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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox news at 10. >> 365 days of year a train can be on the railroad tracks. what you need to knonoto avoid any hazards this season. >> reporter: rain or shine, the city is beginning to gear up for a new year's el bracing. >> and will mother nature corporate for your plans? i'll let you know. >> and tack to bill cosby facing charges for the first time. first on fox tonight, sc and e officials plan to open one spill gait overnight. this coming in jus a few hours ago. the company has notified
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will release an additional 18,000 feet per cubic feet per officials say residents may notice lake levels continue to rise but they will not exceed the license operating level. we'll keep you updated on air ananonline, should those levels change. and forcing more road closures across the state. today 29 roads in 12 counties were shut down due to flooding or damage. scdot crews already begin repairs as soon as better weather and ground conditions allow. closed roads will be inspected once the water reseeds before reopeninin now the question planning for everyone to head out s will the rain continue. plaitest. >> good evening. >> we do have those showers out and the answer for the immediate future s yes, the is shower activity will the continue. the heaviest clearly over
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we do have some light rainfall in north as well as parts of norway, wagner and aiken county. we're going to continue this at times trout the overnight hours. and into the first part of tomorrowow rain totals today, well over 2- inches in newberry. but not even an inch in pillon or ir, many, o. depends on the location. on how much rainfall you have seen. all of that has to come down streams and that's where we do get flood concerns. even if the rain total weren't that impressive. we stay in the 60s tonight. it's not rain, please be mindful of some fog and taking forecast. this is what we are expecting. some shower, at least through the first half of the day and then becoming more fog related. that 70 degrees, likely a and cooler temperatures along with some fog. we'll take a closer check at
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what you can expect for the new year coming up later on. thank you, henry. rain or not the city that's famously hot is still preparing to ring in 2016. and just 24 hours, columbia downtown will be filled with celebrations for the annual famously hot new year's event. last yay 28,000 people -- last year, 28,000 people gathered on main street and that year expected to be bigger and better. today crews working around the clock to make sure it goes off without a hitch. >> reporter: the rain is not stopping the largest part of the year from happening friday night. now, crews have been working hard all day to set up for the big show. they will continue working throughout the night. today i learned what sets the city is taking to make sure the concert an all out safe event. >> they have everything blocked off for everyone's safety as they set up and to keep cars out of area so there's a lot of
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>> even though the rain is coming down, workers continuing setting up for the famously hot new year. >> everything is coming to the great and we, at this point are not anticipating any issues and looking forward to a fantastic concert. >> crews working around the clock to make sure that happens. also some things you can do to prepare before heading downtown. >> they'll do the conditional bomb speed and bag checks. we are asking no umbrellas or backpacks. if it might be a little rainy, grab a jacket. but we're hoping it'll be out of there by then. >> reporter: it's free but to bring a little cash to help give back. >> we're asking for donations for harvesttonon food bank and sc flood relief at the event. after the year our state has been through and even has come together, it's been remarkable and i think we're looking for this opportunity it o celebrate
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>> reporter: while ringing in a new year and new chapter for south carolina. >> the comet bus system also giving rides to the events. the city parking garages will also be free overnight. for more information how to get around town, visit our website, live in the studio, leah holloway. wach fox news. and deputies say he helped his wife commit suicide. investigator say randy jones knowingingly and willfully assisted in the suicide of his wife karen jones. they say jones gave his wife excessive amounts of medication and was also planning to take his own life. right now he's at detention center and has been ordered to under go a mental evaluation. the family of an armed
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after seeing his face on the news. lewis allegedly entered the raceway located in the 2100 block of broad river road. once at the counter he presented a gun and demand money. lewis is being held tonight. husband and wife in the hospital after fighting over where to go to dinner. tuesday night deputies responded to a domestic call. the husband told officials his wife wanted to go to chicken's food and that's what they started arguing. that is when he knocked her out and which weather -- and when she became cox, she grabbed a knife and stabbed him. and according to the who are nor h william t. borwar was
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the road and off a railroad track. >> reporter:. >> 365 days of year a train can be on the railroad tracks. >> reporter: railroad crossings. we drive through them every day sometimes without even realizing it. >> temperatures with the holiday season. we're not thinking about anything but maybe that christmas list or what you're going to make for your relatives and we really need to be concentrating on our driving. >> reporter: janice cowen works with people in railroad safety. >> we have had 34 incidents through the end of september. in those, 34 incidents, we have had six fatalities. >> reporter: adding to those, wednesday morning's accident on two notch road. one man died after he became
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his car and tried to run away. >> if a train is approaching, you want to run toward the train but at a 45-degree angle. you don't want to run the same way the train is going to because it will hit your car and debris and it will go forward. >> reporter: and walking across the track is considered trespassing if it's not at a crosswalk. >> they do come all times days and nights and we need to be aware. >> reporter: a simple remind they are could help save a life. wach fox news. >> there's also safety traffic check points planned across the county. the traffic unit will be work to make sure drivers wear they seat belts and -- they're seat belts -- their seat belts and slow down. and the phenomenonner
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the bbq in lexington. he addddssed several issues include the syrian refugees. >> i think there should be a pause until we're confident that we have an immigration in system and refugee system that thoroughly vets refugees coming in. >> according to real clear bush is polling at a national afternoon of 4.2% of potential republican vote. donald trump also in south carolina today. the candidate spoke about his latest attack on his democratic opponent hillary clinton. he said he had no noise bringing up former president bill clinton's inme delates. >> -- delates. -- infidelities. >> she came out and said i have developed a pin itch for sixism. can you believe it? me.
