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a small detail to solve a murder. we're taking this as a sign that south carolina is well on its way to getting back to normal. >> while the midlands continues to move past the flooding, the feds look to scale back relief efforts. >> and the powerball jackpot keeps on growing tonight. news at 10:00 starts right now. live from the wach fox studios, this is wach fox news at 10:00. the smallest detail helping solve a murder here in the midlands and without it, investigators might still be searching for answers tonight. >> even something you think is insignificant can be just what authorities need and you hear it from police all the time.
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their crime lab helps them solve a murder case. deputies say gadston -- drove from a convenience store. that's where investigators say they looked for people to rob for more than an hour. ultimately, 20 year old jeremy davis was shot and killed. >> richland county authorities released surveillance video of the men they thought were involved and got leads from the public. >> that video we showed you did do something. one of the suspects left something behind in that video pointing investigators directly to him.
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>> reporter: last month, 20 year oldjeremy davis was shot and killed. there were no leads. sheriff lott says the case was about to go cold, but investigators were able to pull a single fingerprint from the lock of the car. it was traced to 19 year old ethan gatson. >> they arrest him, they arrest another individual. and within 6 days, on the 19th, this case has been solved. >> reporter: lott says without the department's in-house crime lab to run the print, this case would still be cold. >> we process evidence here. >> reporter: doctor emick has worked at the lab since 2004. he said all the crime lab needed was that single fingerprint. >> we went from needing a lot
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>> reporter: what makes the lab different than others is the large crimes investigated there. sheriff lott says half the burglary cases the lab handles are solved. >> being a lab is a huge advantage for the investigators and for us. we're not getting a whole bunch of evidence at the end of the case to test it and see if it will be probative. we can focus on what will be probative during the investigation. >> that shows you the value of having our own forensic lab in this building where we're able to get evidence and quickly turn around and solve cases. in columbia, shelly, wach fox
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the lab can handle more than 300 cases a month. about 80% of those cases are property crimes. developments -- columbia city council man who did work on that project. brian new man pleaded guilty and paid back taxes and court costs. on monday, newman stepped aside as an attorney for the program. also tonight, columbia police are looking into what they are calling a suspicious death on queens street. officers found 34 year old mario kelly outside the home there. he died from blood loss after suffering a head wound. police are still investigating.
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officer shot on the job. investigators now say the man who ambushed him was inspired by isis. the very latest on that case coming up in about 20 minutes. it was warmer today, but that gray sky plus the early morning shower activity left that damp feeling in the air. we're in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees right now. we're not going to see a lot of movement with the temperatures tonight. clouds will continue to linger. won't rule out a little drizzle here and there. better chances for rain will come late in the day saturday courtesy to a disturbance that is well to the west bringing severe weather to parts of louisiana, arkansas will take that severe threat into the south region. not looking severe for us, but the sound of thunder cannot be ruled out in your forecast. speaking of your forecast, after temperatures drop into
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hopefully make it into the upper 50s. if you're flying out of metro, heading west, hubs you fly through, we could see delays at a lot of them. rain delays, new york, dc and philly. we'll talk about our forecast here at home later on. traffic alert for people in new bury county. d.o.t. crews will start replacing a bridge over scotts creek on college street. that will be closed until at least early may. there will be a detour. two disaster recovery centers have closed their doors for good. those centers closing because of a decrease in foot traffic for an extended period of time.
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goat information. open. to find a center near you, there's a link on our website, while plenty of process has been made in the flood relief, struggling right now. teara was in one of the neighborhoods hit the hardest. >> reporter: it's been a long few months for flood victims, but for many people, it's like it just happened yesterday. i spent time today with someone who lost everything in octoberer and even with assistance, he's still starting over. three months after chuck's home was destroyed in october's historic flooding, he's still picking up the pieces. his home off killborn road suffered water damage. >> i had a wonderful collection
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collected over the years and history of the cars i've had and the photos and brochures and that all was just destroyed. >> reporter: the storm isn't making headlines anymore. recovery centers are closing and volunteers are thinning out. but it's not over for many people. like chuck. >> it's going to take a long time, i think. there's going to be a lot much work to be done. there's going to be infrastructure repair going to. and some of this will take time. . but i'm pretty confident they'll come around and make a nice recovery here. >> reporter: so far the federal government has received more than $330 million in flood claims. chuck received assistance from fema and the local business administration. >> the inside of the house doesn't look so good, but i still love the house. i've been here 12 years and you know i just love the house. so i hate to see this happen to it.
