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hugs. we didn't turn against each other's race or religion, we turned toward god and toward the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world. we removed a symbol that was being used to divide us and we found a strength that united us. there's an important lesson in this. in many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics, there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that's just not true. often the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying and that can make a world of difference.
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won't have strong disagreements. we will. and as we usher in this new era, republicans will stand up for our beliefs. if we held the white house, taxes would be lower for working families and we'd put the brakes on run away spending and debt. we would encououge american innovation and success instead of dem monizing them. the economy would soar and good jobs would be available across the country. we would reform education so it worked best for students, parents, and teachers, not washingtgt bureau grats and union bosses. we would end the disastrous health care system and replace it with reforms that lowered costs and actually let you keep your doctor. we would respect differences in modern families but we would also ip cyst on respect for religious liberty ass corner stone of our democracy. we would recognize the importance of the separation of
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constitution in its entirety and, yes, that includes the second and tenth amendments. we would make international agreements that were celebrated in israel and protested in iran, not the other way around. and rather than just thanking our brave men and women in uniform, we would actually strengthen our military. so both our friends and our enemies would know that america seeks peace, but when we fight wars, we win them. we have big decisions to make. our country is being tested, but we've been tested in the past, and our people have always risen to the challenge. we have all the guidance we need to be safe and successful. our forefathers paved the way for us. let's take their values and their strengths and rededicate ourselves doing whatever it
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of man and woman. thank you. good night. and god bless. >> governor nikki haley with the republican response from the state of south carolina. we're in washington, d.c., tonight. coverage will continue on fox and my network station which is coming up on the east coast. analalis begins now on fox news channel on satellite and cable. for all of us at fox news, i'm shepherd smith in washington. good night. this has been a fox news
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president obama delivers his final state of the union address. governor nikki haley makes history in her response.>> you cannot leave law enforcement to law enforcement alone. fighting human trafficking is called a human crime. state officials are not ignoring it eric >> there is going to be way more than we -- what we can afford in the state. news it 10 starts right now -- news at 10 starts right now. good evening. i'm nikki haley, g gernor of the great state of south carolina. nikki haley introducing herself just a few minutes ago.
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-- president obama and is -- president obama's state of the union address.>> this one was papaicularly monumental considering it was president obama's last state of the union address. he highlighted three major issues. he talked about the recent executive orders on gun control, economic recovery, and terror threats from overseas here at home. the governors response was not a direct response to president obama's address. she reflected on things that happened here in south carolina specifically. the shootings that mother manuals church, the nine lives that were shot there, and the peace as a response. a flag came down. there was no violence at all. we covered for so long. she is saying nationally that
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from all of that. here she is.>> in many parts of society today, academics, culture, media or politics, there is a way that people associate noise with results. people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that is not true. often, the best thing that we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying. that can make a world of difference.>> while the president has highlighted what he has done in the office over the past seven years and his state of the union tonight. >> he also highlighted and laid out the agenda of what will be his last year in office.>> reporter: the president of the united states.
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optimistic tone combining an ambitious agenda with a sense of hope for the future.>> i do not just want to talk about next year. i want to focus on the next five years. the next 10 years. >> reporter: the president address some of the division in work together. >> we face the future with confidence in who we are and what we stand for. the incredible things that we >> reporter: the predent also talked about a numbebeof his achievement -- achievements over the past seven years.>> more than took -- more than 40 million jobs. unemployment rate cut in half. the auto industry just had its best year ever.>> reporter: the upcoming year will not be easy. the president hopes tonight's
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>> our spirit of discovery, our diversity, our commitment to rule of law. these things give us everything that we need to ensure prosperity and come. >> reporter: in n shington, i am karen cava.>> another topic of the president's address was the topic of gun control. we wanted to look again trends here in south carolina. embers from the state law enforcement agency shows that the gun permits have declined. there were 86,000 applications for new and renewed permits in 2013. we are at almost 64 s. -- 64,020 15. shifting gears for just a bit. it is another cold night. temperatures are in the 40s across the midlands.
