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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  January 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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week we're talking below average temperatures returning. we need to put trust back in the program. >> midlands leaders are still dealing with an investigation into a controversial petty sales tax tonight there making significant minute -- moves. and investigation tonight into the richland pentax program. leaders are making sure they can track every single penny. citizens oversight group is calling for an audit. >> this comes more than a month after state revenue officials said they found instances of criminal wrongdoing and that controversial petty tax program . the focus is shifting down to regaining the public's trust. we were there and with the details tonight. >> reporter: officials are
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public restitution and fraud the program. of revenue was i'm not at the say the investigation is still stop with allegations of misuse tax dollars official say they are doing everything they can to safeguard the program and regain the public's trust. >> we need to make sure the right changes in protocols are put the place. >> monday night richland county councilman presenting part of a series of proposals that he says will ensure more oversight in the petty tax program . he is pushing for transparency after allegations of illegal activity by individuals and companies associated with the billion dollar program aimed at improving county transportation and road projects. >> i want to make sure this is done as timely as possible because the program is operating and we need to put trust back in the program. >> the transportation penny advisory committee approved a request of the outside audit of the program monday but the details of that move still need
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roads and councilman normal -- norman jackson made several proposals monday night. >> the devil is in the details we need to have this but -- specifics. >> i like both of the proposals. >> another member was also on board saying it is the responsibility to restore trust to public and to show that the program is working. >> we need to be better and we need to be watching what is going on because this is a very good program that the public must know about. >> the oversight committee will meet again february 12th to review the proposals outlining the possible audit. also more fallout from this
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columbia city councilman newman has resigned from his position as chairman. he was charged with failing to pay state income tax including $10,000 in back taxes and legal fees. the state supreme court has also suspended his law license definitely. >> here is how this started in early december department of revenue sent a letter saying they found instances of illegal activity within the program. on december 15th chairman rush allowed complete cooperation with the investigation. stop three days later the county again promised cooperation and about to release documents tied to the program . and now the history on the tax in 2012 the voters approved the program to collect more than $1 billion for transit related projects.
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been spent as of november 2015. >> we have been following the penny program since it's been greenlighted all the years ago you can see all the coverage dating back to 2012 on her website. temperatures outside a lot more pleasant than how we ended last week. stop the temperatures are that are in the seasonal range of 45 in winslow 39 in lexington upper 30s to 40 degrees in many locations. a few passing clouds and we are expecting to see more clouds slowly moving and by the time you are waking up tomorrow morning. we will call for a mostly clear skies with a low of 35 that is normal for this time of your light winds expected. tomorrow morning make sure kids are bundled up we are at 35 at 6:00 a.m.
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and 35 sunrise at 7:25 you can see a lot of sunshine throughout the day 35 degrees by 8:00 a.m. as well. and as we continue to roll through the day clouds are going to increase and that is tied in with another front heading this way with a drop in temperature's. how big is this drop stay tuned we will talk about it in the forecast coming up. a man is still on the run tonight after a deadly barbershop shooting it happened friday nig at the next up barbershop and beauty shop. police say two men walk into the shop demanding money from customers one of the suspects turned his back and guns were pulled and they started shooting. one suspect was taken to the hospital the other ran out of the back of the salon. bookman believes things could have been worse for both men were carrying concealed weapons. if you have information on the shooting call crimestoppers
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>> many of you have been talking about the story . christine says i believe in carrying concealed weapons of the person who uses a gun in a robbery or unlawful situation that person's privilege should be taken from them. >> travis says concealed weapons permit is extremely dangerous on the small chance of someone carrying it does something good it is much more likely they will kill or injure an innocent bystander only law enforcement of carry weapons. >> investigators are trying to piece together a deadly police shootout. >> here's what we know a man wanted on murder charges in texas is dead after bullets started flying in a columbia neighborhood this afternoon. we have more. >> reporter: a task force made up of the u.s. marshals columbia police and slide were sent to these apartments monday afternoon looking for a man wanted a texas murder. shortly after the officers arrived let's started flying. >> i heard four more shots and they were obvious shots.
