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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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now new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news. new details about a horrific crash on the long island expressway. tonight we are learning a 4th victim, a child has died. but first we want to go to a shift in the weather. storms move through our area heavy downpours. >> take a look. this car got stuck. the driver had to be helped out of the car. the rain has cleared up now and we are going to a seasonal shift in temperatures tomorrow. >> meteorologist jeff smith is here with details. >> the first little hint of fall in the air tomorrow night. the last of the downpours are exiting.
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up in west chester county and fair field, still one little downpour there. also another moving from sandy hook new jersey and out on to long island. overnight long island, some of these showers could actually tend to refire. so right through 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning there could still be some rain over parts of long island. most of the rainfall fell north city. you saw those flash flooding pictures along route 17. between 1 and 1 1/2 inches, even 2 inches of rain in northern parts of west chester. it wasn't a very big rainstorm. a very narrow stretch. the big story, though, behind the front the temperatures are going to be falling and the humidity is going to be falling
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already down in the mid-60s toward month cello. here's our future cast overnight tonight. you can see right through midnight. right through 1:00 in the morning there still could be some shower activity over suffolk county, also into western parts of connecticut and then that all moves off shore around 3:00 or 4 in the morning and by 7:00 a.m. moving into the area. mostly sunny and pleasant at 7:00 in the morning. temperature 68. i think some areas could get down into the upper 50s. highs during the day getting up to a very pleasant 81. it's going to be bright, breezy, low humidity. and this will continue for several more days.
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island just moments ago. we learned that a 5th victim has died. that crash happened this morning when one car crossed the median. >> among the victims a former aid to governor bomb owe and -- cuomo and 3 members of the family. stefan king just spoke to their heart broken family. he is in hemp instead. are all part of one family. this is a very large and tight knit family. about 60 cousins all live nearby. they are here gathering. still in shock. they say it feels like a nightmare they cannot wake up from. >> she and -- they all live together. >> they live in one house.
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says her cousins were inseparable. they were always the life of the party. all killed in a horrific crash on the long island expressway this morning. they were headed to a water park to celebrate little christopher's birthday just minutes from their destination when they were killed. christopher and patricia's mother said she spoke to them this morning thinking she would see them when th got home from a birthday celebration. the collision so vicious some of the victims were ejected from their vehicles. others had to be cut out out. >> it was definitely a large impact. >> investigators say caramel a was driving eastbound when she apparently lost control of the vehicle and went airborne and
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he will a's car. they were expected to be okay. also killed in the crash, scott martell a, communications director at the office of -- who also previously worked for governor cuomo's office. >> 2 of them probably didn't see the vehicle until it crossed the road way. la's father, it is a pain no words can describe. >> now the family says they believe an earlier accident left an oil spill there which they believe may have contribute to do this crash. the investigation continues and now we have 5 victims who have been killed in this horrific crash. okay, stefan, thank you. the search is on for 2
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bridgeport. 13 people were hurt when 2 people opened fire in the backyard just before 1:30 this morning. one woman remains in critical condition after she was shot in the face. the other victims suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a child suicide bomber killed at least 51 people and injured nearly 70 others at a wedding party near turkey's border syria. described as an attack of anise lamb i can -- islamic extremist. it was the deadliest attack in turkey he this year. one wants a federal investigation after last week's shooting scare at kennedy airport. one week ago tonight reports of an active shooter led to a large report and the shut down of 2 terminals.
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shots were fired. said the various law enforcement agencies at the airport did not work together. >> we need them all to put their heads together, cooperate and come up with a plan so what happened last sunday will never happen again. >> governor cuomo has already announced plans for his own review of last week's scare. donald trump hits the reset button on his campaign one more time. to reach out to african american voters but he already faces backlash to gain ground against hillary clinton. but his party leaders they are not worried. >> tonight donald trump refining his message to minority voters. >> i want our party to be the home of the african american voter once again.
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>> you are living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> making the case friday before a predominantly white crowd but our analyst questioning who he is really talking to. >> i believe he's talking to white people. >> trump's new campaign manager coming to his for all americaning. i'm white. i was very moved by his comments. >> on the job 5 days kelly ann conway changing course on trump's tactics after saying this. >> i would like to see. >> now backing trump's decision not to release his tax return. >> i have learned that this audit is a serious matter and he has said when the audit is
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his tax return. >> both sides upping the attack, the clinton campaign raising questions. >> there are questions raised about donald trump is just a puppet for the kremlin. >> former mayor pointing to speculation in conservative outlets about clinton's health. >> she has an entire media empire that constantly demon eyeses donald trump and fails to pot illness by her. >> and the latest fundraising numbers are in. trump has picked but clinton is outpacing. president obama returns from vacation in martha's vineyard tonight and he will turn his attention to deadly flooding in louisiana. the floods damaged more than 60,000 homes and the recovery
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clean up before mold develops. donations continue to pour into that region's distribution centers. authorities say at least 13 people have died in the flood waters. she was playing in the park when a stray bullet took her life. be loved by a community, how she got caught in the cross fire near her home and how the community is reacting. of prince.