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>> reporter: still, he won't be living here anymore. if he chose to stay, he would have to raise the house. he's using assistance dollars to buy a new home. as for this house -- >> i just sell it as is. the property is a nice piece of property. and just move on. >> reporter: even though the deadline has passed for disaster assistance, you can still call 800-621-fema and share your concerns on an individual basis. you can use your same registration number for 18 months and change anything during that period. officials say they want you to help them develop a plan for future natural disasterrers. the county has scheduled 6 meetings. the first is january 19th at
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you can bring pictures or videos or anytytng to show flood damage to your home or property. for a complete list of meeting times and locations, check out our website, also on fox, because nowhere here in south carolina or anyone else for that matter won the powerball drawing on wednesday, the jackpot is on the move again. it's getting really close to $1 billion. tonight, lottery officials are estimating the jackpot has grown to about 800 million bucks. that's the biggest of any lottery in u.s. history. the next drawing saturday night. they're saying the jackpot could reach more than 900 million by then. if you happen to get lucky tomorrow, you'll have more money than some of the people
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that includes boxer floyd mayweather. howard stern, 95 million. country legend garth brooks, 9 million. your odds are 1 in 292 million. >> very slim. >> slim -- not slim to none because if you play you have a chance. still to come tonight, two terror arrests hundreds of miles apart could now be connected. the case is raising concern about refugees in the u.s. and ties to terror. details ahead. >> and one of the most wanted men on the planet back in jail tonight but not before a deadly shoot out.
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straight ahead. mexican marines capturing the world's most wanted drug lord for a third time friday. 6 months ago, el chapo tunneled out of a maximum security prison. that escape embarrassed the president. he was taken down today after a shoot out with mexican marines. 5 people were killed. federal authorities have arrested two refugees on terror related charges.
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entered the u.s. as a refugee in 2009 and was granted permanent legal resident status in 2011. he was arrested thursday. mean while, 23 year old [ indiscernible ] of sacramento has been charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism. if convicted, hard an faces a $250,000 fine. there is an urgent warning going out to law enforcement after a gunman tried to execute a police officer at point blank range in philadelphia. >> the gunman later confessed to doing it in the name of isis. >> anything goal has
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a man firing directly into a policeman's car. >> shots fired! i'm bleeding heavily! >> reporter: the suspect, edward archer allegedly ambushed jesse hartnett at close range firing at least 11 shots striking the officer in the arm. >> he follows ala and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> reporter: hartnett managed to get out of the car and returned fire hitting the man in the b buttocks. >> his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> reporter: but it was revealed that the weapon used was a stolen police gun. >> it was stolen back in october of 2013. it was reported and that is one of the things that you absolutely regret the most when an officer's gun is stolen,
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>> reporter: the fbi confirms its involvement releasing a statement: we are working side by side with the philadelphia police department, but made it clear philadelphia police are the lead agency in the case. in response to this shooting and another attack on police in paris, the new york police department issued an internal memo urging officers to exercise heightened vigilance reminding them isis have called for supporters to carry out attacks on law enforcement. >> our main concern is the well- being and health and recovery and rehabilitation of officer hartnett. >> it's astounding that he was able to escape it like this. i can't say enough for his bravery and how he conducted himself. >> that is miguel marquez reporting for us. absolutely frightening, but the determination --
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he's still alive tonight. >> could lead to who knows, something bigger. when investigators are interviewing that man. there's much more ahead tonight. including flashing the pearly whites. there's a new way to make sure your smile is your best asset. >> plus every candidate in the 2016 presidential race is talking about security and terrorism. but will this be the most important issue for voters? >> and we have got ample cloud cover across the midlands. we're going to see the chances of showers, maybe even a rumble of thunder this weekend.
