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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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former columbia city councilman diet -- brian the quincy newman pleading guilty to two counts of failing to file his taxes.
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councilman admitted he did not file in 2012 and 2013. >> the truth is, honor, i thought that i did file. i was made aware toward the ends of last year that i did not file.>> he sentenced newman to two years of probation. that probation can be terminated after six months if he pays back $11,000 in back taxes. 1000 of that would go to court cost. newman's attorney said he plans to pay back that money on tuesday. >> this is a case of him not filing taxes for two years.'s>> kelvin watch -- he is charged with three counts of failing to file income tax returns. authorities say that washington failed to report more than $426,000 of income from 2012,
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county councilman adopted a penny sales tax program. the department of revenue officials found the issues while they were investigating officials tied to that program. the quincy newman's attorney stressed that the tax charges are not related to any pack -- penny tax money.>> he pled straight up to two counts of failing to file taxes.>> councilmembers who have worked with both men say they are surprised by the charges but they plan to cooperate with the investigation.>> when i learned of the individuals and inking about the families and the public concern, it was very -- i was very saddened.>> washington and newman have no previous criminal records. calvin washington is due in court next month. in columbia, shelley dom check, watch fox news -- wach news.
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probe into potential acquittal while doing the program was last month. they are saying in part that it will not perpetuate any serious violation of the law or betrayal of the public trust. as to mr. washington, that is authorities. the state law provides a roadmap to deal with certain circumstances like this. they will call a meeting to deal with that meeting if necessary. well, you do not need the temperatures to let you know it is cold outside. all you have to do is step outside and you can feel that cold. actually freezing is what it feels like at 32 degrees. it is 28 and irma. the academy of environmental science. it is 29 and sumter. it is filling like 25 degrees. across the region it is frigid with the temperatures in the 20s and 30s. 24 degrees in raleigh right now.
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it is certainly not feeling bad when thinking about those 20s. in the mountains, you will find temperatures and the teens. the warmest location's albany, georgia. as we make our way through the night, 27 at midnight. and 25 at 6 am. the average low as 33. if you use the space here, make sure you do not have your curtains or on your bed, you want to stay warm in a safe manner. when you wake up tomorrow morning, had to work, make sure you let the car warm up first. get that heater going. 25 degrees at 7 am. and sunshine at 9 o'clock. we d dhave aarming trend. it comes with a price. details of that later on. new at 10 o'clock tonight, force planning officials are giving a go-ahead to a zoning change for people in that community.
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on the old cardinal newman school on newman drive. it would bring hundreds of apartments, and stores to forest acres. it would be a traffic nightmare in that forest drive. the price is between 55 the price is between $55 million and $60 million. they will consider the plan next month. another development on the site of a halsey -- of the oldest housing development. the feds have even the okay to demolish it. were talking about gonzales gardens. the columbia housing authority has lands for the property but it will mean relocating to hundred 50 families who live there.>> reporter: it is 76 years old and i think the feeling as it is time to go. the columbia housing authority has been given the go-ahead to tear down gonzales gardens along forest drive. tuesday, the cha request a $1 million from city council to demolish the public housing
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they support the project.>> is going to be a great deal for the current families there. it will be a great deal for the neighborhoods.>> reporter: they plan to build a new community that includes more than 300 units of elderly housing. market rate and affordable housing.>> we are going to relocate all 274 families. we will need to meet with them individually one-on-one to find out what their housing needs e.>> -- >> reporter: the families will be relocated and given vouchers and the school districts or be given the money to start over on their on.>> most of the people have been waiting for this news for three years. they have been very excited. >> reporter: while the project will not need counsel funding until the fall, they are wet -- pleased with the support. and columbia, melanie barden with fox news.>> they hope to have everyone moved out of --
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demolition is not scheduled until the spring of 2017.>> were going to enforce gun safety laws on the books. president. obama plans to cut down on gun violence in this country. we will look at what that means for the gun buying process and who could be potentially barred from buying a firearm? that will be coming up in about 10 minutes. republican will give a responsto the state of the union address. the governor says the country is facing great challenges but also has some great opportunities as well. she plans to talk about both. house speaker paul ryan says haley is the right person to deliver the alternative to the status quo. civil rights s oup is demanding the police officer charged with killing walter scott be returned to jail.
