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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  December 31, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> it's a melting pot. you get to see people from near and far come here. we take a look at the sights and sounds of columbus' famously height new year. >> will the rain hold off until the start of the new year? i'll let you know coming up. we woke up today, and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> trying times in the palmetto state. >> as soon as i heard that the gates were opened. i came over here to see. >> local residents who live near the river may be at risk of flooding again. watch fox news at 10:00 starts right now. >> live from the watch fox studios, this is watch fox news at 10:00. rain or shine, that's not stopping south carolina from ringing in the new year. good evening, i'm leah
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off. we're a few hours away from the new year. many of you are celebrating at year. the new year's eve party. including a carnival, drinks, food, and everyone's favorite, music. lauren hill headlining tonight's festivities. watch fox was there. and wanted to know just how you were ringing in the new year. >> it's a melting pot. you get to see people from near and far come here and just sell bait and enjoy the culture. no matter your differences. you come out here and you know good time. i'm not going to be judged. i'm just going to go out here and enjoy myself. >> wle many of you are enjoying the mild temperatures tonight, the question is how long will it last? henry rockingburg in the sky watch weather center tracking the latest. henry? >> hey there leah, as far as the temperatures go, pretty comfortable. that comes to an end over
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a cold front sweeps through the area. heavier showers to the east of the city. they should remain to the east of the city and work toward the coast. any where from over 3/10 of an inch in ar bury. half an inch in pine wood. temperatures in the 50s and 60s out there. very comfortable out there. you don't need a heavy coat. for the most part it will remain in the 50s throughout the over nighttime frame. a look at your forecast, we'll eventually fall to 52 degrees as the shower activity comes to an end but the high for tomorrow will occur at midnight. we'll see areas of fog developing as well. keep that in mind. many of you with new year's resolutions to get in shape and work out, i'm guilty of it every year. starting the new work out routine. 7:00 a.m., 50s, 8:00 a.m., 50s, 54 by 9:00 a.m. sunrise at 7:30. you'll see some sunshine tomorrow. which is good news. if you're visiting and you have to hit the road tomorrow, morning fog could cause minono
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these are hubs that should all be okay. and farce the only delay we'll see hub wise, that will be in houston with the chance of some showers. but new york laguardia, dc and philly looking okay. staying here, we'll look at the forecast for the first weekend of 2016 coming up. in your recovery watch, south carolina electric and gas opened a spill gate at around 4:00 a.m. this morning. that put neighborhoods near the saluda river at risk yet again since october's flooding. melanie has more tonight on how one community in the area is coping. >> no hope. i mean. it just feels like every time this happens, and this is how we meet our r neighbors s is checking on your home and seeing if everything is okay. knowing that we're flooded. >> she came back to her pine glen home thursday morning after receiving the news that sce and g let down flood gates
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would be at risk of flooding again. >> the last flooding, the water got up to five feet inside my house. we had to walk through the water to get out and we stayed at a neighbors. this time as soon as i heard that the gates were open, i came over here to see what's going on. >> the coldisack was flooded in the front and backyards. she says she bought the house two months before october's floods but hasn't been able to live there. after thursday's floods, she's not sure if rebuilding would be worth it. >> i have two children and wondering every time if it rains, if we have to walk through water to get out, it's making me lean toward not wanting to repair. >> although their houses haven't been flooded this time around, the threat of what could happen made them anticipate the worst. >> everybody is nervous. they're on pens and needles and on edge. all you can do is watch and
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>> a few miles from the pine glen community, the park was closed down as water rose to the front gates. just like her home, destroyed all over again. >> all my stuff was destroyed. >> holly and residents in the pine glen community say they hope one day the fear of reoccurring flooding will be behind them. melanie bargain, watch fox news. according to sce and g crews they're continuing to monitor that area to determine if any more actions will be necessary over the next 48 hours. right now 36 roads in 15 counties have been shut down. recent damage from the flooding. here's a list of the effected counties. they include fairfield, lexington, and newberry,, they'll be able to inspect the roads and repairs will begin once they're safe. and we also want to remind you about the deadline to apply for government assistance. that deadline is monday january 4th.
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call the number on your screen at 1800-621-fema. you can also complete the process at officials issued a boil water advisory that will effect dozens of of homes. folks that live in the area should boil their water for at least 60 seconds before using it. all addresses on the 400, 500, and 600 blocks of old barn well road, all addresses in the savannah wood sub subdivision. we're following this story for you and will update you with any information. clemson football having a great night after winning the orange bowl. and they'll be ringing in the new year like everyone in the nation wanted. courtney kept tabs on the game all night. tell us about it. >> it was an exciting game.