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overnight hours, we will see this temperatures around 30 degrgrs. i bebeeve 28 and the city with a clear sky. average low as 33. tomorrow morning, dress the kids warm as they dressed for school. 28 at 6 am. sunrise at 7:30 am. with that sunshine, 31 degrees. but a lot warmer tomorrow thanks to a reassuring shot of cold air. we will talk more about that later on. they are back in business in the columbia hohoe. the legislative session open today. they spent most of the day honoring the life of a colleague who died in office. lawmakers remembering senate -- senator. billy o'dell. the dude -- the republican died while in office.>> a man of integrity. he lived a great life. the late -- the way that he lived his life spoke about who
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he stood for.>> he was first elected to the senate in 1989. legislators have their work cut out for them. at the top of the list is updating the infrastructure.>> as tara pettit tells you, that can be changing soon.>> reporter: in the house, representative say they are ready to get back to work.k. is several bills will be reintroduce, they fill the big ticket item is spending roads. >> we were looking at a gas tax. that is going to be a part of it. it is going to be way more than what we can afford for the state. all we have to remember is 3 3 of the people that travel the roads are taurus. if we increase with a gas tax, the taurus are helping us to
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reporter: in 2015, they passed a road bill. that was it. they wanted to reform the transportation before funneling into -- funneling funds into the of the structure. the senate did not take up the roads plan. october's history making flood only magnified the issue.>> not knowing what was going to happen in october, that we were going to have a flood all over that state of south carolina, i think they wished they had taken up the bill and we had passed the bill on both sides. we would've been well on the way and doing things.>> reporter: that tuesday, senators are saying they are willing to make a compromise if that means passing a bill that will fund the changing of the roads and idges.>> in this particular instance, i can see
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a total amount of money that is needed to fix our roads without finding another stream of revenue.>> we all have to give and take a little bit to make sure that it happens. this year we have momoy in the budget. that gives us an opportunity. we have already had a discussion and vetted it out. there are people suffering because the roads are not up to par.>> reporter: lawmakers say a plank of the on the table as early as this week. tara pettit with watch -- wach fox news. >> lawmakers are also tasks with fixing the education system. there facing a june deadline to improve public schools so that more students have a chance for success. legislators are pledging to respond to a 2014 state supreme court ruling that world students lack educational opportunities. addressing the court's order is a top priority for both parties.
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statehouse did not the by without one group rallying for one type of calls. the legislators settled this one six months ago. confederate flag supporters asking that the flag be -- flag and monuments be protected. >> removal of the flag came after the shooting of the nine people at the mother emanuel church. today was a first day on the job for margie bright matthews when she was elected to the seat. she will continue to be a voice for the people. >>senator. paignton was a special man. he was a humble giant . he spoke a lot with his heart, and he walked according to what he believed in. you cannot find anyone on any side of the aisle that did not
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i would want to be like that.>> she is one of the two women. it was the first last day of work for senator. joe. this will be his final session. between joel and his father, they have spent 46 of the last 52 years in the state senate.>> it has never been about me as an individual. it has been about -- one person wanted to make a difference and improve the quality of life for others. it is been a blessing to do that. both through my dad and myself and with the support of my family and my beautiful wife and friends in this community. i feel honored to have this opportunity. i am very grateful for that.
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civic leaders have honored his or her leadership, courage, vision, and integrity. this year's recipients, paint paignton -- it happens the first night of the legislative session each year. daren brown, dominic lewis, and jerome anderson are facing attempted murder charges. columbia police say the men ran from police lacked -- last week after an officer heard gun shots fired. they tried to pull this may and the -- they tried to pull these men over. they did get a wet -- one did get away, the gunshot victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries in the shooting that
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at 330 on saturday morning at lady street. rodney francis the second was shot several times after leaving club blue 77. several witnesses told the police that the shots came from a black and gray avalanche. if you have any information, -- if you have any information call crimestoppers. looks to -- lexington county council meeting meeting today for the first time in 2016. parts of -- part of the nice discussion was to reduce flood damage along can -- kingly creek. that creek flooded several neighborhoods. the army corps of engineers presented a two-year study tonight. some of the suggestions included tearing down homes and improving storm drains. that can cost between 800,020 $5 million. they say there is no real way to prevent flooding altogether.>> this area is a floodplain.
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here because, again, this is below area and it is the greek and the floodplain. the study was just to try to figure out what mitigation efforts we can do to reduce the flooding.>> it is now up to the lexington county council members. council will meet again in two weeks. remembering civil rights giant dr. martin luther king junior. that is what hundreds did today at usc. for the last several years, they have had a breakfast for kings honor. gibson is still fighting for other forms of justice. particularly in the healthcare arena -- arena just as mr. king fought for other justices years ago. >> there is no reason why the state should not accept billions of dollars in federal aid, money that we as taxpayers pay for to provide healthcare
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there is also a rallying cry for working-class people to get paid more. >> the breakfast may be over but there are plenty of other events coming in the next week to honor dr. king. you can go to our website at to honor dr. king. you can go to our for more information on those. who will when the largest jackpot in history. the jackpot for the powerball is now $1.5 billion. it could grow before tomorrow's drawing. no one matched all six powerball numbers saturday night. the, continue to grow. some convenience stores even bringing in more staff to keep up with lines flooding into the stores. everyone wanting to get their hands on that ticket.>> 1 billion. yes. i did not know that. i did not know how much it was. if i one, i would definitely give back to my church.
