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tv   WACH FOX News at 10  FOX  January 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> we can talk to the people and bring them into the survey. >> midlands officials are trying to get a handle on the region's homeless population. how they hope to change which i thinks, coming up. >> it's important people understand this is it r the affordable care act. >> a critical health insurance deadline is looming. if you don't meet it, you'll be paying up. >> plus police are looking for a killer tonight after a woman is gunned down in columbia. the news at 10:00 starts now. live from the wach fox studios, this is wach fox news at 10:00. well, do you remember this? janet and i do. what a difference a week makes in the midlands. last weekend it was snow and ice. and now we're heading into this weekend on the opposite side of that spectrum. old man winters having a tough
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don't think anyone's complaining. >> not at all. things are about to settle into a pretty nice place. chief meteorologist henry rothenberg. >> a week ago, we had this dip in the jet stream. that's the strongest winds in the upper part of the atmosphere. it allowed all this cold air to dip south. frigid, freezing. this week, high pressure, instead of coming down from the north, we have it from the south. this ridge bringing beautiful sunshine, comfortable temperatures and that is going to be the story for the weekend. we're going to have a ridge of high pressure dominating our forecast. as we continue to roll through the overnight hours and into tomorrow, beautiful weather expected. it's very comfortable today. we made it into the low 60s. we start thursday nice warming trend as we watched temperatures climb well above
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night. traffic flowing steady. i've seen a number of people out and about this evening. temperatures in the 40s. seasonal, but still comfortable from last week. we'll see our low on target for this time of year, 44 degrees throughout the midlands. temperatures tomorrow, while it will be a seasonal but cool start to the day, i have a feeling many of you don't mind wearing that jacket and carrying it in the afternoon hours. hitting the lynx in thth morning, 46 degrees at 10:00 a.m. we have the orange dot special all morning long as the sky will be full of sunshine. it looks like that will be the story throughout saturday. what about sunday and heading into february on monday and we'll look at that later on. a week after the historic
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snow is still on the ground in the nation's capital right now. shut down government offices for days and led to a massive clean up. some regions of the northeast got 40 inches of snow. you can download the sky watch weather app from warnings to advisories, everything you need to know in the palm of your hands. it does present a danger to the region's homeless population. there are e ams of people out there trying to get a handle on that situation in the midlands and all around the state. >> last year, officials counted 5,000 homeless people. why finding the homeless is so imimrtant. >> reporter: 1400 homeless people were accounted for in columbia in 2015. this was a 6% increase from the year before. groups are looking for a way to end homelessness locally. i spoke to one volunteer who
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without a home. >> i ended up being incarcerated and when i got out, i had nowhere to go. >> reporter: christine knows what it's like to be out on the streets. >> it hurts every day. i've lost my family, my husband and my children. >> reporter: roberts turned to transitions shelter to get back on her feet. one of her jobs is to help find others who are homeless. >> capture as many people who are homeless as possible and do a brief survey with them. >> it's called the bait because we're homeless, we can talk to -- and we know some of the people. we can talk to the people and bring them into the survey. >> repepter: the ultimate goal of surveying is to end homelessness everywhere. >> we want to be able to provide services that are needed and tailor those to each
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from their homelessness. >> reporter: which is why roberts is doing what she can to help others and her herself. >> i'm getting far enough long in progress to start hoping for a place of my own, to be able to support myself instead of having to ask the community to do it for me. >> reporter: roberts has high hopes in making a difference in the fight against homelessness. when that study is finished, it will be sent to washington, d.c. to help get funding in the state. right now there is not a homeless count. it should be available by february. a woman was found dead after a shooting near farrow road. they found the victim near a car and deputies say she was shot several times. right now, there are no
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anyone with information to call crimestoppers. authorities are looking into the death of a usc student who was found at the hub in downtown column .y a roommate found rachel bandman late thursday afternoon. columbia police say there were no signs of a break in at the apartment. a coroner will determine the cause of death after autopsy is complete. a missing teenager tonight. 15 year old kayla stoots was -- they say it's possible that she could be in the rock hill area. if you have seen her or know crimestoppers. a usc student caught spitting into her roommate's
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it is getting a chance to avoid jail time. haley king is getting pretrial intervention. her roommates set up cameras in their apartment because they were afraid of what the 22 year old might do after they got into fights. the video you're seeing shows her spitting into food containers and pouring glass cleaner in them. her attorney says the situation has been mischaracterized as poisoning. there are other facts of this case that were unknown to the public and that's why we ask anyone who has been bullied to go through the proper channels to seek assistance rather than acting on their own.n. animal cruelty charges have been dismissed against the charleston doctor who was found with 9 dead dogs. there's a lack of evidence here in the case.
