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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  January 26, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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coming up on wach fox at 10 . fighting to fix the states road. a plan to fix that may mean more to you than smoother roads to drive on. we will explained. approaching cold front means rains coming this way. the sky watch weather app, a good idea to download. this south carolina baby has gone viral. we will show you why she has become an internet sensation almost overnight.
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this is wach news at 10. another round in the fight for south carolina's roads. that right now, there is still not a concrete plan in place to get the job done. as of tonight, the name of the game's compromise.>> the plan to improve the state scribbling roads and bridges can only give you better roads to drive on, but a tax break. but as they say, the devil is in the details.>> if fixing our roads is our number one priority, why is that not being mentioned at all. >> senate lawmakers trying to find some sortrtf compromise on tuesday on how to pay for infrastructure upgrades. during last week's state of the state address, governor nikki haley laid out her plan. she laid out three things. restructure the department of transportation, raise gas taxes, and give a 2% tax rate
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it is all yours.>> reporter: on tuesday, state leaders realize it is haley's way or the highway. they are still looking for some type of compromise.>> i think this babies in the nursery, we the stroller. >> i've seen a lot of ugly bies but those will be the three ugliest babies i've ever seen. >> the public is demanding that we fix the roads of south carolina. they have not demanded that we restructure dot. they have not demanded this other tax relief. they want the roads fix.>> reporter: the debate is going on for more than a year and lawmakers still seem to be stuck in neutral. some republicans want to be the plan paid for with extra money available in this year's budget. >> i think that people of south carolina deserve an answer for that.
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money coming into the general fund. a 15% increase. they want to know why is that money not going to fix our roads. >> in any situation like this, the question is can we all like it enough to vote for it.>> reporter: coming up wednesday morning, the senate transportation committee bill will be -- the committee will be meeting with a panel to discuss dot reform. it is critical that they are some sort of compromise that they can bring to the senate floor. they said it will take an additional $1.2 billion every year to keep south carolina's roads up the perfect condition. they also said on monday that the annual alliance to fix the roads, and the dollar figure that they mentioned, would not be happening. it is not realistic. she did lay out a plan that
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session. an additional $400 million every year would get a large number of -- 35 of the pavement on primary roads in good condition. they also said that if lawmakers could come up with an additional $800 -- 800 million each year, they would maintain the 50% initiative and reduce congestion -- can get -- congestion on 70 miles of interstate and 85 miles of primary and secondary roads. we will have complete coverage of this debate on the roads funding issue. how to pay for it, tax break, the dot reform. you name it. just go to our web -- go to our website at w ach -- go to our i like the weather today.>> added to. but do not too out the gloves and umbrella just yet.
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with the latest weather tonight. we're looking at a cold front that is headed this way. we're starting to see showers headed in. we will likely see a little bit of sprinkles and result during the overnight hours and then chances of rain tomorrow. here is the bigger picture. we have quite a bit in the way of rainfall that is stretching back into north georgia all the way through alabama. again, all of that where the cold front is currently located is going to head this way over the next 24 hours. currently, we are in the 50s. unfortunately, when that front pushes through, we will see our daytyte temperatures as we head through the next 48 hours not even making it into the 50s. make sure that you know where the gloves and the coats are as well. orangeburg, you will remain clouou tonight as well as much of the midlands. to better selling into the 50s. when the kids had to school tomorrow morning, make sure they have and umbrella handy. we could have a few sprinkles.
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sunrise at 725. day. school now will be short-lived. details coming up later on. columbia mayor, steve benjamin said the state of the capital city is strong. he delivered the state of the city address tonight at columbia settle -- city hall. he focused on the impact of october's deadly -- devastating floods. tremendous job of rebounding from the direct -- disaster but the bets -- the best is yet to come.>> the floods was not only devastating but it was an opportunity. an opportunity to rebuild our homes and the structure back to reimagine our city as a whole. we must seize that opportunity with urgency.>> tonight was mayor benjamin's fifth state of the ty address. tonight, we know more about the man who
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>>'s name is damon james, and he was wanted and the murder of texas. authorities say the 42-year-old killed the woman in october was released on bond. melanie barden has more on the case tonight.>> reporter: yesterday, those psent at the scene became warriors. one of the bad guys was 42-year- old damon james. he was wanted in 2014 after girlfriend. >> these guys go after the worst of the worst. they do it dan a day out. >> reporter: us marshal calvin during the quick action at the byron wrote a parts -- apartments. officer shot damon james and the chess. at this point, officers say that james then shot is self -- himself while he was inside his car. >> when they go after the bad they will not hesitate to they know that.
