micro climate like that. today we have a front that's coming across central pennsylvania. we'll be able to watch it for several hours. and then we are in the grn zone for western new jersey, and delmarva. that means we're in the marginal severe risk category put out by the national weather service and storm prediction center. there's the front moving through williamsport. a line from canada to dc. that is coming in our direction. it looks like 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. is the window for showers, so there are parts of the day that will be dry. we'll go for a high of 85. i'll have much more on the details of the storms coming our direction in the accuweather 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much.
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that breaking news in connecticut. in the last hour, we have learned that 13 people were injured when two gunman opened fire on a house party in bridgeport. police say the suspects fired from behind a hedge in the backyard of the plymouth street home just before 1:30 this morning. 12 victims suffered nonlife threatening injuries. however, one woman is in critical condition after getting shot in the face. we will continue to follow that story throughout the day. police are looking for the shooter who opened fire on a street in harlem, killing a 61- year-old woman who police believe was simply an innocent bystander. eyewitness news reporter, kristin thorne is live on the scene with what we know at this hour. kristen. >> reporter: rob, we just spoke with a man who was sitting next to december yeah sims when --
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the night. she stayed out, and shots rang out around 11:45 last night. the 61-year-old odessa sims was struck by a bullet in her neck. she was rushed to harlem hospital where she was pronounced dead. this was around 144th street and lenox avenue last night. police say sims was not the intended target. >> i didn't see him, but they told me, i saw him out there runng, behind shooting at another fellow, and she went down. >> reporter: sims lived just two blocks from where this all happened. we spoke with her brother at the apartment. she was too emotional to go on camera but did tell us that sims was one of 13 brothers and sisters. police have not yet released any information about the person they are looking for in this incident. live in harlem this morning, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what a tragedy. thank you so much.
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just in. a taxicab and another car crashed on the upper west side early this morning. the taxi appears to have jumped the curb near a bodega, leaving the floor's flower display in shambles. this happened near west 74th 74th street and amsterdam avenue. it's not clear what caused the accident or if anyone inside either of those cars was hurt. a 55-year-old woman is set to be arraigned for the death of her 9-year-old stepdaughter. killed ashdeep kaur on friday. the little girl was found dead inside an empty bathtub in their richmond hill home. many family members told eyewitness news that before her death, kaur would talk about her stepmother beating her. police say shamdal arjun strangled the girl but the medical examiner needs to determine the cause of death. three recovering in the hospital after being shot in newark.
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expected to survive. police have not yet released any motive behind the shooting but are investigating several leads. also, we are learning more about the passenger who was killed when one new jersey transit bus collided with another. 49-year-old jesy garcia of newark was riding on the bus that newark early friday morning. authorities say she was rushed to the hospital but died several hours later. the grandmother of three was simply on her work. >> the light of her life were her grand kids. she was just a grandma, you know, an abuella all around. she was a hard worker, she got up every day, you know, six days a week to work. >> i was at the scene friday morning. it was a horrific crash. 17 people were hurt. several still in the hospital. the other bus, which had no passengers at the time of the crash, was driven by 27 year
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joseph barthelus also died in the crash. a total of two fatalities in this. the accident is still under investigation. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now apologizing for the controversial night in rio. he is admitting that he exaggerated his story about being robbed at a gas station. >> he's now saying sorry, not just to the people of rio but also his teammates and to all of those athletes whose victories in the games are now being overshadowed by this well his. abc's matt gutman has been on the story from the very start. >> reporter: overnight ryan lochte telling what he says is the real truth in an interview with brazilian television. >> brazil doesn't deserve that. it was my fault. >> reporter: lochte says he's taking full responsibility for the events that led to the confrontation seen now in the infamous gas station video in chuck see him here pulling down
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lying, with lochte back in the u.s., they hold the other swimmers involved in for questioning. lochte says he wasn't entirely truthful. hours after the incident last sunday morning, he told nbc. now admitting he was still drunk during the interview. >> it was still hours after the incident happened. i was still intoxicated. i was still under that influence. i overexaggerated and the gun was drawn but not at my forehead. it wasn't cokked at my forehead. it was toward my general direction, and as you can see in the surveillance, that's when my hands went up. >> reporter: after days of silent solidarity, and the release of that video, teammates gunnar bentz and jack conger issuing public apologies. their versions contradicting lochte's initial trial. writing we foolishly relieved ourselves on the backside of