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road apartments which is right behind the hospital in columbia . according to investigators of the murder suspect shot at officers. stop that's when police fired back . the man died on the way to the hospital. >> the suspect is accused of opening fire first and officers assigned to the task force were -- were returning fire . obviously it's not our place to determine who actually shot the suspect that will be something that sheriff's department will have to termine. >> the sheriff's department has been called in to investigate as a third-party. according to the department there are still questions to be answered no one else was injured in the shootout. >> we are trying to determine was it our gunfire or was it self-inflicted. we are looking into a. >> that the sheriff's department says they expect to the answers in the next -- near future. >> the richmond county sheriff's
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a news meeting. a man in jail after inveveigators said he started shooting at a deputy. a 23-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges. he fired at deputies around 11:00 saturday night. they were responding to a call about a domestic disturbance. >> it was a shot because we knew from the dispatch he was possibly armed and trying to get into his parents house . i wasn't expecting him to be standing in the driveway and engaging me. >> deputy back be served overseas as a marine corps sniper for starting his law enforcement career. new numbers on gun sales in the state almost 50,000 south carolinians and tried to get guns or permits last month. according to the fbi criminal background check system this is
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this comes shortly after the president presented his executive orders on gun control. also making headlines tonight the start of a new era for mother manual church in charleston. reverend doctor betty clark was appointed the new pastor of the church. stop church. she let her first church on sunday morning. she is the church's first female pastor. the fight for south carolina's roads continues but a plan to fix them isn't necessarily any closer to getting done. >> state leaders do have a more detailed blueprint of what the department of transportation needs. >> what level of performance were we able to achieve it. >> chrissy hall presented her statement -- a state of the department on monday. it was part of the annual
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our roads. >> 85% of secondary roads in the state are in poor or fair conditions. >> we need state funds on the interstate system we need to invest state funds on the primary system. >> a third of the pavement of the interstates are also in pair -- they are a poor conditions. stop an additional $400 million a year for road upgrades would stop things from cutting worse. >> the question is how much money do you need to answer will be what's the desire -- desired outcome ten years from now. tell me what goal you want and we will tell you how much coal -- how much money you will need to get there. >> now with lawmakers back in session the debate continues into the senate with key components looking into a gas tax or department of transportation reform.
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there need to be some compromise. >> some senators support user fees or fuel taxes. we have a lot of people that drive through to south carolina to use our roads the come to our beaches. we can't send them a tax bill other than have them pay for what they use so that's why part of the plan is going to have everybody pay for the use and then whatever tax relief with come up we will target that back to in-state south carolinians. >> other state readers want to give more spending power and decision making within the dot to the governor. >> unless and until takes care of the structural deficiencies and takes politics out of the decisions so people can feel sure shorter dollars are spent wisely no bill will move forward. >> both sides agree some kind of roads plans needs to come out of this legislative session. >> last week the senate close to
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they are expected to take the issue first thing tomorrow. we will be there for that. who knows how close they are . we were sitting in the same position last year. >> every day you hear it. >> we will see what kind of action. >> still to come tonight winter weather . we didn't get the snow blanketing other parts of the country but temperatures are still having a major impact on the palmetto state. a blizzard recovery keeping parts of the northeast completely shut down. just how long it could be before
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begins all over again. winter weather has had officials cancel more than 300 red cross blood drives across the state. officials are urging anyone who is able to give blood or platelets to help save lives. a low country farmer also impacted by hard freezes and rainfall. pete ambrose has been farming for 40 years and says the past two years have been the worst is ever dealt with . he says he has had wet seasons but the rain has been relentless since 2014. stop the low country farm has received more than 150 inches of
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lots of heavy rain at one time means more work for him and his crew. >> we have to replant because all of the small seedlings will get the diseased and die. and we've replanted we have probably lost 50% of our crops or more sometimes and we get out of time where we are supposed to plant say carrots and beets at a certain time and it was so wet that you couldn't even get in the field. >> he has managed to stay afloat he has started thinking outside the box which means planting lettuces indoors one crop doing surprisingly well right now strawberries. it is early but they are already being picked and sold. after this weekend's blizzard blanketed the east coast to the slow process of digging out is under the way. twenty-seven deaths are being blamed on that weather system. >> it's a tale of two cities in the wake of this weekend's
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new york is bouncing back quickly. >> things are not entirely normal today but a lot of the city is operating well. >> it's a different story in washington for the mayor who warned the district may be dealing with snow all week. >> while we have made some progress in there is still a lot more to do. >> the comparison was called unfair. >> i would ask you to say are the roads clear and the schools may be open and is it is a situation for those childrdr to get there. that's the mayor's call and his folks advising him. >> dc schools remain close and federal buildings are shut down. and theses mayors says that she will be asking for federal help to dig out across the entire region pooling water on roads is likely to refreeze overnight and many sidestreets remain impassable.