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>> he said it would be fair for media and rivals to investigate his background. he also on fox tonight, one of success' well known and loved harlem globetrotters was laid to rest. the general was born in peak, south carolina. he later moved to massachusetts. he was chosen we the globetrotters and eventually joined are the international team traveling the world and playing until 1982. he is survived by his wife, lula. today marks ten years seance mount pleasant man was paralyzed in a car crash driving home from college in columbia. a decade later, he's mashing the day with -- marking the day with an inspiring next step.
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right? >> the past five months, like iron man. this is morelike like james bond. >> reporter: the moment is here. >> i feel like i'm strapping into a new body. >> reporter: he's buckled up. bracing for a new challenge. to see the world from new heights. adam's doctor says he's the first person in south carolina to get his own custom fit, rewalk ex-- exsew skeleton. a medical miracle, paralyzed ten years ago to the day. >> i fell sleep for 3-5 seconds and woke up and yeah. yeah. now, yeah. and i became paralyzed. >> the former athlete now wants his own at home to use 4-8 hours a day and train enough to finish the cooper river bridge
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>> i don't feel trapped. i'm able to take control of movement of my legs. i want to start living. that's all really being impoured is. empowered is. >> reporter: for adam puts his best food forward, means getting to eat standing up. that alone is worth celebrating. >> the little things we take for granted every day. adam has to pass a few tests, mandated by the food and drug administration before he can take the skeleton home. his parents are also training so they can help him with it. still to come, cosby in court. the legendary comedian facing serious charges tonight. >> and parents, want to turn
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there's an app for that. well, if you're new recreational drone user, there are through requirements. this week the f, a a rolled out the online registration. now half a pound or more now require the registration. between now and january 3 isst, it's free to register. after that it's a $5 fee. 45,000 people have registered. here's a way to avoid the long return lines after the holidays.
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them some business basics. sheila grey has more on kid's trade. >> cass see jackson and -- cassy jackson and her mom are thinning out toy bins. >> kids trade is an app that is aimed at kids and the idea is to allow kids to be able to trade their stuff with each other so the kids can capture the picture of the toy that they no longer want, put it on their app p. >> it's safe because everything on it has to be approved by parents. >> i can approve everything that happens. i can approve when she posts a toy. i can approve a trade. i can approve a friended. >> and you can search for names of people you know to see if they're on their app. >> reporter: swapping is nothing new for kids. they le trading pokeman cards. >> and then traded at recess
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taking over the school and we need to ban pokeman. >> >> learning about who do you do business with and kind of being responsible and understanding the worth of your things and how to make them look good. >> i take a good picture. >> the kid trey trade -- trade app is free and also aloud her to print business cards. >> i handed them out at school. >> reporter: while kids can learn about business and responsibility, there's a big benefit for parents too. time. >> if i don't have the to take it back, that is like, an hour or two or three back of my time. >> reporter: no waiting in line for susan and cassy is thinking about future business ventures. >> i would invent things. like little ideas that would help disabled people.