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community and then to my family.>> there was some good plans for all of that cash. you are playing, good luck. the odds are against you. your chances of winning is one and -- one in 292 million. someone eventually has to win. the cash balance -- payout for that jackpot is 938 million. that is before taxes. the powerball is played in 44 states. washington dc, the us virgin islands, puerto rico.>> it is safe to say there is a lot of other contestants. good luck.>> you can't win without a ticket. it is very old and boring to say that, but it is very true. still to come tonight, the latest on the affluenza teen. with his mother facing $1 million bill -- bail, the judge
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the fate of the -- human trafficking. local leaders taking a growing
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making headlines tonight. it is that time of year for colds. if you have children, you will want to listen to this. two types of children's cough
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pharmacies all across the country. the pair go company ordered a voluntary recall for grape and children -- cherry flavor children's cough but is. -- cough medicine. officials say some of the packages have been oral dosing cup with incorrect dose markings. trying to conceive soon after a pregnancy but have no consequences may prevent a live birth. they looked at more than 75% who tried to see -- conceive after three months. the people who waited longer had more likelihood of a pregnancy with a live birth. they may need more time to heal emotionally before trying again. taking a stand against human tracacof the --
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trafficking and criminal prevention month.>> state and local leaders have taken the issue on for years. the work is not done just yet. dubcek is more.>> reporter: there were more than 250,000 victims reported in 2015. they are willing to do whatever it takes to reduce that number. on tuesday, advocates are taking a stand against human trafficking. >> if you hear -- see something, say something. you can't leave all law enforcement to law enforcement alone.>> i want to be aware of >> -- >> reporter: the man who exploited me, change my name,
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-- put pictures on line and prostituted me against my -- for my body and against my will. part of that is helping train educators on how to spot signs of trafficking in schools. it will also change how minors who are trafficked are identified.>> it prevents prosecution of children for prostitution. it ensures treatment of child victims of human trafficking via the child welfare not criminal justice system.>> reporter: in 2012, lawmakers passed legislation that would strengthen human trafficking laws. date try to develop a statewide plan on the issue. >> the state task force and out -- and our partners learn to think creatively and collaboratively be -- to invent, investigate, prosecute, and most importantly support
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effort the task force will continue to fight human trafficking in the state. at the statehouse, shelley dom check.wach fox news. some faraway land. it is happening here at home. this afternoon, a human trafficking event richland county. a 22-year-old is charged with human trafficking, kidnapping, contributed to the delinquency of a minor. the deputies say there are some warning signs that everyone can watch for to make sure that someone you know does not become a victim. >> they are being romeos to them. they pretend like they are boyfriend. having said that, that is one thing we should be looking out for. someone who is maybe a little bit older and they are focused on teenage girls. and then as a parent, you want to ask why. what is going on here.
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more.>> hokum provided alcohol d drugs to an underage victim. there is much more ahead tonight, including explaining the richland county penny tax. with that program under fire and under investigation, the county leaders are showing the public they mean business. well el chapo is back in custody, but how long before he could face justice. -- in the us. on the frenzy, since he has been brought back into custody. chilly night in the capital city. were looking at the state house. 44 degrees right now. will talk about temperatures that will be below average. well below average. and then a warming trend. plus, scott watch weather on
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after the break. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes too your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices,
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that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $27.58 on this week's groceries - that's 20%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. sky watch weather school is back. we were on the road today to bridge creek elementary talking with the second graders. these were too much -- my to shep rain -- chaperones at the school for making sure i did not get lost. a wonderful group of second graders.