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feeling the pain as airports slowly return to life. 12,000 flights have been canceled including about 1,000 today. passengers seem to be taking it all in stride. >> eight cancellations but they have been rolling on the cancellations over so i'm thrilled to be getting out on time and heading back to new orleans. >> i had a nice forced to vacation in dc. it was good it wasn't too bad. >> a 12,000 flights. >> that is a rough scene. >> just have to have patience. >> i like the snow we saw here that stuck around for about 30 minutes. much more head including a ticket to ride. the panthers havavone there heading to their second super bowl ever and you cacago with them . well maybe if you rob a bank we will look at some of the cheapest tickets available. one week away the latest on key endorsements a primary
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the iowa caucuses. snow chilly temperatures of 48 hours 48 hours ago today a high temperature of 60 degrees. and we will watch this warming trend at least for another day
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details when we return. we got to speak to young professionals and some other adult throughout the community. it was a question and answer session about climates and development across the area . we enjoyed it we want to thank them for having us out this evening. questions. tying in to the historic flooding we saw in the fall. and the climate of the area. it was open to all ages -- we schools in all group just e-mail me. we have a number of visits stay tuned to see if we're coming to your community.
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thirty-nine in columbia 42 in greenville 40s along the water this evening relatively comfortable outside compared to compare to the end of last week. leles take a look at some realtime sites on our sky watch weather bug. we will start -- start in newberry offer house. it's 35 degrees a calm wind right now in the vista of vista of columbia downtown 46 at carl's oyster bar and 44 in irmo. sumter 45 and pinewood 35. thirty-seven in the leesville and 36 in ridgeway. a few passing clouds right now but that will be the story through the night. the sky will be clear until about 5:00 a.m. when a few more clouds push in. this is midweek rain chances/cold front that brings the cool down i've been hinting
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let's take a look at the next 48 hours not a lot to talk about other than clouds increasing in advance of this frontal boundary as we jump into wednesday we start as the rain chances the latest forecast runs as you can see on the future watch model pulling back on the rain chances . we will keep them about 50 to 60% right now throughout wednesday and the clouds expected to linger going into thursday. not to the story for tonight as we are in the 40s eventually down into the mid- 30s clouds are back by 5:00 a.m. still with us at 8:00 a.m. 30 degrees we jump into the 40s and then we have a 50s by midday as the clouds start to pick up across the area and we should have a cloudy sky by 7:00 p.m. despite the fact i temperature makes it a 65 feeling like spring don't get too comfortable friends because that changes. fifty-one with the rain on wednesday behind of this front 49 degrees with a lows of dropping dropping
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get comfortable with the mild air because we rebound into the 60s and close to 70 degrees. by monday wh a difference e week m me -- can make. >> seventys. >> snow shower saturday morning as we told you everything problematic stay to the north ice and snow on the ground in charlotte yesterday and now we're talking about where are my shorts. >> sunshine. >> flip-flops. >> i know who will like that 70 degrees. corey miller. you can place for -- golf with that. >> football weather playoff weather to go weather . speaking of the west coast and warmth the panthers crushed the ticket. they are headed to california
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i have your update on that plus the gamecocks bounce back after
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we have sports is next. let's say it together cam oh cam. a big victory over arizona. got a ticket to california to play in a supervision -- super bowl 50. cam newton was amazing in that football game he was thrown that he was running and there's nothing you can do to stop it . he ran about 80 yards total they did whatever they wanted to do. i thought the defense would play better in this football game. it's an easy win over the cardinals. the head coach has been to the super bowl as a player and as
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going to be in the super bowl as a head coach. we spoke about that to the media. >> i have had an opportunity to be a player an assistant coach and now head coach. i am excited about the opportunity more so than anything else i'm excited for the team the players coaches and everyone else involved. the general manager has been tremendous. this has been a tremendous experience for me personally it is a combination of what you work for as a football player as a coach and so it will be exciting and i look forward to it. >> the gamecocks w wen's basketball team had a tough game against number ten mississippi state. a defensive battle down at the home 10,000 peoples were were in attendance and they showed up and they showed up with a were
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tiffany mitchell had a game- high 21 points against the bulldogs and the gamecocks found a way even a tough match to make the victory. the state undefeated and today there still ranks number two in the country. they will take on ole miss later on this week. a man hit the road to good old rocky top things didn't turn out well for the men's basketball program they struggled. they didn't play with heart they didn't play with passion. something you don't want to hear from a coach but tennessee w w on fire. thirty-six points in the ballgame. frank martin today spoke to the media about the game. >> happy that we can actually could actually stay home for a couple of days this week we split two road games in one week and both good basketball teams conference play
