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anthony johnson. this is what that man can do to anyone in this division. if you're not prepared, if you have a bad game plan, anything is not perfect, anthony johnson will finish you. anthony johnson wrestled in junior college. this was not the shot. you don't shoot from halfway across the octagon. he understands the game good enough to know how to sprawl. you have to take advantage to get there. bader wasn't willing to. >> brian: the shot wasn't the biggest mistake. what ryan bader tried to do was shoot, make anthony johnson work, force him to wrestle early to wear him out. he went for the kimura and even when he lost his leverage and anthony johnson had both legs wrapped around him he stuck with it, he was caught in the mound, head pressed up against the fence, the tactical error where any other guy he's mounted by he's probably going to escape from but he's so strong. one mistake. >> joe: so terrified of the
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mounted he didn't want to let go of the arm. >> daniel: you have to realize "i've lost this position. i have to get back to a safe space, maybey take one or two to get back to my feet. he was so afraid of the power he didn't do that. >> curt: you're not assuming you win -- >> daniel: john and i will fight. why wouldn't he keep going to fight these other guys. >> curt: everybody takes him deep. he can't get him deep. for a complete wrapup of tonight's actctn we hope you you will tube in to ufc fight night the post fight show right now on f. s. 2. coming up next on fox it's your late local news except for those of you on the west coast. for brian stann, daniel customerier and the rest of us,
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-- right now richland county deputies have a suspect, this man behind bars tonight. in the shooting of a teenager, thank you for joining us i'm dana fulton. officials believe young woman, 19-year-old yonder roach was fatally shot by her ex- boyfriend. deputies are still looking into what happened. >> he has a criminal past, he is being charged with armed robbery.>> reporter: interview lee junior is behind bars,
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girlfriend, ex-girlfriend dion jordan brooch. >> this dirt road leads into the wood line area.>> reporter: deputies found her lying unresponsive next to her vehicle down the stair road, deputies also found her with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. >> ems arrived and pronounced are dead at the scene, and we went into mode, had the crime scene come out, forensics. >> reporter: after speaking with family and friends, deputies led to heatley. >> he was found using the victims debit card. >> reporter: which led to his arrest, officials are still investigating, there will be bond for heatley later this afternoon. it was neither set or denied and has now been moved to general sessions.
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will keep you updated as more information becomes available. the richland county sheriff's department has already scheduled a press conference on the investigation for monday morning at 11. a facebook page has already been launched for the 19-year- old girl shots, justice for deondre, the link it is on deputies say 15-year-old kayla has been found, weston thursday morning and early this morning, deputies say they found her at the mcdonalds on 2 notch deputies say they found her at the mcdonalds on 2 notch road. unharmed . investigators were concerned about kaila stukes condition. a 21-year-old man faces charges for allegedly assaulting an officer, richland deputies responded to a domestic call around 4 clock last night, the suspect william merchants and the victim his mother were in the driveway, richards was highly intoxicated and i rate when he and his mother went back in the home, he began to attacker.
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richard started fighting with the deputies. the columbia police department is asking for your help tonight in a sexual assault investigation, officials say around 3:30 am a woman is sexually assaulted by an armed man. they said he forced her to go with him somewhere around the 800 block of barnwell street, the victim for some the man in the hallway of her apartment complex and spoke to him. the investigators -- the investigation is ongoing and they're working on description of the suspect. anyone is asked to call crimestoppers with the description or information. taking a look at the sky watch, temperatures comfortable outside for your friday evening -- saturday evening. 45 degrees in lexington, 44 columbia. 48 in winnsboro. doppler radar, crystal-clear. a few passing clouds but overall clear.
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temperatures only dropping into the upper 30s. starting a warming trend, temperatures the next few afternoons almost 20 degrees above average. taking a look at the full forecast in a few minutes. political watch, a couple days before voters head out to caucus as the nation's first a tour all hovers over iowa. the final push for supporters is heating up. ^ has more. >> reporter: with very little time remaining until the iowa caucuses candidates are stomping all over the state hoping to make a final push. in his first rally i want in dubuque. >> we have a chance to do something so great, make america great again. obamacare. >> reporter: even before he took the stage he was the topic during several of his
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>> the results of a disastrous citizens united supreme court decision. as we speak, this moment on your television sets, billionaires are trying to buy elections.>> reporter: jeb bush also took shots. >> you won't win by insulting the disabled, women, by saying pows were losers because they shame on don't trump. >> reporter: what the business model wasn't the only one getting attacks, marco rubio to a hillary clinton. >> there is a reason why hillary clinton and her super pacs spend more time attacking me because she doesn't want to run against me but i can't wait to run against her. >> but while attacks against clinton and email controversy continues, she keeps her focus elsewhere. >> if republicans want to use this for political purposes
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will keep talking about what the voters want to talk about. >> reporter: in des moines iowa. also making headlines, healthcare deadline is near, if you haven't signed up you only have one more day to do so. many people want to the jury wellness center today to make sure they got signed up for the deadline passed, the those who don't sign up can risk paying a large fine and that increases each year. it is the law that you have to have health insurance. >> we believe it is extremely important moving forward, not just the obvious being penalized or receiving a tax penalty without insurance but the overall health of people. >> tomorrow is the last day to get sign-up for healthcare, another enrollment event will be held tomorrow at brooklyn baptist from noon till midnight. sign up before midnight tomorrow so you don't risk the
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wach fox news at 10 tonight, swing by the richland library to learn more or bask in american culture. largest army training facility the country is celebrating a major upgrade, those stories and more, wach
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the number of people made their way to the richland county library today to celebrate back history. today was the 2nd annual black history fair which tells the story of black history through sounds and sights. includes storytellers, music and literature. the library aims to teach adults and children about the history they may not know fully about. >> we have black history month and we want to celebrate those who came before us, and share things about their lives. problems that interest there is people, something for everyone. >> richland county library will
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throughout the month of february. for jackson commanders and staff are celebrating the largest army training installation cut the ribbon for the recorders. just down the road from the world war ii headquarters these to call home, built out of wood in 1941. and headspace for only 45 people, army officials say the change allows 250 offers are's and staff to work in one building instead of being scattered throughout the post. the new headquarters is being named in honor of major general george maybury a world war ii medal of honor recipient from sumter. quite a difference between 35 people in 250, congratulations. still to come, clemson fall short in tallahassee but the gamecocks get revenge over alabama. derek phillips has the
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but the weather, 40 degrees, a little chilly, only falling to the upper 30s, grab a jacket free head out the door. tomorrow warming up, and next week, february warm weather on the way.