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serious crimes. they have that in the mind set that they will not be taken alive.>> reporter: i spoke with the us marshal in houston texas that they received a tip that damon james was in columbia. police have not him -- released any information on why he was in the midlands or if he worked in the area. eber said they had not seen his car at the complex before the shooting and it is not clear whether he lived at the byron wrote departments. watch fox will -- wach fox will keep you updated on air and online. -- >> you may be asking how he was able to elude the police after a year with being charged with such a serious crime, it happens more than you think. a man from south carolina has been on the us marshals list for 11 years. this man disappeared in 2005 after 10 charged with molesting a 10-year-old child. after he was supposed to turn himself in, they found his wife's body at their low
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she was shot in the head. buyers of -- buyers has not been found to this day. he is considered armed and dangerous. some new information about the barbershop killing. investigators say the 35-year- old was from new jersey. in the surveillance video, you can see the chaos inside the next up barber shop on friday night. nobody was hurt inside the barbershop, but two men inside did have concealed weapons permits and started firing hannibal and the man that was within. second suspect. if you know anything about this crime, --, call crime stoppers. tsa found a loaded weapon in a passengers carry on bad. they notified authorities, and
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this is the first firearm found at the checkpoint in 2016. proposing a bill that would reform healthcare in south lawmakers say the measure would make it easier for people with less income to receive an express -- and expensive medical services by allowing low-cost nurse practitioners to allow similar practice privileges as doctors. practitioners and doctors listened and gave testimony. both for and against that moved today.>> there are significant restrictions that are on nurse practitioners and south carolina that are not widely done across the country. in fact, we have the most restrictive advanced practice -- a aanced practice rules.>> reporter: they say that the measure would save taxpayers money in the long run when
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emergency medical care down the road. if an additional lawmakers were talking for hours today about how to track refugees who into the state. the panel, hearing from a number of people, including refugees -- information from south carolina and people who help to facilitate the refugee program did not -- the panel did not make any decisions. they are expected to hear from the congressman with how they're's -- dealing with the program. they came under fire last week when republican mike pitts said he did not group -- did not want to require them to register with state. the retired law enforcement officer said he modeled his proposal after the state's concealed weapons ball. the reason he did this was to spark discussion about the right to free speech and is more important the gun rights
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were violating your own code of ethics. it also requires you as a journalist to register if you want to be a legitimate journalist in the state of south carolina. >> this believe that the second amendment is justice. simple as the first. -- first amendment. the department of mental health building has been solved. it is led by governor nikki haley. approved -- approve the sale this morning. they agreed to purchase a 16 acre section of the william all psychiatric institute of more than -- of more than $200,000 per square acre. the governor says that she supports about -- the public sector in order to stimulate the economy. >> were looking at whether the
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sufficient and it if it -- and if it is a good sufficient space for those who work there. there are 10,000 robberies that that is way too much. we see something that we do not need to have, we're going to get rid of it. tonight, more federal money is available for victims of october's historic flooding. more than 4000 people in the state qualify for that. fema officials say that another $10 million in aid will be for disaster relief are reviewed for a second time. 40 -- 4500 people will be impacted by the next round of money. the agency went from -- went through 100,000 applications to see who the eligible victims were. so far, fema has approved almost $85 million in disaster aid across the state. on celebrating 30 years.
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the law enforcement torch run and a fund raiser to raise funds for different activities. last year, they generated more than $775,000 to support special olympic athletes. law enforcement officer says it is an initiative they look forward to every year. >> once we meet athletes like josh and see his personality and realize what we get back every year. it really does. more and more law enforcement get involved because all you have to do is get a law enforcement officer one year, and they are going to come back the next year in the next year and the next year.>>sergeant. of his fellow officers hope to raise more than 800,000 this -- $800,000 a share. it goes to the funding and activities. still to come tonight, a star is born.
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the state is getting a lot of attention tonight. we will tell you why coming up. nursing triplets. breast-feeding can make a big difference for newborns, but it is not always an easy process. there is something that you should know before giving up. before you start your day, start your day with good day columbia. before you head out the door, start your day the local way with good day columbia.