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way teams want to. we have a lot of highlights to show you. toninit the tigers will party like it's 1981. the last time that they won the national championships. we'll give you a sneak peek at the highlights here. dallas sweeney, 37-17. on fourth and four the sooners think the tigers will punt. but andy fakes out the sooners. passes to christian wilkins. connecting for 31-yards. setting the tigers up at the oklahoma 13 and the first down. deshawn watson runs it in for the five yard score. clemson leads 10-7. he redeemed himself after botching a fake attempt in the acc championship that he actually called himself. coming up later in sports, we'll have your full highlights and we'll hear from the head coach and the orange bowl winning tigers. new developments tonight, war hero and student kyle carpenter charged in a hit and
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the incident took place on december 8th owe on the intersection of assembly and blossom street. carpenter allegedly struck michael while crossing assembly street. he stood up and walked over to the side of the road at which time carpenter left the scene. he says he left the scene because he thought the pedestrian was fine. the incident is under investigation. events like the walter scott shooting and the emanuel nine made 2015 a year to remember in the state of south carolina. stories like this led to monumental moments in the state's history like the removal of the confederate flag. let's take a look back at some of these impactful events that put all eyes on the palmetto state. these are some of the final moments of walter scott's life. the 50-year-old man was pulled over during a routine traffic
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police officer michael slagger. this left many in the community shot and outraged. >> he was shot in the back. >> in the back. >> slagger was charged with murder during a time where police shootings were making headlines nationwide. sparking up the black lives matter movement. slagger is expected back in court on monday. just two months later more tragedy struck charleston. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. 21-year-old dillon roof entered emanuel church.
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he said that he aimed at these individuals because they were black. >> understand my responsibility and have shown great respect, even deference for my decision to seek the death penalty for the killings at mother emanuel church. >> is confederate flag on facebook photos many saw this as a symbol of hate and decided it was time for a change in the state of south carolina. the confederate flag was raised above the state house grounds more than 50 years ago. during the height of the civil rights movement. governor nikki haley called for the flag's removalal shortly after the emanuel 9 shooting in june. there were two sides to the
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it was allot mallly removed in july -- ultimately removed in july. a historical day in the state's history. >> hard hitting moments in the year 2015. we'll remember those events in the years to come. an update on the emanuel 9 family members responding to a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in donations. attorneys for emanuel ame deny that the church hasn't been information. last month the church said it would donate about $1.5 million of the 3.4 million arthur herd's wife cynthia was one of the nine killed. he sued after saying he asked the churchch for information and got nothing. charleston's hope fund raised close to 3 million for the families of those killed and the five survivors. also on fox, new year's eve
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to buy fire works. before you light up, make sure you read all the labels before assembling. instead of using a pocket sized lighter a propane torch is suggested to your hands aren't close to the fire works. have sand, water, and a fire extinguisher on stand by and pay attention to little ones that may be nearby. >> the biggest thing is to have close adult supervision. and that way you want to know where your kids are, where they're shooting the fire works, you want to have a safe distance between the fire works and the audience that's watching them. and you want to have a designated person shooting the fire works. >> and if you have any m me questions, you can a aays call your local fire department. still to come tonight, a thousand year flood, we take a look at how south carolina's historic flood left a mark in history. plus, thousands of hillary
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today, but we'll tell you why
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answers. look at you. you're at the top of your game. you're unstoppable. nothing can throw you off track. wait, is that your car? uh oh! yeah, i saw that coming. that will throw you off track. you're looking at around ten grand in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. let's try this again. smart move. because buzzed driving is drunk driving. the devastating flood that hit south carolina in october changed the lives of many residents all over the region. this was also a time where we
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troubling time in the state's history. we take a look back at how the flood effected south carolina in 2015. >> if for in reason you're in your car and you're driving and you see water, turn around. >> roads, businesses, and homes all swept away by flood waters that hit the state in early october. >> i've never seen anything like this. i never thought -- i work at popeyes. i came this morning to try to go to work. i couldn't get through. >> shelters opened their doors to evacuees who left everything behind they owned. >> the national guard and the police came and said we needed to evacuate. another breech in a dam occurred and the water was rising. so we grabbed what we could and got on the truck and here we are. >> it's just very scary. and just my heart just breaks for so many of our neighbors right now. >> even though the worst happened in the state, many heroes emerged helping with flood relief efforts.