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wach fox news at 10:00 returns. welcome back, everyone. temperature-wise, it's been warmer, but it's that damp feeling from the rain this morning that added that chill to the air. we're holding at 50 degrees. we'll only drop a degree or two more through the overnight hours. 45 north on 77 in charlotte. so while temperatures are close to normal, not a lot of movement tonight because of the clouds and even the rain chances. we expand the view out and notice that warmer air
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you can see this ridge right here of green indicating that warmer air mass. it's helping to push that colder air we had to endure earlier in the week away. but more cold air set to push in over the weekend. a couple of things factoring in. it all ties into the weather that's happening here. if you're a football fan, the 4th ever coldest game in nfl history will be played sunday in minneapolis. with temperatures below 0. how does that factor in here? that same cold air mass eventually moves into south carolina. it's one big puzzle that we'll continue to watch closely. things are relatively quiet right now, but we are monitoring thunderstorms in texas this. warm front will move this way and by late afternoon give us a chance of showers here at home and that could be worth
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outdoors tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. future watch, we're going to starting cloudy. those clouds linger throughout the day. notice as we go toward that 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 time frame, we start to see greens on the map. that goes into the overnight time tomorrow where we have chances of rain. and sunday we will see the rain threat coming to an end. that cloudy sky continues tonight. tomorrow we climb to 57, 58 degrees with clouds still lingering across the area. if you are flying tomorrow out of columbia metro, maybe it's a weekend get away or you're flying to phoenix. we could see the latest for rain in atlanta, charlotte. snow delays possible in
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thunderstorms early in the morning for houston. same front heading this way tomorrow. here's a look at our forecast over the next 4 days. we climb a bit. upper 50s, but the colder air mass, the one bringing the frigid temperatures, they arrive come monday. 49 our high,9 our low. we're going to say in the 40s for a few days before we climb back into the 50s. but, you watch nfl, you watch -- seattle versus minnesota? and you're watching them freeze to death, just think of how grateful you are when that 49 arrives here. same cold air mass, but there it's going to be about at >> 4th. bowl.
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and one of the officials -- they used metal whistles. it stuck to his lip and he had to take it off and it ripped a piece of his lip. >> i think darren should go to the game and report live. >> that's right. the guns will be out at that game. >> you always see the guys with no sleeves. clemson's somewhere warmer. >> a lot warmer in arizona. the tigers -- off to phoenix, continue preparation for alabama, national championship on monday night. we'll have a preview, plus much more on the gamecock mens and women's hoop teams. fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco?
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over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
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the tigers and tide have arrived in phoenix, which means we're just days away from deciding our national champion
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this is what you want in a championship match up. dabbo sweeney has prided this team on winning in the trenches. they'll have to beat the best front 4 in college football on monday. >> you build your team from the inside out. there's no saying your importance to the am comes with how close you are to the ball. you go from there. the trenches and we've been able to really get the right kind of guys in here. you know, over these 7 years. we've produced a bunch of great line men. and here in columbia, a chance to meet with the gamecock new football staff. we'll have much more with them coming up later in sports and over the next week or so to
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head into the 2016 season. frank martin and the gamecocks continue to roll. 14 and 0 usc will host the conference opener at home saturday. the start to sec play has a different feel than years past. it's the first time usc has started sec play 1 and 0 since 2011. now as the gamecocks head into saturday's match up, they'll once again get a tough test. but the players say preparation hasn't changed despite the success to start this year. >> don't feel no different. you know, we prepare like any other game. prepare the same way we did last year. now. go out and do what we been doing all season. and with the hot start
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frank martin has won the award for mid-season honors announced by college insider on friday. it is awarded annually to the top coach and will be given on april 1st in houston at the national championship. the gamecocks continue their perfect season with a win over vandy. getting prepared for thehe missouri tigers sunday. a game coach staley hopes her cover more forward wilson will -- only attempted three shots and finished with just 4 points. staley says what she's seen out of 22 since the team returned home gives her confidence heading into the next game. >> asia reverted back to her freshman year, you know. you know, but the good thing
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she saw where she could have made a better impact, especially offensively and rebounded the basketball. so when she sees it, see does a real good job of responding. we pointeded things out on the floor today, so hopefully we'll get one more day to kind of give her opportunity to work on it and come sunday she can execute it. >> much more on the clemson football program as well as the gamecocks and news out of charlotte. cam newton and company earning accolades today.