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morning show. coming up on good day, we will tell you about a police program that is aimed at pulling you over. don't worry, you are being
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that is little something. the two-year-old is from seneca and she is already a star. this video of hearing her say her prayers is setting the media -- social media on fire.>> the sun said that -- she prayed for almost 2 minutes praying firm -- praying for everyone from grandma to santa claus. since her mother posted that on facebook, it is been shared with thousands and thousands. on the world healthwatch, around the globe, 41 million children under five years of age is overweight or obese. that is increased to 10 million since 1990. there are millions of obese children. the team of researchers are
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potential to reduce many health gains around the world. is raising a common complications in newborns. it is a issue that many mothers do not know much about. >> this mother recently introduced three babies into their family. they thought they had faced after all, these little girls now gave them a total of 12 children. the christine says that when it came to breast-feeding this time around, -- it was really painful. there was something medically going on with the babies that she did not know about. there was a simple solution to fix it. she had a meeting with the
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bigger and growing.>> when the lactation consultant called just a follow-up to see how it was going, i almost started crying. i was like, it was really bad. it is not what i thought it would be.>> reporter: the consultant referred christine to an ear nose and throat specialist to confirmed -- >> we commonly refer to it as tongue-tied or and -- anglo glossier.>> reporter: 4% of babies are born with this condition. >> everybody is born with a thin band of tissues -- tissue and in some babies it prevents movement in a normal fashion.>> reporter: he said than intendment is, he can on the tim area and -- he can -- numb the tongue area and remove the problem.
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case.>> now, nursing is so much -- it is what it should be.>> reporter: and what it should be in the outcome as well.>> the only thing that i've noticed is that they have grown. stay with us. there is much more ahead. leading the polls, a new game for gop front runner donald trump. >> and delay of game. all of the winter weather could be an advantage for the clinton campaign. newberry, hello to you. temperatures tonight, upper 40s and you could be waking up to a few light showers in the morning. the rest of the midlands, rain chances are in your futurere
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hour by hour forecast. welcome back everyone.wach weather school on the road today. the tour took us up to kershaw county and watery elementary where we spoke with the fifth- graders. i want to thananthe teacher r r inviting me out.
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graders up there a watery elementary. a lot of great questions as we talked about whether. we went talked about the recent flooding as well. i want to thank the teacher again for inviting me up there to speak with them. i also had a school ambassador while i was there so that i would not get loss. you will see that coming up in just a bit. we are on the road again tomorrow, and if you want to scatter -- if you want to schedule an email -- a visit, email me. whether at school today, you and i need to talk about whether. we're looking at the skywach radar. that is going to be the story for the next 48 hours. front that we will continue to last few days. it continues to make its way toward the east. the model runs have done everything from showing some good rainfall to backing off and not showing that much rainfall.
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of rain in the forecast. we are not looking at a soaking of a day where it is all day rain, but we will get some scattered showers out of this. temperatures ahead of it. as we all know, very comfortable. we were at 68. were 51 right now. also, in charlotte and atlanta, is 57 and it -- atlanta. very clear dividing line. 35 in nashville. 42 in jackson. our temperatures are going to fall back to that cold range. but this should be a short- lived cooldown. you will not be talking about a few weeks of needing your winter weather gear. 53 in columbia. 52 at new -- newberry. it is 52 and pinewood and salute a showing up at 51 degrees. they are -- these are real-time conditions. you can find that on wach fox.
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a few 40s out there. this pushes through tomorrow and take a look at this. the latest model run, back to some soaking rains by midday. i think we will see at times some scattered showers to push through the area. we will pause this at 3 o'clock. moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, when you go pick up the kids from school, you may see some scattered showers. passport to rush hour, when you're living the work -- leaving work, you will see predominantly clouds. take the kids to dance recitals, sports activities, all of the activities that we the upper 40s. the area. maybe a few lingering showers in the southern midlands and things will start to quiet down as we jump into thursday. 53 tomorrow. but because the clouds linger, chance of rain, temperatures morning low. only 46.