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an official close to the investigation investigating prince's death tells the associated press drugs taken from the pop star's home contained vent knoll. says the drugs were miss labeled. marked actually contained meant knoll. determined he died of a meant knoll overdose. ryan lockte and 3 of his teammates could be disciplined. the committee says further action is coming. meanwhile lockte continues to apologize. in a new interview the swimmer again said he exaggerated about the incident he originally
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>> if i didn't over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. i made immature calls. >> lockte admitted to vandalizing a gas station bathroom. he says he takes full responsibility for what happened and apologized to the people of brazil. new details in the tragedy of a little girl killed in queens. tonight formally charged the her ex husband. they like to help, facebook users rally to place an
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so you are saying we may wonder what season it is tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow night into tuesday especially. some places could get down to the upper 40s. i don't know if many people are quite ready for that. after what we have been through. we have a view of the empire state building. the building is obscured. temperature right now 76, humidity still up there. the wind about 6 miles per hour. the high getting up 86 after a morning low of 74. it was above average today. we got just under 1/3 of an inch of rainfall. 96 was your record. sun coming up at 6:12 tomorrow
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for the next hour or so on eastern long island. humidity will drop overnight and really fall during the day tomorrow leaving a beautiful day to start the work week and a super stretch of weather lasts right through work week. it's going to be nice through friday but then the humidity will start increasing a little bit. so a nice fan of this crisp feel you are going to like town down to 66 already at monticello. still upper 70s to long island. dewpoints are pretty darn high. still in the low 70s right now. still feels oppressive but already signs of what's to come, dewpoint in monticello is going to continue falling everywhere down to about 50
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in the invigoratring category. still some downpours east of new york city. to connecticut. right along the new england through way. also in parts of nassau. those will continue moving off to the east overnight. we clear things out. get to the upper 60s by tomorrow morning. getting up to 80 during the day. 64 in the park. really nice day, highs up around 80 degrees. clearing, turning cooler. lingering rain east of the city. 68 at 7:00 in the morning. going up to 81. mostly sunny, breezy. it's just going to be great. clear and comfortable tomorrow night. it's a night to save on the air conditioning and open up the windows. 80 on tuesday. 85 wednesday, still not humid
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in the week. maybe some thunderstorms friday night. saturday and sunday looking aok at this at this point if we get down to 60 that's our coolest night since july 3rd. >> not ready for that just yet. those mets they are fighting to get back to the 500 mark and a pitching dual in san francisco. it's that man again. pr back. plus the yankees looking ahead
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is there a streak until in the air perhaps? maybe just a tiny one. and start an important series in st. louis on tuesday. new york did not get their first hit tonight until the 7th. that's when kurtis comes up and smashes this double down did line. up next puts a charge in. he's the charge of the mets gin. he crushes this pitch. for a homerun giving the mets a
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mets go on to win. final 2-0. when was the last time you heard anyone say the yankees and mariners are heading for a big series? the wild card race following today's game in anaheim. that's where the angels took an early lead with a single that gave them a 1-0 lead. on the mound for the yankees trout in the 3rd. then this play robbing a homerun in the 5th. he jumps and pulls him back. again the angels go on to win today 2-0. the final day of olympic competition in rio but before the closing ceremonies the men's basketball team faced serbia in the gold medal game.
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consecutive medal. carmelo anthony is the all time leader. points, rebounds and gold medals. he excels in international play. >> we all committed and came together and said we was going to do this as one. this is not about one individual. we showed that and proved it. there's nothing like it. if you haven't experience, like it. >> 122 golds, japan and -- much more ahead in sports. we're gearing up for the preseason clash between the jets and giants later on this
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have a quarterback controversy. coach todd bowls dealing with -- the team was loosened, upbeat. going through drills. he was out there with his little girl. and then after that he went ahead and signed her jersey so that was a pretty good for that little girl. clench a spot. the weather was not kind at the start. the match delayed more than an hour by rain. they would eventually play. coming up with this turn over sends it over to mr. reliable. he puts it in but dc united would score twice in 2 minutes to tie it 2-2. this one ends in a tie. what would you do to win a
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have a homerun ball. we take you to colorado. parks this in a smelly garbage can. watch these 3 guys pushing and shoving to get that baseball. can't tell you on the match over the trash, but the garbage got dumped. and that's it for sports. >> it's going to have mustard on it. >> and ketchup, all of that stuff. >> you guys. thank you, sir. loved neighbor killed by a stray bullet. tonight a husband grieves an a community tames gun violence.