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robot i could use that's vibration activated. warning. may include total awesomeness. >> the kid's trade app can be a money save as well. susan is hoping the app will keep cassy from asking for every new toy she sees on tv. >> the teen still in mexico while his mother headed the u.s. and for the first time since years of allegations and scandals, bill cosby is facing charges. >> we have seen some impressive rain totals over the last t 24 hours. parts of newberry over 4 and half inches. well over an inch and a half. but not even an inch at columbia metro. will this impact your new year's eve and day plans?
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return. take a look at this picture. parts of highway 601 under water this afternoon. this picture sent to us on twitter from susan brad shaw.
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have seen an increase of floods in the past few days. so is there more rain on the way in chief meteorologist, we know it all too well. >> the problem is, you got to remember the ground can only hold so much moisture. and it starts to run off because it really can't absorb it anymore and that's why we're getting a lot more flooding than normal. especially as you can see here on highway 601. >> and this is one of the scenarios, we hear you sea, when you see this -- say, when you see this, turn around, don't drown. >> the road could be washed out. perfect camp of turn around, don't drown. but a lot of folks wanting to know about tomorrow night. a lot of people have plans. want to spend time getting ready for it. big question, and it's december, not just the rain, the humidity. >> we're going to answer that question for you. the rain is out there. bear with you a few minutes.
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we're going to help you an throroh the night and into tomorrow. rain is still out there. in fact, we are seeing some light shower activity in southern parts of lexington county, richland county, gaston, seeing some of this, hopkins also has some of that shower activity right now. and let's slide down, towards, you can see st. matthews. cameron as well. orangeburg, some light showers. north as well. so, we have the light rainfall out there. a little bit heavier in parts of claireton county. sumter, manning, keep that in mind for any driving you may be doing along 95 tonight. and as you take a look, towards, even just getting outside of claireton county. but lynch burg, parts of lee county, sumter county as well. not dealing with the rainfall at this time.
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off and on tonight and into the first half of tomorrow before we finally get this pest pesky front to move out. we'll pause this. for new year's eve. likely cloud we. a few light showers. 8:00 many of you getting ready to go to dinner before you new year's eve celebrations. or maybe heading to wherever your celebration may be, we'll have some showers. the -- the latest model runs have that front now east of 95. and the shower threat mainly along 95 and east of that. i should say thas what i am mainly seeing. some of the newer runs trying to inch some of these into lexington county. given this is one of the first trends, precome innocently east -- redominantly. then moving
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will burn off and clouds will lift and we'll see some breaks as well. making for a mostly cloudy sky. but temperatures falling into the 50s duringhe day. but that h hh on friday, likely that midnight high. in the 60s right now. these are the highest rain totals. from over an inch in ridgeway. to well over an inch at sumter county emergency management. keeping some fog and rain chance in there tonight, staying in the 60s. a very mild night. as we take a look at your new year's eve planner, we will see temperatures around 70 degrees. let's go ahead and take you into tomorrow night and you can see that at 11:00, we will have those temperatures, well, right around 63. 60, likely a midnight high, for new year's day. so we'll actually put that as the high, probably fall mid and upper 50s during the day.
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year, dry, lower 50s, lows getting down into the 0 -- 30s. a little bit below average. but that's what is you would expect. not closets these 70s. that's it for your forecast. stay with us.
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with sports. have you had to use any jeti mind tricks with your team given with a you did to oklahoma last year? >> jeti mind tricks. is thatwards? >> i'm assuming he hasn't gone to the theater check out the new star wars film. confirms the reports that
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will not play in the orange bowl for the violation of team rules. when asked the suspensions will be a distraction to the team -- he offered this quick response. >> why would it be a distraction? doesn't having anything, jj and mccull i will and di, o n don't have anything to do with lawson and how he plays his game. with the rest of the guys. it's not a distraction at all. it's a distraction for me because i have to answer questions about three guys that break our rules. and i have to deal with it. but that comes with my job. those guys, they're focused on doing what they do. it has nothing to do with them. >> on the flip side, as the sooners prepare for resyringe with the tiger -- revenge with the tiger, the offensive line will have their hands full. and you know potential first
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his lips, ready for his shot at baker mayfield. lawson has been in opponent's back fields all season long. leading the nation in tackles for loss with 22 and a half. sooner's head coach is aware of talent number 90 possesses and knows the front five will have to be sound going upup against the tigers. >> got to do a great job with your technique. if you're laid off the ball, and he's going beat you. he's got excellent power. so, you know, he plays with great technique. so, you know, our guys matching up with them will have to do that and they'll have to play with great technique and execution. timing is a factor in it. baker, and his ability to hopefully get the ball out. hopefully we can get it open and get all out quick. >> and the queen city, first full day of preparation beginning for ron rivera and
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to wrap up home field advantage this weekend. extremelying so guy day in the practice field. so guys with minor injuries were held out. those including jonathan stuart who rivera hopes will play sunday verse tampa. the first time all year, the panthers will head into a contest coming off of a loss. but rivera says the mood in the locker room has not changed. >> we accomplished a lot this season. i do believe the whole saying. our greatest victors -- i'm not concerned about having to take a step back. so we'll see how it is. i was really encourageed by today's practice. there's a lot of enthusiasm out there and it was fun. it really. >> and coming up about 20 minutes from now. we'll switch gears both the games and tigers in action tonight. also, will continue our
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the count down kick off continues. that's a look at the sports.
