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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we are here to help? find someone that cares. we are here for terrorist attacks, not homeless people. >> reporter: it felt like a punch in the gut after being hit in the face. he said he spotted a group of officers halfway down the block and went right to them for help. >> i felt like i was intruding their conversation. >> reporter: the 25-year-old was with a friend when they briefly stopped on the steps of york public library. he said the suspect simply came up from behind, called him a gay slur and him him in the eye leaving him badly bruised and with six stitches. >> like who is talking to me. the moment i look up, he just, before i could fully take a full look at him, he hit me in the face. >> reporter: the nypd is investigating both the assault and their officer's actions saying hate crimes task force is investigating and iab is
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he just stood there. to know that huh are standing their bleeding in front of police officers and your attacker is smoking a cigarette. he got away with that. >> reporter: now, at this point, the nypd says the suspect may be between his 40s and 50s. not many more details about the suspect description at this time. if you were in this area on saturday afternoon at 5:00 and you saw anything, please call crimestopper eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. we are following this developing story in new jersey. live electric wires fell on a road. pse&g said they fell on utility poles on preakness avenue about two hours ago. so far no customers have lost power, nobody has been hurt. crews are making repairs to the poles and wires. a funeral today for one of the victims from the weekend crash on the long island expressway that claimed six
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for scott martel la in dicks hills. tomorrow services for helen and is say door will be in westhampton beach. police are investigating if one of the people that died, carmelo pinallis was speeding when his car went airborne over a median separating the eastbound and westbound lanes. the worker injured in a fall at a construction site on 38th street in midtown manhattan is in serious condition. the victim fell several stories before landing on scaffolding. under investigation. a brazen burglary at an upper east side consulate raising the eyebrows of counterterrorism experts. video shows a clear picture of the man and woman that they are looking for before they swiped a car, booze and a lot more. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is outside the indonesian consulate on east 68th street with the latest. n.j.? >> reporter: that's right. to be clear, the thieves were thieves and not terrorists. but what if they were?
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of the night with different intentions. the consequences could have been far different. it's 1:00 in the morning and the two thieves are rummaging through the ground floor of the indonesian consulate entirely undetected. no motion sensors, no burglar alarms, just this surveillance video the staff would look at hours later. when they arrive for workings they realize one of the -- for work they realize one of the they parked it. >> the embassy here, many embassies and consulates here. we thought it was a safe place. >> reporter: more disturbing is that the side door to the consulate was unlocked. the thieves didn't even have to break in. they would layer escape with a case of vodka, a samsung tablet, clothes and the minivan. >> just petty crimes. they don't know what they are stealing.
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opportunity by petty criminals. it's the kind of opportunity terrorists live for. in fact, indonesia is one of the world's top terrorism targets, home to the world's largest muslim population. now under threat from isis sympathizers. by contract, the french consulate in new york, a few blocks north has round the clock security. the council general said the thieves were confined to the no access to sensitive materials elsewhere in the building. >> this is a common area. nothing -- no classified information on this floor. >> other places are secured. >> they are secured, locked. >> reporter: those thieves are at large tonight. i spoke late this afternoon with former mta