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a 5th person has died from that terrible accident long island expressway. one car crossed the median and crashed into 2 other cars. among the victims a 10-year-old boy. parts of our area got heavy rain tonight. caused some flash flooding in places including allen dale in new jersey. one driver had to be pulled from the car. there is a shift in temperatures this had week.
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minutes. a search is underway for a suspect who opened fire on a group of people. one woman, 61-year-old odessa sims was caught in the cross fire and killed. now the community is taking action to try and prevent more gun violence. eyewitness news reporter stefan kemp has the story. >> of all the people in the world she is innocent. after spending saturday night together, base i will headed home and where the couple had been playing cards. less than 5 minutes apart and everything changed in those few precious minutes he lost his life. >> they told me she got caught. >> he kissed her good night, went back to their apartment 2
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be the last time he kissed her. this man was sitting near her. >> i saw running from behind the car shooting at another fellow and she went down. >> odessa sims be loved by a community. they say she was like a mother to everyone. >> i'm 50 years old. i knew her since i was like 13, 14 years old. she lived right here. >> she cooked for people. >> everything. >> odessa sims will not die in vain. >> and frustration with violence, the reason why dozens are calling on officials to pass gun legislation. the 2nd one just hours apart. >> something is wrong when we have to in our own community fear sitting out on a bench playing chess or checkers.
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bring his wife back. >> there is a growing memorial here for odessa sims and friends say while this memorial will not stay here forever, her legacy will live on. stabbing in nassau county may be the result of road rage. he got into a fight with a 42- ye their cars. the victim got out ofs car, walked over to amaurice vehicle and amar stabbed him through an open window. amar faces assault and weapons charges. 2 firefighters suffered minor injurying while putting out a small fire in queens. responded about 9:45 this
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were able to bring that fire under control in just under an hour. the injured firefighters were treated and released. fliers were flying this morning when a cab jumped a curb. the flowers set up at 74 74th and amsterdam. the driver suffered a leg injury but nobody else was hurt. no word on why the taxi careened off the road. prosecutors today formally charged a woman killing her stepdaughter in queens. announced the arraignment. say she killed the girl on friday strangled at their home. also announced today charges for her ex husband. met him and his grandchildren at their apartment. a major push for fire
11:39 pm
fire commissioner is holding a safety event tomorrow ton cross way boulevard and queens. will urge parents to take action about educating them about the dangers of fire. the move follows 3 major fires in the city over the past 2 weeks that were reportedly caused by children. dozens were injured and nearly 100 people were left homeless. a midtown manhattan icon will be laid tuesday. irvin fields was a favorite where he played the pane pang oh and sang -- piano and sang. he created music called bagels and bong ohs. field's advice for long life was to do something you loved. services for him will take
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side. a health official said beyond florida the other states most at risk of seeing zika virus outbreaks. 2 neighborhoods are miami miami- dade county. these are the first where health officials determined mows coates were transmitting zika. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana, particularly where of flooding in louisiana. there's going to be lots of problems. >> said mosquito control is the best way to prevent zika outbreaks or limit their spread. now to a health alert. a pharmaceutical company under fire for raising prices on the epi pen.
11:41 pm
be able to afford it. >> every 6 minutes life threatening food allergies sends someone to the hospital. >> tonight the rising cost of the medicine forcing many families to make tough watches. >> to watch her face become red and her throat and her saying, mommy, i can't breathe and knowing it's up to you. you have to administer this drug. have gone up to 480% from about $100 in 2009 to more than $600 this year. for most who need them, they have to get more than one. >> it's not uncommon for somebody who requires an epipen to have them in many different
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a dollar per dosage. an increasing number of people and families are enrolled in high deduct i believe plans. they are bearing more of the cost. >> this is a life or death medicine. if we had been without it she may not be sitting next to me right now. an abducted delivery driver makes a daring escape. of her car at gun point. the risky decision she made. new developments in the rescue of a toddler trapped under a capsized boat. how a family ended an anxious
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. new details tonight in the sudden death of a penn state professor. investigators have now charged 2 people in connection with the killing. police arrested last night. authorities charged him and george issueler with murder until the death of -- in the death of the 56-year-old.
11:46 pm
thought they would gain financially from his new will. police in florida are looking for a man that abducted a pizza delivery driver. say he ordered pizza delivered to an abandoned home. when the woman arrived he forced her into the trunk of her own car. she pulled the escape lever and jumped out of vehicle. a survival out of florida after rescuers saved her. survived a scary ordeal. he was trapped for more than an hour underneath an over turned boat. her parents had escaped. they heard kennedy's cries coming from beneath the boat.