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pleaded guilty to one count of abandonment of animals. he's been ordered to pay a $900 fine. bickerstaff went to the vet in august 2014 looking for help after he said he thought several of the dogs passed out in his car. >> you go anywhere else around our community, the state, across the nation, this is slam- dunk animal cruelty and we are outraged that the perpetrator is being let off the hook with a $500 fine. >> bickerstaff is affiliated with several hospitals. his attorney has previously said at the time of the incident, the weather had changed and the doctor was involved with an emergency situation. when he returned three hours later, the attorney says the dogs were dead. a south carolina truck driver has died after his rig
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52 year old toni joseph was driving his tractor trailer just after 2:00 this morning. speed, alcohol and weather were not suspected here. they are continuing to look into it. he was wearing a seat belt, but died on impact. tonight, the council on american islamic relations is asking state lawmakers to top what they are calling an anti- islam measure that is making its way through the state house. a bill would ban the use of international law in south carolina courtrooms. chip limehouse is sponsoring that measure. right now, there are no known cases of attorneys trying to use that law in this stase. the proposal is a -- the measure is now heading for the state senate. last year, similar legislation was introduced in 17 states. in the race for the white house, it is just days before
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trump is holdingng a hefty lead in the polls. trump has been unmeteorologist unapologetic. >> reporter: the anti-pc candidate may be experiencing a significant shift. >> the establishment actually is against me, but really coming online. >> reporter: coming online in the form of a nod by bob dole. >> if it comes down to donald and ted cruz, i'm for donald trump. >> reporter: and henry mcmaster, south carolina's lieutenant governor and former member of the republican national committee. >> donald trump, the next president of the united states. >> reporter: what's with the change of heart? >> the idea that trump is gaining in the polls, folks are
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the presidency, we have to work with him. >> reporter: some political analysts say it's less about the establishment backing the no. 1 and more about them shunning the no. 2. >> ted cruz is someone that many republicans know. they despise him and want to stop him first. >> reporter: senator ted cruz called mitch mccolonel a liar on the senate floor. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat out lie. >> reporter: with trump's absence, cruze was front and center at the debate. biwith a dozen gof candidates, endorsements are hard to come by. >> i think a lot of folks are starting to realize this actually could be the reality, that donald trump could be the nominee. >> reporter: a new reality for this reality tv star. once a longshot now being given
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>> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> kristine frazao reporting. >> which is the most important issue in the presidential race: stopping terrorism or the economy? >> here are the results tonight. 37% of you saying terrorism. 57 saying the economy. and 6% voted other. the founder of the ame church will be honored on this year's heritage stamp. richard allen founded the years ago. >> character stamps are the story of america and black history. and they're all told in biographies of fascinating people that have done wonderful things and it's an inspiration
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>> the stamps will be available in the midlands on february 3rd. we'll talk to a local health expert to separate the fact from fiction about zika virus. >> the deadline to sign up for healthcare just days away and many americans are taking their time to get covered. there is help. we'll tell you where to apply straight ahead. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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making health headlines, concerns are growing tonight about the zika virus. the number of cases is also increasing in this country.
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cases in a dozen states and the district of columbia. it's worth pointing out that the illness is coming in from travelers. the virus does not spread from person to person, only through mosquito contact. the virus is in 23 countries and territories in the americas. 83% of those affected don't even feel sick. most who do have mild symptoms. fever, rash, joint pain or pink eye. there are concerns about the dangers pregnant women and their babies face. it can lead d to significant birth defects. it's not clear when the illness can impact the pregnancy. there are certainties here. >> there's no specific treatment for zika virus infections, like hiv for which we have good antiviral medications.