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nika sale. -- nick casall. he said security is being stepped up. >> thank you, n.j. we have breaking news down in florida right now. i'm told we will hold off on that. she was supposed to be sentenced for murdering her own child. a judge is considering a new trial for michelle lodzinski. the just is expected to rule in the coming weeks. in may she was convicted of timothy in 1991. he was last seen at a carnival in sayreville, new jersey. now the breaking news because we have a fire that is burning in miami-dade. this comes after reports of an explosion at a florida power and light plant nearly 8,000 customers are without power. people in that area have reported hearing an explosion. moments before they saw smokes and flames. what you are looking at is live pictures. we have seen the fire diminish in the past half hour or so so
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to get things under control. an explosion and fire at a florida power plant. we will continue to keep an eye on this and report back to you. sade? president obama is preparing to head back to washington after a flood of criticism for not cutting his vacation short to travel to flood ravaged louisiana. the president toured the destruction today. he met with residents and praised the initial response by state and federal officials. marci gonzales is in louisiana for the president's visit. marci? this is what the president saw, home after home with every piece of furniture, every belonging tossed to the curb. these families are starting over and many of them don't have flood insurance. >> from the receding flood water to everything it destroyed, president obama -- >> how are you doing? >> reporter: -- getting a glimpse touring the devastation in southern louisiana. >> i hope they see so many
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is on the curb. my walls are on the curb, my carpet. everything. >> reporter: the president talking to owners of some of the 60,000 homes damaged in the worst natural disaster in this country since superstorm sandy. the fast rising water blamed for 13 deaths, 30,000 rescues with 2600 people living in shelters. >> i want the people of louisiana to know you are not alone on this. after the whole country will continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> reporter: while praise for the rail aid already coming in, a response to kay train that --
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to make it sign are. the -- sooner. the governor disagreed saying it would have taken resources from the recovery effort that are far from over. >> marci, thank you. in louisiana, president obama met with the family of a black man whose death in a police shooting sparked protests and mass arrests. obama met with alton sterlings relatives at the airport before returning to washington. the president met with the families of weeks later by a gunman. we have meteorologist lee goldberg with a check on the forecast. another spectacular day. >> the coolest morning since mid-june. we recovered nicely in the afternoon hours. temperatures around 80 degrees. 78 at the beaches. it will be clear with a light wind through the evening hours. our numbers about 9:00, 74 degrees. the great weather continues tomorrow as well. we are concerned about the tropics. we are tracking gaston.
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become h erine in the next couple of days. . >> thank you, lee. donald trump is heading to texas for a rally in austin. the g.o.p. vice presidential nominee mike pence was out stumping in pennsylvania and took time to get a bit off the top during a stop at a barbershop. the barber had no idea who he was. at a trump rally, pence joking about her e-mails on jimmy kimmel's show last night. tim kaine campaigned in colorado as clinton takes a break from the trail to attend fund-raising events. kaine lead a round table with business leaders in lakewood. he accused trump of using his presidential campaign to make money for himself. he is renting space in his building to the campaign and the campaign is paying trump
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to smooth over strained relations. he took a not so veiled swipe at strum' that the united states is committed to article 5 of nato. >> don't listen to that other fellow. he knows not of what he speaks. and he doesn't know of what he speaks. [ laughter ] >> spuyten went on to say -- biden said he doesn't believe understands what article 5 is. a roadside bombing in southern afghanistan. the military affairs office said six afghan soldiers were also wounded. 100 u.s. troops were sent to defend the city which appears to be at increasing risk of falling to the taliban. hundreds of new york city police officers are lining the streets outside of st.