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a poster from a nearby wall which apparently alerted gas station employees. for the rapid escalation, bentz, the youngest member of the group, pitting the blame on lochte. writing ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. after jack and i tugged at him, in an attempt to get him to sit back down. a good samaritan using his limited english to translate, and calm the tensions. when we caught up on saturday, me the swimmers were offering cash to keep the guards from calling police. >> they were saying no police? >> yes, yes,. >> reporter: in police documents obtained by abc news, deluge said it was bentz who offered the money, they wanted to know the loss of value and to pay. >> alcohol. >> that was abc's matt gutman
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and overshadowing all the good things that are happening, these incredible athletes. i'm over it now. >> bring them back to the spotlight. >> closing ceremonies, let's celebrate the simone biles of the world. what a mess. coming up on eyewitness news, sunday morning, donald trump continues to court minority voters and this morning, reaction from civil rights activists, and why his opponents are questioning this style of outreach. meteorologist amy freeze here in the accuweather center. we have a few and we're waiting for a cold front, so temperatures will go from 76 to 85 this afternoon. there's the front coming through central pennsylvania. the storm prediction center has put us in the green area across portions of new jersey and delmarva. marginal risk for severe weather, and it looks like we
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sesame place
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9:10. welcome back: several people were killed on a day that should have been full of happiness as a bomb went off at a wedding party in turkey. authorities are reporting at least 50 people died and 94 suffered injuries. investigators say the bombing was in a town near the syrian border and was likely a terror suicide attack. it's believed isis or kurdish extremists are to blame for that. tragic news for the boy whose image has become the symbol of the devastation during syria's ongoing civil war. has died. all of this tragedy happening after an air strike that destroyed the family's home. their parents and other siblings survived. five other children died from the same attack. and turning now to the race for the white house. and donald trump's latest attempts to reach out to minority voters. his new panel of hispanic advisers and what he's now saying about the republican
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story. >> i want a totally inclusive country and i want an inclusive party. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump has a new pitch to minority voters and a new admission. >> the outreach to the african- american community is in an area where the republican party must do better. and it will do better. >> reporter: just days into the latest trump reset, meeting with hi advisory board, the weekend marked by protest and outrage over this stark plea. >> why do you have to lose, you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. >> the vast majority, more than 75% of us are not living in poverty. >> in virginia, some trump supporters not ready to embrace his approach. >> i think it has kind of offensive to say something like that.
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pill to swallow. >> reporter: it's not without support. >> we want to try something new. >> hillary clinton is going to take us further down the road into despair. >> it's time to wake up. after can americans wake up, let's give the man a chance. >> reporter: >> -- >> right now, most polls have trump polling at 2 percent. that was mary bruce reporting. today, donald trump's new campaign manager will join george stephanopoulos on that's coming up this morning at 10:00 here on channel 7. thousands of convicted felons will get back their right to vote. the governor of virginia is expected to announce an executive order restoring the rights of 13,000 felons. now, this comes after a different executive order back in april restored voting rights for 200,000 felons which included sex offenders and convicted murders. republicans in the state,
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win. and now he says he'll use an auto pen to sign off on the first 13,000 and will work to restore rights for the remaining 200,000. >> can you explain why. >> the governor's theory was that is disproportionately affected african-americans. that was his rationale behind the law. straight ahead, sunday morning, donations pouring in for baton rouge cops displaced by those deadly floods.
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and get medical help right away if your lips, mouth, or nails turn grey or blue. talk to your doctor if you have g6pd deficiency. using benzoyl peroxide with aczone gel may cause skin or facial hair to temporarily turn yellow or orange where applied. common side effects of aczone gel include dryness and itching of treated skin. now, i have less acne to think about because i use aczone gel. you could pay as little as $15 for aczone gel. learn more at aczone. prescription treatment. proven results. people across several states are work to go help victims of the flooding as the community came together to help thousands who have been impacted. latest numbers show 40,000 homes suffer damage in all of this. they were in baton rouge handing out supplies. some of the items coming in specifically for police.