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point, because there's somebody else who's not prepared to defend themselves or might be panicking because they've never been put in a situation like that. so we were thinking more along the lines of let's help. >> help he did along with many others in the community. a time for south carolina to stand strong with others. always heartwarming to see others helping those in need. during the hard times the state faced. stay with us. there's much more ahead tonight coming up. and we'll release the emails from the presidential candidate ruin her 2016 bid? more on that a little later. as we look at sky watch doppler radar. heavier showers working to the east. is this it? will 2016 start off dry?
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fox news at 10:00 returns. well many of you getting ready to head out to downtown. the famously hot new year's celebration. folks not wearing jackets as you can see in this video from
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it's going to remain pretty mild out there. sky watch doppler radar, as far as downtown goes, a little bit of drizzle, mist, that's slowly coming to an end. we're looking at sky watch doppler radar with all this sliding to the east. eastern sumter county, notice the 95 corridor, pretty slick right now too. if you're out driving tonight. some heavier rainfall. over toward orangeburg county, calhoun county, seeing heavier showers. it moves into aiken county as well. all this will continue to clear out. that's certainly a welcome sight. we'll pause future watch at 9:00 a.m. for the first day of 2016. you're going to start with a little bit o ofog. mainly a cloudy sky. we'll start to see that clearing throughout the day. and then as we go into tomorrow night those clouds continue to push on out as well. so all in all, dryer air finally, finally starting to push in. that is a welcome sight. we're in the 60s right now. we'll see the numbers falling a
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60 degrees at midnight. mid 50s by lunch time. we don't really rebound back to 60. it'll be a midnight high. but we come close to it in the afternoon hours in the upper 50s before we fall in the 50s and 40s this time tomorrow night. so for tonight, not too bad. given that we could be a lot colder this time of year. eventually down to 52. most of you enjoy upper 50s to around 60 degrees. that 60 most of you will be awake to enjoy. 50s tomorrow. muggy meter, we'll put this away after tonight for sometime. dry air pushing back in. it's not relevant. which is good news. 54 on sunday. 50s for the first week of 2016. lows down into the 30s and 40s. finally getting on track as far as mother nature is concerned. that's it for your forecast, stay with us. we'll check sports.
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how about them tigers baby? [ cheering andpplause ] >> well how about them tigers? the first time since 1981, clemson heads to the ship. oklahoma put up a fight but the tigers dominant second half brought them -- bought them a first class ticket to arizona. this one in the first quarter. sooners strike first on a one- yard touchdown up the middle. oklahoma leads 7-0. clemson responds with a field goal shortly after. the second quarter on fourth and four from oklahoma, 44 clemson. andy with the fake punt. and the 31-yard pass. christian wilkins setting up the td. clemson leads 10-7. they add a
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but baker mayfield finds mar andrews 11-yards for the touchdown pass there. oklahoma takes the 17-16 lead. they take it into the break. zack sanchez intercepts deshawn johnson with the clock running out in the first half. whatever he said during halftime worked. because in the third, the tigers back on top, 23-17. a little bit later in the third. watson finds hunter renfro for the 35-yard touchdown strike. clemson expands their lead 30- 17. a little later, the wayne training he's got to make another stop. this time a four yard score. and the tigers take down the sooners, staying perfect at 14 and 0 on the season. now packing their bags for arizona and the national championship january 11th. >> seven years ago when i got this job, i knew that we would be here. it was just a matter of when.
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and we were able to kind of knock the roof off of it. win another acc championship. when you win our league you have a chance to play for it all. so here we are. >> it's a family here. it's just all the hard work, especially over the summer and the spring. putting in the grind. waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the weight room. and go out there and sweat and put in the time to get to moments like this. we just serve each other, support each other, and really love each other. and if we do that, no one can breakthrough us. as a unit, it's tough to beat us when we're all on the same page and have each other's backs. >> not slowing down during the holidays. the gamecocks new head coach adds another to his staff on new year's eve. lance thompson will serve as the assistant head coach of defense and the defensive line coach. thompson knows his way around
10:24 pm
he spent the season at auburn following stents at lsu and alabama. he said he'll be an outstanding addition to the staff sighting his experience as the main reason. coming up later in sports, we'll have another look at clemson's big victory over the sooners.