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we hope a future one will be developed. and laboratory testing is difficult anannot widely available. >> he doesn't expect any type of outbreak here in the u.s. many airlines are offering full refunds to travelers who have booked travel to central and south america. also tonight, the deadline is looming to sign up for health insurance under the federal health law. according to a survey, only 15% of the uninsured know this year's open enrollment deadline is sunday. only 1 in 100 people know the minimum penalty for being uninsured is going up. if you don't sign up before the deadline, it could cost you
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tara in the studio now. >> reporter: since the affordable care act passed, it's the law that you have health insurance. not only does the fine increase dramatically every year, but not having coverage could be the difference between life and death. healthcare officials have been busy as the clock is ticking. it's the third affordable care act open enrollment period. >> it's real important people understand that this is it for the affordable care act this year. >> reporter: the fine for not being covered is $695 or 2 and a half% of your household income, whichever is greater. if you aren't insured, you will see the penalty when you see your 2016 taxes. >> if you look at the no. 1 reason people go into bankruptcy today in america, it's because they have some sort of catastrophic event,
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with a hundred thousand dollar bill and it just follows them around the rest of their lives. >> reporter: the affordable care act has helped more than 200,000 people in south carolina alone. 90% of the people who get healthcare in south carolina have access to a subsidy. >> we're seeing clients that can come get enrolled in their monte lee premium is far less than what their annual penalty will be. you're not excluded for pre- existing conditions. we might be able to help people who were priced out of the market before. >> reporter: that deadline to enroll is this sunday is the midnight. it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through the entire process. the information is on our
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tara petitt, wach fox news. there are two events scheduled this weekend for coverage. the first is happening saturday from 10:00 to 2:00. as well as sunday from noon until midnight. >> critical deadlines. >> if you need help, reach out. stay with us. there is much more ahead tonight, including the latest california. new video shows how the inmates broke out and who was helping them. >> plus, access denied. the hillary clinton emails will not be released to the public. >> we have temperatures in the 40s. this beautiful weather -- stay
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wach fox news at 10:00 returns. welcome back, friends. tgif and it is a seasonal and nice night out there. we begin the tour with our sky
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48 after out high of 59. our wind is calm in sumter after a daytime high of 59. ridgeway. let's take a look across the palmetto state where we're showing 42 degrees in [ indiscernible ] island. 60, that's what we made it up to in hilton head. 41 in monk's corner. in anderson, we're 45. all across the palmetto state, we're looking at -- 43 in aiken, 43 in greenville and 40s along the water this evening as we take a look at future watches going into tomorrow morning. 9:00 a.m., so many folks will be out and about getting the morning run in, taking the dog for a walk.
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have a feeling that all of our wonderful spaces will be jam packed. a chilly start but seasonal with the 40s. that's 9:00 a.m. pause this at 3:00. how about 60s throughout the midlands. i think this particular model keeping these 50s right here. a little underestimated there. i think we'll be in the 60s. saturday night, getting ready to go out on the town. that's the story throughout saturday. we start sunday, 8:00 a.m. when you wake up, get ready for church, whatever your activities may be, we have temperatures once again, a seasonal start and sunny sky to start with. throughout the day, we'll see a cloud passing through here and there. i've paused this at noon. many of you leaving church to go to lunch and things are looking nice.
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sky to sumter county and especially east. these latest runs bring in the cloud layer a little more to the metro area. we'll call for mostly sunny to clear for the central to northern midlands. that is not a sign of anything to come as it's going to be several days before get rainfall here. potential for showers in the upstate, but as far as our next chance for rain, that's the middle of next week. let's look at lexington tonight. 33 degrees. i show the dam because so of you love to go out and walk the dam. absolutely gorgeous. tomorrow with that sunshine and 64 degrees, i think people are going to be packing the sidewalks there to enjoy this rare january treat. two years ago this time, we were all digging out of what was a pretty nice little snow and ice storm throughout the southeast. here we are. it's kind of hard to think about snow.
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had the cold rain here and winter weather in the northern counties. we go from 65 to 70 on sunday. yeah, we bumped it up again because this ridge has really got the southeast locked in. how about 70 for the start of february. how about 72 for ground hog day? but wednesday, we've got nice temperatures, however we've also got the chance of seeing waterfall from the sky and flashes of lightning with a cold front. the only way i can describe this front is it will slap you in the face come thursday. you will walk outside thinking oh, it's been great. you'll be like me in shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops and then you'll be sitting there saying inappropriate language to the dog telling him to hurry up because it's cold. >> 70s first. >> 70s first.
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>> corey miller, what do you think of all that? i love the good news. my man henry rothenberg is bringing to the table a great weekend. we just finished football; right? basketball is in full motion. baseball practice? yes. that's going on right here. in the midlands and the upstate as well. we'll sit down with lee in a one-on-one conversation.
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sports. here at don kingsmore stadium with monty lee. coach, i know you're getting ready to get this thing kicked off. >> very excited. our guys have been working hard in the weight room in conditions and out here on the field in our skill work portion of our work outs.