11:47 pm
pray. >> i just kept praying to god and we got lucky. it's a complete miracle that everything worked. >> kennedy had been wearing a life jacket and was floating in an air pocket. several companies now in a race to be the first to put self driving cars on the road. uber is about to release a fleet but is it too soon for this technology. at the risks. >> tonight the multimillion dollar race to turn your into a -- these with high-tech trappings bringing self driving technology to the average consumer but a trained human will be ready to take over the wheel where technology falls short. uber in a global push to create a self driving car.
11:48 pm
some of the most semi autonomous but it is always suggested drivers keep their hand on the wheel. >> it just pulled up all by itself. >> getting a test drive inside the driverless. >> there's no speed meter in here. >> and this week ford promising fully autonomous cars like these in 5 years. this year the first deadly accident with a car in self so far self driving legislation has been in 5 states. >> they haven't been tested sufficiently. >> as for uber so far no plans to put those test cars outside of pittsburg. a warning about snakes following a creepy discovery. a large snake skin was found near a river outside of portland maine. wildlife officials have no idea
11:49 pm
pose to public safety. this may be related to a sighting back in june. police officers say they spotted a 10-foot snake eating a large mammal along the river bank. >> you think? >> that will get your attention. an outpouring of support
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this is going to be one good weather week. >> uh-huh other than the work part of the work week. outside right now skies are beginning to clear out. still getting some downpours over parts of long island annual south western connecticut. humidity really hasn't started dropping yet but it will drop overnight into tomorrow morning
11:52 pm
city down into the upper 60s, maybe into the upper 50s north and west. only going to 81 tomorrow and look at that northwest wind coming in with lower humidity. it's just going to feel awesome out there. 76 in monticello. long island you are getting some showers. there could even be thunder. right along toward bridgeport some heavier downpours. one little batch of showers moving through queens. this is the actual cold front right here moving through new york city and that's why we have cleared out in manhattan. rainfall estimates between 1 and 2 inches. pretty calm west of new york
11:53 pm
rainfall but that's all departing tomorrow and then the warmer air tries to return. but we had a great 3 days shaping up monday through wednesday. in the meantime, some upper 50s north and west. tomorrow getting up into the low 80s. staying in the 70s off to the north. we have some beach days coming up. waves about 1 to 4 feet during day tomorrow. wind about 15. 70 to 75 at long island beaches. upwards of 79 degrees along the jersey shore. rip current is on the -- uv index a 7, which is high. you need sun block and pollen is moderate to high. ragweed being the main culprit. here's your 7 day forecast. heading into tuesday mostly sunny. by the way, tomorrow night's
11:54 pm
be a lot of 50s in the suburbs. be the coolest night since july 3rd. mainly sunny, the high getting up to around 80. 85, still low levels of humidity and then you will notice a little bit of an up tick. warm out there. closer to 00 on friday. that's when you will notice the mugginess starting to return. there could be some thunderstorms in here friday night. may clear out just in time for the weekend. muggy on friday and a little bit less humid on sunday. for bill evans starting at 4:30 in the morning with an update. we all have our favorite pieces of clothing, items we wear until they are just about threadbare. >> a young woman in -- had a
11:55 pm
and the response has been. take a look. >> when the mother of cammie posted a picture of cammie's favorite shirt. >> every day since this post kind of blew up i have been tiery. >> she heard from people everywhere. >> germany, from the philippines, tokyo. >> cammie who is 10 and has since kindergarten. >> she has ripped out her favorite shirt, sheer pink flower shirt. >> the shirt purchased at target has been out of production since 2012. unable to mend the shirt any more debra posted this picture on facebook. >> so that maybe friends of friends could say, oh, yeah, i have that shirt, my daughter
11:56 pm
blouses started flowing in. >> so far we have about 12 that have arrived at our house. we have probably about 140 more. >> just when she was overwhelmed by the kindness. >> it's beautiful how kind people are. >> debra got a call from the people at target. they tracked down the fabric and are making sure it is made in different don't ever have to have us scour the internet and of course i was bawling again. >> and just like that a little girl with autism is happy thanks to a lot of people and a pink shirt. >> we are all connected and we are all kind of in this together and wire supposed to help each other out and that
11:57 pm
sweet story. >> isn't that perfect? >> it really is. >> so the internet is really good for something. >> a major corporation stepping in. >> until she decides she wants another shirt. she's a girl. that's going to do it for us. thanks for staying up. >> from all of us, thanks for prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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