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one of their own. bill bratton thriving the eulogy for former first deputy commissioner john timoney. he spent more than 27 years with the nypd rising through the ranks. bratton said that timoney's passing marks the end of an important era for the nypd and the city. >> generation that we are privileged to have served this great city, help in the renaissance, if you will. next generation to maintain it. >> he died at the age of 68 follow a battle with lung cancer. an elderly woman robbed of her necklace that said world's best grandma. >> could this be part of a bigger robbery >> a family heartbroken after the loved one's grave was targeted twice by thieves. what was taken and the plan to
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we turn to breaking news in port newark. there is a fire. 7. it looks like this is a big rig on fire, shannon? >> reporter: yeah. the cab of the tractor trailer is on fire in port newark just off marsh street. we will bring this picture out for a second. we want to show you that this fire started minutes ago. there is no fire department anywhere to be found. you know how these things go. so much flammable materials and so many containers but the fire department is not yet on the
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there is no word on injuries. you need to know as you travel through the area, first of all, this could be seen from newark airport. they were wondering what was happening as well as from the newark bay extension of the turnpike. a fudge fire. no injuries reported yet -- a huge fire. no injuries reported yet. reporting live over port newark, shannon sohn, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a lot of black smoke. once was enough. twice fighting back after flowers placed at the gravesite of an army veteran were stolen. the second time included the flower containers. marcus solis tweeted photos from the frederick losier cemetery and he has more from rockland county. >> it doesn't seem real sometimes. >> reporter: less than six months after her father's death, her grief is still raw. the pain was made worse the
5:16 pm
his grave to commemorate his birthday disappeared, not once but twice. >> i can't understand why somebody would do that. >> reporter: he died in march. the army veteran was 80. he is buried in new hempstead. it's unclear if it was committed by kids or other families looking to place live flowers in the cemetery where the vast majority are of the artificial variety. the vandalism is especially hard on her mother. >> this and talk to dad and touch base with him and let him know what was going on. to come here it was a shame. >> reporter: the cemetery is the final resting place for 4,000 rockland county veterans. it's maintained by the county which is considering installing surveillance cameras. >> these people, it may sound corny but saved the country for us. all we are giving them is a pot of granite. they are not left in piece. >> reporter: officials say
5:17 pm
other families about missing items. a local a seem imply man is introducing a bill that would make desecrating a veterans grave a crime. >> it should be a crime. they can't rest in piece. >> reporter: she will not stop placing flowers in her father's memory. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. they almost got way with a million dollar frozen eel heist until they slipped up. owner of the fish contacted three men to by the fish back in dyker heights yesterday but it was a set up. when the men showed up with 200 boxes of the frozen eels, they were arrested. 745 boxes were recovered at a warehouse. it may be summer but the rockettes are promoting the annual christmas show. >> already? >> yes. they closed down sixth avenue
5:18 pm
what they call christmas in august. from all appearances they are ready for the christmas spectacular. they have been part of the show since 1933. they stay in shape all summer long. they look great. >> they dress a little warm for this kind of weather. >> then give me august in christmas. you know. >> i agree. >> that would be nice. >> so, please tell me we will we will have a repeat tomorrow. all you have to do is ask nicely and you get what you want. a little warmer but the humidity nice and low. great summer day. if that isn't a summer traffic pattern. look at that. g.w.b. wide open. everybody is on vacation. i hope you are enjoying time off. the temperature is in the lower 80s. 42% humidity. northwest wind at 13. pressure on the fall. the high a couple of degrees higher than yesterday, in the
5:19 pm
and sunset times. the lows this morning were the coolest numbers since the middle of june. we hit the upper 40s in spots. many suburbs in the cool 50s. 61 new york city. we recovered nicely this afternoon. a pair of 81s in kingston and poughkeepsie. 79 new city. 80 norwalk. long island cooled off because of a wind off the 76-degree ocean water. it's wrightstown at 80 degrees. during the evening, upper-70s. clear skies overnight. mid- to upper-60s tomorrow morning. we are running probably, i would say, five degrees warmer than last night. by noon tomorrow, 82 with a southwest wind and we will top out in the mid- to upper-80s. high pressure is over us right now. we are on the eastern side with more of a westerly flow or light. wind right now, as it goes offshore, the humidity comes back with a southwest wind and along with it the humidity and the warmth. warmer tomorrow, upper 80s but dry. a front from the west.
5:20 pm
night into friday at times. don't cancel or alter any plans because of the front. it will be spotty. humidity climbing up. a shot at 90 later in the week. watching the tropics, the exact traction in the next half hour, there is gaston. stays over open waters. this one we are concerned about. it's disorganized right now. this will get organized. that may happen over the weekend on the southeast coast of united states. we will watch it closely. clear and pleasant overnight. 68. tomorrow a high of 87, mostly sunny and warmer. tomorrow night mostly clear and warm. humidity is creeping up. here is what is many coming up at 5:30. late week front,, we will check in on that. gas stone for now. we will track the tropics in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour.