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back. in your political watch, a
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today the u.s. state department released about 5500 pages of hillary clinton's work related emails from her time at the state department. our national correspondent christine has more. a few hours before the ball drops, thousands of pages of hillary clinton's emails will drop as well. political analyst david williams says the emails should have all been released at the same time. >> back in the spring when these questions first came up, taxpayers deserve transparency and also in an accountable government that's not wasting money just releasing these emails. >> the state department was supposed to release nearly 9,000 pages of emails but instead will release 5500. citing the holiday schedule as the reason for falling short. as for the date, new year's eve, the state department is under court order to release as many emails as possible on the
10:27 pm
the final release is expected january 29th. three days before the iowa caucuses. we all ready know how clinton's biggest opponent on the democratic side feels about her use of a private server. >> the idea is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your emails. >> but potential republican opponents feel differently. >> i believe what hillary clinton did with her email server is something that disqualifies her to be president of the united states. >> heading into the new year, the question is will this data dump impact clinton's pole numbers. williams thinks not. >> by the time people read about this, it will be next week, it will be after the new years. and people will say that's old news and that's what they're counting on. still to come on watch fox news at 10:00, from a paris massacre to air strikes in syria, we take a look at international news that
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the break. way up in the north pole, a penguin loaded a toy car onto a racetrack. zoom! it took off... ...going faster and faster, and twisting and turning, until finally, it stopped... ...right in our driveway. but dad, penguins live in the south pole. the lexus december to remember sales event is going on now, with some of the most magical deals of the year.
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$600million for 20 planes that don't work, never worked. >> on the next full measure. >> a fire broke out thursday night at the high end address hotel in downtown dubai. video shows flames around the high-rise hotel's midsection. early reports indicate over a dozen people have minor injuries the dubai government's media office tweeted the fire broke out on the 20th floor from the outside of the building. the cause is unknown.
10:30 pm
continued as scheduled the dubai media office reports the fire didn't spread inside the hotel. from national disaster to international scandal and from terror attacks to diplomacy. andrew spencer takes a look back at the world events that topped headlined in 2015. >> reporter: an earthquake hit nepal in april with a magnitude of 7.8, it devastated areas in and around katmandu. terror attacks rocked paris and the world on friday november 13th. three groups of attackers armed with guns and suicide vests hit six spots in and around paris. including a concert venue and a soccer stadium. the i attackers killed 130 people and injured hundreds of others the november attacks were a grim reminder of what happened in january when two
10:31 pm
the offices of the french satirical magazine charlie hebdo a publication that lampooned the profit muhammad. the flood of refugees trying to enter europe through whatever means they could find. many among the 4 million syrians fleeing the war in their country. russia began conducting air strikes in syria in september as the u.s. load coalition has done. but tensions accused quickly as the white house accused russia at launching strikes of nonisis targets. including u.s. backed rebels. turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. reshade anied that claim. a german wings jet liner crashed into the french alps killing all people on board. investigators believe when the captain stepped out of the cockpit, the co-pilot
10:32 pm
the head of mexico's bigger drug cartel ellwood chap poe joaquin gauze man crawled through a hole in the shower area of his cell and escaped. fifa's governing body faced an international investigation. the fbi charged multiple officials with racketeering and wire fraud. a swiss probe looked at potential corruption into the bidding process for future world cups to be hosted in russia and cutter. >> two huge diplomatic successes in 2015. the first normalizing relations with cuba and reopening the embassy in havana for the first time in years. the second, helping negotiate a historic deal with iran to lift
10:33 pm
great britain celebrated the birth of another heir to the throne as she gave birth to princess charlotte elizabeth diana. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> quite an eventful year for the world. stay tuned.
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we'll be right back. very mild out there with heavier showers off to the east and continuing with that easterly movement. you can see that on sky watch doppler radar. clairton county seeing the bulk of it. especially along 95 in manning. getting heavier shower activity. orangeburg county, saint matthews, and calhoun county. some rainfall as well. but this is it. here.
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tomorrow. as that happens, we start with clouds and fog. the day. we'll get late daybreaks and by tomorrow night, we'll see that dryer air pushing in. but note there's no green on rainfall. end. what a great way to start the new year. we're in the 60s now. the exception is saluda. newberry at 57 degrees. mid to upper 50s by noon. not making it back to 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the high for the first day of 2016 likely a midnight high. but we do rebound pretty well into the upper 50s. a few degrees above average but not unseasonably warm like we have been before we go into the 40s by this time tomorrow night. for tonight, we'll eventually fall to 52.