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welcome back, starting with a look at the sky wach doppler radar, not picking up anything across the area, plenty of sunshine and will stay mostly clear tonight. artificer cooldown little, 40 and orangeburg, 48 in columbia, over towards the weekend 37 degrees. comfortable evening on the way as we move into sunday quite a bit of sunshine returning. the warming trend moving towards the week, the start of february in the middle of the week the rain returns. sunshine here for a little bit so enjoy it while you can. high pressure reaching into the southeast and that will keep us nice and clear thinking temperatures warm over the next
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in a 70 forecast will be 20 degrees above average for the start of support, little crazy. right now and i off to the west,'s there is a low pressure system brewing that will shift towards us by the end of the week and bring rain our way. right now enjoy the sunshine. tomorrow and sumter mostly sunny, temperatures upper 60s tomorrow 10 degrees above average. columbia a high 71 for tomorrow and sunday, 72 for monday and tuesday. 20 degrees above average. the rain comes through for wednesday and will dry and car back up, moving into february very warm out there. but it will be sunny for your sunday. springtime weather teaser to wrap up january. look at your sky wach weather
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after break. greeting sports fans and welcome back to fox news, gamecocks hosting alabama tonight, the seemed -- same team that broke usc's win streak a few!. they are looking for little revenge in front of the home crowd. coach martin sporting against cancer. first half scoreless gamecocks, casinos in the corner, first bucket of the game casitas was a points, how with this guy. eichel for a powers through, picks up another double double, 20 points 11 rebounds over 50 points this week. usc up 10, 5, 2 point game,
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11, 7 rebounds, -- rebounds, giving carolina your -- a run for their money hit a triple, 3 of the 23 points frank that too happy, 20, 19 lead. but the freshman showing off down low, 12 points, 6 boards, breakout 35, 26, 78, 64 gamecocks have yet to disappoint the home crowd. 12th win of the season most by us seasons collecting back in the 2008, 2009 season. >> they are playing better and better, as the year goes on. what a game, hard in physical. all-time basketball, not the new wave of everyone get out of the way, fighting tooth and
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p.j. dozier's dad right there, he played the carolina in the late 80s, other names, english, bradley, collins, players dating all the way back to the 1940s. fsu matinee, tigers lost a game january 30, since 1960, dwayne bacon finishes the layup, plus bacon singles -- sizzles obama high 20 points, tigers 3, blossomgame gets the bucket. in the foul, he post 4 consecutive game of at least 20 points. inflator fsu up by one, beasley berries 3, seminoles up for
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the clemson turnover, benji loves it up, easily finishes, tigers turnover and long-range shooting just too much to overcome as florida state seals this 76, 65. clemson travels away tuesday night. parent company wach fox continues to grow, despite producing 2200 hrs. of newsweek they are expanding further and entertainment. they announced this week it will purchase the first channel. >> with the wrights the top 100 tennis tournaments in the world the only 24 hour channel dedicated to the game tennis channel is the authority for the sport. >> it is a channel on a mission and very exciting obviously. we're all about giving the world greatest tennis to the fans all the time.
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of sinclair broadcast group the largest broadcasting company in the us. an extension of the company's commitment to providing news and entertainment across the country. and soon more people will have access to the tennis channel. with the new agreement they will go from reaching 30 million viewers to 50 million. >> we got to a certain point and now sinclair has the ability to unlock it and make it available to the entire us. >> a mainstream sport, production values of the tennis channel are equivalent of espn. the announcers are world-class. all-time great tennis players are on the air. >> sinclair the tennis channel will continue working towards advancing the networks digital options, giving subscribers more choices and sports coverage . >> whether it is the primary
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they can ticket globally or an tennis channel plus so they can wach the matches we may not have on primary channel, it is really exciting. >> being part of a bigger group will create other potential for promotion and improved programming, be on the first class level of is that today. >> infielder madison stokes out six-day weeks after sustaining a fracture to his right foot. he was surgery next week, which means he'll miss the opener february 19. that is it, last look at your forecast after this quick
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