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child for the march of dimes is making her mark in the world with a professional golf stroke. she was born without fingers on her left hand. that didn't stop her from learning how to play golf. she admits finding someone to teacher though swing a club was nearly impossible. >> through trial and error, kept fixing it and adjusting the fundamentals that i had. it turned out that i being able to hit a golf ball respectably. >> one handed golfer looking good. she is taking part in a volunteer tournament this week. if she wins, she will get $5,000 to donate to charity. >> wow. still ahead, what a stitching. the dead fish that are taking over one community and what is to blame for this smelly mess. >> it smells real bad.
5:22 pm
who get it. how a teenager survived a brain eating amoeba. >> we will check out the most popular restaurants in the tri- state area to find the tastiest meals at the best price. >> we continue to keep an eye on port newark. the cab of a tractor trailer is burning. >> wow. >> police are on the scene but still no sign of firefighters at this point. we have not heard anything about injuries. we will keep a close eye on this and come back to it with ?? look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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we are back with breaking news. an update on the fire burning in port newark. we do see firefighters just arriving on the scene. they are finally putting water on the tractor trailer rig. at this point it looks like it's destroyed. it took firefighters about 12 to 15 minutes to get to that. newscopter 7 was over it showing us the black smoke which is now white. we will continue to keep an eye on this and let you know if anything more develops. sade? an amazing survival story in florida. 16-year-old sebastian de leon is still alive after being infected with a brain eating a mia.
5:26 pm
amoeba. 90% of people that get the infection die. here is elizabeth hur. >> reporter: sebastian de leon is a walking miracle. >> i had to tell them to say their good-byes. >> reporter: even the doctors initially prepared the family for the worse. he was diagnosed with a rare infection caused by a brain eating amoeba. of the 138 cases reported in survived. >> we decided to take the brain tube out. in an hour he spoke. sorry. >> reporter: with that, sebastian became the fourth survivor and his family couldn't be more grateful. >> he is a very energetic, adventurist wonderful teen. >> reporter: exactly when and where in orlando sebastian contracted the infection is
5:27 pm
freshwater lakes, ponds and rivers. usually deadly when it travels to the brain through the nose. in sebastian's case, doctors say what made the difference between life and death was how quickly he was diagnosed and treated. >> if you have a kid with the signs, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck and mention any warm body of water, i would be concerned. >> reporter: not only was it hospital when he did, working in his fav, the drug used to treat the infection is manufactured in orlando and was delivered in minutes. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7, eyewitness news. it's one of the top stories at abc7ny, target reveals it's opening new new stores in new york city. we will -- in new york city. we will show you where. who would rip a necklace off a grandmother.
5:28 pm
could it be part of a pattern. >> a strange and smelly smelly sight.
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
now at 5:00 elderly woman terrorized. a grandmother talks about being follow her building, robbed and attacked. the thief caught on camera going after the woman before snatching her number one grandma necklace from around her neck. it happened on arthur avenue in the belmont section. it comes a week after a similar attack on adams place. eyewitness news reporter shirleen allicot has the latest.