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sunshine returns. were seasonanaat 56 on friday. 56 on saturday. we will jump to monday. that is the start of february. it will feel like the start of march. it is 70 degrees and groundhog day. 62 degrees.>> it is 70 degrees. have a feeling i guess.>> i will be watchingne of my favorite movies. groundhog day.>> don't judge me.>> we did not talk about groundhog day. we did talk about snow and the forecast. this right here, the thank you card that we showed you earlier gned by all of the fifth- graders. i promised them that i would try to get all of the names shown. i know that they are all over here, but i want to thank the
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teacher for inviting me out there today. we had a great time speaking to those kids and are looking forward to seeing the upper campus coming up tomorrow. >> you have a busy weekek of seeing the students. >> it is good. because it means -->> i just that my that on the table.>> do you have your cleats on for sports? he has is whether she is on.>> they look like weather shoes. they have been rained on and muddied up. the gamecocks are back at home at the cla after they lost on the road to tennessee. speaking of shoes, how about them frank. those were nice and they played great against mississippi state. i will show you the highlights
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wach fox news at 10. good evening. think you fofojoining us at wach fox sports. corey miller here with you. last week, frank martin and his staff had sneakers week that help raise awareness of the fight against cancer. a good start for the home team. due date dozier -- dj dozer. aisling. usc up by five. later in the half, darius cornwall -- cornwell coming out. 15 points on the night. and then watch number zero. he drives it all the way to the bucket for the score. slam. old poster child. you do not want to be on the
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d-day -- dj dozier. left-handed. the found goes to the line. and one. the gamecocks are on a roll. the crowd is living the action. pj has been playing well. 84-74. the gamecocks football. they finish out their coaching. mike peterson was announced to be the out signed -- outside linebacker coach. he came from florida. conditioning coach. he finalize the coaching staff. staff. it looks pretty good at least on paper. now for clemson football, it is 2016 in the schedule is ardea. clemson talked about getting back in, it looks pretty good. nc state, syracuse, pit. and then the gamecocks are on the road. they -- they open up against
10:29 pm
florida state will be the big game -- big-game, and wake forest will be the big game that everyone will point to to get back to the acc.>> what about high school basketball. we pick up action midway through the first quarter. sidney jackson would dribble to the paint. a double pump jump up at the diamonds up by three. and then nor richards. carlos is going to do a no look pass for the easy layup. reggie would try to get things going. a 10 foot job, and it is good. but it would all be laura richland tonight. they move from 5-22 region play. the region hosted newberry. this guy that we saw, he had a hesitation dribble. before the half. really good.
10:30 pm
are going to pick up where they left off. newberry's tyree goodman is going to try to keep this team in the game. the basket is good. tonight, too much to get it done. the raiders get it done on the hardwood. coming up in sports, the raiders get ready as they head out to california. we will talk about the mood in all of the distractions coming up later on in sports.
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will be right back. you are watching wach fox news at 10 with brian mcconchie, janet parker. chief meteorologist henry rothenberg in court -- sports with corey miller.this is wach this would change how the commissioners run the state dot . reforming the dot has been a big item on the lawmakers agenda as it goes hand-in-hand withthis -- fixing the states the governor would choose a nominee who would be approved by the senate. tomorrow morning, a full senate
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meet to consider the proposal. making political headlines tonight, a new cnn orc poll shows donald trump in hillary clinton dominating the presidential race. here is a look at the gop side of things and i. it is the first time that trump has topped the 40% mark followed by crews who received 19%. in the democratic bill, latin tops 52% to 38% that clinton's latest smaller than it has been at any point in the race. this friday, the final batch of hillary clinton's emails are supposed to be released to the public. instead, you state department says that it needs more time.>> she says voters are losing out here.>> reporter: let's build on what we have.>> reporter: on the campaign trail in iowa, hillary clinton has her eye on the end zone. in washington, a delay of game. with the state department asking the courts for an extra
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batch of her emails. 55,000 pages. that would be after iowa, new hampshire, nevada, and south carolina.>> her communications as well as oh -- other documents, were entitled to ask under the freedom of information act. i think the public needs to have that information. >> reporter: jason label followed the freedom of information case more than a year ago. it argues that voters in the primary states before the release will be harmed by not having all of the information.>> reporter: the state department listed two reasons for the extension. first, they found emails that still needed scrutiny. the second reason is the weather. courts here in washington have been close. many of the roads are still blocked. it is an issue that comes up time and time again for hillary clinton.>> when you are facing
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to get the fax. it takes time to get the fax. >> reporter: one corresponded says things could get worse as the fbi continues to investigate her use of a private email server. >>i have friends in the fbi and they say that they are ready to indict. if the atty. general. does not and -- does not indict -->> reporter: had assist play out on the campaign trail caught -- on the campaign trail? we will find out next week in the iowa caucuses. struck he is known as the affluenza a en out -- teen and he may be coming home to pay some serious charges. a boutique winter igloo for two. how a group of friends try to cash in on the recent winter storm. coming up gun -- coming up