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new developments in the texas teen, ethan couch and his mom who skipped town after a alleg she's accused of helping her son flee to mexico. he was on prohibition ration for killing -- probation for killing 4 feel in a drunk driving accident. prosecutors say ethan couch will not be deported for another three days. and prosecutors say the woman accused of running down pedestrians on the vegas strip tested positive. tests confirm lakeisha holloway had marijuana in her system. police described what happened as an intention accident. she's charged with murder and leaving the scene. she's being held pending a
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and over the course of the years dozens of women have accused bill cosby. >> we are here to announce charges that have just been filed against william henry cost z cost -- cosby. >> reporter: he's been officially charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. he appeared in a pennsylvania courtroom on wednesday. he did not enter a plea. his bail set at is million dollars and preliminary hearing scheduled for january 14th. pennsylvania district attorney kevin steele says cosby established a relationship with andrea constant, a staffer for the templeton university babble team. constant says he came to see cosby as a mentor and friend.
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>> mr. cosby urged her to take pills. and drink wine. the fact of which made her unable to move and respond. and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her. >> reporter: today's charges comes from a deposition suit filed by constant. >> they read cosby's december position. he -- deposition. they read where he admitted to penetrating her. he says any section and drug takes were -- sex and drug takes were always consensual. terrorism in the u.s. recent attacks on american soil have many questioning how those attacks dictate the way we
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a closer look after the break. also on fox tonight, the friend of a san bernardino shooter has been indicted on. he's accused accused of conspiring to provide material support to terrorist. on december tennessee issue the mass shooting left 14 people dead. marquez was denied bail at a hearing nine days ago. he'll be arraigned january 6th. a to more terrorist, this
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believe disrupted a new year's eve attack. political report, scott booman shows us hold how. >> reporter: bomb maybing equipment and explosion device in a backpack was some of what was seized by turkish police accused of plotting a new year's eve attack. terrorism's alteration of our daily lives is only increasing. >> i trust the tsa and everyone else is taking extra measures to make sure that we all can enjoy our holidays. >> reporter: leery travelers may be protected by another layer of security. new york city will see 6000 police officers converge on time square fest activities to protect protect nearly 1
10:33 pm
the graduating classes of nypd are reminded they'll need more than weapons to prevent acing thats. i unfor edge -- i encourage you to build bridges -- >> and does knee -- disney world, the happiest place on earth, has a less inviting look. as they are now using metal detectors on guests. >> it's important that people understand that as long as those external attack planners are operating, the united states military will hunt them, and we will play them. >> military spokesman you just heard from, claims they have multiple success going after isis leaders as of late. primarily via air strikes. and while ey're attacking the quote, head of the snake, it still has its fangs and that's why everyone must remain vigilant.
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there's much more ahead tonight. including the weather in the midlands here for us. >> and we have seen some impressive rain totals over the last 24 hours. newberry, some locations well over 4 and half inches. we've e well over an inch and a half in lake murray. but only about 2.92-inches in columbia. more rain on the way. will it impact your new year's eve and day plans? i'll let you know. two coneys or two burgers, and two tots and two drinks. -yeah. -it's like i'm seeing double. speaking of double. look. (yells) you guys wanna hang out sometime? oh, man. i think i nailed it. now two can eat for $9.99 all month long.