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team together and get behind the white lines and compete against each other and try to get our guys ready for february 19th. >> reporter: let's talk about the program. very rich history. when you think about it for the past 20 or so years, people think about jack leggitt. what is your philosophy coming into this program as you take over for a hall of famer like leggitt? >> i think as a coach, when you look at his career and all the things he did for clemson baseball, i get to come in behind two legends, two guys that are hall of fame caliber coaches that did an awful lot for this university and baseball program. to follow jack leggitt, it's been an easy transition because of how these kids practice, how they compete, how coachable they are, the type of character
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a lot of that is a testament to coach leggitt. >> reporter: certainly makes life easier on you when you are able to come into a program that returns a ton of talent, offensively in the field and even in your rotation. how do you feel about going into this season with your kids? >> very excited. you look at us in the field, it all starts with chris oakie behind the plate. westononilson, chase pender. we have a number of guys returning who have starting experience in the field. i feel like we're going to be agoffense ball club. we have to play better defensively than we did last year. we have a young pitching staff out of -- we're going to throw young guys on the fire and watch them compete and the key
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staff is we've gotta play good defense. but i like our arms. i like the caliber arms we have. there's a lot of talent there. there's guys that can execute a game plan and it's a matter of getting them out there and getting them experience. they're going to get the opportunity this year. >> reporter: you've been around this game for such a long time and had a ton of success, but when you come and play in the sec every day, that's a different stage. how prepared are you to lead to ball club with the experience and success you had can with the cougars. >> year after year as you do this, more and more you start to get more comfortable with how you do things. whether it's the acc or the socon -- i've coached travel baseball. baseball is baseball when you
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to me, my biggest job comes in recruiting and preparing my team in practice. my goal is to get my team ready for game day so when we go play, when they yell play ball, it's a play ground. go play baseball and let all the things we taught you come out of you. play aggressive and have fun. because that's what i do on game day and the more people here to support that, the most excited i'm going to be. i don'tet overwhelmed because i i know what i do as a head coach and what our players today in and day out. in such a great league as the acc. >> two weeks away from first pitch. coach, we appreciate the time. good luck this year and we appreciate it. that's going to do it for sports.
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we're back after this. you're watching fox news at 10:00 with brian, janet -- and sports with corey miller. this is wach fox news at 10:00. making national headlines tonight, the state department says it will not release 22 emails from former secretary of state hillary clinton because they contain what it calls top secret information. those emails were not marked classified at the time they
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they are being upgraded to top secret. the state department announced 18 emails between clinton and president obama will be with held from the public. also tonight, the investigation into that daring jail break at one of california's largest lockups has led to 5 arrests tonight. >> several of those in custody, alleged vietnamese gang members. paul reports. >> reporter: in and around little saigon, authorities made a series of arrests of associates of the two vietnamese escapees. >> you see a new poster here
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the escapees, bac duong with numerous tattoos. >> reporter: they have been harshly grilled by this escapey, hossein nayeri. he was in a general population area. authoritying called him the break out ring leader. he's charged with kidnapping and torture that included use of rubber hoses a blow torch and mutilation. >> he based on his past is a little more sophisticated than the other two individuals. that's a belief of mine. >> reporter: the three prison escapees got a huge jump by leaving after being eyeballed at the 5:00 in the morning check and were not discovered missing until 9:00 p.m. new video reveals more about the inmate's path out, crawling
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climbing through an air duct, crawling on a roof. >> it's every sheriff's nightmare. you never want to have an escape from any jail. they do happen and you certainly don't want maximum security prisoners who are a danger to the public to get out of your jail. it's not a good day. >> reporter: the sheriff says they got help escaping from the outside and the investigation continues as to whether anyone assisted them inside. still to come, trouble with technology. apple is recalling millions of its products tonight and chances are you have one of these sitting around the house. >> plus the push f equality.
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close the gender pay gap. president obama made his latest push on equal pay for women today. the president is proposing a new rule that will require companies to report pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. it would apply to companies that have 100 or more employees. it would require employers to provide salary information on a form already submitted to the equal employment opportunity administration. -- based on gender, race and ethnicity. aretha franklin is launching her own food line.
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desserts and her own brand of chili. walmart couldn't keep her patty labelle sweet potato pie on the shelfs. apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they can cause electric shock. the two-prong wall -- the plugs in question here were shipped between 2003 and 2015 with macs and other apple devices. apple said it will exchange those faulty plugs for free at any apple store or authorized apple service provider. facebook may be looking into tacking uber and lyft. the social media giant may get into ride sharing next.