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in sports. you're watching wach fox news at 10:00. with brian, janet, sky wach weather with henry. by the way, isn't a trump rally more fun than all these other stiffs? >> donald trump taking a dig at his opponents and dealing with hecklers at a campaign rally for the second straight night. at least one woman escorted out of that rally in south carolina this evening. talking about a lot of things including south carolina senator lindsey graham.
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estate mogul working without a script talking about immigration to law enforcement to his political opponents including graham. now it seems that things are a little different. >> but so far, every single person that's hit me, where have they gone? so far, you look. man; right? when they leave the race, i like them. i like them. i like lindsey graham now. i really do. i like them all. i have a very short memory when it comes to this because we have to. >> he heads for a rally in reno, nevadan sundnd. marco rubio doing campaigning of his own. speaking at a meet and greet in columbia. he says he is the candidate
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>> inow what we need to do and as president i will do it. if we do what needs to be done, i believe our children will be the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived. >> he's also one of 7 presidential candidates to -- jeb bush, ben carson, chris christie, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, and marco rubio. each candidate will focus on fighting poverty and expanding opportunity in america. to north korea claiming it tested a hydrogen bomb, issues of national security are dominating the news cycle. >> kristine frazao taking a look at how the campaigns are taking advantage.
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fight to stop terrorism at our borders. >> as president, i will defend this nation, but i will do it responsibly. >> he'll quickly cut the head off isis and take their oil. >> americans -- fears have shifted rapidly just in the past months since the terrorist attacks in pares and the shooting in san bernardino, , california. >> that rapid shift has pushed national security to a top concern. federal lawmakers agree it should be. >> national security is the top issue this year and i think it's going to stay this way. >> instead of spending time on repealing healthcare and planned parenthood, what we ought to focus on on national security, border security. >> reporter: typically republicans are seen stronger on national security and
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candidates lack experience in that arena. >> hillary clinton would be just as strong on national security. as a former secretary of state. >> reporter: poll after poll show that americans disapprove of the president's handling of isis and terrorism. >> stretching from the clinton administration to the obama administration, with hillary clinton as secretary of state, consistently makes the same mistakes over and over again. reporter: mean while, stock market fluctuations this woke -- >> there's still 2 million or more people long term unemployed in this country. in a little more than three weeks, the primary season kicks off with the iowa caucuses. that will be here about 5 weeks
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we will be here. still to come tonight, some help with those new years resolutions. we have some sweet advice to help you stick to them all year. that's coming up on your health watch. >> and it's something that many use to straighten unwanted
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smile. on health watch tonight,
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legislation that would have appealed the affordable care act. it's one of many repeal measures pushed by lawmakers in 2010. the bill goes back to the republican led congress that does not have the votes to override the veto. if you have a sweet tooth, bad news for you. if you have new year's resolutions, you probably had this on your list anyway. the 2015 to 2020 dietary guidelines recommends limiting the amount of added sugars to no more than 10% of your calories. to give you an idea of what 12 tea spoons looks like, a can of coke has 10 tea spoons. one coke is all you get. >> that's it. that may be hard for a lot of people. >> go with water. if your new year's
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about your smile, it might be easier than you think. >> i simple shot at the dentist's office making a big difference. >> reporter: shanice says she spent years wearing braces for a better smile. >> i wasn't satisfied with it. >> reporter: eventually she went from this to this. quite a different picture. but not quite the one she wanted to see. not because of her teeth, but rather her gums. >> i feel i do show more gums than teeth. >> reporter: she consulted doctor peck. he's a cosmetic dentist. he said he couldld help her improve that gummy smile with this shot known as botox. >> we're going to adjust her lip position. >> reporter: botox, normally known for reducing wrinkles,
10:37 pm
enough to prevent a gummy smile. >> the muscle that's going to lift her lip all the way up won't be active and firing. >> reporter: about two weeks after just a few botox injections, she has quite a different picture of success. and doctor peck says it's a picture getting pretty popular due to botox these days. >> reporter: in addition to using botox for this purpose -- you get pain from tmj, you might be able to use botox. >> they can use it to treat patients that clench and grind and tmj pain and migraine headaches. >> reporter: if you thought a picture's worth a thousand words, she says no, going from this to this to this --
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it's great when you can smile and not have to worry about how you're looking. >> looks like it works. but it comes with a price. just a few price costs a little more than a hundred dollars. the results will last on most people thee to 6 months. this is going to be a few hundred dollars every time. >> it's the smile she wanted and it's an option i guess. >> yes it is. henry, is there going to be a reason to smile in the weather department? >> we've got warmer temperatures, but we have rain chances. so smile about the warmer air, but not exactly about the rain that could be on the way.