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this seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken is great! 'cause it's got it goin' on. -well, yeah, it does! -right. and does that remind you of anybody we know? both: me. you? in three delicious flavors, new seasoned jumbo popcorn chicken has got it goin' on. (clicks) and welcome back. dealing with some rainfall southern part of electionsonton, d -- lexington. those shower, currently in
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little bit of a break but more rainfall will push in a little over 20 minutes. a little heavier over parts of 95. and as you can see traveling up 95, starting to get up just inside parts of sumter county, lee county. a liberty of light rainfall as well. and that will be the story off and on tonight. along with the potential of some fog. this front that's been sitting here for a couple of days. 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not a will the of movement. but by tomorrow evening, we start to see it shifting to the east. finally getting some movement. brick bringing the chance of some light showers. we'll pause this again around 8:00. the front should be east of the area. i think we'll mainly have fog here. i think we'll call for the more shower activity to remain procome innocently east as you head out for any new year's eve plans. the latest model run as we pause this h at the start of 2016, midnight. now trying to push some of the
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claireton county. southern lexington county. but given everything i have seen, we're going to go on and keep it east of the midlands for now. you'll want to the tune in tomorrow morning on good day from 5-9 for the latest as far as if that does indeed change. then going to out there friday, temperatures, staying in the 50s. morning clouds will start to burn off andinally dry weather. which we need. we'll get the rain toe l thats. real time conditions. rain totals over an inch. in both the emergency management education and chestnut oaks middle school. we really need to get a break because we're so far ahead for the year. >> 60s tonight and so far. we'll take a look at your new year's eve planner where temperatures will top out mid- 70s. and will slowly fall into the mid-60s.
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here's what we can expect for the final hours of the year. 65 by 10:00. 63 at 11:00 and as we ring in 2016, we're at 60 degrees. which likely is our high before we see temperatures falling to the 50s throughout the day. you're going to out of town for new year's some fog could be problematic here. could see some delays as far as hubs go. everybody else, houston, okay. 70 as we say favorwell to 2015 and 60 that's at mid-nights. first weekend of new years, little closer to normal. actually a few degrees shy of typical. that takes you into next week. that's it for your forecast. stay with us.
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the gamecocks sit at 12-0 for the year. frank martin and his group looking to match them and remain the only programs in the country to have unbeatens in men and women's hoops. wednesday night at cla. not the greatst start from the field. duane notice missing the runner. but silver there with the flush. he finished a team high. gamecock finding its rhythm. another double digit night for him. bright spot for the patriots in this one. browning returning home. buries the jumper. he goes for 14. but just too much pj dozier and company, gamecocks roll in this one, 78-56. they improve to 12-0 on the year. >> i probably gave the guys one day off too many for christmas. but they have been great.
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practiced hard the last two days and i thought we played real defensively hard the first half. we didn't have no umph on offense. if you don't have your egg wills and pump, it's hard to shoot the ball. and that impact pa the us some today. but our guys have been great. their preparations have been great. their unity is great and i think we'll be better tomorrow than we were today and get back into the swing of things. >> the chapel hill we go. clemson still seeking that first ever win at chapel hill. can brad's bunch pull the upset? tigers hanging first in the first half. awesome game with the bucket off glass. cutsed lead to 2. tigers trailing just by 7 at the break. late second half, down 11. looking for one final surge. blossom, a team high 15.
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have the final laugh. clemson now 0-58 at the center. they fall tonight 80-69. deshawn watson has been so gogo for clemson this season it often overshadows how players around have been equally impressive. one of them wayne gullman. the sophomore out of georgia has been steady all season long. just 13 yards away from breaking the single ason rushing record set by raymond prister back in 1996. kind of crazy to think about considering how many the offense has run through number 4. sweeney comes when it comes to gullman, he is relentless every day. >> he's been a special guy for us. i mean he's been a workhorse. really the combination of he
10:42 pm
has made us very balanced and very different defend. a lot of the big plays flow awe of our running game. but wayne is just one of those guys that really doesn't say a whole lot, but you notice him. all of the time. >> and panthers fans will certainly appreciate t ts. steve smith taking to twitter wednesday to announce, he'll be returning and will play for the ravens in 2016. originally announcing this season would be his last. but after suffering a season ending akill lees injury, mid- way through the year. it was no-brainer. the competitor in number 89 has been his entire career, he would come back. ranks is 1thed on nfl with nearly 14,000 yards. and certainly this is bias, but being a.a fan, i would love to see him finish his career in carolina.
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probably not happen but none the less, glad to see he'll be back on the field in 2016.
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