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released monday night after posting a $500,000 bond. the case drew national attention last year after a video of the incident surface. showed scott being shot to death by's leg or as scott runs away from a traffic scott -- stop. a bystander reignited a national conversation about race and policing. the national action network whites -- wants's leg or behind bars.>> it is a very sad day in charleston. we once like her back in jail. we want him back in jail. we demand him being back in jail. we have 48 hours to appeal this decision. we want her to appeal this decision and we want him back in jail.>> times like her who was fired from his post was arrested in april and has been in custody ever since. he will remain on house arrest until his trial on monday. a judge set that trial date for october 31.
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-- outrage but legal say it happens often.>> it can take a little bit longer. stacy jacobson has that story. >> reporter: today, michael slicker is no longer shackled. judge clifton newman set bond for the accused former officer.>> i am setting the bond of $500,000 in surety bond.>> reporter: the judge thought it would be unfair to keep's leg or in jail. that is because the court has mandated that he has to wait until after the trial of dylan roof. he is a man accused of shooting nine parishioners at mother case ahead of another major, mamar case. the change in circumstances is the state has decided not to give michael slicker the speedy trial is requested for at least another year.
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murder being given bond is not unusual.>> reporter: criminal defense attorney david ehlers says he has handled around 10 murder cases. often bond is denied at first and then granted later. like what happened with slicker.>> everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. everyone should be kept in jail until leading to a resolution.>> reporter: right now, he will await trial at home until the jury decides his ultimate fate. >> that is stacy jacobson reporting for us tonight. he is under house arrest until his october trial. is allowed to leave work to go to work, church, and to turn -- and attend meetings with his attorney. stat -- he is a quick -- he is credited with leaving -- leading charleston through an urban renewal. that is one of the most popular court -- tourist destinations in the world.
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of the city after hurricane hugo.>> it is easy to accept mediocrity. it is hard to demand excellence. that that is what this great city and its citizens deserve. as -- we have the duty to leave our city not only beautiful but more beautiful than we f fnd it.>> mayor joe reilly has served longer than anyone in the city's history. on a recovery watch tonight, more tonight. $220 million. the deadline expired last night at 11:59 pm. the us -- fema and the us small business administration
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and loans for flood recovery. many people have on track to fema to see if they qualify for assistance. the one flood relief fund is also handing out funds across south carolina.a. they have given $500,000 to grant agencies to some of the hardest hit areas of the state. there was a second round of applications being accepted for nonprofits as of tonight. the deadline to apply is coming fast. the deadline is set for friday. for more information, check out this on our website on we have more information if you would like to donate. >> there are so many people in need. >> and the waters have been gone for several months percent which is still going on. still to come, reducing gun violence. president. obama making an emotional plea to americans tuesday afternoon. >> why let it happen a second time? people in one part of
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damage again.