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questions like how many natural disasters can you have at one time. i've never had that question before and i told the young man it is certainly a question i do not want to find the answer out to. thank you for having me out there. this is one of the second graders. the students taught me a whole lot as well. always love getting out into the community, sharing the knowledge, and learning from them as they are talking about whether. this was second-grader bridge creek elementary. if you can hear my voice and you are in the wach coverage area. come out to your school or civic group and chat weather. let's take a look outside where it is 44 degrees as we look at the dome of the state house in the capital city. of course, the night that had the state of the union and our own governor giving the
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we expanded view perfect -- we expanded view. that colder air, the next round starting to push into the northern tier of the united states. it is three below in many annapolis. we are talking about a reinforcing shot of cold air to push in tonight. the good news, there is no moisture o o there. we do not have to worry about any winter precipitation falling from the sky. but we do need to worry about the clear sky allowing for the temperatures to fall tonight into the low 30s and into the 20s across many locations. the future watch, there is a 24 hour span where there is a timestamp. this is the only thing on the map that will be moving. that -- there is nothing wrong with the future watch. the sun filled sky will take us to a starry night going into your wednesday night. and then we will see some late day clouds on thursday. for tonight, 28 degrees that
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the average w is 33. tomorrow, we are, once again, not average. we should be at 56. a reinforcing shot of cold air. only 48 degrees tomorrow. we will see of warming trim after wednesday, and that comes on thursday at 53 degrees. rain chances with another front , on friday and into saturday. it will be windy as well. it takes you into sunday and heading into monday which is a holiday. martin luther king day. 50 degrees. still a little bruiser and cooler behind the next round of cold air. we will have highs down into the 40s. simple forecast that we just talked about. i got to talk about it earlier. a lice big thank you card.>> run, this is so much better than -- a nice big thank you card. ron, this is so much better than your penmanship.>> you can never have too many of these.
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>> i have shared this with janet. >> i had some peppermint. >> this is still full. they put a lot in here. apparently they know me very well. >> but about chaperones, can you have them at work too. >> maybe to keep you in line.>> janet and amani joining me and taking the everywhere i needed to be. >> it looks like you had a good time. >> i did have a good time. you have one in your office, one in your home.>> are you thursday, derek? >> i am going to drink a peppermint and drink coffee. it is called.>> it is too late for coffee but never too late for football.>> last -- the tigers arriving home to a very nice scene in the upstate eric we will show you
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plus, the men's basketball team, frank martin and the gamecocks, 15-0. looking to continued their perfect season.
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after the break. here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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i will have your full sky watch weather forecast tomorrow morning at 5 am. an unfortunate ending out in arizona for the clemson tigers. but all smiles returning home in the palmetto state earlier tonight. tonight. the clemson tigers work turning back home -- returning back home to death valley to hundreds of fans. the tigers, once again, back finishing with a 14-1 season. crimson championship wants alabama. defeating clemson 45-40 in this one offering everything and more, including five lead
11:06 pm
featured the heisman trophy winner and runner-up and why they were considered the best in college football this season. ultimately, it was the team that is been there that -- and done that that prevailed in the end. >> sweeney says despite coming up short, he is proud of how his team competed. >> i cannot say enough about our seniors. they finished in the top 10 three out of their four years. they want a bunch of games. they set all kinds of records a clemson. nalco making, came up a little short. we give alabama credit for that. there is no doubt that we will that -- that we will be back. it will not be 34 years before we will be back. i promise you that. coming up a little later in sports, we will continue our national
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carol -- karen macquarie will join us to discuss last i spoke imminent alert -- and an early look ahead to the tigers and 2016. all of that coming your way. the gamecocks expressed -- expecting a rough crowd on this game friday night. martin says he expects to turn out to be pretty good. the game part -- the game marks have different plans. martin understands the improvements this team has already made under first-year head coach avery johnson.>> we are not talking about a team that finished in last place for the last three years. they have been in the top half of the leak every single year. those guys understand and adrian and his staff has done an absolutely wonderful job to get the guys playing the way they got them playing. just a little over five weeks away
11:08 pm
being thrown out. the gamecocks late -- receiving some love on tuesday. in d1's baseball top 25, the gamecocks are ranked one of the top seeds. it is one of the preseason and says -- impose third -- is one of the preseason activities. as we mentioned before, these teams are meant to face each other in the postseason. neither like each other, and everything they play it is heated like a rivalry game. on the surface this week, the number one seed treating it like any of -- any opponent. trying to go out and plays basketball of the season. >> it is one of the games that we will have to play. there's nothing to it as far as what we can -- what we are concerned. were playing against a very
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that is the way that i look for.>> our preparations will stay the way it is. we know them, and they know us. it will be a fun game. you just go out and try to prepare his regular. you know the stakes, what is at stake, you should say. it is win or go home. see you go out and play. the winners are going to win on sunday. that is a your look at sports.