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flooding. many people now living in shelters or with relatives or in hotels, whatever they can do. crews are working to put together care packages for officers to thank them and to show their support. >> well, and can you imagine their homes are affected as well. >> everyone. >> and all the emergency responders are living in the exact same community where they are affected. >> and they have to go to work and help everybody else. >> flood waters do not discriminate as we remember in the too long ago. unfortunately they have more rain headed in that direction today. it is a long haul. we could have more showers later this afternoon. a little bit different than yesterday which were storms isolated to parts of the north shore of long island. if you weren't on the north shore yesterday, you were just fine. today you could get away with much of the day being just fine. it will be a spotty shower here or there. the storms themselves come in
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the west. looking out right now, live cameras really showing some beautiful pictures of the skies. it's a combination of clouds and sunshine, and at times, the clouds will gather and get dark, creating these long shadows over parts of the area. wind comes out, triggering temperatures to get hotter and that could produce maybe a spotty shower, but the real lift in the atmosphere comes with the front later today, and that's where we could see more temperatures approaching the 80- degree mark. smith town, 79. when we were hitting temperatures in the upper 70s, right about 11:00 a.m. we had winds coming in from the ocean where the water temperatures were much much cooler. that convergence of the two aromas created a ringing -- air masses creating a ringing out of the atmosphere, 2 to 4 inches of rainfall in less than an hour.
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a thunderstorm. the darker green is a marginal risk for severe weather. that means the heavy downpours, lightning, gusty winds up to 50 miles per hour. on the radar, just wanted to point out, we have this thin strip of long island, which makes it tricky to forecast the areas. when the winds come together and the lift combined with an unstable air mass, this was the result. the areas in darker green, the orange in between, we got 3 inches of rainfall in less an than hour. smith town, river head getting 3 inches of rainfall. it turned some of the streets into rivers. today we have a much more predictable situation, meaning that this front right here will be coming for several hours in our direction. after 3:00, 4:00, we'll notice the oranges, yellows show up and the entire storm system exits at 11:00 p.m. this here is the heavy rainfall forecast, and it shows that the spotty showers happen mainly north and east early on before
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the heavier rain, really by 5:00 p.m., we start to see the drenching downpours and that continues until about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. finally, everything should push off by midnight. and we see a major change, refreshing air mass, lower temperatures, low humidity and that will be with us for the early part of the workweek. cat skills, 78 with a storm. jersey shore, 78 with the storm, and storms hold off until late tonight. this afternoon, 85 degrees. it will be warm at times. the entire day is out. you'll see the evening thunderstorms continue until about 10:00 p.m. 68 is the overnight low in the city and tomorrow, sunny, pleasant, 81. the accuweather 7-day forecast, look here, first two days of the week, we've got 80, 81 degrees. we have not seen temperatures that cool since the beginning of august. 85, 86, wednesday and thursday. hot and humid to close out the workweek in the accuweather 7- day forecast.
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kenny chesney concert, met life stadium, what a great a lot of fun. if you have the activities today outdoors, perhaps you're just entertaining in your own backyard instead of a big parking lot party, just know that the earlier part of the day is best, and then you can actually track the storms this go around because you'll see the line of storms coming on radar. that gives you a better idea how to gauge your plans. >> get it done before 5:00. >> thank you. we come back. >> i never win that.
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step by step, that is how a 93-year-old world war ii veteran made his way across the country. ernie andras wanted to run
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pacific ocean. it took three years of running three days a week, and made it to simmons georgia, this week, one day after his 93rd 93rd birthday. >> if an 88-year-old man gets this much attention in a relay, how about a 90-year-old running coast to coast. so i decided right then i'm going to do it. >> but ernie didn't just want to make it into the history books. he also wanted to raise money and awareness to a cause very to him. the veteran actually in all of his running raised $16,000 to help bring back a landing tank ship from normandy, france. the vessel is the only one left that is restored and fully operational. wow. >> you know, ernie is a hero today, but so is this guy who says it takes a village, and together we stand. that's the motto one teen in kentucky is sticking by to help his neighbors. travis durham, remember his
9:25 am
to cut the neighbor's grass, and they could get it. by the time she got home that day, he had mowed the lawns for 8 people in his neighborhood, and he has not stopped since. travis, his brother, and a couple friends are cutting grass for neighbors in derby city for free. and it's not going unnoticed. >> the whole city that has gotten involved from not just monetary donations but we have received lawn mowers, we have received weed eaters. sa kind of safety gear. >> it taught me how to be responsible, and if you have good attitude all the time, good things can happen. >> the boys are back if school, but still mowing lawns. the group has set up a facebook page for people to request lawn service. >> instill that work ethic young, i like that. doing their thing. 9:25, time for sports now with anthony johnson. >> good morning, everybody.