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many of you will be awake for that 60. we'll have late day sunshine. in the upper 50s by that point. it's kind of a backwards day. and this is the last time. not only for 2015 but for sometime that you'll see muggy meter. july air returning. we're not talking about this awful humidity we've own occurred the last couple days. endured for the last couple days. 52 and dry on saturday. 54 on sunday. 50s throughout the first week of 2016. near normal some of these days. as well as lows in the 30s and 40s. that's the latest with your forecast. stay with us. we'll check back in with sports
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returns. finding a hard time coming up with a new year's resolution, don't worry. friday at 7:00. we'll show you the best resolution. watch fox news at 10:00, brought to you by the anastapoulo law firm. we're trying to enjoy today. and we ain't worried about next week.
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it gets here. >> clemson tigers ring in the new year packing their bags for arizona. taking on either michigan state or alabama in the national championship come january 11th. tigers took down the sooners tonight 37-17 in the orange bowl to secure the trip to the desert. resean watson gets mvp honors. watson rushed for 100-yards in the first half alone. finishing with 24 carries and 145-yards rushing. in the air, 16 for 41 with 180- yards. finishing with one interception returning it for nine yards. >> after this game, when he took this job seven years ago he knew this moment would come. he just didn't know how long it would take. this team, 14 and 0. blowing the roof off of it. a special night for clemson. >> when you do common things in
10:39 pm
attention of the world. and this team is uncommon in everything that they do. it's a blessing to be a part of it. it's our fourth bowl win in a row. and more importantly, we're 14 and 0. >> i knew from the getgo, that's the reason why i came here. committed to coach sweeney and the clemson tigers as a sophomore for moments like this. from the getgo i knew that if we put the work in and the grind, we'd be at this point, and now we're here, we're taking advantage of it. and we're having fun with it at the same time. >> the guys up front took pride. got us motivated to run the ball. didn't anticipate it going so well. but we got hot. hats off to the offensive line. hats off to wayne. the entire team. the defense. >> no chance they're going to try to balance this out. tonight's all about celebration, enjoying that 14 and 0 record. that first trip to a national title game in 34 years. they'll find out who they play tonight.
10:40 pm
tomorrow they'll start preparing for that trip to arizona. in miami, with the tigers, watch fox sports. thank you darryn, it's the same headline every few days the gamecocks are the only program in the country with both the mens and womens teams undefeated. they recently flew passed francis marion putting them on a twelve game win streak. they hope to pick up one 13 when memphis travels to ucla on saturday. parking the 29th meeting between the two. frank martin wishes he studied this opponent sooner. >> i wish i wasn't superstitious the way i am. and i would have watched film two days ago. but i just, i'm stubborn in my ways and i don't like watching film on an opponent until we play the game, trying to digest
10:41 pm
those two freshman brothers are real good. >> one last look at your
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out. morning gary. we are get schooled... com. you want a college education, don't you? you know you do. yeah, but i don't know where to start. that's why we're here. we're free, handsome... oh, i think we're breathtaking. and here to guide you through every step of the way... starting with... attendance. [air horn] gary, financial aid forms... biology homework, g. i got this.
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colleges love extracurricular activities. chess really isn't my thing. i got this. doesn't matter! go ahead. picking a college, man! you and us. we go together like tacos and tuesday. and i loooove tacos. fire and ice. those don't really go together. narrator: go to for more info. welcome back. we're going to stick with our clemson tigers before we get to our forecast. it's the top story of the night. the team the tigers will play in the national championship playing now. alabama is up 31-0 over michigan state. we'll show you highlights one last time. take this one in the first quarter. sooners strike first. a one-yard touchdown. that was up the middle. clemson responds with a field goal shortly after.
10:44 pm
and then here's deshawn watson connecting with hunter renfro for a 35-yard touchdown strike. deshawn had a superb night. 100-yards in the first half alone. a new for him. there's the wayne train again advancing the lead for clemson. and one more time deshawn, the earlier one after the fake punt then a pass. so that is our clemson tigers defeating oklahoma 37-17 tonight. well, we do have some shower activity out there. that will continue to move out. so as you ring in the new year, it should be dry as we start 2016. showers out of here for tomorrow and for the weekend. a dry week, temperatures in the 50s. as well as next week. a little closer to normal. lows down in the 30s. so you have the dry weather.
10:45 pm
and that's the big story that miss king has tonight. but i have a question, we were asking this on break, you're from here. >> she just told you in break to not ask her this. >> i thought you said we could talk about it. >> i'll save the moment. she did say on the break that she's happy for south carolina. >> and i am. and i support any south carolina team. i have an older brother that went to clemson. >> a house divided. i fully support the tigers and their chance to go to the national championship. so go tigers. i'm happy for them. >> i missed the part where you said i don't want to talk. i blame being sick. i didn't mean to put you on the spot. >> we'll have more coverage of
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