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the story, wednesday at seven. making national headlines cleveland police officers have been fired in connection with a there was one indicted with allegations that he fired 49 out of a most 140 shots into a car carrying two people. the grand jury at the time declined to indict 12 other officers who were involved. the president of the cleveland police patrol association said
10:36 pm
he is calling them politically motivated and he wants to get the jobs back. ethan couch says his client to be returning to the us soon. couch wants to drop his appeal and be deported to mexico. he and his mother tonya were found in mexico last month weeks after a warrant was issued for his arrest on a possible probation violation. member, ethan couch made headlines when he was since the -- sentenced to probation for killing four people in a drunk driving incident a few years back. they said the team was too rich and spoiled to understand the consequences of his actions. the us is taking another step to improve its relationship with cuba. today, the treasury department announced it is doing away with more of its restrictions on cuba starting on wednesday. it will get rid of finance restrictions on most exports to the us will also allow more cuban commodities to be exported. the changes come because of direct talks with the us which,
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in a group -- and igloo in brooklyn arm -- is making headlines. they tried to rent out this snow house. it to the internet by storm after a man tried to rented out for 200 block some -- $200 a night. it is being pulled because it did not meet occupancy standards.>> great idea, guys, but i am not interested. >> people will want to stay in their homes in that mess.>> they definitely have the entrepreneurial spirit. >> they tried. henry, eight -- henry, any interest in the bungalow for two?>> maybe a few months ago.>> how about never? track we have some changing weather. lexington, you have clouds. we have some early morning
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with us throughout the wednesday. i will explained forecast after the break. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain
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januvia should not be e ed in patients w wh type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death. stop taking januvia and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your doctor right away and stop taking januvia if you have an allererc reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of theesulfonylurea or insusun. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar
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welcome back, friends. we're looking at showers west of us. a pretty decent line. this is thanks to a cold front that is heading this way and some changes over the next 24- 48 hours. these will be short-lived changes. we have clouds out there right now. these cloud service and atmospheric blanket. temperatures will remain mild tonight. they will not move a lot. wednesday we will see a chance for showers to pitch through the area. real-time conditions, it is 55
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temperatures right now, warmer than what we will see for daytime highs come thursday. thanks to that cold front. do not put the winter weather stuff away just yet. you'll want to bundle up as we had to thursday. during the weekend, we will see improving conditions. we're looking at future watch right now. 5 am when you start your morning, you will likely have some drays -- drizzle in some isolated showers to talk about. by lunchtime, we will see some showers. the latest model run is making it a little more widespread than some of the earlier ones did. we're seeing a lot of inconsistency between widespread brain, not as much rain. we're still going to keep the chance of some scattered showers . not exactly a great day to enjoy lunch outdoors. when you had to pick the kids up a school at 3 o'clock, a chance of a few scattered showers. were still holding in the upper
10:42 pm
by rush hour tomorrow afternoon, that cloudy sky with rain chances, it will likely be a little drizzle the time that you're running out to dinner or running to take the kids to those afterschool activities that they may have: games, and recitals, things like that. temperatures may be in the 40s and it will -- we will see that in a few areas. 53 tomorrow, the 46 on thursday. sunshine is back in full force come friday 56 degrees. up to 65 on saturday. 68 two and january. starting february, 70 degrees. those lows will go from the 30s into the 40s. groundhog day is tuesday, 62 degrees. we will see a few clouds. we just have to get through the next 48 hours before we see some nice weather for the weekend.
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sports is next.
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now time for our panthers watch. is the panthers get ready to head to super bowl 50, a lot of things are going on. was all celebrations. we saw the picture taking. we saw all of the things it took lace on last sunday when they won the game against the cardinals. this is one crazy week. they are back home. trying to practice. trying to refocus. one thing about it, they have to remember, even though it was nice winning the nfc championship, they still have one game remaining. remember, the head coach has been there as a player, as an assistant coach, and now he was going -- he is going as a head coach and he understands there are a lot of distractions. when they get to california, it is about playing the game. the coach said we have to say focused and remember why we are there.>> they deserve it, but we have to remember what the focuses. what we're playing for and that is to when it.
10:45 pm
it is not it about being part of a. it is about winning a. we need to focus on denver and their players and focus on what we do. i will stress that when you are away from it, enjoy it. i'm going to try to take from my experiences having been there as a player, and i will try to share some of that with our players.>> the panthers are made up of the team who were never -- who have never experienced what the super bowl is all about. you should act this way, practices way. but one thing rivera said is he did not want the panthers to lose their identity. they've have fun, they play lose, they give the ball away in the stands. they take pictures. that is who the panthers are and that is the reason they will have an opportunity to play in the super bowl. here is what the coach had to say about that.
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