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break. you are watching wach fox at 10. sky watch weather with chief meteorologist henry rothenberg and sports with corey miller. this is wach fox news at 10. checking out the top story. the president delivering his final state of the union address tonight. he lot -- he highlighted a rough draft of how he planned to wind down his administration.>> he talked about gun control, economy -- economic recovery and tara. nikki haley -- and terror. nikki haley talked about how people can work together. ultimately, the confederate flag came down from statehouse grounds. haeli encouraged people to look past others differences. >> in many parts of society
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culture, the media you -- the media or politics, there is a -- people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that is not true. often, the best thing that we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can hear what someone else is saying. that can make a world of difference.>> governor haley, the first person since south carolina to deliver one. a history making night. >> deftly. this is the presidents last state of the union address. last february, they found problems with the penny tax morgan burke revenue officials said that audit found criminal wrongdoing. >> you may remember that it
11:12 pm
fake -- the council members called a meeting to talk about how they are taking this issue seriously.>> reporter: tuesday's county council meeting was the first of the year the first time that the councils come together since the department of revenue's audit. councilman seth rose proposed several improvements to what he says helped the transparency of the program. he says he wants the citizens advisory committee to have more teeth and checking the way these funds are spent. rose once the advisory committee to have access to all information involving the tax spending and suggested the chairperson of the advisory committee be from a county committee. councilman rose says there should also be yearly audits and quarterly reports to make these penny projects more transparent. going forward, we have to correct these issues. we have to make sure everything
11:13 pm
public trust in the program. it is extremely -- it is extremely important and that's what these programs are in place for. -- >> all of councilman rose is a proposals will be sent to the committee before being voted on in the county council. we will keep you up-to-date on the latest investigation and what they are doing to improve the county program. melanie barden, wach fox news. the mom of the affluenza teen may be released but she is still under the microscope -- microscope. el chapo back in jail. if you thought shot bends interview was interesting, we
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coming up. for the latest in basketball, join me for chick- fil-a overtime. making national headlines now, 10 american us sailors have been rescued and iranian territory. the two ships for traveling from kuwait to buy rain when us officials lost contact with them. it happened in an area where iranians operate in secret military post. us is talking to iran and they have assured that us vessels and soldiers will be returned safe -- safely. couch -- tonia couch walked out of jail today. the judge reduced her bail from $1 million to 75,000. she was fitted for an ankle monitor when she was released.
11:15 pm
her son get out of the country. he was sentenced to 12 years of probation. he was 16 years old at the time. the mother and son were found in mexico last month. mexican forces on a separate story captured joaquim "el chapo" guzman six month after he tunneled out of a prison.>> despite the end of his frame and -- freedom, a circus now reports. speak -- >> reporter: this interview was critical to his capture. they took these photos as they arrived in guadalajara. sean penn and del castillo were on their way to meet with the
11:16 pm
start looking for trouble.>> reporter: three months later, this raid led to the capture of the world's most wanted man. the lead troops stormed his compound and killed six x el chapo's people in the process. extradition proceedings are underway. mexico plans to send el chapo to mexico to face justice but his attorneys are fighting the move.>> mr. guzman should not of been extradited to the united states or any other country. what is the reason? because mexico has just laws that are detailed in the constitution of the republic.>> he faces several charges in several us jurisdictions. the whole process could take up to one year or longer. i am mary maloney reporting. >> it was already a compelling story. it took a hard right turn when we talked about sean penn over
11:17 pm
elements to all of this. >> there may be more to come. henry rothenberg is with the sky watch weather service. we hope there is nothing strange coming here. we have the temperatures that are fitting for the 40s right now. we are going to see some cold temperatures tomorrow and then a warming trend that it comes at a price. details.
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welcome back, friends. thank you for staying up late with this. the midlands. we are dealing with wind chill values which is a good thing. 43 at heath woodhall.
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and's -- and sumter, to bidders and 40s as well. quiet on the radar. we expand the view southeast to show you that the high pressure is the dominant feature. that means quiet weather right now. we're not looking at anything in the way of cloud cover or snowfall. we do have chilly temperatures. the 40s in the 30s. notice 27 as well in nashville. that is associated with the reinforcing shot of cold air that moves through tonight and makes our temperature tomorrow even colder than today. highs not getting out of the 40s. future watch, a beautiful start to the day. beautiful by lunchtime. beautiful as you are heading home. the catch is it will be cold out there. you do not have to worry about anything falling from the sky. you do need to dress accordingly. dress warm as that colder air war -- moves back and. down into the 20s and low 30s with that clear sky out there. tomorrow, look for temperatures
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