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facebook's event feature. that feature would help users share vehicles. it would also help you contact -- it comes weeks after partnership with uber. facebook. >> it's amazing to see how it's evolved over the years from to do. you might not want any ride sharing over the weekend. you might want to walk instead. it's going to be pretty nice, henry rothenberg. >> yeah. walk, ride a bike. whatever you do, enjoy that fresh air. it is january. folks are doing that tonight. i've noticed folks out and about in the vista. 48 degrees at boroughs. we'll take a look at what will be a beautiful weekend and heading into february starting monday.
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know after the break. friday night in january, a week ago, we were talking about frigid conditions, cold rain, some winter precipitation. this week, 47 degrees in remembero after a daytime high of 59. we're at 42 degrees in sumter. we made it to 59. we had a north wind at 2 miles per hour. calm wind in ridgeway. as we look at 4 other locations from across e board, the island at 41. 62 for the high. 60 is what we made it to in hilton head. 44 currently. we made it to 58 in monk's corner and in anderson where we are 39 in monk's corner, 35 in anderson.
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and 40s. what a difference a week makes. that is gogog to give us a nice trend heading through the weekend. not only the weekend, but the final days of january. you know, february starts on monday. typical highs this time of year, 56, 57 degrees. we're talking about highs anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees in some isolated spots even more than that. above average, thanks a lot southerly winds for giving us this treat. 9:00 a.m. on saturday, 40 degrees. definitely wear that jacket. a few hours later, you're getting rid of anything to stay warm. we'll be in the 60s. you'll be in shorts and maybe a long-sleeved shirt. we're going to mid-60s for tomorrow before we drop into the 50s by tomorrow night. seasonal weather to start.
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church, it's going to be one of those mornings that you'll leave with a coat. by lunchtime, you'll be carrying the coat. then we climb to the upper 60s to about 70. southern midlands, eastern part of the midlands, we have a chance of seeing clouds that will continue to work their way east. from the central midlands north, mostly sunny, central and north, but partly to mostly cloudy by the afternoon hours on sunday for the southern midlands. this is not indicative of rain coming. our chances, not in the immediate future. that won't come until about the middle of the week. 33, that will be our low in lexington tonight. the beautiful location we selected here of the lexington dam.
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be our high along the water with all of that sunshine. officially we'll make it to 65 in the city. final day of january, 70 degrees. 47 that low temperature and then 70 for the high on the first day of february. another night of 47 going into groundhog day. the front arrives, rain chances, even the chance of a thunderstorm and we get all of that out by thursday. but colder temperatures push in as it will be windy with highs around 50 and lots of sunshine. take a look at the lows. down into the 20s late next week.
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another look at sports is next. here in vineland, new jersey,, home of prprressss we know the secret ingredient to a great minestrone dirt. california dirt with the rich blend of nutrients that produces amazingly flavorfuful matoes.. the best v vetables, like those we use here in vineland, come right from the earth. so if you're not going to make the minestrone yourself tonight, do what we do... make it progresso. hope you're having a wonderful friday night. thanks for joining us.
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last night, the gamecocks women's basketball team dominant. still no. 2 in the country. one of the big concerns was how they would perform. the former atlanta coach -- defend her bigs. d a pretty nice job last night. atlanta coach dominating on the boards. >> create layers and our [ indiscernible ] had to be higher up on the floor because they have two post players that can really stroke it from the outside. create a layer off of their penetration and being able to close out, especially on joseph who can really stretch the floor out and knock down some shots. chad holbrook the head coach for carolina back in action today.
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it's free to public. you can see the baseball team. you don't see a lot of familiar faces. remember those national championship runs? we knew names and faces. not so much now. chad talked about that today after practice. >> it's both scary and exciting. you know, a lot of these kids understand the expectations that are before them at the university of south carolina. and that's one of the reasons they came here. but all i can do is go off of how i feel, what i've seen, what i've observed. and it doesn't matter -- it's a new team. you have a new team every year in college baseball. we have unfamiliar faces this year, but they're not -- they might be unfamiliar to you, but they're not so unfamiliar to me.
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we know who are familiar. the carolina panthers. they're finishing up their work week today. tomorrow they'll have something for guy who is want to come in and get extra treatment. on sunday, the panthers will head to san jose where they'll start practicing for super bowl 50. they're favored by 5, now 6 points in this ball game. >> the biggest thing for us most certainly, we've been trying to really focus in on the game plan and preparation for denver is what we've really tried to do and keep it the same. we've used the same exext regular practice we with with the exception of the walk through tomorrow. tomorrow the players will get extra treatment, extra recovery. we have a recovery circuit for the guys. guys will come in tomorrow that want extra work and we'll be
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>> should be an intriguing
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