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a meaningful season. they got a big boost when yoenis cespedes returned to the lineup and he delivers. super cespedes at the plate yesterday in the 3rd and boom, gone, going, gone. that's number 23 for the season for yoenis. denard span coming right back, takes bartolo colon real deep. melts. 6th inning alejandro de aza gets this one. cespedes, he was feeling it. he put the icing on the cake with a second home run of the game. 8-2 mets. they would go on and win 9-5. the olympics are preparing to wrap up in rio, but the south american olympics has been a u.s. celebration. both the mens and womens 4 by 400 relay team taking the gold.
9:27 am
1996. the men won despite being disqualified from the 4 by 100 the day before. the games wind down. the medal counts for the u.s. continue to rise. nothing close to the 1904 games when the u.s. won 239 medals. more olympic news, matt centrowitz wins the 1300-meter race, the first american to win since 1908. the preseason from big blue you the blues, they got stampeded yesterday up in buffalo, and it was a bust. the bills got out of the blocks first, shady mccoy goes in for a 13-yard pass. in the second quarter, daunte dion breaks up this buffalo pass in the end zone. the g-men get the back back after that. the mistakes continue with ryan nasa fumbling the ball after getting blind sided. bills get the ball back.
9:28 am
for another bills score. buffalo shut out the giants 21- 0. >> i finished talking to the team, told them we worked too hard to put a performance like that on film. they were more physical than we were, that was obvious. we need to take a long look in the mirror and bounce back this week. >> and don't forget, the giants and the jets play next week at the meadow lands. that's it in sports, folks, have a good morning. we'lse today. >> more gold medals on tap today. the men's basketball going for the gold this afternoon. many teams still. >> go usa,. much more ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, including a look ahead at today's top stories. a 61-year-old woman has been shot and killed in harlem. police say she was not the
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welcome back, everybody, to eyewitness news sunday morning. see those clouds. >> yeah. >> you know, the city. the clouds and the sun or the sunrise, and sunset. it's just so pretty. >> you have lady liberty. always a good shot. that scene will be a lot wetter in a few hours, so enjoy the relative calm right now. good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. welcome back to eyewitness >> here we go again. amy freeze what's shaking in your neck of the woods. >> well, the atmosphere is shaking. i think we're going to see these showers and storms coming in after 5:00, and the potential for these to really change our weather in the week ahead is pretty significant because we have a hot, humid air mass overhead right now, and we're seeing that with the live cameras, just looking out and checking in this from vantage personal injury in particular, in midtown
9:32 am
midtown manhattan. we have cumulus clouds starting to building. bright sunshine in spots. we'll go from 76 to 85 this afternoon. enough heat to really make the atmosphere unstable, just in time for the cold front to arrive. it's starting to produce some heavier showers for central pennsylvania. and it's going to move into our area after 5:00. this is when we could see the heaviest showers and storms. but the front actually comes from west to east. so it depends on where you are. likely, parts of western new of the action first around four or 5:00, and closer to 7:00 or 8:00 in the city. around the boroughs we have 80s showing up and same story for long island. islip is just shy of that at 79 degrees. same for bridgeport across the sound. this is where the most serious risk is for severe weather in our area. at that, it is a marginal risk for western new jersey and parts of eastern pennsylvania right through south jersey into the delmarva. what this means is those are
9:33 am
the biggest winds, the biggest downpours, dangerous lightning, that sort of thing. everybody has the chance. once we get into the afternoon, a high of 85. more details ahead in the accuweather 7-day forecast in a few minutes. i'll see you then. >> thank you. we're continuing to follow this. police trying to find the gunman who killed a woman in harlem on lenox avenue. she was just outside with her husband when she was fatally shot. in harlem with details on the victim. you spoke to her husband this morning. >> reporter: i did. just spoke with basil sims, the husband of 61-year-old odessa sims. he said they had been married 36 years, that she was the mother of three children. in fact, it seems that a lot of people knew her. she was constantly making sure people had eaten, that they were doing okay. really she was a mother to everyone here in this neighborhood. it was around 11:45 last night when police say she was hanging
9:34 am
here on lenox avenue when shots rang out. a bullet went through her neck. she was pronounced dead at harlem hospital. this happened around 144th 144th street and lenox avenue. her husband tells me that he had been playing with her and her friends. he went back to the apartment two blocks away to get something. he was on his way back to meet her when he got a call to his >> i keep telling her, you can't be out this time of night. she should not have been there. >> reporter: so witnesses tell us that a man ran out from this car or from behind a car, i should say, on lenox avenue and started firing shots. you can see police focusing on this car here that they have tagged and marked off with crime scene tape. unclear if that's the car this
9:35 am