5:31 pm
is very afraid and scared. >> >>reporter: 81-year-old laura pesaro did not want to show her face. her daughter translates the frightening encounter on sunday. surveillance video shows a man standing outside of her apartment building. that man was apparently waiting for a target. as soon as you see pasaro come into view and open her front door, you see him following behind. >> she was screaming. he threw her on with his leg he kicked her twice. >> reporter: that was after he pulled the gold chain off her neck. a few minutes later you see him come out of the building and run off. the value of the gold chain, priceless to pesaro who received it from her eight grandchildren. >> talk to the board and see if they can put a security system in the front, some cameras inside the building. >> reporter: another incident
5:32 pm
week, not too far away. a 90-year-old woman returned home from church to find a man in her apartment. she said he took her gold chain and $40 then took off. her description is similar to sunday's incident but they are not officially linking the two crimes. they ask anyone that has any mother to call them. shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. a legal victory for a lesbian in new jersey who is suing the catholic school that married another woman. a judge in hackensack ruled that the lawsuit can move forward. a request by paramus catholic high school to dismiss the suit was denied. the school violated the discrimination law when they fired her in january. the school claims it has the right to fire an employee for being in a same-sex marriage. charges are pending against a man in custody after
5:33 pm
children. it took 200 firefighters about three hours to put out the flames early this morning. a man as well as a 4-year-old, a 6-year-old and a three-month- old were killed. a resident said she believes the fire was set by a man who came by the door asking for money. >> he said i owed him $10. i slammed the door in his face. i don't owe you anything. he began to kick and punch at the door. >> the stairwells were burned out making it difficult to get to residents. the building failed the mo inspection and the owner was issued citations as inspectors could not access most of the apartments to verify that there were smoke detectors inside. massive wildfire burning across six states in the west. hot, dry and windy conditions are fueling the flames threatening homes and more. >> reporter: the west can't seem to catch a break. as soon as firefighters get a handle on one fire, another
5:34 pm
resources are running thin. across the west, the firefight doesn't seem to be ending. at yellowstone in wyoming, the flames are growing bigger and more firefighters are being called in to help. in washington state, several fires have burned more than a dozen homes. crews are working on the ground and around the clock to establish containment lines to protect buildings. evacuation orders are in place. anxiously. >> six fires are burning across the state of california. hundreds of homes are destroyed. 10,000 firefighters are trying to make sure that number doesn't rise. on california's coast, flames charge more than 50 miles of drought dry brush. thousands there are forced to leave their homes. a week after it started, the destructiontive blue cut fire at full containment.
5:35 pm
for any hot spots and flare-ups. with wildfires spanning several states, officials say resources from firefighters to air tankers are running thin. dania baccus, channel 7 eyewitness news. attorneys for army sergeant bowe bergdahl say the charges should be thrown out. the soldiers team argued at a pretrial hearing that comments from senator john subwayed bergdahl's -- swayed bergdahl's prosecutors. the green light for some at columbia university to unionize. the decision from the national labor relations board said student assistance at private universities are statutory employees. target is opening three new
5:36 pm
abc7ny. this is a rendering of the fir store scheduled to open in october. the second is slated for gold street in downtown brooklyn. that will happen in the fall and the third will be on the east 14th street in the east village. it won't be ready for customers until 2018. the size of an average target stories 130,000 square feet. those slade in new york city are a fraction of that. more about the new locations at abc7ny. the story is on the home page. he was the first in the world. now this young transplant patient that made history is celebrating along with the doctors who helped make his dream come true. plus, stuck in a sofa. how did this little boy get trapped in a couch. see what firefighters had to do to get him out. >> oh, my goodness. all right. turning to the weather, one of
5:37 pm
night 2 of the central park film festival. it should be great weather. our temperature is at 80 degrees. very quiet with high pressure right now. we are concerned about what is going on in the atlantic right now because we are watching a couple of systems. gaston is right here. this system, not named yet, but may threaten the southeast coast of the united states. we will hi, i'm dominique wilkins. el clima, uno de and with victoza?, a better moment of proof. victoza? lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. victoza? works with your body to lower blood sugar in three ways-- in the stomach, the liver and the pancreas. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza? may help you lose some weight.
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the latest on the zika virus. the cdc issued a travel notice for the bahamas. they said local transmission of zika has been reported on new providence. people who travel there are urged to try and prevent mosquito bites from -- wearing repellant. pregnant women should not go to
5:41 pm
livinged to bitter deaffects. tonight -- birth defects. tonight they will spray pest city kids from trucks in brooklyn and queens. it's just a precaution. they are optimistic that the zika virus will not be found in mosquitoes in the city and it aims to prevent west nile virus. we are getting the first look at the young boy who became the first child in the world to receive a bilateral hand transplant. a surgical team successfully zion harvey. he had his hands and feet amputated when he was a toddler after a serious infection. the past year he has undergone some rigorous rehab. his mother has been supportive except she says for one thing. >> she won't let me try out for football. >> no. >> we will start with baseball. >> why not?