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not be entirely to blame. say goodbye. american idol farewell season premieres of this week. we will look back at 14 seasons of american idol. making the national headlines tonight, the mother of of ethan couch the mother of the affluenza team will go to texas. there was an extradition waiver for her in court today. tonia couch assigned that extradition waiver and has been turned over to the la county she and her son were detained
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ethan is still being held in mexico city. a federal -- a video appeared online and showed the team drinking alcohol. he was convicted in a drunk driving accident that killed president. control legislation. it is been a long time coming. he says that congress has not reform. he has used his executive action to expand macro jackson market.president. obama says he knows it was not -- you will not stop all gun violence but he is hoping to stop some.>> that is why we
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not to debate the last mass shooting but to do something to try to prevent the next one.>> people say it imposes on the second amendment right to bear arms.>> he is trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who have mental health problems.>> we know that we cannot stop every act of violence and evil in the world but maybe we can try to stop one act.>> reporter: one way he says he will do that is by addressing mental health. just as importantly, some health officials, courts, and state officials who have been reluctant to share information because of privacy laws can now do so. the goal is to build dangerous gaps which could prevent gun sales to those considered a
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not be overly broad and our reporting.>> reporter: ron on berg from the institute of about datasharing. he would know a lot -- it would no longer be a if the violation but it could be a deterrent for people seeking help. >> that is why we need to do this very carefully. and the devil will be in the details.>> reporter: while he says to err on the side of caution, it could stigmatize mental health. some say on capitol hill that the president has gone too far. >> discovered that need to be updated on several different fronts? yes it does. it is not the president's job to do that. it is congress's job to change that statute.>> for those in congress who so often rush to me -- blame mental illness. here is your chance to support those efforts and put your money where your mouth is.>>
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social security administration to share its information. there are many people in its database and who receive benefits for mental illness. for capitol hill, i am scott peterson.>> and wilson statement, the atty. general. states that too often, the government -- the president governs with his pen. the president is not have the world -- rule to trump the law with this power. kings do, presidents do not. he would like to review the specifics of the president's order.>> we would like to know what you think about the president's plan tonight. needed. >> it is a big split work a lot of people weighing in.
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keep it coming. we have much more about gun tonight -- gun-control tonight. and one of -- in the residents of one of the hardest hit areas, they want answers after they have been hit a second time. a cold night across the midlands. already 35 degrees. feeling like 28 degrees under a clear sky. to butchers dropping into the 20s. it feels like temperatures getting into the teens. a warming trend is in the future. details when we come back. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans.
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rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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welcome back friends. taking a look at newberry from our sky watch weather bug. newberg opera house camera. it feels like 29 degrees and we are heading to the low 20s and upper teens. what about in columbia? as we look at the dome of the state house, you can see the flags whipping in the wind. it is 31 and feels like 27. more locations across the area, leesville at 31 degrees.
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know you saw the number change. that is why these are real-time conditions that you find on wach fox. 29 in orange berg. at the fire station pinewood, 28 and feeling like 28 as well. across the state, heathfield's, compare that to 26 in charleston, 35 in hilton head, 30 the feeling like 26 and spartanburg. the bottom l le, it is goal. we cannot escape the cold. not only here at home but across the nation. there is wind flow for us, and you can factor in the fact the cold air mass has settled across the lower 48. that adds to the chill in the air. high pressure means a clear sky. in this case, means cold weather as well. this high is going to gradually shift to the east. we will slowly fill that wind
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and if they -- and with a week disturbance forming, we see some clouds on wednesday. maybe late in the afternoon. a few passing clouds to call for partly cloudy skies. it becomes mostly cloudy by the time that we had into thursday. really, what you need to know for tomorrow is it is going to be another son filled, for the most part, day. grab the coat because the temperatures will be cold. 25 will be the low. if you have a dog was short for, maybe put a dog sweater on them. mid-20s. 20 if you have a dog was short for, maybe put a dog sweater on them. mid-20s. 26 at five if you have a dog was short for, maybe put a dog sweater on them. mid-20s. 26 at 5 am, and 25 it 6 am. not a great idea to eat lunch on the patio. we will go from 40 to 44, and then to 46 degrees. as you rush home from work, if they have a game tomorrow, the
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make sure they bundle up. 46 degrees for those 5:00 practices. 43 degrees by 6 pm, and by 7:00, 41 degrees. let's take a look at the next three days. but unfortunately it comes with an increased chance for some showers in the forecast. were up to 65 degrees come looking dry. another front moves in. that means more chances for rain, monday and it should be -- i should say sunday, and it monday. by monday night, get around the tv for some foosball.>> clemson is the one i think is
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i wonder if they have a dog named fido. >> did you notice that? >> i was going to say bella. >> regardless, if corey has that dog were not, he is coming up next to talk a little basketball.