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are destined to be and we were able to sneak one out of ole miss and viously couldn't follow that up with another what would have been another quality road game. >> they have a game tomorrow night at the cla we mentioned at home for game two days this week mississippi and phillips has a preview. >> reporter: the gamecocks returnininhome to the cla after a two-game road swing and no one is probably happier than storm well to get back home. he is a combined one for 23 and his last two ballgames and head coach says he needs the guard to get things going again. >> play better. when you are dealing with a freshman you have to be careful because of the psyche. when you're dealing with guys who's been through they play
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>> we know that he is going to rebound. it's a home game now and i know he's gonna find his charge and be stronger on the court a little bit more. he will find a way. >> the gamecocks also finding a way to not give up points . they will need to fix that going into this matchup with mississippi state tuesday night.t. >> not very good defense on point guard to three games in a row. we have gotten a lot of turnovers from the point guard spot and we haven't gotten any production offensively from the point guard spot in three games in a row and that has to change. >> when asked about the gamecocks recent struggles in conference play frank martin said it best. it's 18 rock fights nothing comes easy in the sec. the gamecocks looking to get back on tracks -- track tuesday night here at the cla. >> here is some high school basketball how about the battle
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battling at north east. perry and spring valley versus terry dozier. robinson will come back that's a good and then the spring valley will come right back. going for the easy layup and the deuce. come back and hit a pull up a jumper nice follow-through and touch. they will go on and win this basketball game 80-62. getting the wing -- win and the vikings of spring valley. a coming up later monday we will look at all things all
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sports coming to -- stay tuned. 14 cadets at the citadel are facing punishment after pictures
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seven freshman and seven junior cadets. other school officials said they are confident the photo of cadets wearing white hoods was not racially motivated instead of there calling it a case of poor judgment. the cadets were reportedly of dressed up as toy soldiers and elves in the nights leading up to the photo taken. >> we have an opportunity right now to change the direction i should say the race relationship with the citadel. when a minority talks about the citadel the talk about a racist college we want to change the that image of this college. >> we will continue to work on diversity council will look into campus climate for minority students will look to enhance our curriculum to foster greater
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different backgrounds and identify ways in which to increase the diversity in both the student population and the staff environment. >> both the citadel and the national action network metadata talk but how some of these policies are going to affect and when they were going to affect in general. they did say they want to one of the new curriculum in place for fall semester. a week from today i will have the first contest of the 2016 presidential race. >> democrats are taking up their big i will push with the cnn town hall happening right now in des moines. as a public and hit the campaign trail hard in the final sprint before the hawkeye state today. >> all of this after talk of a number -- another contender. >> with a i a caucus is fast approaching the presidential primary campaign is clean key endorsements and confident rhetoric on both sides. stop the des moines register on a saturday endorsed hillary clinton and marco rubio. >> we are pleased anytime we
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get people to ratify what our campaign is about. >> a day later clinton picked up another endorsement from the boston globe . meanwhile donald trump raised eyebrows with this comment. >> did you ever see that's where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose voters it's incredible. >> he made -- i love to have bloomberg come in because i love competition. >> clinton brushing off any notion it she feel threatened i have bloomberg run. >> i will relieve them of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> and bernie sanders using it to further his populist message. >> if donald trump became the republican candidate who is a multibillionaire and michael bloomberg became an independent candidate who is a
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tell people what i have been saying for a long time is that this c cntry is moving away from democracy. super bowl 50 if you have your eyes set on staying clear it's going to cost a pretty penny. ticket sales reaching record numbers we will tell you just how much coming up. speaking of big money how about drowning in debt for so many americans are struggling to dig out. we will tell you why you might not be entirely to blame for
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columbia vista is shutting its doors. the sign on the front door today directing employees to a law firm with a could pick up their final checks and their tax forms. at this point it is not clear what will happen to the sizable piece of property. super bowl appears to be a rich man's game . how rich. the average resale retail price of the ticket with a february 7th game is almost $5,200. $5,708. a pair of club seats in middle seat has already sold for $12,100 each. that has made it the most expensive seat so far the republic over much more .