her when this happened and said a man in dark clothing ran out from behind a parked car and just started shooting. police have not released a description of the person they are looking for in this incident. live in harlem, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> awful story. kristen, thank you. new jersey state police say a child died in a multi-vehicle accident yesterday morning. i told you about this accident yesterday during the show. investigators say a pickup truck rear ended a sedan on the in bay bayonne. a 5-year-old little boy was in a car seat but did not survive the crash. another child and the driver were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. three other cars were involved in this, and two other people were hurt. now stiffer penalties for assaulting workers at subway, train and bus stations in new york. if a worker is injured, the attack could be classified as a felony, and lead to 7 years in prison. new york governor andrew cuomo
9:36 am
those workers have increasingly become targets of aggression. also, new york city taxi drivers no longer have to pass their test in english. drivers tests will be available in several languages. according to a report, the move brings the city in line with app based services that do not have an english language requirement. only 4% of new york city taxi drivers were born in the u.s. we are now less than three months before election day, and americans are looking to se will do next. recent staffing changes at the top of his campaign are leaving a lot of questions about how trump will fare for the rest of the race. abc news political consultant matthew dowd tells us history has shown it might not be a positive outcome. >> these kind of shakeups normally this close to an election aren't a good sign. they normal say the campaign is in disarray, not the campaign is coming together. no winning campaign has done
9:37 am
have done it. >> dowd also says donald trump needs to participate in the upcoming debates against hillary clinton if he wants to turn the race around. there have been whispers that he may not show up. recently polls show hillary clinton in the lead. stay with eyewitness news and abc news for your election coverage in political season. stick around this week with george stephanopoulos, joined but in the campaign manager, and rnc chair, priebus. it costs more to get children ready for the school year. 7 on your side checks out how you can send your children back to school fully equipped without breaking your budget. before we go to break, here's bill ritter with a look at what's coming up on up close. >> good morning, coming u on up close, new york city's borough presidents with a new kind of challenge. they are trying to get out the vote in november. voting the last couple of
9:38 am
state and new york city, way down. not exactly examples of good citizenship. gayle brewers, bronx president, reuben diaz jr., joining us this morning. we are going to talk to them about the challenges facing people in their boroughs. and political analyst, doug
9:39 am
9:40 am
welcome back. we have awesome sunshine happening right now. >> it looks good. this is the upper west side in manhattan, and there are other places socked in with clouds. we could have a spotty shower at times. all of that is the precursor to what's coming in this afternoon. the cold front that could produce heavy rain showers. this day is made up of a mixed bag, and you could get sun at
9:41 am
best bet escaping any rain at all is to go in early and get things done. you can see from this vantage point, it's kind of a mixed bag. you look toward one world trade, and you can see that the clouds thicken in spots, and we have blue skies showing through. in fact some of the clouds are so thick, they are creating shadows. currently 76 degrees in central park. winds are calm. pressure is holding steady. looking at the numbers right now, we have in hempstead. babylon, 7 79. down the shore, well, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s in these locations. the official reporting station of tom river is at 81 degrees. 76 for andover. monticello 73 currently. the storm prediction center located in oklahoma puts out a severe risk assessment pretty much everyday i, and the light green areas, could get a shower or thunderstorm in general. the darker green has a marginal
9:42 am
most likely area to see drenching downpours that could create flooding, dangerous lightning and gusty winds above 50 miles per hour. yesterday, what happened on long island was a real difficult situation, a micro climate event where you see the winds coming off the ocean in both directions and a thin strip of land here, so land battling the ocean air creates a lot of instability, and we have the soaking downpours where we had literally 2 to 4 inches of rain happening in less than an hour and and the totals were impressive. just to the northeast of smithtown, 3.3 inches of rain. i shouldn't really call it impressive because as the streets turned into rivers it was real scary for a lot of folks and their property seeing so much water in a short amount of time. 3.7 inches recorded outside of river head. for this afternoon, i think we are right against the line of the storm system coming through, about 4:00 or 5:00. it will move from west to east. so the timing really is that
9:43 am
p.m. then everything pushes offshore, and we're getting a real nice air mass for monday. this is the heavy rainfall forecast. it puts a tight grid on where the heaviest rain will be. early on we could see spotty showers showing up. they aren't the threat. this is the front coming in for later this afternoon into the evening hours. binghamton to scranton, it will be a solid line, should be able to watch this easily on your radars and so after 3:00, it and five, six, seven, eight, the rain becomes heaviest, drenching downpours north and west of the city, and knows will continue on, and i think right over the boroughs we'll have real heavy rain before 8:00. the weekend get away forecast, cat skills will have showers later on. and the showers and storms, hamptons 82. thunderstorms later. that's the call for us. into the evening hours, we'll see 68. clearing happens late tomorrow. a high of just 81 degrees.