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for carolina. good evening to you. thank you for joining us at wach sports. alabama and clemson tied. this is a team that is been very good at -- all year. 14-04 linson tied. coming up with a big orange bowl victory. the take on the victory against scott -- this is going to be a game of will. derek phillips was there. you know dp has a breakdown of
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they have some interesting story. take it away>> reporter: he has -- he takes the clemson tigers against clemson tied trying to win his first championship as a head coach.>> having the opportunity to be in a national championship game as a coach and it comes against alabama, i just have to smile at god on that one. sweeney -- >> reporter: sweeney and taught of the first chance to go 15-0. to do it, they will have to be -- to go against a team that have been at the top of the mountain many times. >> many -- for many years, nick sabin has been the best and the center of college football. they have earned that right and we respect them too. for us to go and earned that title, we have to go beat the best.>> reporter: while he was
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alabama, he lived in an apartment 81. sports. some -- gamecocks up early over auburn. catching it with a slam. gamecocks continue on a roll. watch auburn. way downtown. bang, a trifecta. gamecocks up by 18 points. the gamecocks got -- battle test. watch this year. night pat -- nice pass. from lancaster south carolina, he gets another three. he led the score. gamecocks up at half-time. nothing would change.
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dj dozier, another trifecta. they try to get things going for the tigers of auburn but no. watch this time. a dish with a slam. that will be at. the gamecocks will win this basketball game 81-65. 14-0. they will take on vanderbilts this weekend. high school basketball, picking up the action tied at 20. they get a bow for a chance for a four-point play. in the corner pocket, herbal up by seven. richly would get good ball movement and a 3-04 price. just before the half, he is going to get another three ball.
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basketball game 71-64. now, 11-2 for the falcons against the bulldogs. the full -- they get on the board first by number five, taylor kelly. that is good. before we get the first point from brandon dote -- before they get the first point, brandon davis goes coast-to- coast. he hits it off the glass and it is good. them brenda davis will drive and kick it out. barnett in the corner pocket, three. that ball is good and the falcons will go on to win this basketball game over camden. former president step down's front -- steps down from a&m. he is proud of the student athletes both on and off of the field.
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we feel that eric campbell was not open to those guys. kevin -- eric on a out a texan a&m. more on sports. come to the tiger watch. i will break down some things
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watch foxnews attend. people all across the midlands continue to recover from october's historic flooding.
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their neighborhoods, and they feel that recent rainfall is not the only thing to blame.>> they feel that the river is causing more issues and raising more questions.>> reporter: members of the pine glen community got together tonight to talk about their options when many people suffered water in their basements again and have to find other living arrangements. our cameras were not allowed inside but that -- but i did talk with people who live there. they say that they need to -- that something needs to be done before they are underwater again. george best and his wife are one of the last families to leave their neighborhood after october's flooding. had no choice when kimberly creek rose so high end came into their home and destroyed everything. lastly, spg indy opened a spill gate at the hydro facility
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cubic feet per second. people are reliving the october nightmare.>> we have had good blackout already with the flooding and devastation. why let it happen a second time?>> reporter: all the people advised citizens. eric somehow or said tuesday in a statement that the federal energy regulatory commission overseas sc eng and the lake murray dam system. our operating license stipulates a maximum -- maximum operating level for safe lake and dam management. we have worked to our best ability within the parameters of our operating license to minimize the lake and river levels throughout the recent period of heavy rainfall. residents say they want new regulation or a better solution.
10:35 pm
something is in place, there -- it is bound to happen again. why do they not do that? before they drown us again.>> reporter: the army corps of engineers did a study on the creek behind the home sunday. -- plan to present that study next week. the options for the flood victims will also be up for discussion. from the studio, wach news. if you are looking to fly the friendly skies anytime soon, it will cost more than usual. will look at how high airfare is going. buying guns online happens more than you know. how the president's executive beliefs -- executive beliefs tower that issue.
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chick delays over time. making consumer headlines, airlines have increased their fears. monday, delta airlines increased prices on fights by -- flights by four dollars one way. american airlines also raising domestic fares by three dollars to match its rivals. us airlines regularly adjust their rate, but hiking rates for all us flights is less common. tommy people are buying guns with out background checks?