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newest ice cream off been engineers -- ben & jerry's new flavor. has talked with the prospect of creating a sanders themed frozen treat for several months now. the entire top is covered with a thick disc of solid chocolate underneath that his plane made ice cream. a drowning in debt it's the reality of so many americans who graduate from college. what they may not have is a job at what they do have is a mountain of money owed in student loans. the federal agency tasked with handing of these loans having some controversy. >> when the housing bubble burst so many in this country said never again. with the government accountability institute says it is happening again but instead of homebuyers getting for the tory loans it students. >> they are studying social work or they want to be a schoolteacher and those are
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but the reality is it you're not going to be able to pay your $200,000 student loan back if you're making 35 or 40 or $50,000 a year. >> the agency for doling out those loans has been charged with mismanagement. while the top the list there was about $38,000 in 2011 in 2014 it was $75,000 a 96% increased. >> you have students who are not incentivized to try to pay off their student loans and you have federal bureaucracy that rewards inefficiency. >> on capitol hill lawmakers are calling out those inefficiencies and calling to simplify the system where currently the agency gets the -- to set its own goals and define their to find their own margins of success. >> it's clear we have allowed the system to become far too
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>> at a hearing in november the fsa touted improvement like making financial aid forms easier and reducing waste. >> we updated our system to increase capacity and provided training to thousands of financial aid professionals at thousands of schools and moved to 100% direct lending. >> when kids graduate with you to data they can't buy a house they are less likely to start a family they can't start a business they just can't get going in their life. >> another bubble some in washington where he can be the next to burst. >> is tough situation no doubt. something we had the possibility of facing this week. it did happen . we saw dusting of snow and henry had something cooked up for us that will be much different is no. >> -- snow.
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temperature before warm temperatures move in . we will take a look at the seven day when watch fox news at 10:00 returns. hey, guys, it's annie. now, if you're anything like me, you're always looking for ways to save money, especially when it comes to your weekly grocery trip. well, with walmart every day low prices, saving money while keeping the pantry full... that's easier than you think. in head-to-head shopping, the total at walmart beat that of bi-lo. columbia, the total amount saved at walmart vs. bi-lo was $25.61 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you
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we want to show you the temperature all across the area that are a lot more pleasant than the last couple of days . we were down to 27 this morning not that cold tomorrow with a high of 59. fifty-six are high in the leesville we are at 36 right now. we're down to 33 in salute a after a low of 26 this morning and as we take a look in
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temperatures much warmer we are starting to look at the southerly flow returning where hot pressure has been building in and that's where we can think the return of the seasonal weather just temperatures for us. memphis 5962 jackson in the world to exceed two and despite a brief cool down we will see it coming in. the spotty showers and parts of tennessee and western tennessee as well all of that tonight into the next front bring changes away but again you're at home just a few passing clouds of their. future watch with temperatures on the map we are in the 30s through the overnight hours tomorrow through the day clouds will increase ahead of this front the latest model trying to bring way more cloud cover in than what we originally expected to say but will still call
10:42 pm
turns cloudy altogether . we are into the 60s by the afternoon hours we expect it to be dry here at home throughout the evening so as you take the kids at a sports practice to the games game two should be okay taking the kids to dance practice as well things like that you should be fine. it's the upstate now that looks like we could start to see some showers before we head into the overnight timeframe . we are at 65 in the city tomorrow and at 51 with the rain chances on wednesday . behind this front clouds linger 49 and 34 . that's where expecting my thursday take a look at the rest of the seven day. mild they returning on friday mid 60s to around 70 degrees heading into the first part of next week. that's the latest on your forecast stay with us sports next coming up.
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return. spurs and feathers. a lot of basketball happened over the weekend. a big recruiting weekend. will must jam had several guys this weekend a couple of guys some haven't committed to what have you heard. any big news. >> a lot of people excited once again as we have learned and what they're saying to the recruits they are exciting about ththcoaching staff. two big recruits and the defensive lineman can probably move around some other spots they have that ability to right now tyron jones they need running backs. and that's a big one. he was originally at alabama and went to play in junior junior- college and he somebody who can come in they told him you may -- we may
10:44 pm
games from the start i don't know that will happen but he somebody who has a chance to start from day one. >> he played alabama and he played his freshman year so you know he has the potential and david williams is coming back he has to come back. and brendan wiles played and he looked good. >> he looked really good. >> as far as today when a big commitment from the kids from baton rouge louisiana. >> he said on twitter he decided change his mind that's can happen. south carolina let's be honest south carolina will finish in the top 25 it's just can be like that. it will be who exactly is in that class and they have a lot of great commitments but there is still a long way to go still two weeks away.
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>> were getting there quickly. >> must jam and the boys those guys out in new orleans trying to make that last-minute push. for the men's basketball team to road games this week store one from old miss but they talked about this past week tennessee has shooters and boy they have guys that could hit the three ball. >> this was a game-high 36. someone that is averaging 23 just like stefan moody was old miss it they will get their points. you just get a limited. in south carolina. >> it's amazing thing. they play perfectly well. it just shows the ability south carolina had. we talked about this last week. they go on and it's a great week that's how it is. if you would have told me or i would have told you they would have done this at the end of the year you would've told me i was crazy.
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