9:44 am
and way less humidity. so temperatures will be easy to take monday and tuesday. we're back to the heat and humidity as we go into wednesday, thursday and friday. you guys, we have a real treat, went out to long beach and spent time at the surf school, which of course you saw the story yesterday, people learning to surf, and not only do they have programs to pay, they have a lot of free programs. i wanted to share with you one of them that's called the surf for all program. the school out there in long beach was able to come in. notice right here, this is cliff scooden teaching some of the students, they own this surf school, and they are teaching kids who are in situations where they may never have gotten the chance to get on a surf board, everything from autism to other disabilities and learning difficulties, but they're set up in the structure. they get to ride the boards. here's a little more from cliff on what it's all about. >> seeing them achieve those things that parents would say
9:45 am
is going to surf. >> again, these are some really cool programs that are all along our coastline. if you're headed to the beaches this weekend or the many weeks that are left, very good beach weather there. >> thank you for saying that. many weeks left. >> this is one opportunity where you can either get in on it yourself or support programs like this. it's a free opportunity for kids who may never have gotten to do anything like this. >> and you saw the beautiful the surf boards, big smiles. >> what do they need, money or word or mouth. >> word of mouth and getting people involved and seeing that sort of, i don't want to call it a wave, but it is in a way, the opportunity that the ocean provides us to create confidence and belief in ourselves. just getting out there and trying the waves out sometimes makes all the difference for people, and we have the ocean right at our finger tips. >> that's awesome. >> enjoy it today before the storms come. >> thanks amy. well, still to come on eyewitness news this sunday
9:46 am
back to school shopping. 7 on your side checks out when to get the best deals and where your dollar goes really far. but, before we go to break, we're looking agent today's channel 7 community calendar. this was the top summer song not too long ago, 2009. we're coming back to more current times. with a group that actually appeared on this very show years ago, the black eyed peas. >> hello. >> do you know what song i'm get a lyric. >> it's a very short title. >> i need fleetwood mac. >> mary j. >> i know this. black eyed peas. >> something they got. >> i got a? >> recipe? >> i got a feeling. >> i like classic rock, r, and b, classic stop. >> tina turner for your input
9:47 am
pic of hidden gems at family photo scavenger hunt in new jersey for the chance to win a variety of prizes. the kiwanis classic car show on long island is fun for the whole family with live music, a pizza eating contest, pony rides and more. shop, dine and be entertained by the fabulous night life at the 8 8th annual wash avenue rock street fair in brooklyn. a great variety of the scenic, and architectural elements await you at the central park tour, ar park in manhattan. at the passaic county fair in new jersey, enjoy a fireworks display, and check out hot rods at the annual car show. jam out to some sweet jazz on a beautiful summer night with the incredibly talented alex wynn quintet in brooklyn.