5:42 pm
they are little kids not professionals. >> we will have this argument later, okay. >> how cute. >> he is doing such a great job as you notice holding on to the microphone and the arm of that chair. that is amazing. doctors say his brain had to relearn how to communicate with the new limbs because they have been missing. he didn't have limbs for six years so his brain had to realign and rework. speedboat chase in italy. police pursue two suspects on jet skis. in is in the adriatic. the other managed to escape. the jet skyways carrying about 440 pounds of marijuana. >> that's all? >> yeah. >> you get one chance to make a first impression. a man in pittsburgh area tried to make a grand gesture for his date. police say the college student tried to jump from one roof to the other but missed. instead, he got wedged between
5:43 pm
remove bricks and cut through the wall of restaurant to free him. he suffered an ankle injury. no word if there will be a second date. a boy had to be cut out cha his head stuck in the face hold. this happened in eastern china. it took firefighters roughly ten minutes to cut the sofa and free the child using scissors and a hammer. the boy was not injured. >> he probably won't want to do that for a while. a disturbing sight and smell. what is causing thousands of dead fish to wash up on the shore in new jersey. >> plus, the final five take new york? yes, they do. how the women's gymnastic's team celebrated here after returning from the olympics. >> finding a great meal and getting a good deal.
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it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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the best gymnastics team in the world sell braceletting in new york city. they visited the empire state building heading to the observation deck for just an incredible view. all five were there. >> it was very exciting. ything all of us even dreamed of. it was a phenomenal experience. i can't wait to share it with the little girls when i go back in the gym. >> that's nice. they won gold in the team all around competition in rio. they deserve the best view possible and they got great visibility. that is the view from the empire state building. it should be in the signature white tonight. maybe they should do it in red, white and blue for the great
5:48 pm
what a wonderful beach day. rip current risk is nice and low. water temperatures are high. super beach day. sea breeze kicked in. we are at 80. let's start out with the sea and sand forecast tomorrow. boaters, west wind light. south in the afternoon. small waves and water temperature in the mid- to upper-70s. rip current risk remains low. rain chances as we go into the weekend are super low as well. we could have a spotty storm thursday into part of friday again, it will be very spotty. the weekend likes mainly dry. 10% chance on ur tt.
5:49 pm
oussea. ?cal point with per c?dhing en mirar it's unorganized. the learit looks like it will strengthen, probably tropical depression or storm. then great agreement taking it accaicos into to south ter in the weekend. a tropical depression or small hurricane. we will watch it closely. then if this is to survive some of the moisture could impact the weather in the northeast late next week. preliminary. we have to see fit forms. overnight not as as last night but comfortable, in the 50s. tomorrow highs in the mid- to upper-80s, warmer than today but humidity nice and low.
5:50 pm
are really warm the next couple days. humidity coming into play thursday. maybe a storm at night. friday, hot and humid. that's the hottest day at 90. spotty storms thursday into friday. not a big deal. weekend looks great. mid- to upper-80s. humidity comes down a little bit. then on monday, it will come back up with a shower or thunderstorm around. spotty storm on tuesday. at that point, we may watch the gulf. if that storm forms it would be u.s. coast. >> hermine. >> we will watch it close. >> hope it doesn't happen. dining out at restaurants isn't just a treat but a part of the routine for many of us. "consumer reports" checks out popular restaurants to find the tastiest meals and best deals. here is eyewitness news reporter joe torres. >> reporter: nearly half of every dollar budgeted for food is spent eating out. much of that will be spent at
5:51 pm
where should you be eating? "consumer reports" surveyed 70,000 readers about their experienced at 240 restaurant chains from diners to fine dining to help you find the best meals and deals. >> diners want a sure thing. they want a clean restaurant, tasty food and good value. >> reporter: for contemporary fair, hill stone and seasons 52 stand out for food and ambiance. it's not inexpensive, it is one of the few topping the ratings where you can grab dinner for $40 less. >> for a great steak regardless of price, try capital grill. dinner runs roughly $64 a person. you will spend less than half that at long horn steak house. you give up on service and ambiance but the food bested several other chains including outback.
