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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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was a gorgeous day. the carolina panthers are on their way to the nfc championship game. we will have much more coverage coming up later. for the panther fans that did not make it to charlotte, there were plenty of parties here in the midlands. >> reporter: the bars were packed this afternoon. sports fans cheering on 13. the fans -- cheering on their team. the fans were happier when they won. game day in columbia. according to the bar manager, there has never been a more enthusiastic fan base for the
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>> absolutely not. we had a bunch of loyal carolina panthers fans for a long time. >> reporter: winning over and over again. giving the panther fans the chance to see the number 1 offense playing the number 1 defense. this group of coworkers, celebrating at the end of their fantasy football league. >> that is the st part, the fellowship getting together, sharing some fun times together. talking trash in the middle of the year. that is really fun. >> it is a great time. having a good time seeing
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>> reporter: a team that got one step closer to the final game. >> they will play the cardinals next sunday. live in the studio, melanie barden. we are definitely tuned into that. as far as the weather outside, 50 degrees was the high today. a little bit below normal. are normal this morning was 41. it did not -- our normal this morning 41. sunshine coming in this
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clearing on out tonight. mostly clear skies tonight. it will help us cooled down quite a bit this evening. the rest of the week, we will have chilly overnight lows. we will talk about that more coming up. in the political watch, debating right now for the fourth time in charleston. their push to the democratic nomination. in charleston right now. >> reporter: previous debates between democrats, the polls change tonight. supporters fired up outside the democratic debate site. the polls showed that the frontrunners hillary clinton
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runners. >> a spirited debate i expect tonight in charleston. senator sanders point is that out.>> reporter: regulating wall street, and the battle over guns, discussions on that. >> able to flip-flop in the right direction.>> reporter: sanderson with clinton financial institutions. >> she received money from wall street. huge bailout for wall street while the middle class continues to disappear. we are going to and that.>> reporter: he is physically fit for office. >> i put out my medical records. >> she released a two-page statement of her health records.
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same.>> reporter: time for these candidates to seal the deal. >> the debate is going on right now in charleston. it kicked off at 9 pm and we will have more information on that tomorrow morning on good day columbia. a historic weekend. several americans make their way back home. >> the nuclear deal was never intended to result -- resolve the differences with iran. with a sustained basis with the government has created a unique opportunity. a window to try to resolve important issues. >> reporter: diplomacy and dealing with iran and its nuclear ambitions. crippling sanctions against
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sealing the deal with the nuclear program, a tool in progress and growth of the country. >> today, is a historic day and exceptional day as well. with the clinical and economic history of the nation of iran. >> reporter: after a un agency verified i run completed the cessary steps with the program, us officials claim that i run has freed five american prisoners. four were part of an exchange including the washington post journalists charge which -- with espionage.
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americans are one step closer to american soil. >> will coming home suns, brothers, -- sons and brothers. >> mike huckabee is making another stop. the former arkansas governor spending time with the church. he stands at 2% in the latest presidential polls. he does not seem to be worried about his current position. >> people have a better understanding of who i am. they are finding out things about e candidates. it bodes well for those of us who have been out here before. we are not the shiniest -- we are not the shiniest penny. but it's becoming clearer and clearer each passing day. >> he may not be leading in
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is never too late to come back. making national headlines, the search for 12 missing marines in hawaii. we have learned that one of them is from south carolina. family and friends are leaving -- saying prayers. colliding on thursday, marines are on the water, beach, they are searching for any signs of the 12 missing servicemen. >> we're going to find them. were going to do anything we can to find them. they are family. >> researchers -- searchers have been searching around the clock. they are not going to call off the search just. the city's water levels contain toxic levels of lead.
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supply in 2014 to save money. local officials declared a water emergency in october. children had elevated levels of lead. fema and homeland security, get permission to lead with the state. some of the protective measures that will be taking is providing water, water filters, and other related items for the next few months. in your worldwatch, cyber warfare. it may sound painless but it is the devastating tool that could affect infrastructure, power grids, among other items. new information, telling fox news that the russian aligned cyber militia is setting up cyber attacks.