10:37 pm
privately based on a survey conducted years ago.>> they tell us how people are able to purchase a back -- guns without a background check. -- >> reporter: president. obama takes to restricting the sale of firearms in the united the president's executive order closes the gun show loophole and the online loophole. presently owners can sell a gun to a private owner without conducting a federal background -- background check. those can happen at gun shows and some websites. this map shows the patchwork of laws regarding background checks. the states and red do not require background checks for private sales of handguns or rifles. >> if you are buying person to person in a gun show, there is no check.
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i do not know.>> reporter: he sells gun on lines, and he says the industry is already heavily regulate>> the online stuff that we do, it goes from my dealer to another dealer. we are not allowed to send any guns to know individual.>> reporter: they already require all firearms to be mailed to regulated dealers who them perform a background check on the buyer pickett is the unlicensed that he is targeting.>> some good sellers have been operating under a number set of rules. a violent person can buy online without any gun -- background check. >> a lot of different angles to look at. straightahead, henry rothenberg has some
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the weather is not so hot so to speak. it is definitely a reminder that it is winter. we made it to 44 degrees. should be. another cold day on wednesday,
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catch. welcome back everyone. it is cold outside. real-time temperatures on our exclusive weather bug network. it is 25 in salute of. leesville, 25. -- very cold out there and the temperatures will continue to fall all over crossed the
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it is 29 already in rock hill. aiken, 28. not exactly a nice night or evening to put your toes in the ocean should you be heading to the beach. most locations are pretty close to freezing. hilton head. that cold arc dick air is over the state right now. another day. we go into 5 am tomorrow morning. lauren lsk well have a clear start to help you plan your wednesday. for most of the day, we will see sunshine. you have clockwise --" -- clockwise motion with high pressure. easterly winds start to work in. we start to see clouds increasing in the area. we will call for a late day partly cloudy sky that turns mostly cloudy during the overnight hours tomorrow night after midnight and going into thursday.
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out right cold. 25 in the city. outlying areas colder than that. a clear sky out there. those of you who get up to take that early morning run, jog, walk, make sure that you dress warm. 26 at 5 am. 25 at 6 am, and at 7 am. sunrise at 7:30 am. once you start, it will be a cold start to the day. we will be at 40 at 11 am. the highest 55 degrees and when the kids are heading home from school, they will get to -- if they get to go outside and play, make sure they bundle up. by 3 pm, 49. here is wednesday's hike, we will increase to 56. it comes with a chance of a few showers. minimal chances from thursday. a little bit better on friday.
10:43 pm
those lows in the 40s heading into the weekend with the highs in the 60s. that next front that brings chance of rain on sunday, clearing by monday. sunshine, 53 here, and by monday night when you watch that national championship game, cold outside that warm inside in front of the tv. 49 degrees by next tuesday. certainly a reminder that it is a -- it is winter. more to come after the break. a new competitive edge in the global workforce. right -- >> kids are not just learning one but two languages. we will see frank martin and the
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good evening. thank you for joining us for wach fox sports. let's talk about the clemson tiger watches a take on the alabama crimson [ null ] -- crimson tide. today they met with the media to talk about this matchup. in 1992, tyler was on the football team, and he has taken on some of the characteristics
10:46 pm
build his program. he said one thing, regardless if we when the game on monday not, he said this team is built for the long haul. >> seven years ago, that was my goal and i said that then. we are going to win a national championship again. and we are. hopefully it is monday night. if the does not go if the does not go our way, monday night, we are not going away. we are not. were built -- we are built, and we are built to make a strong run. we are not going the way. we hope to become a team like alabama that can compete in that top 10 consistently. sean watts said that he felt that even last year the team
10:47 pm
to the national championship title. are have not won since 1981, but they are three, four, five place away from being in that national championship game last year. >> i knew that since last year. are thought last year we had the team to do it also. we did not capitalize on the place. we were four or five plays from the whole season from pulling out a great year. i just new right after the season how close we were and how we work in the off-season. the off-season workout, summer training, and fall camp. we our heads down and stayed motivated. we had that mentality that we wanted to be the best. for us to do that, we have to do the little things and go to work. that is what we have been doing so far. he is came back and
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he is going to have to play
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