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temperatures out this holding steady in those upper 40s to around 50 degrees. not a lot of movement tonight because of clouds and at least it's warmer than days past. you can tell that by the national map because we've got this ridge of green. now the down side to this is this warmer air mass is going to push in and throughout parts of the southeast as the cold front trails behind it, gives the threat of severe weather. no severe weather threat here at home. more cold air dipping in from canada, just in time to start next week makes it down here. we're all over the board with what's going to happen with the numbers over the next couple days. we see that rain potential moving this way by tomorrow late day into the overnight hours as had. but clouds are going to linger tonight, tomorrow. we're in that classic winter
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there's high pressure to the north. we have a disturbance to the west. that cooler air kind of wedged in here on the side of the appalachians. future watch showing you the clouds are hanging around. not a lot to worry about impacting your day. can't rule out sprinkles or drizzle, but the potential of anything significant falling from the sky begins late in the day. we have chances increasing going into tomorrow night as well. especially in the upstate. keep that in mind if you travel up 26 into the upstate tomorrow evening. if you're heading that way tomorrow to be in clemson for maybe a watch party for that game on monday or maybe you're traveling to phoenix. either way, the weather here at home looks a little iffy over the next 24 hours.
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tomorrow 57 degrees with the clouds continuing to linger. won't rule out a thunderstorm possibly. flying out of metro for a weekend get away or traveling west, we could see later in the day potential delays, but throughout the day, you could see delays because of rain in atlanta despite temperatures in the 50s as well as in charlotte with temperatures at freezing. rainfall in dallas, 44 degrees. the rain could create delays. could see morning delays in houston with morning thunderstorms. rain chances in dc and philly. 49 on national championship monday with a low of 29 that night. that is here at home.
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it's going to be cool, but at least lensant with sunshine, 59 degrees. staying in the 40s for the middle of next week before we rebound into the 50s. that's a check of your forecast. stay bus. when wach fox news at 10:00
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with sports. selling a kid a dream is one thing. actually making it become a reality, a whole different ball game. and that's exactly what sweeney and his coaching staff did for deshawn watson. he has been the best signal caller in fofoball this seasas and he patiently waited his turn to become the leader of a tiger's team that is one win away from accomplishing something they haven't done in 34 years. all it took was a message that
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was achievable and the rest has been history for no. 4. >> i knew this program was on the rise. and, you know, sooner or later we were going to be playing for the national championship. he told me that from the get go. we were going to change college football and put clemson on the top. i bought into the process, the journey and the plan. i stayed committed for two years in high school. last year we had a chance, but we didn't capitalize on those plays. i knew when the time came to be a leader and in charge, i make sure those around me take advantage of those opportunities. well muschamp taking over the reigns. a staff that many around the country believe can recruit
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the defense will be under the leadership of robinson who followed muschamp over from auburn. he's already taken ownership of what was left behind and is ready to fix things moving forward. >> at the end of a day, i'm a 3 and 9 coordinator. that's just how it is. and you are what your record tells you are. my record is 3 and 9. it's not just players, it's us. we have a lot of work to do. the one thing i'll tell you, we're ready to roll our sleeves up and i'm going to start right now. our kids going to start in the off-season program and all the things like that to get successful. it's going to be our mentality. ron rivera and the panthers prepare for next week's
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regular season accolades starting to roll in. cam newton headlines the all pro team after leading carolina to a franchise best record this season. he is one of 6 panthers on the off-road team including -- and also corner back josh dormunt. >> what i want most proud about is the note ryity of a lot of players on this team -- at that point in time, was dreaming about, man, it have to be like this. man, i igotta be like that. for it actually to play out in some type of way, you know, it
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