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ready for kids to go back to school, ways to save money on supplies can be stressful. >> parents love this time of year. but 7 on your side is doing work for you. nina pineda checked out where you will get the most for your money. >> and back to school spending is now a multibillion dollar industry and spending is really on the rise. the average family will spend nearly $700 just to get one kid ready for school. 7 on your side did our homework savings along to you. how much you'll spend on school supplies not only depends on where you shop, when you shop could save you big. check the store's circular before you stock up. >> smart shoppers come and buy every week what they want with these prices. >> people actually follow this. >> oh, yes. >> staples less list, discount certain items daily or weekly. this week, the crayola 24 pack
9:51 am
notebooks on sale for spare change. consider buying sale items in bulk and splitting the cost with other families. >> this was originally 1.50. now it's .17 dollars. >> those deals don't last, some are worth waiting for. if your student wants an iphone, wait until apple announces the latest version next month. >> that's when you should come back to best buy to check out the prices after they have dropped. >> reporter: consider buying insurance for sure to crack iphones and ipad, all carriers offer coverage for less than $10 a month, or apple care plus, to ensure the iphone 6 and discounts on repairing and replacing the phone for up to two accidental damages. shopping around is key. we found in sam son backpack, a difference of more than 45 bucks. since staples offers a price beat guarantee, we put it to
9:52 am
a manager beat the lower price by 10%. >> it has to be like the same brand. >> and you know that was a savings of more than $50. you should also beware, dozens of businesses offer student discounts, show a current school id, and save at retailers like jay crew, best buy, amtrak will give you train tickets for less, and plenty of insurance companies give students break but your grades have to be high enough. you will not get the deal ask. a lot are no advertised. always inquire. for more back-to-school ideas check out the web site on abc7ny. >> it's taxing, you know, back- to-school shopping is very taxing, but them going back to school, that's a different story. >> is a beautiful, thing, right. >> is worth it. >> two moms here, love this time of year. >> right amy. >> most beautiful time of the year. >> big dog sunday.
9:53 am
them. we want them to be home as much as possible, but school is a good thing. >> amen. check out this doggy out in the sticks, i like it. beautiful, my favorite. i love sun flowers. you look good out there all dressed up and ready to play for the day. watch for the storms later. we have double the trouble, willow and den nebraska, very pate -- denny. very patriotic. what a beautiful dog you've got spelling it day-z. we have harley, and you know what, i feel you this morning, really, this is a sunday morning after my own heart. finally we wrap up with meat ball, what a cute pup. i love the name. very fitting. hash tag big dog sunday w love to see your picks and share them. twitter handle is at amy
9:54 am
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and breaking news in connecticut. 13 people were injured when two gunmen opened fire on a house party. this happened in bridgeport, and police are saying the suspects fired from behind the hedge in the backyard of the plymouth street home just before 1:30 this morning. 12 people suffered injuries but they are not life threatening. one woman is, though, in critical condition. she was shot in the face. also some more breaking news. this time in harlem. gunman who opened fire on lenox avenue. a 61-year-old woman has been killed. our reporter, kristin thorne live for us on the scene. >> reporter: this is where 61- year-old odessa sims was shot and killed. detectives are on the scene. she had been playing cards with friends on the street. her husband tells me he had just left her to go back to the apartment two blocks from here when she was shot.
9:57 am
grandmother to several grandchildren. she had worked in a day care center for 22 years, according to her husband. it was around 11:45 last night. she was playing cards with friends around 144th street when shots rang out. a bullet went right through her neck. she was pronounced dead at harlem hospital. police tell us she was not the intended target. a witness we spoke to who says he was sitting right next to her when this all happened says a guy in dark clothing ran out on the street, and just started firing shots, apparently at another person. police have not yet released a description of the suspect they are looking for. we're live in harlem this morning, kristin thorne channel 7 eyewitness news. >> such a tragedy. >> and there was an unrelated shooting just a few blocks away from that one which two were shot. they survived, but a rough night in harlem, to say the least. >> innocent mother of three gone because of a dispute
9:58 am
a threat of storms after 5:00 until 10:00 p.m. a. spotty shower can't be ruled out high of 85. monday and tuesday, temperatures in the low 80s. the accuweather forecast, returning to heat and humidity next week. be careful this afternoon with the downpours. >> umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news sunday morning, i'm toni yates in for michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson, for the entire team, thank introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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art's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump shakeup. >> and believe it or not, i regret it. >> a brand-new team in charge. again. >> you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. >> but with just 79 days before the election, can trump really change? they are, believe them. >> or is this one more false start? plus, with new questions over the clinton foundation -- >> it was pay for play. >> -- and those e-mails, can hillary clinton clear the hurdle of trust? this morning, we'll talk to campaign managers from both sides. and rnc chair reince priebus. from abc news, it's "this week."


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