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that focus on russian interests. >> if a thief takes into your home, they leave a digital trail of evidence, they are using their cyber skills in all creative fashion. on december 23 there was a significant attack against the power grid in ukraine. it left many homes without power. discussion -- destruction of computers on the other end causing the grids to fail. >> leveveging, they can destroy systems and take them down. >> the number 2014 -- the
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been dropping onto the entertaining company. this new kind of aggression was raised this week during the republican debate on the fox business network. >> for the life of me, i can't believe that the president thinks everything is going well. russia is advancing their agenda. and we pull back. >> one of the pressing questions right now, whether cyber attacks leading to physical damage lead to an act of war? still to come on wach fox news tonight. looking on some -- looking at some of our delicious
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wbch at 10 pm continues. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative
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to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. you are watching wach fox news at 10 pm. this is wach fox news at 10 pm. welcome back. martin luther king day is
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this evening was the annual martin luther king gospel. performing gospel music and honor of dococr king. many people came out. >> he loved gospel music. that is why we stage it in his honor. >> also right here in columbia, hosting a service at zion baptist church. performed and speaking about his legacy. >> race is still a problem in america. look what happened in charleston.
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the mind set and the confederate philosophy still exists in south carolina. >> if you would like to check out the other events happening in columbia head over to our website wach .com. speaking about local businesses. >> reporter: restaurant week has come to an end. local establishments have enough to be happy about. -- they have a lot to be happy about.>> there was a boost of sales herere in january which is typically usually slower. >> reporter: making a name for themselves this year. >> our food is different.
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latin, mexican, we have one of the best burgers. >> reporter: catering to a crowd different from their typical guests. >> a lot of the restaurants involved are locally operated. >> we got a lot of regulars already. it is great. giving back to the community that supports you. giving back to our people, our community, and doing that for a discounted price i think it is really great. >> all those delicious plates. still to come, much more on the panthers win today in charlotte. a thriller.. has the highlights and more in sports.
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hours. 33 degrees is our overnight low. it will get colder over the
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welcome back, everyone. we are looking at a clear sky. it is nice to see the clear sky. we had quite a bit of cloud cover this morning. the tip of the day, do not do laundry in and out of your apartment when it is raining outside. currently sitting at 45 degrees in columbia. we are looking at a chilly evening and moving in tomorrow, the sunshine will return. we had a mostly sunny sky this afternoon. cooler temperatures are on the way with very cold nights.
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seven-day forecast coming up. moving into tomorrow, placing clear to start off, it will be clear, it will be quite a lovely day and carolina. check out the breakdown of the temperatures. we will be bouncing around in the low 40s in the afternoon. 10 degrees below average. 42 at 5 pm and at 7 pm 34 degrees. in columbia high of 47 degrees with a sunny sky. 42 degrees tuesday, 48 wednesday. overnight temperatures are in the mid to low 20s. if you have any pets outside please bring them in.
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those in as well. it will be sunny during the day but very cold at night. that is the look at the weather forecast.
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highlights from charlotte. looking to improve, the gamecocks, us see with their hands full. -- usc , there with their hands full.
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it, missing the first but makes the second. that is all that matters, gamecocks get the game when. they are five and oh -- 5-0 i i conference play. >> they are great teaching tools for our players to be in these situations and to not front. -- fret. they were playing the best basketball that they played all season long. >> first trip to the nfc championship game in more than 10 years.
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his way in from 4 yards out 7- 0, panthers. russell wilson is pressured. taking it in for the score. fast forwarding to the second quarter, panthers are up 24. to olson. 4th quarter, seahawks down, wilson doing what he does best. he is scrambling around. late in the fourth, seattle is down seven. panthers when 31-
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championship game first time. it was working in their favor yet again. >> as much as it is contagious doing things good it is just as more contagious if not more going back. the playoffs bring out more. that is momontum. since the clock started with this game, we did not break. >> that happens. getting a lead against a good office. part of it, you need to continue to attack. you cannot relax. >> clemson quarterback in
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they take each other's brains a lot. from bank of america stadium wach fox sports. >>next sunday right here on wach fox. inin t thihis s lilinene o of f woworkrk ononlyly t thehe f frereshshesest t iningrgrededieientntss mamakeke t thehe c cutut itit's's i impmporortatantnt t to o meme t to o knknowow eveverery y didishsh i i s sererveve isis t thehe b besest t itit c canan b be.e. esespepecicialallyly f foror t thihis s fofoodod c crirititic.c. pupublblixix b bakakerery y scscraratctchh mamadede b brereadad wewe b bakake e itit i in n ststorore e evevereryy daday y wiwithth p priridede soso y youou c canan s sererveve i itt wiwithth s somomee
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