5:52 pm
the same thing in a $20 meal as a $60 meal. >> dave and busters are at the bottom of the ratings for ambiance, service, value and food. if dining with kids, cracker barrel, ruby's, island fine burgers and drinks and rain forest cafe. in the end, plenty of choices to keep most diners happy. joe torres, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> now i want pancakes. >> me too. di for your -- ready for your next vacation, today is the cheap flights day and marks the start of the fall travel season. travelers could see a 10 to 20% decrease in ticket prices depending on where they are flying to and from. there will be good deals through that i can. a strange and -- through thanksgiving. what is causing fish to die
5:53 pm
on nypd intelligent gathering unit. the inspector general accuses the nation's largest police department of violating its own rules. the top brazil is responding. >> talk about a birthday
5:54 pm
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now at 5:00 a disturbing sight. thousands of fish dying and washing up on shore. this is happening in new jersey. to be al long wachovia creek. the question is what is killing all the fish. eyewitness news reporter -- it is on waackcaack creek. >> the marina is covered in a carpet of dead and decaying fish. they began flowing into the creek over the weekend. waves of these small dead peanut bunker fish continue to
5:57 pm
of the water. how about that smell? >> fishy. >> reporter: tests are being done to determine what caused a massive fishkill. millions upon millions of fish are dead. officials say the weather may have played a role. >> we think it's a combination of warm water and excess of polluted run off or nutrients coming in to the waterway. shallow waterway. the fish came up into it and ran out of oxygen. >> reporter: new jersey d.e.p. investigate. marine experts say this is not unusual. the carcass of the dead fish have been pushed on shore in high tide and are left baking in the sun when the tide and the creek rolls out. this left behind an odor which is turning ran side. >> the -- ran side. >> . >> the smell is bad.
5:58 pm
>> i don't know where it came from. it stunk and still sinks. >> reporter: the carcasses are stuck in the mud. the smell out here continues to get worse and worse and the cleanup has not yet begun. in keansburg, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> boy. still ahead, talk about stepping up. one company makes a new state local teen whose wheelchair was stolen. >> "eyewitness news at 6:00" starts right now. a dirt day party ends -- birthday party ends in a big surprise. a drive arrested after crashing into nine cars.
5:59 pm
intelligence unit and how it violated its own rules. good evening. at 6:00 i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. the new report takes nypd to task for violating court ordered rules designed to protect political targets under the investigation. >> the criticism from the independent agency that oversees the largest police department. the top brass is responding. >> lucy yang has the lead story. and bill, the nypd is getting high praise for keeping the city safe but receiving criticism for not following the rules. that according to this report released today by department of investigation. no doubt the nypd is one of the most engaged local police departments in the world when it comes to investigating terrorism. this city has no choice. the surveillance they do to
6:00 pm
plots is critical. the police do not operate without rules. today the city inspector general on how the police intelligence bureau is doing in terms of compliance with the law. the report found the nypd had legal and valid reasons for 100% of the surveillance cases it conducted. >> we are pleased with the inspector general's report on the major issues of weather the cases were properly predicated for investigation. in other words, whether we were looking at the right people for the right reason within the bounds of the agreement. >> the nypd did not get a perfect report card. the inspector general found troubling lapses in following rules. inst indefinitely. the police have to get approval to extend surveillance work. according to the incident investigators who had full access to all case files, the


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